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held the rectory of Cavbery in the county of Kildare, and that of Bally-
norcher, extending into Westmeath and the King's County : all which, with
other hereditaments, purchased by Sir George Cclley his father, he desired to
have confirmed unto him by anew patent, and to his heirs male; remainder
to his brothers Adam and Robert ; remainder to Sir Henry, son and heir of
Henry, second son of the first mentioned Sir Henry ,'his grandfather), and his
brother Edmond ; remainder to Garret, third son of the first mentioned Sir
Henry, and their respective issue male. Hereupon the King, " tendering the
peace and quiet of such, whose ancestors had faithfully served him and his
crown, and especially remembering the many acceptable and good services,
performed to Queen Elizabeth by the said Sir Henry, who long served her
Majesty as a captain and privy-counsellor in Ireland, and by the said Sir
George, and lastly, by himself, who personally served in suppressing the re-
hellion, during the whole course of it; and the better to encourage him to do
acceptable services for the future,'' was pleased to confirm all the premisses,
as aforesaid, by patent, dated July 3d, 1619, creating those in the King's
County into the manor of Edenderry, otherwise Cowleystown; of which,
June 8th, 1635, he received a further confirmation, in virtue of the commission
^or remedy of defective titles.

" MSS. Pedig. ut antea.


attainted in 1688, for rebellion ogainst King William, and died
February 7th, 169O, leaving an only daughter, Catherine, married
to Robert Edgworth, of Longwood in Meath, Esq.) having no
surviving issue, the estate was carried by his sister into her hus-
band's fiimily. where it still remains.

We now proceed with Sir Henry Colley, of Castle- Carhery,
ancestor to Marquis Wellesley. In Queen Elizabeth's reign
he was constable of the fort of Philipstown ; seneschal of the
King's County ; and June 25lh, 156l, appointed providore of the
iirmy. ° In 1571, he obliged the Irish to api^ear before him at
Philipstown, and bind themselves by mutual recognisances to pre^
serve the public peace, to answer for each other's good behaviour,
and to deliver each other up to him, whenever he should call for
them. In 15/6, (on St. George's day) l»e was knighted in Christ-
church ; P and in 1503, he furnished three archers on horseback,

o By tlie following commission :

" Thomas Sussex,

" To all Mayors, Shiiifst Brulives, Constables, Controllers, and all othei

the Oueene's Majesty's Officers, Minysters, and lovingc Subjectes, and to

every of them, greeting. Wee lette youe witte, that wee have auctorised and

appoynted, and by these presentes doth auctorise ami appoynt our well-bc-

loved Henry Colley, Esquyer, or the bearere hereof in his name, to provyde

and take up in all places to and for the furniture of her Majesty's armie, re-

sydent within the rsalme of Irelande, as well within the liberties as withoute,

within the saide realme ; sake, wyife, wodd, tymber, lymc, brick, and cole,

for the furnyture of her saide armie ; and alsoo shij)ps, boats, li{<hters, gables,

anchors, horsses, cartes, carriages, and all other provysiou, for the convei-

aunce of the same, as well by sea as by lande. And also bakers, brewers,

coopers, millers, maryners, labourers, and all other artificers and ministers, as

by hym shall be thought meete and convenient, from tyme to tyme, for the

service aforesaide : and also bake-houses, brew-houses, garnells, and sellers,

for the stowage of the same, as by him shall be thought good ; hi; paying for

the same at reasonable prices, as hathe bene accustoincd. Wherefor we will

and commaunde youe. and every of youe, &c. Yeven at Kilmaynam the 25

of June the yeie aforesaid. Willm Fitz Williams, Henry Radclill". Francis

Agarde. John Parker. Jaques Wyngefelde." * Also, by commission, dated

April 15th, 5 Queen Eliz. he was authorized and appointed, (being styled

Surveyor of the Queen's Victuals in Ireland) or the bearer thereof in his

name, to take up in any place or places, three good 6ai/e and sufficient hone-

tnylles, with their furniture, and also so many cartes and other caryadges, as

should be sufficient for the carriage and conveying thereof to Armagh, ther«

to remain for the furniture of her Majesty's garrison there, paying for the

same, as in like cases had been accustomed. Rot. 50 Eliz. 4H. p. f.

p Lodge MSS. and Pedig.

