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ing a better '.—Accept, O God, of my unfeigned thanks
lor these, and for aU thy merciee from day to day be-
stowed upon me. Add this to all my favors, I beseech
Thee, that I may never forget to be thankful.

Possess my heart with snch a deep sense of my
obligatkNis to and dependence upon Thee for life,

I and health, and graoe, and nalvation, that religiw,
I may be my delight, as well as my duty.

But that I may aerve Thee with a (^niet mind, foh
give me the thin|p whereof my conscience ia afraid,
and avert the judgments which I have jusdy de-
(•erred. Remember not the offences of my youth ;
and in merey bkit out those of my riper yeeis. par-
don my sins of the day past, and of my life past, and
gnat that they nay nevei rise up.ia.judgment against
me. Amen.

1 John iL 1. "If any man sin, we have an ad-
vocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous,
and he is (he propitiation for our sins."

O most powernit advocate, I put my cause into thy
bauds, let thj^ blood aud OMrits plead ior me : and by
thy mighty intercession, precuro £ok me a fiiU dis-
cWge of all my sins.

John V. 14. "Sin no more, lest a WQcae thing
com* unto thee.**

Lord, the frailty of man without Thee cannot but
fall. In all temptations, tbensfore, I beseech Thee u>
succor me, that no sin may ever get the dominion over

Ptal. xci. 1. " Whoso dwelledi under the defence
of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the

May the Almighty God take me, my fatnily, my re-
lations, my friends, my benefaeton^ and my enemies,
under his gracious protection ; give his holy anj^els
charge concerning us; preserve us from the pnnoe
and powers of dhfkness, and IWnn the dangers of the
night; aud keep os in perpetoal peace and safety:
through Jesus Christ oujr Lord. Amen.

Hear me, O God, not ancording to n\y weak under-
standing, bnt according to the full imporuwce of that
Holy Prayer* which Jesus Christ has taiig||t ui^ and
which I presume to offer :-«•

" Our Father which art in heaven, &e"

OmrFMAerwkkkmtmhet me m^httBowedhetkgmmte,

God will be clorified in the salvation of souls.

If the Almigbty God were not my Fatfier, I might
eipect vengeance instead of mercy.

May I show by my life that God is my father!

Thia earth ia not the inheritance of the children of

Bleased be God, who dealeth not with us with the
authority of a lord over his servants, but with the ten*
dernees of a fiaher over his children.

T%§ kingdom come,
1 own Thee for ray king ; do Thou make and own
me fbr thy faithfbl subject Enlarce thy kingdom, for
the honor of thy great name. May I preeerve thy
kingdom within me, the government or thy Spnit
Bring me into subjection to thyself, fa^ thy graoe.

Thff wUl be done in earth, aeUiein. heann.

That thoo mayeet have a chareh on earth as obedi-
ent to thy wiff as that is in heaven.

O Heavenly Padier, subdue in me whatever is eon-
tmiy to thy holy win. Grant that I may ever study to
know thy will, that I dMy know how to pleese Tme.

Thy will, O God, is the perfection of justice ! let
me never preecribe to Thee what thon ooghtest to
ffiveme. What Thou wiliest, we may be sore, is best
Sir as; we oannot be sore of what we will for our-
selves. Hearken not to the corrapt desires of my
heart, but to the voiee of thy own mercy.

(Hcemthi$da§ oar daU§ bread.

Yee, my God, I will have reooorse to Thee dally;
fbr on Thee I depend daily for life, and brsatb^ and
graoe, and all tfaififB.

Give mo a tmo andentanding and love for thy
Woid, the bread which noarisheth to eternal lifb.

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For Thoo, O Lord, hai taught as, not to seek that
broad which peritbetb, but that which endareth to
eternal life.

And forgWB us omr tnafOiMn as ws forgw than tkat
irtspass mgahui us.

