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Parliament of Ladies, l647, 4to. 5 second. Shuffling, Cutting,
and Dealing in a game of Picket, ^c. \Q5Q, 4to, ; third. The Isle
of Pines, l66S, 4to. ; fourth, Plato Redivivus, 168I, Svo. : of all
which publications see more particulars in Wood's Athence. He
also wrote the Preface to Machiavel's IVbrks, 16/4, and 168O,
Svo. &c. He was likewise the author of several copies of verses,
printed in several books, which with some people obtained him
the name of a poet. He lived twenty years before his death in
lodgings in Silver-street, near Bloorasbury-market ; and dying on
September 20th, l604, was buried at Warfield in Berkshire. '^ He
married Elizabeth, sole daughter of Richard,^ and niece and heir
of Edward, Staverton, ot Heathley-Hall in Warfield, aforesaid.

Richard Neville, of Billinghere, Esq. eldest son of Sir Henry
(by Elizabeth Smith), was justice of the peace, and deputy lieu-
tenant of the county of Berks ; and was aet. forty-eight, on March
28th, 1QQ5. He married Anne, eldest daughter of Sir John
Heydon, of Baconthorpe com, Norfolk, Knight, lieutenant of the
ordnance to King Charles I. By her he had issue two sons and
five dau£;hters.

The former were J first, Anne, born February 14th, 16A7,
married Richard Rainsford, of Dallington com. Northampton,
chief justice of the King's Bench ; by whom she had issue Anne
Rainsford, sole heir, who died 1/07, having married James,
second Loi-d Griffin, of Braybiooke, who was buried at Dingley co.
Northampton, Oct. 31st, \7\5, having issue, Edward, third Lord
Griffin, whodied 1/42, without surviving issue : and two daughters:
Elizabeth, eldest sister and coheir, married, first, Henry ;_ Neville)
Grey, Esq. hereafter mentioned j and, secondly, John Wallop,
Earl of Portsmouth, but died s. p. 1/62 : Anne, second daughter,
and at length sole heir, married William Whitwell, of Otindle
com. Northampton, Esq. of whose issue a more particular account
is given in -vol. vi. under the title of Howard of JValderi. His son
Sir John Griffin (Whitwell), Lord Howard of Walden, was
created by patent dated September 5th, 1788, Baron of Bray-
BROOKE in the county of Northampton, to him and the heirs male
of his body; and in default of such issue, to Richard Aldworth
Neville, Esq, of Billinghere in the county of Berks, and to the
heirs male of his body lawfully begotten.

Second, Mirabel Neville, born November 15th, 1050; third,

e Wood's Ath. vol. ii. p 918.
f He died 1636. Sen his epitaph in Ashmole's Berks, vol. ii. p. 441.


Elizabeth, born May Gth, l657 ; fourth, Catherwe, born June
23d, 1659.

Fifth, Frances Neville, born May igtb, l665, married Sir
Richard Cocks, of Dumbleton com. Gloucester, Bart, and died
February 1st, 1/23-4, set. sixty. See her epitaph at Dumbleton,
in BiglancTs GIouc. vol. i. p. 502.

John Neville, son and heir, born July 23d, l652, seems to
have died without issue.

Richard Neville, of BiUinghere, Esq. second son, born Oc-
tober 12th, 1655, represented Berkshire in parliament till I/IO.
He married Catherine, daughter of Ralph Grey Lord Grey, of
Wark, sister to Ford, Earl of Tankerville j *" and by her had issue
two sons and a daughter; viz.

First, Gkey Neville, born September 23d, 1 681, and married
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Boteler, of Woodhall com. Hertf.
but died in 1723, s. p.

Second, Henky Neville, born August 17th, l683, took the
name of Grey by net of parliament pursuant to the will of his
uncle Ralph Lord Grey. He died in 1740, s. p. having married
Elizabeth, already mentioned, eldest sister and coheir to Edward
third Lord Griffin ; who surviving him remarried John Wallop,
Earl of Portsmouth, but died 1/62, s. p. and was buried near her
first husband at Lawrence Waltham.

