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constituisse, creasse et inaugurasse Archibaldum Marchionem de
Douglass Ducem de Douglass, Marchionem de Angus et Aber-
nethy, Vicecomitem de Jedburgh Forrest Dominum Douglass de
Bonckle, Prestoun, et Robertoun.

His Grace married Margaret, daughter of James Douglas, of
Mains, Esq. a cadet of the house of Morton ; but died without
issue, July 21st, 176I ; having for many years before led a re-
tired life.

On September pth, 1761, Archibald Stewart, Esq. only sur-
viving son of his sister Lady Jane, was returned heir of line and
provision to his uncle Archibald, Duke of Douglas, but the Duke
of Hamilton disputed this return^ on the ground of this birth
being supposititious ; and the courts of Scotland determined in
Hamilton's favour. An appeal was made to the House of Lords ;
and the judgment of the Scotch courts was reversed in January,
1769. This cause (known so well by the name of the Douglas
€nuse) made a noise all over Europe, and is one of the most ex-
traordinary that ever was litigated.

Mr. Stewart' became thus entitled to the estates and name of

i Nisbet, in his Heraldry, vol. ii. Appendix, p. ijz, has given the follow.
ing account of the SieivartsofGrandtully.

♦• The ancestor of the house oi Grandtully, from undeniable vouchers that
are lying before the author of this memorial at the writing of this paper, and
which may be depended on, was

Alexander. Stewart, third son of Sir John Stewart, of I nnermeth
and Lorn, brother to Robert, first Lord Lorn, and to Sir James Stewart,
called the Black Knight of Lortit the ancestor of the first race of the Stewarts,
Earls of Athol. This is clearly vouched from a charter belonging to Sir
George Stewart, of GrandtuUy, Bart, and now in my hands, granted by
*' Joannis de Haia dominus de Tullibothy, dilecto suo Alexandre Stuart filio
nobilis viri Joannis Stuart, militis, Domini de Lorn, de omnibus ten is suis de
Banchory, cum suis pertinentiis, jacen. infra vicecomitatuiii de Clackmanan,
pro patrimonio inter prasdictum Alexandrum et Margaretam sonorem nieam,
fideliter contrahendo et completando." The charter proceeds upon the resig-
nation of Christian More,domina Bruntshiel, in her pure viduity, and bears date
at Tillibody the 15th of July of the year 1416.* This deed is ratified and
confirmed by Robert, Duke Albany, Earl of Fife and Moiueith, governor of
Scotland in the minority of James I. He ratifies, ** donationem iilam et con-

* Charta penes Dominum Georgium Stuart de Gairntully, Baronetum,
Marked, No. I. in the inventory of his writs.


Douglas, and was created a British Peer by the title of Lord
Douglas of Douglas Castle^ July pth, l/QO.

eessionem quam quondam consanguineus noster Joannis de Haia de TillU
bothy fecit et concessit Alexandra Senescalli (Stewart) filii dilecti consan-
guine! nostri Joannis Senescalli de Lorn militis."' The charter has the Duke
Regent's great seal, the seal of his office, appended to it, and bears date at
Falkland the 19th of June, 1419.*

This Alexander Stev7art, of Banchory, third son to Sir John Stewart, of
Lorn, the first of the house of GrandtuUy by the aforesaid Margaret his wife,
daughter of John Hay, of Tillibody, and sister to John Hay, of Tillibody,
had a son, +

Thomas Stewart, of Banchory and GrandtuUy, his heir and successor,
who by his wife, daughter of , had a son Alexander.

