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Williams Horace, treasurer Boston & Worcester

Railroad, Beach, c. Lincoln, h. at Ro.vbury
Williams Isaac, house 64 'I'remimt
Williams { haar F.) .V- Morss {(\ A.), wire workers,

67 and 69 Coruhill, house 3 Bowdoin square
Williams Isaac H. clerk, house 4 Hall place
Williams James, ho\ise Chelsea, E. B.
Williams .Tames, hair dresser, house 4 Cooper
Williams .lames C. hairdresser, house 9 Southac
Williams .lames C. hair dresser, house 26 Poplar
Williams .Tames M. W. clerk, 48 Central wharf,

boards ISIarlboro' Hotel
Williams Jane, widow, house Robinson alley
Williams Jelferson, omnibus driver, h. 25 Brooklino
Williams Jeremiah, stables, 44 Ilan'ver, h. 7 I''riend
Williams John ,M. counsellor, 30 Court, house 6

Bowdoin [sellors, 30 Court, h. 6 Bowdoin

Williams (James Oiia) & Hall {Thomas 11.), couu-
Williams John, W. I. goods, 205 Ann
Williams John, tailor, house rear 1 Ivors
Williams John, boards 18 N. Russell
Williams John, mariner, h. 7 Livingston place
Williams John, wateruuin, house 2.S5 Ann
Williams John, truckman, boards 7 Washing, sq.
Williams John, laborer, house 13 Suilblk
Williams John, president Coasters' Insu-
rance Co. 68 .State, h. at Chelsea
Williams J(din, dry goods, 22 Milk, h. 11 Louis-
burgh square

Williams J. I). & M. (Moses Williams), wine mer-
chants, 33 S. Market
Williams John Earl, cashier City Bank, h. 1 Otis pi.
Willi.ams John H. shipwright, h. 22 Porter, E. B.
Williams John J. Rev. house 23 Federal
Williams John IM. mariner, house 1 llooton alley
Williams John M. clerk, bds. 42 Harrison avenue
Williams John M. S. (llliddcn § W.), house at

Cambridge j^IIouse

Williams John Q. A. (Bangs &: Co.), b. Winthrop
Williams John S. 02 Milk,liouse 11 Louisburgh sq.
Williams John AV. boarding, 13 North sciuare
Williams Jonathan T. book keeper, h. 27 Harvard
Williams Joseph, engineer at American House
Williams J. L. dentist, 74 Boylston [lanwood pi.
Williams Lenmcl S. clerk, 6 India wharf, boards 1
Williams Lois, widow, h. rear 2 Plymouth place
Williams Lucy, widow, intelligence otlicc, 9 Pjliot
Williams Mary, widow, h. r. 10 Hawkins [Albany
Williams INIary, teacher ])riiuary scluxd No. 5, b. 18
Williams Moses (J. J), i; M. i\'ill/a/us), house at

Jamaica Plain
AVilliams M. 15 F. H. ]\Iarket. h. rear 9 Hawkins
Williams Moses B. 33 S. Market, h. at Roxbury
Williams Nancy, widow, house 17 Orange
Williams Nathaniel, mariner, house !Miuray place
Williams Nathaniel L. house 2 Montgomery place
Williams Pardon, tailor, 128 Washington, boards

National House
Williams Richard, 45 Com'l wf. h. at Charlestown
Williams Robert, broker, 4 Central wharf, house

