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the court of Madrid, member of parliament for Eye, joint secre-
tary to the treasury, married, September 20ih, 1803, Lady Char-
lotte Cadogan, daughter of Charles, Earl Cadogan, by whom he
has issue, but is now divorced from her.

Eighth, Anne, born March 13th, 1758} married, January
4th, 1790, the Honourable Henry Fitzroy, son of Charles first,
and uncle to the present. Lord Southampton, who deceasing
March 19th, 1794, left issue two children; her Ladyship mar-
ried^ secondly^ August 9th, 1799, Culling Smith, Esq.


» Rot. pat. de anno Si Geo. II. D. R.50.
P Lords Jour. vel. iv. p. 218 q See that title in vol. i.x.


Ninth, Mary-Elizabeth, born January 1st, 1772^ and died
March 3d, I794.

Richard, second Earl of Morning;ton, first Marquis Wellesley,
and FIRST Lord Wellesley of Wellesley, com. Somerset, was
born June 20th, I76O; and was educated at Christ Church, Ox-
ford, where he distinguished himself for his classical attainments,
and won one of the prizes for the best Latin verses; and after-
wards came into the English parliament, first for Saltash, 1784}
and afterwards for Windsor, 1797.

On March 17th, 17S3, he, at the institution of the illustrious
order of St. Patrick, was nominated by the sovereign to be an ori-
ginal Knight Companion of the Order.

His Lordship was also nominated a member of the privy-
council in Ireland.

In 1786, his Lordship was appointed a lord of the treasur}',
and so continued to 179".

■I" ^797> lie went Governor-General to India, where he
distinguished himself by the vigour and talent of his measures, par-
ticularly his success in the Mysore, the defeat of Tippo Sultan, and
the capture of Seringapatam.

Since his return to England, his Lordship has been appointed
ambassador to Spain, and Secretary of State for foreign affairs.

His Lordship married, November 19th, l/Q-i, Hyacinth Ga-
brielles, only daughter of Pierre Roland.

On October 10th, 1797. his Lordship was elevated to the
British peerage by the title of Lord Wellesley of Wellesley,
com. Somerset ; and December 20tb, 1 799, was created Mar qui^
Wellesley, of Norragh in Ireland.

Titles. Richard Wellesley, Marquis Wellesley, Earl of Morn-
ington, Viscount Wellesley, and Baron of Mornington, in Ireland j
Baron Wellesley of Great Britain.

Creations. Baron of Mornington, July 9th, 1 746, 20 Geo;
II. ; and Viscount Wellesley of Dangan castle, and Earl of Morn-
ington, October 6th, I76O, 34 Geo. II. ; Marquis of Wellesley,
December 1st, 1/99 j Baron Wellesley of Great Britain, October

20th, 1797.

Arms. Quarterly, the first and fourth, gules, a cross, argent,
between four saltires of plates, for Wellesley ; second and third, or,
a lion rampant, gules, gorged with a ducal coronet, proper, for
CoUey. And his Majesty was farther pleased to add to his armo-*
rial bearing, an escutcheon purpure, charged with an cstoile, radi-

T0L. VIII. 2 N


ated, wavy, between eight spots of the royal tiger in pairs, saltier-
ways proper, being the standard of the Sultaun : this standard,
and the tri-coloured flag, were, by his Majesty's command, added
also to the Marqus's crest and supporters.

Crest. On a wreath, an armed arm in pale, couped below the
elbow, the hand, proper, the wrist encircled with a ducal coronet,
or, holding a spear in bend, with the banner of St. George ap-
pendant. See the additional crest in the wood-cut.

Supporters. Two lions, gules. See additions in the wood-


Chief Seat. Trim castle, Meath ; and Upton, Somersetshire.



The great great grandfather of Lord C^rrington was Thomas
Smith, of Crophall-Boteler in Nottinghamshire, which

Thomas Smith, of Crophall-Boieler, was father of

Thomas Smith, of iNottinghain, and of Gaddesby, ^ com,
Leicester, who died in 17OO, and had two wives.

First, Mary Hooper, by whom he had an only child,

Mary Smith, married to John Eggleton, father of Sir Charles
Eggleton,'' sheriff of London, 1/43.

