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Pioneer history of Orleans county, New York. Containing some account of the civil divisions of western New York, with brief biographical notices of early settlers, and of the hardships and privations online

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Online LibraryArad ThomasPioneer history of Orleans county, New York. Containing some account of the civil divisions of western New York, with brief biographical notices of early settlers, and of the hardships and privations → online text (page 31 of 32)
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communication, in which time and distance are
scarcely items in the account of delay.

The rich pioduce of your fields, instead of rot-
ting on \-our hands, valueless because no buyer
could be found, commands at all times tht^ highest
price in the markets of tli«! world.

The iiowl of the wolf is exchanged hw the scream
of the steam whistle, and thou^'h vou liv(^ so far in


land, t}i«^ gallant wtpam vessel if^ made to lioat "by
your very doors.

How astonishing, how stupendons the change!
We have read of the AN^onderfiil Lamp of Aladdin,
and stories of Oriental Necromancy, where by the
superlniraan power of magic, and tht^ agency of
demons, the loftiest woiks of art. and the noblest
productions of industry and skill w^ere made to
appear or vanish at a word, — but the magic which
wrought the works we ct'lebrate, was the power of in-
domitable energy, applied with strong hands and
stubborn perseverence. The mighty improvements
which excite our admiration are only the happy re-
sults of your steady, well directed industry overcom-
ing its early discouragements and trials, — the honor-
able testimonials of the stfinest coivtlict aTid most
complete success.

Fortunate men and w(»iMen I i^ong, long may you
live, enjoj'ing the rich fruits of 3^our early toils.
And may you be permitted to witness the return of
many anniversaries of your present association, hap-
py in the consciousness that you have accomxjlished
the objects of your youthful ambition, and leaving,
when at last you shall be called to your rest, a noble
history, and a worthy example embalmed in the
memory of your grateful posteiity.


Towns iu Orleans County — Their Organization — Villages in Orleans
County — Table of Elevations — Members of Assembly Elected from
Orleans County since its Organization — County Clerks of Orleans
County — County Treasurers — County Superintendents of Common
Schools — First Judges of Orleans County Courts — District Attorneys
of Orleans County — Sherllfs of Orleans County — Surrogates ot Or-
leans County — First Courts of Record — Supervisors of the Ditferent
Towns in Orleans County since their Organization.






March 30 th

, 1602.

Batavia is now divided into other
towns, and not known by that
name in Orleans county.


March 6 th,


from Gaines.


April 13th,


from Gaines and Ridgeway.


Feb'y 23rd,


from Sweden.


Feb'y 14th,


from Ridgeway.


April 7th,


from Murray.


April 8th,


from Northampton.


June 8th,


from Batavia.

Shelby, "

March (5lh,


from Itidgeway.


April ITth,


from Ridgeway.

* The town of Carlton was originally named " Oak Orchard," and was
changed to " Carlton '* in 1823.

t The town of Yates was originally named " Northton," and was changed
to Yates, January 21st, 1823.





April 21st. 1828. Incorporated by special act.
April 26th, 1832.

July 1st, 1850. " " general "

March 2d, 1832. " " special "

* Albion was originalU' named " Newport," and the name changed to AI-
l)ion when it was incorporated as a village.
+ The village of Gaines has ceased to use its corporate franchises.


Thk following list ok Elevations is taken fkom O'Reilt's
« History ok RociiESTKn and Western New Yoijk:


Lake Erie above level of tide water is 570

Top of Niagara Falls is below Lake Erie 66

Bottom of Niagara Falls below Lake Erie 236

Lake Ontario below Lake Erie, 380

Canal at Albion below Lake Erie 64

Erie Canal at Albion above Lake Ontario is 266

Middle Falls, Genesee River at Rochester, perpendicular pitch, 96

Canal in Orleans county, level above tide water 509


Distance from Albion by canal to Albany 293

From Albion to ButTalo, 59

From Albion to Rochester 34.

The descent given to cause a flow of water between locks in the Erie
Canal does not vary much from oae inch in a mile.


