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fiby my enemies ever have pkoe in my mwtm
and m thy merey.

And leadusnotinto temptation.
Support na, O Heavenlr Fadier, under all oar mt-

^V:^ il'?I7 ^J^ **^» ^ God most High. Amen.

Jude SM, 85. Now unto him that is able to keep you
from fiUlmff, and to present yon fauldess before the
P^^j!^^^ his glory with exoeedmg joy ; to the only
wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion
and power, both now and ever. Amen.

J^m. JO. 36. For of Him, and through Him, and
to Him, are iH things; to whom be gbry for ever.
Amen. ,

Rom. xyL 27, To God only wise, be gk»T throufih
Jeaus Christ, for ever and ever. Amen.

Mark iz. 3a ''AU dungs aie possible to him that

Yea,Lord,andUiereforeIbegdiatfaidiof Him to

whom all things are possible, diat I may be able to 4tfa-

fowr, to onaid, to i«m(, and to nNtf oirt, whatever ia evU

Jeans, obtain diiaginee for diyodierwisebalplese
creature. *^

Grant diat I may dus day ewpe all die anwa lakl
for me by die denl, die worid,(» min0 own corrupt
heart '^

Grant diat I may diia day omit no part of my dntr.

1 Tim. iv. 15. " Give diyaelf wholjyto diese diinn,
that diy profiting may appear to all"

God grant diat I may do ao; and I pmy God pr^

serve me from ease, idleneas, and triflingawajrarpr^
cious time. ^ ^ r

Philemon 4. "I diank my God, makiitf mendon
of diee alwaya in my prayen."

Extend and smt diy graces to all oonditiona of men.
diat W6 may aU be npi^ « eid^ dsafii^
oar govemon, peaoMOe in oar Uves^aober, honeat,
temperate, chaste in oar cooveiaadon, and ehaiitablo
to the poor, and one towarda another.

Increaae die number and die graces of all anoh «a
love and fear Thee, enlighten the minds of die tgno-
rantf awaken die consciences of the eareless, aik^nco
^i^oMsuyify, oonvertdie prions, and aU diat hokl
the truth in ngbtaooaoeaa.

Reboke die opirit of antkshiirt, idohtiy, and libi^

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thumn,— the not of inteoiperaiioe, KeentioaniMi, liti-
fioufiMaiy and defrauding tbe pubUc

In tender merov remember, O God, all Mc and dff-
ingpenonSf that they may omit nothing that ii oecea-
•aiy to make their peace with Thee. Be gracioua unto
all that are under any i^UetioH of mind or bedy, or
nn'fer any preMing calamity, alf d$$oUue widaum and
itiAtrie$i dbtUr«i,-Hdl that call upon Thee in their dia-
treei, and have none elae to help them.

Prov. xxi. 1. " Tbe king'a power ia in the hand of
the Lord; aa tbe rivera of waters, he turneth it
wbitheraoever he will."

Let this th^ power, O Lord, be magnified on all that
are in antbonty. That we may be governed with truth
and justice, by men fearinc and honoring God, pro-
tecting the Christian Reugion, and punishinc evil
doera. To this end vouchsafe them, I neaeech Thee,
all the graces necessary for their high station, «ild for
their eternal hapoiness.

CoL iv. 1; ** Masters give onto yonr servants that
which b just and equal, knowing that ye abo have
a Master in heaven."

O heavenly Lor4 and Master, blcM me with good
and faithful servants. Let thy blessing be upon them,
and upon myaffiurs oomroitted to theircare; and may
I never be wanttnf in my daty to them, for Jeans
Chriat'a sake.

SBUiTioirs, BBNEFAOTOna, Sus.