* Rot de anno 30 Eliz loi. p- f-


to the general hosting at the hill of Tarah, for the barony of
O'Kethy and Onghterany, the largest number furnished by any
person in that barony ; '' commanded in ]5gQ, t«'enty foot of the
army in Offiley ; nnd in the parliament of l6.3, served for the
borough of Monaghan. He married Anne/ second daughter of
the said Adam Lcftus, archbishop of Dublin, and by her, who re-
married first with George Blount, of Kidderminster in Worces-
tt-rshire, Esq. and after with Edward, Lord Blaney, had issue,
first. Sir Henry, his heir; second, Edmund, of Ardree.

And three dauohters; lirst, Mary, married, first, to Sir Gerald
Moore, Viscount Drogheda ; secondly, to Charles, Viscount Wil«
mott, of Athlone; and dying January 3d, 1054, was buried by
her first Lord in St. Peter's church, Drogheda.

Second, Alicia, to Sir Claud Hamilton, of Castle-Toome in
the county of Antrim, Knt. by whom she had a son, Robert, who
died childless at Roscrea, June .5th, 1640, and was there interred;
and three daughters ; Anne, married, first, to Ralph Gee, and se-
condly, to J Dongan, Esqrs. j Alicia, to Thomas Norris,

of Dundruni; and Valentina, first, to Colonel Charles Blount,
secondly, to Colonel Knight, and thirdly, to Robert Oliver, of
Clonodfoy in the county of Limerick, Esq.

Third, Jane,' in lOlO, became the wife of Robert Smith, of
Moyry in the county of Armagh, Esq, to whom she w^as second
wife, and whose only daughter, Isabella, was married to the Rev,
Mr. Watson, and had issue.

Sir Henry Colley, who succeeded at Castle-Carbery, * mar-
ried Anne, daughter and coheir to Christopher Peyton, Esq. au-
ditor-gf mral ot Ireland, and dying in July, lG37, had issue five
gons and three daughters; Dudley, his successor; Peyton and
Charles, who died infants ; Christopher and Thomas, who died
bachelors; Elizabeth, died unmarried before her father; Mary,
(married, first, January 5th, 1 65 I, to Sankey SiUyard, alderman
©f Dublin, by whom she had Henry, baptized November IQih,
l652, who died April 1st, l6.;3; Margaret, married to Patrick

« Lodge MSS. and Pedig. r Ibid.

s Ibid and Cliancery Pleadings.
t On February 25th, 1617, were granted to him and liis heirs, the town
and lands of Ballykihagle, alias Eallykiliagh, 260 acres, with other lands it)
the territory of Kinsiielagh and county of Wexford, under such covenants, as
the undertakers of that plantation wer(; subject to, e:4cept that for building a


Nangle ; and Letitia, to William Latin : " she married, secondly,
Alexander, brother to Sir Maurice Eustace, chancellor of Ireland,
but by him had no issue) ; and Eleanor, first to Norrys, son of
Sir John Jephson, Knt. by whom she had a son Norrys, and se-
condly, to Pitts. "

Dudley CoHey, of Castle-Garbery, Esq. in the first parlia-
ment after the restoration was member for Philipstown ; received
his Majesty's directions from Whitehall, August 6th, 166O, in
recompence of his many acceptable services performed to King
Charles, y to have a release and confirmation of the towns and
lands of A.rdkill and Collinstown, in the county of Kildare, the
inheritance being then in him, of which he had a grant January
31st following; February \665, he was captain of the first com-
pany of foot that should become void, and was appointed one of
•the commissioners for executing the acts of settlement. He lies
buried in the church of Carbery, under a monument erected to
his memory, with this inscription :

This monument was erected by Henry Colley, Esq.

in memory of his father Dudley Colley, alias Cowley,

Esq. great grandson of Sir Henry Colley, alias Cowley,

of Castle-Carbery, Knt. who built this chapel, and

burial-place for his family, who are interred

therein, with their wives : Ann Warren, daughter of

Henry Warren, of Grangebegg, Esq. ; Elizabeth,

Daughter of George Sankey, ofBalenrathin the King's County, Esq.

and Catherine Cusack, daughter of Sir Thomas

Cusack, Kt. then Lord Justice of Ireland.

