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38 Commercial, house Foster, corner Charter
Wells .John E. watchman, house 12 Curve
Wells John T. (French, WeUs, 5,- Co.), h. 5 High
Wells Joseph, cooper, 111 Commercial
Wells Lydia, widow, house 67 Salem
Wells Margaret, widow, house 15 Marion
Wells Oliver S. housewright, 35 Causeway, h. 6^ do.
Wells Owen, laborer, house Ontario
Wells P. Francis, 23 Long wharf, h. at Cambridge
Wells Philip, waiter at Fountain House
Wells Royal S. (Blanehard, Converse S; Co.), bds.

Revere House
AVells Samuel A. 12 Kilby, boards U. S. Hotel
Wells Samuel P. captain, 110 Salem [bds. 55 Eliot
Wells Sarah, fancy goods, May, corner W. Cedar,
Wells Seth, 50 North Market, house 36 Hancock
Wells Susan, nurse, house 7 Fayette court
Wells Thomas M. printer, house 22 Sea
Wells Wm. confectioner, 353 Wash. h. r. 436 do.
Wellward Lewis, boiler mak'r, h. Sumner, n. Cott'ge
Welsh Esther, widow, house 21 Williams
Welsh Patrick, tinsmith, house 25 Porter, E. B.
Welsh Thomas, shoe maker, house Porter, E. B.
Welsh Walter, house 24 Russell
Weltch Charles, boards 1 Chauncy place
Weltch John, clerk, 13 Rowe's wf. house 6 Oak
Weltch Nancy, widow, house 6 Oak
Weltch Samuel, packet agent & commission mer-
chant, 133 State, house 6 Oak [st. House
Welton Arad W. (Burn/mm, W. »; Co.), b. Pearl
Welton Willard, jr. boards 65 Bedford
AVelton William, laborer, house 6 Lehigh
Wendell Benjamin (Rich &; W.), 2 Green
Wendell Jacob, jr. clerk, 21 Pearl, b. at Pavilion
AVendell William, chair painter, house 8 Minot
Wcndt Frederick, mason, house Gold, near C
Wendte Charles Mrs. house 119 Pleasant
Went Robert (Alexander S; W.), h. Fifth, near F
Wentworth Alexander, clerk, 25 Water
Wentworth Arioch, soap stone & marble, 15 Haw-
ley and 40 Haverhill, boards Marlboro' Hotel
Wentworth Charles, teamster, h. 6 Thacher ct.
Wentworth Cyrus, milkman, house 36 Pleasant
Wentworth Edward K. clerk, house 5 Nashua
Wentworth Edwin H. hatter, house 40 Poplar
Wentworth Elias, house 52 Marion
Wentworth Frederick A. mason, h. Cottage, E. B.
Wentworth F. B. salesman at W. P. Tenny's, bds.

National House
Wentworth Geo. W. housewright, house 2 Suffolk
Wentworth Hiram, truckman, house Athens, n. D
Wentworth Isaac, tailor, house 10 N. Charles
Wentworth Jacob C. house Chelsea, E. B.
Wentworth James Mrs. 82 Charles [court

Wentworth Jason, jewelry, 238 Wash. h. 11 Wash.
Wentworth Jeremiah R. engineer, h. Chelsea, E. B.
Wentwortlx Jerome, baker, 52 Cambridge
Wentworth John, shipwright, h. 7 Lovis, o. Fifth

Wentworth Joshua P. 57 Brattle, b. 132 Hanover
Wentworth Josiah H. clerk, boards 5 Poplar pi.
Wentworth Lewis, house 34 Marion
Wentworth Mary, boarding, 61 Poplar
Wentworth Moses, pile driver, h. Hooton ct. E. B.
Wentworth Philip H. (Slanjield §■ W.}, house at

