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a director of the Sou'h Sea Comp:uiy, represented in parliament
Launceston in Cornwall, 175g, lyO'i, and Totness in i/6b. He
died November Glh, Iz/o, having married P^Iizabeth, daughter
and coheir of John Lewis, Esq. of Hackney in Middlesex, by
whom he had an only son.

First, Sir Peter, present peer, and four daughters.

Second, Elizabeth Julia, married Ricliard-Henry-Alexander-
BennetjEsq. of Babraham in Cambridgeshiie, 'M. V. for Newport,
Cornwall, 1770, and had issue Captain Bennet of the navy.

Third, Frances Julia, m.irried May 25th, l/zLS Hugh, now
Duke of Noi thuraberiand.

Fourth, Elizabeth, married, first, Douglas, eighth Duke of
Harnilton, and on his death, became the third wife on August ig,
IbOO, of Henry, late Marquis of Exeler.

Fifth, Isabella-Susanna, married June 8th, lyy-'^) Algernon,
now Earl of Beverley, by whom she h:;s a large family.

Sir Petek, oidy son, now Lord Gwydir, was knighted, when
he officiated a-* Deputy Great Chambtrlain, at the trial of Warren
Hastings; and succeeded to the Baronduge of his great uncle Sir
Merrick in 1/87. He was elected M. P. for Hasleniere, I77(5>
anil fur Boston, 1/82, 17-^> l/PO, and was raised to the peerage
by the title ot Lord Gwydik, of GwTjdir in the county of Car-
7iQ,rvo72f June lOth, 179^.


His Lordship married, February 23d, 1779, Priscilla-Barbara-
Elizabeth Lindsny, daughter and coheir ot Peregrine^ Duke of
Ancaster (joint hereditary great chamberlain of England with her
sister, Georgians, Countess of Cholmondeley), Bakoness Wil-
LOUGHBY DE Eresby, and has issue.

First, Peter-Robert, born in March \7S2 ; married, October
20th, I8O7, Clementia, daughter and sole heiress of James Drum-
mond. Lord Perth; and his Majesty, November 6th, I8O7, was
pleased to grant his licence, that the said Peter Robert may use
the surname and bear the arms oi Drummond, together with the
arras of Burrell,

Second, a daughter, who died May 2d, 1784,

Third, Lindsay Meyrick, late secretary of legation at the court
of Dresden ; married, July 14th, I8O7, the youngest daughter of
the late James Daniel, Esq.

Fourth, William ; and,

Fifth, Elizabelh-Priscilla.

Titles. Sir Peter Burrell, Knt, and Bart. Lord Gwydir of
Gwydir in the county of Carnarvon j Deputy Great Chamberlain
of England.

Creations. Lord Gwydir by patent, June l6th, \79Q; Baro-
net, July 12th, 17G(5.

Arms. Vert, three plain shields, argent, each having a border
engrailed, or. ^

Crest. On a wreath, a naked arm erabowed, and holding 2
branch of laurel, both proper.

Supporters. See title, iniloughhj ofEreiby, vol, vi.

Motto. Animus non deficit iEauus.

Chief Seats. Grimsthorpe-castle, Lincolnshire; Gwydir-
castle, Denbighshire; and Beckingham, Kent.

b C 27. Visit. Sussex, fcl. 79, 8c, Reg. Howard, fol 44,4?, in Herald's



Immediately after the Norman Conquest arose into power and
distinction, more especially in the midland counties, the great
Baronial family of Basset.

Ralph Basset was chief justice of England under King Henry I.
and hence sprung the Lords Basset of Drayton ; the Lords Basset
of Hndendon ; and the Lords Basset of 5o/)co/e and JFeldon; with
the Bassets of B lore, and many other branches j of whom an ac-
count may be found in Dugdale's Baronage j or in the Topo-
grapher, vol. ii. p. 318, &:c.

Thomas Basset, a very early cadet of this family,^- married
Cicely, daughter and heiress of Alan Lord de Dunstanvillc, ma-
ternally descended from Retjinald Fitzhenry, Earl of Cornwall,
natural son of King Henry I. by Anne Corbet, ^'

Sir William Pole' however deduces the descent thus :

Osmond Basset, who held Ipisden and Stuke-Basset, in King
Henry I's time, was father of ■

John Basset, who had issue

William Basset, who by Ciceley, daughter of Alan de En-
glefield, was father of

a Said to be grandson of Ralph. The arms have but a slight variation
from those of Hedendon ; viz. Barry wavy o/"6, or and gules : instead of Barry
NEFULEo/'5, or and gules ; which latter wtre those of Hedendon. See Dug-
dak's Usage of Arms.

b Gent. Mag. vol Ixviii. j) 765.
c Description of Devon.