Distance from Albion by railroad to Suspension Bridge 44i

From Albion to liochestc* .30|

Members ok Assembly p;i,kctei> from Orleans County since
ITS Organization :

Lathrop A. G. B. Grant, from Shelby 1S36

Abraham Cantine, from Murraj' 1837

Lyman Bates, from Ridgeway 1838

George W. Flemming. from Barre 1839

John H. Tyler, from Vat . s, 18S0

John H. Tyler, from Yates 1831

William J. Babbitt, from Gaines 1833

Asahel Byingt(m, from Carlton 1833

Asa Clark, Jr., from ]\hirray 1834

Asa Clark. Jr., from Murray 1835

John Chamberlain, from Barre 1836

Silas M. Burroughs, from Ridgeway 1837

Horatio Reed, from Clarendon 1838

Horatio l{eed, from Clarendon 1839

John .]. Walbridge, from Gaines 1840

Richard W. Gates, from Yates 1841

Sanford E. Church, from Barre.. ' .1843

Elisha Wright, from Barre .1843

Sands Cole, from liidgeway 1844

Gardner Goold, from Carlton . . _ 1845

Dexter Kingman, from Ridgeway, 1846

Abner Hubbard, from jMurraj' 1847

Arba (^hubb, from Gaines 1848


Kciib?ii Roblee, from Kendall • 1849

Silas ]\r. Burroughs, from Ridgeway 1850

Silas M. Burroughs, from Kidgevvay 1951

George ]\I. Copelaiul, tVom Clarendon 1853

Silas M. Burroughs, from Ridgeway 1853

Jereniiali Freeman, Irom Shelby 1854

Elisha S. Whalen, from Ridgeway. 1855

Dan. H. Cole, from Barre 1856

Almanzor Hutchinson, from Gaines 1857

Almanzor Hutchinson, from Gaines 1858

Almanzor Hutchinson, from Gaines .1859

Abel Stilson, from Barre 1860

Gideon Randall, from Kendall 1861

Nicholas E. Darrow, from Clarendon 1862

John Parks, from Ridgewa}"- 1868

Edmund L. Pitts, from Ridgeway 1864

Edmund L. Pitts, from Ridgeway 1865

Edmund L. Pitts, from Ridgeway 1866

Edmund L. Pitts, from Ridgeway. 1867

Edmund L. Pitts, from Ridgeway 1868

Marvin Harris, from Kendall . 1869

John Berry, from Murra3' 1870

John Berry, from Murray 1871

Note. — Alexis Ward was elected in November, 1854, and died be-
fore the session began, and E. S. Whalen was elected in his place.

County Cleuks of Ora.EAKs County f:.o i its 0:;ganization :


Orson Niclioson, November, 1825

Abraham B. Mills ...November, 1831

Timothy C. Strong November, 1834

Elijah i)ana -November, 1843

Harmon Goodrich* March, 1848

Dan. H. Cole November, 1848

Willard F. Warren . .November, 1854

John P. Church November, 1857

G Jorge A. Porterf Dcc'r 30th, 1858

James M. Palmer .November, 1859

Edwin F. Brown November, 1862

George A. Porter November, 1865

George D. Church November, 1868

* Appointed ia place of E. liana, deceased, under Act passed March 20th,
+ Appointed in place of J. P. Church, dcxieased.



County TKKA«riip:i{s oi- Orf.kans Colntv khom us ()it(;AMZ-v-


Ist. Appointed l)y th*; J-5oai'd of Supei'visors f(i bold during- th«?
pleasure of the Board —

William Ferr}- 183.") Loren/.o Jiurrows 1840

.lames Mat her 1826 Codington AV. Swan 1841

Uideon Hard 1827 Joseph 31. Cornell 1843

Truxtou Burrell 1835 Lemuel C. Paine 1845

JIugh McCurdy 1837 John II. Denio 1847

2d. Elecled under tlu' Constitution ot ]S4(i, for ;\ term of three,
years —

John II. Denio November, 1848

Ambrose Wood 1 " 1851

Joseph M.Cornell • 1857

Ezra T. Coauu ■ 18G3

Samuel C. Bowen " 186fDEK CONSTl-

Sanlord K. Church, Jime 1847

Wm. K. ^IcAllJstcr, Nov. 1850

Benjamin 1,. Bessac, Nov. ISS."

Henry I). Tucker, Nov. 1856

John AV. Graves, Nov. 185!)