This Thomas comes to be designed oiGrandiuUy, for there is in the public
registers a charter under the great seal, Thomae Stuart de Gairntully, of a
part of the lands of Comrie in the year 1452. + This same Thomas Stewart
is substitute in an entail of the estate of the Lord Lorn, and is designed his
consanguineus: for vouching this, there is a charter under the great seal by
King James II- dilecto consanguineo suo Joanni Domini Lorn, of the estate
and lordship of Lorn, and to the heirs male of his body; which failing, to
Allan Stewart, his brother; which failing, to William Stewart, his uncle;
which failing. Domino Jacobo Stuart militi; which failing, Thomce Stuart
consanguineo suo, who is the same Thomas Stewart of GrandtuUy, and to
the heirs male of their bodies respective, of the v/hole estate and lordship of
Lorn, in the 1452 aforesaid ; and that very same year, 1452, there is, \ve say, a
charter under the great seal in the public records, ^ Thomas Stuart de Gairn-
tully, of the half of the lands of Comrie which formerly belonged to Angus
Menzies, and were resigned by him. This Thomas Stewart, of GrandtuUy,
son and heir of Alexander Stewart, of Banchory, who was a son of Sir John
Stewart, of Lorn, the second line and succession of the house of GrandtuUy.
By Agnes, daughter of Sir William Murray, of TuUebardin, his wife, he had
a son,

Alexander Stewart, of GrandtuUy, the third in the line and succes-
sion of the family. This is vouched and instructed from a deed in the
custody of Sir George Stewart, of GrandtuUy, which I have seen, whereby
Alexander Stewart, of GrandtuUy, is served and retoured heir in special to
the deceased Thomas Stewart, of GrandtuUy, his father, in the lands of Ban-
chory, lying within the sheriffdom of Clackmanan, and is of the date the

* Charter in the hands of Sir George Stewart I have seen in the writing;
this memorial.

+ 1 have seen a charter, in the custody of the Countess of Errol, by
Joannis de Haia de Tilibothy, Joannis de Logy domini ejusdem, in 1368, the
father of this John de Hain in 1419-

X In the registers of the great seal in the archives.

^ Charter under the great seal in the public archives to Thomas Stewart?
of GrandtuUy.


His Lordship married, in June 177 1, Lucy, sister to the pre-
sent Diike, and only daughter of William, fifth Marquis and

14th of June of the year 1462. || This Alexander Stewart, of Giandtiilly,
married Matilda Stewart, sister to Andrew Lord Evandale, and grandchild to
Murdoch Duke of Albany, by James his son. 5 There is in the custody of
Sir George Stewart, of Grandtully, and lying before me at the drawing up of
this memorial, a charter granted by Alexander Earl of Huntley, as superior
of the lands of Tillebody, " dilecto consanguineo suo Alexandro Stuart de
GairntuUy et Matildse Stuart sponsas suae," of the lands of Banchrys, " in
vicecomitatu de Clackmanan :" the charter is dated at Badenoch the i6th
July, anno 1469. * By the foresaid Matilda, his svife, he had a son, who was
his heir, viz.

Thomas Stewart, of Grandtully, who was served and retoured heir in
special to the deceased Alexander Stewart, of Grandtully, his father, in the
lands of Banchrys, pursuant to a precept forth of the Chancery, dated the
20th of January, 1488, still extant in the custody of Sir George Stewart,
Bart, which I have seen and perused-

This Thomas Stewart, of Grandtully, married Agnes, daughter to Sir
William Murray, and sister to another Sir William Murray, of Tullibardin,
ancestor to his Grace the present Duke of Athol, t by whom he had only one

Elizabeth Stewart, his sole heir : she is designed Elizabetha Stuart
Domina de GairntuUy, when in the year 1532, she gives a charter, with con-
sent of Thomas Stewart, of Grandtully, her husband, out of the lands of
Banchory, to Alexander Shaw, of Sauchie, the original of which I have seen
in the custody of Sir John Shaw, of Greenock and Sauchie, Bart.

This Lady, Elizabeth Stewart, of Grandtully, by the aforesaid Thomas
Stewart, her husband, had a son,

Thomas Stewart, whom she calls filius suus et hceres apparens, when
she dispones him the fee of several parts of her estate, which is confirmed by
a charter under the great seal in the public registers ; but he dying without
issue, and his mother quickly thereafter, she was succeeded in the point of
the succession of the house of Grandtully by hercousin-german,

Thomas Stewart, of Grandtully. This is instructed incontrovertibly by
a precept out of the Chancery, for serving and retouring of Thomas Stewart
de GairntuUy in the lands of Banchory, " tanquam legitimus et propinquior
hseres quondam Elizabethae Stuart, filiae et haeredis quondam Thomsc Stuart
de GairntuU, filise patrui sui." This is of the date the 10th of February,


This Thomas Stewart, of Grandtully, so succeeding his cousin-german,

II Service as heir to Thomas Stewart, of Grandtully, his father.
II Historical deduction of the descendants of Murdoch, Duke of Albany.
MSS. penes me,

* Charter penes D. Georgius Stuart, Bart.

