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(george €. TOil^on, ^r.

3n sincere appreciation of tfje beep affection for ftis!

^Ima ilater, anb tlje lopal bebotion to Ijer

fjeeit interestfii luljic!) i)e Ijas so clearli>

manifesteti, tl)is boliime of

"(l^uips anb Cranks"

is! affectionately


©uipsi anb Cranks ^taff


A x iiuKw Hucu ,\ . '1 7. I',dilnr-in-Chicf Mississippi

1). I. McKkithi'N. 17 Nortli Carolina

S. C. Hakkis, '17 North Carolina

J . C. P.MSi,K\'. '17 North Carolina

R. C. JoNKs, Jr., '18 Tennessee

N. 1.. AkMisTKAi). 'IcS Mississippi


S. T. Hkndkrson, '17. Busiiu-ss Miiiuu/cr North Carolina

R. P. Rkiiakusox, '18 North Carolina

J. A. Th AM i;s, '18 _ -.North Carolina

.hsisUiiil Hiisiiu'ss Mitiuii/rrs


William Joskph Martin. A. K., M. A.. M. D.. I'li. IJ., 1,1., IX.

John Bunvan Shearer, A. B.. M. A.. D. D.. LL. D

Professor of t^ibliiul Instruction


Caleb Richmoxu Harding. A. B.. .\1..\.. Ph.D.
Professor of Greet; Loiiijiioi/e oiul l.iterolure

William Kkhard Grev, .\. B.. Pii. O.
J'rofessor of Latin Laiigiioiie and l.ileroture

John l.EiGHTux Douglas. .\. B.. .\1.A.
J'rofessor of Pure M atlieinoties

James McDowell Douglas. A. B.. M.A.. Bii. D,
Professor of Phys'us

Mark I'.iigau Se.xiKli.K. A. B.. M A.. D 1 ).
Professor of I'hilosof'hy

JosEi-ii M u; MgCon-xell. A. B.. M. .\.. I'li. D.

Prtifes'ior of History and luonoinus

John- Wilson MacConnell. A. B.. M. A . I'n. D.

Professor of Piotoijy and I'liysieal Troinnui

Collene Pliysiciaii

Maurice (j.\rlani) Imi.ton. Ph. B.. M..\.
Professor of lini/lisli l.aiij/uaiie and Literature

Thomas Wilson Lingle. A. B.. M. A.. Pii. D.
Professor of Modern Laiuiuaiies



HowAkii Bki.i. Akiu'lki.e, a. Ij.. M. a.. Pii. D.
Chiiiiibt-rs Professor of Cluiiiistry

Arlhirai.I) Curkie, a. B.
Professor of Klcnicnlary l-.ducotion. and I'lihlic SfruLiiin

W'lI.I.IAM W'ciCIlHl I.I. WllllII, A. I!., C.I''.
.Issociolc I'rofrss.'r of .Ip/^linl M.illu-iiiolics and Astronomy

Fk.\xk I,kk J.SLKsnx. B. S.
1 rrasurcr and lUisincss Manat/rr



J^astf tljce, npmpfj, anb bring kpitlj tfjee,
SStit. anb poutfjful joUitp;
(S^uipg anb (Cranks, anb tuanton Mlei,
iSobSi anb btcks, anb torratfjeb Smiles.



tZZ^miAvTIE^IolHl tZH



LV <^.



a u ncTAv I D >s-^oimii( — j


"D A V I D >S O N H T 3




■ . *■ ■ -



I cm

^' .v;t



"??:.■• J





■••, V^J^^

B^ -n^g


1^ ^^ :::


<4<> -

, ^:^- JH ^

jggk >^^






nisiviiiDzgioZNi] si^^





1 m^BBiW^St

W '1 ij^^ffy





... ._..





5ZSI5lijd_^ZoZnJ 111113





1 '.'tJl iHhA • -i


■ i



'1 t-V -'-■■/',-• :• ,■










.■■... •v^s/'v.