Sir Alan Basset, who had given him by Sir William Pevere],
of Samford in Devonshire, White-Chapple and La Heyna, in the
parish of Byshop's Nymton, in the north part of the county, with
Lucia, his sister, in marriage.

Sir William Basset, in the reign of King Henry VIIL was
father of

Sir John Basset, of Umberlegh com. Devon, Knt. who mar-
ried Joan, daughter of Sir Thomas Beaumont, and sister and
heir of Philip Beaumont, of Shirwell in that county ; who brought
into this family two noble seats in that county j Umlerle^h and
Heanton Court. " Umberlegh lies in the parish of Adrington,
seven miles to the south of Barnstaple, and is so called from the
abundance of woods which heretofore were round about it, and
did overshadow it. Here this family had its first residence after
it became theirs; but it being the more melancholy and less
healthful place, they removed hence to Heanton Coukt, which
came from Punchardon to Beaumont; and from Beaumont to
Basset ; a sweet and pleasant seat, a very handsome pile, well
furnished wich all variety of entertainments which the earth and
sea and air can afford." "^

Sir John had issue by Joan Beaumont, viz.

Sir John Basset, eldest son, of Umberlegh corrl. Devon, mar-
ried, first, Elizabeth, daughter of John De nys, by whom he had
an only child, Anne, married to James, son of Sir William Court-
ney, of Powderham, Knt. Sir John married, secondly, Honora,
daughter of Sir Thomas Granville, who sur\'ived him, and re-
married Arthur Plantagenet, Viscount Lis'e. By this second wife
Sir John Basket, who died January 31st, 1528, had two sons.

First, John, of whom presently.

Second, George, of Tehidy, of whom afterwards, as ancestor
to the present peer.

John Basset, eldest son, of Umberlegh com. Devon, mar-
ried Frances, daughter and coheir of the above Arthur Planta-
genet, Viscount Lisle, bastard son of King Edward IV. who
surviving him, remarried Thomas IVIonke, of Potheridge com.
Devon, Esq. and was great grandmother of the famous George
Monke, Duke of Alberraarle. By her be had issue Sir Arthur
Basset, of Umberlegh, only son and heir, who married Eleanor,
daughter of Sir John Chichester, of Raleigh, Knt. and had issue
Sir Robert Basset, of Umberlegh, Knt. living 1620, " who

d Risdon and Prince.


being thus by his grandmother descended from the Plantagencts,
^ittcted to make some pretensions to the crown of England, but
not being able to make them good, was forced to fly into France
to save his head. '^ To compound for which, together with his
high and generous way of hving. Sir Robert greatly exhausted
his estate, selling off with White Chappie, the ancient house, no
less than thirty manors." ^ He married Elizabeth, second daughter
and coheir of Sir William Periam, Chief Baron of the Exchequer,
by whom he was father of Colonel Arthur Basset, born at
Heanton Court, I5g7,= aa active loyalistj of whom a memoir is
given in Prince's Worthies of Devon, (p. 51, edit. 1810). He
died January /th, I672, aet. seventy five. His descendant and
last heir male, Francis Basset of Heanton-Court, Esq. died
about fifteen years ago ; and Mr. Davie, his nephew, and heir by
the female line, has taken the name and arms of Basset.

We now return to George Basset, younger son of Sir John
Basset and Honora Granville. He had a gift from his nephew
Sir Arthur of the manor of Tehidy in Cornwall, to him and his
heirs, as appears by a conveyance dated March 26th, 1558, in
these words, " to the use and lehoof of Dame Honor, Viscountess
Ziisle, mother of the said George, and grandmether to the said Ar-
thur, and her assigns for the term of her life natural, and after her
decease then and from thence first to the vse of the said George
Basset and Jacquet his wife, and to the heirs male of the body of
the said George laufuUy begotten, and in default to the use and
behoof" &c. It appears from Leland, that the Bassets resided at
Tehidy before this :''

** Basset," says he, " hath a right goodly lordship, called
Treheddy, by Combe Castelle." And again :

" Carnbrny, on an hill, a castelet, or pile of Bassets, a mile
west of the Revier toun. There was sometime a park now de-
faced." '

This George Basset married Jacquetta, daughter of George
Coffin, of Portledge in Devonshire, and dying November 5lh,
1589, W3S buried at Illagan in Cornwall. He left issue a son and
two daughters.

e One Nicholas Hill was concerned in this conspiracy. See Wood's

Ath. vol. i. p. 366.

f Prince-

g Sandford's Genealog. p. 449.

h Tehidy is said to have been the most ancient seat of the family, even

from 1x50.