+ Ibidem ad annum 152J, which I have seen.

t Charta penes D, G. S. de GairntuUy.


second Duke of Montrose, by whom (who died February 13th,
1779) he had issue three sons.

First, Archibald.

Second, Charles.

married Elizabeth Stewart, daughter of John, the second of that line of the
Eaiis of Athol, § and dying in the year 1575, left issue

Sir Thomas Stewart, ofGrandtulIy, his eldest son and heir, who was
one 01 the gentlemen of the bed-chamber to his Majesty King James V L *
He mariiel Gi issel, daughter of Sir Laurence Mercer, of Aldie and Moncloar,
as appears from several different deeds I have seen in the hands of Sir George
Stewart, of Grandtully ; bui he died wiihout issue, and was succeeded by his

Sir William Stewart, who was from hii youth bred up at the court of
King James, before his accession to the crown of England. He was first de-
signed of Banchry, lands which he acquired from Sir Thomas Stewart, of
Grandtully, his brother-germain. He had the honour to be attending on the
King his master fiom the palace of Falkland to the town of Perth, on the
memorable 5th day of August 1600, when John Earl of Gowrie, and Mr,
Alexander Ruthven, his brother, attempted to cmbrue their hands in the
sacred blood of their sovereign. In his Majesty's happy preservation. Sir
William Stewart, of Banchory, was eminently instrumental, + which his Ma-
jesty King Charles I. had the goodness fully to set forth in the narrative and
preamble of a charter to him of his estate, under the great seal, in the public
records, in the year 1637, which I have seen.

Sir William Stewart, of Banchory, went to England with the King, who
soon thereafter promoted him to be one of the gentlemen of his Majesty's
bed-chamber; and getting into a high degree of confidence and favour, he
came cuickly to p.cquire the lauds and barony of Strathbrand, from whence he
took his designaiion, and is so designed, and gentleman of our sovereign lord's
chamber in ifioS, in several charters of lands under the great seal in the public
archives which I have seen. He succeeded his elder brother. Sir Thomas, in
t'le estate of Grandtully, and continued i:i high favour with King James till
his death in the year loz;- Sir William Stewart, of Gairntully, was no less
esteemed by his Majesty King Charles, than he had been by his father King
James ; for he continued him in the bed-chamber, and always treated him
with peculiar and distinguishing itiarks of his royal favour: witness the
charter he had from the crown of his estate in 2637, wherein his long and
faithful survices are very remaikably taken notice of and set forth.

He married .'\gnes Monciieffi daughter of Sir John Moncrief of that ilk, a
xery ancient family in the sliire of Perthj by Joan his wife, daughter of Mr.

^ Charia in publicis archivis ad annum 1552, and the Lord Ochiltree's
Coliections, MSS, penes me.

* Grant to him in the records of the great seal and so designed.

+ This is vouched both from writs 1 have seen in Gairntully's hands,
and from seveial charters and documents in the public records.


And, third, William, born March 2d, 1773, who died Fe-
bruary 10th, 1780,

And one daughter, Jane Margaret j married, November 22d,
1804, Henry James, Lord Montagu, second son of Henry, Duke
of Buccleuch, K. G.

John Spence, of Condie, lord advocate to Queen Mary and King James VI. *
by whom he had four sons, viz.

First, Sir Thomas Stewart, of Grandtully, his eldest son.

Second, Sir William Stewart, of Innernytie, who married -^— ^
Crichton, co-heiress of Innernytie, and had issue John Stewart, of Inner-
nytie, his son and heir; John Stewart, of Innernytie, who married Mary,
daughterof Sir James Mercer, of Aldie, and had one daughter, Anne, married
to David Viscount Stormont.

Third, James Stewart, of Ludd, whose male issue is failed, but of an heir
female of him is come, and descended the Menzieses of Culdare, &c.

