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rish block
Chester, Vt.— RR. Ex.
City Despatch Post.— 7 State
City Express.— RR. Ex. & 7

Cohasset, Ms. — City Hotel
Concord, N. H.— RR. Ex. and 7

Concord, Ms. — City Hotel [ton
Danvers, Ms.— RR. Ex. & 1 Ful-
Dorchester, Ms. — RR. Ex.
Dover, N. H.— 8 Court
Dedham, Ms.— 16 and 7 State

Dennis, Ms. — RR. Ex.
Derry, Ms.— RR. Ex. [Hotel
Duxbury, Ms.— RR. Ex. & City
East Boston, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Easton, Ms. — 158 Washington
Eastport, Me.— RR. Ex.
East Randolph, Ms.— 12 Elm
East Stoughton, Ms. — 7 State
East Thomaston, Me. — RR. Ex.
Ellsworth, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7

Essex, Ms.— Citv Hotel & 7 State
Exeter, N. H.— '8 Court
Fairhaveu, Ms. — RR. Ex.
Fall River, Ms.— 11 State
Falmouth, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Feltonville, Ms.— City Hotel
Fitchburg, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Foxboro', Ms.— RR. Ex. [Elm
Framingham. Ms. — 8 Court & 7
Frankfort, Me.— RR. Ex. and 7

Franklin, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Franklin, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Gardiner, Me. — RR. Ex.
Georgetown, Ms. — 8 Court & City

Gilmanton, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Gloucester, Ms. — City Hotel and

RR. Ex.
Grafton, Ms.— 8 Court
Great Falls, N. H.— 8 Court & 7




Greenfield.— RR. Ex. & City Hot.
Greenland, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Groton, Ms.— RR. Ex. and 7 Elm
Guilford, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Hampden, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7

State [State

Hallowell, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7
Hampton, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Hanover, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Hamilton, Ms. — 7 State
HartfoTd, Ct.— 8 Court [Court
Haverhill, Ms.— City Hotel and 8
Haverhill, N. H.— RR. Ex. and 11

Hillsboro', N.H.— RR. Ex.
Hingham, Ms. — Liverpool whf.
Holiiston, Ms.— 11 Elm & RR.

Holderness, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Hopkinton, Ms. — 8 Court
Holton, Me.— RR. Ex.
Ipswich, Ms.— RR. Ex. & 7 State
Jamaica Plain, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Jeffrey. Ms.— RR. Ex.
Kennebunk, Me.— RR. Ex.
Keene, N. H.— RR. Ex. [State
Kingston, Ms.— RR. Ex. and 7
Lancaster, Ms. — RR. Ex. [Ex.
Lawi-ence, Ms. — 8 Court & RR.
Lebanon, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Lewiston, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7

Lexington, Ms. — 7 and 11 Elm
Lonsdale, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Lowell, Ms.— 7 State & RR. Ex.
Lynn, Ms. — 29 Merch. row., 7

State and RR. Ex.
Ludlow, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Ludlow, Vt.— RR. Ex.
Machias, Me.— RR. Ex. [Ex.
Martha's Vineyard, Ms. — ^RR.
Manchester, Ms. — City Hotel
Manchester, N. H.— RR. Ex. &

7 State
Marlboro', Ms. — RR. Ex.
Marblehead, Ms. — 7 State
Mason Village, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Mechanics' Falls, Me.— RR. Ex.
Medway, Ms. — City Hotel
Medway,E., Ms. — 158Washing'n
Medfield, Ms.— City Hotel
Medford, Ms.— 27 N. Market
Mendon, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Meredith, N. H.— RR. Ex. [Ex.
Meredith Bridge, N. H.— RR.
Methuen, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Middleboro', Ms.— RR. Ex.
Middlebury, Vt.— RR. Ex.