« Itin. vol. iii. f. 5.


Catherine, married James Carey, of Clovelly in Devon ; and
Blanch, married William Newman.

James Basset, of Tehidy, only son, died February 8th, l603,
having married Jane, daughter of Sir Francis Godolphin, of Go-
dolphin, Knight, by whom he had five sons and four daughters;
of which last, Margery married Kenry Trengrove, afs Nans;
Joanna, married William Courtnay, of Tremara com. Cornwall ;
third, Grace; fourth, Margaret. The sons were.

First, Sir Francis.

Second, Sir Thomas, a major-general under King Charles I.
and commanded a division of the royal army at the battle of

Third, Sir Arthur, a colonel in the service of King Charles I,

Fourth, Nicholas Basset.

Fifth, James Basset.

Sir Fraxcis Basset, of Tehidy, eldest son, was also a strenuous
royalist, and sheriff of Cornwall during the greater part of the
rebellion. Owing to his expenses in support of the royal cause,
and his being obliged to compound for his estate with the parlia-
ment, he was necessitated to sell his seat at St. Michael's Mount
in Cornwall, and much other property : on which account his de-
scendants were much distressed for many years after the rebel-
lion, till by marriages and skilful management they again aug-
mented their estates.

Sir Francis died September IQth, 1645, having married Anne,
daughter of Sir Jonathan Trelawney, of Trelawney, Knight, who
was governor and owner of St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall. B/
her he was father of

JoHy Basset, of Tehidy, second son and heir male of his
brother Francis. He died in November, 1(556, and was buried at
Illagan, having married Anne, daughter and heiress of Robert
Deibridge, of Barnstaple, by whom he had three sons, and two
dauo-hters: Anne, who died unmarried, October, 1715, and was
buried at Illagan ; and Elizabeth, who also died unmarried.

The sons were.

First, Francis.

Second, Charles, rector of Illagan, died s. p. 1709.

Third, John, died unmarried, January, 17OS.

Francis Basset, of Tehidy, eldest son, married Lucy, daughter
and heir of John Hele, Esq. and had issue

Francis Basset, his only son and heir, who died December
llth, 172], having married, fii£t, EUzabeth, daughter and co-



heiress of Sir Thomas Spencer, of Yarnton in Oxfordshire, Bart,
and widow of Sir Samuel Garrard, Bart, by whom he had no

He married, secondly, Mary, daughter and heiress of John
Pendarves, rector of Dunsteignton in Devonshire, and at length
heiress of her uncle Alexander Pendarves, By her he had two

First, John Pendarves Basset.
Second, Francis, father of the present peer.
John Pendarves Basset, eldest son, died September 25th,
1739, and was buried at Illogan, having married Anne, daughter
and coheiress of Sir Edmund Prideaux, of Netherton, Bart, by
whom he had a posthumous son

John Pkideaux Basset, who died May 28th, 1/5(5, aged six-
teen, and was buried at Illogan.

Francis Basset, the younger son of Francis, was of Turley in
Northamptonshire, and succeeded to the family estate at Tehidy
on the death of his nephew. He was sometime M P. for Pen-
rhyn, and dying November, lydg, was buried at Illogan, De-
cember 2d. He married at Crowan in Cornwall, October IQth,
1756, Margaret, daughter of Sir John St. Aubyn, of Clowancc,
Bart, and by her, who died October 19th, 1768, had issue.
First, Sir Francis,, now Lord de Dunstanville,
Second, John Basset, clerk, A.M. rector of Illogan aforesaid,
and also of Camborne com. Cornw. ; baptized at Illogan August
4th, 1760 ; married at Upminster com. Essex, October -Ith, 179O,
Mary, daughter of George Wingtield, of Durham, by whom he
has a son. John Basset, baptized at Illogan November 28th, 1791'
Third, Margaret, baptized at Illogan, September 29th, 1758,
married at St. Breock, Cornwall, IJ'/G, to John Rogers, ot Trease
and Penrose in the said county, Esq. who has issue by her nine
daughters and six sons.

