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i^eerage of Cnglanb:









rninted for f. c. and j. rivington, otridge and son,
j. nichols and co. t. payne, wilkie and robinson, j.
Walker, clarke and sons, w. lowndes, r.lea, j, cuthell,
longman, hukst, rees, okme, and co. white, cochrane,
and co. c. law, cadell and davies, j. ilooth, crosby
and co, j. murray, j. mawman, j. booker, r. scholey,
j. hatchard, r. baldwin, cradock and joy, j. faulder,
gale, curtis and co. johnson and co. and g. robinson.


T, r.ensley, Priuter,
Bolt Court, Fleet Street, London.




/■^^ Page

Carteret, Lord Carteret 1

<3 Eliot, Lord Eliot 3

V) Bulkeley, Lord Bulkeley S

Cocks, Lord Somers 19

ry Parker, Lord Boringdoji 28

\ Hill, Lord Berwick 33

, Button, Lord Shei-horne - Sp

1 Gordon, Lord Gordon 50

Scot, Lord Montagu of Boughton 5/

' -' Douglas, Lord Douglas of Amhreslury , (since extinctj 58

Beresford, Lord Tyrone 74

^ Boyle, Lord Carlton 101

't Harbord, Lord Suffield 107

'\ Carleton, Lord Dorchester 109

S Eliott, Lord Heathfield 119

'^ Kenyon, Lord Kenyon • • 127

' — Curzon, Baroness Howe • • • 1 33

Neville, Lord Braylrooke 153

Amherst, Lord Amherst l6l

Chichester, Lord Fisherwick 177

Grimston, Lord Verulam 20^

Douglas, Lord Douglas of Douglas 227

Gage, Lord Gage 249

Douglas, Lord Douglas of Lochleven 271

Th(Urlow, Lord Thurlow 284

Eden, Lord Aukland 287

Fitzpatrick, Lord Upper Ossory 293

Phipps, Lord Mulgrave 311

Lyttelton, Lord Lyttelton 310


Title. Henry-Frederick Carteret, Baron Carteret, of Hawncs,
in the county of Bedford.

Creation. Baron Carteret, of Hawnes, in the county of Bed-
ford, January 2C)th, 1784, 24 George III.

Arms. Quarterly, first and fourth Gules, three clarions, or
claricords. Or, for Granville; second and third. Gules, four fusils
conjoined in fess. Argent.

Crest. Above a wreath a mount, thereon a squirrel sejant,
cracking a nut, all proper.

Supporters. Two winged stags. Gules, attired, Or.

Motto. Loyal devoir.

Chief Seat;



This family flourished for eight or ten generations in Devonshire,
before they transplanted themselves rnto Cornwall, and had
matched into several considerable families in that county; as the
Sigdens, Cotlands, Bonviles, Sumasters, Fitz, Careswells, &c.
Anno 1433, Walter Eliot was returned among the gentry of

And to this fanoily, as it should seem by the arms, was allied,
Sir IliCHARD Eliot, made by King Hen. VIII. one of the Justices
of the King's Bench, who by his will, dated 1520, bequeathed his
body to be buried in the cathedral of Salisbury,^ of which church
Robert Eliot died Sub-dean, anno 1502,''

The pedigree entered in the visitation of Cornwall, made in
1620,*^ commences with

John Eliot, who by his wife, Jane, daughter of John Bonvile,
of Shute, in com. Devon, was father to

Edward Eliot, of Cutland, in that county, who married Alice,
daughter of Robert Guye, of Kingsbridge, and had issue two

First, John Eliot, nf St. Germains, in Cornwall, whose first
wife was Grace, daughter of John Fitz, of Tavestock, in Devon-
shire j and his second, Mary, daughter of John Bruin, of Pli-

Second, Thomas Eliot, married to Joan, daughter of John
Norbrooke, of Exeter, by whom he had issue four sons; First,
Richard. Second, Hugh. Third, Walter. And, Fourth, Ed-
ward. Also an only daughter, Alice.

a Willis's Notitia Parliamentaiia, Vol. II. p. 144.

* Antiquities of Salisbury, p. 307. <= C. I, in Coll. Arm.