Milbury, Ms. — 8 Court
Milford, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Milford & Mendon.— 11 Elm
Milford, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Milton, Ms.— Drew's Hotel, Un'n
Montpelier, Vt. — RR. Ex.
Montreal, Ca. — RR. Ex.
Nahant, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Nantucket, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Nashua, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Nashville, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Needham, Ms. — 8 Court
New Bedford, Ms.— RR. Ex.
New Boston, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Newburyport, Ms. — RR. Ex. & 7

State [8 Court

Newburv, "W., Ms. — 7 State and
New Ipswich, N. H.— RR. Ex.
New Haven, Ct. — 8 Court
Newmarket, N. H. — 8 Court
New York.— 8 and 9 Court and 11

Newport, R. I.— 11 State
New London, Ct. — 9 Court
Newton, Ms. — 8 Court
Newton Corner, Ms — RR. Ex.

and City Hotel
Newton U. Falls, Ms.— 29 Elm
Newtonville, Ms.— RR. Ex. [Ex.
N. Berwick, Me.— 7 State & RR.
N. Yarmouth, Me.— RR. Ex.
Northboro', Ms.— RR. Ex.
Norway, Me. — 7 State
Norwich. Ct.— 9 Court
Paris, Me.— RR. Ex. & 7 State
Pawtucket, R. I. — RR. Ex.
Pepperell, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Peterboro', Ms.— RR. Ex.
Pembroke, Ms.— 9 Elm [Ex.

Plymouth, Ms.— 7 State and RR.
Plymouth, N. H.— RR. Ex. [Ex.
Portland, Me.. 7 State and RR.
Portsmouth, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Providence, R. I.— RR. Ex.
Quebec, Ca.— RR. Ex.
Quincy, Ms. — 7 Elm and 7 State
Randolph, Ms. — City Hotel and

7 State [Market

Randolph, E., Ms.— under 53 N.
Reading, N. & W., Ms.— 8 Court
Reading, S., Ms — 7 State [State
Roxbury, Ms.— RR. Ex. and 7
Rowley.— RR. Ex.
Rutland, Vt.— RR. Ex.
Saxonville, Ms. — 7 State
Saco, Me. — 7 State and RR. Ex.
Salem, Ms.— City Hotel & 7 State
Salem, N. H.— RR. Ex.

Salmon Falls, Ms.— 7 & 20 State
Salisbury, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Sanbornton, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Sandwich, Ms. — RR. Ex.
Sandwich, N. H.— RR. Ex.
Saugus, Ms. — RR. Ex.
Searsport, Me. — 7 State
Shrewsbury, Ms. — RR. Ex.
Slatersville, Ms. — 1-58 Washing'n
Southboro', Ms. — 20 Congress
South Berwick, Me. — 7 State
South Boston.— 7 State [State
Scituate and Hanover, Ms. — 16
South Scituate. — RR. Ex.
Springfield, Ms.— 8 Court
Sudbury, Ms.— 11 Elm
St. Andrews, N. B.— RR. Ex.
St. John, N. B.— RR. Ex.
St. Stephens, N. B.— RR. Ex.
Stansted, Ca.— RR. Ex.
Sterling, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Stoneham, Ms.— 29 N. Market
Taunton, Ms.— 11 State
Templeton, Ms. — RR. Ex.
Thomaston, Me.— 7 State & RR.

Townsend, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Upton, Ms.— RR Ex.
Uxbridge, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Walpole, Ms.— 16 State
AValtham, Ms.— 7 Elm
Wayland, Ms.— 11 Elm
Wareham, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Warren, R. I. — RR. Exchange
Watertown, Ms. — 5 Market sq.

7 & 11 Elm, and City Hotel
Waterville, Me.— RR. Exchange
Wells River, Vt.— RR. Ex.
Wenham, Ms.— RR. Ex. and 7

Westboro', Ms.— 8 Court
Westford, Ms.— 7 Elm
Weston, Ms.— 7 Elm
AVest Cambridge.— RR. Ex.
West Newton. — RR. Exchange
Weymouth, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Weymouth, N. &. E.— 11 Elm
Weymouth, S.— 11 Elm
AVrentham, Ms. — City Hotel
Winchendon, Ms.— RR. Ex.
Windsor, Vt.— RR. Exchange
Whittinsville. — RR. Exchange
Woburn, Ms. —7 State & 7 Elm
Woonsocket, R. 1.-158 Wash.

and City Hotel [Elm

Worcester, Ms. — 8 Court and 7
Yarmouth, Ms.— RR. Ex.
York, Me.— RR. Ex.






