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priests, the pulpit, and the press ; secondly, the nobility ; thirdly,
the ports; fourthly, the foreigners ; which he pursued with such
activity, that, during his government, the kingdom was in a better
condition than it had been for sixty years before."

I Ibid. p. 3C0, & seq. m Jekyl's Liber Baronett. MS.

n Stow, p 711 o Camden, p 511.

P Cole's Esc, lib iii. p. iji- 1 State Worthies, p. 599, 600.


His last testament bears ^ date June 27th, 1586, being, as he
mentions, commanded by the Queen to serve in the Low-coun-
tries. He wills his body to be buried in such place as shall seem
good to his executors. He settles his lands in trust (according
to letters patents, dated June 5th, the same year) on Roger
Manners, Henry Bromley, Robert Dormer, and Thomas Pelham,
Esquires : viz. " The scite of the priory of Newsted, with the rights
and members thereof, in common line 5 his manor of Cadney and
Howscham, called Belloews-manor in the said county 5 his manor
called St. John's manor ; as also his manor called Grace-Dieu
manor, in Groat-Lymber, or Little-Lymber, in the said county;
his manors of Awdley, Bkokelsbye, the parsonage of Killing-
holme, two parts of the scite of the late monastery of Newsham,
and two parts of the demesne lands there, with divers lands and
rents in Halton, Killingholme, Ultebie, Hotofte, Kekbie, Net-
tleton, Habroughe, Rothewell, Croxton, Acrehouse, and Bro-
kelsbye, in the said county of Lincoln. He bequeaths to dame
Dorothy Pelham, his wife, all his goods and chattels whatsoever,
remaining in his mansion at Eythrop, or elsewhere in com.
Bucks, as also her jointure according to covenants, bearing date
the 10th day of September, in l.b Eliz. amounting to the yearly
value of SCO marks, without lett of William Pelham, his son and
heir; to whom he bequeaths all his goods, chattels, household
stuff, plate and jewels, remaining at his house at Newsted. He
bequeaths to his daughter, Anne Pelham, 2000/. to his son. Pere-
grine Pelham, and his heirs, two parts of his manor of Wickham,
with the rights, &c. thereto belonging ; and two parts of his lands
lying in Acrehouse, Nettleton, Rothewell, Normanbie, Claxbie_,
Kelebie, and Croxton in the county of Lincoln. The residue of
bis goods, plate, jewels, and debts, he bequeaths to his son, Wil-
liam Pelham, that he may be the better able to discharge the
legacy lo his said daughter Anne. He appoints executors, [his
well beloved wife, dame Dorothy Pelham, and his said son, Wil-
liam Pelham, and desires his very good Lords, Sir Thomas Brom-
ley, Knt. Lord Chancellor of England, and Sir William Cecil,
Knt. Lord Burghley, Lord Treasurer of England^ to be super-
visors, hoping, by their good Lordships aid arid furtherance, the
same will be the better accomplished and performed ; and in
token of his good will, bequeaths one bason and ewer to each of

r Ex Regist. vocat. Rutland, Not. 72, qu. iz. in Cur. praerog. Cant.


them, of tlie value of 25 1, apiece, to be delivered, by his executors,
within one year after his decease."

This Dame Dorothy, his second wife, was daughter of An-
thony Catesby, of Whiston in com. Northamp. ' and widow of
Sir Robert Dormer, of Ascot, in the county of Bucks, Knt. ; but
by his first wife Eleanor, daughter to Henry Nevile, Earl of West-
moreland, he bad

Sir William, hk son and ^e/r before mentioned in his testa-
ment, who was knighted, and married Anne, eldest daughter to
Charles, Lord Willoughby of Parham.

Sir William Pelham had issue by Anne Willoughby seven
sons, and a daughter, viz.

First, Sir William, of whom presently.

Second, Charles Pelham, of Manton, who died January 24th,
1671, and was buried at Manton, leaving no issue by his wife
Mary, daughter of Sir Edward Tyrwhit, of Stainfield, Bart. She
died February 23d, l6b7, and was buried at Manton.

Third, Henry Pelham, living l6l2 and 1G47.

Fourth, Herbert,

Fifth, Edmund, living l642.

Sixth, Roger, living l642 and 1647.

Seventh, Willoughby Pelham.

