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of Pembroke August 21st, 17S6, 26 Geo. Ill,

Arms. Argent, crusuly fitchee, three fleurs-de-lis and a border
ingrailed, sable.

Crest. On a wreath, a drag6n's head, erased or, with a spear
broken through his neck, gules, the point, argent, thrust through
his upper jaw.

Supporters. Two angels, proper, in silver vestments, with
golden hair and wings, each holding in his exterior hand a sword
erect, of the first.

Motto. Tandem fit surculus arbor. But his Lordship
now uses. Nil nisi cruce, the motto of his mother's family.

Chief Seats. Curraghmore in the county of Waterford, a
noble seat, sixty-three miles from Dublin. Walworth in the
county of Londonderry, adorned with the fiinest plantations in
the north, 112 miles from Dublin.




Under the \.\i\e o( Lord Boyle of Marston, vol. vii. it appears
that Roger, first Earl of Orrery, had a younger son, Henry

This Henry Boyle, second son, was seated at Castlemartyr in
the county of Cork J and being an active asserter of the protes-
tant interest in the province of Munster, he was very obnoxious
to the Irish government; so that, February 26th, 1688, he was
besieged in his house of Castlemartyr, by General M'Carthy, with
a strong body of horse, and two field pieces. Being determined
to defend the castle, he had collected about 140 gentlemen and
servants, but being persuaded to use no resistance, he surrendered
on the General's promise, that neither their persons nor estates
should be molested 3 without the least regard to which promise
the next morning the General caused the house to be plundered,
and conveyed, in a disgraceful manner. Captain Boyle and his
family to Cork. After some confinement he removed with his
family in May 1689, to England, to avoid the troubles then in-
creasing in this kingdom; for which he was attainted by the Irish
parliament, and had his estate sequestered. But being made
lieutenant-colonel to Duke Schomberg's regiment of horse, he re-
turned to Ireland, contributed much to the honour gained at the
river Boyne, where his colonel was slain; and afterwards going
into Flanders died there in 1693, leaving issue, by Lady Mary
O'Brien, daughter of Murrogh, the first Earl of Inchiquiiij four
sons and two daughters, viz.


First, Roger, who died unmarried in 1705.

Second, Henry, who was created Earl of Shannon.

Third, Charles, sometime Captain of the Strombolo man of

Fourth, William, captain in Duke Schomberg's regiment of
horse } July 14th, he was appointed a commissioner of appeals in
Ireland. In 17 11 he married Martha Beaufoy, daughter and
heiress to Sir Samuel Garth, Knight, physician general to the
army : he died in September 1725, leaving issue by her (who
March 7th, 1737, re-married with Mr, Graham, of London,
merchant) two sons and three daughters, viz. Henry, captain of a
troop of horse, who died at Bath February 14th, 1756 j and Ro-
bert, who being dead, his estates in the counties of Oxford, War-
wick and Bucks, devolved on his sisters; Beaufoy, who, June 11,
1736, married John Wilder, of Shiplake in the county of Oxford,
Esq. ; Henrietta, married, Decembtir Qlh, 1736, to William
Nichols, ofFroyle, county of Bucks, Esq.; and Elizabeth, born
in 1715, and married, October gth, 1736, to Matthew Graves, of
Chiswick in Middlesex, Esq. whose daughter married, in August
1760, to William Bainbridge, of Huglescoate-grange, in county
of Leicester, Esq.

Daughter Elizabeth, married, in 1709, to Brettridge Badham,
of Rockfield in the county of Cork, Esq. but had no issue 3 and

Margaret, married to Joseph Deane, Esq. * and died in July

' HENRY,^r^/ Earl of Shannon y succeeded his father at Castle-
martyr ; in October 1715, he was chosen knight of the shire for
Cork, which county he represented until he was advanced to the
peerage \ April 13th, 1733, he was sworn of his Majesty's privy-

