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thou gavcst me to do.''

O Liord, the very best of men come infinitely
short of this pattern ; iiow then shall l,an unprofit-
able servant, appear before my Lord and Judge 1

Gen. iii. 15. " The seed of the woman shall braise
the serpent's head."

This, my God, is thy sure, thv eternal promise;
I believe it ; 1 trust in it; I will bold me last by it.

Luke xxii. 42. " Nevertheless, not my will, but
thine be done."

Mav I, O blessed Jesus, when my death ap-
proaches, breathe out my last with these words, and
with the same spirit of submission.


Let ut cast our eyes upon sin, which is the ciuse
of death, and then we shall weep with reason.

Preserve in us a lively sense of the world to

And when I shall not be able to pray for myself,
the good Lord favorably hear the prayers of his
Church for me.

Grant that in the day of the general resurrection,
I may then hear those joyful words of thy Son,—
Came ye bUssed children of my Father ^ inherit the
kingdom prepared for you jrom the begiwUng of the
•world, .

Grant that I may have a perfect conquest over
the world, sin, and death, through Christ, who by
his death hath overcome him who hath the power
of death.

Luke zxilL 43. " This day shalt thou be with me
in paradise."

Oh Jesus, who had^t compassion on this thief,
even at the hour of death, have mercy upon me,
who now repent of all my misdoing. Sufier not
the gates of paradise to be shot against me when I
die^ Thou haU opened the kingdom of himoen to all

Restore my soul, at the great day to life eternal.

Give me the patience of Job, the faith of Abra-
ham, the courage of Peter, and the comfort of Paul,
and a true submission to thy will.

Apply to my soul all the wholesome medicines
of thy oon's passion, death, and resurrection, against
the power of Satan, against all unreasonable fears
and despair, and ease my fearful

Hear the prayers of thy Church for me, and for
all in my condition, for Jesus Christ's sake.

Psa. Ixzi. 9. ** Cast me not away in the time of
•ge ; forsake me not when my strength falleth me."

Grant, O Lord, that the end of my life may be
truly Christian: without sin, without shame, and
if it so please Thee, without pain.

Pm. Ixziii. 96. " My flesh and my heart faileth ;
but Qcd is the strength of my heart, and my portion
for ever."

1 Sam. iii. 18. '! It is the Lord; let him do what
aeemeth him good."

Lord be merciful unto me, heal my soul, for I
have siimed against Thee.

I confess my wickedness, and am sorry for my sin.

For thy name's sake, O Lord, be merciful imto
mysin for it is great.

The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a contrite
heart, and will save such as are of an humble spirit.

Psa. xzxiz. 8. " And now. Lord, what is my
hope J truly my hope is in Thee."

Fsa. ciii 14. " Lord, thou knowest whereof we
are made ; that we are but dust." ^^

Let my misery, my fear, my soivow, move Thee
to compassion.

Despise not, O Lord, the work of thine own

1 freely fergive all that have offended me.

Oh Thou, tiat never lailest them that seek Thee,
have piiy on me.

Nevertheless, though I am sometimes afiraid, yet
put 1 my trust in Thee.

O Lord, I beseech Thee, deliver my soul. Gra-
cious is the Lord, and righteous ; yea, our God is

O go not far from me, for trouble is at hand, and
there w none to help mc. *

The sorrows of my heart are enlarged : O bring
Thou me out of my troubles.

O keep my soul/and deliver me ; let me not be
confoondeci, for I nave put my trust in Thee.

Withdraw not thy mercy from me, O Lord; let
thy loving kindness and thy truth always preserve

O Lord, let it be thy pleasure to deliver me;
make haste, O Lord, to help me.

Show thy servant the light of thy countenance,
and save me for thy mercy's sake.

O deliver me, for I am helpless and poor, and
my heart is wounded within me.

Wherefore hidest Thou thy face, and forgettest
our misery and trouble 1

My God I save thy servant, who putteth his trust
in Thee.