Be graeioua, O.Ood, to all my relations, benefao-
tois, enemiea, and all that have desired my prayers ;
all who, by their own labors, do miniater to our neces-
•itiea, together with all our known and unknown bene-
ftetors. Render, O God, a good reward, and a plen-
tiful return, to all those who mtve been kind and ckarn
table. Gram that we may all so live here, aa that we
nav meet hereafter in the Paradiseof God.
John xvi. d3. '** Verily I say unto yon. Wbataoever
ye shall aak the Father in my name, he will gjve it
These are what I ask O God and Father, above all
things, for myself, and for all that have desired my
prayers : That we may be restored to diy fikenesa, and
never deface it bv our sins; that tbe imace of Satan
may be destroyed in n« ; that all carnal a&ctions mav
die in us; and that all thinn belonjpng to the Spirit
may dwell in our hearta by faith; That thy name, and
the name of our Lord Jeaus Christ may be clorified in
ns, and we jn hhn ; that our hearts may be entirely
thine ; that we may never grieve.thy Holy Spbrit ; but
that we may oontinne thine for ever, for Jeans Christ's
aake. AmeiL

' Ephes. iv. S9. '* Let no corrupt communication

proceed out of your mouth, bdt that which ia good

to the uae of edifying, that it may miniater grace

unto the hearers."

Grant, O God, that I may delight in thy Law; that

my nonvenation may be truly Christian.

Mav I never hear with pleasure, nor ever repeat,
■uch things, aa may dishonor God, or injure my neigh-
bor, or m;|f own character.
Jamea iv. 11. " Speak not evil one of another."
Ephea. v. 4. " Foolish talking or jestinc are not con-

venietit^ but rather giving of thanks.^
P*. cixxiii. 3. " Set a watch, O Lord, before mr

month, and keep the door of my lips."

Matt]di.34. " Ont of the abundance of tbe heart

the mouth speaketb. How can ye, being evil,

speak good mingsf"

O Hol^ Spirit of grace, enable me to overcome the

shame or a degenerate age, which will hear of nothinff

with delight, but what concerns this world. O touch

my heart with the true love of God, the excellences of

his laws, the pleasantness of his service, and the won-

den of hia provideocea. This I beg for Jesus Christ's

John XV. 7. '* Ask what ye wiH, and it aball be done
unto you."

These, O Jeans, are the things tfiat I aak. hUareeiB
for fiM .' that I may be truly sensible of the diaeaaea I
labor under, and thankfully embrace the meaoa whicli
thy goodneas hath ordained for m;^ recovery.

Grant that the end of all my actionaand deaignamaj
he tbe gloiy of God.

Enable me to resiat aU the ain'Ail appetitea of my
corrupt nature.

Grant that I may hunger and thint after rightaooa-

Vouchsafe me the apirit of adoption,— of anpplica-
tion and prayer,— of praiae and thankagiving.

Obtain iot te^, O Jeana, the gracea S mortificalioo
and aeH-denial ; the graoea of a true humility, nnd the
fear of God.

Grant, O'God, that I may never Jmowin^y live one
moment under thy diapleaaure, vt in any known ain.

Grant, O God, that aa I have been regenerate, and
made thv child by adoption and grace, I may daily be
renewed by thy Holy Spirit, for Jeaua Chriat'aaalw.

Enable me, gracioua God, to escape the corruption
that is in the world through lost, that I may be paztdBar
of ihe Divine nature.

Lord, grant me grace to withatand the tajpsptatiova
of the world, the fleah, and the devil ; and with a pnra
heart and mind to follow Thee, the only God, throogli
Jeaus Chriat our Lord. Amen.

Let thy. love, O God be shed abroad in mv heart, bj
the power of the Holy Ghoat, and grant that it may
appear ia my Uft, my eoaoefaafioa, my toarda, and
oettoiia, for Jeans Christ's sake.

Blessed be God that I was admitted into tbe feDow-
ahip of Christ's religion. Grant, O God, that I may
avoid all thoae things that are contrary to my profev-
aion, and follow all such ihinga aa are agreeable to tfaa
aame, for Jeaua Christ's sake.

Keep me, I beaeech Thee, O heavenly Father, imdar
the protection of thv good provideiice, and make ma
to have a perpetnal fear and love of thy holy name ;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Put away from me all buHful thinga, and give ma
those things that be profitable for me, through Jei

Meroiftilly grant unto me, O God, anoh a i
of thy grace, that running the way of Ih^ oomoaod-
ments, I may obuin thy gracious promisee, and ba
made partaker of thv heavenly treaaure throogfa Jeaua
Chriat our Lord. Amen.