His second wife was Fortune, daughter of Laurence Cullen,
and sister of Abel Cullen, of Nottingham, by whom he had three
sons : she died in 1"15.

First, Thomas Smith, who served the office of sheriff for the
county of Leicester, 1/18, by the name of Thomas Smith, of
Broxtowin thi^ county of Nottingham, and Gaddesby in the county
of Leicester, Esq. By Mary Manley, his wife, he left five daugh-
ters j first, Mary, married to Thomas Tcmson, D, D. ; second,
Elizabeth, married to Giles Eyre, Esq. ; third, Catherine, married
to William Ring, Esq. ; fourth, Anne, married to Henry Walters,
Esq.; fifth, Harriet, died unmarried.

Second, Samuel Smith, married Ely, daughter of Thomas
Watson, Esq. and had issue seven sons and three daught-rs.

a It is said in Kimber's Baronetage, that he was possessed, long before 1698, of
his manor of Keyworth in Nottinghamshire, with several lands and tenements, and
other valuable estates, in the counties of Nottingham and Leicester, one of which
appears to be purchased by his ancestor in 1622.

b Sir Charles Eggleton, by his second wife Sarah Kent, was father of the late
Sir Charles Kent, Bart, so created August 8th, 1"8^ who died May, iSH.


Third, Abel S'nitb, of Nottingham, banker, married Jane,
daughter of George Beaumont, of Chapelthorp in Yorkshire, Esq.
and had issue three sons ; and one daughter, Jane, married Iq
Francis Wheeler, of Coventry.

Of the sons ;

First, Sir George Smith, of East Stoke com. Nottingham,
created a Barowe^ Oct. 31, 1757; married, Aug. 18, 174", Mary,
daughter and sole heir of William Howe, Esq. by Elizabe^th,
daughter and coheir of William Pauncefote, of Cari^wall-hall, com.
Gloucester, Esq. (Sarah, another coheir of Pauncefote, married
William Bromley, of Abberley com. Worcester, Esq ) which Wil-
liam Howe was son of Emanuel Scroope Howe, Esq. by Ruperta,
natural daughter of Prince Rupert. Lady Smith died May 18th,
1/6), and Sir George married, secondly, February 23d, 1703, Ca-
therine, daughter of the Rev. Archdeacon Vyse, oi Lichfiild, by
whom he had no issue. He died in September, 1 769, and was
succeeded by his only son Sir George Smith, second Baronet,
who first took the name of Bromley, in 177^> 3"d afterwards
that of Pauncei OTE, in 1803 ; and died August 17th, 1808, leav-
ing by his wife, Esther, daughter of Asheton, now Vis.ount
Curzon. an only son and heir. Sir Robert Howe Bromley,
third Baronet, a captain in the royal navy.

Second, John Smith, of London, merchant.

Third Abel Smith, of Nottingham, banker, member of par-
liament for Aldborough, Yorkshire, 1774 j and fcr Nottingham
on the death of Sir Charles Sedley, 1778 ; died 1779- He mar-
ried Miss Bird, of Coventry, by whom he had iix sons and two

First, Thomas, deceased.

Second, Abel, died member of parliament for St. Germains^
August, 1788.

Third, Eobert, now Lord Carrington.

Fourth, Samuel, ofWoodhall-park, near Ware, Hertfordshire j
a banker in London; member of parliament for Ilchester, 178O;
for Worcester, 1784; for Leicester, 179O, 1796, 1802, I8O6,
1807j has iisue a son, Abel, member of parliament for Malmes-
bury, I8O7.

Fifth, George, a banker in London, and an East India Di-
rector; member of parliament for Lestwithiel, 179I; for Mid-
hurst, 1801, 1802; for Wendover, I8O6, I8O7.

Sixth, John, of Blenden-hall near Bexley in Kent, a banker,
and member of parliament for Nottingham, I8O6, 1807; mar-


ned, 1811, Miss Leigh, '^ daughter of Egerton Leigh, Esq. of
High-Leigh in Cheshire, (great grandson of ihe Rev. Peter Leigh,
of High-Leigh, rector of Wh tchurch in Shropshire, by Elizabeth,
daughter of the Hon Thorn is Egerton, of Tatt^ni-park, Cheshire,
by Hesther, daughter of Sir John Busby, Knight.)