Fourth, Anne, baptized atEvenley com. Northton, December
13th, 1761, died unmarried, 1779-

Fifth, Cecilia, baptized at Camborne February 13(h, 1763,
living unmarried, 1797-

Sixth, Mary, baptized at Evenly 1765, living unmarried, 1797'
Seventh, Catherine, baptized x\pril 3d, 1766, living unmar-
ried, 1797.

Sir FrxANCis Basset, Bart, eldest son, present Peer, was
born at ''•Valcot, com. Oxford, August 9th, and baptized at Charl-
bury, September 7th, 1/57; was created a Baronet Novembef 24,


1779 ; returned M. P. for Penrhyn, 178O, 1784, 179O ; and was
raised to the peerage June l/th, I796., by the title of Lord de
DuNSTANViLLE, of Tckidy Park in Cormvall, to him and the
heirs male of his body ; and was funlier created on November
7th, 1797j Lord Basset, of Stratton iu Cornwall, with re-
mainder, in default of his o^vn issue malcj to Frances his only
daughter, and her issue male.

His Lordship married, at St. Mary-!e-bone in the county of
Middlesex, on May '.6th, 1/80, Frances Susanna, dMUiiliier and at
length coheir of Juhn Hifjpesley Coxe, of Stone Ea^ion com.
Somerset, Esq. by whom he has an only daughter,

Frances Basset, born at Mary-le-bone April 30th, and bap-
tized May 28th, 17SI.

Titles. Sir Francis Basset, Bart. Lord de Dunstanville, of
Tehidy in Cornwall; and Lord Basset, of Stratton in Cornwall.

Creations. Lord de Dunstanville June ] 7ch, ] 79S, bv patent;
and Lord Basset, of Stratton, also by patent, November /th, 1/9/.

Arms. Barry wavy of sis, or and gules.

Creit. An unicorn's bead.

Supporters. Two unicorns collared, and e.ich charged on the
sliou dc-r with a sine'd of the artns.

jMofto. Pro IIege et ropuLO.

Chief Seat. Tehidy, Cornwall.



The fainily of Lascklles ^ are of ancient standing and respecta-
bility iu Yorkshire.

John de Lascelles, '' of Hinderskelfe (now called Castle
Howard) in the Wapentake of Bulmer in the North Riding of the
county of York, was living, and held di\^rse lands in that place
A. D. 1315, 9 Edw. II. {lit per chart.) By Johanna his wife, he

John de Lascelles, of Hinderskelfe, his son and heir, called in
deeds ^filius Johannh, alias Jackson- He wasjiving I4f}2, l6
Rich. II. {lit per chart.)

William de Lascelles, his son and heir, was living 7 Hen.
VI. 142S, and had

William Lascelles, alias Jackson, of Hinderskelfe, his son
and heir, who was ftither of

William Lascelles, alias Jackson, of Gawthorpe in the "Wa-
pentake of Bulmer aforesaid, who left issue

Robert Lascelles, alias Jackson, of Gawthorpe and Engholme-
Grange in the parish of Hovingham com. York. He died 4 and

a There was a Baronial family of this name, and seated in this county.
RoCE R de Lascelles received summons among the Peers, x2 Edw. 1. See
Dugd. Bar. vol. ii p. 6.

i> This John was thought to be a younger son of the house of Sowerby
and Brackenbury, who bore the arms without tbebordure. Sir Roger Lascelles,
of Sowerby and Brackenbury, was great grandfather of Thomas Lascelles, of
Brackenbury, living 1584. See Harl. MSS. 1394, f. 34.


5 Philip and Mary, having married Dorothy, daughter of

Newport, by whom he had five daughters, and four sons.

Of the daughters, first, Jane, married James Butler ; second,

Dorothy, married Griffin 5 third, Elizabeth, married John

Bell ; fourth, Margery, married John Knight ; fifth, Mari^aret.

The sons were, first, Thomas Lascelles, alias Jackson, of Gaw-
thorpe and Engholme-Grange, Esq. who had livery of his estate,
I Eliz. was living at Gawthorpe, 15S4, and died \6 James I.
16 1 8, having married Margery, daughter of Sir William St.
Quintin, of Harphani, com. York, Knight, by whom he had
issue, first, Henry, son and heir apparent set. '23d, 1584 j second,
Walter; third, Williamj fourth, John ; fifth, Roger ; sixth, Ed-
ward } seventh, James J eighth, Robert; ninth, Dorothy ; tenth,

Second, John Lascelles, alias Jackson, married ,

daughter of Mauleverer, and had issue in 1584 two son.s,

Christopher and Thomas,

Third, Robert Lascelles, alias Jackson.