May I ever thow mttvj to men, that I may reeeive
it firom Thee, my God. '

Do I Taloe my aoal, and think due too bard a con-
dition T

Thoa art all merey to me; grant that 1 migr be all-
merdfol to my brethren, for toy aake, O Father.

For thoa knoweat oor infirmitiee, and the power
and malice of oar enemiea.

Then knowest how to deliver the godly ont of

Grant, O God, that I may never run into thoae
temptations, which in my prayers I desire to avoid !

Vonchsafe me the cih of perseverance, on which
my eternal happiness depends.

Lord, never permit my trials to be above my

O Holy Spirit of Grace, be not wanting to me in
the hour of tem|>tation. And, in all temptations, give
ns power to resist and overcome. Leave us not in
the power of evil sphrits to min ns. Support ns un-
der aH our saving trials and troubles.

For tkms is tks kh igdom, akd the passer, amd (fte ghr^,
fir ever tmd aver. Ameu,

Let thy fktherly compassion grant what the Son of
thyldve nas encooraged ns to pray for.

By thy Almighty power, make good whatever is
defeodve in me.


Eodes. zviii 90. B^fsfs judgmmtf ammm fkpssff:
amd M the da§ qf visttatiau Mok a&oft Jimd msrvy.

Discover to me, O Thou searcher of hearts, what-
ever is amiss in me, whether in life or principle.

From sudden, from nnpreoared death, good Li>rd,
deliver me, my famOy, and afl that desire my prayers.
May we never be surprised in sin; and may thy
mero^ supply whatever shall be wanting in .onr pre-
paration tor death.

For mysolf, with the submission of a penitent sin-
ner under the righleons sentence of death passed
npon all mankind, I beg that I may so live, as that I
may witb joy resign n^ life to Thee, O Father, trust-
ing in thy mercy and goodness, and promises in Je-
sus Christ, at the hour of death, and in the day of judg-
ment Amen.

Ephes. iv. 6. " Let not the son go down upon
your wrath."

Lord, grant, that I maj lie down to sleep widi the

me charitable dispositions with which I d


to die.

[ desire and

beseech Thee for all du^t are my enemies, not for
judgment and vengeance, but for mercy, for the remis-
aion of dieir sins, and for their eternal happiness.

PsaLxiii. 3. "Ughtmmjfei/es, Lonl,dtat Islup
wot M deaik.

Deliver me from the terrors of the night, and from
the pestilence that walketh in darkness.

Let my sleep be fVee m>m sin; preserve me, O
Lord, from evil dreams, and evil spirits.

Into thy hands I commend myself, mv spirit, my
•oul, and body, O Lord, thou Goo of truth.

Grant that I may remember Thee npon my bed.

Psal. iv. 0. / vitt laff me dawm m peace, amd take

m$ rest; firit is Ifkm, Lord, atd§ that mtakest ine diosB

May the Saviour and Guardian of my soul take i
under his protection this night and evermore.



A Daa§ Form ef Thamksgmmg.

AunoHTT God, and most inercifal Father* who.
day after day, dost minister to sinful man infinite
occasioiis of praising Thee, aecept of my unfeigned
thanks for all the blessings I have and every day re-
ceive from thy good providence.

That of thine own mere goodneas, and without anjr
merit of mine, or of aqr fbrelatberB, Then hast given
me a being firom honest and religions parents, and
in such a part of the world where the Christian reli-
gion is purely taught, and thy Sacraments duly' ad-

That thoa didst endue me with reason and perfect
aenses; and to make these more oomfortable to me,
didst give me a sound and healthful body.

That Thou gavest me an early knowfedgeof Thee,
my Creator and Redeemer.

That Thou hast pres e rv e d me ever since my birth,
and hast voochsafea me health and liberty, and a com-
petency of means to support me.

That Thou hast redeemed me by thy Son, arid ^^on
me a share in his merits ; sanctified me by thy Holy
Spirit; and has heaped many fovors upon me.

