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Company. He died s. p. July 14th, 178G, and was buried in
South Audley-street chapel, having married Jane, dughter of
John Raine, of Scarborough com York. She died June, 1784.

Fourth, Thomas, died young.

Fifth, George, died young, and was buried at North-Allerton,
March 20th, 1723.

Edwin Lascelles, first Peer, eldest son and heir, was of
Harewood, Stank, and North-Allerton. He was born at St.
Michael's, Barb:idoes, February 5th, 171t; :ind was sometime
member of parliament for Scarborough and North-Allerton ; and
afterwards for the county of York. He was created Lord Hare-
wood, of Harewood castle in Yorkshire, to him and the heirs
male of his body, by patent dated July gth, 179O.

His Lordship married, first, Elizabeth, sister and sole heir of
Sir William Dawes, Bart, and daughter of SirDarcy Daues, Bart.


by Sarah, his wife, eldest daughter and coheir of Richard Roun-
dell, of Hutton Wandesley, com. York, Esq. She died without
surviving issue at Bath, August 3 1st, 17(J4; and was buried in
South Audley-street chapel, having had two children that died

His Lordship married, secondly, Jane, daughter of Williami
Coleman, of Garnhey com. Devon, Esq. by Jane Seymour, his
wife, sister of Edward, eighth Duke of Somerset, to whom he was
married by special licence in Upper Brook-street, March 2Qth,
1770. She was widow of Sir John Fleming, of Brompton-Park,
com. Middlesex, Bart, and survived his Lordship, who died with-
out issue January 25lh, 1 795, when the title became extinct.

We now return to Edward Lascelies (son of the second mar-
riage of the last Lord Harewood's grandfather with Mary Las-
celies). This Edward was baptized at North- AUerton, February
25th, 1702. He was collector of the customs at Barbadot's ; and
married at St. Michael's church in that island, January 1st, 1732.
Frances, daughter of Guy Ball, Esq. a member of the council in
Barbadoes. He died October 31st, ]747, at Barbadoes, and was
buried in St. Michael's church there, where he had a tomb de-
stroyed by the fall of the church tower in the great hurricane,
1780. His widow remarried Francis Holburne, Esq. admiral of
the White, rear-admiral of Great Britain, and governor of Green-
wich-Hospital, third son of Sir James Holburne, ofMenshire in
North Britain, Bart. She died May 18th, 1761, cEt. forty-one,
and was buried at Richmond in Surrey. (Her last husband died
July 15lh, 177'> set. sixty-six,' and was buried at Richmond.)
Mr. Lascelies had issue by this lady four sons, and two daughters,

First, Mary Lascelies, born in Barbadoes, March igth, 1735 6;
buried in St. Michael's church there, February 1 Ith, 1737.

Second, Henry Lascelies, born November 1st, 1737, in Bar-
badoes; died May 12th, 1755, unmarried, and was buried at
Richmond in Surrey,

Third, Daniel, born in Barbadoes December 8th, 1742, and
died in that island aged about eight years.

Fourth, Edward, now Lord Harewood, cfwhom^resejitly.

Fifth, Francis Lancelles, born in Barbadoes, November 1st,
1744, appointed ensign in the first regiment of foot-guards, Fe-

c He had issue by her a son, Sir Fraricis Holburne, Bart, and two daugh-
ters, jean, wife of Ralph Sheldon, of Weston in Warwickshire, Esq ; ani
Catherine, married to Thomas Cussans, of Jamaica, Esq.



bruary 22d, l/6l ; captain in the seventeenth dragoons, De-
cember 13th, 1761 ; major in the eighth dragoons, June 15th,
1/64; lieutenant-colonel of ditto. May 31st, 1768; colonel in
the army, August 29th, 1/775 lieutenant-colonel of the King's
own dragoons. May 8tb, 1780; major-general in the army, No-
vember 20th, 1782; lieutenant-general, October I2lh, 1793;
general, January 1st, 1798; colonel of the eighth dragoons, March
17th, 1/89; colonel of the third dragoons, March 20th, 1797;
and appointed groom of his Majesty's bed-chamber 1779= died
1799, unmarried.