Thou, O Lord, art full of compassion and mercy,
lo ng -suffering, plenteous in goodness and in truth.

When I am in heaviness, I will think npon God;
when my heart is vexed I will complain.

Will the Lord absent himself for ever ? Will he
be no more entreated 1

Hath God forgotten to be gracious 1 And I said,
it is mine own infirmity; but 1 will remember the
years of the right hand' of the most High.

Luke xii. 33. Sell all that ye have^ and give to the
poor. That is, renounce all theplea.sure8 that wealth
affords, rather than defraud the poor and distressed
of their right :— It is utterly impossible to take de-
light in wealth, and love God with all the booI.

Matt XXV. 40. ** For as much (for as oAen) as ye
have done it unto one of the least of these my
brethren, yc have done it unto mc."

As often : — Who then would miss any occasion 1
The least: — Who then would despise any object 1
To me .—So that in serving the poor, we serve Je-
sus Christ. O comfortable declaration !

Mark ix. 41. " Whosoever shall give you a cop
of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to
Christ :— verilv, (with an oath he assures ns,) hfe
shall not lose his reward."

This should always, if possible, be our intention:
This poor, ovpressedy miserable man belongs to Christ.
This would wonderfully enhance the value of oar
good deeds before GKx).

1 Cor. xiii. 3. And though J ftestoie eMmygooislo

feed Ukpoor, and have not cl!arity,Upr^/UeAmemlii^'

If external acts of charity do not proceed from

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eharity, thtt i;^ iVom a lore of Qod, and of oar
neighbor for his sake, they are as nothing in the
sight of God. My Gk)d, poor into my heart the
most excellent piX of charity, the very bond of
peace and of allvirtae.

€kd. yi. 10. " Let us do good onto all men.''

Ete who seeks for Jesns Christ in the poor, in or-
der to relieve and assist Mm, will not be too solicitous
to find any other merit in them than that of Jesus

For our earthly things, O Lord, gire us heaven-
ly i for temporal, eternal.

Luke iii. 11. " He that hath two coats, let him
impart to him that hath none."

That is, let him that hath plenty, and to spare,
of the necessaries of life, let him give to him that

The proportion of charity appointed by God him-
self to nis own people, for the relief of the poor,
was every year a thirtieth part of all their income,
or a tenth every third year.

This was the Jews'^ proportion. He that came
short of this was a breaker of the law, and without
repentance and restitution^ had no hopes of pardon.

The Christian's proportion ought to be greater, as
his hopes and reward will be greater.

We should in all our charities direct our eyes to-
wards Christ and his members; it is this which
heightens the smallest giAs. Men reward what is
done on human motives; GK>d, such as are done for
his sake.

He that for his eood actions expects the applause
of men, runs the hazard of losing the reward of

The poor are, as it were, the receivers of the
rights and dues belonging unto God; we must have
a care of defruading them.

Luke xi. 41. But rather gwe almS of tuck tkmg$a$
pm AoM, (or as you are able,) and autkmg» art dean
to you. That is proportion your alms to your estate,
lest Gh>d proportion your estate to your alms.

It is a necessary Christian duty, (whatever men
think of it) to part with our worldly enjoyments for
the sake of Christ.

The very best of men are only instruments in
GK)d*s hands to receive and to give what God be-
stows upon them. And this they should do, with-
out any desire of glory or self-interest

Let us mak^ light of money and riches, and send
it before us into the heavenly treasures, where
neither moth nor rust doth corrupt; but where it
will be kept, to our eternal advantage, under the
custody of God himself.

Thou, O Lord, hast been all mercy to nte; grant
that I may be all mercy toothers for Christ's nke.

Remember to give to those that are ashamed to
ask ; and do not foriret vour poor relations, lest you
be worse than an infidel.

Rom. xii. 18. " He that showeth mercy, let him
do it with cheerAiUiett.''

