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LkRov A. MuLLEX, 'i6 . . . Oklahoma

Joiix L. Payne, 'i6
\V. Latta Law, Jr., 'i6
S. y[. Crisp, 'i6 ...

rRAXK H. S.MITH, 'i6 .

Leopold A. Chambliss, 'i8

North Carolina
South Carolina

North Carolina

South Carolina



J. Fred Good, 'i6 . . . South Carolina

Charles E. Neisler, 'i6
Andrew Brown, '17
John B. Mallard, '18
Carl P. Llewellyn, "19

Susmpfis iHatiagpr
W. Gilbert Morrison. '16 Mississippi

Aaststanl Suaittpss iHanagcra
Edwin G. Hampton, '17 . Arkansas

S. Thomas Henderson, '17 . North Carolina

North Carolina


North Carolina



William Joseph Martin, A.B., M.A., M.D.,
Ph.D., LL.D.


A.B. and M.A., Davidson College, * B K ; Professor of Science,
Clinton College; M.D. and Ph.D., University of X'irginia; Fellow
of the London Chemical Society ; Professor of Chemistr\ . Da\idson ;
College; President Davidson College; Moderator General Assembly 7
Presbyterian Church in U. S.

John Buxyan Shearer, A.B., M.A., D.D., LL.D.

Vice-President and Professor of Biblical Instruction

A.B.. Hampden-Sidney College; M.A., University of Virginia;
Principal Kemper School of Gordonsville, \'a. ; Minister of Presby-
terian Church in U. S. ; Principal Cluster Springs High School:
President Stewart College; Professor Southwestern University; Presi-
dent Davidson College; Vice-President and Professor of Biblical In-
struction; D.D., Hampden-Sidney College; LL.D., Southwestern
Presbyterian University; Author: "Bible Course Syllabus." "Modern
Mysticism." "The Sermon on the Mount," "Studies in the Life of
Christ," "The Scriptures, Fundamental Facts and Features." "Se-
lected Old Testament Studies," "Hebrew Institutions, Social and
Civil," "One Hundred Brief Bible Studies."

Caleb Richmond Harding, A.B., 'SI. A., Ph.D.

Professor of Greek Language and Literature

A.B. and M.A., Davidson College: Ph.D.. Johns-Hopkins L'niver-
sity; Professor of Greek, Hampden-Sidney College: Professor Ken-
more High School ; Professor of Greek and German, Davidson Col-
lege ; Professor of Greek Language and Literature.

William Richard Grey, A.B., Ph.D.

Professor of Latin Language and Literature

A.B., Davidson College; Principal Davidson Academy; Principal
Mooresville Academy; Ph.D., Johns-Hopkins University; Professor
of Latin and French, Davidson College ; Professor of Latin Language
and Literature.

John Leighton Douglas, A.B., M.A.

Professor of Pure Mathematics

A.B. and ALA., Davidson College; Johns-Hopkins University;
Professor of Science, Chatham Academy, Savannah, Ga. ; Professor of
Mathematics, Davidson College.

James McDowell Douglas, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Physics

A.B. and ALA., Davidson College; Principal Davidson High
School; Superintendent Gastonia Institute; Ph.D., Johns-Hopkins
University; Professor Natural Philosophy, Davidson College; Profes-
sor Physics and Geology.

Mark Edgar SexXtelle, A.B., M.A., D.D.

Professor of Philosophy

A.B., Davidson College; Principal Davidson High School; Profes-
sor King College; M. A., Yale University; Student at Harvard Uni-
versity, Princeton University, University of Chicago, Columbia Uni-
versity; Minister Presbyterian Church in U. S. ; Professor of Philoso-
phy, Davidson College.

Joseph Moore McConnell, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of History and Economics

A.B. and M.A., Davidson College; M.A., University of Virginia;
Professor Pantops Academy ; Associate Professor of Latin and Mathe-
matics, Davidson College; Ph.D., University of Virginia; Professor
of History and Economics, Davidson College.

John Wilson MacConnell, A.B., M.A., M.D.