Forgive me thoae thinga whereof my oonsdance ia
afraid, and give me thoae good thinga which we an
not worthy to aak, but through the marita and aiedia-
tion of thy Son Jeaus Christ

That I may obtain that whiob tboa doat proouatp
make me to love that vriuoh then doat cooiniaad,
through Jeaua Chriat

Keep me from all thinga hnrtfnl, and lead ma to aB
things necessary to my sslvation, through Jeana'Chriat

llie Lord deliver me fVom every evilwork, and pra-
aenre me to hia heavenly kingdom : To whom ba g^wy
for ever and ever. Amen.

O that thy Holv Spirit may direct and rule my lieart,
O God, through Jesus Christ

Of my bountiful goodness, O Lord, keep ma, I be-
aeech Tnee, from alt things tfiat ma^ hurt me, that I
may cheerfully acoomplisb theae thitiga wbieb thou
wouMst have done, throogli Jeaua Chfist our Lord.

Grant, O God, that I may be cleanaed Atmi aOoiy
nna, and aerve thee with a qoiet mind, through Jeana

Deliver me, O Lord, from .the boada of thoae sine,
which through my frailty I have com*mitted, for Jeana


O that I may believe in tl^f^e, O God, and pat my

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wbola trust and cun6dence in Tbee aloBe, aod not in
anj thing that I myself can do.

Grant, O God, that I may so perfectly, and without
all doabt, believe in thy Son Jesus Christ, that my faith
in thy sight may never be reproved, for the sake of the
tune Jesus Clurist


Gram, O God, that we may not be carried about with
every blast of vain doctrine, but that we may be firrolv
ectabfisbed in the truth of thy bdy gospel, through
Jesus Christ

Grant, O God, that I may perfectly know thy Son
Jesus Christ.

Grant, O.God, that I may perfectly know thy Son
Jemis Christ to be the IFw, the Tmt*, and the Lifo ;
the Author oTxhe FFa|f,the TsacAsrofthe Truth, and the
Oiver&fLift ; that I may steadfastly wtlk in the wa^ that
leadetb to eternal life, through the same Jesus Chnst


Give me grace to forsake sll ootetons desires, and
inordinate kive of riches and pleasures through Jesus

Grant that 1 may both perceive and know what
things I ooffht to do, and also may have grace and
power faithfully to fulfil the same, through Jesus Christ.

Grant me, O God, the true circumcision of the Spi-
rit, that my heart, and all my members, being mortified
from an carnal lusts, I may in all things obey thy blessed

O that we, who know Thee now byiaith, may. aAer
this lift, have the fruition of thy jplorioos Godhead.

In all our dangera 4ind- necessities^ stretch forth thy
right hand to save and defend us.


O send thy Holy Ghost, and pour into my heart that
most excellent gift of Charity, that very bond of peace
and of all virtue, without which, whosoever liveth is
counted dead before thee.

Grant, I do most humbly beseech Thee, O God, that
as by thy special grace, Thou dost put into m^ mind
good desires, so by thy continual help I may bring the
«me to good effect, through Jesus Christ.

everiasting God, grant, that as thy Holy Angels do
tbee service in heaven, so by thy appointment they
nay succor and defend us on earth, through Jesus

Grant me grace so to folbw thy blessed Saints in
▼irtnons and godly living, that I may come to those
unspeakable joys which thou hast prepared for them
that unfeignedly love Thee.

1 pray God, my whole spmt, (my understanding,
win, and conscience,) my soul, (mv appetites, affec-
tions, and passions.) and my body, (the tabemackj of
my sonU be preserved b laaoto ii vnto the coming of
oar Lord Jesos Christ

Blay I take pleasure in abtdingm thy presence, O
God; is depending npon Thee; in leaving myaelf
entirely to thy disposal, as a oontinaal sacrifice to thy

wiU. ..... _i.

Give me a victory over all mv. sms and imoerfec^
tma; increase in me the grace of/«C&,Ao|pe, and clorv

aof Awidfite, MssfaMSS, jNtfisiice, and fss^^ii««um, and
other Chnrtian virtues: for Jesus Christ's sake.

