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was a person of good understanding and reason, which in divers
respects were much improved by the imperfect symmetry and
deformity of his body; for, in the course of his childhood, his
faculties were so extraordinary, that in a few years he acquired a
very great share of learning, and was blessed with so great a me-
mory, that his learning and knowledge were therein most securely
treasured up. At sixteen years of age, he had a large stock of
human learning, and faculties of soul scarcely equalled; wit,
fancy, and apprehension extraordinary, with a memory almost
miraculous. Yet with all this fund of reason and literature, he
was strangely deluded and led away by the unreasonable infatua-
tions of a set of enthusiastical pretenders to prophecy, who first
appeared amongst the French Camisars and Hugenots; with these
he engaged so deeply, that not only his estate partly supplied their
extravagances, but he prostituted his excellent pen in defence of
their frenzy, and misapplied his great capacity and good sense, by
submitting them to their groundless delusions, and was only pre-
vented by death from selling his estate to distribute amongst them.


He lies buried in Ewell church, in Surrey, under a black marble,
with the following inscription :

Here lieth the body of

Sir Richard Bulkeley, Bart.

Who departed this life,

April the 7th, 1710,

in the 47th year

of his age.

And also of Lucy his wife

Who departed this life

October the 9th, 1/10, in the 47th

year of her age.

She was daughter of Sir George Downing, of Hatley, in Cam-
bridgeshire, Bart, (and was re-married, in August 1710, to the
above-mentioned William Worth, Esq.) and leaving no issue, the
title became cxdnct; for his brother, John Bulkeley, who died
July 18th, 1699, left by Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Henry
Whitfield, Esq. an only daughter, Hester, who became heir to
the estate, and was married, April 15th, 1702, to James Worth
Tynte, Esq. younger son of the said Mr. Baron Worth, and died
August pth, 1723,

We now return to the issue of Sir Richard Bulkeley, of Beau-
maris, by his Jirst wife, Margaret Savage, which were.

First, Sir Richard, his heir.

Second, John, who, by Margaret, daughter of Morgan,

had a son, Charles, and a daughter, Margaret.

Third, Thomas, Fourth, Rowland. Fifth, Charles; all died
without issue.

Sixth, Daniel, who married Ellen, daughter of Rowland
Bulkeley, of Porthamel, Esq. and had issue, Richard, Rowland,
Thomas, John, Margaret, and Ellen.

Sir Richard's daughters were, Margaret, and Ellen, who died
unmarried; Catharine, married to Griffith ap John Griffith, of
Llyn; Elizabeth, wife of Owen Holland, Esq. 3 and Jane, to Ro-
bert ap Hugh Creuthyn, Esq.

Sir Richard Bulkeley, the eldest son, succeeded at Beaumaris.
He received the honour of knighthood; and by King James Lst's
instructions to William, Lord Compton, President of Wales, dated
November 12th, 1617, was appointed of Council to his Lordship


for that principality. He died, June 2Sth, 102 1, and was buried
at Beaumaris, with his ancestors j having been twice married.

First, to Catharine, daughter to Sir William Davenport, of
Bromhall, in Cheshire, Knight.

And, secondly, Mary, daughter of William, Lord Borough, of
Gainsborough, in Lincolnshire.

By the former he had one daughter, Elizabeth, and a son,

Richard Bulkeley, of Chedel, Esq. who died before him, leav-
ing, by Catharine, daughter of George Needham, of Thornset, in
Derbyshire, Esq. several sons and daughters. Richard, the eldest
son, succeeded at Chedel, and married Dorothy, daughter of Sir
Thomas Hoskins, of Oxsted, in Surrey, Knight, by whom he had
an only child, Dorothy, who was married to Henry, third son of
Sir Henry Ayloffe, Baronet.

The issue of Sir Richard Bulkeley, and Mary Borough, were,
two sons.

First, Richard, his heir.

Second, Thomas, created Viscount Bulkeley, of ivhom here^

And four daughtersj Penelope, married to Sir Edzvyn Sandys,
of Ombersley, in Worcestershire, Knight, ancestor to the Lord
Sandys J Elizabeth, to George Shilletto, of Heath Hall, in York-
shire, Esq.; Margaret, to Thomas Porter, of ^^'ar\vickshire, Knt.;
and Katherine, to Sir Edwyn Sandys, of Northbourne, in Kent,
Knight (by whom she was grandmother of Sir Richard Sandys,
of North bourne,^' Bart.)