Fourth, Mr. Henry Stewart, advocate, the paternal ancestor of Sir George
Stewart, of Grandtully, Bart.

Sir Thomas Stewart, of Grandtully, succeeded his father. Sir William,
in his great and opulent estate; he married Grissel, daughter of Sir Alexander
Menzies, of Weem, (son of Sir James Menzies, of Weem, and Dame Barbara
Stewart, his wife, daughterof John Earl of Atholj by Dame Margaret Camp-
bell, daughter and coheir of Alexander, of Carcko, Bishop of Brechin, brother
to Sir James Campbell, of Ardkinlas, by Helen, his wife, daughter of George
Clephan, of Carslogie, by whom he had John Stewart, his son and heir, and
eight daughters.

First, Jean, married to Colonel Sir James Mercer, of Aldie, and had

Second, Margery, to David Fotheringham, son and heir apparent of Mr.
John Fotheringham, of Powrie, and had issue.

Third, Grissel, to Sir John Drummond, of Logic Almond, second son to
John, second Earl of Perth, and had issue.

Fourth, Anne, to James Seaton, of Touch, and had only one daughter,
who was married to James Moir, of Leckie, and had issue.

Fifth, Cecil, was married to Stewart, of Arntillie, but had no


Sixth, Margaret, to ■ Campbell, son to Campbell, of

Lawers, and had issue.

Seventh, Helen, to James Crichton, of Ruthven, and had issue

Eighth, Elizabeth, to David, the second Lord Newark, and had issue.

John Stewart, of Grandtully, son and heir of Sir Thomas Stewart, of
Grandtully, succeeded his father. He was a fine gentleman and a great en-
courager and promoter of learning, and a kind and bountiful patron of learned
men. He died a bachelor on the 5th of March, 1720 ; upon whose demise,

John Stewart of Innernytie, his heir male, by virtue of the investitures of
the estate, would have succeeded to the estate of Grandtully; but he being at-
tainted of high treason by an act of the parliament of Great Britain, for his
accession to the rebellion in 1715, Grandtully upon that made a settlement of

* Penes Sir George Stewart.


His Lordship married^ secondly. May 13th, 1783, Lady
Frances Scott, sister to the present Duke of Buccleuch, Knight of
the Garter, by whom he has issue

Four sons and two daughters.

His Lordship is lord lieutenant and hereditary sheriff of For-

Title. Archibald Douglas, Lord Douglas of Douglas.

Creation. By patent July Qth, 179O.

Arms, Four coats quarterly ; first, azure, a lion rampant,
crowned with an imperial crown, or : second, or, a lion rampant,
gules, surmounted of a ribbon, sable : third, or, a fesse cheque,
azure and argent, surmounted of a bend, sable, charged with five

his estate upon certain heirs of entail ; in virtue of which, there being no heir
male existing of Innernytie's body, nor of any other collateral heir male
nearer than Sir George Stewart, of Baicaskie, Bart, he accordingly succeeded
to the estate of GrandtuUy on his cousin's death in the year 1720 afore-

Sir George Stewart, of GrandtuUy 's ancestor, was Mr. Henry Stewart,
advocate, fourth and youngest son of Sir William Stewart, of GrandtuUy, by
Dame Agnes Moncrief, his lady aforesaid : being a younger brother he was
bred to the law, and was an advocate before the court of session. He mar-
ried Mary, daughter of John Campbell, of Abernchill, second son of Sir
James Campbell, of Lawers, and uncle to John, first Earl of Loudon, who was
lord high chancellor in the reign of King Charles I. and II. by whom he had

Sir Thomas Stewart, of Baicaskie, his son and heir.

And a daughter, Margery, who was married to William Borthwick, of
Pilmuir, grandfather to Henry, Lord Borthwick.