Third, Catherine Neville, died in 172O, and was buried at
Ruscorabe, Berlvs, having married Richard Aldworth, s of
Stanlake com. Oxf. Esq. who died in May 1/38, leaving issue

Richard Neville Alowoeth, of Stanlake aforesaid, only
son, born September 3d, 1717? took the surname and anus of

f See vol. V, art. Earl Grey.

g There was a family of this name seated at Wanting, Berks, of whom
was Thomas A Idworih, of Wanting, xt. thirty-three, 1664, who by Margaret,
daughter of 7 homas Castle, of Wanting, was father of Thomas Aldworth,
set. twelve, 1664.

Richard Aldworth, of Newmarket, com. Cork in Ireland, was chief Re-
membrancer of the Exchequer, and married, 1677, Mary, daughter and heir
of William Crofton, of Temple-House, com. Sligo, Esq.

Sir Richard Aldworth, of Newmarket, was Provost Marshal, and Vice-
President of the Province of Munstcr; and from him descended Richard .Aid-
worth, of Newmarket, M. P. for Lismore, who by Elizabeth, daughter of
Arthur St Leger, Viscount Doneraile, had St Leger Aldworth, second son,
>^ho took the name of St. Leger, and was created Baron Doneraile 1776, and
Vhcount Doneniile 1785. See ArchdalF s Irish Peerage, vo!. vi. p. 122.

Richard Aldworth. of Hinton-Fipard in Wilts, Gent was buried at Ru»-
combe, March 15th, 1638. See Aibmile's Berh, vol. ii. p 400.


Neville (on the death of Elizabeth Countess of Portsmouth), by
his Majesty's licence dated August 30th, I762, He was appointed
under secretary of state in 1/48 ; secretary to the embassy at the
court of France August 1762 ; and minister plenipotentiarj'^ there
in 1763. He was member in four successive parliaments from
1747 to 1774, for Wallingford, &c. ; and dying July 17th, 1793,
was buried at Ruscomb in Berks; having married Magdalen,
daughter of Francis Callandrini, first Syndic of the Republic of
Geneva, who died June 17th, o. s. 1 75 0, aged thirty-two, and
was buried at Ruscombe aforesaid. By her he left one daughter
and one son ; viz.

Frances Neville, born June 23d, 1749, married at St. Mary-
le-bone in l/Q'i, to Francis Jalabert, of Crouchland com. Sussex,
Esq. ; and

Richard Aldworth Neville, present and second Lord
Br Aif BROOKE, only son and heir, born in Duke-street, West-
minster, July 3d, 1750, N. S. Member of parliament for Read-
ing, Berks, from 1792, till his accession to the peerage.

In May 2.5th, 1797. on the death of John Lord Hovi^ard, of
Walden, and Lord Braybrooke, he succeeded to the latter
Barony, according to the limitation already mentioned, at p. I07.

His Lordship is now lord lieutenant of Essex, &c.

His Lordship married at Stow, com. Bucks, June 19th, 1780,
Catherine, youngest daughter of the Rt. Hon. George Grenville,
and sister to George, now Marquis of Buckingham 3 and by her,
who died November dth, 179^* ^nd was buried at Lawrence*
Waltham, has had issue six sons and four daughters : viz.

First and second, two male infants, died the day of their birth,
March 2d, 178I.

Third, Catherine, born February 23d, 1782, in Pali-Mall, and
baptized there.

Fourth, Richard, son and heir, born September 26th, 1783,
at Stanlake, and baptized at Ruscombe. He is now member of
parliament for the town of Buckingham.

Fifth, Frances, born June 5th, 1/85, died May 8th, 17S6, and
buried at St. James's, Westminster.

Sixth, Mary, born at Stanlake, August 5th, 1780, and bap-
tized at Ruscombe; married, April 11th, I8O6, Sir Stephen
Richard Glynne, of Hawarden Castle in Flintshire, Bart.

Seventh, Henry, born in Pall-Mall, March 1st 1788; a cap-
tain in the fourteenth dragoons, died in Spain, August 1809, after
the battle of Talavera.


Eighth, George, born at Stanlake August 17th, lySQ, baptized
at Ruscombe.

Ninth, Caroline, born in the parish of St. George Hanover-
square, October 6th, 1792.

Tenth, William, born in the parish of St. George Hanover-
square, June nth, 1796.

Title. Richard Aldvvorth Neville, Baron of Braybrooke in
the county of Northampton.

Creation. Baron of Braybrooke by patent September 5th,

Arms. First and fourth, sable, a griffin segreant argent, beaked
and langued, or 5 second and third, gules, a saltier argent, charged
with a rose of the field, and a crescent for difference.