27 Temple [52 State, h. 13 Warren

Williams Robert B. president U. S. Insurance Co.
Williams Robert B. jr. 61 Com'l, h. 13 W'arren
Williams Robert J. 'iiousewright, h. 1 Medford ct.
Williams R. T. 201 Washington
Williams Sanuiel (i. broker, 72 State, h. at Quincy
Williams Samuel K. house 68 Boylston
Williams Samuel M. plasterer, house 1 Endicot
Williams Samuel S. clerk, 192 AVash. h. 17 Or.ange
Williams Sophia iNI. widow of John, h. 42 Harr. av.
Williams S. T. boards 2 Sutl'olk place [Roxbm-y
Williams Stephen, currier, 29 N. Market, house at
Williams Susanna, widow of 'I'hos. h. 131 Treuu)nt
Williams Thomas, stevedore, h. r. li)5 Hanover
W'illiams Thomas, sail maker, b. 9 Bratlle sciuare
\\'illiams Thos. A. i)ainter, 53 hUiot, h. 18 Fayette
Williams Tliomas B. 33 South Market
Williams Thomas G. waiter, house 27 Brighton
Williams Thomas P. grocer, 5.3 Endicot, house do.
Williams Washington, 28 State, h. at Dorchester
Williams Wni. laborer, house 20 Southac
Williams Wm. boarding X' clothing, Fleet, n. Ann
Williams William, laborer, house 7 Pearl jilacc
Williams William 1'. laborer, house 36 Tyler
Williamson Chas. cheuust. Sumner, n. Maverick

sciuare, house Sumner, corner Jeffries
Williamson J-'.leanor, house 1 Franklin place
Williamson Geo. pilot, house 48 Charter
Williamson ( llir/iurd) S: Smith (Horace), dry goods

26 Kilbv, house Fifth, corner K
Wlliamson I'homas, laborer, house 1 Milton
Willis Andrew, stabler, 7 Sudbury, b. 16 Somerset
Willis Bcnjainin, house 118 Purchase
Willis Benjamin, jr. 25 State, house 118 Purchase
Willis Clement, merchant, 97.^ .State, h. 49 High
Willis l'',/,ra, teamster, house 28 Andovcr
A\'illis Francis U. clork, 16 Milk, boards 49 Eliot
Willis Frederick A. 51 N. Market, h. at Chelsea
Willis Geo. W. (Win.s/iipL^ IF.), house at Chelsea
Willis \- Co. (//. ]]'illis^ LucianS/a'nner), brokers,

25 State, house Quincy place, corner High
Willis Hamilton ( n7///s c^- Co.), house 1 Quincy pi.
Willis Henry, 25 State
Willis Henry A. printer, house 2 Fruit
Willis llemv C. 97.^ State, boards 49 High
Willis Horatio M. counsellor i^- Register Probate,

Court square, h. 51 Pinckney
Willis Nalh'l P. H. 51 N. Market, h. at Chelsea
AVillis J.ames, carpenter, house Second, near C



Willis John, moulder, house 86 C, near Broadway
Willis Joshua C. 2 F. H. Market, (cellar)
Willis Margaret, 29 Mount Vernon
Willis Natii'l, publisher Youth's Companion, 11

Cornhill, house at Waitham
Willis Robert, tailor, house rear 104 Purchase
Willis Royal B. sofa manufacturer, 3 Adams & 47

Causeway, house at Lexington
Willis Phineas, clerk, boards 34 Marion
Willis Samuel B. wines, 15 Clinton, h. at Somerville
Willis Sarah Mrs. house 2 Fruit
Willis Stillman, house 16 Somerset
Willis William D. moulder, house 2 Fruit
Williston Edward, painter, boards 14 Lowell
Williston George W. rope maker, h. Gold, near B
Williston Joseph, clerk, house 4 Garden
Williston P. F. tailor, 4 Clinton, h. at Charlestown
Willoughby Ralph S. house 1 Church
Willoughby Samuel R. housewright, h. 4 Lowell
Willoughby Sarah, widow, h. Bremen, n. Sumner
Willoughby William, carpenter, opposite 44 South

Margin, house 10 Livingston
Willox James W. compositor, house 51 Faj'ette
Wills Charles, merchant, 21 Union wharf
Wills Henry, painter, opposite 10 West, b. 25 Essex
Wills Maria F. widow of Wm. house 1 Margaret
Willson James A. printer, boards 81 Eliot
Willson John W. F. apothecary, 307 Broadway
Willson Margaret, widow, house Page's court
Willson Samuel, house 6 W. Centre
Willson Shipley W. Rev. h. n. east end Second
Willson S. W. 'house 150 Cambridge
Willson S. W. jr. house 24 Shawmut
Willson William, captain, house 79 Mt. Vernon
Willson Wm. H. 123 Wash, house 9 Stamford
Wilnrarth ik Brother (£. F. S; O. H.), gold pen

makers, 21 Cornhill, house 24 May
Wilmarth Fanny, 24 May
Wilmarth Frederick L. boards 24 May
Wilmarth Henry D. 3 Pearl, boards 28 Beach
Wilmarth Mary D. nurse, Albany, corner Oneida
Wilmarth Otis H. ( Wilmarth S; Brother), h. 24 May
Wilmarth Seth, machinist. Foundry, S. B. house