Fourth, Francis Lascelles, alias Jackson, who was of Stank-
Hall in the parish of Sigston and North Allerton, jure uxoris.
He died 4 Char. I. 1628, seized of Stank, alias Winton-Stank,
and of the manor or Grange of Thormanby ; having married
Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of John Charter, of North-AIler-
lon, by whom he had issue three daughters, and five sons.

The daughters were, first, Eleanor, married at North Al-
lerton, December 15th, 1005, to Lawrence INIennil, ot Thornaby
and East Layton, Esq. 3 second, Margaret, married to William
Constable, of Dromonby com. York^ Esq.; third, Jauf, baptised
at North-A!lerton, April 231 h, 1595, married at Sigston, Sep-
tember i;jlh, 1614, to Thomas Saville, of Wdlburne, Esq.

The sons were, first, William, of whom jjresently ; second,
Cutbbert lyascellcs, who married Frances, daughter of Robert
Knowsley, of North Burton and Wighton, and had issue, first,
Robert, baptized at Sigston, March Uth, 1029; second, Eliza-
beth, baptized March l/th, l6J0; third, Anne, baptized May
2Ist, 1033; fourth, Thomas, baptized April I3th, l6.;4.

Third, Philip Lascelles ; fourth, Francis, baptised at North
Allerton, January 21st, 1595; fifth, Thomas, baptized September
21st, 159s.

William Lascelles, alias Jnckson, eldest son and heir ap-
parent, was living at Stank in l(5l2, but died in his father's life-


time, and was burled at Sigston November 10th, 1024, having
married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Wadeson, of Yafforth
com. York, Esq. by whom he had two daughters and four sons.

The daughters were, first, Helen, baptized at Sigston St-p-
tember 11th, lGl5 j second, Elizabeth, baptized March '24lh,

The sons were, first, Francis, of wliom presently ; second,
Robert, baptized at Sigston November 26'th, l6l7; third. Pere-
grine, baptized April 2d, iSip; fourch, Thomas, baptized August
5lh, 1624,

Francis Lascelles, of Stank and North-Allerton, E?q eldest
son, and heir to his giandfiither, was a child of two weeks old, at
the visitation J6l2. He was a justice of the peace, and colonel of
the army of the parliament ; elected member of parliament for the
North Riding of Yorkshire, lG53, 1 654, and lQ5o. He was
buried at Sigston (where he had been baptized, August 2Jd,
l6l2) in November, 166/. He married Frances, second daughter
of Sir William St. Qnintin, of Harpharo, Bart, bv Mary his wife,
eldest daugliter and coheir of Robert Lac)', of Folketon, Esq. She
was buried at Sigston, September 20th, l65S. By her he lind issue.

First, William, baptized at Sigston, September bih, 1034.

Second, Mary, baptized February 7th, 1035, married, January
25th, l6o8, to Richard Shipton. of Lythe com. York.

Thiid, Henry, baptized May 3d, 1637 5 fourth, Francis, bap-
tized March 19th, lOoQ.

Fifth, Catherine, baptized June, l640j sixth, Elizabeth, bap-
tized November 9th, l641.

Seventh, Lacy, baptized October ptb, 1653.

Eighth, Margaret, buried Aj)ril 4 th, 1667.

Kinth, Lucy, baptized October 9th, l6.')l, married Cutli-
bert Wytham, a merchant in Virginia, second son of Sir William
Wytham, of Garlbvth; tenth, Helen, baptized July ipth, 1650;
eleventh, Dorothy ; twelfth, Hannah ; thirteenth, Elizabeth ;
fourteenth, Dorothy; fifteenth, Catherine.

Sixteenth, Daniel Lascelles, of Stank and North-Allerton,
Esq. born November Gth, l655, and baptized at Sigston, was jus-
tice of the peace, high sheriff of Yorkshire 1719j and sometime
member of parliament for North-Allerton. He died September
5th, 1734, ^t. seventy-eight, and was buried at North-Allerton.