Richard Eliot, the eldest son and heir of Thomas, purchased
the site, &c. of the priory of St. Germain's, to which he gave the
name of Port Eliot/ where he lived with great hospitality,=
He was buried in St. Germain's church, June 24th, 1609, leaving
by his wife, Bridget, daughter and coheir of Nicholas Carswell,
of Hache, an only son.

Sir John Eliot," Knt. born and baptized at St. Germain's, April
20th, 1500; who became a gentleman commoner of Exeter Col-
lege, Oxford, in 1607, where he continued two or three years,
and then removed to the inns of courtj and May 10th, 16I8, re-
ceived the honour of knighthood from King James I. was elected
representative for the borough of Newport, in Cornwall, to the
last parliament of that reign, and was re-elected to the first par-
liament of King Charles I. which being soon dissolved, he was
chosen for St. Germain's to the ensuing parliament, and in 3 Car. I.
was Knight of the shire for Cornwall,

Sir John being a great opposer of the court, was appointed by
the House of Commons one of the managers of the impeachment
of the Duke of Buckingham, for which he, with .Sir Dudley
Diggcs, the other manager, were committed prisoners to the
Tower, but were soon after releasedj on March 1st, 162S, Sir
John Eliot, and other members of the House of Commons, were
committed close prisoners to the Tower, for refusing to answer
before the Privy Council for what was said or done in the Parlia-
ment j and on May 29th following, an information was exhibited
against them in the Star Chamber, for their undutiful speeches in
the late Parliament j in Michaelmas term following, upon an infor-
mation in the King's Bench, they pleaded to the jurisdiction of the
court, but were over-ruled, and afterwards adjudged to be impri-
soned during the King's pleasure, to give security for their good
behaviour; and Sir John Eliot was also fined two thousand pounds:
they were afterwards offered to be released on their making sub-
mission, which they refused, and Sir John Eliot died in the Tower,
and was buried in the chapel there.

By the inquisition taken after his death, it appears that he died
November 27th, 8 Car. I, 1032, leaving John, his son and heir,
then twenty years and forty days old.^ Sir John married Redi-
gund, daughter and coheir to Richard Gedy, Esq. by whom he
had several sons and two daughters] the eldest of which was

^ Not. Pari, praedict. e Carew's Survey of Cornwall, p. 109.

* Inquis. post Mort. in Cur. Ward.


Elizabeth, wife to Colonel Nathaniel Fiennesj second son of Wil-
liam, the first Viscount Say and Sele.s

Nicholas> his Jourth son, was ancestor to the present Peer.

John, the eldest son and heir, was baptized at Port Eliot,
October ISth, 16"12. He represented the borough of St. Germain's
in 15 Car. L and the two first Parliaments of Car. IL and was
buried near his grandfather, in the south ayle, or nave, of St.
Germain's church, March 25th, l685, leaving an only son and

Daniel Eliot, who represented the borough of St. Germain's
in several parliaments, and was buried among his ancestors, Oc-
tober 2Sth, 1/02, leaving an only child, Catharine, married ia
I/O/, to the learned antiquary, Browne Willis of Whaddon Hall,
in Buckinghamshire, Esq.'' By his will he bequeathed his estate,
in order to keep up the name of his family, to Edward Eliot,
grandson to Nicholas Eliot, fourth son of Sir John Eliot above-

Which Edward Eliot, Esq. (grandson to Nicholas Eliot be-
forementioned), represented St. Germains in Parliament, from 1^05
to 1714, was elected for Lest vvithel in 17I8, was appointed one
of the commissioners of the Excise in 172O, and chosen for Les-
kard in September 1722, but died the same year without issue,
and was succeeded by his brother,

Richard Eliot, of Port Eliot, Esq. who was elected to par-
liament for St. Germain's in 1/33, for Leskard in 1741, and again
for St. Germain's in 1747j he was also Auditor and Receiver-
general to the Prince of Wales, and died November ipth, 1748,
aged about fifty-three, and was buried at St. Germain's. He mar-
ried March 4th, 1726, Harriot, natural daughter of the Right
Honourable James Craggs, Esq. Secretary of State in the reign
of King George I, and by her (who was re-married November
14th, 1749, to the Honourable John Hamilton,'' brother to James,
Earl of Abercorn), had issue three sons and six daughters. The
jons were.

First, Edward, first Lord Eliot.

Second, Richard, who entered into the royal navy, and died
under age.