Robert Smith, third son, now Lord Carrington, was
brouglit up in the fauiily banking-house, and was elected ineniber
of parliament for Nottingham, on the death of his father, i779>
and re-elected I78O, 178-I, 179O, l/Q^j in which year, on July
16th, he was created a peer of Ireland by the title of Lord Car-
rington, of Bui cot Lodge in Ireland; and from thence in the fol-
lowing year, October 20th, 1797j was advanced to a British
peerage by the title of Lord Carrington'* of Upton, com.

His Lordship married Anne Boldero Bernard, daughter of
Henry Boldero Bernard, Esq. of South-Cave in Yorkshire j and
has ir>sue,

Robert John, only son and heir, born 1796; and eleven daugh-
ters, of whom,

Catherine- Lucy, fourth daughter, married, November ISth,
1803, Viscount Mahi>n, eldest son of Charles, Earl Stanhope.

c Her sister married, June 14th, 1802, the Hon. James Abercrombie.
fl Some inconvenience and confusion arises from his Lordship's adoption of
this title, as it had been previously enjoyed by another family of the same name,
but of a perfectly distinct origin. The f mily of Smith, alias Carington, on whom a
British Peerage was conferred, on October 31st, 19 Ch:irles I. bore for their arms,
mrgent, a cross, gules, betxveen Jour pea-hens, cx-ure. He was descended from Sir
Michael Carington, standard-bearer to King Richard I. whose great great great
grandson, John Carington, took the name of Smithm 1416. His grandson, iSir
John Smith, was a Baron of the Exchequer, •i'S Hen. VIII. and left a fourth son,
Francis Smith, of Ashby Tolville com. Leicester, who died 1606, «t. eighty-four,
leaving George, who died 1607, leaving Sir Francis, who died 1629, leaving, by
Anne Markham, four sons, of whom the third, major-general. Sir Juhn Smitli,
Kniu;ht Banneret, was celebrated for rescuing the royal standard, and slain at Aires-
ford in 1644. (See a curious memoir of him in Nichols's Leicestershire, vol iii.
p. 36). Sir Charles Smith, eldest son, created Lord Carington 19 Charles I.
was killed in France in February, 1664, lea>'ing by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir
John Cayrill, of Hastings in Sussex, four sons, of whom Francis, the eldest, be-
came SECOND Lord Carington, and died April 7th, 1701, having had one only
son, who died an infant. His youngest brother, Charles, succeeded as third
Lord Carington, and died May 17th, 1706, when the title became extinct,
having married Frances, daughter of Sir John Pate, of Sy.sonby com. Leicester, Knt.
by whom he left an only daughter, who died May 7th, 1754. His aunts were Mary,
second wife of Sir Robert Throgmorton, of Great Coughton, Bart.; Anna, mar-
ried to Rowland Eyre, of Hassop com. Derb. Esq.; Alethea, married to Christo-
pher Anderson, Esq. father of Sir FranciS Anderson, Bart. Sec. See the pedigree
at large in Nichols' >■ Ltifts{ertJbirt,Jo\. ili. p. 29, under Ashbj Felville.


Charlotte, nnother daughter, married, April 10th. iSOp^ Alan
Hyde, second and present Lord Gardner, and died 1811.
Anne, another daughitr, died M^y lOih, IbOS.

Tif/e. Robert Sm'-th, Lord Carringtnn, of Upton in Not-
tinghamshire; also Lord Carringtnn, ot Btilcot Lodge in Leland.

Crt-ations. Lord CarrinLtoii. of L^pton in (irt-at Britain, Oc-
tober 20ih, I7g7; and Lord Carrington of Ireland, July Ibth,


Arm$. Or, a chevron cottsed, sable, between three demi-
griffins, roupeci, the two in chief respectai it, of the second ; a
mullet for ditJerence,

Cresi On a wreath, an ehphant's head, conped, or.