Wentworth Rebecca J. h. 1 Hancock av. [12 Vine
Wentworth Samuel A. provisions, 56 Cambridge, h.
Wentworth William, carpenter, house 3 Wesley
Wentworth AVilliam, house 24 Grove
Wentworth William, pile driver, h. Havre, E. B.
Wenzell Henry, boots and shoes, 180 Washington
Wesberg Wm. A. mariner, h. Cross, near Border
Wesley Pardon E. auct'neer, h. Sumner, n. Orleans
AVesselhoeft William, physician, house 18 Bedford
AVesselman Geo. grocer, 659^ AVash. b. Kellam pi.
AVessells John H. mariner, house 6 Bartlett
AVesson Charles H. teamster, house 2 E. Orange
AVesson George B. silversmith, h. 6 East st. pi.
AA^'esson Leonard, 29 AVater, house at Newton
AVesson Mary, widow, house 13 Genesee
AVesson William M. clerk, house 13 Genesee
AVest Ann, widow of Joseph, house 105 Purchase
AVest Charles, driver, boards 45 Congress
AVest Charles, silversmith, 5 Hanover, h. 6 Lowell
West (Edward) & Stevens (David), soap stone

manufacturer, 67 Harrison av. house 6 Church
West Edward B. 30 Court
AVest Elizabeth Mrs. teacher, 1 Russell court
AVest George (Wm. B. West ^ Co.), b. Maverick

House, E. B.
AVest George L. printer, boards 1 Decatur
AVest George AV. hardware, 8 AVash. b. 9 Chesnut
AVest John, shipwright, h. Bennington, E. B.
AVest John, switchman B. & M. R. R. h. r. 5 Canal
AVest Joseph, pen maker, b. 38 Belknap
West Joseph & Co. (Wm. Parknian), hardware, 5

Dock sq. house 9 Chesnut
AVest Joseph H. & Co. (C. Hurd &; M. Dunster),

botanic medicines, 139 Hanover, h. 164 do.
West Leonard, house foot South Cedar
West Lewis B. 27 Commercial
West Moody K. dep. wharfinger, 67 Com'l wharf
AVest Ottoway, hair dresser, lO Federal, h. 8 Second
AVest Phebe C. widow, house rear S. Cedar
AVest Richard, plumber, 2 1-2 AVater, h. 1 Bennet
AVest Samuel, 1 Lewis wf. b. AVashington House
AVest (Thomas Y.) & Fenno (/.), clothing, 24

Dock square, h. at Charlestown [57 Sea

West AVarren, housewright, opp. 23 Kneeland, h.
AVest AVilliam, job wagon, h. r. 69 Endicot
AVest AVm. C. 21 Long wf. h. at Roxbury
AVestacott AVm. G. harness maker, b. 36 Portland
AVestcott Edward, grocer, 106 Sea, h. 108 Sea
AVestcott Jeremiah, laborer, boards 10 Dover
AVestcott John, shoes, 9 Fulton
AVestcott Stephen & Son (S. E. Westcott), factory

leather, 44 Fulton, h. 680 AVash. [AVash.

AVestcott Stephen E. (S. Westcott cV,- Son), bds. 680
AVestcott Thomas A. stoves, 15 Marshall, boards

Central House
AVestlotorn Edwin G. clerk, 427 AVashington
AVestman John, mariner, house 2 AVesley, E. B.
AVeston Alden B. (E. Weston 4r Sotis), boards 1

Chauncy place
AVeston Daniel, engineer, h. Athens, n. Dorchester
AVeston Daniel, jr. machinist, h. 117 Broadwav
AVeston David M. (Travers &; W.), h. 12 Albany
AVeston Edward H. clerk, Chesnut, c. Charles, b.

107 AV. Cedar
AVeston Ezra & Sons (G. B. &; A. B.), merchants,

37 Commercial wf. b. Tremont House
AVeston E. H. musician, h. 3 Pembroke
AVeston George L. 179 AVash. b. Central sq. E. B.
AVeston Gershom B. (E. Weston 4r Sons), house at

AVeston Henry C. salesman, b. 20 Albany
AVeston Horace, painter. Province, h. 12 Swan
AVeston James, clocks, 8 Eliot, h. do.



Weston James H. hair dresser, 13 U. S. Hotel, h.