Thomas, frst Viscount Bulkeley, the younger son, was seated
at Baron Hill, near Beaumaris; and being a person of great merit
and strict loyalty to King Charles L was advanced, by patent,
under the privy seal, dated at Oxford, January 6th, l643, to the
dignity of Viscount Bulkeley, of Cashel, in the kingdom, of Ireland.

He first married Blanch, daughter of Robert Coytmore, of
Coytmore, in Caernarvonshire, Esq.

And, secondly, the daughter of Mr, Cheadle, who was some-
time his Lordship's steward ; by the latter he had no issue; but

By {he former he had five sons and four daughters.

First, Colonel Richard Bulkeley, vi-ho was treacherously mur-
dered by Richard Cheadle (for which he was executed at Con-
way), and left no issue by his wife, Catharine, daughter of Sir
Roger Mostyn, of Mostyn, Knight.

Second, Robert, who succeeded to the title.

* See Letters of Mrs. Eliaabeth Carter.


Third, Thomas Bulkeley, of Dinas, in the county of Caernar-
von, who married Jane, daughter and coheir of Gritfith Jones, of
Castlemarch, Esq.

Fourth, Henry, who was master of the houseliold to King
Charles II, and James If. and married Lady Sophia Stewart, and
had issue, two sons; James, who settled in France, and left issue j
and Francis; and four daughters; Charlotte, married to Daniel,
Viscount Clare, of Ireland; Ann, married to James, Duke of Ber-
wick; Henrietta; and Laura.

Fifth, Edwyn, who died unmarried.

His Lordship's daughters were; First, Catharine, married,
first, to Richard Wood, of Rosemore, in Ireland, Esq.; secondly,
to Richard Wynn, of Branas, Esq. Second, Lumley, married to
Pierce Lloyd, of Llygwy, Esq. Third, Mary, wife to Sir Roger
Mostyn, of Mostyn, in Flintshire, Bart. And, Fourth, Penelope,
wedded to Sir Griffin Williams, of Vaynol, in Carnarvonshire.

Robert, second Viscount Bulkeley, the eldest surviving son
and heir, was Sheriff of the county of Anglesey in 1058, and served
for the same in the parliament which restored King Charles IL
continuing to be its representative till his death, which happened,
October 18th, l6S8. He married Sarah, daughter of Daniel Har-
vey, of Coombe, in Surrey, Esq. and had issue tliree sons, and six

First, Richard, his heir.

Second, Robert, educated at Oxford, and presented, May 23d,
l683, with the degree of LL.D. by Jame^, Duke of York; he was
also representative in parliament for Beaumaris.

Third, Thomas, representative for the county of Caernai-von.

The daughters were; Elizabeth, born l055, married to John
Griffith, of Glynn, in Caernarvonshire, Esq.; Katharine, married
to Philip Atkinson, D. D. ; Penelope, who died unmarried ; Lumley
Martha, married to Roger Price, of Rhiwlas, Esq.; and Eleanor,
to Sir William Smith, of Vinall, Bart.

Richard, third Viscount, was born l65S; he represented the
county of Anglesey in parliament from 1680 till his death; and in
1701, was appointed Vice-Admiral of the north part of Wales.

He married, first, Mary, eldest daughter to Sir Philip Egerton,
of Egerton and Oulton, in Cheshire, Knight.

And, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Henry White, of
Hawthlin, in Pembrokeshire, Esq. By the latter he had no issue

And by ihe former, an only child,

Richard, fourth Viscount, who succeeded his father, e


August 9th, 1704; was representative for the county of Anglesey,
from 1705, till his death j also Constable of Beaumaris castle, and
Constable of North Wales ; on November 2d, 1713, was made
Constable of Caernarvon castle, and departed this life at Bath,
June 4th, 1724; having always distinguished himself by a steady
adherence to principles of loyalty, a disinterested zeal for the good
of his country, and the strictest regard to every social virtue. He
married Lady Bridget Bertie, eldest daughter to James, Earl of
Abingdon, and by her, wlio died in June 1753, left issue two sons,
Richard and James, successively Viscounts Bulk-.Mey.
And four daughters; First, Bridget, who died unmarried.
Second, Eleanor, married to George Harvey, of Tiddington, ia
Oxfordshire, Esq. Third, Ann, wife to William Bertie, D. D.
brother to Willoughby, third Earl of Abingdon. Fourth, Eliza-
beth, married to William Price, of Rulace, Esq. Fifth, Lumley,
And, Sixth, Sarah, both died unmarried.

Rich \RD, Jifth Viscount, born in 17O8, was, in March I73O,
elected member of Parliament for Beaumaris, and was re-choseu
at the next general election ; he was likewise Governor of Beau-
maris castle, and Chamberlain of North Wales; on January 12th,
1/31-2, his Lordship married Jane, daughter and heir of Lewis
Owen, of Peniarth, in Merionethshire, Esq. but dying without
issue, March 15th, 1738-9, his Lady was re-married, in June fol-
lowing, to Mr. Edward Williams, one of the Land Waiters in the
Custom House, London; and the title descended to his brother,

James, sixth Fiscount, who, on April IQth, was elected repre-
sentative in parliament for Beaumaris, was also Constable of the
castle there, and Chamberlain of North Wales; in August 174C),
he married Emma, sole daughter and heir of Thomas Rowlands,
of Caeru, in the Isle of Anglesey, Esq. by which Lady (who was,
secondly, married to Sir Hugh Williams, of Penrhyn, in Caernar-
vonshire, Baronet,*' and died August ISth, 1/80), he had issue two

Bridget, who died unmarried ; and Eleanora, who died young.

Also a posthumous son, Ihomas- James, the present Lord

His Lordship died. May 23d, 1752, aged thirty-five; and his
Lady being then with child, the title lay dormant till she was de-
livered of

Thomas-James, noiv seventh Fiscount Bulkeley, of L-eland^

•> By whom she was mother of the present Sir Robert Williamsj Bart.


and FIRST Lord Bulkeley, Bakon ox' Beal'makis, in the Isle
nf Anglesey, born on December 12th, \J51: at the general
elections in 177'^; ^nd 17feO, his Lordship was chosen representa-
tive for the county of Anglesey; was created a Peer of Great
Britain, by the title of Lokd Bulkeley, Baron of Beaumaris,
in the Isle of Anglesey, by patent, dated May 14th, l7B4j and is
likewise Lord Lieutenant and Gustos Rotulorum of the county of

His Lordship, on April 27th, 1777, wa? married to Elizabeth-
Harriot, only daughter and heir of the late Sir George Warren,
of Poynton^ in Cheshire, Knight of the Bath, by Jane, daughter
and heir of Thomas Revel,^ of Filcham, in Surrey, Esq.'' but has
no issue.

Titles. Thomas- James Bulkeley, Lord Bulkeley, Baron of
Beaumaris, in the Isle of Anglesey; also Viscount Bulkeley, of
Cashel, in the county of lipperary, in the kingdom of Ireland.

Creations. Lord Bulkeley, Baron of Beaumaris, by patent,
May 14lh, 1784, 24 George III. and Viscount Bulkeley, of Cashtl,
by patent, January 19th, l643, 19 Charles I.

Arms. Sable, a chevron between three bulls heads, cabossed,
Argent, quartering Warren, of Poyntonj viz. cheeky. Or, Azure,
on a canton. Argent, a lion rampant.

Crest. In a ducal coronet. Or, a bull's head. Argent, armed.

Supporters. Two bulls, Argent, armed and unguled, Or, each
Q-orsfed with a collar dancette. Gules.


Chief Seat. At Baron Hill, in the Isle of Anglesey.

<= Mr. Revel was formerly M. P. for Dover.
^ By Jane, daughter and coheir of the Hon. William Egerton, younger brothe!
of Scroop, ilrst Duke of Bridgewater. See Vol. III. p. 206.