Sir Henry Colley, alias Cowley, was knighted hy

Queen Elizabeth, in the 2d year of her reign, and

made one of her Majesty's most honourable privy- council.

Henry Colley, now living, son of Dudley Colley,

married Mary Ussher, and had issue by her six sons

and six daughtsrs; whereof two sons, Henry and

Richard, and six daughters are now living.

She was the only daughter of Sir William

Ussher, of Bridgefoot, Kt. by his Lady Ursula

u Lodge and Pedigree.
31 Ibid, and Chancery Pleadings.
y Rot. de Anno 120 Car. II- 2a. p. D,


St. Barb, and lyeth here interred, for whose memory

also this monument was made, the ]0 Day

of July, Anno Dom. 1705.

He married to his first wife Anne, daughter of Henry Warren,
of Grangebegg in the county of Kildare, Esq (by his wife Eliza-
beth, daughter of Sir John Eustace, of Harreston) by whom he
had eight sons and seven daughters.

And by his second wife Elizabeth, widow of Henry Bollard,
of Dublin, Esq. and daughter of George Sankey, of Balenrath in
the King's County, Esq. (by his wife Margaret, daughter of Sir
George Colley, of Edenderry), he had three daughters ; Jane, who
died young; Alicia, (the first wife to Henry Gorges, of Cole-
raine, Esq. and had Jane, who died youngs) ; and Grace, first
married to Anthony Brabazon, of Corrstown in the county of
Louth, Esq. by whom she had William Brabazon, Esq. whose
daughter and heir Susanna, married Francis Duggan, of the
Queen's County, Esq. and had issue three daughters, the eldest of
whom, Susanna, married David Jebb, of Slane in the county of
Meath, Esq. second and only surviving son of John Jebb, D.D.
dean of Cashel ; she married, secondly, in February 1/00, Caleb
Gay, Esq. son of John Gay, the elder, Esq. who died about the
year l6g2; Caleb was collector of Drogheda, and died without
issue November 14th, 1/01, and she died July 13th, 1/42.

The children by the first wife ^ were.

First, Henrj', his suscessor.

Second, George, of Monasteroris, who married Susanna,
daughter of Charles Wainman, Esq. and had issue Dudley Colley,
of Rahin, Esq. sheriff of the county of Kildare in 173-+^ who mar-
ried a daughter of Reading, Esq and died without issue

in February 1/63, aet. sixty-five j Charles j Dorothy, and other

Third, John 3 fourth, Charles ; and fifth, William, died

Sixth, Christopher j seventh, Thomas j and eighty, Dudley,
died unmarried.

Anne, Charity, and Sarah, died in their infancy.
- Elizabeth, married to Garret Wesley, of Dangan in the
county of Meath, Esq.^ and died September 8th, 16/8.

y MS. Pedig. z Ibid, and Ulster.

aThe family of We s ley, anciently called De WisLEstsy, alias Welse-


Mary, first to William Ashe, of Ashe-fit-ld in Meath, Esq.
grandson and heir to Ptichard Ashe, Esq. and by him, who died
March 14th, 1081, was mother of Richard, member of parlia-
ment for Trim, v/ho died in January, 17'-^7; and Mary: and she
married, secondly, James Brabazon, Esq. ot Corrstown in the