6 Albany
Wcstou John, blacksmith, h. Central sq. E. B.
Weston John, carpenter, h. r. 32 Pleasant
Weston Joseph, truckman, house 67 Lowell
Weston Leander L. 11 Tremont row, h. 184 Har. av.
Weston Lycurgus, printer, b. 181 Harr. av.
Weston Oliver, shoe maker, h. 184 Harr. avenue
Weston Patrick, laborer, h. Erin alley, E. B.
Weston Samuel, porter, Mass. Hospital
Weston Samuel M. teacher Eng. High School, b.

I Franklin

Weston Sarah, house 38 Harvard
Weston Stephen, provisions, 10 Lewis, h. Sumner
Weston Washburn, marbler, h. Meridian, E. B.
Weston William J. provisions, Broad, cor. Pearl,

boards 26 Purchase
Westropp John H. cutter, house 1 Allen
AVetherbee Abel B. cask dealer, h. 6 W. Centre
Wctherbce Calvin H. wagoner, h. E. Dedham
Wetherbce Daniel, painter, 1 1-2 Spring lane, house

96 Charles
Wetherbce Doddridge, stair builder, h. 35 London
Wetherbce I. A. portrait painter, 17 1-2 Tremont

row, house at Milton
Wetherbee Jeremiah & Co. {M. H. Wetherbee),

stone cutters, Causeway, h. at Cambridge
Wetherbee, Brothers {John, jr. ^ IVil/iam), btokeis,

Brazer's buildina:. State, h. at Roxbury
Wetherbee George Henry, b. 676 Wash.
Wetherbee Hannah, widow, house 12 May
Wetherbee John W. house 6 Newland
Wetherbee Louisa, seamstress, h. 1 1-2 N. Russell
Wetherbee Moses H. (■/. Wetherbee iS, Co.), house

II Crescent place [Essex
Wetherbee Nahum (Clement, W. !s (^o.), boards 23
Wetherbee Samuel, housewright, h. 1 Garland
Wetherbee Wm. A. apothecary, 153 Broadway, b.

197 do. [24 Oxford

Wetherell Harlus W. {H. B. <Sr H. W. W.), boards
Wetherell Hiram B. & H. W. dry goods, 203 Wash.

h. at Watcrtown
Wetherell Horace R. 203 Wash. h. at Newton
Wetherell {John ^ John G.), Stone {E. J.), &

Wood {Chas. G.), dry goods, 93 Milk, house

38 Summer [38 Summer

Wetherell John G. {Wetherell, Stone, | Wood), h.
Wetmore James E. housewright, h. 17 Barton
Wetmore Thomas, counsellor, h. 9 Bussey place
Wey Samuel, laborer, house 4 James place
Weymouth Aurelius L. surgeon dentist, 96 Court,

house 6 Wall [Broadway

Weymouth Charles H. blacksmith, h. 86 C. near
Weymouth H. S. nurse, h. 87 Charter
Weymouth Ivory H. boarding, 87 Charter
Weymouth Levi N. boards rear 84 Portland
Whalen Dennis, laborer, h. Swan, n. Colony
Whalen Jeremiah, carpenter, h. 47 Garden
Whalen John, laborer, house 264 Broad
Whalen Michael, laborer, house 4 Butolph
Whalen Thomas, laborer, rear 58 Eliot [Snowhill
Whall Charles E. clerk. Salem, c. Endicot, h. 33
Whall Joseph B. {Field, Converse S^ Co.), boards

123 Harrison avenue
Whalon Lawrence, laborer, h. r. 108 Fourth
WharfF Samuel W. paper hanger, 4 Union block
Wharton {Robert) & Locke {Georye), painters, 695

Wash, house Suffolk, n. Ger. church
Whealan Richard, laborer, house 21 Morton
Wheat Harden, book binder, b. 39 Brattle
Wheaton Albert F. {Smith &; W.), b. 12 Howard
Wheaton Mason, porter, 90 Milk, h. r. 18 S. Russell
Wheeler & Co. {C. H. Valentine, B. W. Wheeler,

.Sr F. W. Coolidgc), New York and Southern

Express, (Harnden's), 8 Court
Wheeler's Express, R. R. Exchange
Wheeler Alex. B. & Co. {E. C. Wheeler), crock-
ery, &c. 71 Broad, h. 32 Allen
Wheeler Ann, widow, boards 72 Charles
Wheeler Ann M. widow, house 54 Lowell