Pfoserve me, graoions God, from apiritmd pnde;
from ascribing anything I have done, or can do, to
myaelf, and n^bing Thee of the gloiy of saving me
from eternal ruin. * . . . . •

Take possession, O Jesus, of thy right m my soul,
which tboa beat redeemed with thy mort preoooa
bkxMi ; and root ont all self-righteoosnem, selfmterest,
aad selAwiU; that tbon mayeat be my righteooineaB,
and all in me.

shall enable me to embrace all the necessary meam^
bow bitter soever, for rooting sin out of my soul.


lPetv.5. Oedngitteththejmmd^ti^gwtA gTQe$t9


I have all the reason in the world to be humble.
Without God I am nothing. Without his help And
grace I can do nothing that is good. Without hia
word I know nothing. Of myseu*, I deserve nothing
but punishment Of my own, I have nothing but
faults, imperfections, and sins, an inclination to evil,
an aversion to good, unruly senses, ungovernable pas-
sions, unreasonable afiRsctions.

1 Cor. i. 30. " O Lord Jesus Christ, who art made
unto us of God, our vMom by reveaKng him and hia
glorious perfections ; obr righttoumu$s, by satisfying
the justice of God In our nature ; our aatuityuatiom,
by procuring for us the Holy Ghost, and by restoring
us, being sinners, to God's favor; our redemptioUt by
redeeming us from death eternal. O Jesus, for these
mighty favors, all love and clory be to Thee, with the
Father and the Holy Ghost for ever. Amen.


Lay nothing too much to heart; desire nothing too
e^eriy — rejoice not excessively, nor grieve too much
for disasters; Ul not violently blent on any design ; nor
let any worldly cares hinder you frdm taking care of
your soul ; and remember, tmit it is necessary to be a
Christian (that is, to govern one'aeelf by motives of
Cbrisfiani^) in the most common actions of civil life.

Col. iii. 17. " Whatsoeverje do in word or in deed,
do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks^
to God the Father by him."

He that would not fall into temptation, must bavo a
presence of mind, a watchful eye over himself; he
must have great things in view ; distinguish befwixt
time and eternity ; or else he will follow what paasioiiy
not what reason and religion suggest


Whosoever aspires after, (being so united to God, ai
to be one spirit with him,) must resolve to do all thinga
with this sole view, to please God. This I purpose,
tbis I forbear, this I undertake, this I do, this I sufier
in obedience to the will of God. This should be our
express purpose, at all times, when we have time to
make it; and should be oflen renewed, lest our Ofrn
will come to be the ruler of our actions. If I am care-
ful to do this, I shaU always have my end, whether I
succeed, or be disappointed, being convinced it it
God's wiU. . , . ,

Rom. xvi. 14. " Pat ve on the Lord Jesna, and
make not provision ror the flesh, tofhlfiU the Inaia
thereof." . , . ^ ,

Grant, O Lord, that "1 may keep under mv body,
and bring it into subjeetion, lest by any means I ihoold
be a cast^iway."*

" Be ye aU of one mind, having oompaasioQ one or
another. Be pitiful, be courteous : not rendering evil
for evil, nor railing for railing, but eontrariwise oles>
sing. For he that wiU love hfe, and see aood days, let
him refrain his tongne from evil, and his lips that thev
speak no gnHe. Let him eschew evil, and do good.
Let him seek peace, and ensue it"t

Give toe, O Lord, a wise, a sober, a serious, a leli-

gious heart. ^^

Preserve me fW>m evil councils, and rasb enterpneee.

O make thy way plain before mv face.
Support me this day under all the difikolties I shaU

meet wiUt
I offer myaelf to tbee, O God, Ais day, to do in me,

and witfi me, as to Thee seems most mset

VooolHaA me, giaciotts God, the spuit of adoption.

Gif« me, O God, fOflh t tree aom^ for my fine, at

elCor.ii.S7. 1 1 F*t. iil 8, 9, dfco.

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wKeinebjr I mty cry AbbOy Faxktr, and apply to T
through JesuM Christ, not as an angry judge, hut \

to Thee,

^ „ _. „ . 'to

a mereiAiS and loving fkther.

Remember, that the life of man is only to be yalned
% il»,«ici:u| jes^ J . .

John XV. 12, " This is my commaBdment, that ye

loTAooe another."
O.'ipilQM. who hast given me this command and patr
t^, give me a sincere desire of following, and grace
a^d povv^c to do it
if^n^ v^ 15. *' And tho. prayer of faith shall save
thf) sicli; ; and the I^rd shell raise him up : and if
he. h(iv« committed sins, they sliall be forgiven

have mercy upon all those
M ; sanctify this thy father-
ly search their ways, and
I »meth. Have mercy upon

I, and grant that they omit
lo make their peace with
delivered from death eter-
re may apply our hearts to
Miom, while we live here,
ing us to life everlasting,
through Jeeof'Chnet onr Lord. Amen.