He had two wives, first, Margaret, daughter of U illiam Met-
calf, of North-Allerton^ Esq. by Anne, daughter of Sir George


Marwood, of Little Bncksby, Bart. She was biirlcd at North-
AUerton, Deceaiber 20th, iGgO. By her he had four sons, and
four daughters ; viz.

First, Francis, baptized at Sigston June IS, 10'74, died young.
Second, Anne, baptized Derember 5:h, iQjG, died an infant.
Third, Daniel, died an infant June 11th. J677.
Fourth, Geokge La^ceiles, eldest surviving son, of Stank, and
of St. Michael's in Barbadoes, baptized at Norih-Allerton March
2d, idSI. His will is dated at Harbadoe^ August 30th, 1725-
and proved in London, where he died in the lifetime of his father,'
February i2th, 1723-Cj, having married Mary, daujiter of Wil-
liam Dobdien, who died at Barbadoes, 1722. By her he had two
sons, and two daughters ; viz. fin^t, William Lascelles, of Stank,
Esq. succeeded hi-, grandfather in his estate; died unmarried about
1750, and was buried at Bcrmondsey in Surrey; second, George
Lascelles, of iN^orth-Allerton, Esq. born in the island of Barbadoes,
1722, was living unmarried, 179O; third, Elizabeth, eldest
daughter, married at Isleworth com. Middiesex, December 24th,
17'il, to Edmund Divis, of Highworth and Ramsbury, com.
Wilts, Esq. wiK) took the name of Batson. He died December
1st, 1770, and was buried at Highworth ; she died at a great aoe,
s. p. about ISOS. Fuuith, Susannah, married at St. Paul'-s Cathe-
dral, London, in February, J 748, to James iMaxwell, Esq com-
missioner of the Sick and Hurt Office, and sometime physician
general to tb.e army in Germany. She died I76S; and he died
17/1, and were both buried at St. Andrew, Holborn, leaving an
only surviving child, Henry Maxwell, now of Ewshot-house in
Crundal, Hants, and Grosvenor place, London, vsbo married, in
ALirch, J78O, Deborah, third daughter of the la;e Edward Bryd"-es,
Esq. ot Wootton-court, Kent, by Ji mima, (who died December,
ISOy) daughter and coheir of William Egerton, LL. D. grandson
of John, second Earl of Bridgewater. This lady died in Harley-
street, March, I7S9, leaving an on'y child, who died an infant
about five years afier her mother.

Fifth, Heuiy Lascelles, ofivhom presently.

Six'h, Hannah, a twin with Henry, baptized November 20th,
logo, buried July 20th. 1694.

The other daughters of this marriage were ; seventh, Mary,
baptized September 13th, lGS3, married, August 27th, 170(5, to
Cuthbert Mittord. of North- Allerton ; she died April 25th, 1727,
and was buried at North-Allerton ; eighth, Elizabeth, married at
+Corth- Allerton on September lOth, 17 1 3, to George Ord, of


Longridge com. Northumberland, Esq. He died February 25th,
1745, and was buried with his wife at Norham in that county.

Daniel Lascelles^ the father, married, secondly, Mary, daughter
of Edward Lascelles, of London, Esq. ; and by her, who was
buried at North-Allerton, October 30th, 1734, ast. seventy-two,
had a son Francis, baptized at North-Allerton, November 8th,
1705, who died young, and one surviving son,

Edward Lascelles, Esq. of whom hereafter, as father to the
present peer.

Henry Lascelles, of Harewood, Stank, and North-Allerton,
fifth son oithn first wife, (Margaret Metcalfe) was born at North-
Allerton, December 20th, 1690 ; was sometime collector of the
customs at Barbadoes ; a director of the East India Company,
and member of parliament for North-Allerton. He died in
London, and was buried at North-Allerton, October l6th, 1753,
He married Jennet, daughter of John Whetstone, of Barbadoes,
Esq. She died in London, April 22d, 3 754, By her he had five
sons ; viz.

First, Edwin, of whom presenthj.

Second, Daniel Lnscelles, of Goldsborough and Plumptom
com. York, Esq. baptized at St, Michael's, Barbadoes, May 20th,
1714; sometime member of parliament for North-Allerton ; died
s, p. in Pall-Mali, May 26th, 1/84, and was buried at Golds-
borough, having married Elizabeth South wich, from whom he
was divorced by act of parliament 1 751.

Third, Henry Lascelles, Esq. born August 10th, 1716, at St.
Michael's, sometime a captain in the service of the East Iridia

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