Sir William Pelham, of Brocklesdy com. Lincoln, eldest son,
died August 1st, 1044. His will was dated July 23d, J 642, and
proved February idth, 1O47-8. He married Frances daughter of
Edward Conway, Viscount Conway, who died before lG42; and
by whom he bad five sons, and seven daughters : viz.

First, William Pelham, died young.

Second, Edward Pelham, of Brockiesby, Esq. set. twenty-
four, ]647> who died s. p, having married Diana, daughter of
Mildmay Fane, Earl of Westmoreland, which Lady was aet. six-
teen, in 1647.

Third, William Pelham, killed at Newark in the civil wars.

Fourth, Charles, oj" whom presently,
- Fifth, George, set. twelve, l642, died unmarried.

Sixth, Anne, married Sir George Wynne, of Nostell com.
York, Bart.

Seventh, Frances, wife of Sir Matthew Appleyard^ of Berst-
wick-Garth, corn York.

Eighth^ Dorothy.

s Ex Stemmate.


Ninth, Eleanor, wife of Alured, Esq.

Tenth, Elizabeth, wife of Sir Edward Wynne, of Nostell,

Eleventh, Catherine, married, first, Heslop, of North-
umberland j and secondly, John Stanhope, of Griraston, com.
York, Esq.

Twelfth, Margaret Pelham.

Charles Pelham, of Brocklesby, Y.sq. fourth son, was buried
at Brocklesby February 17th, 169I, having had three wives, viz.
first, Anne, daughter of Sir Edward Hussey, of Dodington, com.
Lincoln, Bart, by whom he had a son William, and two daughters,
Anne and Elizabeth, who all died unmarried.

He married, secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas
Pelham, of Halland, com. Sussex, who died s. p.

He married, thirdly, Elizabeth, daughter of Michael Wharton,
of Beverley, com, York, Esq. and sister and coheir to Sir Michael
Wharton, Knt. She was buried at Brocklesby, February 26th,
1/25. By her he had issue three sons and four daughters, viz.
First, Charles, of whom presently.

Second, Michael, baptised at Brocklesby March 25th, l684,
buried there May 12th, 1718.
Third, Henry, died an infant.

Fourth, Mary, married Francis Anderson, of whom hereafter.
Fifth, Frances, baptised at Brocklesby, May 3d, 1676, and
died in June, 1703, having married Samuel Reynolds, Esq. by
whom she had issue, first, a daughter, who died an infant 5 second,
Charles Reynolds, Esq. who married at Broughton, com. Lincoln,
on June 2Sth, 1 7 Ip, his cousin Charlotte, daughter of Francis An-
derson, by Mary Pelham, but died s. p. ; third, Samuel Reynolds,
living 1727.

Sixth, Susanna, baptised at Brocklesby, June 20th, 167-5.
Seventh, Charlotte, baptised April 27th, 1678, and buried
January 10th, 1697, at Brocklesby.

Eighth, Elizabeth, baptised September 1st, I68O, married
John Stringer, of Sutton-upon-Lound, com. Notts, Esq. by whom
she had a sole daughter and heir Anne, married to John Earl Fitz-
william, and dying September 13th, 17^6, was grandmother of
the present Earl.

Ninth, Eleanor, baptised July 1st, 168I, buried January 1 8th,
168 1.

Tenth, Catherine, baptised December 2 1st, l682j buried Fe-
bruary 1st, 1683.


Eleventh, Margaret, baptized May 20th, l685, dated at
Manby, February 24th, 1732.

Charles Pelham, of Brocklesby, Esq. eldest and only sur-
viving son, married, first, Mary, daughter of Sir William Gore, of
Horkstow com. Lincoln, Knt, and by her had several children,
who all died infants. He married, secondly, Mary, daughter of
Robert Vyner, of Gotby com. Lincoln, Esq. but died without sur-
viving issue February 6th, 1/63, aet. eighty-four, and was buried
at Brocklesby. He left his estate to his great nephew Charles
Anderson, Esq. who in compliance with his will, assumed the
name of Pelham, and is now Lord Yarborough.

Mary Pelham, his sister, as above-mentioned (who was bap-
tised at Brocklesby April 21st, 1677), married at Broughton com.
Lincoln, on May 17th, 17O8, Francis Anderson, of Manby in the
parish of Broughton com. Lincoln, Esq. descended from the An-
dersons of Eyv.'orth and Stratton in Bedfordshire.


This family is descended from Thomas Anderson who came
out of Scotland, lived in Northumberland, and afterwards came
into Lincolnshire. He had two sons.