John (J. Sawyer, Nov. 1862
Irving Af. Thompson, Nov. 1865

Henry A. Childs, Nov. 1868

400 proxKEU TirsTOitY

Sheriffs ok Ohi.kans C'olntv since its Okganizatxon.


William Lewis On organizing County.

Oliver Benton November, 1826

V/m. AUis " 1829

Harmon Goodrich " 1833

Asahol Woodrutt " 1835

John Eoardmau " 1838

iJorate B. Perry " 1841

AramBecbe " 1844

AustinDay " 1847

Ilufiis E. Hill •• 1850

Ferdinand A. Day " 1853

George W. Bedell " 1856

Oanly D. Sprague •• 1859

Kobert P. Bordwell - 1862

Erastus M. Spaiilding " 1865

Robert P. Bordwell " 1868



William White April 19,1825

Alexis W^ard-.-'- April 3,1829

John Chamberlain March 8, 1833

Thomas S. Clarlv January 21, 1836

))anH. Cole January 21,1840

Thomas S. Clark. January 21, 1844

Since 1847 the duties of Surrogate have been performed by the
Countv Judge. ■

Sui'KKvisoKs OF Towns, as Elkcted from the Organization of
Okt.eans County.


I.alhan Whitney 1826 Lansing Bailey 1839

Lansing Bailey 1827 Alvah Mattison - - .1840

Lansing Bailey 1828 Alvali Mattison 1841

Lansing Bailey 1829 Avery M. Starkweather 1842

Lansing Bailey . _ . 1830 Avery M. Starkweather 1843

Lansing Bailey 1831 Elisha Wright. 1844

jjansing Bailey _18:!2 Lorenzo Burrows 1845

A. Hyde Cole 1833 ^Varren Parker. 1846

Alvaii Mattison 1834 William Love 1847

Alvah LMattison 1835 William Love 1848

liansing Bailey .1836 Anthony Brown 1849

7 ,an-ing Bailey 1837 Anthony Brown. .1850

F .nusins' T.ailov 1 H:]>< A uthonv Brown. 1851


Austin Day 1852 Luther Porter 1802

Henry M. Gibson ISoS John D. Bucldand 1803

Henry M. Gibson 1854 John D. BucklancL ..\ 1804

Henry M. Gibson 1855 Norman S. Field 1805

JohnD. Buckland 1850 Orpheus A. Root 1800

John D. Buckland 1857 Ori)heus A.Root 1807

Luther Porter 1858 Orpheus A.Root 1808

Luther Porter 1859 Charles 11. Mattison 1809

Luther Porter 1800 Charles H. 3Lattison 1870

Luther Porter 1801 Charles H. Mattison 1871


Richard AV. Gates, .1820 Jasper j\I. Grow 184{>

Minoris Day 1 827 Willard F. Warren 1850

Minoris Day 1828 Gardner Goold 1851

John M. Randall 1829 John Dunham 1852

John M.Randal] 1830 Xelson Shattuck 1853

Minoris Day 1831 Reuben X. Warren 1854

Isaac ]\Iason 1832 ]\Iarvin C. Lacey 1855

Isaac Mason 1833 G:ardner Goold 1850

Chester Bidwcll .1834 Joseph D. Billinss 1857

Joshua E. Hall 1835 Joseph D. Billings 1858

Horace O. Goold 1830 Joseph D. Billings 1859

Hiram Merrick 1837 Daniel Howe 1800

Hiram Merrick 1838 Daniel Howe 180 1

Alfred Bidwell 1839 Joseph D. Billings 1802

Gardner Goold 1840 John H. Harris 1803

Gardner Goold 1841 John H. Harris 1804

Al'tred Bidwell 1842 George L. Baker 1805

Gardner Goold 1843 George L. Baker 1800

Asahel Byington, 2d 1844 Dennis Bickford 1807

Epenetus A. Reed 1845 Dennis Bickford 1808

Asahel Byington, 2d 1840 Benjamin F. Van Camp 1809

Alfred Bidwell 1847 Benjamin F. Van Camp 1870

Dalphon V.Simpson 1848 John Gates 1871


Eldridge Farwell 1821 Elizur Warren 1832

Eldridge Farwell 1822 Elizur Warren 1833

Jeremiah Glidden 1823 Zardius Touslcy 1834

Jeremiah Glidden 1824 Horatio Reed... .....1835

Henry Hill 1825 Horatio Reed 1830

Hiram Frisbie 1820 Horatio Reed„. 1837

Chauncey Robir.son 1827 Horatio Reed ...1838

Chauncey Robinson ...1828 Bcnjiunin G. Pettingill 1839

Cliauncey Eobinson 182!> John ■\Iillard 1840

Chauncey Robinson 1830 Jason A. Sheldon 1841

John Millard 1831 Jason A. Sheldon 1S42


Jason A. Sheldon 184.3 Thomsis Turner. 1858

Benjamin G. PettengilL . 1844 George :M. Copeland 1859

Benjamin G. PettengilL . 1845 Dau Martin 186a

Ira B. Keeler 184(i Mortmier D. Milliken 1861

Ira B. Keeler 1847 Mortimer D. Millken 1862

Orson Tousley -1848 ]Martin Evarts '. 1863

(Tcorge M. Copeland 1849 Nicholas E. Darrow - .1864

George M. Copeland 1850 Nicholas E. Darrow 1865

Nicholas E. Darrow 1851 Henry C. Martm 1866

Nicholas E. Darrow 185:> Henry C.Martin 1867

Daniel F. St. John 185;:} Henry C. Martin 1868

Nicholas E. Darrow 1854 David N. Pettengill .186!)