Crest. On a wreath, a talbot's head, erased sable.

Supporters. Two lions regardant argent, maned sable.

Motto. Ne vile velis,
■ Chief Seats. Audley End near Saffron Walden, Essex ; Bil-
llngbere, Berks.




The family of Amherst, as is proved by a pedigree, collected
from ancient evidences (preserved in the Heralds Office, London)
is descended from Saxon original. =*

In the 22d year of the reign of King Richard the Hd. John
Amherst was living at Amherst, in the parish oi Pehenhury, alias
Pejnhury, in the county of Kent,

He was succeeded in that estate by Thomas, his son and heir,
who was father to

Thomas, of the same place, who was succeeded there by his
son and heir,

A third Thomas, father of

a " Hamo, Lord Marourd, Blen, Lavington, Estrusted, Biersted, now
called Blasted, Nettlested, Ditton, and other lands in the county of Kent ;
was sherift'of that county at the time of the general survey, made by order of
William the Conqueror, and entered in Doomsday-book, which is still pre-
served in the Exchequer. He continued sheriff to the middle of the reign of
King Henry T. for in the year 11 Ji, Hugh, Abbot of St. Augustine's, granted
Bodebham and Smetheham to Hamo, and at the same time Hamo made a
grant of other lands, in the town of Fordwich, to the said Abbey.

The records of Christ Church, Canterbury, and the deeds of the hospital
of St. Laurence, prove, that one of the name of Hamo held the lands above-
mentioned in the reigns of King Richard I L and King John.

Hamo, Kishop of Rochester, founded an hospital at Hythe, for ten poor
men : he likewise built the palace at Hailing, for the use of his successors in
that see.

Hamo de Herst is mentioned by Philipot, page 5, to be flourishing in
the second year o; King Edward III. In the next reign of Richard II the
name appears, by record, to be then wrote Amherst of Amherst, they
having dropped the Norman de, and the aspirate H." This sort of deductien
must stand on the credit of the last editor !



A fourth Thomas, whose son and heir,

Richard, ^ had three sons j first, Richard 3 second, William j
and third, JefFery, ancestor of Lord Amherst.

First, Richard Amherst, Esq. the son, was seated at Bay-
Hall, in Pehenhury, alias Pemhury, in the county of Kent, which
estate he purchased,*^ and at Lewes in the county of Sussex-
Having applied himself with great assiduity, to the study of the
laws, he was called to the degree of serjeant at law, and was made
Serjeant to Queen Elizabeth ; he was also high steward of all the
manors, lands, and possessions within the county of Sussex, be-
longing to Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset, Lord High Trea-
surer of England, which Earl, by his will ^ dated Aug. 11th, I607,
therein styling him his beloved friend, bequeathed to him forty
pounds. He was founder of the alms-houses at Pembury, where
he was born. His will bears date August 8th, l630, and the
probate thereof May 3d, l632.

By his second wife, Margaret, youngest daughter of Sir Tho-
mas Palmer, of Wingham, in Kent, Knt. and Bart, and sister to
Sir Roger Palmer, Knight of the Bath, and Baronet (who survived
him) he had two daughters j Frances, living unmarried, at the
visitation of the county of Sussex, in 1634; and Margaret, mar-
ried to Sir James Colebrand, of Lewes in Sussex, Bart.

And by his first wife, Anne, who was the daughter and coheir
of William Reyncs, of Mereworth in the county of Kent, Esq. he
had a daughter, Anne, baptised at Pembury, January 1st, l602-3,
and an only son,

Richard Amherst, of Bay-Hall aforesaid, Esq. who was bap-
tised at Pembury, May 17th, 1600, and dying, August 29th,
1664, was buried in the chancel of the parish church of Pembury,
as was his wife Dorothy, on July igth, 1 654; she was daughter
of John Craddock, of Ludesdown, and of the parish oflghtham in
Sussex, Gent, descended from the ancient family of Craddock,
alias Newton, of the county of Somerset, and on a grave-stone in
the said chancel, are these inscriptions :

b From the same ancestors, as it seems, are sprung the Amhersts of West
Farleigh and Boxley, in Kent ; whose ancestor was Nicholas Amherst, temp.
Jam. I.