S See Vol. VII. art. Say and Sele.'
h She died, October 14th, 1724, aged thirty-.'bur, and was burled at BleachJey.

i Not. Parliam. praedict.
^ By whom she was mother of the present Marquis of Abercorn. See Vol. II.
P- 534-


Third, John, who was a Captain in the navy, and died Gover-
nor of West Florida, unmarried.

Anne, the eldest daughter, married Hugh Bonfoy, Captain in
the navy.

Harriot, the second daughter, married Pendock Neale, of
Tollerton, in Nottinghamshire, and died without issue 17765
Augusta and Hester, the third and fourth daughters, died infants;
Elizabeth, fifth daughter, was wife to Sir Charles Cocks, of Dum-
bleton, in Gloucestershire, Baronet, afterwards Lord Somers, and
died 1771 j 3nd Catharine, the youngest daughter, is unmarried.^

Edward, first Lold Eliot, born July 8th, 1727, W'as on
his father's death chosen representative for the borough of St.
Germain's, and constantly sat in Parliament, either for the county
of Cornwall, or some borough therein, till his advancement to the
peerage by patent, dated January 30th, 1784-, whereby he was
created Baron Eliot, of St. Germain's, in Cornwall, and to the
heirs -male of his body; his Lordship is also Receiver-general of
the Duchy of Cornwall.

His Lordship was married September 25th, 1/56, to Catherine,
sole daughter and heir of Edward Ellison, of South Weald, in
Essex, Esq. (by a daughter of Edward Gibbon, Esq. a South-Sea
Director,' and grandfather of the late historian), by whom he had
issue four sons.

First, Edward, died an infant.

Second, Edward-James, born July 1758, elected M. P. for St.
Germain's 1780; and for Leskard, 1784, 1790, 1796; made a Lord
of the Treasury, July 13th, 1782; and again December 17th, 1783,
which appointment he held till 1793.'" He died during his father's
life, in September 1797> having married Lady Harriot Pitt, daugh-
ter of William, first Earl of Chatham, and by her (who died Sep-
tember 25th, 1786), had issue a daughter, born September 20tb,
1786, who married Lieut. -Colonel Pringle of the Foot-guards.

Third, John, present Peer.

Fourth, William, born April 1st, 1766, married, first. Lady
Georgina-Augusta Levcson Gower, daughter of Granville, first
Marquis of Stafford (by Lady Susan Stewart), Avho died in 1806;
and, secondly, February 13th, I8O9, Letitia, eldest daughter of Sir
W. P. A. A'Court, Bart, who died in child-bed in January 1810,
of twins, who died. In 1798, he was Envoy to the States Gene-

1 See Gent. Mag. 1797, Part II. for pedigree of Gibbon.
"' In 1794 he accepted a Troop in the Cornwall Fencible Cavalry.


ral; and in l/Q^^ Envoy Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to
Bavaria; and has lately been appointed a Lord of the Treasury.

His Lordship, in 17^9> assumed the name and arms of Craggs^
and dying February 28th, 1804, was succeeded by his eldest sur-
viving son,

John, present and second Lord Eliot, who was born Sep-
tember 2Sth, 1761 ; and married, September 8th, I79O, his rela-
tion, Caroline Yorke, sister to the present Earl of Hardwickej
but has no issue.

His Lordship, while a younger son, was brought up to the Bar j
and while a Commoner, represented in parliament Leskard, and
St. Germain's.

Title. John Eliot, Baron Eliot, of St. Germain's, in the
county of Cornwall.

Creation. Baron Eliot, January 30th, 1/84, 24 George IIL

Arms. Argent a fess. Gules, between two bars gemelles wavy.
Azure, Eliot; but at present uses the arms of Craggs.

Crest, On a wreath an elephant's head coupt Argent, collared

Supporters. Two eagles reguardant, with wings expanded,
proper, and charged on their breasts with an ermine spot.


Chief Seat. Port Eliot, in Cornwall, which was formerly the
Priory of St. Germains.




This ancient and noble family, as appears by a curious illumi-
nated pedigree in his Lordship's possession, is descended from

Robert Bulkeley, Esq. Lord of the manor of Bulkeley, in
the county Palatine of Chester, in the reign of King John, and
was succeeded therein by his son

William, who had five sonsj

First, Robert.