Librarian and Recmsirar

Willi, through her interest and thoughtfulness, ha> emlearej
hcrvelf til the men whose book this is.


^tubent ^ohp


S. R. Keesler, Jr President

J. M. Bi.ACK Vice-President

F. W. HexgEveld Vice-President

J W. McAlister Secretary-Treasurer

^tubent Council


S. R. Keesler, Jr. E. P. Nisbet

S. T. Henderson P, B. Price

VV, \. Sayap J. C. Paisley

D. I. McKeithen

J. R. Woons A. P. Saunders J. L. Fovvle L. M. Thomas

R. R. Clarke G. H. Rowland J. W. Hollincsworth


L. L. McAlister


^^lElZ^SZc^^^] CZZI]

iilagter of ^rtg

RoBKRT Havs Bennktt, B. S.. Eu Trc-nlon, Tennessee

Sellers Mark Chisp. B. S.. Phi Falkland. X. C\

"Qiiifts and Cranks" Staff: Magazine Staff

Walter Alexander Johnson, A. B., En Little Rock. Ark.

Wearer nf the "D" : Class Track (3): I'arsity Track {!)
Class fnotball: I'uiiclnalily Roll (2)

J-ji\viN James McIntvke. B. S.. Phi Wihnini^'ton. X. C.

Class Baseball (2)



JOHX D. McCoxxELi.
Seventeen's Mascot

Savannah, Ga.

Eu. ; Bachelor
"Music hath charms to soothe the .S'kt'-
agc breast."

From the instant in his Fresh year
when he hegan to assist the chapel
piano with his vioHn, Kubelik has been
a recognized leader in Davidson's
musical circles. "Making a violin talk"
is play to him, and John Philip Sousa
himself has nothing on "Bacchus" as
a director. But don't think for a mo-
ment that this Georgia Cracker con-
lines himself to music alone. For his
work in the Eu. Society he was re-
warded by a little pink regalia in whicli
to display his manly form speakings
and commencement ; and among the
odoriferous fumes of the Chemistry lab.
he is perfectly at home. Moreover,
"Bacchus" is a thoroughly good fellow
and his departure during the \ear was
a distinct loss to the class.

Orchestra and Glee Club (4) ; Leader
Orchestra (2) ; Commencement Mar-
shal ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Secretary
V. M. C. A. ; Treasurer Eu. Societv.


A. B. ; Eu. ; i: T ; Grvphux
"/■'ezc tliiiH/s are inipussihle to diliijeiice
and si' ill."
When Andrew makes up his mind to
do a thing, he generally does it, and
does it well. A good student, an excel-
lent writer, a faithful worker, a man
of ability and an original one — all this
is combined in our capable Editor-in-
Chief of this volume of "Quips and
Cranks." Not only in this but in the
various college activities his tireless ef-
forts have brought him success. Sev-
eral times he has crossed swords with
the reviewer in the Eu. Society, and
tliis year lie was an important cog in
the Senior football team. And as a
ladies' man, our friend from Mississippi
is in Class .A Xo. 1 : he can certainly
hold his own with the fair sex. There
is no doubt that .\ndrew is a man of
ability, and some day we will say with
pride that we were classmates of his.

Bullock. N. C.
A, l;^; I'm.
"IVc have ihi liiiu- hi sport i/it'iiv the
All must be earnest in a world like
When in liis Sc>l)h > ear "Dickie"
plowed with sucli vigor througli the
football line, the coaches began to
prophesy a great future for him in the
game. But he stopped, put all his en-
ergy into his studies, and the result you
see today. He is one of the most con-
scientiously hardworking fellows in
college, and to see "Dickie" concentrate
is an education in itself. Rut in this
he has wronged many of his fellow-
students, since he has deprived them of
the privilege of knowing him intimately.
But those who do know him know a
gentleman, a good-hearted, absent-
minded, lovable fellow, who will some
day make his mark in t!ic world.

Secretary and Second Sui)ervisor Phi.
Society ; Punctualitv Roll ; Scrub
Football; Class Baseball.