Nicholas Amhurst, the poet, was born at Marden in Kent, the grandson
of a clergyman. He died April 27th, 1743. See B'wgr. Diet. vol. i. p. 3 19.

c Of Robert Sackville, Earl of Dorset, in the seventh of King James I.
Hasted't Kent, vol. ii. p. 358.

d Ex Regist. vocat. Dorset, qu. I. in Cur. Praerog, Cant.


Among the remains of the dead, lies interred here, the
body of Richard Amherst, late of Bay-hall, in the
county of Kent, Esq. who departed this life on the 29th
of August, 1664, in the 65th yeare of his age.

And also the body of Dorothy, his deare wife, who left
this mortal world on the 18th of July, l654, in the 58th
year of her age, having been married 27 yeares, having
borne six sons and five daughters ; whereof William,
Richard, Isabella, and her youngest son, dead borne, lye
interred on her left hand, hoping for a joyful resurrec-
tion at the coming of our blessed Saviour,

Prepare for Death, that hour will come j
And after Death the day of Doome.
Dorothy Amherst.

The sons were.

First, William, who died young.

Second, William, hereafter mentioned.

Third, Charles, who died unmarried, and was buried, No-
vember 16th, 1705,^ at Perabury. •"

Fourth, Richard, who died young, and was buried at Pembury,
June 26th, 1654 ; and.

Fifth, Henry, who died young.

The daughters were, Margaret, who died unmarried ; Isa-
bella, who died very young, and was buried at Pembury, on
March 24th, 1665-65

Third, Elizabeth, v/ho became at length coheir to the estate,
and vv-as buried at Pembury, Jan. 30, 1707-8, having been married
to Sir Henry Selly, Knight, serjeant at law (by whom she had
issue, Charles Selly, who took the name oi Amherst, inherited
the Bay-hall estate, married Margaret, daughter of John Robin-
son, of com. Denbigh, Esq. relict of Sir George Strode, Knight,

e Hasted says,Nov. 5th, 1709.
f This Charles Amherst, by his will, dated March 2d, 1702, gave his es-
tate (subject to the life-interest of his two sisters. Lady Elizabeth Selby, and
Mrs. Dorothy Amherst J to his nei)he\v Charles Selby, and the heirs male of
his body ; in default of male issue, to JefFerj' Amherst, Esq. eldest son of
Arthur, late M. D. indefaultof male issue, to Jeffery Amherst, Esq. of River-
head, and his heirs male; in default of male issue, to the heirs male of Mr-
William .\mherst, late a silkman in London, &c. &c.&c. &c. &c.


died s. p. and was buried at Pembury, March 8th, 1744-5 ; and
Dorothy, who married John Browne, of the county of Salop,
Esq. and had issue Charles Brown, Esq. of Bay-hall, who died
1753, s. p.) ; and

Dorothy, the youngest daughter, and at length coheir (with
her sister Elizabeth), was second wife to her second cousin JefFery
Amherst, of Riverhead, as hereafter-mentioned.

William, the eldest surviving son of Richard Amherst, of
Bay-hall, Esq. and his wife, Dorothy Craddock, before-mentioned,
died unmarried, and was buried at Pembury ; within the com-
munion rails of which church is a black marble grave-stone,
whereon is engraved the following inscription :

Orimur. Morimur.

Inter reliquias mortis, hie sepelitur corpus Gulielmi
Amherst, generosi (filii natu maximi Richardi Am-
herst de Bay-hall in comitatu Kant, armigeri) qui ex
hac luce migravit x"^ die Decembris, Anno Domini
1663, aetatis suae xxxii"^. In cujus memoriam Do-
mina Dorothea Amherst, ejus soror charissima hoc
posuit monumentum.

Flos jacet hie juvenum; lachrymas cohibere potestis ?

In tumulum gemitu non cpmitatus eat ?
Natu morigeri, cognati, fratris, amici.

Singula praestiterit munia fidus erat,
Sobrietas, probitas, pietas, prudentia, candor,

Quaeque bonum sapiunt hunc coluere virum,
Spiritus in coelo remanet, corpusque sepulchro

Mundum deservit, raptus amore Dei.

Having brought the male descendants of Richard Amherst,
Serjeant at law, to a conclusion, we now come to treat of his two
younger brothers, the eldest of whom was William, who left a
daughter, Mary, married to John Champs, of Tunbridge in Kent j
and the youngest was JefFery, from whom the present Lord
Amherst is descended.