Wheeler Asahel {Hollis ^ IF.), b. 17 Brighton
Wheeler A. S. {Hutchins ^ IF.),h. at Charlestown
Wheeler Benjamin, h. Fourth, c. Atlantic
Wheeler Charles, teamster, h. 6 Maiden place
Wheeler Charles, jr. house 54 Carver
Wheeler Charles R. stove maker, h. 4 Dillaway pi.
Wheeler David, confectioner, h. n. foot Swan
Wheeler Edward, file grinder, h. 214 Broadway
Wheeler Edward, fish and oysters, 42 Beach
Wheeler Elisha, trader, h. 804 Wash. [32 Allen
Wheeler Elisha C. {A. B. Wheeler &; Co.), boards
Wheeler Emerson (C. /. Bishop ^ Co.), house at

Brighton [32 Allen

Wheeler Frederic L. (/. II. Wheeler &; Co.), house
Wheeler {Gardner) & Levering {L. W.), restora-

tor and periodicals, B. & M. R. R. depot, h. 5

Wheeler George, glass house, h. Bolton, n. E
Wheeler George G. brakeraan, b. 5 Spring
Wheeler (Gt7/w/t B.) & Parker (C. S.), house-

wrights and copperers, Charles, ft. Pinckney,

house Tremont, c. Pleasant
Wheeler Harvey, laborer, h. 6 Beverly [Dix pi.
Wheeler James B. confectioner, 479 Wash. h. r. 3
Wheeler James M. sail maker, h. 17 Broadway
Wheeler James H. & Co. (/''. L. Wheeler), shoes

and leather, 8 Central, house 32 Allen
Wheeler Joel, brick layer, house 3 Village place
Wheeler John {Stephen Locke &; Co.), h. 32 Allen
Wheeler John, blacksmith, h. Silver, near D
Wheeler John, machinist, h. Harr. av. near bridge
Wheeler John G. trader, h. 4 Newland [Chelsea
Wheeler Joseph, broker, 10 Niles' building, h. at
Wheeler Joseph, sawyer, house Coral court
Wheeler Joseph C. hackman, b. Dover, c. Harr. av.
Wheeler Joseph C. paper hanger, 431 Washington,

h. Albion, n. Lucas place [h. 40 Summer

Wheeler Joseph P. merchant, 42 Central wharf,
Wheeler Josiah W. hatter, h. 12 Brookline
Wheeler Lewis, drugs. Broad, c. Custom House st.

house at Cambridgeport
Wheeler Lydia, nurse, b. 2 La Grange place
Wheeler Mary Ann, house 1 Maiden [Hotel

Wheeler Morrill S. clerk, 85 and 89 Kilby, b. City
Wheeler Morris, blacksmith, h. 2 Stillman place
AV^heeler O. H. cook, boards rear 35 Prince
Wheeler Oliver, house 4 Newland
Wheeler Oren, teamster, house 7 Dedham
AVheeler O. A. boards Purchase, opp. Gridley
Wheeler Reuben, house 202 Third, near F
Wheeler Robert, house 64 Marion
Wheeler Ruth, female physician, house 27 Poplar
Wheeler Samuel, secretary Equitable Safety In-
surance Co. house at Milton
AVheeler Susan, widow, house rear 5 Canal
Wheeler S. B. hats, caps, &c. 7 and 8 U. S. Hotel,

house 36 Lincoln
Wheeler Warren, teamster, house 16 Billerica
Wheeler AVm. grocer, Har. av. rear 730 Wash.
AVheeler William, hatter, house 52 N. Margin
AVheeler AVilliam D. job wagon, h. r. 38 Suffolk
Wheeler William Z. hair dresser, 2 North Market,

house at Chelsea
Wheelock Abel, clerk, boards 26 Ann
AVheelock Abel, furniture wagon, house 27 Clark
Wheelock Archippus, teamster, h. Sumner, n. Paris
Wheelock Asahel W. clerk, boards 134 Har. av.
Wheelock Dwight, dry goods, 37 Hanover, house 6