/ txkoH, tkatfinl of all smlieatiamM,
nmmamt, rnnd gwmg of thamks, U mmie

liTkn. ii.

Aelt zvii. S6. " For we are all of ^ne blood." And
Gbarity, that more excellent way, is a tender affection
for tlie whole creation of God.

O* God, almighty and merciful, let thy fatherly krnd-
nen be noon all whom thou hast made. Hear the
prayen or all that call upon Thee ; open the eyes of
them that never pray for themselves ; pity the sighs of
•och as are in misenr ; deal niercifiilly with ttiem thai
are in darkness : and ioerease the number of the graces
o/ soch as fear and serve Thee daily. Preserve this
land from the misfortunes of war; thy church from all
dangerous errors ; this people from forgetting Thee,
tlieir Lord and benefactor. Be gracious to all those
fljpantries that are made desolate by the sword, fuinine,
pf^tilence, or persecution. Bless nil persons and which thy providence has made luea debtor ;
ail who have been instrumental to my good by iheir
a^stance, advice, or example : and ma|ce lue in my
tqrn.oaeful to others. Let none of those that desire
my prayers want thy mercy ; but defend, and comfort,
ayid condil<H them tnrough, to their livef ' end.

'** Jfi every tiling give thanks ; fur tliis is the will of
God, in Christ Jesus, concerning you.^'

i^apee as, O God, to profit by all the visitations of
tl|y.mpe and mercy.

^ It becometh well the just to be thankibl.**

Q I/»rd and Father, I am not worthy of the least
of oil thy n^ercies, which thou hast showed thy servant,
neither can t render due thanks and praise for them ;
but, O Lord, accept of th'ia my sacrifice of praise and

For ail the known, and for all the npobsenred favors,
deliverances, visitatioos, opportunities of doing good,
ebastisemento, and graces of thy Holy Spirit, voucb-
•afed to me, I bloM thy good provklence ; beseeching
thee to pardon my ingratitade, that I have passed so
many days and years Withoat observing, and withoat
•sknowledgiqgr thy great goodness to thynnwort|iy

For when I soberly consider my dependanoe upon
Thee, for my life, weHkre, health of body, peace of
mind* jnce, condbrt, and nlvation, I ougbt to be ve^

GI017 be to God, n^ Cnalor ; ^17 b^. 19 J^piis,

mv Redeemer ; glonr be to the Holy Ghost, mv sane-
tiner, my Guide, and Comforter: afi love, all gloty,be
to God mOMi high. Ameu.

Let us never ascribe any thing to ourselves, hot aO
to the grace of God, and render to hhn all the glofy of
his works.

Preserve me, O God, from the inspnsibility of then
who receive thy favors without being afiTectod with
tliem, and from the ingratitude of tliose who look opon
tlieiu as a debt.

Psal. xc. 1, 2 " It is a good thing to give thanks
unto the Lord; and to sing praises unto thy name,0
Most High ! Toshow forth thy loving kiodoesa in the
moniing: and thy faithfulness every night"

Mnny and great have been the fiivors and blessiagi
which Thoa hast bestowed on this nation ; for wbkib,
O Lord, in conjunction with those who praise Thee
for them, and in the stead of those who forget to praiss
Thee, I bless and praise thy boly name. Bless lbs
Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.

Our Father whick art in Htwomk.

Acts xvii. S8. " In Thee we live and move and
have our being."

Grant that we may love Thee with all onr heart, and
mind, and soal, and strength.

Blessed be God, who dealeth with ns with the tea*
derness of a father.

that we may remember that oar Father and oar
inheritance is in heaven !

1 commit myself, and all that belongs to me, to thy
fatherly care and love.

Fsn^, whatever ye ask the Father in my name, he
will give to you.* This is the treat support snd
comfort of sinners. Hear us, for thy 8on*s sake; for
as sinners we Iwve no ri|^ht to ask any favor.

What manner of love is it, that we sbookl be called
the sons of God It


•* Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive honor, and
power, and glory, for Thou hai«t created all things."

*' In this ill my Father glorified, that ye bring forth
much fruit.'*

May thy children have a grt^at regard for every diiiig
thut beloiigR to Thee.