Aberdeen, N. C.

.\. B, ; Phi.
"Where the streniii runneth smoothest,
the water is deepest."

Making the Honor Roll has become
a matter of habit with Herman, and he
seems to treat the affair as a pastime
wliile the rest of us are losing sleep on
account of nightmares connected witli
our "dips." His classmates early rec-
ognized his abiHty when they elected
him to represent them on the Student
Council in their first year. And to sec
Herman clog-dance is a treat. In this
elongated specimen you will find a
quiet, unassuming, good-hearted fellow,
one who can be depended upon, and
one that will repay your acquaintance.
Wlien he gets his Ph. D., we expect
great things from Herman as a college

Honor Roll (4); Punctualitv Roll;
Class Baseball; Second Critic Phi. So-
ciety ; Student Couniil : Mimir Society ;
.Assistant in Latin,



Jackson, Tenn.

A. B. ; i: A E
"It takes more iJian a fool to hold his

A man of fair countenance, excellent
intellect, and dogged determination is
"Gangley." This son of Tennessee is
not afraid of hard work, nor does he
ride all the crips he can find ; still, when
he got to the point where he was taking
onlj' six tickets, his loafing was shock-
ing. Entering College with the Class
of Eighteen, lie soon decided to drop a
year, and by two years' hard work has
been classed as a Senior, and graduates
a true and loyal Seventeener. He takes
special delight in astronomical prob-
lems, and if you are concerned over the
oscillations of the epivertical asteroids
in their ellii)tical perturbations, go to
Carroll about it and he will enlighten
you to your heart's content. Good luck
to you, big boy !

Pan-Hellenic Council.

Davidson, N. C.

B. S. : E.vcHEi.oRs' Clue: St. Cecilia
"The mildest milliners zi'itli the bravest
After every Glee Club concert all the
girls want to know wdio the man was
that stood on the end of the row and
sang bass. Of course we all know that
it was Ted, for he has held this place
in every concert, and judging from the
"hits" he has made he holds it well.
But that is by no means all that is to
be said about him, for he is one who
is interested in every other phase of
college life, and though he has been a
member of our class onl)' three years,
yet he has won his way into our esteem
and our best wishes go with him in
whatever he may do after we are sepa-

Orchestra and Glee Club (2) ; Man-
ager Orchestra and Glee Club ; Class
Baseball (4).


Pendleton, S. C.

A. B. ; Er.
■7)1 thy face I sec the map of honor,
truth, and loyalty."

Craig came to Davidson one of the
youngest boys in our class, a stripling
in knee trousers, with a bunch of prep,
work to cover. In these four years, he
has not only made his degree, but has
colored it with the Honor Roll. And he
didn't cash in on his health to do it
either. He is now a well developed man
— physically, as his work on the class
football and basketball teams demon-
strate; intellectually, as attested by the
Honor Roll ; and morally, as his up-
right life on the campus has shown. His
earnest and conscientious labor will tell
in his life-work, the ministry.

Junior-Senior Debater's "Rep."; Sec-
retary-Treasurer Christian Endeavor ;
Treasurer Eu. Society ; Class Football ;
Class Basketball; International Polit.v

Fort White, Fla.

A. B. ; Er.
must find our duties in ti'/iii/ r

to lis.


'lohal 'lCC iinaiii


ii/ht have


Sunny Florida lays claim
member of our class, and well may she
he proud of her claim. "Ikey" is no
seeker of the spot-light, but neverthe-
less he has made his mark among us
by his constant application to duty, by
his steady dependableness and his abil-
ity to think a thing out before starting
to talk about it. In the class room, in
the literary society, and in other activi-
ties he has shown those qualities which
have revealed him as a good friend, and
painstaking worker, having the best in-
terests of the student body and the stu-
dent activities at heart.

Junior Commencement Orator; Pres-
ident and Reviewer lui. Society ; Sen-
ior Commencement Orator; .-\lternale
Debating Team.

North Wilkesboro, N. C.