Sixth, Frances, born in Barbadoes, December 6th, 1738 ;
married at St. James's church, Westminster, October 15th, 1/62,
ro Gedney Clarke, of Barbadoes, Esq. She died December l6th,
1777, leaving one son, Gedney Clarke, of Barbadoes, IJO^-

Edward Lascelles, present Peer, was born at Barbadoes,
January l/th, 17^?} was of Stapleton in the parish of Darrington
com, Yoik, in 179O; and of Harewood-house, Gouldsborough,
Stank, and North -AUerton, in the same county, in 1796. He was
elected member of parliament for Norlh-Allerton, 1761, 176S,
and 1790 ; and having succeeded to the large estates of the late
lord Harewood at his death, 1795, was elevated to the Peer-
age by patent, June 18th, 1796, by the same title of Baron
Hakewood, nf Harewood in Yorkshire, to him and the heirs
male of bis body.

His Lordship married, May 12th, 1761, at St. George's, Han-
over-square, Anne, daughter of William Chaloner, Esq. of Guis-
borough in Yorkshire ; and by her has issue.

First, Edward, son and heir apparent, born January 10th,
1/64, in New Bond-street, and there baptized; member of par-
liament for North-Allerton, 1 "/QQ.

Second, Henry, late member of parliament for the county of
York, and now member of parliament for Westbury, Wilts ;
born at Stapleton, December 25th, 1767, and baptized there;
manied, Septem.ber 3d, l79-4> Henrietta Saunders, daughter of
Sir John Sebright, of Eeechwood, com. Herts, Bart, (baptized at
Hamstead, May 26th, 17/0), by whom he has issue a son, Ed-
ward, born at Harewood-house, July 13th, and baptized there
August 9th, 1796.

Third, Frances, born in Stanhope-Street, May-fair, June 1 1th,
1762, baptized at St. George's, Hanover-square, married there
October 4th, 1784, to the Hon. John Douglas, uncle to the Earl
of Morton, bv whom she has issue.


Fourth, Mary-Anne, born at Stapleton aforesaid, November
22d, and baptized November 30th, 1775, at Darrington.

Titles. Edward Lascelles, Lord Harewood, of Harewood In

Creation. Baron Harewood by patent June 18th, 179O.

Arms. Sable, a cross patonce within a border^ or.

Crest. On a wreath, a bear's head couped, ermine; muzzled,
gules; gorged with a collar of the last studded and rimmed, or.

Supporters. On the dexter side a bear, ermine; muzzled,
gules, gorged with a collar of the second, rimmed, studded, and
chain reflexed over the back, or; pendant thereto an escutcheon,
sable; charged with a cross patonce of the third : on the sinister
a bull, azure; seme of mullets, or; armed, hoofed, and gorged
with a collar and chain of the second, studded, gules; pendant
thereto an escutcheon of the second, charged with a cross patonce,

Motto. In solo deo salus.

Chief Seat. Harewood, Yorkshire,



That this family was anciently of Dorsetshire, appears from the
will of Thomas Rolle, bearing date July IQlh, 1525, and the
probate thereof, the last of January following. * He therein be-
queaths to the church of Wynborn Mynsler in Dorsetshire, where
(as related by him) he was born, for the devotion he hath to the
said church, and St. Cuthbert, 6s. 8d; being likewise a benefactor
to other churches. He also bequeathed to Amys Goddard^ his
mother, then the wife of Walter Goddard, 20/. to pray for his
soul. The residue of all his goods, chattels, debts, &c. his funeral,
&c. fulfilled, he bequeathed to his uncles, William Rolle, parson
of Wychampton, and George Rolle, of London, and makes them
sole executors.

Which George Rolle was, without doubt, the same person
who first settled in Devonshire. He was a merchant of great re-
pute in the city of London, ^ and on the reformation, was a con-
siderable purchaser of abbey lands. He also, in the reign of King
Henry VIIL purchased the seat, manor, and large demesnes of

Stevenslone, in the parish of St. Giles's in Devonshire, of

Moyle, Esq. a descendant from Sir Walter Moyle, Knt. '^ one ot'
the justices of the Common Pleas, in 32 Hen. VL to whom '^' it
accrued, by the marriage of the coheir of the Stevenstons, lords
of the said manor.

a Ex Regist. vocat. Porlh. Qu 2, in Cur. Pra?rog. Cantuar
b Ex Inform. pia;hon Hen Dom. Rolle.
c Dugdale's ChionicaSeriei, p ('4.
d Piin;e's Danmonii Orien p 5^1.