a He was grandson of Joseph Deane, of Cromlin near Dublin, Esq.
whose son Joseph, by Elizabeth, (daughter of Dr. John Parker, Archbishop
of Dublin, J whom he married in 1673, was October 14th, i7i4» appointed
chief Baron of the Exchequer, but died May 4th, 1715, and was buried in the
Earl of Cork's vault at St. Patrick's, Dublin, leaving five daughters, his co-
heirs, viz. Elizabeth, marridd to Lord Doneraile; Anne, first wife to Arthur
Hill, Esq. created Lord Dungannon; Mary, married, in 1725, to John Bourk,
created Earl of Mayo ; Catherine, December i7ih, 1735, to John Lysaght,
created Lord Lisle; and Margaret, married, April 7th, i73»2, to John Fitz-
Gerald, of Innishmore in Kerry, Esq. M. P. for Dingle, and by him, who died
in June 1741, had two sons and two daughters, M;aurice, born in 1733; Jo-
seph, and Margaret, both deceased; and Elizabeth, married, in October 175s,
to Richard Townsend, of Castle Townsend, in the county of Cork, Esq,
(Chancery pleadings )


council ; October 4th following, he was made choice of by the
House of Commons to be their Speaker, and November ipth,
was appointed Chancellor of the ExcHEauER, which, No-
vember 6th, ^735, he exchanged with Dr. Marmaduke Cogbill,
for the employment of a commissioner of his Majesty's revenue,
but resigning that in March l/Sp, he reassumed, April 11th, his
place of Chancellor of the Exchequer. May 3d, 1734, he was
sworn one of the lords justices of Ireland, and filled that high
otBce fifteen several times, viz. on said May 3d, May l^th, 1/36,
May 28th, 1/38, April 18th, 1740, February 18th, 1741, De-
cember 3d, 1742, April I2th, 1744, April 25th, 1746, April 20th,
1748, April 20th, 1750, May 27ih, 1752, May 10th, 1758, IVLiy
20th, 1760, May 3d, 1762, and May 15th, 1764. '" On account
of his long and eminent services in the station of Speaker to the
house of commons, his Majesty King George II. wus pleased,
April 13th, 1750, to grant to him and his representatives for the
terra of thirty-one years from Lady-day last preceding, the an-
nual sum of 2000/. B By privy-seal bearing date March 15th, ''
and by patent April 17th, 1756, ' he was created Baron of Cast le-
martyr, Viscount Boyle of Bandon, and Ear/ of Shannon, by which
latter title he took his seat in the house of peers, 26th of that
month)'' May 3d, same year, his Lordship was appointed go-
vernor of the county of Cork, during the absence of the Duke of

He married, first, Catherine, daughter of Chidley Coote, of
Killester, Esq. 5 she died without issue May 5th, 1725, and was
buried at Ballyclogh in the county of Cork, on the south side of
which church is a monument erected to her memory. ' He mar-
ried, secondly, in September 1/26, the Lady Henrietta Boyle,
youngest daughter of Charles, the third Earl of Cork, and by her,
who died December 13th, 1746, and was interred in the Earl of
Cork's vault in the cathedral of St. Patrick in Dublin, had issue
one son, who died an infant, five other sons, and three daughters,

f See a sliort sketch of the mode in which the Irish government was
conducted at this time, in a masterly tract of the late Iiarl of Macartney, in
his Works.

s: Pension List.

h Rot. Pat. de Ao. 290. Geo. II. 4:1. p. f. R. 25.

i Idem. p. 26. k Lords' Jour. vol. iv p. 60.

1 See Smyth's Cork, vol.i. p. 306,


First, Richard, Viscount Boyle.

Second, Henry, who assumed the name of Walsingham, was a
captain in Lord George Sackville' s regiment of horse, married
Lucy, eldest daughter of John Martin, of the city of Dublin, Esq.
and deceasing at Bristol, March 27th, IJdQ, left issue by her (who
remarried with James Agar, of Gowranin the county of Kilkenny,
Esq. created Fiscount Clifden, and died July 36th, 1802) an
only son Henry, born June 12tb, 1753, and deceased in June

Third, William, who died April 13th, 1740, and was buried
at Finglass.

Fourth, Charles, born in May 1/34, was a cornet of horse,
and aid-de-camp to his father as a lord justice. He died at Bristol
June 6th, ]758,

Fifth, Robert, born in March 1736. On the death of his
nephew Henry, he took the surname of JVahingham, represented
the borough of Dungarvan in the parliament of Ireland, and that
of Knaresborough in the British parliament. In October 1779,
he commanded his Majesty's ship the Thunderer in the West
Indies, when he perished, with all his crew, in a violent hurri-
cane. He married, July l/th, 17^9, Charlotte, the only surviv-
ing coheir of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams, Knight of the
Bath, by Frances, second daughter and coheiress of Thomas Earl
of Conyngsby, and by her, who died in 1790, had issue a son
Richard, born in 1762, who died at Bristol October 13th, 1788}
and Charlotte, now Baroness de Roos, for whom see vol. vi.