LEY, was of Saxon extvaclion, *and after the Norman conquest, became seated
in thecounty of Sussex. Thelirstof the name in Ireland, entered the kingdom
in 1172, with King Henry II. to whom he had the honour of being standard-
bearer, and for his military services, was rewarded with large grants of land in
the counties of Meath and Kildare ; a considerable part of which still remains
in the possession of the representative of the family. His posterity were men
of great note and distinction in this kingdom; amongst whom, in 1303, we
find Walran, or William de VVellsley, who, together with Robert de Perceval,
of the Egmont family, was slain in a battle witii the Irish, October zid that
year; + his son John was the fatlier of William who was summoned to par-
liament in 1339, as a Baron of the realm, and had a grant by patent from Ed-
ward II of the custody of his castle of Kildare for life; but that King after-
wards conferring that office on John Fitz-Thomas (Earl of Kildare}, together
with the county of Kildare, to hold to his heirs male forever, he was re-
moved and lost tite fee of 20 /. a year annexed thereto ; in recomnence whereof
King Edward III granted him a commission dated at Molyngar, ]Marc'i isr,
1342, to have the custody of the manor of Demor, then in the crown, from
August I St, 1341, with the annual fee of 20 marcs. By commission dated at
Trym, March loth, 1381, King Richard II. appointed William Wellesley
keeper and governor of the castle, lands, and lordship of Carbery. and the
lands and lordships of Totcmoy and KernegeJagh for one year, with the fee
ef2oo marcs, and the issues and profits ot"the premisses belonging in any
manner to the crown for that time, without account, to receive 50 marcs quar-
terly, or within three of the first weeks of each (juarter, and on
failure of such payment, to have liber', y to relinquish his commission, with-
out disturbance from the crown; yet so that he duly and faithfully kept the
premisses, resisted and chastised all and singular the rebels and malefactors of
those parts, and the marches threreof with all his posse, and obliged them to
make restitution for any robberies or any other mischiefs they had or should

commit \ He married Johan, eldest daughter, and at length heir to .

of Castlemartin, and by her, who re-married with Richard Fitzgerald, of BaU
lysonan, the lordship of Dangan, Momington, Croskyle, Clontbreny, Kil,
mes>an, Belver, &c accrued to this family ; § tl.e issue of this marriage was
Gerald, of Dangan, who m.\rried Margaret, eldest daughter of Sir Thomas
Fitzgerald, of Laccagh in the coui.ty of Kildare, Knight, Lord Chancellor of
Ireland in 1424, |1 and by her had Gerald, or Ganet, his heir, styled Lord of

* Lodge and Information of Rich. Lord Mornington.

f Camden, vol ii. p. 4,^5, and Yvery, vol. i, p. 322.

\ Rot. annofo. Ric. II. i , p f. R. 17.

^ Collections. 11 Leir.stCT Pedi".


county of Loulh, who died in 1/23, leaving issue James, An-
ihony, and Mar/.

Djngan, in a special livery of his estate, granted Njvembsr lOvh, l.i?^, * who mar-
ried to his first wife Genet, sixt'i daughter of Sir Thomas Casack, of Lismjiien in
the county of Meath, Kut. appointed Lord Chancellor of Ireland, October 2d,
1553, f and he married, secondly, Anne, second daughter of Sir Oliver P.unket,
Knt.;f created Baron of Louth, and widow of John Wakely, of Navan in the
county of Msatli, Esq. ; § he .^as succeeded by his son William, styled Lord of
Dangan, which Wi.liain was father of Gerald, of the Dangan, who died May 15th,
16i'3, II having had a son William, who by Elizabeth, his wife, djughter of Jame«
Casack, of Portraine in the county of Dublin, Esq % had a numerous issue ; the
elder of whom, Valerian, was granted in ward to Sir Thomas Ashe, Knt. ;** he

married Anne, daughter oi — ■ Cusack, relict of Cnrist.jpher Nugent, brother

to Richnrd, t'ne tirst Earl of Westmeath, and by her, who survived him, and mad«
her will, October ..'5th, 1649, jf which was proved May '20th, 1672, had a son
Gcraid, or Garret, married as in the text, who had issue by his said wife six sons
and two daughters, VIZ. William ; Geraid, or Garret ; Dudley; Valerian; CoHey?
Chris'.;'ph?r : Mary, (which live last ded infants) ; and Margaret, ^f who becam«
the first v.ife of Wentworth Human, of Bawne in the county of Longford, Esq.
and died June 15th, 16SJ. §§ William Wesley, the eidest son, succeeded his
father, but leaving no isSL'.e male by his v.ife, a daughter of Maurice Keating, of
Narra^hmore in the county of Kiid3r-,Esq |{ Ij hi? brother Garret b.ecame heir;
he served in several parliaments for the county of Meath and borough of Trim, and
married Catherine, another daughter of the said Maurice Keating, but dvin<^ sud-
denly at Dangan, September 23d, 172S, without issue by her, who died Aprii 14th,
1745, at. seventy-eight, did by his last wil!, dated March 13th, 1727, devise all his
estates to Richard CcHej, Esq. and his heirs male, provided that he and they re-
spectively should assume and take upon them the surname, and use of the coat of
arms of Wesley ; which he did upon the death of the said Garret, and made a
solemn dec iaration thereof to the fullowing effect, " Whereas Garret Weslev, late
of Dangan in the county of Meath, Esq deceased, on March 1 Jth, 1727, made his
will, and died September .'3J last, and by his said will, devised all his real estate to
Richard CoUey, Esq. of Dublin, for 'ife, remainder to his i.ssue male, with re-
mainder over, provided that he and his sons, and the heirs male of his body, assumed
and took upon him and them, the surname and coat of arms of Wesley : whereupon
the said Richard Coliey, alias Wesley, testified and declared, that immediately after
the death of the said Garret Wesley, he did assume the surname and coat of arms
of Wesley, according to the said proviso of the said will, dated November 15th,
1728." t^