That Thou hast given me honest fiiends to admon
isb, to counsel, to encourage and to support me, by
their interest and advice. -

That Thou hast been my refuge in tribniation, and
my defence in all adversities; delivering me from
dangers, infamy, and troubles. For all known or un^
observed deliverances, and for the guard thy holy an-
gels keep over me, I praiso thy |ood providence.

When I went astray. Thou didst bring me beck :
when I wa^sad, Thoa didst comfort me ; when I of-
fended Thee, Thoa didst forbear and gendy correct
me, and didst long expect my repentance ; and when,
for thegrievousness of my sins, I was ready to dea-
pair. Thou dklst keep me from' utter rain; Tbou hast
delivered me from the snares and assaults 'of the devil ;
Thou hast not only prBS9rved my soul, but m^ body,
from destruction, when sickness and infirmitiea took
hold of me.

O Lord and Father, I cannot render due thanks and
praise for all these mercies bestowed npon me : Such
•as I have I ^ve nee ; and humbly beseech Thee to
aooept of this my daily sacrifioe oC thanksgiving.

Pardon« O God, all my former ingratitude ; and that
I have passed so many days without observing, with-
out admiring, without acknowledging and comessing,
thy wooderml goodness to the most unworthy of thy

For (now I soberly consider my dependence apon
Thee) as thero is no hour of my life mat I do not en-
joy thy favors, and taste of thy goodness, so (if my
frailty wouki permit) I woukl spend no part of my
life without remembering Thee.

Praise the Lord, then, O my soul, and all that is
within me praise his Holy name.

Glory be to Thee, O Lord, my Creator. Glory be
to Thee, O Jesus, my Redeemer. Gloiy be to the
Holy Ghost, my Banctifier, my Guide, and Comforter.

All love, all glory, be to the high and undivided
Trinity, whose worlca are -inseparable, and whose do-
minion endureth world without end. Amen.

When I serioMy consider, great God, my depend-
ence upon thy ProvideuQe, and that the favon and
mercies I have raceived are infinitely more in number
than the acknowledgments I have made, Yam jostly

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athamed of mj incratitade, and afraid lest my an-
tbankfuUMas sDoukl provoke Thee to hinder the cur-
rent of thy bleating from deaoending upon me.

For|ive, O meroifal Father, my paat negHgenoea,
and Gi?e me graee for the time to come tootMerre and
to value thy kindnens, aa becomea one who has reaeived
ao much more than he deaervea.

Pretervein my soul, O God, auch a cooatant and
cle^r senae of my obligationfl to Thee, that upon the
receipt of every favor, I may immedbtel^ turn my
eyea to him from whom oometh my aalvation. That
my manifold blenings may fix luoh ia*tin| impreanona
upon my aeul, that fmay always praise Thee faithfully
here on earth, until it aball please Thee, of thy un-
bounded mercy, to^oall me nearer the place of thy hea-
venly habitation, to praise my Lord and deliverer to all


God has more ways of providing for us, of helping
us, than we can 4>ossibly imagine ; it is infidelity to de-
sire to confine him to oar ways and methods.

Matt rut. 2S. ** Lord, save us, we perish.'*

Nothing can better ezpreas our own inability, and
our whole dependence upon God : two sure conditions
of obtaining oelp.

Since thy mercy, O God, b ever readv to help all
that call upon Tliee in time of distress, let thy good-
ness answer my wants.

Keep me under the protection of thy good provi-
dence,, and make me to have a perpetaal fear and love
of thy holy nan^e, through Jesus Cfbrist •

The more destitute we are of human aid, the more
ought we to trust to that providence which God is
plMsed to exert in extreme necessity. '

O God, give me grace never to condemn thv provi-
dence ; let me adore the wisdom of thy conduct, the
holineas of thy ways, and the power of thy graee.

How many sins sboukl we commit, if God did not
▼onclwifb to oppose our corrupt will I Blessed be his
holy name,'for not leaving me to my own choices.

Psal. xc. 12. '* So teach us to number our days,
that we may apply our hearu unto wiadom."