Wall [39 Marion

Wheelock Edward C. painter, 18 Harvard place, h.
AVheelock Eli, proprietor Quincy H. 1 Brattle sq.
AVheelock Eli W. 66 Hanover, boards Quincy H.
Wheelock Fordyce F. {Paine ^ W.), h. 16 Chamb.
AYheelock George F. car builder, house 1 Emerald
Wheelock J. Mrs. millinery, 335 AVash. cor. AYest
AYheelock Jas. A. clerk, Quincy Hall, b. 49 Essex
AYheeloek John, boards 49 Essex
AYheelock John A. 38 India
AYheelock Jonathan B. teamster, h. 2 Gilman pi.
AYheelock Joseph B. {Taft ^ W.), b. U. S. Hotel



Wheelock Merrill G. architect, 11^ Tremont row,

boards Quincy Plouse [Fifth, c. C

Wheelock Peter & Co. truckman, 3 S. Market, h.
Wheelock Peter S. counsellor, 35 Court, house 134

Harrison avenue [20 Billerica

Wheelock Samuel A. teamster, 29 Long wf. house
Wheelock Wesley, carpenter, house Second, n. C
Wheelwright Aaron, B. & W. car shop, house 256

Athens, rear Lyceum Hall
Wheelwright Charles, physician, house 34 Carver
Wheelwright Daniel Mrs. house 81 Bedford
Wheelwright Edward, 19 Court, boards 22 Chcsnut
Wheelwright E. 30 Commercial, house atRoxbury
Wheelwright George, whip maker, 19 Dock square,

house 26 Vernon
Wheelwright George S. 13 Com'l wf. h. 6 Brookline
Wheelwright George W. {Jones § W.), house at

Wheelwright Henry A. house 22 Chesnut
Wheelwright {J. Warren) & Snow {R. H.), ship

chandlery, 55 Commercial, boards 26 Vernon
Wheelwright Sarah, house 22 Chesnut [eret

Wheelwright Sarah C. dress maker, house 40 Lev-
Wheelwright S. Gardner, boards 81 Bedford
Whelan Michael, tailor, house 98 Salem
Whelan Peter, laborer, house 102 East Dedham
Whelden George, printer, boards 11 Pitts
Whetter John D. carpenter, 21 Lancaster, house 6

Livingston [E. B.

Whidden Andrew G. shipwright, house Marion,
Whidden Joseph, plumber, boards 30 Portland
M^hidden Thomas J. mason, house 44 Myrtle
AVhigly Charles, carpenter, house 12 Norfolk place
Whippen George, 36 Lewis wf. h. 9 Aiiburn court
Whippen (Joseph B.) & Trider (Wm.), harness

makers, 60 Blackstone, house 93 West Cedar
Whipple Benjamin, Custom H. h. at Cambridge
Whipple Charles J. discount clerk Traders' Bank,

house at Salem
Whipple Chas. K., Boston Dispensary, 109 Wash.
Whipple Edward, type founder, 66 Congress
Whipple Edwin P., Merch. Exch. News Room, h.

11 Pinckney [Margin

Whipple Harriet, teacher primary school, 6 South
Whipple Henry, moulder, house Third, near B
Whipple James, works for W. Hunt, house West

Dedham, near Canton
AVhipple James, machinist, h. Dedham, n. Suffolk
Whipple J. Francis, 58 Milk, house 5 S. Russell
Whipple John A. daguerreotypist, 96 Washington,

house at Roxbury [Dorchester

Whipple John L. {R. F. Fletcher S; Co.), house at
Whipple Jonathan, constable, 7 Mass. block, h.

5 South Russell
"Whipple J. T. teacher of music, 172 Harrison av.
Whipple Leander A. clerk, 10 Elm, h. 3 High st. pi.
Whipple M. J. stationery and artists' materials, 35

Cornhill [Ashburton pi.

"^ATiipple Samuel K. {B. Perkins S; Co.), boards 1
Whipple S. S. physician, 172 Harrison avenue
Whiston Francis C. house 8 Dix place
Whiston Francis G. commission merchant, cigars

and tobacco, 69 Broad, house 23 Suffolk, cor.