Sixth, daughter Lady Juliana, married to Somerset-Hamilton,
Earl of Carrick, and died February 22d, 1804.

Seventh, Lady Mary, baptized August 13th, 1731, and died
April 11th, 1740.

Eighth, Lady Jane, baptized September 22d, 1737> and died
April 23d, 1748.

His Lordship died at his house in Henrietta-street, Dublin,
of the gout in his head, September 27th, 17^4, in the eighty-
second year of his age, and was interred in the Earl of Cork's
tomb, in the choir of St. Patrick's cathedral, being succeeded by
his only surviving son,

Richard, the second Earl of Shannon, and first Lord
Carlton, who was born January 30th, 1727> 'was chosen to par-

m Lodge.


liament in 1/40, for the town of Dungarvan, and in 1761, for the
county of Cork. He sat first in the house of peers on the death
of his father, October 22d, 1765. " In 1766, he was appointed
master-general of the ordnance, in which office he was suc-
ceeded, in 1770, by Charles Earl of Drogheda, " and sworn of his
Majesty's most honourable privy-council. Li December 17S1,
he was appointed one of the vice treasurers of Ireland. On the
first institution of the order of St. Patrick, his Lordship was ap-
pointed an original knight companion of that illustrious order ;
appointed governor of the county of Cork, and in September
1786, his Majesty was pleased to grant to him and his heirs male
the dignity of a Baron of the kingdom of Great Britain, by the
name, style, and title of Loud Carleton, Baron of Carleton
in the cofinty of York.

On December 15th, 1763, his Lordship married Catherine,
eldest daughter of the late Right Honourable John Ponsonby,
brother to William, late Earl of Bessborough, and by her Lady-
ship, who was born April 29th, 17^7> had issue two sons, and
two daughters 5 the elder of whom died young ; and the younger

First, Henry, Viscount Boyle, present peer.

Second, Lady Harriot, married, February J 2th, 17S4, Francis
Bernard, Esq. now Earl of Bandon.

His Lordship dying May 20th, I8O7, was succeeded by his
only surviving son,

Henry, present and third Earl of Shannon, and second
Lord Carleton.

His Lordship was born August 8th, 177^^ and mnrried, June
pth, 1798> Sarah, fourth daughter of John Hyde, Esq. of Castle
Hyde, and has had issue

Richard, died an infant.

And four daughters.

Titles. Henry Boyle, Earl of Shannon, Viscount Boyle of
Bandon, and Baron of Castlemartyr j and Baron of Carleton in
the county of York.

Creations. Earl of Shannon, Viscount Bandon, and Baron of
Castlemartyr in the county of Cork, April l6th, 1756, 29 Geo.
II, ; and Baron Carleton of Carleton in the county of York Sep-
tember ] 787, 26 Geo. III.

n Lords Jour. vol. iv. p. 341, « Beatson's Index.


Arms. Parti per bend crenelle, argent and gules.

Crest. A lion's head erased, parti per bend crenelle, argent
and gules.

Supporters. Two lions, parti per pale, the dexter gules, the
sinister of the second and first.

Motto. Spectemur agendo.

Chief Seat. Castlemartyr in the county of Cork, 123 mile?
from Dublin.



HarbordHarbord,' of Gunf on in Norfolk, Esq. elected member
of parliament for that county 1728, died in January 1742, having
had issue

A daughter and heiress, married to William Mordeic,
Esq. who had by her a son and heir.

Sir William (MordmJ Harbord, who succeeded in 1742 to
the estate of his maternal grandfather, and assumed the name
of Harbord in conformity to the will of his said grandfather.

He was elected a Knight of the Bath in May 1/44, by the
name of Sir William Harbord; and created a £aront'/ March
22d, 1745.

He represented Berealston in Devonshire, 1734, 1741, I747.