Second, Willock, of Petty Hall, in Cheshire, whose son, Ri-
chard, married Mary, daughter of Hugh Venables, Baron of Kin-
derton, and had an only son of his own name.

Third, Roger, of Orton Madock, in Cheshire.

Fourth, Ralph, seated at Rudal Heath, in the same county,
but died issueless.

Fifth, David, from whom the Bulkeleys of Bickerton, in
Cheshire descended.

Robert Bulkeley, of Bulkeley, Esq. the eldest son, married a
daughter of Thomas Butler, Baron of Warrington, in Cheshire,
by whom he had two sons.

First, William, his heir.

Second, Peter, ancestor to the Bulkeleys, of Wore, in Shrop-
shire j and Broxton, in Cheshire.

Also four daughters 5 viz. Alice, married to Weaver;

Maud, to ■ Hampton; Janet, to John Larkton; and Mar-
garet, to Griffith Vichan ap Jer Griffith ap Jerworth Goch.

William, the eldest son and heir of Robert, was living at
Bulhley, in the year 1302, and was twice married : first, to Maud,
daughter to Sir John Davenport, Knt. j secondly, to Alice, daugh-
ter 6r Vrian(or JSryan) St. Piere.


By the latter wife, he had one son, Richard, to whom he gave
the manor of Prestland, in Cheshire, wheretipon he assumed that
surname, which his descendants continued to use.

The issue by tbejormer venter were, five sons.

First, William, living at Bulkeley in 1314; but his line ter-
minated in a granddaughter, Alice^ wife of Thomas Holford, of
Holford, in Cheshire, Esq.

Second, Robert, ofivhom presently.

Third, Roger, to whom his father gave the manor of Nor-
bury, in Cheshire, which became the surname of his descend-

Fourth, Thomas, seated at Alpraham, in Cheshire, in right of
his wife, Alice, daughter and coheir of Matthew Alpraham, of
Alpraham, by whom he left a daughter and sole heir, Hellene
married to Sir Thomas Ardern, of Aldford, in Cheshire, Knight.

Fifth, Peter,

Robert Bulkeley, second son of William, became seated at
Eaton, in Cheshire, which he had of his father's gift. He waa
Sheriff of the county in 1341, and married Isabel, daughter of
Philip Egerton, of Malpas, in Cheshire, and had by her a daugh-
ter. Cicely, married to Thomas Weaver, of Cheshire, and had
two sons.

First, Robert, from whom the Bulkeleys, of Eaton and Bur-
gate, in Cheshire.

Second, Richard, ancestor to Lord Bulkeley. Which Richard
married Agnes, daughter and coheir to Roger Chedel, of Chedel,
in Cheshire, and had with her that estate in which he was suc-
ceeded by his only son,

Richard, who took to wife Alice, daughter to Sir Ralph Bos-
tock. Knight 5 and had,

William Bulkeley, of Chedel, Esq. who, in the reign of
Henry VI. being Constable of Beaumaris, in the Isle of Anglesey,
hindered the Duke of York from landing there in his return from
Ireland, to join the Earl of Warwick against the King. He mar-
ried Ellen, daughter to Guilliam ap Griffith, of Pentrie Esq. and
died in 1484 (2 Richard IIL), leaving issue six sons, and four
daughters; viz.

First, Rowland, his heir, who was seated at Beaumaris.

Second, William, of Burgat, in Hampshire (who, by the
daughter and heir of Sir John Popham, had Robert his heir, who
married Ann, daughter of John Poyntz, of Acton, in Gloucestes-
shire, Esq. and had issue three sons; of whom, Robert, tlie eldest,


living in 1565, married Joan, daughter to William Gascoigne, of
Carrington, Esq.

Third, Hugh. Fourth, Richard. Fifth, Edward (or Ed-
mund), who died young. Sixth, William.

The daughters were, Janet, married to Hugh ap Llewellin ;
Ellen, to Robert ap Meredith; Agnes, and Alice.

Rowland Bulkeley, of Beaumaris, Esq. the eldest son, mar-
ried Alice, daughter and heir to William Beconsal, of Beconsal,

in Lancashire. Esq. by his wife , daughter and heir of

Ashton, and had issue five sons, and two daughters; viz.
First, Richard, his heir.