The said George Rolle, writing himself of Stevynston in the
county of Devon, Esq. made ^ his last will and testament, No-
vember nth, 1552, 6 Edw. VI. He therein bequeaths his soul
to the Holy Trinity, and all the holy company of saints, and his
body to be buried in such place, where he shall depart this miser-
able life, in such manner as shall please Marger)' his wife, whom
he makes his sole executrix. He bequeaths to Jackit Rolle, Besse
Rolle, and iVIary Rolle, his daughters, 6OO marks each, to be re-
ceived and paid by his trusty servants and friends, John Wychalf,
GefFery Tuthyll, Richard Staveley, and John Thore, or any two
of them, out of all his manors, lands, &c. in the counties of Devon,
Somerset, and Cornwall, accounting to his wife once in the year
whilst she lives, within one month after the feast of St. Michael.
He grants and bequeaths to George, his son, the wardship and mar-
riage of Margaret Marrys, daughter and sole heir to Edmund
Marrys, of the parish of St. Mary Wyke in the county of Corn-
wall, in as ample manner as he had of the gift and grant of the
said Edmund Marrys, paying yearly to the said Edmund 19I.
during his life. The residue of his goods, &c. he bequeaths to
Margery his wife, his sole executrix. He bequeaths to his daughter,
Mary Rolle, two tenements in Wandsworth, with the appurte-
nances ; and if she die unmarried, then to his daughter, Eliza-
beth Rolle, and her heirs. He also bequeathed to his daughter
Mary, a bason and ewer, graved with her mother's armsj and if
she died unmarried, then to his daughter, Elizabeth Rolle. And
whereas his late brother-in-law. Sir John Pakington, by the name
of John Pakington, of Hamplon-Lovet in the county of Wor-
cester, Esq. by writing obligatory, dated February Ijth, in 28
Hen. VIII. became bounden to him, the said George Rolle, and
to Hany Dacres, merchant of London, and others, now deceased,
on condition that the said Sir John Pakington, cause to be made
to Edmund Knightley, serjeant at law, the said George Rolle,
and others, a sufficient estate of, and in manors, lands, &c. in the
shires of Worcester, Hereford, Stafford, Salop, and Middlesex, or
any of them, to the clear yearly value of 120/. over and above all
charges, &c. whereof the manor of Chadsley Corbet, with the ap-
purtenances, in Worcestershire, should be parcel 5 to hold to the
said John Pakington, and Anne, for terra of the life of the said
Anne, and to the heir male of the body of the said Sir John Pak-
ington. His will is, that William Sheldon, of the county of

e Ex Regist. Tash- Qu. 3, in Cur. Pra?rog. Cant.


Vf''orce?ter, Esq. and John Prydyaux, Gent, shall be his executors
for the said writing, and be governed in all and every suit, for
the recovery of the debt contained in the said obligation, by his
dear and well-beloved sister-in law, dame Anne Pakington, widow,
for whose security the said obligation was made.

The probate bears date February pth, 1552, which shews that
he died the same year he made his will.

He had three wives, ^ by whom he had twenty children, but
had only three daughters by his last wife, Margery Vaughan, who
are mentioned in his will. Elizabeth Ashton was his tirst wife,
but what issue he had by her I have not seen. By his second
wife, Eleanor, second daughter of Henry Dacres, merchant of
London, 5 he had issue two daughters, and six sons.

First, John, hereafter mentioned.

Second, George, ancestor to the present Lord Rolle.

Third, Christopher, who died unmarried.