He married Miss BrititFe,'^ by whom he left issue

Sir Harbord Harbord, second Baronet, and first Lord
SuFFiBLD, born January 26th, 1734, who during his father's life
was elected member of parliament for the city of Norwich, 1755,
1762, and 176s J and again after his father's death in 17/4, 178O,
and 1784.

He married, October 27th, 17t)0, Mary Assheton, daughter
and coheir (with the wife of Sir Thomas J£gerton, Bart, now Earl
of Wilton) of Sir Ralph Assheton, of Lancashire, Bart.

a Sir Charles Harbord was M. P. for Launceston in Cornwall, 1660, 1661,
1678- William Harbord was M- Pfor the same in 1688; and appears also
to have been returned in the same year for Thetford, co. Norf-

b Robert Britiffe was M. P. 1722, and 1727 ; and died 1749, aged near


He was elevated to the peerage August 8th, 1/85, by the
title of Lord Suffield, of Suffield in Norfolk.

He died February 4th, 1810, aet. seventy-seven, having had
issue by his Lady aforesaid,

First, Charles, born July 12th, IjQl, died an infant.

Second, Mary, born November 11th, 1763, married, August
12th, 1733, Sir George Armytage, of Kirklees in Yorkshire, Bart,
and died August 13 th, 179O.

Third, William Assheton, prese7it peer.

Fourth, Louisa, born September 29th, 1767-

Fifth, Catherine, born June 24th, 1773; married, October
igth, 1802, John Petre, Esq.

Sixth, Edward, born November 10th, 1792, barrister at law,
and member of parliament for Yarmouth in Norfolk, married,
ISO9, Georgina, only child of the present Lord Vernon.

William Assheton, eldest son, succeeded as second Lord

His Lordship, while a commoner, was returned in 1790
member of parliament for Luggershall in Wilts; and in I8O6,
for Plympton-Earle, com. Dev.

In 1794, he raised the Norfolk regiment of fencible cavalry.

His Lordship married, on June 4th, 1792, Lady Caroline
Hobart, second daughter and coheir of John, second Earl of Buck-

Titles. William Assheton Harbord, Lord Suffield and Bart,

Creations. Baron Suffield of Suffield in Norfolk, August 8th,
1786; and Baronet March 22d, 1745-6.

Jrms. Quarterly azure and gules, an Imperial crown, or, be-
tween four lions rampant in saltier, argent.

Crest. On a chapeau, gules, lined ermine, a lion couchant,

Supporters. On the dexter a lion, ducally collared with a
chain ; on the sinister a leopard guardant, ducally collared also^
and chained.


Chief Seats, Gunton and Blickling* in Norfolk.
» Formerly the Hobart seat.




This is an ancient family who removed from the north of Eng-
land to Ireland.

Their ancestor Baldwin was father of Jhffkky de Cahle-
xov, whose son

Odard De Carleton had issue

Henry De Carleton, father of

Gilbert De Carleton, whose son

William De Carleton, by Helen, daughter of , had


Adam De Carleton, living 15 Edw. I. who by Sarah, daughter
of Adam, of Newton, was father of

John De Carleton, 22 Edw. I. who by Dorothy, daughter of
Henry Brougham, had issue

Thomas De Carleton, 19 Edw. [I. who by Joan, daughter of
Roger De Lancaster, was father of

John De Carleton, 30 Edw. III. who died before 17 Rich. IL
leaving by Margaret^, daughter of John De Morton (who was
alive in 1384),

Thomas De Carleton, 22 Rich. IL 8 Hen. IV. and 27 Hen.
VI. who married Alice, daughter and heir of Gecrge Dawbury,
of com. York, and had issue,

Thomas De Carleton, born 1 Hen. VI. who died 11 Hen.