The good Lord preserve me from vanity, and
fh>m seeking applause for my charitv.

Not unto me, out unto Thee, O Goa, be the thanks,
and praise, and gloty.

The merits of the poor are not to be the rule of
our charity. God himself maketh the sun to shine
upon the evil and the good.

If we would but moderate our vanity, we should
always have enough for charity.

Send thy blessing upon my substance, and con-
tinue to ifte a willing mind to help such as have
need, according to my ability.

Good advice, and devout petitions, should accom-
piinv oar charity.

O God, who knowest the necesntioi of all thy

creatures, give thy poor the spiritual things they
stand in need of.

Support thy poor members, O Jesus, under all
their difficulties, and sanctify their bodily wants
to the salvation of their souls.

Lord, grant that thej^ may bear their poor estate
with paitience and resignation, and that we may one
day meet in the paradise of Cfod.

Jesus Christ is continually humbled in his mem-
bers ; some are poor, in prison, sick, naked, hun-
gry, &c. Let me, O Lord, see and help Thee in
all these objects.

A man that has faith will be glad to discharge
himself of some part of the burthen of temporal
goodsj in order to secure those that are eternal ; and
to be m some measure the preserver of his brethren.

Psa. cxii 5. A 0ood (a charitable) man will guids
kis affairs with discrHion; that is,ne will cut ofi*
and retrench all needless expenses in apparel, diet,
diversions, Ac that he may give to him that ncedeth.

Let youi alms be in secret as much as may be.

CHiamr; or the love of ood and our NEiaHBOR.

It is but the first essay of charity to give alms.

Whoever shows mercy to men, will certainly re-
ceive mercy from God.

1 John iii. 15. " Whosoever hateth his brother
is a murderer."

A man has already killed him in his heart, whose
life is grievous to him, and at whose death he would

1 John iii. 15. " He *hal loveth not his brother
abideth in death."

Can we believe that it is God that ^aith this, and
delajr one moment to be reconciled 1

It is not enough to love our brethren ; we must
love them upon a principle of iaith, in the name,
for the smke^and as members of Jesus Christ.

Luke vi 37. *' Forgive, and it shall be forgiven

Giye me, O my God, an heart ftiU of Christian
meekness and charity, that I may willingly forget
the vvil I have received, and be always disposed to
do good to others.

We love our neighbor after a Christian manner,
when we love him for Qod*B sake ; and /or God's
sake do him good.


O God the Father of Heaven ; have mercy upon
me, keep and defend me.

O Qod the Son, Redeemer of the world: have
merey upon ine. save and deliver me.

O God the Holy Ghost; have mercy upon me,
strengthen and comfort me.

Remember not, Lord, mine ofienees, nor the of-
fences of my forefathers ; neither take Thou ven-
geance of our sins : Spare us, good Lord, spare thy
people whom thou hast redeemed with thy mont
precious blood, and be not an^ with us for ever.

From thy wrath and heavy indignation ; /Vom the
guilt and burthen of my sins; fh>m the dreadftd
sentence of the last judgment ;

Chad Utrd^ ddivtr Mi.

From the stmg and terrors of conseience ; (Who
impatience, distrust, and despair ; from extremity
of sickness and pain, whicn may withdraw my
mind from God ;

Good Lord deliver me.
From the bitter pangs of eternal death ; from the
gates of hell ; from the powers of darknea: and
frY)m the illusions of Satan ;

Good Lord d^Hiotrme,

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^ By thy manifold and great mercies ; by thy mani-
fold and great merits; byi^ii^c^ooy and bloody
iweat; by thy bitter cross and passion; by thy
mighty resurrection ; by thy glorious ascension and
most acceptable interc^sion; and by the gnc«s of
the Holy Ghost;

Good Lord J ddvDir me.

For the glory of thy name ; for thy ioTing morcy

Chod Lord, delivor me.