Dan Martin 1855 David N. Pettengill 1870

Lucius B. Coy 185(5 J)arwin M. Inman. 1871

Amasa I'atterson 1857


Sarnuel Clark 1816 Daniel Brown 1844

Samuel Clark 1817 Samuel Bidelman 1845

Robert Anderson 181 8 Samuel Bidelman 1846

Robert Anderson 1819 Arba Chubb 1847

Robert Anderson 1820 Henry Miller 1848

Robert Anderson 1821 Benj. Chester 1849

Robert Anderson . 1822 Aram Beebe 1850

Robert Anderson 182o Aram Beebe 1851

Robert Anderson 1824 Aram Beebe. 1853

Robert Anderson ......... 1825 Samuel Bidelman 1853

Robert Anderson 1826 Samuel Bidelman . .1854

Daniel Pratt 1837 Gershom R. Cady .1855

Arba Chubb 1828 Jonas Sawens 1856

Arba Chubb ...1829 Samuel Bidelman .1857

Arba Chubb .18^0 Nahum Anderson 1858

Will. J. Babbitt 1831 Nahum Anderson... 1859

John J. Walbridge 1832 Nahum Anderson 1860

Russel Gillett 1833 Almanzor Hutchinson 1861

Will. J. Babbitt. 1834 Nahum Anderson 1863

Arba Chubb 1835 Charles T. Richards 1863

William W. Ruggles .1836 Charles T. Richards 1864

Joseph Billings 1837 Nahum Anderson 1865

Joseph Billings 1838 Matthew T. Anderson 1866

Joseph Billings 1839 Matthew T. Anderson. 1867

Joseph Billings. 1840 Samuel AY. Smith 1868

Palmer Cady .1841 Samuel AV. Smith 1869

r^amucl Bidelman 1842 Elijah B. Lattin 1870

Wm. W. Ruggles 1843 Elijah B. Lattin. 1871

Ryan Barber 1840 Ryan Barber 1841=


Henry Higgins 1842 Philo F. Prosser 1857

Joseph Mann 184o Philo F. Prosser 1858

Joseph Mann 1844 Philo F. Prosser 1859

Levi Hard 1845 Maryin Harris. _ 1860

Levi Hard 1846 Marvin Harris 1861

Abram Odell 1847 Pierre A. Simkins 1862

Abram Odell 184S William K. Townsend 1863

Wm. R. Bassett 1849 Xathaniel S. Beimett 1864

Wni. K. Bassett 1850 Nathaniel S. Bennett 1865

Alanson Whitney. .- 1851 Gideon Randall 1866

Reuben Roblee 1852 Gideon Randall. .1867

William R. Bassett 1853 Oscar Munn 1868

William R. Bassett 1854 Oscar Munn 1869

Pierre A. Simkins 1855 Oscai Munn 1870

Philo F. Prosser 1856 Wm. O. Hardenbrook 1871


Asahel Balcom 1826 Harrison Hatch 1849

William Allis 1827 Benj. F. Van Dake 1850