Sir Thomas Stewart, of Baicaskie, being also bred to the law, was pro-
moted to be one of the senators of the college of justice, and by letters patent,
bearing date the ad of January, 1 683, he was created a Baronet. He married
Lady Jane Mackenzie, daughter of George Viscount of Tarbet, and after Earl
of Cromarty, lord register in the reigns of King James VII. and King Wil-
liam, and justice-general and secretary of state in the reign of Queen Anne,
by whom he had two sons,

The foresaid Sir George Stewart of Baicaskie, who succeeded by virtue
of the said entail to the estate of GrandtuUy, as is heretofore remarked in the

And Colonel John Stewart, the second son, who married his first cousin,
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir James Mackenzie, of Royston, Bart, one of the
senators of the college of justice, and has a son, John Stewart.

Which Sir George Stewart, now of GrandtuUy, Bart, is married with
Dame Agnes Cockburn, daughter of Sir Archibald Cockburn, ofLangton,
Bart." Niibet's Heraldry, ut supra.

Colonel John Stewart, the second son here mentioned, who afterwards
succeeded to the Baronetage, married, secondly. Lady Jane Douglas, above-
mentioned, and was father by her of the present Lord Douglas.


buckles, or : fourth, argent, three piles, gules, over all in a shield
of pretence, argent, a heart, gules, ensigned with an imperial
crown, or, on a chief, azure, three mullets of the first : the third
and fourth quarters to be transposed.

Crest. On a chapeau azure, a salamander vomiting fire.

Supporters. On the dexter, a savage, wreathed about the loins
with laurel, and on the sinister a stag proper, all within a com-
partment of stakes impaled.

Motto. Jamais Arriere.

Chief Seat, Douglas castle, Lanarkshire,





This noble family is of Norman extraction, and derives its de-
scent from'* de Gaga or Gage, wlio accompanied William Duke
of Normandy, in his expedition into England, and after the con-
quest thereof was rewarded by him with large grants of lands in
the forest of Dean, and county of Gloucester 3 adjacent to which
forest, he fixed his residence, by building a seat at Clerenwell,
otherwise Clurewell, in the same parish ; he also built a large
house in the town of Cirencester, where he died, and was buried
in that abbey ; and his posterity remained in that county for
many generations, in credit and esteem, one whereof in the reign
of Edw. in. was member of parliament for Tavistock, and another
for Basingstoke in the time of Hen. IV. •

The direct ancestor of the present Lord Gage, was John
Gage, Esq. mentioned in deeds, 9 Hen. IV. whose son

John married Joan, daughter and coheir of John Sudgrove, of
Sudgrove in Gloucester, who'' in I4l6, 4 Hen. V. gave to John
Gage, Esq. and Joan his wife, as also to John Bovey, and Alice his
wife (the other daughter and coheir of the said John Sudgrove), all
his lands and tenements in Musarderand Sudgrove in the said parish
in com. Gloucester, which Joan sur\iving her husband, d^d with
John Gage her son, in 16 Hen. VI. '^ settle lands and tenements
in Cirencester, Nether Sidington, Musarder, and Brimsfield, in
com. Gloucester, on William, Lord Lovell, Sir William Trc'sh;r,-n,
and others.

a Lodge's Peerage of Ireland, vol. iii. p. 2S6.

b Ex Chart, in Steinm- hujiis familiae-

c Chart. 10 Aug. 16 Hen. VI in Steinm. pracdict.


John Gage (the son) in 32 Hen. VI, purchased the lands^
that were John Bovey's in Cirencester, Musarder, Sidington, and
Brimsfield ; and made a further addition to his estate, by his mar-
riage with Eleanor, daughter and heir of Thomas St. Clere, Esq.
lord of the manors of Aston-Clintou in com. Bucks, and of Off-
spring in Kent, son of Sir Philip St. Clere, of Aldham St. Clere
in Kent, by Margaret, daughter of Sir Nicholas de Lovayn, Knt.
lord of the manor of Barstow, or Bristcw, and Hedge-court, in
com. Surrey, 44 Edw. HI "^ sister and heir of Nicholas de Lo-
vayn, Lord of Peiishurst in Kent, and widow of Richard Chara-
berlayn, of Sherburn in com. Oxon, Esq. This John Gage, re-
ceived the honour of knighthood, and departed this life on the
30th of September, 26 Edw. IV. leaving two sons, William, and
John ancestor to the Gages, of Rushton in com. N rthamp.