137 Harrison avenue
Wilmot George D. counsellor, 20 Court, house 71

Wilmot S. N. pressman, 22 School
Wilp Hanley, fancy turner, 475 Wash. b. 531 do.
Wilson Alexander, tailor, h. Utica, near Beach
Wilson Andrew, mariner, house 486 Commercial
Wilson Benjamin, mariner, house 3 Hanover ay.
Wilson Benj. F. salesman, 129 Wash. b. 15 Hancock
Wilson B. O. & G. C. botanic medicines, 18 Cen-
tral, house at Chelsea
Wilson Catherine, dress maker, 9 Pearl pi. [Hanover
Wilson Charles B. proprietor Hanover House, 50
Wilson Charles, waterman, house 15 Belmont
Wilson Charles, seaman, house 8 Charlestown
Wilson Charles, stone cutter, house 27 Minot
Wilson Charles, laborer, h. Bremen, n. Sumner
Wilson Charles, stevedore, house 31 Snowhill
Wilson Charles, Post Office, house at Charlestown
Wilson Chas. Henry, cabinet maker, h. 140 Hudson
Wilson David V. stone cutter, house 29 Billerica
Wilson D. P. dentist, 1 Park, boards 5 Bumstead pi.
Wilson Edward C. {Turner, W. &; Co.), 83 Milk
Wilson Ellen, refreshments. Traverse, c. Charlesfn
Wilson Frank, hair dresser, boards 8 Howard
Wilson G. C. {B. O. &: G. C. Wilson), h. at Chelsea
Wilson George, cabinet maker, b. 110 Third, n. C
Wilson George {Paterson If IF.), house 681 Wash.
Wilson George, plumber, h. Carney pi. c. Wash.
Wilson George, druggist, 155 Ann", b. 8 Allston
Wilson George, watchman, house 444 Commercial
Wilson George O. machinist, house 3 High
M'ilson Geo. W. mere, tailor, 86 Wash. h. at Maiden
Wilson George W. driver, house 72 Tyler
Wilson George W. botanic medicines, 18 Central,

house at Chelsea
Wilson, Hawksworth, Moss, & Ellison, 110 Milk

Wilson Henry, publisher Republican, 5 Water and

2 Devonshire, house at Natick
Wilson Henry F. fruit, 1 Dock sq. h. 18 Shawmut
Wilson James {Siil/imn ^ W.), 65 Fulton
Wilson James, machinist, boards 55 Carver
Wilson James, tailor, house 30 Jefferson block
Wilson James, laborer, house Liverpool, E. B.
Wilson James M. 25 F. H. Market, b. 5 Barton
Wilson Joel, pattern maker, h. Gold, n. Dorchester
Wilson John, printer, 21 School, house Concord,

corner Newland
Wilson John, builder, house 82 Albany
Wilson John, rigger, house 12 Sullivan place
Wilson John, teamster, boards 2 Spear alley
Wilson John, fish pcdler, house 1 liutolph
Wilson John, housewright, Milldam
Wilson John, currier, h. Cottage, near Maverick
Wilson John, pattern maker, house 256 Tremont
Wilson John, pilot, house 8 Fleet [25 Vernon

Wilson John, collector, basement Court House, h.
Wilson {John, Jr.), Fairbank {F. D.), & Co. {D. C.