Supporters 'J wo gritfins, the dexter seme ol fleurs-de-lis;
the sinister seme ot trefoils.

Motto Tknax in fide.

Ckh'f Seait Wy combe-abbey, and Wtndover-house, Bucks |
and xiulcol Lodge, Notts.



The Honourable William Townshend, third son of Charles,
second Viscount Townshend, by \\\s , first wife Elizabeth, daughter
of ThomaSj Lord Pelham, (sister to Thomas, Duke ot Newcastle)
was chosen member of parliament for Yarmouth IJli, and served
the two succeeding parliaments for the sam-^ place. He vt'as aid-
de-camp to his Majesty J and on December 7th, 1728, appointed
groom of the bed-chamber to his Royal Highness Frederick
Prince of Wales. He was also usher of his Majesty's Exchequer,
and member of parliament for Great Yarmouth to the time of his
death, January- 2t)th, i;37-8.

He married, on May 2yth, 1/25, Henrietta, only daughter of
Lord William Powlet (second son of Charles, Duke of Bolton),
by his second wife Anne, daughter and coheir of Randolph Eger-
ton, of Beiley com. Staiford, Esq. by his wife Anne, eldest
daughter and coheir of Henry Murray, Esq. by his wife Anne
Bayning, aunt and heir of Paul, second Viscount Bayning, who
died 16-IO, and created Viscountess Bayning for her own life.
By this Lady, who died in January, 1755, he had one son, and
four daughters.

First, Charles, late Lord Bayning.

Second, Caroline, married, February Sth, 1759, the Honour-
able and Reverend Frederick Comwallis, afterwards Archbishop
of Canterbury ; and died his widow, s. p. January 5th, I8O9.

Third, Anne ; fourth, Henrietta ; fifth, Dorothy.

Chakles Townshend, only son, fikst Lord Ba\nivg, was,
on September 17th, 1751, appointed secretary to his Majesty's
embassy to Spain j and was afterwards, \777) joint vice- treasurer


of Ireland; a member of his Majesty's privy-council, and repre-
sentative in many parliaments for Yarmouth in Norfolk ; viz.
from 1756, till 1784.

In December, 1765, he was appointed a lord of the admiralty;
and in February 1770, a lord of the treasury. In April, 1783, he
vas appointed treasurer of the navy.

On October 20th, 1797, he was elevated to the peerage by
the title of IvORD Bayning, of Foxley in Berkshire.

His Lordship married Annabella, daughter'' of the Reverend
Kichard Smyth, by Annabella his wife, daughter and heir of Wil-
liam Powlet, Esq. by Annabella his wife, daughter of Charles
Earl of Tankerville (which William Powlet was son of Lord Wil-
liam Powlet), and by her had issue.

First, Caroline ; second, Amelia ; third, Henrietta, who died

Fourth, Charles-Frederick, present peer.

Fifth, William, died young.

Sixth, Anne ; seventh, Louisa, who died young.

Eighth, Henry.

His Lordship dying May, 1810, was succeeded by his son and

Charles-Frederick., second and present Lord Bayning,
then member of parliament for Truro.

Title. Charles-Frederick Townshend, Lord Bayning of Fox-
Jey in Berks.

Creation. Lord Bayning by patent, October 20th, 1797*

Arms. Same as Marquis Townshend, quartering, Vere; a
mullet for difference.

Crest. The same also as Marquis Townshend, charged with
a mullet on the side of the stacr.

Supporters. On the dexter side, a stag, like Marquis Towns-
hend's, with the addition of a collar studded with mullets, and a
chain, pendant therefrom ; on the sinister, a leopard, collared with
a ducal coronet and chain ; on bis shoulder, a shield charged with
the Bayning arms.

Motto. Stare super antisuas vias.

Chief Seat. Honingham-hall, Norfolk.

» Sister to Powlet Smith Powlet, now of Sombourne, Hants, Esq.