Whiston John W. clerk, 69 Broad, bds. 11 Fayette
Whitaker Asa, carpenter, house 14 Southac [n. K
Whitaker Edward H. fresco painting, h. Broadway,
Whitaker Erastus, omnibus driver, b. 7 E. Canton
Whitaker James, mason, house 20 Suffolk
Whitaker Nathaniel H. 14 Province House court
Whitaker {IVm. H.) & Huntress (R.), tailor, 7

Brattle, house 240 Harrison avenue
Whitaker W. H. mariner, house Moon st. court
Whitcher Abncr, clerk, 18 F. II. Market [way

^\^litf•hcr J. P. painter, 54 Turnpike, b. 133Broad-
Whitchor Martin L. mason, house 49 C, near Gold
Whitcher Stephen, painter, boards 133 IJroadway
Whitcomb Abraham H. hack driver, h. 2 Pleasant
Whitcomb A. J. P. 61 Congress
Whitcomb Asa, house 4 Osborn place


Whitcomb Arnold C. ass't House of Correction,

South Boston
Whitcomb Charles, boards 47 Charlcstown [Union
Whitcomb Charles F. ag't F. R. Steamboat, h. 40
Whitcomb Edwin P. upholsterer, 662 Wash, house

25 West Dedham
Whitcomb Elijah C. expressman, house 33 Leveret
Whitcomb George, 35 Ann
Whitcomb Henry F. ass't clerk Fitchburg R. R.

house 54 Lowell [Charlestown

Whitcomb Isaac C. oysters, 56 Endicot, house 47
Whitcomb John A. carpenter, house 25 W. Dedham
Whitcomb Lester C. teamster, house 2 Gilman pi.
Whitcomb Levi, undertaker, h. rear 233 Wash.
Whitcomb Levi L. imdertaker. Meridian, E. B.
Whitcomb Lorenzo, hackman, b. 52 Portland [B.
Whitcomb Oliver, jr. ass't House of Correct'n, S.
Whitcomb Samuel, house 20 Rochester
Whitcomb Thomas B. cabman, house 115 Hanover
Whitcomb Thomas J. cab driver, h. 3 Norfolk av.
White Abby, teacher, over 362 Washington
White Abigail, widow, house 10 Lucas place
White (Abijah P.) & Child (W. A.), carpenters, 68

Tyler, house Emerald, corner Lucas place
White Adeline, di-ess maker, 2 Ritchie block, E. B.
White Adonijah, piano-forte maker, h. 41 Silver,

near A [near Groton

Wliite Adonijah, jr. piano-forte maker, h. Suffolk,
White Alanson, jr. clerk, 27 Milk
White Albert C. gold pen maker, 21 Cornhill
White Alden (Patch ^ IF.), house 2 Margaret av.
White Ambrose H. broker, 70 State, h. at Charles-
White Amos T. Mrs. h. Third, cor. Dorchester
White Ann, widow, nurse, house 10 Madison pi.
White Artemas, 39 Merch. row, h. at Somerville
Whiite Asa, lead pipes, 10 Market square, house 55

White Asa, daguerreotype artist, 36 Washington
White Asa W.'(7. J. .^A. W. White),h. 16 Blossom
White Azell, musician, house 2 Haymarket place
White A. L. & Co. (Joseph Day), findings, 6 and 7

N. E. block, Clinton, house 9 Poplar
White Benjamin (]r«e/- iSf IF.), bds. 1 Spring st. pi.
White Benjamin, clerk, boards 51 Leveret
White Benjamin C. merchant, 47 Central wharf,

house 649 Washington [9 Albany

White Benjamin F. sofa maker, Sea, c. Kneeland, h.
White Benjamin F. 45 Milk, house 133 Tremont
White Benjamin F. jr. house 133 Tremont
White Benjamin T. carpenter, house 202 Fourth
White Carlos C. machinist, boards 221 Harrison av.
White Charles, book binder, boards rear 4 Bartlett
White Charles, printer, house rear 19 Lincoln
White Charles A. book keeper, 333 Washington,

house 25 Suffolk
White Charles A. 49 Milk, house at Roxbury
White Charles F. teamster, house Meridian. E. B.
White Charles G. shoe manufacturer, 685 Wash.