Kimball), druggists, 45 Hanover, b. 8 Allston
Wilson John, jr. printer, 21 School [at Cohasset
Wilson John, jr. merchant tailor, 24 Court, house
Wilson John F. restorator, 49 Causeway, house 2

Wilson John R. piano-forte maker, h. 10 Medfdct.
Wilson .John W. captain, house 57 Marion
Wilson John W. organ builder, h. 2 Strong place
Wilson Joseph, blacksmith, h. 8 Bridge st. court
Wilson Joseph, tailor, h. 6 Church
AVilson Jos. F. tailor, 109 Wash. h. at Charlestown
Wilson Joseph H. carpenter, Harrison avenue, op-
posite 1 Fort ave. h. 3 Emerald [c. Rutland
Wilson Joshua, printer, 21 School, house Concord,
Wilson Judith, nurse, house 78 Pleasant
Wilson Leonard, milkman, h. 1 Rutland [Suffolk pi.
Wilson Lewis B. {Bradbitry, Harmon, if Co.), b. 1
Wilson Margaret, widow, 172 Purchase
Wilson Mary, tailorcss, house 10 Tileston
Wilson Michael, mariner, h. Liverpool, n. Maverick
Wilson Richard, machinist, b. 6 Winthrop, E. B.
Wilson Robert {Carey tV W.), house 48 South
Wilson Robert porter, house 3 South st. court
Wilson Robert, laborer, house 12 N. Margin
Wilson Ruth, mdow, house 96 Salem
Wilson Sam'l, clothing, 10 Brattle, h. 6 W. Centre
Wilson Sally, widow, house 99 Chambers
Wilson Sarah A. widow, house 79 Brighton
Wilson Stephen F. door manufacturer, Merrimac,

corner Causeway, house 7 Wall
Wilson S. Wiley, 9 Court, h. 150 Cambridge
Wilson Thomas, currier, b. Cottage, n. Maverick
Wilson Thos. laborer, house 119 Purchase
Wilson Thomas {Paul if IF.), house at Haverhill
Wilson Thos. caulker & graver, boards 38 Harvard
Wilson Thos M. stone cutter, h. 29 Billerica
Wilson Thos. P. provisions, 90 Harrison av. boards

108 do.
AVilson William, laborer, house 6 Brighton
Wilson Wm. currier, boards Cottage, n. Maverick
Wilson Wm. A. block cutter, rear 47 Congress
Wilson William H. watchman, house 2 London
Wilson Wm. H. h. 4 Sewell pi. [town

Wilson Wm. W. engraver, 2.3 Court, h. at Charles-
Wilson Wilmot, house 246 Tremont
Wilton Alfred B. locksmith and bell hanger, 364A

Washington, house I, near Broadway
Wilton John, laborer, house 77 Knccland
Winch {Isaiah) & Patterson (TF//i.), merch. tailors,

40 Washington, house Tremont, near Dover
Winchester Amasa, house 26 Somerset
Winchester E., A. & W. {William P. Winchester

&; C. Berkley Johnson), manufacturers soap and

candles, 15 S. Market [N. Margin

Winchester Fitz E. saddler, 74 Endicot, house 25
Winchester Henry K. {Lori7iy ^ W.), house 1

Bulfinch place [65 Blackstone, h. at ISIalden
Winchester Isaac T. stoves \' wooden ware, 63 and
Winchester Lucinda, widow, house 13 Sheafe



Winchester William P. {E., A. ^ W. Winchester),

house 20 Franklin
Winchester Wm. P. iK: Co. piano-fortes, 499 Wash.
Winchester Wm. W. blacksmith, h. E, c. Gold
Winchester's Express. Railroad E.xchange
Winde {Lewis) & Cliukard {II. R.), boat builders,

Battery wharf, house at Chelsea
Winfield Jas. coppersmith, h. Cottage, n. Everett
Wing Benj. G. book keeper, 57 Wash. b. 7 Gouch
Wing J. B. boards 24 ISIyrtle

Wing Joseph, agent Glass Co., E. Cambridge, h.
24 Myrtle [up stairs

Wing Lovina H. employment office, 16 Franklin,
Wingate George, mason, boards 39 Brattle
Wingate John, hats, Hanover, corner Prince, bds.