For the expeditious transportation of Merchandise, Small Parcels, Specie, Bank Notes, &c. Also,
for the collection and payment of Notes, Bills, Drafts, &c., &c. Custom House Business transacted
with promptness and despatch, in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia.

T% HEELER & CO., Proprietors.

OFFICES.— Boston, 8 Court st. New York, 6 "Wall st. Philadelphia, 43 S. 3d st





Levi Woodbury, Associa/e Justice S. C. U. S.

Peleg Sprague, District Ji/di/e.

George laint, District Attorney.

George Miuot aud Charles L. Woodbury, Re-

Isaac O. Barnes, Clerk.

Ebenezer Trescott, Crier.

Charles Devens, Marshal.

Frederic Warren, Boston, William Gordon, New
Bedford, Deputi/ Marshals.

George S. Ilillard, Charles Sumner, George T.
Curtis, Kdward G. Loring, W. W. Storv, Charles
L. Woodbury, and B. F. Hallett, Boston, Oliver
Prescott, New Bedford, James M. Bunker, Nan-
tucket, and Reuben A. Chapman, of Springfield,

Charles B. Goodrich and Charles L. Woodbury,
Masters in Charu-ery.

Tkums of the CoauT, ]\Iay 15th, October loth.


Peleg Sprague, District Judge.

Scth^E. Sprague, Clerk.

George S. itillard, Charles Sumner, Peleg W.
Chandler, Jau\os H. Robb, Edward G. Loring,
George T. Curtis, W. W. Story, William Gray, EI-
bridge G. Austin, Robert Rantoul, jr., Augustus
Peabody, Commissioners of Bankruptcij, under tlie
United States Bankrupt Law.

Tehms of tiik Court, March, the 3d Tuesday;
June, the 4th Tuesday ; September, the 2d Tues-
day ; December, the 1st Tuesday.

Besides which the Court sits every Friday fore-
noon throughout the year.


Lemuel Shaw, Chief Justice.

Samuel Sumner Wilde, Charles A. Dewey,
Charles E. Forbes, Theron Mctcalf, Richard
Fletcher, Associate Justices.

Samuel D. Parker, District Attorney.

Luther S. Cushing, Reporter.

George C. Wilde and Joseph Willard, Clerks.

J. Hunkins, Crier.

Terms of the Court. Law Term, March, 1st
Tuesday, and a Xisi Prius term, upon the 7tli
Tuesday next after the -Ith Tuesday in September.


Daniel Wells, Chief Justice.

Thomas Hopkinson, Edward Mellen, Horatio
Byington, George T. Bigelow, J. C. Perkins, .-l*-
sociate Justices.

George C. Wilde and Joseph Willard, Clerks.

Terms of tice Court, January, 1st Tuesday ;
April, 1st Tuesday ; July, 1st Tuesday ; October,
1st Tuesday.


The Judges of the Court of Common Pleas, ex
offi,cio, are Judges of this Court.
Samuel D. Parker, Attorney.
Thomas W. Phillips, Clerk.
Henry Homer, Crier.

Terms of the Court.
each month.

The first Monday in


John G. Rogers, James C. Merrill, Abel Cush-
ing, Justices. Salaiy, ^l.oOO each.

Thomas Power, Clerk. Salarv, ^1,500.

William Knapp, Assistant Cle)-k. Salary, ,51,100.

Seth Tobey, Assistant Clerk. Sal;u-y, 5700

Terms of the Court. This Court sits every
day in the week (Sunday excepted) at 9, A. M. and
3, P. M., for the trial of criminal causes.


The Judges of the Police Court sit every Wed-
nesday and Saturday, at 9, A. M., for the trial of
civil causes under 20 dollars.


Terms of the Coikt. Every Monday in the
year, except the first and last Mondays in June,
the month of July, and the first Monday of August,
September, October, November, and December.