First, Thomas Anderson, of Broughton and Casthrop com.
Lincoln, who, by Helena, daughter of George Dallison, of Lax-
son, had issue, first, Roger, father of Robert, who was unmarried
J 634, and William j second, Robert, of Casthrop, living 1634,
who by Elizabeth, daughter of Augustine Earl of Stragglethorp,
com. Lincoln, had Frances, daughter and heir, aged twelve in
1634 j third, Edmond, ofThornholme com. Lincoln, living 1634,

who by Frances, daughter of , Disney, of Thomby com.

Lincoln, had Francis, aged thirteen in l634, and William, aged
eight in l634; fourth. Sir William Anderson, Knt. living in
Dublin 1634.

Second, Sir Edmukd Anderson, Knt. Lord Chief Justici;
of the Common Pleas, which high station he filled with honour
for twenty-three years; his Reports being still of celebrity among
lawyers. He first studied at Lincoln College, Oxford, and then
at the Inner Temple, where by his industry he acquired great
knowledge of his profession. In \Q Eliz. he was appointed a
Serjeant at law j and in 1582, was Chiff Justice in the room of
Sir James Dyer deceased. In 1583 he was knighted, and was


then esteemed a zealous promoter of the established discipline of
the church of England. He died August 1st, l605, aet, seventy-
five, and was buried at Eyworth in Bedfordshire, having married
Magdalen, daughter of Christopher Smith, Esq. : she died Ja-
nuary 9th, 1 622, and was buried at Ey worth. By her he had,
besides two daughters, who died young, two sons and four
daughters, viz.

First, Edmond Anderson, Esq. died s. p. having married Eli-
zabeth, daughter of Thomas Inkpen, Esq.

Second, Sir Francis, of whom presently .

Third, William Anderson, of Broughton com. Lincoln, Esq.
who had no issue by his second wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir
Thomas Darnell, of Stichford com. Lincoln, Knight; but by his
first v/ife, Joan, daughter of Thomas Essex, of Lamborne com.
Berks, Esq. had Sir Edmond Anderson, his heir, aged twenty-
six years in 1 634, who was created a 5aro7;e; December 11th,
1668 ; aiKl by Mary, daughter and heir of Thomas Wood, of
Airfield com. York, left issue male, from whom descended Sir Wil-
liam Anderson, sixth Baronet, who died at Richmond in April,


Margaret, eldest surviving daughter, married Sir Thomas
Monson, of Burton com. Lincoln, Bart. She died August 3d,
1630, and was buried at South Carlton, com. Lincoln.

Catherine, second daughter, married Sir George Booth, of
Dunham-Massie, com. Chester, Knt.

Griselda, third daughter, married Sir John Sheffield, Knight,
second son, and at length heir apparent, to Edmund Lord Shef-
field, K. G. which Sir John was drowned in his father's lifetime,
but left issue by the said Griselda, from whom were descended
the Dukes of Buckinghamshire.

Elizabeth, fourth daughter, married Sir Hatton Fermor, of
Easton-Neston com. Northampton, Knight.

Sir Feancis Anderson, oi Eyworth and Stratton com, Bedford,
Knight, second son and at length heir, married, first, Judith,
third daughter of Sir Stephen Soame, Knight, Lord Mayor of
London, 159S, and had issue by her two sons ; viz.

First, Edmond Anderson, Esq. of Eyworth and Stratton, who
died April 4th, l638, having married Alice, daughter and sole
heir of Sir John Constable, of Dromnnly com. York, Knight, by
whom he had Dorothy, his sole daughter and heir, married to Sir
John Cotton, of Connington com. Huntingdon, Bart.

Second, Stephen, of whom presently.


Sir Francis married, secondly, Audrey, eldest daughter of Sir
John Boteler, of Hatfield-Woodhall, com. Hertford, Bart, after-
wards created Lord Boteler, of Bramfield, who surviving him re-
married Francis Leigh, Earl of Chicliester, by whom she had two
daughters, Elizabeth and Mary. By Sir Francis Anderson she
had issue

Sir John Anderson, of St. Ives, com. Huntingdon, created a
Baronet January 3d, 1628, who died without issue.

Also a daughter Mary, who died young.