VIII. having married a second wife, daughter of Col-

lison 3 but by his first wife, Agnes, daughter of Thomas Wy-
beigh, of Clifton, com. Westmoreland, he was father of

Thomas De Carleton, born about the 20th of Edw, IV. uha


died 4th of Philip and Mary, leaving by Mabel, daughter and co-
heir of Carlisle, of Carlisle com. Cumberland,

First, Thomas Carleton, of Carleton, born 1547, died 15Q%>
aged fifty-one, who by Barbara, daughter of Hugh Lowther, of
Lowther, com. Westmoreland, had two sons, first, Sir Thomas
Carleton, of Carleton, Knight, died s, p. about l638, having naar-
ried Elizabeth, daughter of John Strelly, of Woodborough, com.
Notts, relict of Marmaduke Constable, of Wassand, com. York j
second, Gerard Carleton, died in the lifetime of his elder brother,

having married Nichola, daughter of Elliot, of Redhugh

in Scotland, by whom he had Sir "William Carleton, of Carleton,
com. Cumberland, Knight, aged fifty-eight, on March 25th,
\QQ5, who had two wives ; first, Dorothy, daughter of Sir Chris-
topher Dalston, of Acorn-Bank, com. Westmoreland, by whom
he had a daughter Mary, aged eighteen, in 1665 j .secondly, Bar^
bara, daughter of Robert Delaval, of Cowpen, com. Northumb.
by whom he had a son Robert, aged eight years in l665, and a
daughter Alice.

Second, Launcelot Carleton, his second son, of Brampton-*
Foot in Gillesland, com. Cumberland, born in 1549, He settled
afterwards at Rossfad near Inneskillen in Ireland ; and died in
l6l5, aged sixty-six. He married Eleanor, daughter of Kirkby,
of Kirkby, com. Lancaster, and had issue.

First, Launcelot, of whom presently.

Second, Ambrose Carleton.

Third, Thomas Carleton, equerry to King Charles L who, by
the daughter of Graham, had John Carleton, Gent, who died July
20th, 1703, aged sixty-seven, and was buried at Pancras, having
married Susanna, daughter of Sir Hugh Ackland, Bart, who died
February 5th, 1696, aged sixty-two.

Fourth, Roger.

Fifth, Charles.

Sixth, Guy Carleton, born at Brampton Foot in Gillesland,
about 1604, made Dean of Carlisle in August 166O, elected Bishop
OF Bristol February llth, 167I, translated to the See ofCni'
CHESTER, January 8th, 1678, died at Westminster July 6th, 1685,
and buried at the cathedral of Chichester.* He left three

daughters J Elizabeth, wife of Swinho ; Prudence, died

unmarried ; and Hester, wife of George Vane, Esq.

Lancelot Carleton, o£ Rossfad, eldest son, died in the civil

» See an account of him in Wood's Ath. vol ii. p. ix68.


wars in the service of King Charles I. having married Mary,
daughter of William Irvine, of Castle-Irvine, com. Fermanagh,
Esq. by whom he had two sons.

First, Lancelot, of whom presently.

Second, Christopher, of Market-Hill, com. Fermanagh, who
died about 1716, having married Anne, daughter and heir of the
Reverend George Hamilton, rector of Devenish, &c, com. Fer-
managh, by whom he had issue, first, Alexander Carleton, of
Carleton, in the commission of the peace for that county and for
Meath, died November 13th, 1745, s. p. : second, George Carleton,
of Market-Hill, com, Fermanagh, sheriff of the county of Mo-
naghan, and in the commission of the peace for the county of
Fermanagh, married Catherine, daughter of John Creighton, of
Aughlane, com. Fermanagh, Esq. niece to Sir Robert Creighton,
Bart, son of William Creighton Earl of Dumfries, by whom he
had, first, John Carleton, married, but died s. p.; second, Alex-
ander Carleton, of Dublin, Esq, barrister at law, having, in 17/1,
married Evelyn, daughter of Gilbert Pepper, of com. Meath, Esq.
(by whom he had George James Carleton, eldest son, a lieutenant
of marines; William Carleton, Esq. second son, died s. p. ; and
John, third son) : third, Christopher Carleton, of Market-Hill, in
the commission of the peace for the county of Fermanagh, mar-
ried Henrietta Maria, daughter of Colonel John Creighton, by
whom he had an only son, George, who died young ; and three
daughters and coheirs; viz. Henrietta, died unmarried; Vin-
centia, living unmarried 1/71 ; and Mary, married Henry Pieslej
Le Strange of Moyston, King's County, Esq. : fourth, William
Carleton, of Inniskilling, Esq. in the commission of the peace for
the county of Fermanagh aforesaid ; fifth, George Carleton, A.M.
late chaplain to the sixty-seventh regiment of foot. Lancelot
Carleton, A.M. their uncle, (third son of Christopher and Anne
Hamilton) was chaplain of a regiment of dragoons in Spain, and
rector of Padworth, com. Berks; and dying October 14th, 1/30,
was buried at Padworth, having married Barbara, daughter of
Thomas Twitty, of Clanes, com. Wore, who died in London, and
was buried at St. Luke's church, Middlesex, By her he had issue
Alexander Carleton, of London, citizen and banker, his only
child, born at Padworth, who died May lOth, 1775, unmarried,
and was buried at Islington.