Fourth, Henry Fiolle, who had to wife Mary, daughter and
heir of Robeit Yeo, of Heanton in com. Devon, Esq. a descendant
from William Yeo, of Heanton Sachevil in com, Devon. ^ in the
reign of King Edward I. by Anne his wife, daughter and heir of
John Esse, of Esse in Westhow in the same county, whose son,
Robert Yeo, married Joan, daughter and heir of William Pyne,
of Bradwell in Devonshire ; and his son, Robert Yeo, married
Isabel, daughter and heir of John Brightley ; and bis son, John
Yeo, married Alice, daughter and coheir of William Jewe, of
CoUey, all in the same county ; and William Yeo, his son, had to
wife Hellfn, daughter of William Granvil, of Stow in com. Cor-
nub. ; and his son Robert had issue William, the father of Robert
Yeo, Esq. first mentioned. By which marriage, the said Henry
Rolle, in right of his wife, was possessed of a large estate, and by
her had issue ' nine sons, and seven daughters.

Robert Rolle, Esq. his eldest son> succeeded bis father in his
estate at Heanton Sachevill, &c. l620, and had to wife Joan,
daughter of Thomas Hele, of Fleet in com. Devon, Esq. by whom
he had issue four daughters, and four sons. I shall only take
notice of two of them, viz. of Henry, second son, and

Sir Samuel Rolle, Knt. aged thirty, in 1630, who was tlie
eldest son. He nwrried Margaret, daughter of Sir Thomas Wise,

f Ex Script, pe.nes Hen. Dom. Rolle. C i, in Offic Aina.

S Visit, de Com. Devon, in Cornwall. > Ibid.

i Visit, piard.


of Sideshay in com. Devon, Knight of the Bath, and left issue
by her two sons, Robert and Dennis Rolle. Robert Rolle, of
Heanton Sachevill in com. Devon. Esq. eldest son, had to wife
one of the coheirs of Theophilus Clinton, Earl of Lincoln, who
died in 1667, and by her had issue Samuel Rolle, his son and heir,
who succeeded him in his estate at Heanton, and had a joint right
to the Baronies of Clinton and Soy. His''' father served for the
county of Devon, in the two last parliaments of King Charles IL
and he was returned for the same county in four parliaments, in
the reign of King William IIL He left issue Margaret, his sole
daughter and heir, married, on March 27th, 1724, to Robert Lord
Walpole, second Earl of Orfordj Baroness Clinton in her own
right. See that title, -vol. vi.

Dennis Rolle, Esq. the youngest son of Sir Samuel Rolle, and
brother of Robert Rolle, Esq. was seated at Hudscote in Devon-
shire, and had issue Samuel, his son and heir, father of Samuel
Rolle, Esq. who died in 1/47, and left his estate at Hudscote,
&c. to Dennis Rolle, Esq. father to the present Lord Rolle.

I now return to Henry Rolle, second son of Robert, and
brother to Sir Samuel Rolle. This Henry took to the study of
the law in the Inner Temple, and in ' 13 Car. I. 1637, was elected
reader of the Society; as also in 14 Car. L; whereof none were
chose, but persons of great learning. He was one of the members
for Truro in Cornwall, in '" the three first parliaments called by
King Charles I.; and in 10 Car. I. " was called to the degree of
Serjeant at law. On September 30th, 1645, both houses of par-
liament agreed, ° that serjeant Rolle should be a judge of the
King's Bench, and he was accordingly sworn f one of the judges
thereof, October 2Sth following. Also October 12th, 16^8, 24
Car. I. '^ he was by the house of commons voted to be lord chief
justice of the King's Bench; but the ■■ lords refused to agree to it.
However, on November 13th following, ' both houses concurred,
that Justice Rolle should bring in his former patent, and receive a
new commission, under the great seal, to be Lord Chief Justice
OF THE King's Bench ; and the next day he was sworn therein.
On January 1 1th, 1 648, the day after the meeting of the commis-

k Willis's Not. Parliament, vol. ii. p. 254, 255.

1 Dugdale's Origines Juridiciales, p 168.

m Willis's Xot. Pari. vol. ii- p. 52. «> Pat. 16 Car. I. p. 12.

o Whitkick's Memorials, p. 168. p Ibid p. 185-

q Ibid, p 537. ' Ibid. p. 338- ^ Ibid p. 34?