B. S. ; Phi.: K-; St. Cecii.i.v
"A wise man will make more opf'ortuiii-

ties than he finds."
Here is a fellow that is looked up to
by us all, for Tom is in a class bj' him-
self when it comes to height. Big of
stature, his heart and intellect are in
proportion. When he crams a cigar
back in one corner of his mouth, and
begins talking out of the other corner,
}'ou may be assured that what he says
is going to be to the point. Tom seems
bound to succeed in everything he en-
ters, whether it be in his student or in
his business activities, where he is es-
pecially prominent. Judging from his
success here, we will say that he will
some day be a business man of whom
we will be proud.

Punctuality Roll ; Class Basketball :
Class Baseball ; Class Football ; Scrub
Football ; Manager Tennis Team ;
Executive Committee Athletic Associa-
tion ; Pan-Hellenic Council.

Atlanta, Ga.

A. B. ; F.u. ; ^ T
"There's nothing ill eau dwell in siieh a

This light-haired son of Atlanta re-
turned to the fold this year, after being
absent from us during the time that
we were struggling through our Junior
year. But he is going to show us how
to graduate in three years, for he says
it would never do to not finish with old
'17. "Ham" makes the Honor Roll
about as easy as the most of us make
tliat coveted 70. What's more, he has
made good in everything that he has
undertaken — and he is no one-sided
man. A man of high moral ideals, ex-
cellent intellectual ability, and a gen-
uine good fellow, we expect great things
from "Ham" as he goes out to Africa as
a missionary.

President and Valedictorian Eu. So-
ciety ; President Ministerial Band :
Vice-President Volunteer Band : Honor
Roll ; Senior Commencement Orator.



Albemarle, N. C.

B. S. ; Ki:

"Thy icit is OS quuk as the iircyhouiid's


"Rachael" is a (juiet and unassuming
fellow, but one that possesses the power
to make you laugh — and the world loves
the man who can make her laugh. There
is no one who appreciates a good joke
more than he or who can tell one anj-
better. Although he doesn't shine as an
athlete himself, there is not a man in
college who takes more interest in the
teams, or backs them more than
"Rachael." If you want to hear real
scientific rooting, just go to a football
game with him ; he is in a class by him-
self. And when it comes to taking in
tickets and the "kale" at the games he is
surpassed by none. He has a good bus-
iness head and sound judgment in finan-
cial matters, and when he gets out in
the business world we predict much
success for Manager Harris.

Executive Committee of .\thletic As-
sociation ; Assistant Manager and Man-
ager Baseball ; Quips and Cranks Staff.

Charlotte, N. C.

B. S. ; Phi.; II K*; i; T ; St. Ckcii.i.\
" / 1) myself alone do J utcc' my fame."

Of the several leaders in college life
and activity that '17 has produced, Tom
is one of the most prominent. A ready-
smile, an attractive personality, and an
ability for leadership both in the class
room and on the campus, are factors
that unite to make him a man of true
worth and merit, and an honor to the
class of which he is a member.

Honor Roll (2) ; Student Council (2) ;
President Class, 1915-16; President,
\'ice-President, Second Critic, and Re-
spondent Phi. Society ; Assistant Man-
ager Magazine ; Assistant Manager and
.Vlanager Quips and Cranks; Magazine
Staff; V. M. C. A. Cabinet; Com-
mencement Marshall; Junior Com-
mencement Orator; Mimir Society;
Class Basketball (2); Class Baseball;
Chairman Pan-Hellenic Council ; Presi-
dent Wilson-Bickett Club ; .'\ssistant in
Physics; Assistant in History (2) ; In-
ternational Politv Club; Treasurer Golf



Waterford, Va.

A. B. ; Eu.

"The life but spciiL-s the true heart


Hobson will never be satisfied until
be attains bis ambition — to see his name
written Rev. J. K. Hobson, D. D., and
certainly be will not be disappointed,
judging from bis record bere as an effi-
cient V. M. C. A. worker and an en-
thusiastic member of the Ministerial
Band. He is a sincere and persistent
worker. Men of bis type make no bril-
liant marks, ride no skyrockets to glory,
toot no horns of self-praise, yet after
all win in life's battle. H in future
years we turn to the pages in life's suc-
cess-book reserved for '17, we will be
sure to find written large the name of
J. K. Hobson.