Professor of Biology and Physical Training, College Physician

A.B. and M.A., Davidson College; Student North Carolina Medi-
cal College; M.D., University of Maryland; Housp Surgeon, Presby-
terian E\e and Ear Hospital, Baltimore; Student Columbia Univer-
sity; Fellow American Medical Society; Fellow American Microscop-
ical Society; Member N. C. Academy of Science; First Lieutenant
Medical Corps National Guard; Professor of Biology and Physical
Training, Davidson College; College Physician.





Maurice Garland Fulton, Ph.B., M.A.

Professor of English Language and Literature

Ph.B. and M.A., University of Mississippi; Instructor in English
University of Mississippi; Instructor in Rhetoric, University of Illi-
nois, University of Michigan ; Instructor in English, University of
North Carolina (summer session). University of Missouri; Instructor
in English Composition, Summer School of the South; Instructor in
English. Columbia University (summer session), University of Vir-
ginia (summer sessions); Professor of English, Central University;
Professor ol English Language and Literature, Davidson College;
Member Modern Language Association of America; First Vice-Presi-
dent North Carolina Folklore Society, 1915; Member of Board of
Directors National Council of English Teachers, 1915-18; Author:
'"Expositor!,- Writing; College Life, Its Conditions and Problems."

Thom.\s Wilson Lingle, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Modern Languages

A.B. and M.A., Davidson College; Graduate Work, Cornell and
Strns'^burg L'niversities ; Ph.D., Leipsic University; Student Union
Theological Seminary, Richmond; IMinister Presbyterian Church in
U. S. ; Graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary; Professor of
Philosophy and History, Mackenzie College, Sao Paolo, Brazil; Presi-
dent and Professor of Philosophy, Blackburn College, 111. ; Field Sec-
retar>-, Davidson College; Professor of Modern Languages; Student
University of Neuchatel, Switzerland; Member of National Educa-
tional Association.

Howard Bell Arbuckle, A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Chambers Professor of Chemistry

A.B. and M.A., JIamp<len-Sidney College; Professor of Latin and
Greek. State Coiletre of Florida; Ph.D., Johns-Hopkins University;
Professor of Chemistry and Biology, Agnes Scott College; President
GeorL'ia Section of American Chemical Society, 1909; Councillor of
Amprical Chemical Society, 1908 and 191 1 ; Member Executive Com-
mittee of Association of Southern Colleges and Preparatory Schools,
l9t>7-o8; President of Association of Johns-Hopkins Alumni of Geor-
gia, 191011.

Archibald Currie, A.B.

Professor in Elementary Law, Education and Public Speaking

A.B., Davidson College; Teacher, Coleman, Tex.; Principal, Dav-
idson High School ; Adjunct Professor of Mathematics, Latin and
Greek, Davidson College; Associate Professor Latin and Mathe-
matics ; Student Columbia University ; Professor in Elementar>' Law,
Education and Public Speaking, Davidson College.

William Woodhull Wood. A.B., C.E.

Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics and Astronomy
A.B., 1909; C.E., 1912; University of Virginia, * B K.

Frank Lee Jackson, B.S.

Treasurer and Business Manager

B.S., Davidson College; Principal Mayesville, S. C, High School;
Principal Belmont, N. C, High School ; Secretan,-, Treasurer and
General ^L'^nager Mountain Retreat Association, Montreal, N. C. ;
Treasurer and Business Manager Davidson College.


Librarian and Registrar

Whose counsel, guidance and cheerfulness have

been both aid and inspiration to tlie

men whose hook tiiis is.


Walter Alexander Dumas

Fort Worth, Texas
B.S. (1915), Eu., n K A, 2 *
Varsity Track, (2); Class Track, (2); Manager Class Track; Class Basket-
Ball ; Captain Class Basket-Bali ; Sec.-Treas. Athletic Assn. ; Pres. and Sec. Georgia
Club; Pres. Medical Club; Assistant in Biology; Assistant in Public Speaking; Assist-
ant in Political Science; Commencement Marshal; Orchestra and Glee Club; David-
sonian Staff Volunteer Band.