Amos Randall 1828 Jabez Allison 1851

Hiram Frisbie 1839 Jabez Allison 1852

Hiram Frisbie 1830 Ezra X. Hill. . 1853

William James 1831 Danly D. Sprague 1854

Asa Clark, Jr 1832 Danly U. Sprague 1855

Asa Clark, Jr - 1833 Benj.' F. Van Dake 1856

Asa Clark, Jr 1834 Jabez Allison 1857

Robert Nichoson.. 1835 Jabez Allison 1858

Robert Nichoson 1836 Jabez Allison 1859

George Squires 1837 Ezra N. Hill 1860

George Squires 1838 Jabez Allison 1861

Joshua Garrison 1839 Linus Jones Peck 1862

Joshua Garrison 1840 Roland Farnsworth 1863

Cornelius Thomas 1841 Roland Farnsworth 1864

Cornelius Thomas 1842 Roland Farnsworth 1865

John Berry 1843 lioland Farnsworth 1866

George Squires 1844 Roland Farnsworth 1867

Abijah Reed 1845 Roland Farnsworth 1868

Hercules Reed 1846 Roland Farnsworth 1869

Abner Balcom 1847 Roland Farnsworth 1870

Abner Balcom 1848 Roland Farnsworth 1871


Oliver Booth 1813 Elijah Hawley 1818

Samuel Clark 1814 Jeremiah Brown 1819

Samuel Clark - 1815 Israel Douglass 1820

Israel Douglass 1816 Israel Douglass... ...1821

Israel Douglass 1817 Jeremiali Brown 1822


.Tei-pmiiili Brown 1823 William C. Tanner 1848-'

.lereniiah Brown 1824 John F. Sawyer 1849

Lyman Btites 1825 John F. Sawyer 1850

Lyman Bates 1826 Christopher Whaley 1851

Lyman Bates 1827 Allen Bacon 1852

Lyman Bates 1828 Marson Weld .. 1353

Lyman Bates 1820 Borden H. Mills 1854

Lyman Bates 1880 John R. Weld 1855

Lyman Bates 1831 Lyman Bates 1856

William C. Tanner 1832 Alexander H. Jame>on 1857

William C. Tanner 1833 Lnther Barrett 1858

William C. Tanner 1834 Luther Barrett 1859

Seymour B. Murdock 1835 Dyer B. Abell I860'

Lyman Bates 1830 Dyer B. Abell 1861

William V.'Wilson 1837 Hezekiah Bowen, Jr 1862-

Nathan S. Wood 1838 Henry A. Glidden 1863

Xathan S. Wood 1839 Henry A. Glidden 1864

Josias Tanner 1840 Samuel C. Bowen 1865

Josias Tanner 1841 William W.Potter 1866'

Job Fish 1842 William W.Potter 1867

William Y. Wilson 1843 Allea P. Scott 1868

Dexter Kingman 1844 Allen P. Scott 1869

Dexter Ivius;mau 1845 Henry A. Glidden 1870'