This ancient family was seated In the county of Kent so early as
the beginning of King Edward the Ist's time, in the fourteenth
year of whose reign Walter le CocKj son and heir of Thomas
le Cock, was assessed at 6s. 3d. as an aid for the sixteenth part
of one Knight's fee, for the scite of a messuage and lands (late
belonging to Walter le Cock), in Ospringe, as appears by the
memorandums in the Exchequer of that year. In the reign of
King Edw. II. Richard Kancis and Basilia, relict of Roger Cock,
held the half of a quarter of a Knight's fee in Ospringe afore-
said, as proved by the book of Knight's fees. Thomas le Cock, of
Ospringe, held at the time of his death, anno 13 Edward III. the
scite of one messuage and twenty acres of land in Ospringe of the
King in capite, by the service of nineteen pence per annum, and
paying ward to Dover castle, and Walter le Cock was found to
be his son and heir. These premises continued in this family, in
16 Henry VIII. when Richard Cokkys died seised thereof, hold-
ing ihem in capite, and Richard Cokkys was his son and heirj
but the estate was soon after sold, and the family removed into
Gloucestershire; yet the lands were called by their name for many-
years after.

Thomas Cocks, of Bishop's Cleeve, in Gloucestershire, Esq.
died in 16OI, and was buried in that church, but his monument
was destroyed by the fall of the steeple in 169G. He married

Elizabeth, daughter of Holland, of Lancashire, and had issue

three daughters.

Ann, married to -— Barnsly, of Barnsly Hall, in Worcester-
shire, Esq. 3 Dorothy, first married to Hutchins, Esq. of

Dumbleton, in Gloucestershire, Esq. who left her that estate at


his decease, and she was afterwards married to Sir Charles Percy,
Knight, son of Henry, eighth Earl of Northumberland, and \vaf>
buried at Dumbleton, June 28th, l646; and Elizabeth, wife of
■ Stafl'urd, of Staffordshire, Esq.

He had also ten sons who lived to be men, whereof,

The two eldest, according to the custom of those times, made
tneir campaign in the wars.

Two of the others were bred up to the law, one uf which was
in the reign of King James I. sent on an embassy to the Czar of

The other, named Charles, was a Bencher of the Middle
Temple, and died August 15lh, 1054, and was buried at Dum-

Four were merchants; and the other two divines.

One of them, named Peter, was Rector of Bishop's Cleevc, and
was buried in that church in l6l2; he married the daughter of
the Hon. Charles Bridges,, of Wilton Castle, co. Hereford, second
son of John, first Lord Chandos, sister to Sir Giles Bridges, Bart.

Richard Cocks, the second surviving son of the above named
Thomas, was seated at Castle-ditch, in the county of Hereford,
and mai-ried Judith, daughter and coheir of John Elliott, of the
city of London, Merchant, by whom he had issue.

First, Thomas, his eldest son and heir.

Second, Richard, who resided at Dumbleton, in Gloucester-
shire, and was created a Baronet, February 7th. l66l, but his issue
is extinct.
• Thomas, the eldest son, succeeded to the estate at Castle-
ditch, on the death of his father; married Ann, daughter of Am-
brose Elton, of Ledbury, in the county of Hereford, Esq. and had
issue three daughters,

Dorothy, married to Robert, Viscount Tr.icy, of the kingdom
of Ireland; Judith, wife to -— — Tracyj and Elizabeth.

Also five sons.

First, Thomas, who succeeded at Castle-ditch, and left issue
by Mary his wife, two sons.

1, John, who died unmarried.

2. The Rev. Thomas Cocks, who enjoyed the Castle-ditch
estate, after his brother's death, and was buried in Estnor church,

June 27th, 1724, leaving by his wife, the daughter of

Hall, of Leicestershire, an only daughter and heir, Mary, born
January 1703, and married in 17-4, to her cousin, John Cocks,


John, second son of Thomas and Anne/ died unmarried.
Thivd, Richard. Fourth, Henry.

Charles, fifth son of Thomas and Anne, was Justice of the
Peace for the county of Worcester, and elected member of par-
liament for the city of Worcester in 1692, and represented the
borough of Droitwich in seven parliaments. He married Mary^
daughter of John Soraers, of Clifton upon Severn, in the county
of Worcester, Gent, and sister and coheir to John, Lord Somers,
Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, by whom he had
three daughters and two sons.