Edward G. Loring, Judcie of Probate.

H. M. Willis, Rcjister of Probate.

Joseph Eveleth, Sherijf.

Watson Freeman, S. P. T.arbell, D. J. Coburn,
Jabez Pratt, Benj. F. Bayley, Joseph A. Willard,
Boston, and Erastus Rugg, Chelsea, Dep. Sheriff's.

Gustavus Andrews, Jailer.

Jabez Pratt, Charles Smith, William Andrews,
Boston, and Erastus Rugg, Chelsea, Coroners.

Notaries Public. (See Business Directory.)

Henry AUine, Office Court Square, Reyister of

James C. Dunn, Office City Hall, County Treas.

George C. Wilde, Joseph Willard, Office County
Court House, Joint Clerks of the Supreme Judicial
Court and Court of Common Pleas for the County.
Daniel Merrill, Keeper County Court House.


Baker AVm. P. 21 Court square

Baldwin Josiah, Franklin avenue

Clough Willard, 97 Tremont

Cooledgc I. A., Court square, under Court House

Dexter George J. Court House, Court square.

Eastbrook Wm. 10 Court square

Ellis Mathias, 8G Salem

Glover Elisha V. 1 Franklin avenue

Harrington J. C. 3 Franklin avenue

Hosea Richard, 75 Charter

Jones E. J. 3 Franklin avenue

Kimball Isaac B. 4th street

Lawton J. T. 7 Mass. block

Leightou Joseph W. 34 School

Loring William,. J Mass. block

Munroe William, 7 Mass. block

Neale A. F. 3 Franklin avenue

Patterson David, 13 Court squ.are

Pierce .James, 3 Franklin avenue

Rice Edwin, 10 Court square

Sanborn Erastus W. 13 Court square

Shute Ebenezer, Cotting

Smith Charles, Court square

Smith Thomas M. 13 Court square

Stratton Jonas, Court House

Tallant Jacob C. 3 Franklin avenue

Taylor Henry, 13 Court square

Trescott Ebenezer, 233 Broadway

Vialle Samuel S. Unity, cor. Tileston

Whipple Jonathan, 7 Mass. block

Whitewell Wm. under Court House



C H H I S S I N E R S ,

Resident in Boston, appointed by the authorities of other States, to take the acknotvledgment and proof of
all Deeds and other I/istru/tients, under seal, to be tised or recorded in said States ; and also to adtninis-
ter Oaths and take Depositions, to be read in their respective Courts.

Maine.— E. Buck, J. P. Bi^clow. J. A. Bolles,
R. I. Burbank, B. H. Cunier.^P. W. Chandler, E.

A. Dana, J. C. Dodge, T. A. Dexter, A. B. Ely,
C. Demond, N. Edwards, A. H. Fiske. T. S. Har-
low, C. In!?ersoll, J. Q. Kettelle, C. C. Nutter, T.
W. Phillips, R. Rantoul, jr., L. M. Stone, G. M.
Thacher, J. W. Thornton, F. O. Watts, W. P.
Walker, P. S. Wheelock, M. S. Chase, E. G.
Dudley, W. H. Whitman, C. B. F. Adams, F. O.
Prince, J. A. Abbott, T. P. Chandler, G. E. Rice,
F. B. Hayes, J. Atkinson, N. C. Betton, A. Jack-
son, jr., L. H. Chandler, H. W. Fuller, Harvey
Jewell, A. K. P. Joy, G. W. Cooley, E. B. Otis, A.
V. Lynde, A. E. Giles, B. F. Hodges, J. J. French,
C. Mayo, G. Kent, S. AV. Robinson.