Malcolm Mitchell Knox

Pineville, N. C.
A.B. (1915)

DeWitt Kluttz

Chester, S. C.

B.S. (1911)

Assistant Athletic Director, 1915-16


Courtney MacConnell
Sixteen's Aldscot

^^ ^m'WTWm ■ jM f ■■ _

Minor Revere Adams

Statesville, N. C.
"None but himself can bi hit par

If "Chuck" has ever put his
philosophy of h"fe into words, it
runs something like this: "Do your
part and never become excited."
His rosy countenance beams ever
calmly out upon the busy world.
In the class-room and on the foot-
ball field he has shown his true
worth and his ability to do that
kind of work that always produces
enviable results.

Class Football ( I ) ; Scrub Foot-
ball (2); Class Baseball.

B.S., n K A.

Franklin Munns Bain
Wade, N. C.
"He that hath knowledge, spareth

A man of such superb dignity
that often he has been mistaken
for our professor of mathematics.
In the fields of knowledge he has
invaded, he has learned many
things that we loafers never
dreamed of. He doesn't visit
much, because he is always on re-
ception duty, but if you seek him
out, you find a man of high ideals
and manly character. His chief
pastime is the cruel recreation of
shooting up professors.

A.B., Phi.

Lattie Alfred Bain

Wade, N. C.
"The mind's the master of the

Introducing the Senior member
of the Bain Brothers' Firm. He's
one of those rare prodigies that
make ninety-eight on Soph Latin
and do it without straining any
mental muscles. Lattie is a pleas-
ant, easy-going comrade, a depend-
able man and a true friend. In
wishing success for him, we can
do no more than to wish him that
measure which he has gained in

Honor Roll, Class Baseball.


Robert Hays Bennett

Trenton, Tenn.
"// fi/iys to be happy."

The word "Bennett," conjures
up in your mind a picture of a
handsome lad, with big brown eyes
bubbling over with enthusiasm. A
hearty greeting, an open smile, a
passing friendly slap on the shoul-
der — that's Bennett. Seeing this
optimistic fellow, one wonders
where he finds so much time to
star in the class-room and on the
gTi'm team, to accept so many din-
ner invitations out in town, to be
so popular with the ladies.

B.S., Eu.


Hazclhurst, Miss.
"Unit In Ihec, blithe spirit!"

Since this rare specimen of the
avis family came into oiir midst
four years ago, its favorite hahitat
has been around pieces of work of
some kind or other. His sonq; is,
"Ho«- about scllinE you something,
fellows," and before he migrates
he will generally manage to make
some of your simoleons change

Class Football (2); Class Bas-
ketball (2).

James Holmes Carson
Charlotte, N. C.

"A fair exterior is a howling rec-

"Jimmie" is the eminently suc-
cessful manager of the Davidson-
ian. Also, he is a devoted disciple
of Isaac Walton.

Commencement Marshal ; Cap-
tain Junior Basket-Ball ; Editorial
Staff. Assistant Business Manager,
and Manager DoTidsonian; Secre-
tary CJoif Club; Manager. Fresh-
man Basket-ball ; Captain Sopho-
more Ha'^krt-ball ; Class Basket-
b.dl (.?).

B.S., Phi, K A, St. Cecilia.


Ernest Gilmer Clary

China Grove, N. C.
"Learning by study must be won."

The rumor was let loose by
some one who had inside informa-
tion, that this gentleman's interior
cranium is a conglomerate mass of
angles, cosines, tangents and
curves. An)^,vay, he is one of those
born mathematicians. In addition
to that he does stellar work in the
literary society, is an impressive
orator and a pleasant and entertain-
ing fellow.

Class Baseball (2) ; Assistant in
Math. (2) ; Alternate Senior Ora-

A.B., Phi.