Roswcll Starr 1846 Elisha S.Whalen 1871

Allen Bacon 1847


Lathrop A. G. B. Grant 1826 Lathrop A. G. B. Grant 1846

Christopher Whaley 1827 Alexander Coon 1847

Christopher Whaley .1828 Alexander Coon 1848

Andrew EUicott 1829 Lathrop A. G. B. Grant 1849

Joseph Rickey 1830 Lathrop A. G. B. Grant 1850

Joseph Rlck3y 1831 Jeremiah Freeman 1851

William Cunningham 1832 Elisha Whalen 1853

William Cunningham 1833 John M. Culver 1853

Adam Garter 1834 John :\[. Culver 1854

Horatio N. Hewes 1835 Alexander Coon 1855

Adam Garter 1836 Philip Winegar 185(V

John M. Culver 1837 Philip Winegar 1857

Alexander Coen 183s Philip Winegar 1858

Alexander Coon 1839 Philip Winegar 1859

Alexander Coon 1840 Alexander Coon 1860

Alexander Coon 1841 John T. Gillett 1861

Alexander Coon 1842 John T. Gillett 1862

Alexander Coon 1H43 John T. Gillett 1863

Alexander Coon 1844 John T. Gillett 1864

Lathrop A. G. B. Grant 184.-. John T. Gillett 1865-


Joseph W. Ross 18GG John P. Gates 18G0

Joseph W. Ross 1867 David G. Deuel 1870

Diivid (;. Deuel 1868 Ela C. Bardwel 1 1 8:i


Samuel Warner 18'2(! Iteuben Iluugerlbru 18-;)

Grindal Davis 1827 Asahel Johnson 1850

John n. Tyler 1 828 Asahel Johnson 1851.

John H. Tyler 1829 John J. Saw yer 18r;.i

John H. Tyler 1830 John Gates." 18^3

John H. Tyler 1831 Charles Lum 1854

Luther St. John 1832 Charles Lum 1855

John H Tyler 1833 David :. Iteuion 1850

John H. Tyler 1834 David :. Ilenion 1857

John H. Tyler 1835 DanierClark ^ 1858

John II. Tyler 1830 Chauueey II. Lum '. 1850

John IL Tyler 1837 Chauncey II. Luu\ 1800

John L. Lewis 1838 Daniel Clark 18C1

Asahel Johnson 1839 Tunis H. Coe 1802

John L. Lewis 1840 Tunis H. Coe 18C.-5

John L. Lewis 1841 Tunis H. Coe 1804

Samuel Taylor 1842 George Clark ISCo

John L. Lewis 1S43 Jonathan A. Johnson 1860

Daniel Starr 1^44 Jonathan A. Johnson 1867

John L. Lewis 1845 Jonathan A. Johnson 18CS

Daniel Starr 1840 Henry Spalding 1809

Horace Phippany 1847 Henry Spalding 1870

Horace Phippany 1848 (". Jackson Blood 1871


The Couils Jbr Orleans County before tlie County Scat ^vas located
at Albion, were held at Bronyon's Hotel, in the town of Claines. The
record of the opening of the first Circuit Court is as follows :

" At a Circuit Court held at the House of Selah Bronson, in the
town of (4aines, in and lor the Count}- of Orleans, on Thursday, the
13th day of October, 1825, present. His Honor William B. Ivochester,
Judije 8th Circuit. DAVID STKICKI.AM),


The followmu- i)er>on« appeared and were sworn as traverse,] urors,
to M-it:

Martin Hobart, Oliver Brown, Samuel Norton, Joshua Raymond,
Kathan Whitnej', Curtis Tomliuson, Zebulon I*ackard, Thomas Annis,
Zardius Tousley, Dudley AYatson, Seymour B. Murdoch, Ephraini Mas-
ten, Oliver Booth, 2nd., Daniel Gates, Archibald L. Daniels, Richard
M'Omber, Timothy Ruggles, Daniel Reed, Ethan Craham, John Hall.
>'hilo Elmer, -Joseph Davis, John Sherwood.

Four causes were tried ])y jury, viz.: 3Ioses jiacon \s. (Tcr-
shom Proctor. Samuel Finch vs. Charles Sayres. Berjamiu Bab-
cock vs. Curtis Tomliuson and Sophia Ringsbnry. Irene r.each vs.
Henry Drake.

The first Court of Common Pleas and (Tcueral Session^, lidd in and
for Orleans county, was at the House of Selah Bronson, in (iaines,
June 32d, 1825. Present, Hon. Elijah Foot, First Judge, Eldridge Far-
well, Wm. J. 3Ioody, Wm. Penniman and Cynis Harwood, Judges.
The members of the Grand Jury at this Court were Ralph H. Brown.
VFilliam l.ove, Harve}- Goodrich, Hiram Sickels, Henry Carter, Hiram
t'risbie, David Sturges, Joseph Hamilton, Levi Preston, John Proctor,
Robert xVnderson, Zelotes Sheldon, Sdas Benton, Ebenezer M. Pease.
Ji. A. G. li. Grant, Benjauiin Howe, Elijah Bent, Abraham Cantine
!;^ri Wood and Oliver Bennett.