house 5 Garland
White Charles H. engineer, h. Maverick square
White Charles H. cooper, boards 46 C, corner Gold
White Charles H. 8 old State House, h. 197 Broad-
way, between D and E
WTiite Charles L. 3 Pearl, house at Roxbury
White Charles R., Fitchburg depot, b. 132 Camb.
White Christopher C. piano-forte maker, house 6

East Dedham
"White Danford, shoe maker, house 8 Endicot court
White Daniel, restorator, 2 Rollins place
White Daniel D. harness maker, house 42 Poplar
White David, grocer, 13 Dover, house do.
"White David, laborer, house 11 Charter [Orange
White David, jr. (G. W. Warren ^ Co.), house 28
White Edward, house 5 Lehigh
White Edward, bds. Cottage, c. Sumner. E. B.
White Edward, laborer, house r. 25 Belknap
White Edward Mrs. h. 3 Jefferson pi. [94 Tremont
White Edward A. (John Si?umons ^ Co.), h. opp.
White Edward E. clerk, 18 Long wf. b. 4 Snowhill



White Edward L. professor of music, h. 56 Har. av.
AVhite Elizabeth, house 28 Orange [Indiana pi.
White Elizabeth B. book keeper, 71 Cornhill, h. 13
White Elijah R. book keeper, 3o Ann [61 Chesnut
AVhite Ferdinand E. auctioneer, 22 Long wf. house
White George, tin plate worker, 193 Hanover, h. 9
Columbia [438 Waslv h. 4o Dover

White George & Co. (J. A. White), W. I. goods,
White {George D.) & Hanson {S. A.), grocers, 30

School, bds. 14 Lincoln
White George E. {Parker & W.), h. at Melrose
White George R. 333 Wash. bds. 4 AUston
AVhite George AV. printer, Scollay's building, b. 10
London [Ro.xbury

AVhite Heman L. {White, Andem, ^ Co.), house at
AVhite Henry, bds. 42 Poplar [Albany

AVhite Henry, cabinet maker, 41G AVash. house 9
AVhite Henry K. truckman, 4 Foster's wharf, h. 19
Belmont [Marlboro' Hotel

AA^hite Hiram J. com. merchant, 67 Kilby, boards
AVhite Ira J. & A. AV. musical instrument makers,
52 Court, h. 26 Garden [Roxbury

White Isaac D. leather, 5 Market square, house at
AVhite Jas. laborer, h. 4 Foster pi.
White James, laborer, h. Humphrey place
White James, pedler, h. 7 Brimmer pi.
White James, laborer, h. 3 Scott court
AAHiite James, ostler, h. 59 Atkinson [Belmont
AAliite James A. rigger, 15 Foster's wharf, bds. 19
AVhite James H. 3 Champney place
White James M. h. 6 Blossom court
AVhite Jarvis, cabinet maker, h. Silver, n. D
AVhite Jerome T. printer, 14 State
AVhite John, shipwright, h. 43 Endicot
AVhite John, grocer, house 4 Church
AVhite John, book keeper, 40 School
AAliite John, musician, house 1 Myrtle court
AVhite John IMrs. bds. 11 AVarren
AVhite John, laborer, h. 5 Lehigh [h. 2 Ritchie bl'k
AVhite John, coffin ware room, Sumner, opp. Paris,
AVhite John, laborer, h. Cove, c. Cove place
AVhite John, stevedore, h. 17 Prince
AA'hite John, fireman, bds. 84 Albany
AVhite John, druggist. Leveret, c. Causeway, house
2 Causeway [School

AA'hite John II. {Adams S^ Tr.),h. Tyler, op. Quincy
AVhite John, jr. (.1. llobart ^ Co.), bds. 22 McLean
White John S. cabinet maker, 334 Washington, h.