* Collections.

f Rot. Anno ic. Maria, f. & Pedig. Cusack.

■ I Ulster's Office, and Pedig. Plunket. § Ibid. Pedig.

II Ulster's Office. ^ Pedig. Cusack.

** Decree in Chancery, Nov- 17, 1621, and April 27th, 1630.

ft Prerog. Offic. \\- Ulster's Office.

§§ fee E. Kingston, in Irish Peer. || || Collections.

^^ Rot. pat. de anno 2^. Geo, II. 2a, p. D. R. -1.


Ellen, or Ellenor, married, in April, l66g, to Thomas Moore>
of Croghan, Esq. grandfather to Charles, Earl of Charleville. ^

Catherine, to Nicholas Knight, D.D. incumbent of St, Ni- .
cholas Within, Dublin, who died May 10th, 1731, she deceasing
December 23d, 1730; and

Anne,<= was married to John Pollard, Esq. and had Henry,

who died unmarried, and Mary, wife of Brabazon, Esq.

in the county of Louth.

Henry CoUey, Esq. who succeeded at Castle-Carbery, alias
Ark-hill, in July, 1674, married Mary, only daughter of Sir Wil-
liam Usher, of Dublin, Knight, and dying in the year 170O, was
bmitd at Carbery, having issue six sons and six daughters.

Dudley, buried at St, Audoen's May 21st, ]()8l3 William,
Blaney, George, all died young.

Henry, his successor.

Richard, Lord Morvwgtbn.

Anne, married to William Pole, of Ballyfin in the Queen's
county. Esq, ; ^ Elizabeth ; Sarah, who died unmarried May 14,
1746 J as did Frances, June igth, 17-13, and were buried at St,
Mary's, Dublin ; Mary; and Judith. *=

Henry Colley, Esq. the elder surviving son, was member of
parliament for Strabane; and in January, 1719, married the Lady
Mary Hamilton, third daughter of James, Earl of Abercorn ; died
February 10th, 1723, and left one son, Henry, who deceased,
about three years of age, March 1st, after his father's death ; and
two daughters, Elizabeth, born December 11th, 1720; and Mary,
born July 11th, 1723, was married October 20th, .747, to Arthur
Pomeroy, Esq. created Baron of Harberton. ^

b See Lord Moore in vol. ix, c MSS.Pedig. penes J. L,

d His ancestor, Periam Pole, Esq. was brother to Sir John Pole, created a
Baronet September 12th, 1628, and second son of Sir William Pole, of Shute in
Devonshire, by his first wife Mary, daughter and coheir to Sir William Periam,
chief baron ot the Exchequer. He died in October, 1704, and had issue two sons
and four daughters ; Periam, who died unmarried April 24th, 1748 ; William, heir
to his brother; Sarah, who died unmarried; Mary, married, July 6th, 1749, to
James Davis, Esq. comptroller of the ordnance: Elizabeth, who died unmarried;
and Anne, married to Marcus Smith, Esq. lieutenant-colonel of a regiment of foot
in Ireland, and she died in November, 1753. William Pole, who succeeded Pe-
riam, August 13th, 1748, married Lady Sarah Moore, eldest daughter of Edward,
fifth liarl of Drogheda, and deceasing in 1778, without issue by his Lady, who died
that year, he bequeathed his estates to the Honourable William Wesley, younger
krother to the present Marquis,