WiLLi.^M Gas^e, the fldesl son, was thirty years old at his
father's decease} he married Agnes, daughter of Thomas Bolney,
Esq. and resided at Bristow in Surrey, as appears by his last will
and testament, dated there February I4th, ]4g(j, in 12 Hen. VII.
which was proved October 24th following, ' wherein he orders his
body to be buried in the church of the Grey Friars in London,
next unto the sepulchre of William Charaberlayn, Esq. and be-
queaths to the said church, for his sepulture, there to be had, and
to the intent that the brethren thereof fetch his body to the earth,
and sing a trental for his soul, xl^.

" He, moreover, bequeaths to the church of Bristow in Surrey,
for his tythes forgotten, or negligently with -holden in discharge
of hissoul, xx.y,3 to the church of St. EUyn's in London vi^. viii^/. j
and the same sum to the ladies of the priory there, to be parted
among them ; as also the like legacies to Sir John Dampsell, Sir
John Lystre, and Sir Robert Water, priests." He was likewise
bountiful to his servants, and a loving husband to his wife ; for,
" he bequeaths her all his goods, &c. after his debts are paid, and
costs of burial discharged, and that she should, during her life,
enjoy the manors of Heyton, Sinclere, and Torring, with the ap-
purtenances in Sussex -, as also the manors of Bristow, and Hedge-
court in the county of Surrey, and have the custody and rule of
John Gage, his son and heir, during his non-age} on which ac-
count, she should receive the profits and revenues of all his other
manors, lands, and tenements, in the counties of Surrey, Bucks,

d Philipot's Villare Cantianum.
e Ex Rcgist. vocat. Horn. qu. lo in Cur Prerog Cart.


and Kent, she finding the said John, honestly and competently,
with meat, drink and rayment."

Which John Gage distinguished himself in a very extraordi-
nary manner, both in a military and civil capacity, and became
one of the most famous men of the age he lived in ; whose great
services are thus set forth in an ancient manuscript written by his
third son, Robert Gage, of Haling in Surry, viz.

" Sir John Gage, Knt. was, after his father's death, in ward
to W. Stafford, Duke of Buckingham} and, after his marriage,
to my mother, daughter of Sir Richard Guldeford, was preferred
by the said Duke to King Henry Vlllth's service ; and distin-
guishing himself at the seige of Tervon, *" was thereupon made
captain of the castle of Calais (usually called Guysnes) ; shortly
after, was sent for home and knighted, and made of the privy-
council, vice-charaberlain, and captain of the guards j few years
after, for ser\ ices done on the borders of Scotland, at his return
was made comptroller of tlie household, and chancellor of the
Duchy of Lancaster in one day. In a few days after, he was
made constable of the Tower of London, and the next, St.
George's feast, Knight of the most noble order of the Garter; at
the winning of Bullogne (36 Hen. VIIL) he was in joint com-
mission with Charles Duke of Suffolk, lord lieutenant of his Ma-
jesty's camp, and for sundry services there with Sir Anthony
Brown, Knight, master of the horse, was made general-captain of
the bands of horsemen. After the death of our sovereign lord.
King Edward VI. at the coming of Queen Mary, was made her
lord chamberlain. Thus having sensed in all these rooms and
offices, truly, faithfully, and painfully, from the first year of the
reign of our sovereign lord, Hen. VIII. of famous memory, unto
the fifth year of Queen Mary, untouched with any reproach, or
unfaithful service, at this time, being seventy-seven years of age,
he ended his life in favour with his Prince, at his own house, at
Firle in Sussex."

Whilst he was captain of Guisnes, ? he performed many
valiant deeds in skirmishes, &c. and in 21 Hen. VIII, had for his
services a grant of the wardship, '' and marriage of William Bayn-
ham, son and heir of John Baynham, of Clowerwall in Glouces:;
tershire, Esq. and the next year, being vice-chamberlain of the

f Ex inform. Hen Gage frat. Dom. Guliel. Gage de Hengrave Bar.

g Hall's Chron Life of Hen. VIII. fol. 123, 127.

ii Bille si^narc, 6 Maii, 21 Hen. VIII.


household; he had a grant to him, ' and his heirs and assigns, of

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