Blessed be God for my creation and birth : for giving
me a being from honest parents fearing God, and in a
Christian and Protestant country ; for giving me per-
fect members and senses, a sound reason, ana an
healthful constitution— for the meana of grace, the aa-
aistancee of the Holy Spirit, and for the hopes of glory ;
for all the known or unbbserved flavors, |)rovidences,
and deliverances, by which my life hath hitherto been
preserved; moat humbly beseeching Thee, my God
and Father, to pardon my neglect or abuse of any of
thy favors, and that I havtf ao veiy much forgotten
TTiee, in whom I live and move, and have my being.

Good Lord, forgive me the great waste of my pre-
cious time; the many days and years of health, and the
many opportunities of doing good, which 1 have lost;
and give me grace, that for the time to come 1 may be
uoly wiae, that I may consider my latter end, and
wore out my salvation with fear and trembling, ever
femombering tktU tk$ ntfibt camdk leAsn no man earn,
work; and that the d^ <M my death may be better to
me thau the day of my birth.

O gracious God, grant that before Thou takest fhmi
me that breath which Thou gavest me, I may truly re-
pent of \he errora of my life past; that my sins may be
UMTgiven; and my pardon aealed in heaven ; ao that I
may have a place of rest in Paradise with thy faithful
servants, till me general resurrection ; when the good
Lord voufihnie me abetter and an everlasting life,
through Jesus Christ Amen.


Blewed be God, who haa brought me saie to the be-
gmning of another year.

Blessed be God, that I am of the number of those
who have time and space for repentance yet given

My God, make me truly sensible of this mercv, and
^ve me grace to consider oAen how short and how
uncertain my time is ; that there is one year more of a
abort Kfe passed over my head ; and that I am so much
nearer eternity, that I may in good earnest think of
another life, and bd so prepared for it, as that death
may not overtake me unawares.

Lord, pardon all my misspent time, and make me
more diligent and careful to redeem it for the time to
come, and when I come to th^ end of my days I may
look back with comfort on'the*days that are past.
^ Grant that I may begin this new year with new reso-
lutions of serving Thee more faithfully; and if, through
infidelity or negfigence, I forget these good purposes,
the ffood Lord awaken in me a sense of my danger.

My heart is in thy hands, O God, as well as my time ;
O make me wise unto salvation $ that I may consider in
this my day the things that belong unto my peace ; and
that I may pass this, and all the vean I have^et to Kve,
in the conuortable hope of a blessed etenuty, for the
Lord Jesus' sake. Amen.


Amos viii. 4. " When will the Sabbath be gone,
thai we may sell wheat?"

Deliver us, ipracions God, from this sin of covetous-
ness ; from being weary of thy sabbaths, which are
ordained to preserve in our hearts the knowledge of
Thee, and or thy Son Jesus Christ.

O that we may'desire and rejoice in the return of -
this day, and serve Thee faithfuflv on it ; and that we
may enjoy an everlasting sabbath with thy saints, for
Jesus Christ's aake. Amen.

that I may be glad, when they say unto me, Come,
let us go to the house of God!


1 Tim. ii. 1. " I exhbrt, that firrt of all, supplica-
tions, preyen, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be
made fop all men.**

O God, almighty and meroifnl, let thy fatherly good-
neaa be upon aU that Thou hast made.

Have merey upon all Jewa, Turks, infidels, and
heretics; and grant that none may deprive themselves
of that happiness whbh Jeans Christ haa purchased
by his death.

Bleas the pious endeavors of all thoae that strive to
propagate the gospel of Christ: aixl may its saving
tmtns be received in all the world !

Preserve thy Church in the midst of the dangen
that surround it : purge it from all corruptions, and
heal its divisions, tnat all Christian people m^y unite
and love as becomes the disciples of Christ

Grant that all bishops and pastors may be careful to
observe the sacred rites committed to their trust : That
godly discipline may be restored and oountenanoed :

Tnat Christians may not content themselves with*
bare shadows of religion and piety, but endeavor aiWr
that holineas without which no man can see the Lord.

lliat auch as are in authority may covem with truth
and justice ; dnd that Ihoae whooe duty it is to obey,
may do it for conscienoe aake.