Catherine, the eldest daughter, married James Harris, of the
Close, in Salisbury, Esq. in which cathedral she lies buried with
the following inscription :

H. S E.

Catherina Harris,

Caroli Cocks de Vigornia filia,

Virtutibus ornatissimaj

Jacobi Harris de Clauso Sarum Uxor,

Nunquam non desiderata.

Obijt 13 die Junij

iEtatis 24'*

Dom. 1705.''

inno <

Elizabeth, the second daughter, died young.

Margaret,'' the third daughter, was married on March IQth,
1 719, to Philip Yorke, Esq. afterwards created Earl of Hardwicke*
and made Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain j she died
S-rptember lOth, 1701, and was buried at Wimpole, in Cambridge-

The sons were.

First, James Cocks, of Bruckmans, in Hertfordshire j and of
Ryegate, in Surrey, Esq. for which last place he was representa-
tive in parliament from 1713, to 1747; he died May 23d, 1750,
aged sixfy-five,'^ and was buried at Weston, in Shropshire. He
married, first, in September 1718, to Lady Elizabeth Newport,
eldest daughter of Richard, Earl of Bradford, but she died with-
out surviving issue, and was buried at Weston 5 his second wife

a See Vol. V. i'ltlf Malmshury.

"^ She had been married before. See Nash's Worcestershire.

=: Coffin-nlace.


was Ann, youngest daughter of William, fourth Lord Berkelc)-,
of Stratton, to whom she was married in May 1737, and she died
February 3d, 1738-9, in child-bed, of their only issue,

James, who was slain at St. Cas, on the coast of France, Sep-
tember 11th, 1758, unmarried; whereupon the estates he died
possessed of in Hertfordshire, Surrey, Kent, &c. descended to his

Second, John Cocks, of Castk-ditch, in the parish of Estnor,
Herefordshire, Esq. which estate he possessed in right of his wife,
Mary, sole daughter and heir of the above-mentioned Rev.Thomas
Cocks, of Castle-ditch, to whom he was married in 1/24; he died
June 24th, 17/1, and was buried at Estnor; she survived till 1779>
and was interred near him. An elegant marble monument is
erected for her, with the following inscription :

Underneath are interred

the Remains of Mrs. Mary Cocks,

widow of John Cocks, Esq.

and only child

of the Reverend Thomas Cocks,

late of Castle-ditch.

She was born in January 1703, N. S.

and departed this life
the 4th of February, 177y, aged 76.

She was blest by Nature

with a contented mind, with chearfulness

and benevolence in the highest degree;

Qualities so amiable could not fail

of gaining the esteem of all who knew her

from the earliest infancy,

and certainly no one was

throughout life more beloved:

Her heart was soon touched

with the hearing of distress; and her hand as

immediately stretched out to relieve it;

to this part of her character, her poorer

Neighbours can feelingly testify.

In a dissipated and extravagant age

she was frugal and industrious.

And even her hands continually employed

in some useful work.


In every reJation of life
she discharged her duty
most exemplarily.
There never was a better mother of children ;
She taught them all to read herself,
and trained them up most diligently
in the way they should go,
by example as well as precept.
The chearfulness and benevolence of her
temper, had their best stay and support^
in a constant and lively sense of religion.
As she accepted every blessing of Providence
with joy and thankfulness,
so under every affliction she was
intirely resigned to the divine will.
A Christian frame of mind was so
established in her, that she knew not,
by her own feelings, what narrowness,
selfishness, or any wrong affection was.
Her countenance itself shone with the
purest benevolence, bespeaking that a faith
of the gospel was the principle
firmly rooted at her heart.

Her life was lengthened to almost

the longest natural term, as a peculiar

blessing to the neigbourhood, to her

family and friends; even at last they could not

but regret her loss, though her body was grown

very infirm 3 but her mind still continued

chearful, and was filled with the joyfulkst

anticipation of the happiness she was going to.

Few have been so exact to live the life of

the righteous, and no one ever enjoyed

more blessedly the supreme reward of

dying the death of the righteous.