New Hampshire. — I. J. Austin, J. A. Bolles,

B. H. Currier, N. D. Hubbard, J. H. Bradley, A.
K. P. Joy, Geo. Kent, S. Kimball, C. Mayo, H.
M. Parker, J. W. Thornton, R. N. Peirce, P. S.
Wheelock, G. T. Bigelow, H. G. Hutchins, C. B.
F. Adams, D. H. Mason, Edward A. Dana, J. A.
Abbott, E. G. Dudley, F. B. Hayes, C. C. Nutter,
J. P. Healey, N. C. Betton, A. B. Ely,N. T. Dow,
William Rogers, T. A. Dexter, S. G. Nash, S. H.
Phillips, I. O. Barnes, P. Oliver, G. P. Briggs, W.
Butters, R. I. Burbank, J. P. Bigelow, H. Jewell,
H. W. Smith, A. H. Fiske, M. Morton, jr., R. L.
Colby, N. T Dow, F. B. Hayes, H. L. Hazelton, A.
V. Lynde, W. Plumer, S. W. Robinson.

Vermont. — J. P. Bistelow, B. H. Currier, AV. A.
Crafts, A. B. Ely, J. W. Thornton, P. S. AYhee-
lock, J. A. Bolles, J. M. Keith, M. S. Chase, S. H.
Phillips, N. C. Betton, H. C. Hutchins, N. Rich-
ardson, L. B. Guernsey, W. C. Strong, H. Jewell,
H. W. Smith, A. A. Ranney, J. Bartlett, L. Ma-
son, I. J. Austin, F. B. Hayes, E. F. Hodges.

Rhode Island. — E. Buck, B. H. Currier, G.
Griggs, A. Jackson, jr., J. M. Keith, H. AV.
Smith, P. S. Wheelock, I. Ames.

Connecticut. — I. J. Austin, G. M. Brown, J.
A. Bolles, E. Buck, B. H. Currier, A. B. Ely, C.

C. Nutter, J. P. Putnam, J. AVingate Thornton,
S. D. Nickerson, G. S. Bulfinch, T. A. Dexter, 0.
Dimon, C. Demond, R. I. Burbank, H. W. Smith,
J. S. Holmes.

New York. — J. C. Adams, A. B. Ely, I. J. Aus-
tin, J. P. Healey, J. Wingate Thornton, W. E.
Parmenter, Edward A. Dana, B. H. Currier, E.
Buck, C. Mayo, H. W. Smith, A. H. Fiske, J. A.
Abbott, R. L. Colby, Geo. Kent, S. H. Phillips.

New Jersey.— J. A. Bolles, A. B. Ely, Edw.
Buck, B. H. Currier.

Pennsylvania. — J. A. Bolles, B. H. Currier,
A. B. Ely, M. Morton, jr., AV. W. Story, Isaac

Story, jr., T. P Chandler, E. Buck, T. A. Dexter,
H. AV. Smith, J. Wingate Thornton, C. C. Nutter,
F. O. Prince, R. I. Burbank, E. F. Hodges.

Delaware. — B. H. Currier.

North Carolina. — B. H. Currier, J. AVingate
Thornton, I. J. Austin.

South Carolina. — B. H. Currier, W. Hilliard,
T. A. Dexter, J. Egan, A. B. Ely.

Georgia.— E. Buck, T. A. Dexter, B. H. Currier.

Tennessee.— B. H. Currier, G. T. Bigelow, H.
W. Smith, E. B. Otis.

Ohio.— E. Buck, B. H. Currier, F. W. Choate,
P. S. AVheelock, J. A. Bolles, B. Pond, I. J. Aus-
tin, D. H. Mason, J. AV. Thornton, R. I. Burbank,
J. Egan, S. AVebb, jr., H. AV. Smith, A. A. Ran-
ney, E. E. Cady, E. B. Otis, S. H. Phillips, F. E.
Parker, G. E. Rice, A. V. Lynde, A. B. Ely, E. F.
Hodges, S. AV. Robinson.

Indiana. — B. H. Currier, Geo. M. Thacher, E.
Buck, A. B. Ely, H. AV. Smith, J. AVingate Thorn-
ton, G. Kent.

Virginia. — B. H. Currier, A. Jackson, jr., P.
Oliver, I. J. Austin, J. AV. Thornton, J. A. Bolles.

Maryland.— S. E. Guild, A. Jackson, jr., A. H.
Fiske, B. H. Currier, H. W. Smith, A. B. Ely, S.
H. Phillips.