May I never dishonor Thee, O Heavenly Father,
by word or deed.

May I glorify Thee daily by a cood life. Fill my
heart with u great concern and zeal for thy glory."

" • • • • • • Se Lord."

' Let every thing that hath breath praise
" They that honor me, I will also honor.'*
How little have I done to promote tl^ glcfy
be merciful unto me.


May bH the kingdoms of the worfd obey thy law8»
and submit to thv providence, and beoome the king-
doms of the Lord, and of his Christ

Blees the pious endeavors of all diooe wbo-sCnve to
propagate the gospel of thy kingdom.

Vouchsafe to reign in my heart ; and let not Saiao
ever have dominion ois%t me.

Fit ns O God, for the coming of thv kingdene. Mty
I submit and rejoice to be governed by Tooe.

O that thy Holy Spirit may direct and rale my betrt;
subdue in me all pride and covetogsoesst baind, ma-
lice, envy, lust, and til undeannees, and wbatever shdil

I]j^ 1^ 6e doteiA etr(A» M if t|t tt ileiltwi.

1' Them. ivJ>,3. " Thie ielbo «siN of ^Soc^ ovon otr

Thou* best tent tie into tfa*- woridv ool todo ovrowa
will, but thine.

» Johot xvi 23.

tlohn iil. 1.

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O subject my will to thine.
May thy name be honored by the good Uvea of

that I BMrheTe raapeet anto all thy oommaads.
May thy will revealed tone in thy holy WDrd, betbe

rale of my will, of my deaiies, my words, life» and

CNm«s(^ dtnftmrtMifhnad.

John t!. 87. " Labor not for the meat which periab-
eth, but for that meat which endnoBth imta everlasting

Lord, pYe us evenoore this bread. Give us the
necessaries of \\f^ ; but above aU, the bread that nou-
rishet^i to eternal life.

Andforgioe m$ mar intfttuaes a$ ips Jvtgi/ot (Asm thai
toufou agamtt ^$..

Lake vi. 331 " Fovgive, and ye abatt be forgiven."

Grant O Heavenly Father, that I may doae with thia
merciful condition of pardon.

Thon hast been all mercy to me, O God, grant that
I may beso to all otheri.

Blessed be the Lord» who hast put our salvation into
oar own bands. May thy grace, O Father, give me
an heart ever ready to Hirgive.

And Uad m$ not tnU) Umptatum.

1 Cot* 1. 13. "Let him that thinketb be standeth
rjkm) take heed lest he faU.''

Let net a^y confidenee in ourselves provoke Thee,
O God, to leave us to ourselves.

2 Pet, ii. 9. *' The Lord knowetb how to deliver
the godly eat oi' temptation.**

Theu O Fattier, knoweat my infirmities, and the

Kwer of my enemies; be not wanting to me in the
ur of temptation.

Matt. ixvi. 41. " Watoh and pray, that ye enter not
into temptation.

Make me mindAil of my weakneaa, that I may be
more watchful and importune for grace.

Fortify my aoul againat the temptationa of the world,
the fleeh, and the devil, for Jesus Christ's sake.
Bwt ddher u$ Jrom wU^
1 Pet. V. 8. " Be sober, be vigilant, because your
advemry the devil, aa a roarinc lion, walketh about,
seeking whom he may devour.*^

Grant, O Heavenly Father, that this adversary may
never find me off my guard, or from under thy protec-

In all my savinx trials, give me grace and power to
overcome to thy glory.

For tkbrn ii the kUigdam, amitkefowor, tmi the gf^iy,
. for svsr and ever. Amm .

To Thee, to Theeak»De, and to thy Son, and Holy
Spirit^ be gkiry for ever and ever. Amen.


Psal. ezli.2. LetrnfmrMfenbeoetforAimthamght,
moAemceme; and let the Vfim^ Mpcfrnghamiaheaa
ttneeening eeerffiee.

That it hath pleased God to add another day to the
years of my life ; that none of his judgments, to which
for my sins I am liable, have Alien upon me ; that by
his grace he hath kept me fVom all scandakms sins, and
from the dangers of an evil worid ; that he has given
me occasions of doing good, and grace to make use of
them; that he hath supplied me and my family with
the necessaries of this life, and with means of attain-

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