« MSS, Pedig. penes J. L. f See that title in Irish Peer,


RiCHARD CoUey, Esq.^rs/ Peer, the youngest son, who as-
sumed the surname of WesleY;, as heir to his first cousin before-
mentioned", was some time auditor and register of the royal hospital
near DubHn; was appointed, Aug. 5th, IJIS, second chamberlain
of the court of Exchequer j served the office of sheriff for the
county of Meath in 1734 ; and represented the borouah of Trim
in parliament, until his Majesty was pleased to create him a Peer,
by privy-seal, dated at Kensington June 25th, and by patent, s at
Dublin July Qth, 1746, by the title oi Baron of Mornington,^'^
and as such he took his seat in the house of peers, October 6th,
1747. '

December 23d, 1719) he married Elizabeth, eldest daughter
of John Sale, L. L. D. register of the diocess of Dublin, and mem-
ber of parliament for the borough of Carysfort; and by her, who
died June 17th, 1738, had issue three sons and four daughters,
of whom two sons and two daughters died in their infancy; the
survivors were.

Garret, his heir,

Elizabeth, baptized April 7th, I720j married, April Qthi
1743, to Chichester Fortescue, of Dromiskine in the county of
Louth, Esq.*^ and deceased October 10th, 1752.

Frances, baptized August 21st, 17^4, married August 5th,
1750, to William-Francis Crosbie, of Ballyheige in the county of
Kerry, Esq. and deceased September 7th, 1/68. '

His Lordship departed this life January Slst, 1758, and was
succeeded in the honour by his only son

Garret, first Earl of Morninglon, who was born July ipth,
1735, and took his seat in the house of peers, February 13th,
1758, on the decease of his father j '" in June, 1759, he was ap-
pointed custos rotulorum of the county of Meath ; and August
18th, 1760, his Majesty^ King George II. was pleased by privy-
seal at St. James's, " and by patent at Dublin, October 2d follow-

g Rot. pat. de anno 20 Geo. II. 3a p. D.
h His Lordship having built at his own expense a commodious charter working
school, near the town of Trim, upon an acre of ground, given by the corporation for
ever; and having endowed the same with eight acres of land, and a subscription of
50/. a year, for the support of forty children, (twenty of each sex) had the school
opened with solentinity, November 5tb, 1748, a day of general thanksgiving in this

i Lords Jour. vol. iii. p.657. k See Earl of Clermont.

1 See Earl of Glandore in Irish Peer. m Lords Jour. vol. iv. p. 110.

n Rot. pat, de anno 34 Geo. II. D. R. 4?.


ing, " to advance him to the dignities of Viscount Wellesley of
Dangan castle, and Earl of Mornington in the county of Aleath,
by which titles he took his seat in parliament, November 19th,


February 6th, 1759, his Lordship married Anne, eldest
daughter of the Right Honourabh-, Arthur Hill, created Viscount
Dungannon, and deceasing May 22d, 1/84, left issue, by his lady
"who survives him, six sons and two dciughters, viz.

First, Richard, now Marquis Wellesley.

Second, Arthur-Gerald, born May 5th, 17G1, died young.

Third, William, born May 20th, 1703, formerly representa-
tive in parliament for the borough of Trim, and one of the go-
vernors of the Queen's County ; now member of parliament for
the Queen's County in the imperial parliament, and chief secre-
tary of state in Ireland. On acceding to the estates of William
Pole, of Ballifin, Esq. who deceased in 1 77S, he assumed the name
and arms of Pole, and May l/th, ]784, married Catherine-
Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Honourable John Forbes, ad-
miral of his Majesty's fleet, and uncle to George Earl of Granard, ■!
by whom he has a family.

Fourth, Francis Seymour, died young.

Fifth, Arthur, born May 1st, 1769, now Viscount TVel/ington.

Sixth, Gerald-Valerian, born December 7th, 1771, in holy
orders, chaplain in ordinary to his Majesty, prebendary of West-
minster, and chaplain at Hampton-court palace 5 married, June
2d, 1802, Lady Emily Cadogan, daughter of Charles Earl Cado-
gan, and has a son, born September 19th, 1804.

Seventh, Henry, born January 20th, 1773, appointed. May
15th, 1804, a lord of the treasury, and in September, 1804, was
appointed envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to

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