Second, William, from whom the Bulkeleys, of Porthamel, in
the Isle of Anglesey.

Third, Hugh. Fourth, Henry. Fifth, Robert.
Ellen, wife of Sir William Norreys, of Speake, in Lancashire,
Knight; and Margaret, married to George Booth, of Dunham, in
Cheshire, Esq.

Sir Richard Bulkeley, the eldest son, succeeded his father,
Rowland, at Beaumaris, was honoured with knighthood, and made
Chamberlain of North Wales in 1534 (26 Henry VIIL) being
then twenty-eight years old: he married Catherine, daughter of
Sir William Griffith, junior, of Pcnrhyn, in the county of Caer-
narvon, Chamberlain of North Wales, and had by her two daugh-
ters; Eleanor, married to John Ardern, of Ardern, in Cheshire;
and Jane, married to Maurice Wynn (or Gwynn), of Gwyther,
in Caernarvonshire, Esq. also four sons ;
First, Richard.

Third, Rowland. Third, John. And, Fourth, Thomas.
Sir Richard Bulkeley, of Beaumaris and Chedel, the eldest
son, was knighted in 15/6, represented the county of Anglesey in
several parliaments in the reigns of Queen Mary and Queen Eh-
zabeth, to the latter of whom he proved an excellent soldier and
faithfiil servant on many occasions, and was also Chamberlain of
North Wales.

He married to his first wife, Margaret, daughter of Sir John
Savage, of Rock Savage, and Clifton, in Cheshire, Knight.

And to his second, Agnes (or Ann), daughter of Thomas
Nedham, of Shavington, in Shropshire, Esq. and had issue by
both venters.

But we shall first treat of the descendants of the latter mar-
'riage, the issue of which were eight sons, and two daughters j


First, Launcelot. Second, Arthur. Third, Tristram, who all
died young. Fourth, George. Fifth, Edward, who both died

Sixth, Launcelot, Archbishop of Dublin, of whom pre-

Seventh, Arthur, Vicar of Coydan, in 1596 (who married
Jane, daughter and heir to Rhyse Wynn, ap Willi sm, ap Price,
of Coydan, and had issue William 3 Thomas, who marritd Eliza-
beth, daughter to John Brereton, of Eglesham; and Catherine,
wife to Peter Hanmer, of Carvalach, Esq.; William, the eK:er
son of Arthur, married, first, Agnes, daughter of William Wil-
liams, of Cogwithlan, by whom he had two sous, William, and
Arthur; and, secondly, Ann, daughter to David Lloyd, ot Lloyd-
yard, in Anglesey, by whom he had a daughter, Ann; William,
who succeeded at Coydan, married, first, Margaret, daughter of
Richard Parry, Bishop of St. Asaph, by whom he had four sons,
and one daughter; viz. Richard, ancestor to the Bulkeleys, of
Coydan; Rev. Launcelot Bulkeley; John, Charles, and Ellen;

and by his second wife , daughter of Gayner, he had

two daughters, Mary, and Catharine.

Eighth, Tristram, youngest son of Sir Richard, married Ann,
daughter of Jenkyn ap Griffith ap Lhuellin, and had two sons,
and four daughters; John, who died without issue; William,
who married Ann, daughter and heir to Owen Griffith, of Drevanj
Agnes, wife to Hugh, second son to Pierce Lloyd, of Gathodogej
Mary, Jane, and Jannet.

Sir Richard's two daughters, by his second wife, were, Grizel,
married to Sir Henry Power, of Bersham, in Denbighshire, Con-
stable of the castle of Maryborough, Knight Marshal of Ireland,
Governor of Leix, Privy Counsellor, and created Viscount Va-
lentia; she died September 8th, l641, and was buried in St. Pa-
trick's church, Dublin; and Mary, married to James Eaton, of
Dudleston, in Shropshire, Esq.