Eastern Exchange
Wingate Wm. A. coal and wood wharf. South,

corner Harvard, house 60 Harvard
Winkley & Co. {S. WinkJey Sf Wm. Forbes), mer-
chant tailors, 9.3 Washington, h. 3 Winter pi.
Winkley Samuel H. Rev. house 4 Minot
Winn Alanson, Woburn Express, 29 N. Market
Winn Chas. G. {Butterfield, W. ^ Pitts), h. 22 Allen
Winn David, cooper, house 2 East st. place
Winn Dennis, laborer, house 8 Charlestown
Winn Elizabeth, widow, h. 10 W. Centre
Winn Earrell, moulder, h. 76 London, E. B.
Winn Horatio S. baker, 42 Prince, h. 1 Noyes pi.
Winn J. B. & Co. leather, 1 Shoe and Leather, h.
at Woburn [ond, c. A, b. 109 Fourth, n. B
Winn Joseph D. pattern and pulley maker, Scc-
Winn Laughlin, laborer, h. 36 Porter, E. B.
Winn Oliver B. mason, boards 2 Bond
Winn Owen, 9 Wilson lane
Winn Patrick, laborer, h. Dedham St. court
Winn Patrick, laborer, house 67 Salem
AVinn Patrick, laborer, house Bennington
Winn Peter, book l)inder, b. 7 Hartford place
Winn Timothy B. house 8 Boylston
Winninghotf Joseph, machinist, h. Bennington
AVinnings George, rostorator, 322 Commercial
AVinock Samuel, clerk, h. 6 Lowell place
AVinsby Joseph, blacksmith, h. Fifth, near D
AVinship Charles, wheelwright, h. do Eliot
AVinship Charles AV. physician, h. 1 Quincy place
AVinship Edw. C. pressman, 35 Ann, b. 20 Leveret
Winship {Henry A.) & AA^illis {G. W.), trunk man-
ufacturers, 31 Elm, b. 22 Charles
AA'inship John, at factory stores, Lowell, c. Minot
AVinship John G. T. 15 Pearl, h. 1 Spring st. court
AVinship N. millinery goods, D, near Broadway
AVinship S. D. ( Wh'itncy ^r W.), h. 7 May [row
AVinslow A. daguerreotypist, Howard, c. Tremont
AVinslow Benj. "broker, r. 48 State, b. U. S. Hotel
AVinslow Benj. currier, boards 13 North square
AVinslow Beiij. P. (/. Wimlmo Sf Sons), h. 60 Mt.
Vernon [manuf. 57 Portland, h. at Chelsea
AVinslow {David) & Flanders {M. P.), cabinet
AVinslow Edward, merch. 5 Broad, h. at Roxbury
Winslow E. F. bds. Harrison avenue cor. Beach
Winslow Elisha D. {Hitchcock, Cobb, ^ W.), h. at

Winslow Frank, 12 State, b. 1 Linwood place
Winslow Geo. {Isaac W. S^ Sons), b. 34 Boylston
Winslow Geo. S. dry goods, 32 Kilby, h. 26 Fayette
AVinslow Hubbard Rev. teacher, 3 Beacon Hill
AVinslow Isaac & Sons {B. P. tV Georye), commis-
sion merchants, 16 Lewis wf. h. at Roxbury
AVinslow {Isaac), Adams {Edward F.), & Co. ( Wm.
R. Paine), dry goods, 56 Milk, h. at Hingham
AVinslow Isabella, dress maker, 116 Court
AVinslow Jacob, laborer, h. Sumner, E. B.
AVinslow John, boards 30 Beach
AV^inslow John, cabinet maker, h. 67 Lowell
AVinslow Joseph, overseer, h. Broadway, opp. the

AVinslow Julia, widow, tailoress, h. 214 Broadway
AVinslow Lemon, truckman, h. 5 AVendell
AVinslow Mary, house 5 Jefferson place
AA^inslow Nathaniel, house opp. 6 Salutation

AVinslow Philip, boot maker, b. Sumner, E. B.
AVinslow Philip T. com. mer. 12 N. Market, house

265 Tremont
AVinslow Roland, 10 India, boards U. S. Hotel
AVinslow Samuel, sexton, h. r. 7 Groenough av.
AVinslow Samuel AV. 32 Kilby, h. 26 Fayette
AVinslow {William) & Skilton {S.D.j,2i F. H.