Which Jeffery Amherst having entered into holy orders,
was inducted into the rectory of Horsemonden in Kent, and in his
last will and testament (which bears date September 24tb, 1647..
and was proved on December 2d, 1 662), is styled of Southes in
the county of Sussex, Clerk, and thereby directs to be buried in



the chancel of that parish church. He married Joan, daughter of
John Barnden, Gent, by whom he had an only daughter, Mar-
garet, married to Tristram Thomas, of Rotherfield, in com. Sus-
sex, Esq. and three sons 5 first, Arthur 3 second, Richard; third,

Arthur Amherst, the eldest^ son, '^ having studied four
years at the University of Oxford, removed to that of Bourges in
France, where he took his degree of doctor in physic, was after-
wards practitioner in his faculty at Hastings in Sussex ; and was
incorporated into the University of Oxford, on November 1 1th,
1662. He afterwards practised at Tuubridge in Kent, where he
died, and in the cross aile, at the east end of that parish church,
is a black marble grave-stone, thus inscribed :

Arthurus Amherst, M. D,

Vir, Maritus, Parens, Medicus,

Integer, amans, providus, peritus,

Regi fidelis, suis charus, omnibus amicus.

Obijt Jul. 2. A. D. 16/8.

^tat. suae 63.

By his last will and testament, dated June 21st, 1678, and
proved, July l6th, l6S0, he directs to be buried by his wife
Eleanor, who died before him. She was the daughter of Sir Tho-
mas Trpsse, Knight, Gentleman Pensioner to Charles I. and had
issue two sons ; first, JetTery, seated at Fishall, near Tunbridge in
Kent, Esq. who married . . . . , daughter of Sir Robert Knightley,
of Easted (Ashted) in Surry, Knight j second, William (whose
daughter Anne was living at Sevenoaks in Kent, in 17670 Also
two daughters, ^largaret, the wife of General Walter Baynes;

and Dorothy, married to Kitchingham, of Southborough,

in Sussex.

Richard Amherst, second ' son of Jeffery, rector of Horse-
raonden, died before his father in l647; he married Mary,
daughter of Bowen, and had issue Richard, and Eliza-

John Amherst, the youngest son of the said JefFery, was one
of the benchers of Gray's-Inn, and a counsellor at law; he made

S Hasted, vol. i. p. 354, makes him second son.
h Wood's Fasti Oxon. p. 82 5.
' Hasted makes him eldest son.


his will, November IQth, 1686, which was proved May 25thj
1691. He was buried at Mickleham in Surry, on the north side
of the chancel of which parish church, on a black marble grave-
stone, is this inscription :

Johannes Amhekst, Armiger,

Honorabilis Hospitii Graiensis Socius et

^ Lector anno MDCLXIX.

Religionis, Ecclesiae, Patriaeque amans.

^, I- Salutis MDCXCI.

Obut quarto Mali anno | j^^^^-^ lXXL

On another black marble grave-stone (in the same church) is,
this inscription for his third wife :

Memoris sacrum,

Dominae Jan^ Onslow,

Filiae Francisci Stydolfe, Equitis

Aurati. Tertiae Uxoris Maritus tertius, hoc

marmor incidi curavit, Johannes Am-
herst, Armiger, non minus amoris Monu-
mentum quam doloris : Primo Viro, Henri-
co Yates, Armigero, binam peperit pro-
lera Elizabetham et Henricum. Se-
cundo, Henrico Onslow, Equiti Aura-
to bis binam, quorum supersunt Ricardus
et Anna, Tertio, se dedit, castosque amores,
adeoque se familiae Amherstianae,
totam inservit, ut se Viro,. natam Viri Filio,

He married three wives 5 first, Margaret, third daughter and
coheir of JefFery Kirby, citizen and merchant of Jjondon, (who
fined to be excused serving the office of Alderman of the said city)
by Dorothy, daughter of William Baye, and heir to her brother j
secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Bickerton, of Leicester-
shire, Esq. relict of Triggs, Esq. of the same county ; also

of Higgison, Alderman of London; she died in IQQJ.

His third wife was Jane, third daughter of Sir Francis Stydolphe,
of Mickleham, in Surry, Knight, widow, first, of Henry Yate,
Esq. ; secondly, of Sir Henry Onslow, Knight, both of Warn-

l! This is covered by a pew.


ham in Sussex : he had no issue by the two last wives ; but by
the first he had three sons,

Firstj Jeffery, who continued the line.