Lancelot Carleton, of Rosfad ('eldest son of Lancelot and
Afary Irvine) was in the commission of the peace for Fermanagh,
and high sheriff for that county about 1683. He was also high


sheriff for the county of Donegal in iGsd ; and died about 1693.
He married Mary, daughter and heir of John Cathcart, of the
county of Fermanagh, Esq. by whom he had six sons, viz.

First, Lancelot Carleton, of Rossfad, Esq. a captain in the
ninth regiment, and high sheritf of com. Fermanagh ; died un-
married about 1700.

Second, Guy Carleton, of Rossfad aforesaid, Esq. high sheriff
of com. Fermanagh about IJlSj ^nd in the commission of the
peace; died 1731, having married Mary, daughter of Major
Brook, by whom he had Guy, and Lancelot, who died young j
and Mary, wife of Philip Perceval, of Temple House, com. Sligoj
Sarah, wife of Arthur Cooper, of Tansie Fort, com. Sligo, Esq. ;
and Jane, wife of Colonel Henry Richardson, of Rich Hill, com.

Third, Christopher, of whom presently, as father of Lord

Fourth, Charles, died in England unmarried.

Fifth, John, an officer in the Queen's army, died of his wounds
in a battle in Spain.

Sixth, William, a lieutenant in Cope's dragoons, died un-

Christopher, third son, already mentioned, was of Newry,
com. Down, Esq. and died in Ireland about 1738, having mar-
ried Catherine, daughter of Henry Ball, Esq. of com. Donegal,
who died in Ireland about 1757. By her he had three daughters,
and four sons ; viz,

Catherine, married^ but died without issue.

Anne, married John Rotton, of Dublin, Esq.

Conally, youngest daughter, married Crauford, of


The sons were.

First, William Carleton, captain in the royal Irish regiment of
foot, drowned at sea about l/^S, married the daughter of

, of com, Devon, who was drowned at sea with her
husband ; and by her had issue, first, William Carleton, born in
17-^5, a lieutenant in the fifty-seventh regiment of foot, died at

sea unmarried, about 1/65 ; second, a daughter, married

Starling, Esq.j third, Christopher, born at Newcastle upon-
Tyne in 17-19, a lieutenant-colonel in the army, died at Quebec
inl787, s. p. having married, at St. George's Hanover- Square,
Lady Anne, second daughter of Thomas Howard Earl of Effing-
ham ; and sister to Lady Dorchester.


Second, Lancelot, a lieutenant in General Blakeney's regi-
ment in Jamaica, died in tiie expedition under Wentworth, about
1/41, unmarried.

Thiird, Guy, Lord Dorchester.

Fourtli, Thomas, lieutenant-colonel of the twenty-ninth regi-
ment, and lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick, a general in
the army, colonel of a battalion in the sixtieth regiment of foot,

married the daughter of Van Horn, of New York j and

widow of Foy, an officer of artillery, by whom he has

had issue William, and two daughters.

SiK Guy Carleton, third son, first Lord Dorchester,
was born at Strabane in Ireland, September 3d, 1724; and em-
bracing a military life, was captain-lieutenant, and lieutenant-
colonel of the first regiment of foot-guards.

On June 18th, 17 ■'^7, he was appointed lieutenant-governor of
Quebec; and on February ipth, I7G2, was brigadier-general in

In November 1766, he was appointed colonel of the forty-
seventh regiment of foot. On April 2d, 177'^> ^^s arrived at the
rank of major-general ; and May 28th following, was nominated
Governor of Quebec ; and was supposed to have been instru-
mental in passing the celebrated Quebec Bill, for the government
of that settlement.

In 1775, the American war broke out; and General Carleton
had a field for the display of his military talents. The Congress
having resolved to resort to arms, began soon to turn their eyes

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