William Creery Copeland

Rocky Mount, N. C.
"The ladies' hearts he did tre-

Here is the man who had the
girl babies crying after him when
he wore long dresses. And the fe-
male population is still peculiarly
susceptible to his magnetic person-

Declaimers' "Rep" ; Declaimers'
Medal ; Secretary Ministerial
Band : Scrub Football ; First Super-
visor Phi Society ; Class Baseball ;
Cheer Leader; Secretary Y. M. C.
A. ; Junior Commencement Ora-
tor; Coach Class Football; Class

A.B., Phi.

High Birnette Craig

Matthews, N. C.
"By nnlure honest, by rxperience

Healthy by temperament anil hy


Craig is the man who goes about
with the sober face and the grin-
ning heart. Coax the smile up his
trachea anH onto his face and you
begin to know the real Craig. He
is one of those big, whole-hearted
fellows who tends to his own
business and does it well.

Scrub Football; Class Football

A.n., Phi.

Lawrence A. Crawford

Greensboro, N. C.
"And I would that my tongue

could utter,
The thoughts that arise in me."

This auburn-haired lad from
Greensboro calmly holds up his
end of the world, wears his big
olive sweater and plays a star quar-
ter on the class football team.
"Buzz" comes from a long line of
Uavidsonians and he upholds the
family record. For plenty of Dav-
idson "pep," class spirit and per-
sonal attractiveness, he is the man
to apply to.

Class Koothall (2); Reporters'
Staff Davidsonian.


Sellers Mark Crisp, Jr.
Falkland, N. C.
"/ let fall the windows of mine

After leaving the dark surround-
ings of the "Alley," where he spent
his first year. Crisp has become one
of the shining lights of his class.
He won a "rep" in his fresh year
and this fact coupled with others
is probably the basis of the dark
rumor that here is a budding Bill
Nye. A bright, clever, witty fel-
low, who will some day talk the
world into believing he is a big

Quips and Cranks Staff;
Magazine Staff.

B.S., Phi., 2 Y.


Lacy Graves Edgerton

Suffolk, Va.

"A merry heart maketh a cheerful

A man that combines a clear,
thorough judgment with a ready
wit and a genial good nature. If
he is your friend, you have a good
one. If not, it will pay you to
look him up.

Class Basket-ball (4) ; Class
Football (4) : Assistant Manager
Daz'idsonian ; Assistant in Econom-
ics; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Com-
mencement Marshal.

B.S., Eu, Bachelors' Club.

Norman Player Farrior
Rose Hill, N. C.

"A soul tis full (if uorlh, as vuiil
of pride."

Farrior startcil in college sev-
eral years before the rest of us,
but dropped out in order to Krad-
uatc with a pond class. We sliareil
his luck.

Secrctarj-Treasiirer Phi So-
cirtv ; Vice-President Ministerial
Hand ; Sec.-Treas. Wduntrcr Hand ;
l.railer Volunteer Han.l : N. M. C.
A. Cabinet: Student Council ; As-
sistant in Knu'li-h.

AH.. Phi.

Richard Gwyn Finley
North VVilkesboro, N. C.
"A sweeter and a lovelier gentle-
The spacious world can not again

"Rich" does everything from
selling clothes and making the
Honor Roll, to rescuing ladies
from icy waters during the Christ-
mas holidays.

Honor Roll ; Manager
Baseball ; Manager Baseball ; Ex-
ecutive Committee Athletic Asso-
ciation ; Assistant in Physics ;
Class Baseball ; Damage Commit-
tee; Student Council; Supervisor
Phi Society; Commencement Mar-; Pan-Hellenic Council.

R.S., Phi, K 2, St. Cecilia.

James Frederick Good

Greenville, S. C.
"Take the cash and Ut the credit

Fred comes from the Piedmont
hills of old South Carolina, that
stamping ground of pure air, razor-
back hogs and able men. He came
to us with no pretentions but left
us to find out what kind of man
he is. He hasn't tried to boost his
stock but it has been paj-ing divi-
dends regularly. He is a man of
ability and a talented man as well.
In art, he is our best.

Art Staff Quips and Cranks


Samuel Burney Hay
Cornelius, N. C.
"Let wreaths of triumph now my
temples twtne."