Second, John ; third, John, who both died young.

Also three daughters; first, Margaret, born March 27th, and
baptised April 1st, l651 j second, Annabella, born the 14th, and
baptised the 19th of January, 1654; married to John Mill, of
Brewhurst in Sussex, Esq. : third, Mary, born the 7th, and bap-
tised the 14th of March, l655 ; married Yate, of Sussex,


Jeffery, the only surviving son and heir, was born the 11th,
and baptised the 12th of January, 1649 ; and applying himself to
the study of the law, became a bencher of Gray's-Inn. He
was the first of the family, seated at Riverhead in Kent ; and was
buried at Pembury, August 15th, 1713.

He married, first, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Yate, of
Warnham in the county of Sussex, Esq. by his wife Jane, daughter
of Sir Francis Stydolphe, of Mickleham in Surry, Knight, before-
mentioned J his second wife, (to whom he was married at Pem-
bury, by a special licence, on May 4th, 1687) was his second
cousin, Dorothy, daughter and at length coheir to Richard Am-
herst, of Bay-hall, Esq. by his wife, Dorothy, daughter of John
Craddock, before-mentioned ; she died without issue, and was
buried at Pembury, May 4th, 1712.

By his first wife, Elizabeth, he had six sons and four

First, John, baptised at Warnham, April 10th, 1672^ Jied
March lOth, 16/6, and was buried at Warnham.
Second, Jeffery, his heir.

^ ', ^-r ■^' i both died young.
Fourth, Henry, J -^ °

Fifth, Richard, who died young, March 11th, 168], and was
buried at Warnham.

Sixth, Charles, who died an infant, August llth, l682, and
was buried at W;)rnham.

The daughters were.

First, Jane, born the lOth, and baptised the 15th of April,
1673, at Warnham, and married Boyd, Esq.

Second, Margaret, baptised Igth February 1674, at Warnham,
•.md married to John Seyliard, of Pendcll-court, in the parish of
BJetchingley in the countv of Surry, Esq. who is buried in that


parish church, and whose grand-daughter, Hester, married George
Scullard, Esq. barrister at law.

Third, Frances, baptised at Warnham, June 25th, 1678, died

Fourth, Elizabeth, died young.

Jeffery, the only surviving son and heir, baptised at Warn-
ham, on July 2Q' 1, ^.6y7, was a bencher of Gray'«-Inn ; and was
buried at Seven Oikes in Kent, on November 1st, 1750. He
married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Kerrill, of Hadlow in the
' county of Kent, Esq. (by his wife, Mary, daughter of Maximihan
Dalyson, of Hamptons and Hailing in the county of Kent, Esq.
by Frances, daughter and heir of Thomas Stanley, Esq.) and by
her, who was buried at Seven-Oakes, on May 1st, 1752, had issue
seven sons and four daughters. The sons were.

First, Sackville, baptised at Seven-Oakes, in 1/15, died un-
married December 12lh, 1763, and was buried the l6th, at Nut-
grove in the county of Gloucester.

Second, JefFery,^r«^ Lord Amherst.

Third, John, born at Seven-Oakes, and died Admiral of the
Blue, on February 12th, 1778 5 he married Anne, daughter of
Thomas Lindzee, of Portsmouth, Esq. but had no issue

Fourth, Thomas, baptised May 29th, 1725 ; and was buried
June 6th following, at Seven-Oakes

Fifth, Sidney, baptised September 22d, 1 728 ; and was buried
May 2d, 1729, at Seven-Oakes.

Sixth, Charles, baptised September l6th, 1729j and buried
in April following, at Seven-Oakes.

Seventli, William, born at Riverhead, and baptised at Seven-
Oakes, February 5th, 1732 ; who was colonel of the thirty-second
regiment of foot, lieutenant-general of the army, aid-de-camp to
his Majesty, lieutenant-governor of Portsmouth, lieutenant-go-
vernor of St. John's in Newfoundland, and adjutant-general of
his Majesty's forces : he died at his house in Park-lane, London,
May 13th, 178i. He was married at St. George's, Hanover-
square, on March 31st, 1766, to Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas
Paterson, Esq. aiid by her, who died at Bath, March /th, 1776,
and was buried at Seven-Oakes, had one son, William Pitt Am-
herst, now Lord Amherst ; and two daughters, Elizabeth, born at

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