Dr. Launcelot Bulkeley, the sixth son of Sir Richard, was ad-
mitted a Commoner of Brazen Nose College, Oxford, in 1587,
the eighteenth year of his age, and taking his degree of M. A. in
J593, was on the 13th of November, in that year, ordained Dea-
con, and the same day instituted to the rectory of LlandyfFnan, to
which was added, on the -1th March following, the rectory of Llan-
degvaine, otherwise Beaumares, of which Lord Bulkeley is patron;
on March 25th, 1594, he was admitted into priest's orders; after
which, being made Archdeacon of Dublin, he took the degree of


D. D. in that university j and by letters patent, dated August
11th, 1619, was promoted to that archiepiscopal seej soon after
•which, he was sworn of the Privy Council; and on April 15th,
1624, appointed one of the Commissioners for the preservation of
the peace in the provinces of Leinster and Ulster, during the Lord
Deputy Falkland's absence, to visit the new plantations in the
north : he died at his palace of Tallaght, September 8th, l650. in
the eighty-second year of his age, and was buried in St. Patrick's
catliedral. He married Alice, daughter of Rowland Bulkeley, of
Beaumares, Esq. and had issue by her, who was buried with him
in February \654, two sons and two daughters j viz. First. Rev.
William Bulkele}', Archdeacon of Dublin. Second, Rev. Richard
Bulkeley, D. D. of Eawne, who died about the commencement
of the troubles in l641 (leaving three orphans under the tuition
of their uncle, William) j Mary, married to William Bulkeley, of
Porthamel, Esq. ; and Grisild, to the Rev. Dr. Ambrose Aungier.
William Bulkeley, D. D. Archdeacon of Dal I'm, lived at Miltown,
which, with many other houses and castles, belonging to the Pro-
testant nobility and gentry in the counties of Dublin and Wick-
low, were burnt in 1 641, to prevent the English from planting
any garrison in those parts; and it appears from the depositions,
concerning the murders and losses of the Protestants, that he also
lost in rents, 5301. a year; in stock, 4501. in buildings at Old
Bawne, which were wasted and destroyed 30001.; in rents, tythes,
&c, at Dunlavan, and elsewhere, 63151.; that his father, the
Archbishop, lost in cattle, houses burnt, and rents, 370I.; and the
orphans of his brother, 5051. 18s. He was a person of great
virtue and piety; one who made it bis only employ to serve the
xhurch, and his diversion to improve and adorn his estate with
plantations, whereby, from a rude, desolate, and wild land, he
brought it to be a most delightful patrimony. He married Eli-
zabeth, daughter to Henry Mainwaring, of Kilkenny, Esq. one
of the Masters of the High Court of Chancery, in Ireland; she
brought into this family divers castles, houses, and gardens, near
to and within the precinct of the Dominican abbey of Black
Friars, in Kilkenny; the impropriate rectories of Bananogh,
otherwise called Castledough, Dysert, and Kilferah, with the
glebes thereof, &c. in the county of Kilkenny. He made his
will, December 3d, 1670, and died the year following, at the age
of seventy-three; having had issue three sons, and three daugh-
ters; viz. First, Sir Richard, his heir. Second, Arthur, who died
unmarried in J 666. Third, Lancelot, who died a bachelor; the


daughters were, Alicia, married to Henry Martin, Esq, son and
heir to Anthony Martin, Bishop of Meathj Mary, wife of Lan-
celot Dowdall, of Mountown, in the county of Meath, Esq. 5 and
Agnes, first married to Edward Chichester, Esq. grandson to Ed-
ward, Viscount Chichester j and, secondly, to Roger Masterson,
of Prospect, and Monyseed, in the county of Wexford, Esq.
Which Sir Richard, who succeeded at Old Bawne, was also
seated at Dunlavan, in the county of Wicklow. He obtained a
grant, dated March 24th, 1661, for a weekly market, and two
fairs to be held in the year, at Dunlavan, where he had a good
estate; and being a man of great merit and goodness, was created
a Baronet of Ireland, by patent, December yth, l682. In 1(550,
he married, first, Catharine, daughter and coheir of John Bysse,
Esq. Chief Baron of the Exchequer, in Ireland, and by her, who
died in 1664, the twenty-first year of her age, had two sons, Ri-
chard and John; his second wife was Dorothy, daughter of

Whitfield, Esq. by whom he had no issue; and he dying in
1635, she re married with William Worth, Esq. Baron of the
Exchequer, in Ireland, and died, January 12thj 1/01, and was
buried in St. Patrick's church, Dublin.

Sir Richard Bulkeley, second Baronet, the eldest son and
heir, had his education in the universities of Dublin and Oxford,
and took the degree of A. B. in the latter. May 21st, l6S0. He

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