Alabama.— J. P. Healey, E. Buck, B. H. Cur-
rier, H. AV. Smith, J. J. French, S. W. Robinson.

Louisiana. — E. Buck, AA^. Hilliard, W. Dehon,
J. AV. Thornton, B. H. Currier, G. Minot, G. E.
Rice, G. E. Betton, Junius Hall, F. O. Prince, A.
B. Ely, G. P. Sanger.

Michigan.— M. Morton, jr., F. AV. Dickinson,
O. Dimon, B. H. Currier, E. Buck, S. F. Barstow,
J. H. Buckingham, J. Q. Kettelle, A. B. Ely, R. L.
Colby, E. E. Cady, Geo. Kent, Daniel Holbrook,
S. W. Robinson.

Kentucky. — B. H. Currier, J. W. Thornton, F.
W. Dickinson, E. Buck, I. J. Austin.

Missouri. — H. Bigelow, A. Jackson, jr., B. H.
Currier, S. AV. Robinson.

Iowa. — C. Mayo, B. H. Currier.

Illinois.— C. AV. Storey, C. Mayo, B. H. Cur-
rier, A. B. Ely, A. Jackson, jr., J. S. Kimball, H.
Bigelow, H. W. Smith, N. Morse, J. H. Bucking-
ham, A. V. Lynde, S. AV. Robinson.

Florida.— B. H. Courier, T. A. Dexter, H. W.
Smith, Francis E. Parker.

Mississippi.— J. AA^ Thornton, G.M. Thacher, A.
Jackon,jr. I.J.Austin, B.H. Currier, S.W. Robinson.

Arkansas. — H. AV. Smith.

AViscoNSiN.— E. E. Cady, J. H. Buckingham,
H. AVoodman, R. Codman, 13. H. Carrier, C. Mayo.

Texas. — Francis Brinley.


Argentine Republic, Fitzhenry Homer, 13 Central

Austrian Consul, John W. Langdon, 47 India st.
Belgian Consul, John D. Bates, 55 Commercial wf.
Brazilian Vice-Consul, Archibald Foster, 40 State
British Consul, Edmund A. Grattan, 11 Doane st.
Danish Consul, G. M. Thacher, 66 State st.
Equador Consul, Seth Bryant, 76 Pearl st.
Frctich Consul, Max. Isnard, 22 Joy's building
Chancellor of the Fretich Consulate, James Lemo-

nier. Deputy Consul, 22 Joy's building
Greek Consul, Henry G. Andrews, 4 India st.
Hamburg Consul, C. H. F. Moring, 31 India wf.
Mexican Vice-Consul, Edward Cabot, 3 Mer. Ex.
Netherlands Consul, Thomas Dixon, 41 India wf.

Netherlands Tice-Consul, B. H. Dixon, 41 India wf.
Prussian Consul, Francis A. Hirsch, 11 Kilby st.
Pontijical States, N. Reggio, 31 Central wf.
Portuguese Acting Vice-Consul, Archibald Foster,

40 State st.
Russian Vice-Consid, R. B. Storer, 47 India wf.
Sardinian Vice-Consid, N. Reggio, 31 Central wf.
Sicilian I'iee-Consul, N. Reggio, 31 Central wf.
Spanish Acting Consul, 3. 11. Hicks, 32 Central wf.
Stvcdish and Norwegian Vice-Cmisul, Joseph Hall,

17 Doane st.
Turkey Vice-Consid, Abra. Zipcy, 17 Rowe's wf.
Venezuelian Consul, Silas G. AVhitncy, 46 Long wf.
Vice-Consul of the Oriental Republic of Urayuay,

E. S. Tobey, 13 Commercial wf.



Advent Herald. Rev. J. V. Himes, 8 Chardon, weekly, V,2 per year. Devoted to Second Advent.

Advocate of Peace, Geo. C. Beckvvith, Editor, 21 Cornhill, bi-monthly, ^1 per year.