Sir Francis died December 22d, it)lQ, and was buried at

Stephen Anderson, of Broughton and Eyworth, Esq. before
mentioned, his second son, married Catherine, daughter of Sir
Edwin Sandys, of Ombersley com. Worcester, Knight. She was
buried at Eyworth, March 8th, \656. By her he had issue five
sons and seven daughters ; viz.

First, Sir Stephen Anderson, Bart, of whom presently.

Second, Edward, died an infant.

Third, Francis, of whom hereafter as ancestor to Lord Yar-

Fourth, Edmond.

Fifth, Edwin.

Sixth, Catherine, died an infant.

Seventh, Penelope, married Sir William Glyn, of Bisseter com.
Oxford, Bart,

Eighth, Mary, died young ; ninth, Catherine ; tenth, Eliza-
beth 5 eleventh, Frances, all died unmarried.

Twelfth, Judith, married John Lister, of Bawtry com. York,

Sir Stephen Anderson, eldest son, of Eyworth, was created a
Baronet July 13th, 1664, and died January gth, I/O/, having had
two wives : first, Mary, daughter of Sir John Glynn, Knight, Ser-
jeant at law. She died February 25th, iSd/, and was buried at
Eyworth, leaving an only daughter, Anne, married to Sir Wil-
loughby Hickman, of Gainsborough com. Lincoln. Sir Stephen
married, secondly, Judith, daughter of Sir John Lawrence, Knt.
Lord Mayor of London l665, by Dame Abigail, his first wife.
She was buried in the family vault in the parish church of St.
Helen's, London. By her he had issue three daughters and a son ;
viz, Abigail, who died unmarried I733 ; Penelope, who died un-
married 1/20} Catherine, who died unmarried, and was buried
at Eyworth, April l/th, 1705; and Sir Stephen Anderson, of


Eyworth and Broughton aforesaid, second Baronet, who died Oc-
tober 21st, 1741, and was buried at Eyworth, having married
Anne, only daughter of Sir Martin Lumley, of Bardfield com.
Essex, Bart, by Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir of Sir Jona-
than Dawes, Knight, alderman of London. She died October
27tb, 1719, and was buried at Eyworth. By her he had issue,
lirst, Sir Stephen, of whom presently ; second, Edmond, of Mag-
dalen college, Cambridge, died unmarried in 1/76, and was buried
at Eyworth ; third, Henry, died j'^oung ; fourth, Jonathan, died
unmarried, and was buried at Eyworth, April 1 1th, 1735 ; fifth,
Henry Anderson, of the Middle Temple, barrister at law, un-
married 1742, was buried at Eyworth, April 5th, 1761 ; sixth,
Anne, married the Rev. Anthony Ellys, D. D. rector of St. Olave
in the Old Jewry, London, and prebendary of the cathedral of
Gloucester, living 1742 ; seventh, Elizabeth, died unmarried and
was buried at Eyworth, June lltb, 1 720; eighth, Judith, died un-
married, Jan. 22d, 1740 3 ninth, Mary, married Justinian Isham,
Esq. son and heir of John Isham, Esq. second son of Sir Justinian
Isham, of Lamport com. Northampton, Bart. 3 tenth, Frances,"
married Edward Radcliffe, of London, Turkey merchant, grand-
son of Sir Ralph Radclitfe, of Hitchin com. Herts, Knight;
eleventh, Catherine, died aged two days, October 26th, I719. Sir
Stephen Anderson, third and last Baronet, died in February 1773,
and was buried at Eyworth, having married Elizabeth, only
daughter of Miles Barne, of London, merchant, descended from
an ancient and knightly family of that name in Middlesex and
Kent. She was buried at Eyworth, x\pril 21st, J 769. By her
he had an only son, Stephen Anderson, who died young.

Francis Anderson, third son of Stephen Anderson and Cathe-
rine Sandys, and younger brother of the first Baronet, was settled
at Manly com. Lincoln, and dying April 15, 1706, set. sixtj'-three,
was buried at Broughton. His will was dated February 27th,
1705, and proved June 20th, 1706. He married, in January,
1674, Elizabeth, youngest daughter and coheir of John Lodington,
of Fonaby in the parish of Rund com Line. Esq. She died June
2d, 1694, and was buried at Broughton. By her he had issue
four sons; viz.

First, Francis Anderson, ofivhom presently.

Second, Stephen Anderson, born at Manby in the parish of
Broughton, July 20th, 1677, living 1705.

Third, John, born May 30th, 1083, living 1705.

Fourth, Edmond, born March ISth, 168-j-, living 1705.