sioners for the trial of the King, the secluded members of the
house of commons paid a visit to the lord chief justice RoUe,
a wise and learned man, as Whitlock observes.' He seemed
much to scruple the casting off the lords house, and was much
troubled at it. Yet greatly encouraged them to attend the house
of commons, notwithstanding the present force on them, which
could not dispense with their attendance, and performance of their
duty, who had no force on them in particular. After the murder
of the King, he, with six other of the judges, " agreed to hold
their commissions, provided, that by act of the commons, the
fundamental laws be not abolished. And on February 14lh, 1048,
was one of the thirty-eight persons that were chosen to be of the
council of state ; whereof there was of the peers, the Earls of
Denbigh, Mulgrave, Pembroke, Salisbury, Lord Grey, Fairfax,
Lord Grey of Groby, and Lord Lisle, as Whitlock relates.'' He
expressed a dislike of bringing the King on his trial, and was not
anyway concerned in itj but entertaining moderate principles,
it may well be presumed, that he complied with the bent of the
times, whereby he might have opportunities of serving his country j
and it is most certain, he filled the bench with notable sufficiency,
and more integrity, than any of his brethren. April 12th, ]G4g,
having been specially deputed, y with the Lord Fairfax, the ge-
neral, Cromwell, lieutenant-general, the chief Baron, and some of
the house of commons, as a committee of parliament, to go to the
common council of London, to borrow of them J 20,000/. for Ire-
land j he accordingly went, and the next day, report being made
of their forwardness in advancing it, they had the thanks of the
house. On Feb. 12, 1649, he was ■= again nominated one of the
council of state for the government of the commonwealth ; and in
April following, going the western circuit with judge Nicholas, he
much settled the people's minds at Exeter, in his charge to the grand
jury, and the lord chief justice Rolle was very much commended,-"^
as Whitlock writes. On February llih, l650, the commons
voted, that the council of state should be altered for the year en-
suing, and twenty new members chosen j which was done by
balloting,^ and the lord chief justice Rolle was continued. Li
August, 1654,'^ he was, with colonel Montagu, (after Earl of
Sandwich) and others, appointed commissioners of the Exchequer.

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X Ibid. p. 375. y Ibid. p. 383. 2 Ibid. p. 425.

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LORD ROLLE. . . 521

But Cromwell making new ordinances in the law, and the lord
chief justice Rolle refusing to put them in execution, he had "^ his
quietus about the beginning of June, 1655. Whitlock, one of
the commissioners of the great seal, resigning at the same time.
I presume he lived afterwards retired on his estate, in the county
of Southampton, which he had purchased: but when he died, I
don't find. He left issue, Sir Francis Rolle, of Tytherley in
Hampshire, Knt. who inherited his estate, and was ^chosen one
of the knights for the county of Southampton, (with Charles,
Earl of Wiltshire) in the parliament summoned to meet at Oxford,
in lOSl. He married Priscilla, daughter of Sir Thomas Foot,
Knt. one of the aldermen of London, by whom he had several
daughters, (whereof Priscilla died March 12th, 1745, and was
buried at West-Ham in Essex : she was possessed of a personal
estate to the value of 20,000/. and left 200/. to the poor of
Tuderly, and divers other charities;) and John Rolle, of Tuderly
and Shapwick, Esq. who left issue two sons, John, and Samuel,
who both died without issue ; and Samuel left his estate to John
Rolle, Esq. father to Henry, first Lord Rolle ; who left it to his
youngest son, Dennis Rolle, Esq. father to the present Lord

Having shewn how the male line of Henry Rolle, the fourth
son of George Rolle, (first mentioned) terminated, I shall now
treat of Robert Rolle, the fifth son. Which '' Robert married

Eleanor, daughter of Gabriel, and had issue John Rolle,

Esq. aged thirty-seven years, in 1620. He had to wife Gertrude,
daughter of Anthony Acland, of Chittlehampton, Esq. but what
issue is remaining from them, does not appear.

Maurice Rolle, sixth son, married Margaret, daughter of . . . .
Brier, of Harrow or. the Hill, in com. Middlesex, and left issue
Henry Rolle, of Meth in com. Devon, Esq. living anno l6:{0,
and had issue Maurice Rolle, his son and heir.

The said George Rolle, Esq. had also two daughters ; Chris-
tian, married to James Courtney, of Upcot in com. Devon, Esq.
and Margaret, wife of William Wykes, of Nimet-Florie in com-
Somers, Esq.