William Lewis. Sheritf. Orange Butler, Dislrict .MtenHv. Orson
Michoson, Clerk.


Articles of Land, given by Holland Co., 24.

Animals, "wild, 29.

Anecdote of John Anderson, 2o6.

Acadeni)-, First in County, at Gaines, 215, 250, C.l.

Albion, Village of, 179.

Anecdote of locating Court House, 181.

Address before Pioneer Association, by Arad Thomas, 42s.

Appendix, 440.

Assembly, Members of, from Orleans County, 447.

Attorneys, District of Orleans County, 44t».

Busti, 3Ir., Anecdote of, 2G.

Beaver and beaver dams, o2.

Black Salts, .J 1.

Burying Grounds. Blount Albion Cemetery, (!!). Boxwood Cemetery,
71. Hillside Cemeterj', 71.

Barre, Tovvn ot, 73. Land to Religious Societ}-, 74. Condition in deed
to Congregational Society, 74. First Presbyterian Society, 75.
Store, Tavern, 75. Survey of Oak Orchard Koad, 76. First
Lawyer, Doctor, Deed of Land, 7G. Death of Mrs. McCollister,

77. Warehouse, Sawmill, 77. Priceof Lumber, 77. First Ball,

78. Fourth of July, 1821, 77. First Marriage in Albion, 7,8.
First Deed of Land in, 70.

Bear Stories, 81, 87, 235, 134, 402.

Burgess, Mrs. X. Cut logs for House, 211.

Ball at Millville, 320.

Barn, first in Orleans Count}-, 408.

British at mouth of Oak Orchard Creek, alarm from. S4.

Counties in New York 100 years ago, 22.

Clemency of Holland Co., 25.

Clearing land, manner of, 43. First crops raised, 44.

Credit system, 52.

Canal, Erie, when begun, 55, eflcct of, 50.

Court House, locating ofj 181.

Clarendon, town of, l'J9. First town meeting in, 2U1.

Carlton, town of, 185. First town meeting in, 197. First settlement in
the County by Walsworth, 180. .Manilla, 180. 31111 for pound-
ing corn, 18S. Union Company, 189.

458 IM»KX.

Carriage seat on springs of wolf trap, 2o8.

Cemeterys, 69. Mount Albion, CO. Boxwood, 71. Hillsiue, 71.

Congregational Society in Barre, deed of land to, 74.

Cradle, Pioneez-, description of, S-).

County Clerk's list of 448.

Courts of Record in Orleans County, li rsi, 4.')C>.

County Treasurers, list of, 449.

Common Schools, County Superiulendenls oi,449.

Domestic manufactures, 52. Clothing, how made, .1;',.

Doctor's bill, specimen of, 248.

Deer hunting, 389.

District Attorneys, list of, 449.

Ellicott, Jo., agent, 23. Anecdote of, 2^)l\.

Eagle Harbor, village of, 200.

Erie Canal, when and where first work on, 55. 1 ts benel'ls, 5(5.

Education, state of, G4. Gaines Aoademj^ 05.

Fortifications, ancient, 14.

Fish, 29.

Friendship among settlers, 49.

Fire, loss of, anecdote, 210.

Gospel Lots, 2G.

Genesee County, 28.

Gospel Lot in Barre, 74.

Gauntlet run by E. Hunt, 194.

Gaines, business in, when County organized, 250.

(Jaines, town of, 210. 3Irs. Burgess' log house, 211. Capt. 3IcCart3^'s

Company in war of 1812, 313. First printing press there, 214.

Booth's tavern, 252. Sam AYooster, 253. ]\Irs. Booth and Jo,

Ellicott, 254.
Greenman, Preserved, anecdotes ol", 403.
Hundred Thousand Acre Tract, 19.
Holland Purchase, 21.
Ilackett, violin plaj-er, 378.
Hedgehogs, 31.

Hardships of settlers. Domestic mill, 40. Fever ajid Ague, 40. Brows-

Online LibraryArad ThomasPioneer history of Orleans county, New York. Containing some account of the civil divisions of western New York, with brief biographical notices of early settlers, and of the hardships and privations → online text (page 31 of 32)