Let all that sincerely seek the truth, be led into it by
the Hdy^ Spirit; and to all such as are destitute of
necessary instruction, vouchsafe a greatCE measure ol
thy grace.

Support and comfort all that labor under trials and
afiUctions, all that suflTer wrongfully : and by tiiy mighty
grace succor all tiiose tiiat are tempted.

Give unto all sinners a true aense of their unhappy
state, and grace and strength to break their bonds.

Visit, with thy fatheriy comforts, all auch as are
now in tbeff last sickness, tiiat tiiej omit nodiing dMit
m Mcessary to make their peaee with Thee,

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Be gracioos to all tboss coantries that are made de-
■olate by ^e aword, famine, peatilenoe, or peraeca-
tion. And sanctify the mtenes of thu Ufa, to the
eferlastiog benefit of all tiiat sufier.

Preaarve thia land from the miseries of war; diis
cirarsb from peraecation, and from all wild and dancer-
oas errors ; and thia people from forgetting Thee, their
Lord and Benefactor.

Avert the jtidgmenta whiofa we have joatly deaerved ;
and inercifufly prevent the min that threatens us; and
grant that we may be ever prepared for what thy Pro-
vidence shall bring forth.

Blees aH persons and plaeee to which thy Providence
has made me a debtor ; all who have been inatrumen-
tal to mv good, by their assistance, advice, or example ;
and make me in return nseful to others.

Let none of those who cannot pray for themaelvee,
and deaire my prayers, want thv mercy ; but defend,
and comfort, and conduct them through thia dangerous
world, that wo may meet in paradise, to praise our
God for ever and ever. Amen. *

Enlighten the minda and pardon the aan of all that
err through simplicity.

Lot the wickedness of the widced oome to an end,
but guide Thou the just

Relieve and comfort all that are troubled in mind or
cnbscience ;— all that are in danger of falling into dea-
pair ; — all that are in dangerous error ; — all that are in
prison, iu slavery, or under persecution for a righteous
cause ;-^I that are in any distress whatever, that all
may improve under their sufferinga.

Have mercy upon and reclaim all that are engaged
in ainful courses, m youthful lusts, in onchristian quar-
rels, and in nnrightaous lawsuits.

Direct all that are iu doubt, all that seek the truth.

O Qod the Creator uid Redeemer of ail, have mercy
upon all whom thou hast made and redeemed. Amen.



Luke xxii. 42. NeoerthtUss, twi mff will, hmt tkme he

Goi), who takeet delight in helping the afflicted,
help n soul too often dist r w so d with an inward rebel-
lion against thy just appointments.

WIh> am I, that I shoukl make exceptioni against the
will of God, infinitely great, wise, hmgood !

1 know not the things that are for my own good.
My most earnest desires, if granted, may prove my


The things I complain of and fear, may be the effects
of the greatest mercy.

The disappointments I meet with may be absolutely
necessary for my eternal welfare.

I do therefore proteet against the sin and madness of
desiring to have tny wUl done, and not the wUlef Ood.

Grant gracious Father, that I may never dispute the
reasonablepess of thy will, bat ever okise with it, aa the
best that cen happen.

Prepare me always for what thy providenee shall
bring forth.

Let me never mmrmm ' f be daeeted, or imjwfiswr, n»-
der any of the troubles of this life ; but ever find rest
and comfort in tku, this is the will or mt pathkr.
Alio OF «T God: grant this for Jesus Christ's sake

To the glory of God, and justification of his infinite
Ifood, I do here acknowledge, that in all the dispensa-
tions of providence which have befallen me to tku dw,
however uneasy to flesh and bk>od, I have notwith-
standing, experienced the kindness of a father for his
child \ and am convinced, that it would have been mach
worse for me had I had my own ohokses.