Francis Anderson, of Manby, Esq. eldest son, died Sep-
tember 29th, 17'^?} 3et. seventy-two, and was buried at Brougbton,
having married at Broughton on May 17th, 17OS, Mary, eldest
daughter of Charles Pelham^, of Brocklesby, Esq. and Elizabeth
Wharton : which Mary was born at Brocklesby, April 2 1st, 16/7;
and dying February JOth^ 173f, was buried at Broughton, having
had issue two sons and two daughters, viz.

First, Francis, of whom presently .

Second, Charles Anderson, baptised at Broughton, December
12th, 1712, died January 28th, J780, and was buried there.

Third, Eliza-Maria, born May 3d, 171O, married at Broughton
com. Lincoln, November 27th, 1729, Thomas Whichcot, of
Harpswell, Esq. and dying 1732, was buried at Harpswell,
leaving two daughters ; Frances-Maria, baptised at Brough-
ton August 26th, 1730, married Dr. Fountain, Dean of York,
whose daughter ' by her was the first wife of William Tatton (after-
wards Egerton), Esq. of Withenshaw, and Tatton in Cheshire,
and left a son William, who died member of parliament for Bever-
ley, i799> without issue J Catherine Whichcot, the other daugh-
ter, was baptised at Broughton, September 5th, 1/31.

Fourth, Charlotte Anderson, the other daughter, baptised at
Broughton June 2Sth, 1719:. married her cousin, Charles Rey-
nolds, of the Liner Temple, Esq. but died s. p.

Fr.\ncis Anderson, of Manby, Esq. eldest son and heir, was
baptised at Broughton July 29th, 171l,and died October 23d,
17'58, aet. forty-seven, and was buried there. His wife was
Eleanor. daua;hter of Thomas Carter, of Basavern near Denbigh,
Esq. who on May 5th, 1768, remarried Robert Vyner, Esq. of
Gotby com. Lincoln, member of parliament for Thirske com.
York ; and having had issue by him, was living 179-i- By her
first husband she had issue.

First, Charles Anderson (Pelham), present peer.

Second, Francis Evelyn Anderson, Esq. a lieutenant-colonel
on half-pay of the eighty-fifth foot, born ai Broughton April 8th,
1752 J formerly member of parliament for Beverley. He married
Caroline, daughter of General James Johnston, but had no issue
in 1795.

Third, Frances-Maria, born May 2-llh, I75O; died January
31st, 1761, and was buried at Broughton.

t See an epitaph on her in Ahtov's Poemt.


Fourth, Harriot, born at Broughton June gth, 1753, married
to Paul Moss.

Charles Anderson, now Lord Yareorough, eldesi son^
took the surname and arms of Pblham in compliance with the
will of his great uncle, Charles Pelham, Esq. late of Brockelsby
aforesaid, deceased. He was baptised at Broughton, February
20th, 1748-9, and elected member of parliament for Beverley,
1768 ; and for the county of Lincoln in 1/74, 1780, 1784, I7y0.

He was elevated to the peerage August 13th, 1/94, by patent,
by the title of Baron Yareorough, of Yarboroug/i in the county
of Lincoln, to him and the heirs male of his body.

His Lordship married at Chelsea in Middlesex, on July 21st,
1770, Sophia, only daughter of George Aufrere, Esq. of Chelsea.
And by her, who died January 25th, 17S6, and was buried at
Brocklesby, had issue.

First, Charles Anderson Pelham.

Second, George Anderson Pelham, born September 5th, 1785,
a lieutenant in the Coldstream regiment of foot guards.

Third, Sophia, born at Chelsea October 3d, 1775, married
November 5th, 1802, Dudley North, of Glemham-Hall, Suffolk,

Fourth, Caroline, born January 18th, 1777) rnarried, October
11th, 1797» Robert Carey Elwes, Esq. and has issue.

Fifth, Lucy, born February 27th 1778, married, June 1st,
1804, William Tennant, of Aston-ball com. Stafford, Esq. and
has issue.

Sixth, Maria-Charlotte, born July 6th, 1780, married, June
19tb, 1802, Thomas Heneage, Esq.

Seventh, Arabella, born January 20th, 1783.