An Honor Roll man, an excel-
lent speaker, a literary star and —
his picture is hung in the fair
frame of many a lady's heart. Cor-
nelius may well be proud of him.

He doesn't try to knock you
down and make you like him, but
when you know him it is mighty
hard to keep from it. He has the
qualities of a man. He is one.

Honor Roll; Assistant in His-
tory'; Assistant in Philosophy.

A.B., Eu, Bachelors' Club, S Y.



Thomas Morlev Hill

StatesviUe, N. C.
"Hii valor and his generous mind

Prove him superior of his kind."

Tom hails from the "Best town
in North Carolina," so we natur-
ally expected a good deal from him.
Quiet, good-natured and efficient,
he is liked by all. He so distin-
guished himself in class football
that the coaches decided he was too
good for that league and he has
been taking varsity trips ever since.

Class Football (2) ; Scrub Foot-
ball (2); Captain Class Football
(2) ; Manager Class Football
1914-15; Manager Basket-ball.

B.S., n K A.

William Hollister

New Berne, N. C.

"His eyes.
An outdoor sign of all the ivarmth

He never says die. Perhaps his
most striking trait is stick-to-it-ive-
ncss. H this ability gives him as
much success in after life as it has
at Davidson, he will some day he
one of Davidson's star Alumni.

First Supervisor Phi Society;
Srcrctar>' Phi Society; Punctuality
Roll; Student Council; Y. M. C.
A. Cabinet ; Dnvidsonian Staff ;
Class Baseball; Class Track.

B.S. ; n K A, 2 Y.


Gf.orgf. Brown Hoyt
Atlanta, Ga.
"And when a lady's in the case.
You knoiv all other things give

There's a shady dell in the Blue
Ridge mountains of V^irginia that
has the power at any time of turn-
ing this sad heart into a gushing
fountain of poetry. He tells you
something about a cow track be-
neath a coniferous tree up there
somewhere. Save for this one sub-
ject, however, he is a poet of the
first water.

Honor Roll ; Commencement
Marshal; Class Basket-ball (3);
Manager Class Basket-ball.

A.B., Eu, Bachelors' Club.

Walter A. Johnson

Little Rock, Ark.

'"Tis better to have loved and lost.

Than never to have loved at all."

Since, in days of Auld Lang
Syne, we sat together five hours a
week on Prep Greek, Johnson has
held a high place in our regard.
He has been one of the most effi-
cient cogs in the college machinerj^
during the four years he has been
here. He has kept the campus
supplied with photographs, shoes or
anything else it might need.

Wearer of the "D"; Class
Track (3) ; 'Varsity Track {2) ;
Class Football; Punctuality Roll

A.B., Eu.

^ TI Hll J jy ^


William Latta Law, Jr.
Rock Hill, S. C.

"Of manners gentle, 0/ affections

Of wit a man, simplicity a child."

Good student, good athlete, good
man — that's Latta. We might add
good-looker, good ladies' man.
Whether he has just come out of
a tough football scrimmage or from
the noxious fumes of the Chcm.
Lab., Latta always has on a cherry
smile and a cheery word.

Class Football ; Captain Scrub
Football; Baseball; Scrub
Basrball ; Reporters' Staff David-
sonian ; Editorial Staff Davidmn-
ian; Quips and Cravks Staff.

B.S., Eu, K 2, St. Cecilia.

Robert Hayijes Jones
Greenwood, S. C.

"A votary to fond desire."

"Possum" and his two col-
leagues, Drs. MacConnell and
Douglas, know more about Bi-
ology and Physics than any trio
we know anything about.

"Possum" is one of the most
popular men in the class. He al-
ways has a cheerful smile and a
friendly greeting for you and is
always willing to do his part and
do it well. H he goes into medi-
cine, he is going to make a suc-
cess and if he doesn't he is going
to mnke a success.


DouGALD McD. Monroe

Manchester, N. C.
"Far may we search before vie find,
A heart so manly and so kind.

Doughall is a fellow ^^ who
worked from the word "go," and
who can now sit back and see the
fruits of his labor. He is not a
man who goes in for the trivial
things of life, but things have a
real and deep meaning for him.