Market, house at Charlestown
Winslow {William) & Kenney {Stephen), oysters,

182 Ann, c. North sq. h. do.
AA^inslow AVm. D. book keeper, b. 03 Brighton
AVinsor Alfred (/. P. Townsend ^ Co.), house at

AVinsor Amasa, cooper, h. Unity, n. Tileston
AVinsor {Edward) & Soule {Charles, jr.), ship

stores and chandlery, 14 Com'l wf. h. 20 Allen
AVinsor Henry, merchant, 9 Com'l wf. b. Beacon,

corner Mt. Vernon [House

AVinsor Henry {Winsor &: Brother), h. Pemberton
AVinsor Joseph, tish, 41 Long wf. h. at Roxbury
AVinsor Jos. jr. 37 Tremont row, h. Third, between

F and Dorchester [State, h. 9 Allen

AVinsor Nathaniel, jr. commission merchant. 109
AVinsor AVealthy, widow of Thos. h. 29 AV. Cedar
Winsor & Brother {Samuel L. % H.), ship carvers,

12 North Market, b. 1 Tremont place
AA^inter Ann AV. hoarding, 8 Sudbury [Centre

AVinter Francis B. mason, h. Myrtle ct. cor. AA^est
AVinter Patrick, laborer, h. Bolton, n. Dorchester
AVinter Royal, 98 Milk, b. Bromfield House
AVinthrop Jerome, baker, b. r. 97 Cambridge
AVinthrop Robert C. counsellor, house 21 Summer
AVinton Mary Ann, house 17 Dover place
AViuton Samuel, carpenter, b. 17 Dover place
AVinton AVm. George, saddler, b. 17 Dover place
AA^irt Joshua, cabinet maker, h. 8 Boylston sq.
AVise C. F. boards 3 Church

AVise Daniel, restorator, 2 AVilson lane [Friend
AVise Daniel, jr. restorator, 11 Merrimac, house 66
AVise Edward, machinist, h. rear 705 AVash.
AVise George, printer, house 13 Nassau
AVise Isaac K. accountant, h. 3 Carlton place
AVise James, grocer, Northampton, c. Plymouth
AVise John, hair dresser, 420 AVashington, house

Tyler, near Curve
AAlse Jonathan, rope maker, h. Tyler, near Oak
AVise Martin, brass founder, house 3 Church
AVise Nicholas, tailor, h. 14 S. Cedar [av.

AVise Patrick, machinist, h. Northampton, n. Harr.
AVise Peter, confectioner, house 2 Blossom place
AVise Oliver, h. Northampton, n. Plymouth
AVise Oliver, jr. h. Northampton, n. Plymouth
AVise Sarah, nurse, house 7 Fruit st. court
AVise S. J. G. teacher, house 11 Maiden
AVise Thomas, blacksmith, house 6 South May
AVise AVilliam, bar keeper, h. rear 19 Stillman
AVise AVilliam G. 29 Edinboro'
AVise AVilliam M. housewright, h. 54 Orange
AViseman James, laborer, hovise 102 Essex
AViseman James, laborer, house 29 Middlesex
AViskins AVilliam, coachman, h. r. 37 lielknap
AVisner John G. coachman, house 10 May
AViswall Edward F. clerk, 9 Central wf. b. 3 Oxford
AViswall Elisha, AV. I. goods and wood, Tileston's

wharf, house 3 Oxford
AViswall Geo. B. clerk, Tileston's wf. h. 3 Oxford
AViswell Alpheus, hats and caps, 11 Union, boards

National House
AViswell Dexter AV. shoes, 77 Broad, h. 72 Prince
AViswell Elbridge G. captain, house 15 Cooper
AViswell Jeremiah, carpenter, h. 71 AV. Cedar
AViswell Rebecca, house South, corner East
AViswell Samuel, boatman, boards 72 Prince
AViswell Thomas I. house 34 Spring
AVltham Ivory, fish, h. rear Havre, n. Sumner
AVitham John B. boarding, h. Meridian, E. B.
AVitherbee John B. paying teller, North Bank, h.

at Jamaica Plain [boards 13 do.