I come now to treat of John Rolle, of Stevenstone, the eldest
?on of the said George Rolle, Esq. first mentioned. Which Joha

(1 Thurloe's State Papers, vol- iii. p. 538-
t Ex Coll. B. Willis, Arm. f Ex Stcmmate.


was born on December 12th, 1518, ^ and married Margaret,
daughter of John Ford, of Ashburton in- Devon, Esq. and by her
had eight children, whereof Sir Henry Rolle, Knt. and John
Rolie, the sixth son, were the most eminent. He was buried in
the parish church of St. Giles, where a tomb is erected to his
rinemory, about two foot and a half high, in the middle whereof is
a brass plate, wilh this inscription.

Hie jacet Johannes Rolle Armiger, quondam
Dominus de Stevenstone, qui obiit 12 die
Augusti an. dom. 1570.

His wife survived him, and was also buried there, as appe::rfe
frorh a fair stone in the chancel, whereon is inlaid a brass plate,
representing the figure of a woman with six sons, and two daugh-
ters, and this epitaph.

Hie Stevenstonii RoUi jacet inclita Mater

Nil habuit vera quae Pietate prius,
Cum quibus et, sex Mascula Pignora liquit,

Queis desiderium Morlua triste tulit,
Pars melior superos adiit Ccetusq. Piorum :

iEgidii Templo hoc, Ossa Sepulta cubunt.
Si quis plura velit, vel noscere plura laborat,

Vicino haec prestat Scripta Tabella Loco.

Round the edge of the tomb is a fillet of brass, an inch brorid,
but broken and defective j what remains being as follows :

Daughter of John Ford, Esqr

the 30th of June 1592, in the Year of her Majesty's Reign
This was done by Robert

Sir Henry Rolle, Knt. vvas aged seventy-five years, in 1G2O, ''
when the visitation of Devonshire was taken by the heralds. He
married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Roger Watts^ of the
county of Somerset, Esq. for his first wife j and for his second,
Jane, daughter of John Fortescue, ofFallowpit in com, Devon.,

g Vis. de Com. Devon, praed.
^ Vis. de Com Devon & Cornw. C. 1, in Offic Arm.


ICsq. and relict of Richard Halse, of Keneden in the same county,
Esq. He was ' sheriff of Devonshire in 33 and 40 Eliz. and died
in l625, having greatly enlarged his estate, and was buried in St.

By his first wife, '^ he had Sir Henry Rolle, Knt. who died
before him, anno l6i7j and by Anne his wife, daughter and co-
heir of Sir Thomas Dennis, ofBickton, and Holcomb-Burnel, in
com. Devon, Knt. by his wife Anne, daughter of William Powlet,
Marquis of Winchester, had issue Dennis Rolle, Esq. who suc-
ceeded both him and his grandfather in their estates.

Which Dennis was sheriff of Devonshire, in the twelfth year
of King Charles, l636 ; when his state and parade, at that time,
was so great and splendid, (his attendants being mostly gentle-
men of birth, in rich and costly liveries, lined with velvet) that
the glory thereof was not forgotten many years after, as Mr.
Prince' relates. And one who knew him well, hath left this tes-
timony of him, '" " That he was a gentleman of wonderful great
hope, his worthy carriage and behaviour, in his very prime, givin^
assurance of his extraordinary sufficiency." And the same author
adds (being living at the time he wrote), "That his great affinity,
with a rare pregnancy of wit, and vivacity of spirit, by nature,
and great and noble fortunes by inheritance, may in time add
higher titles than I intend to mention." He was born at Bickton
on the shortest day, December 11th, l6l4, and died on the llth
of June, 1038, as the inquisition taken after his death, September
18th, 14 Car. I. shews. By" which it appears, that he died pos-
sessed of the hundred of Budley, alias Est-Budley ; the manors of
Bickton, alias Buckton, and advowson of the church j the manors
of Kilmington, and Harnford, and of divers other manors and
lands in Devonshire ; the manor of Nansrake in com. Cornub.
and of divers lands, &c. in the counties of Somerset and North-
ampton. He was buried in the parish church of Bicton, where
a noble monument of white marble is erected to his memory,
with the effigies of him and his lady, curiously cut in alabaster,
lying at full length under an arch, adorned with several coats of

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