He came to us from the sand-
hills of North Carolina and when
he has completed his Seminar^'
course, he intends to go back and
work for the enlightenment of his
people. We wish him success.
A.B., Phi.

Harlee Morrison
Loray, N C.
"Deeper, deeper let us toil
In the mines of inoiiledge."

"Here" is the man who ha?
found the tree that grows lOO
marks. And his "bean" is one
spot where it flourishes. His mind
is of the t>pe that goes deeper
than the false surface and seeks
the realities of the subject in hand.

One of the likeable, steady, de-
pendable men, who have made the
Class of 'i6 the grand old class
that it is.

Honor Roll.

A.B., Phi.

^ ^jfreiTATrT F

William Gilbert Morrison

Okolona, Miss.
"Nothing can cover my fame but

We are not jealous of "Preach-
er" — we are proud of him. He is
one of the representative men of
our class.

Manager Soph. Banquet; Asst.
Manager 'Varsity Football ; Bus.
Manager Quii'S and Cranks;
Asst. F.ditor Y. M. C. A. Hand-
book, 1914; Class Football; Cap-
tain Class Track ; Captain 'Var-
sity Tracic ; Vice-Pres. and Presi-
dent Athletic Association ; Senior
Orator; Pan-Hellenic Council,
1014-1 S ; Cnmmenrement Marshal.

A.B., Eu, 2 A E, St. Cecilia.

Roy Williamson Morrison

Bishopville, S. C.
"/'// do it, aye, e'en
If it takes more'n four years to
do it."

Roy showed his good sense by
dropping out of college to finish
with sixteen. The advantage was
mutual. We got a man who, by
natural ability and hard work, has
won success in college. If you are
a true man and a true friend, here
is your peer. If you believe in
democracy, work and fellowship,
you will be congenial with this

Class Football.

A.B., Eu.

Leroy Arthur Mullen

Shawnee, Oklahoma
"Dream! of mountains, as in their
sleep, they brood on things

A leader whom sound judgment,
a ready wit, a good sense of humor,
an amazing versatility* and a demo-
cratic spirit have made one of the
eminent men of his class. "Chief"
is a man of rare worth and true
merit. A clear thinker, an excel-
lent orator, a keen business man,
his success in the world is a fore-
gone conclusion. Oklahoma has
produced a remarkable man.


John Malcolm McBryde

Red Springs, N. C.
"Learning by study must be won."

When he was a Fresh, Mac
thought he would see how it felt
to make the Honor Roll, and he
got the habit. That doesn't inter-
fere with his college course, how-
ever. He is a leader in the class-
room, on the class football field
and on the Magazine Staff.

Student Council ; Vice-President
Class, 1914-15; Honor Roll (4);
1st and 2d Critic Phi Society; Su-
pervisor Phi Society; Magazine
Staff; President Ministerial Band;
Class Football.

A.B., Phi.

Hugh McCormick

Manchester, N. C.

"/ was not born for courts or great

Pay my debts, believe and say my
Good humor, hard work, keen
intellect, a fair mind, are some of
the characteristics which are com-
pounded in the mortar of "Spook's"
personality. Almost any time of
night or day, you can find some-
body in "Spooks' " room, getting
him to explain one of those fine
points which he never seems to

Sec.-Treas. Class ; Honor Roll ;
2d Supervisor Phi Society.
A.B., Phi.

Kenneth A. McDonald

Hope Mills, N. C.

"Far may we search before we find
A heart so manly and so kind."

A long, Scotch philosopher, but
he is not looking for an honest
man; he is looking for somebody
who can beat him pitching horse-
shoes. And his standard is high
•long other lines. He walked qS
with a rep Junior Speaking, he's
deep in the philosophy of history
and he believes preferment comes
through true worth.

Junior Orator ; Punctuality

B.S., Phi.


Edwin James McIntyre
Wilmington, N. C.
"Of manners gentle, of affections

With Ed, "spotting" a prof is
a business proposition — a matter of

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