In my last and greatest need ; in the bomr of
death; and in the day of jvdigment ;

Good Lord, deliver wu.

As thou hast delirered all thy saints and servmnts
which called upon Thee in their extremity ;

Good Lord, deliver me, — and receive my soul for
thy mercy^ sake.

Be merciful unto me, and forgive me all my sins,
which, by the malice of the devil, or by my own
frailty, I have at any time of my life committed
against Thee.

Lay not to my charge what in the lust of the eye,
the pride of life or vanity, I have committed agamst

Lay not to my charge what, by an angry spirit,
by vain and idle words, by foolish jesting, I nave
committed against Thee.

Make me partaker of all thy mercies and pro-
mises in Christ Jesus.

Vouchsafe mv sool a plaee of rest in the Paradise
of God, with all thy blessed saints ; and my body a
part in the blessed resurrection.

O Lord God, Lamb of God, that takest away the
sins of the world ;

Bave mercy upon me.
Thou that takest away the sins of the world;

GratU wu tkff peace.
Thou that sittest at the right hand ^f Qod :

Have mercf upon m£.

Have mercy upon me. and receive my prayer;
even the prayer which Thou hast taught me ;

Our JF\Uker, wiick art in keaven, ^

O Lord, deal not with me after my sins ; neither
reward me after mine iniquities.

God, merciftil Father, that despisest not the
sighing of a contrite hean, nor the desires of such
as be sorrowful : mercifully assist my prayers which
I make before Thee, at such times especially as I
am preparing for death and for eternity. And, O
Lord, graciously hear me, that those evils, those il-
luaons, and assaults which my great enemy work-
eth against me, may be brought to naught, and by
the providence of thy goodness they may be dis-
persed; that thy servant, being delivered from all
temptations, may give thanks to Thee, with thy
Holy Church to all eternity.— jtineii.

Let us endeavor, bv a timely repentance, to pre-
vent the reproaches which otherwise our consciences
will cast upon ut at the hour of death.


John iii. 16. " God so loved the world, that he
gave his only-begotten Son, that whosoever believ-
eth in him should not perish but have everlasting

1 John ii. 1. " Wc have an advocate with the
Father, Jesus Christ the righteous,"^who came
Iota the world to save sinners,^who died for «s

when we were his enemies, that he might offer w
unto God.

It is onr Judge himself that hath assured us, that
eMtmt aUtf be forgiven umto ike tons of «#».


Take from me all evfl imaginations,— all impurity
of thought,— all inclinations to lust,— all envy, pride,
and hypocrisy,— all falsehood, deceit, and an irregu-
lar life,— all covetousness,[vain-giory, and sloth, — all
malice, anger, and wrath, — all remembrance of in-
juries^— everf thing that is contrary to thy will, O
moKt Holy Grod.

May I never hear with pleasure, nor ever repeat,
such things as may dishonor God, or injure my
neighbor, or my own character.

O give me light to see, an heart to dose with,
and power to do thy will, O God.


Bless me, O God, with the love of Thee, and of
my neighbor. Give me peace of conscience, the
command of my affections ; and for the rest, Tiff
will be done,

O King of Peace, give laa thy peace, keep vs in
love and charity.

Make thysclt, O God, the absolute master of my

They that be whole need not a Physician. It be-
longs to Thee, O Sovereign Physician, to make us
sen^e of our maUidies, and to make us go to Thee
for help. O say unto my soul this word of salva-
tion, ^«^^^» <Aou art made whole.

Without me ye can do nothing. Miserable, indeed,
is he who pretends to walk without Thte. O give
me light to see, an heart to close with, and a power
to do thy will. From thy Spirit I hope to receive
these graces.

John xii. 96. " If any man serve me, let him fol-
low me ; and him will my Father honor."

Let me never flatter mjrself that I serve Thee,
my Saviour, unless I follow thy example at the ex-
p^ise of every thing I love or tear besides. O keep
my heart fixed upon that honor which God ha^i pre-
pared ibr those that follow Thee.