AVitherby Jeremiah, AV. I. goods, 470 Commercial,
AVithereil Andrew J. mason, house 50 Poplar



Witherell Eleazer, mason, house 66 Warren
Witherell Eleazer P. mason, boards 66 Warren
Witherell Benjamin, furniture, 55 Blackstone, h.

at Charlestown
Witherell Nathaniel, forgeman, h. 47 Fourth
Witherell Nathaniel & Co. express, R. R. Exch.
Witherell Richard, mason, house 50 Poplar
Witherle William, Russia leather worker, 13 Com-
mon, house do.
Withers Eliza A. boarding, 10 Morton
Withers James, painter, house 26 Spring
Witherspoon Eleazer B. h. Suffolk, c. Rutland
Withington Elizabeth, widow of Rev. E. house 29

Chambers [11 Poplar

Withington Increase S. {J. B. Kimball Sg Co.), h.
Withington J. jr. fancy goods, 23 Tremont row, h.

Fourth, near F
Withington Josiah, 8 Boylston Mark. h. 229 Fourth
Withington Mary, house 11 Snowhill [Chambers
Withington Oliver W. counsellor, 3o Court, h. 29
Withington Thomas, house 2 Middlesex
Withrow Simon, baker, 13 HoUis, house do.
Woart John Rev. h. 4 Snowhill
Woelson Andrew, finisher, h. Bolton, n. E
Wohlfahrt Lars Erek, jeweller, b. 105 Tyler
Wolcott J. Huntington (A. % A. Lawrence § Co.),

h. 48 Boylston
Wolcott John W. 91 Milk, house at Roxbury
Wolcott Josiah, wheelwright, house 13 Nashua
Wolcott Josiah [Somerbi/ &: W.), h. 33 Kingston
Wolcott Maria S. widow of Joshua, h. 9 Brookline
Wolf John, pedler, house 28 Marion
Wolfe Sarah, widow, house Noble place, E. B.
Wolkins John F. farmer, h. Woodward, near E
Wood Abraham, house 52 Harrison avenue
Wood Alexander, grocer, 109 Salem, house do.
Wood A., Son & Co. (T. B. Wood & L. Whitney),

coal, wood, and Green Mountain lumber, whf.

opp. 50 Charles, h. do.
Wood Amos, jr. h. 28 Charles
Wood Augustine W. oysters, 88 Cambridge
Wood Bartholomew, teacher Adams School
Wood {Benj. 2d) & Thompson {A.), brokers, 14

Exchange, h. 7 New Prince
Wood Benjamin B. watch maker and jeweller, 139

Wash. h. at Roxbury
Wood Caleb & Co. {Paschal P. P. Ware), W. I.

goods, 43 India, bds. 94 Purchase
Wood Caleb C. bds. 19 Hancock
Wood Caroline F. dress maker, bds. 57 Lowell
Wood Charles P. book keeper, 9 Chatham row
Wood Chas. Augustus, 7 Long wf. b. 52 Har. av.
Wood Chas. G. (WethereU, Stone, & IF.), h. 48Essex
Wood Chas. M. veterinary surgeon, h. 6 Causeway
Wood Clark B. wood and coal, Leveret, near the

bridge, h. 49 Brighton [h. 19 Hancock

Wood C. T. bonnets & straw goods, 48 Cambridge,
Wood Daniel {Boynton 6; W.), bds. 1 Short
Wood David H. doors, blinds, &c. 3 Merrimac, h.