Junior Commencement Orator.


Tarboro, N. C.

B. S. ; UK*

"War, he sang, is toil and trouble;
Honor but an enifty bubble."

The Goddess of Fortune certainly
must have smiled on Rawls' birth, for
seldom has anyone gone through col-
lege with as little trouble as he. While
tlie rest of us are knee-deep in study,
Rawls will likely be found drop-kicking,
playing golf, or sleeping; yet, getting
shot is an experience almost foreign
to him, and when reports come out, the
grades of this loyal son of Tarboro
arouse the envy of students far more
laborious than he. In addition, his per-
suasive ability is something uncanny.
.Altogether, Rawls is a thoroughly like-
able fellow, and we e.xpect great things
of him after he leaves ns for real life.


Kashing, China

B. S. ; El-.
"Care ZL'itl kill a cat"— and so i^'ill Dave
Hudson, if one gets in his zvay.
Put one such felis domesticus on an
operating table with a set of (Hssecting
instruments ; on another table put an
odoriferous concoction — with a test
tube. Now put Dave on a stool be-
tween these two, and he'll be as near
Heaven as he ever will be on earth.
Though solemn and serious. Dave has
as large a bump of humor as any other
man at Davidson. As founder of the
M. T. C. (Midnight Transfer Club) his
influence has been felt by many men on
the campus. He has the (piiet stick-to-
it-iveness that will win. and he will be
a medical missionary of the lirst magni-
tude. Dr. Kelly had better look out
for his laurels when Dr. Hudson be-
comes a full-fledged M. D.

Cedar Grove, N. C.

.\. B.
"In every gesture dignity."

We are glad indeed that this son of
dignity and brevity has chosen to grad-
uate with '17 instead of casting his fate
with his original class of 1916. He was
never known to say much and what he
does say is almost in a confidential
whisper. No one here has ever heard
him say twenty successive words, but
we are convinced that many a lady
within a radius of twenty-five miles
could give a glowing account of his
ability to "speak as never man spake" —
to her. But when you want a man who
will take a hard job and stick to it
whetlier it be passing hard yickets or
uijholding the honor of the class on the
gridiron, lie's your man.

Class Football (2); Scrub Football.



Charleston, S. C.

B. S. ; Eu. ,• K A
"The last pleasure in life is I lie sense
of discharging one's duty."

Rees is going to be a famous M. D.
some day, for if working will get a man
anywhere, this fellow will certainly suc-
ceed. A diligent and thorough student,
he is never seen idling away his time.
He believes in turning his golden op-
portunities into account for the future.
To hear him talk is to know his na-
tivity, for he possesses that twang char-
acteristic of all pure Charlestonians.
Good-natured, kind, thoughtful, stu-
dious, a great stickler for duty, and
then some — all this is Rees — a real man.
The world is needing such as he, and is
bound to be benefited by him.

Secretary-Treasurer Class. 1916-17;
Commencement Marshall; Class Bas-


Greenwood, Miss.

.\. B. ; Eu. : BBn;2T; St. Cecili.\


".i heart to resolve, a head to contrive,

a liand to execute."

The Fates were kind when they sent
to our class one of Sam's calibre, for
there are few like him. Despite his
light weight and diminutive stature, his
prowess on the football field will be
long remembered. His easy, courteous
manner marks him a gentleman of the
true old Southern type, while his popu-
larity and the confidence placed in his
ability is shown by his position as Pres-
ident of the Student Body.