Advertiser, Nathan Hale, 6 Congress, daily, ^'^8 ; semi-weekly, ^4 per year. Whig.

American Cabinet and Athenaeum, H. Mason, Publisher, 22 School, weekly, $2 per year. Literature.

American Union, E.. B. P'itts & Co., 22 School, weekly, '^2 per year. Literary.

Atlas, Schouler & Brewer, 5 old State House, State, daily, g8 ; semi-weekly, ^4 > weekly, ^l. Whig.

Aurora-Borealis, J. F. Kelly, jr., Ed., T. W. Cooper & Co. Pubs., 27 Devonshire, weekly, $2. Literary.

Bee, Bradbury, Harmon & Co., 7 State, daily, $^ per year ; weekly, ^I 50.

Boston Merkur, De M. Keickback, Ed., M. Ilofmann, Pub., 32 Congress, semi-weekly, ^3 peryear.

Boston News Letter, J. B. Hall, 66 Cornhill, weekly, $1.

Boys and Girls' Magazine, Bradbury & Guild, 120 Washington, monthly, $\ per year.

Brownson's Quarterly Review, Benj. H. Greene, 124 Washington, corner Water, g3 per year.

Child's Companion and Youth's Friend, W. B. Tappan, 9 Cornhill, monthly,2o cents per annum.

Child's Friend, Mrs. E. L. Pollen, Editress, office 111 Washington.

Child's Gospel Guide, J. M. Usher, 37 Cornhill, weekly, 50 cts. per annum.

Catholic Observer, John C. Robinson, 72 Federal, ^2 per year.

Christian Alliance and Family Visiter, Rev. D. Clarke and J. 0. Choules, Eds., 141 Wash., weekly, $2.

Christian Examiner, Rev. Geo. Putnam and Geo. E. Ellis, Eds., Crosby & Nichols, 111 Washington,

bi-monthly, ^4 per year. Unitarian. [salist.

Christian Freeman and Family Visiter, Rev. Sylvanus Cobb, 40 Cornhill, weekly, $2 per an. Univer-
Christian Inquirer, Joseph H. Francis, Publisher, 128 Washington, weekly, ^2 per an. Unitarian.
Christian Observatory, Rev. A. W. McClure and 6 others, Editors, published by J. V. Beane & Co.,

21 Cornhill. Religious and Literary.
Christian Watchman and Reflector, Rev. J. W. Olmstead and Wm. Hague, Editors, Nichols, Upham,

& Ford, publishers, 122 Washington, corner Water, weekly, %2 per year. Baptist.
Christian Register, David Reed, Publisher, N. S. Folsom, Editor, 22 School, weekly, $2 50 peryear.

Christian Witness and Church Advocate, Rev. G. M. Randall, Editor, James B. Dow, proprietor, 141

AVashington, %2 per year. Episcopal.
Christian Review, Rev. E. G. Sears, Editor, 33 Somerset, bi-monthlv, $o per year.
Chronotype, Elizur Wright, Editor, White, Potter & Wright, Publishers, 15 State, daily, ^3 ; weekly,

^2 per year. Independent.
Common School Journal, W. B. Fowle, Editor and Publisher, 138 1-2 Wash., bi-monthly, %\ per year.
Courier, E. B. Foster & Co., 10 Congress, daily, ^8 ; semi-weekly, ^4; weekly, $2 per year. Whig.
Cultivator, Otis Brewer, 22 N. Market, weekly, $2 per annum. Agricultural.
Dollar Times, Roberts & Garfield. 3 and 5 State, weekly, ^1 per year.
Electropathic Guide, A. Page, Editor and Publisher, 23 Bedford, bi-monthly.
Emancipator and Republican, H. Wilson. 2 Devonshire, weekly, $2. Free Soil.