O God, grant that for the time to come I may yield
a cheerful obedience to all thy appototmentik Abmii.

Corrapt nature cannot comprehend that sflKctinm
are the effects of the divine love. It must be thy grucf.
O Lover of Souls, which must work in me this convic-
tion, which I bes eec h Thee to vouchsafe me.

Never set a greater value upon this moM than it

If a man be not eager or positive in his demres, he
will more readily embrace the appointments of Provi-

If we place onr hopes, or our dependence upon the
power, the isisdsm, the cu m mrf , or me uUereM, we have
in man, and not in God only, we shall snrely be disap-

Job ziii. 15. ** Though he slay me, yet will I tnut
in him."

my cmoified Kingand^aviour, let mysabmission
to whatever afflictions shall befall me, for thy sake, or
by thy appointment, be to me a pledge and an assur-
ance of my fidelity to Thee, and conformity to thy

It is a favor to be punished and to suffer in this liCef
when a man makes a ^ood use of his sufferings. But
to suffer by constraint, is to suffer without conuort and
without benefit

Onr union and conformity with the will of God
ought to be instead of aU consolation.

Grant, O God, that I may always acospt of the pu-
nishment of my sins with resignation to thy good plea-

Remember me, O Lord, in the day of trouble ; keep
me from all excess of fear, concern, and aadness.

Girant me an humble and resigned heart, that with
perfect content I may ever acquiesce in all the methods
of thy grace, that I may never frustrate the designs of
thy mercy, by nnreaaonable fears, by sloth, orselAk>ve.

Think often of God, and of hia attribntea, his mer^
cy, compassion, fidelity, fatheriy care, goodness, pro-
tection. Dwell on these thoughts till they produce
such a well-grounded confidence as will support a«
under all dimonlties, and assure ns that he cannot pw
sibly forsake those that depend on him.

When God deprives us of any thing that i« mod
dear to us ; heallli, ease, conveniences of life, frieodti,
wife, children, ^. — we should immediately any,
This is GotTe will; I am by him commanded to part
with so much; let me not therefore murmur or be de-
jected, for then it would appear that I did k)ve that
thing more than God's will.

When God thus visits us, let ns immediately look
inwards ; and lest our sins should be the occasion, let
us take care that we seriously repent, and endeavor to
make our peace with God : and then he will either de-
liver or support ns, and will convince us, that we lof-
fer in justice for our faults; or for our trial, and to huoh
ble ns ; for God's glory, and to sanctify us.

1 Pet V. 6. " Be clothed with humility : for God
resisteth the proud, but giveth grace to the humble."

Give me grace, O God, to study, to love, to adore,
and to imitate that humili^, which thy blessed Son hath
taught ns both by his word and by bis most holy exam-

Ephes. V. 17. ''Understanding what the win of the
Lord is."

To enga^ in any business of importance withoat
knowing this, and taking counsel of God, may cost as

Isaiah xxx. 1. " Wo to them that take coonsel, bat
not of me, saith the Lord."

But then, let a man take heed, that when he ^oes to
inquire of the Lord, he does not set up idol^ in ms ovi-'n
heart, lest God answer him according to his idok. ^

We are to pray for the direocbn of God's Spirit,
upon all great ocoasions; especially, we are honwy

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10 depend on hi§ direction, and cheerfaily to expect it,
which he will nuinifeat, either by some plain event of
bta providence, or by saggeeti ng such reaaona as oa^
to determine the will to a wise choice.

But to roUow the indinationaof the will withont rea-
aon, only because we find oumlvea atronglv inclined
to this or that, is a yery dangerons way, and may en-
gage us in rev dangerooa praotioea.


Death, in a Tery little time, aaj make the master
and the servant eqonl. Let as anticipate Ihia eqnality,
by treating oar aerranta with compassion; having res-
pect to Christ in the person of our servant ; to Cnrist»
who took apon bin tbe form of a servant for onr aakes.

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