rear 32 Poplar
Wood Elizabeth, widow, h. 4 Federal court
Wood Franklin, clerk, 64 Kilby, h. 29 Snowhill
Wood Geo. caulker and graver, h. Marion, E. B.
Wood George B. mason, h. 6 W.Centre
Wood G. B. salesman, 139 Washington
Wood Geo. D. hack driver, h. Broad, n. Summer
Wood (Henry) & Cook {George T.), flour, 12 Long

wharf, h. 20 Charles
Wood Henry, laborer, h. rear 52 Eliot
Wood Henry, upholsterer, 43^ Federal, h. 74 do.
Wood Henry B. h. 30 Charles
Wood Henry V. 185 Hanover, h. 5 Clark
Wood J. Adams, clerk, 41 India, bds. 110 Har. av.
Wood James, moulder, h. 83 Fourth
Wood James, laborer, h. Sumner, opp. Border
Wood James F. machinist, h. rear 35 Pitts
Wood James F. truckman, h. 4 Federal court
Wood Joel A. machinist, h. 43 Broadway, n. A
Wood John, boot maker, h. 49 Charter
Wood John J. mason, h. 76 London, E. B.

Wood John P. b. Harrison av. c. Beach

Wood John P. upholsterer, b. 88 Albany

Wood Jonathan A. bds. 110 Harrison av.

Wood Jos. paper hanger, 431 Wash. h. at Melrose^

Wood .Jos. A. machinist, h. 50 C, n. Fourth [do.

Wood Lowell M. fish & oysters, 548 Wash. b. r. 585

Wood Lvman, watchman, h. Cooper, c. Endicot

Wood Matthew F. 78 Milk, h. 22 McLean

Wood Moses, jr. carpenter, counter case maker, 18

Harvard place, h. 72 Tyler
Wood Nancy J. b. 'Fort av. n. Harr. avenue
Wood Oscar F. music engraver, Wash. b. 43 Bedf'd
Wood Richard, mariner, h. r. Fifth, n. B [folk pi.
Wood Russell P. printer, 22 N. Market, b. 9 Suf-
Wood Samuel, tin worker, h. 6 Village [Charles
Wood Timothy B. {A. Wood, Son, <Sf Co.), h. 30
Wood William, piano-forte tuner, h. 10 Charles
Wood William, laborer, h. 58 Portland
Wood William B. pattern maker, bds. 85 Fourth
Wood William H. counsellor, 35 Court
Wood William W. moulder, h. 85 Fourth
Wood's Express, 7 State

Woodaman Jane, dress maker, h. 109 Hudson
Woodard Eliza F. Mrs. h. 38 Prince
Woodberry Charles, mason, 18 Congress, h. 1 Wall
Woodberry Henry, dry goods, 28 Kilby, h. 13 N.

Woodberry James, c'erk, h. 11 N. Russell
Woodberry Joel, h. Havre, n. Maverick, E. B.
Woodbridge Hartley E. 96 Court, h. 35 Porter
Woodbridge {Jonatha^i E.), Raynolds (/.), & Co.

{J. L. Partridc/e), pubs. N. E. Puritan. 22

School, h. at W. Newton [Ann

Woodbridge Sam'l H. groceries and provis'ns, 267
Woodbury Amory, mason, bds. 17 Brattle
Woodbury Charles, mason, h. 41 W. Cedar
Woodbury Charles L. counsellor, 20 Mass. block,

bds. tremont House
Woodbury Daniel, currier, h. London, n. Maverick
Woodbury Daniel {Feariny § W.), Congress H.

Pearl, c. High
Woodbury Ebenezer, watchman, h. Barre nlace
Wooddury Elizabeth, boarding, 4 Warren square
Woodbury Erastus, h. Tremont, opp. Dover
Woodbury George, book binder, bds. 19 S. Russell
Woodbury Isaac D. lamps, 60 Court
Woodbury James A. {J. P. ^ J. A. Woodbury), h.

Lexington, c. Marion, E. B.
Woodbury J. P. & J. A. sawing and planing. Bor-
der, h. Lexington, c. Marion, E. B.
Woodbury Thomas S. painter, Haverhill, corner

Charlestown, h. at Somervllle [Myrtle

Woodbury Wm. P. fish, Myrtle, c. Centre, h. 35
Woodcock Hannah, h. 7 E. Castle
Woodcock J. Mrs. h. 39 Charter [rose

Woodcock Shepherd {Hathaway &; W.), h. at Mel-
Woodford Joseph H. clerk, bds. 26 High
Woodford Orin F. fancy goods, 309 Wash, house

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