O Divine Spirit, render me worthy <^ thy pre-
sence and consolation.

Fill my heart with an holy dread of thy judg-

Give me a true sense and knowledge of the dan-
ger and the evil of sin; and mav I, with a prudent
moderation only, be concerned ior temporal things.

Jesus (^rist is alwajrs in his temple, and near you,
(if your soul be fit for him to dwell in ;) to Him
apply on all occasions :

As your Muster, for grace U> study, to lovcj and
to follow his instructions. He requires nothing but
what he first practised himself:

As your Lord, that you may love and serv^ hin
faithfully, and fulfil all his commands:

As your Pattern, that you may fbUow his ezaBK
pie. and imitate his virtues:

As your Saviour, that hfr may be your reftige and
confidence, jour strength wd support, your peace
and consolation, your Saviour now and at the hoar
of death :

As your SHg, that he may give laws to year
soul, and that yon may surrender yourself to hi*
commands ; and never rebel, or resist his authoritf :

As your Shepherd. Keep me in thy flock by tty
almighty grace. I am one of the lost sheep whiek
thou camest to seek. Take me under thy care, and
restore me to thy fold. Increase thy flock fi>r the
honor of thy name.

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Let me rather choose to die, than to sin against
my conscience.

I am ashamed to come before Thee, but I mast
come or perish. I know that thou art angry with
me for mv sins, but I know too that Thou pitiest
me, or why do I yet live 1 Make me full of sorrow
for my sin. and fall of hope of thy mercy and par-
don. Look upon the infirmities of thy servant, and
consider his weakness. Sensible of my own sad
condition, weak and miserable, sinful and ignorant,
liable to eternal death, I prostrate myself before
Thee, imploring thy help and pardon.

Gracious God, never abandon me to the o]^x)6i-
tion I shall at anv time make to thv grace.

Blessed be Goa that he has so often directed pae,
and not left me to the desires of my own heart.

Put a stop to the torrent of wickedness and pro-
faneness, which carries all before it.

I confess my sins to Thee, O God ; do Thou hide
them from all the world.

Eternity. Lord, imprint upon my heart a livelv
idea of eternity, that the sorrowful passages of this
life, which are so uneasy and frightful to nature,
may vanish or be borne with patience.

Example Pardon my sin, and forgive all such as
have been misled by any evil example of mine.

Matt. V, 48. "Be jre perfect, even as your Father
which is in heaven is perfect."

O divine repairer 'or our corrupt nature, may thy
all-powerful mce make me as perfect as Thou
kast commanded me to be I

Qodj who hast called me to holiness, give me
m firm faith in thy power through our Lord Jesus
Christ, that by his assistance I may get the mastery
over all my sins and corruptions; that I may be re-
deemed from all iniquity; that I may be holy, as he
-who has called me is holy.

Possess my soul with an earnest desire of pleas-
ing Thee, and with a fear of offending Thee.

Let me be ever ready to forgive mjuries, and
backward to offer any.

Give me, O Lord, faith and patience, that I may
neither murmur at thy appointments, nor be angry
against the instruments of thy justice.

Deliver me from the errors and vices of the age
I live in; from in fideliir, wicked principles, from
profaneness, heresies, and schism.

1 most heartily thank Thee, O (Sod, for thy per-
petual care of me, for all thy mercies bestowed upon
me, for the blessings of nature and of grace.

Grant, O God, that I may never receive thy grace
in vain, but that I may live like one who believes
and hopes for the joys of heaven.

Let me ever be sorry for my sins ; thankful for
thy blessings, fear thy judgments, love thy mercies,
remember thy presence.

Give me an humble mind, a godly fear, and a
qoiet eoasdence. Weaken, O Lord, the power of
salan in this place, and the granny of his ministers.

ur Tfiia OF PBVTHJDfCB oa lUKom

Set thy saving mark upon our hooaes, and give
order to the destroyer not to hurt us.