Eighth, Georgia na- Anne, born at Tunbridge-Wells July 14tb,

Charles Anderson Pelham, eldest son, born at Brocklesby,
August 18th, 178I, married, August 11th, 1800, the only child
of the Honourable John Bridgman Simpson (brother to Lord
Bradford), by his lirst wife, the sister and heir of the late Sir
Richard Worsley, Bart, b)' whom he has a daughter born in
July, I8O7. He was elected member of parliament for the county
of Lincoln, I8O7.

Title. Charles Anderson Pelham, Lord Yarborough, of Yar-
borough in Lincolnshire.


Creation. By patent August 13th, 1794.

Ar7ns. Quarterly, first and fourth Pelham, the same as the
Earl of Chichester j second and third Anderson, argent, a chevron
between three cross crosslets, sable.

Crest. The crests of Pelham and Anderson^ the latter a

Supporters. On the dexter, a horse reguardant, seme of bows
bent J on the sinister, a talbot reguardant seme of cross cross-


Chief Seat. Brocklesby-Hall, Lincolnshire.




SusANNAHj late wife of the present Admiral, Samuel Viscount
Hood, was created Baroness Hood of Catherington in Hamp-
shire, with remainder to the issue male of her body by Viscount
Hood, on March 27th, \7Q5; and dying May 25th, 1806^ was
succeeded by her only son

Henry, second Lord Hood of Catherington. His
Lordship was born August 25tb, 1753 ; and married, September
10th, 1774, Jane, only daughter and heiress of Francis Wheeler,
Esq. of Whitley in Hampshire, grandson of Admiral Sir Francis
Wheeler, Knight, third son of Sir Charles Wheeler, Bart, and has
had issue,

First, Louisa.

Second, Charlotte, both died infants.

Third, Susannah, born in June, 1779'} married, April 1 6th,
1805, Francis Mason, Esq. of the royal navy.

Fourth, Elizabeth, died young.

Fifth, Francis Wheeler, a captain in the third regiment of
foot-guards, born October 4th, 178I ; married, October 11th,
1804, Caroline, daughter of Sir Andrew Snape Hamond, Bart,
and has issue a son, born November 19th, I8O7.

Sixth, Selina, born November 10th, 1782.

Seventh, Samuel, presumptive heir to the Lish Barony of
Bridporf, born December 7th, 1788, was married at Mary-le-
bone church on Tuesday, July 3d, 1810, by the Bishop of Salis-
bury, to Lady Charlotte Nelson, only surviving child of the pre-
sent William Earl Nelson,


Title. Henry Hood, Lord Hood of Catherington, in Hamp-

Creation. By patent March 27th, 1795.

Arms. See Viscount Hood in vol, v. with a label for dif-

Crest, Supporters, and Motto. See the same.

Chief Seat. Catherington-House, Hants,

VOL, vui. a »




-TROM the time of King James III. the Earldom of Murray con-
tinued in the crown, and there remained till the reign of King
James V. that that Prince, by letters patent bearing date on the 20th
of June, 1501, ^ gave it -to

James Stuakt his natuj-al son, whom he had by Jane Ken-
nedy, the Lord Kennedy's daughter, his paramour.

This James, Earl of Murray, married Isabel, daughter to the
Earl of Argyle, and dying June 12, 1544, left only one daughter,
Mary, married to John Master of Buchan, so the Earldom of
Murray went back again lo the crown; and being in the sove-
reign's disposal. Queen Mary, on February 18th, 1548,'' gave it
to George Earl of Hunlly : but her Majesty recalling that deed,
she was afterwards graciously pleased to bestow the Earldom of
Murray upon

James Stuart, Prior of St. Andrew's. This James, next £«r*
of Murray, was the natural son of King James V. by Mar-
garet, daughter of John Lord Erskine. Being by the care of his
father, as all the rest of his illegitimate sons were, bred to the
church ; he was when very young provided to the priory of St.
Andrew's, anno 1539, then void by the promotion of Patrick Hep-
burn, to the episcopal see of Murray ; but by reason of his non-
age. Dr. Alexander Miln, abbot of Cambuskenneth, and presi-
dent of the college of justice, was appointed administrator of the

» Charta in Rotulis Jacobi IV. b Ibid, ia Rotulis Mariae R.


benefice, *^ both with respect to the spiritual and temporal dis-
charge of the function.

By reason of the prior's youth, T have met with nothin<y me-
morable of him, (till the beginning of tlie reformation,) he was
among the first who embraced the protestant reformed relio-ion,
thouglvhe was far from giving any countenance to the popular
reformation; as is manifest from the many and frequent addresses

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