The Right Honourable James Grenvil]e,ybMr/A son of Richakd
Grenville, Esq. of Wotton in Bucks, by Hesther Temple, Coun-
tess Temple (so created October 18th, 1 7^9) > was born February
12th, 1715, and was for some time one of the lords commissioners
of trade and plantations, and deputy pay-master of his Majesty's
forces 5 but laid down these offices in December, 1/55, and re-
mained out of place till November following, when he was ap-
pointed one of the lords of the treasury. He resigned again in a
short time; but on July 2d, 17^7} was re-instated at the treasury
board, and continued there till 17(>1> when he was appointed
cofferer of his Majesty's household. On April 23d that y^ar, he
was sworn of the privy council, and kept the place of cofferer till
next October, when he thought proper to give it up ; but con-
tinued to enjoy the office of receiver of the crown and fee-farm
rents for the counties of Warwick and Leicester.

He was elected for Old Sarum in 1741 ; for Rridport in 1747 j
and in 175-i, and 1/61, for the town of Buckingham.

He died in September 1783, having married Mary, daughter
of James Smith, of Harding in Hertfordshire, Esq and by her,
who died December 15th, 1757, had two sons 5 viz.

First, James, now Lord Glastonbury.

Second, Richard, formerly a captain in the Coldstream regi-
ment of foot-guards J a major-general November 12th, 1782;
lieutenant-general May 3d, l/ijd ; and general January 14, 1801 ;
and colonel of the twenty-third regiment of foot April 21st, 1786.
He was elected member of parliament for the town of Bucking-
bam, 1774.


James, eldest son, now Lord Glastonbury, was in 1766^
elected member of parliament for Thirsk in Yorkshire j in 1790,
he was elected M. P. for the town of Buckingham ; and again
in 1774, 1780, 1784, which he vacated December 179O, when
he was elected for the county 5 to which he was again returned

in 1796-

On March 27th, 1782, he was appointed a lord of the trea-
sury. He was also a lord of trade and plantations ; and sworn of
his Majesty's privy council.

On October 20th, 1797. he was raised to the peerage by the
title of Lord Glastonbury, of Butleighin the county of Somerset^
■with a collateral remainder to his brother General Grenville.

Title. James Grenville, Lord Glastonbury.

Creation. By patent, October 20th, 1/97.

Arms and Crest. Same as Marquis of Buckingham, with a
mullet for difference.

Supporters. The same also, except that they are collared ;
and the lion parti per pale embattled.

Motto. UnI RQlVVS virtuti.

Chief Seat. Butleigh-court, Somersetshire.




Charles Powlett, fifth Duke of Bolron, elder brother of Henry
the last Duke, died 1765, leaving a natural daughter,

Jane Mary Powlett, on whom, (on failure of issue male of
the last Duke, which happened on December 25th, 1/94), he en-
tailed the major part of his large estates. She married, April 7th,
1/78, Thomas Orde, Esq. d^-scended from an ancient family in
Northumberland and Durham, which

Thomas Orde, ^ afterwards created Lord Bolton, was bora

a He was eldest son of the second marriage of John Orde, of East-Orde
and Morpeth in Northumberland, hsq, who died in 1787, aged about eighty-
two, and was buried at Morpeth.

(In ihe visitation of Durham, 1615, is a pedigree of Gawen Ord, of Fen-
wick in N'orh-imshire, whose grandson, John Ord, of Fishborne in the Bi-
shopric, was livii.g 1615, ^"^'J ^2d then a son and heir, Bertram, aged eight.
The t;iandfather of Craven Ord, Esq. was John Ord, of Fenwick in Nor-
hamshire in Northumberland.)

John Orde of East Orde and Morpeth, married, first, Anne, daughter
of Edward Ward, of Nunnikirk com. Northumberland, Esq. by whom he

First, William Ode, of Nunnikirk, Esq. living 1790, Who married
Anne, of Edwa'-d Ward, of Nunnikirk, Esq, by whom he had
issue; first, John, aged about eighteen, in 1790, since dead ; second, William,
living 1809; third, Charles, living 1809; fourth, Thomas, died since 1790.

John Orde, married, secondly, Anne, widow of the Reverend William
Pye, which lady died 17S8, aged about sixty-eight, and was buried at Mor^
peth By her he had issue,

Second, Thomas, af erwards Lord Bolton.