John xvi. 23. " Verily, verily, I say unto you,
whatsoever ye shall ask the Father in my name, he
will give it you."

Upon this promise, blessed Lord, I depend ; be-
seeching Thee, O heavenly Father, for thy dear
Son's sake, to give me the graces I most stand in
need of.


Voochsafe us those graces and blessings which
Thou knowest to be needful for us, notwithstanding
onr neat imworthiness.

Jhcies. Shut my heart. O Lord, against the love
of worldly riches, lest I betray Thee, as Judas did.

May thy Holy Spirit, O God, fill my heart, that
it may appear in all my words and actions that I
am governed by it.

Xjuke X. 33. " And when he saw him, he had
compassion on him."

O Jesus, the true Samaritan, look upon the
wounds which sin hath caused in my soul, and have
conmassion on me.

May I always resign my will and my desires to
him who knows what is good for us, better than we
ourselves do.


Give me, O God, a sincere love for the truths of
the gospel, a teachable heart, and an obedient will.

Perseverance. Finish, O my God, the works of
mercy and conversion, which Thou hast begun in

Save, O Lord Jesus, a soul which thou hast re-
deemed by thy blood.

There is no merit in me, O Gtod, to attract thy
mercy and goodness, but only my ereat misery and
blindness. May I make a suitable return by an
holv life.

According to the greatness of thy goodness, and
the multitude of thr mercies, look upon me.

Sanctify my soul and body with thy heavenly
blessings, that they may be made thy holy habita-
tion, and that notbinf may be found in me, that
mav offend the eyes of thy majesty.

rrotect and keep me in the midst of the dangers
of this corrupt world ; and by thy light and grace
direct me in the way to everlasting life, through
Jesus Christ.

Morning. I laid me down and slept, and rose
again, for the Liord sustained me. Blessed be the
name of the Lord.

Raise me up. O Lord, at the last day, to life and
happiness everlasting.

Blessed be the Lord for his mercies renewed unto
me every morning.

O that my eyes may ever be fixed upon the ex-
ample that our blessed Liord hath lefl us, and that I
may daily endeavor to follow him Amen.

Night. May the Saviour and Guardian of my
soul take me under his protection this night and

i Cor. vii. 35. " Attend upon Che Lord withom

O holy Spirit of grace, help mv infirmities, that
I may fix my thoughts upon my auty ; and tnat I
may serve Thee with all my heart and mind.

That I may never give way to wandering
thoughts, but watch against them continually.

Look upon me, O D)rd, and pity me; make me
and let me be thine by the choice of my will.

Make me serious and thoughtful at all times, that
I may not fail being so when I attend upon God.

Let not my heart, O God, be inclined to any evil
thing. Keep me, O God, fh>m every thing that
may displease thee. O make me wise unto salva-

Phil IV. 13. " I can do all things through Christ,
which strengtheneth me."

O that I may never forfeit this power by presump-
tion or want of faith.

John XX. 98. " Thomas said. My Lord and my

Thou art, indeed, O Jesos, my Lord, for Thou
hast redeemed me by thy precious blood: Thou art

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my Grod, for I am dedicated to Thee, and sanctified
by ihy Spirit.

Acts ii. 44. " And all that believed were together,
and had all things common.''

May Qod grant, that as we are all members of
the same body, have one and the same Father, the
tame Savioar, the same Spirit, and hope to meet in
the same paradise ; that we may live m unity and
godly love, and be charitable according to oar abi-

The ^^ood Lord grant, that in the day of Christ I
may rejoice that I have not ran in vain, nor labored
in vain.


Our Faiher, which art in Heofomi,

I BESiECH thee, O heavenly Father, not for myself
only, bat for all thy children, that we may all live
worthy of the relation whicii we bear to thee ; that

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