Evening Gazette, W. W. Clapp. jr., 9 old State House, weekly, $Z per an. Literature and Gen. Int.
Evening Museum, Wm. O. Eaton, Editor, Eaton, Hill & Cole, 2 Marlboro' Chapel place, daily, $^.
Fathers and Mother's Manual, H. G. Park, 138 1-2 Washington, monthly, $\.
Flag of our Union, F. Glcason, Tremont, corner Court, weekly, ^2 per year.
Freemasons' Monthly Magazine, Charles W. Moore, 21 School, ^2 per year.
Fruits of America, C. M. Hovey, 7 Merchants' row, bi-monthly, JJ6 per year.
Gospel Teacher, Rev. J. G. Adams, Editor, 37 Cornhill, semi-monthly, $\ per year. Universalist.
Guide to Holiness, D. S. King, Editor, 3 Cornhill, monthlv, ^1 per year.
Herald, John A. French, 19 State, daily, ^3 ; weekly, ^1 50.
Homoeopathic Journal, Otis Clapp, 23 School, quarterly, ^3.
Horticulturist, J. Breck & Co., 51 North Market, 53 per year.

Investigator, Horace Seaver, Editor, J. P. Mendum, 35 Wash., weekly, $2. Infidelity.
Journal, Sleeper and Rogers, 12 State, daily, j?6; serai-weekly, ^4 ; weekly, %2.
Journal of Music, H. W. Dav, 8 Court square, ,^1 50 per year.
Journal of the Times, J. B. Wheelock & Co., Publishers, 19 State, %2.

Law Reporter, Stephen H. Phillips, Editor, Little & Brown, 112 Washington, monthly, ^3 per year.
Ladies' Magazine and Album, A. H. Davis tV J. M. Prentiss, 3 Cornhill, monthly, $\ per year.
Ladies' Repository, A. Tompkins, 38 Cornhill, monthly, ^2 per annum.
Life in Boston, Berry & Wright, 27 Devonshire, weekly, $2.
Le-Bostonien, Gaudelet & Bailleul, 12 Water, weekly, ^2. French.

N. E. Historical and Genealogical Register, S. G. Drake, 56 Cornhill, quarterly, $2 per year.
Living Age, Littell & Co.. Bromfield, corner Tremont. Literary.
Liberator, William Lloyd Garrison, 21 Cornhill, weekly, $2 per year. Anti-Slavery.
Magazine of Horticulture, C. M. Hovey, Editor, 7 Merchants' row ; monthly, ^3.
Macedonian, W. S. Damrell, 16 Devonshire, monthly. Baptist.
Mail, John N. Bradley, 14 and 16 State, weekly, $\ ; daily, %Z per year.

Massachusetts Ploughman, W. & W. J. Buckminster, Quincy Hall, $2 per year. Agricultural.
Missionary Advocate, C. H. Pcirce, Agt., 5 Cornhill.

Missionary Magazine, Rev. S. Peck, Editor, 33 Somerset, monthly, ^1 per year. Baptist.
Massachusetts Quarterly Review, Coolidge & Wiley, 12 Water, ^3 per annum.
Medical and Surgical Journal, J. V. C. Smith, M. D., Editor, 184 Wash., c. Franklin, weekly, ^3.
Mother's Assistant, Wra. C. Brown, 21 Cornhill, monthly, %l per year.
Monthly Religious Magazine, F. D. Huntington, Editor, office 111 Washington.
Museum, Putnam & Mellen, 27 Devonshire, weekly, $2. Literary.
New Church Magazine, Otis Clapp, 23 School, ^1 per year. Swedenborgian.
New England Railroad Guide and Traveller's Pocket Companion, George Holbrook, 37 Court square,

semi-monthly, 3 cents a copv.
New Jerusalem Magazine, Otis Clapp, 23 School, monthly, $2 per year. Swedenborgian.


New Englander, Rev. D. Clarke, Agent, 141 Washington, quarterly, $Z per year.
New Church Repository, Otis Clapp, Agent, 23 School, monthly, $3.

North American Review, Francis Bowen, Editor, Little & Bro^vn, 112 "Wash., published quarterly.
Odd Fellow, Cochran, Cole & Co., 66 Cornhill, weekly, ^2 per year.

Olive Branch, Rev. Thomas F. Norris, Editor, F. W. Rice, jr.. Assist. Editor, 5 Wash., weekly, $2.

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