This monument, in token of filial piety

and her own most affectionate regard,

is put up by her sorrowing daughter,

Elizabeth Cocks, whose sole consolation

is the firm belief, that through the mercies

of Christ they shall be once more united

in a better state, never to part again.


They had issue twelve children; viz.
First, Charles, first Lord Soramers.
Second, Thomas, born L727, and died in 1729.
Third, Mary, born June 1/28, t both living 1/54,

Fourth, Elizabeth, born July 19th, 1729. j" unmarried.
Fifth, John, A.M. Rector of Snckleigh, in Worcestershire,
and Prebendary of Bristol, living, 1/84, unmarried.

Sixth, Joseph, who was bred to ihe law, and had the degree
of Barrister; he died April 4tl], 1775, leaving, by Margaret his
■wife, daughter of John Thorniloe, of ^^■orcester, Esq. two
daughters; Mary, wife of William Bussell, of Powyck, in Wor-
cestershire, Esq. Barrister at law; and Margaret,

Seventh, James, a Banker, born June 22d, 1734, and mar-
ried' November 5th, 1772, to Martha, daughter of Charles Wat-
son, Esq. Vice- Admiral of the Red, by whom he has issue. Of
whom, Catherine married, November 17th, ISOO, Joseph Yorke,
eldest surviving son of the late Bishop of Ely; Anna married her
cousin, the Hon. and Rev. Reginald Cocks,

Eighth, Philip, A.M. Rector of Acton, in Middlesex, and
Prebendary of Lincoln, born February 'i/th, 1739, and died Sep-
tember 17th, 1797> unmarried.

Ninth, Thomas-Somers, born December 3d, 1737, and was
in partnership with his brother, James, in a capital banking-
house at Charing Cross; on August 29th, 1/68, he was married
to Ann, daughter of Alexander Thistlethwayte, of Southwick
Place, in Hampshire, Esq. and had issue. He died November
1.5 th, 1796.

Tenth, Richard, born in August 17-10.- 3 Barrister at law, and

Eleventh, Robert, born 17-ll,and died 1765, unmarried; and.
Twelfth, Timothy, born 1/43, who died 1757.
Charles, first Lord Somers, the eldest son and heir,
was born at Castle-ditch, June 39th, 1725, to which estate, and
several others, he succeeded on the death of his father, as also to
the estates at Dumbleton, and elsewhere, en that branch of the
family becoming extinct.

He represented the borough of Ryegate in three parliaments;
was created a Baronet of Great Britain by letters patent, dated
September 19th, 1772; and created a Peer of Great Britain by
patent, dated May 17th, 17S4, by the title of Lord Somers, Ba-
ron of Evesham, in the county of If'orceiter, and the herrs-male
of his body lawfully begotten.


His Lordship was twice married; first, on August 2d, l/Sg,
to Elizabeib, fiftii daughter of Richard Eliot, of Port Eliot,
in the county of Cornwall, Esq. and sister to Edward, the late
Lord Eliot; by which Lady, who died January ist, l/J], and was
buried on the eighth of the same month at North IVIims, in Hert-
fordshire, he had issue.

First, John-Sommers Cocks, present Peer.

Second, Mary-Judith, born February 2d, 1762.

Third, Harriot-Margaret, who died young.

Fourth, Charles-Edward, died an infant.

Fitth, Edward-Charles, for whom an elegant monument is
erected in Estnor church, with this inscription :

Within this chancel

are interred the remains of

Edward-Charles Cocks,

a youth of 14 years of age,

unfortunately drowned at Westminster school,

unfortunately for his friends,

not for himself;

for he was innocent and good,

his faults and frailties trivial j

to him, therefore, to be taken out of this world must be


Through the merits of Christ Jesus,

his Lord and Saviour,

of whose blessed sacrament he was partaker

the day before his death.

To his father, and his friends who knew him,

he was deservedly dear;

(at school universally beloved)

to his elder brother

he was almost every thing that could be wished.

His brother now erects to his memory

this monument,

»s a sincere testimony of his love, bis esteem,

and his high opinion of him.

J. SoMMERs Cock*.



He was third son of Sir Charles Cocks, Bart, of'

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