President Student Body ; V'ice-Presi-
dent Athletic Association ; Secretary-
Treasurer Student Bodv ; Vice-Presi-
dent Class, 1914-15; Student Council
(2); V. M. C. A. Cabinet: \'ice-Presi-
dent Eu. Society ; Scrub Baseball ;
Scrub Football ; Varsity Baseball ; \'ar-
sity Football (3) ; Secretary-Treasurer
Wearers of the "D" ; Manager Class
Baseball ; Commencement Marshall ;
tnternational Polity Club.



Greenwood. Miss.

B. S. ; limi

"Do not Id the burdens of toworroiv

break the back of today."

When you are looking for the man
that will attempt the thing that can't
be (lone, choose Bill, and he'll do it.
Here is a fellow who has been a great
factor in making '17's enviable athletic
record what it is. For four years he has
been a mainstay on the class football,
baseball, and basketball teams. And
Bill is a star in other fields too. If
there's anybody who knows any more
about Chemistry than Bill, we are "from
Missouri." Here is where his heart
lies, and if he goes at everything like
he does Chemistry, he will be heard
from some of these davs.

Class Football (4); Class Baseball
(4) ; Class Basketball (3) ; Captain
Class Football: Manager Class Basket-
ball; Assistant in Chemistry.

Decatur, Ga.

1'.. S. : K i: ; St. Cki'ii.ia
■■// is a friendly heurl that hath plenty
of friends."

Which of his two well-known charac-
teristics did "Johnny" evince first — his
genious-like accuracy in sciences or his
unerring precision in carrying the "pig-
skin ?'" So early in his career at Da-
vidson did he reveal both these traits
that even the members of his own class
do not know which has precedence. For
while he was hitting the line like a bat-
tering-ram for consistent gains, the
Prof, was marking a grade of 100 on
his Math, paper. With his graduation,
Davidson loses a good student and a
splendid athlete, and the students as
true a comrade and friend as they ever
possessed. Of such men '17 is proud.

\'arsity Football (4) ; Manager Class
Football (2); Wearer of the "D" ;
President Wearers of the "D" ; Class
Baseball; Class Basketball; Varsity
Basketball (2); Assistant in Physics;
Manager X'arsity Basketball ; .Assistant
in Math.


Aberdeen, N. C.

A. B. ; Pill.; Gryphon

"^f\ strength is as the strength of ten

Because my heart is pure."

Dan entered the Class of '17 its baby,
and leaves it its President, a man from
liis shoes np, with all the constitnents
thereof. His easy refined manner and
sunny disposition have made him popu-
lar with everybody. His four years'
nienihership on the Gym Team shows
his physical prowess, while repeated
"honorable mentions" testify to his ex-
cellent scholarship, the Student Council
to his clear judgment, and the V. \I. C.
.'\. Cabinet to his strong Christian life
and influence. He is our youngest, but
one of our best.

President Class, 1916-17: Secretary-
Treasurer Class, 1915-16; Student
Council ; Quips and Cranks Staff ; V.
M. C. A. Cabinet : Secretary Damage
Committee: Punctuality Roll: N'ice-
President and First Critic Phi. Society:
Gym. Team (3): Class Footliall : Sen-
ior Representative at Soi)h. Banquet :
International Polity Club: .\ssistant in


Laurinburg, N. C.

B. S.

"/■"(//- nniy :iv seareli before zee find
A heart so manly and so kind."
In Lauch we find that characteristic
so typical of the Scotch : he is a man
of deeds rather than words. He is one
of those men who make up the real
liackhone of our class. And nobody
loves fun any better than he does. If
you have ever committed any slightly
inconveutional act and knowledge of the
same has come to his ear. ^•ou are a
jibed man and will never hear tlie last
of it from him. Lauch has for the past
two years been one of the real stars of
the class football series and to him is
due a good measure of credit for the
good showing of our team. A good
student, a good athlete, and a good
friend, we consider I.auch one of '17's
representative men.

Student Council ; Class Baseball :
Class Football (2) ; Scrub Baseball (i).


Laurinburg, N. C.

B. S.

"Wis wi'i- cliubby face, an' his lousy

curly fow."

A sound from the room licncatli you
suddenly bursts upon your ears, and

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