at Cambridgeport
A\Tiite John AV. clerk, 59 Milk
AVhite J. Avery {Geo. White i< Co.), 438 AVash.
White J. M. vocalist, h. 21 S.'Russell
AVhite Joseph, clerk, bds. National House
AVhite Joseph, cashier Atlas Bank, h. at Roxbury
AVhite Joseph, boarding, 85 Bedford
AV'hite Jos. machinist, h. 136 Hudson [Central wf.
AVhite Joseph A. {Wm. M. Stedman &; Co.), 3
AVhite Joseph B. h. Piedmont, opp. Church [Hull
White Joseph F. druggist, Hanover, c. Fleet, n. 22
AA'hite Josiah, clerk, 95 Fulton, h. 1 Spring st. pi.
AA'hite Keith, Brattleboro' exp. man, Quincy Hotel
AVhite Iiorenzo, truckman, h. 48 Harvard
AVhite Lyman, varnisher, h. 227 Tremont
White Mary, widow, h. 29 A'ernon
AVhite Mary T. widow, nurse, house 47 AVarren
AVhite Michael, laborer, house 35 Portland
AVhite Michael G. boarding, 3 Theatre alley
AVhite Nath. L. clerk Post Office, h. 2 Auburn ct.
AVhite Nicholas, laborer, h. C, n. Fourth
AVhite Patrick, laborer, h. AVash. n. Dover
AVhite Peter, pedler, house r. 219 Hanover
AVhite Richard, tailor, h. 54 Friend [bridge

AA'hite Robert (ITajr/ Jackson <5f Co.), h. 132 Cam-
AA'hite Robert, physician, h. 1 Moon
AVhite Robert, bds. 538 AVashington
AVhite Ruth, boarding, 119 Hanover
AVhite Samuel, 2 Hanover av.
AA'^hite Samuel, laborer, h. 8 ISIerrimae
AVhite Samuel, Mass. Hos. Life Ins. Co. 60 State
White Samuel P. sail maker, h. 72 Emerald

AVhite S. L., Custom House, bds. Maverick House
AVhite Sarah, widow of Reuben, h. 53 Fayette
AVhite Sophia, teacher, boards 2 Allen place
AVhite Stephen L., Custom House, h. at Taunton
AVhite Thomas, shoe maker, Athens, near A
AVhite Thomas G. gardener, h. 13 Oswego
AVhite A'esta, widow, bds. 42 Poplar
AVhite AVm. shoe maker, h. 26 Morton
AVhite AVm. laborer, h. 6 Carney place
AVhite AVm. laborer, h. 11 Oliver
AVhite AVm. Mrs. h. 4 Hollis place
AVhite AVm. laborer, h. 44 Vine
AVhite Wm. silver plater, 9 Haw'ley, h. at Charlest'n
AVhite AVm. boarding, 228 Ann [st. House

AVhite AVm. & AVm. K. stoves, 40 School, b. Pearl,
AVhite {William) k Potter {R. it.), printers. Spring

lane and 15 State, h. 96 Salem
AVhite AVilliam A. editor N. E. AVashingtonian,

Spring lane, c. Devonshire, h. at AVatertown
AVhite (Tim. -4.), Andem {Wm.), & Co. {H. L.

White), woollen goods, 64 Milk, h. at Roxbury
AVhite AVm. B. toothache drops, h. 4 Jefferson pi.
AVhite AVm. G. clerk, 2 Federal, b. Bromlield H.
AVhite AVm. II. 117 Milk
White AVm. K. {Wm. S^ Wm. K. White), hoaiis

Bromfield House
White AV. M. captain, h. Chelsea, n. Maverick
AVhite Wm. L. mason, h. c. Eighth and K
White AVm. M. clothing, 87 Merchants' row, house

at Somerville
White AVm. S. captain, h. 649 Washington [5 Hull
AVhitechurch Charles, dentist, 1.^ Tremont row, b.
Whitehead Eliza, h. 17 N. Bennet
AVhitehead Mary, widow, h. 29 Prince
Whitehead AVm. G. machinist, h. 3 Commercial
Whitehouse Betsy, widow, h. 9 N. Russell
AVhitehouse Charles, clerk, h. 62 Cambridge

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