Third, Sir John Orde, Bart, brought up in the navy, and now an ad*
miral. In 1 7731 he was made a lieutenant i in 1777, promoted to the rank of


August 30th, 1748; was educated at Eton, and afterwards at
King's college, Cambridge. He was appointed secretary to the
treasury 17Si, and was also receiver general to the Duchy ot
Lancaster, and secretary to the Duke of Butland, when lord lieu-
tenant of Ireland, and sworn of the privy-council there. He was
elected member of parliament for Ailesbury, 1780; at which
time he was receiver general of the Duchy of Lancaster. In 1 784,
and in 179^, he was elected member of parliament for Harwich.
In April, 179I, he was appointed governor of the Isle of Wight,
and constable of Carisbrook castle.

In 1795, he took the name and arms of Powlett on suc-
ceeding (in right of his wife) to the estates of the late Duke of
Bolton ; and on October 20th, 1797. was elevated to the British
peerage by the title of Lord Bolton, of Bolton castle in York-
shire. ^ He was also appointed lord lieutenant of Hampshire.

commander; in 1778, post-captain ; and in 1783, governor of Dominica On
July 27th, 1790, he was created a Baronet ; in 1795. was promoted to a flag:;
in 1797. was made vice-admiral of the blue; in iSof, vice-admiral of the
white; in 1804, vice admiral of the red ; November 9th, 1805, admiral of the
blue; and in 1807. ^'^^s elected member of parliament for Ya:mouth in the
Isle of Wight. He married, first, at Charlestown, February 8th, 1781, Mar-
garet, daughter and heiress of Richard Stevens, Esq. of Beaufort in South
C;iroIina, by whom he had a son, John, who died an infant, October 28th|
J789, and was buried at St Mary-le-bone; and in the same year he lost his
wife. He married, secondly, Jane, eldest daughter of John frere, of Nor-
folk, Esq. by whom he has a daughter.

Fourth, Edward, died an infant, and was buried at Morpeth,

Fifth, Anne, living unmarried 1790.

Sixth, Mary, married Robert Lisle, of Acton, com. Northumberland,
Esq. living 1790-

b Charles Powlett, Marquis of Winchester, and first Duke or
Bolton, married, Mary, one of the natural daughters of tmanucl, last Lord
ScROPE OF Bolton, and Earl of Sunderland, from which marriage were
descended ihe succeeding Dukes. The other daughter married into the
family of Howe, whence the present Viscount Hoive inherits the seat at Lan-
gar in N'otvinghamshire.

Robert de Scrope was living in the time of Hen. II. and was
father of

Henry de Scrope, whose son and heir

William, obtained in 2 Hen. III. the King's charter for free warren
in all his demesne lands at East Boulton, Little Bouhoii, Fencotes and YarnC'
wick, com- York. To him succeeded

Henry, who in 2 Edw 1(. was constituted one of the King's justices
of his court cf Common Pleas; and was made chief justice of the King's
Bench, 10 Edw II. He died 10 Edw. III.

William, his son and heir, died loEdw, III. and was succeeded by
his brother


His Lordship was a man of verv powerful talents, great in-
dustry in business, extensive political knowledge, and many
amiable moral qualities. He had a zeal in the cau^e of those,
whose interests he embraced, which placed him high in the ranks
of benevolence. He had the eloquence of a ■strong, an acute and
discriminative understanding, which, though it may not have all
the attractions of brilliant flashes of the fancy, or melting appeals

Richard de Scrope, who was constituted treasurer of the King's Ex-
chequer, 45 Edw. III. and afterwards enjoyed various other high state em-
ployments. He was the person whn had the famous suit in the court mili-
tary, before Thomas Duke of Gloucester, high constable, with Sir Robert
Grosvinor, regarding the bearing of ax.ure, abend, or, for hi a'ms ; which
was detennined in his favour. Oa this occasion Cliaucer the poet, was a
witness. (Set GoJivin'i Life of Chaucer.) He was summoned as a Peer from
44Edw. III. to 3 Ken. IV.

Roger, Lord Scrofe of Boltov, his soa and heir, married Mar-
garet, daughter and coheir of Robert, Lord Tiptoi't, and dying 5 Hen. IV.

Richard, his son and heir, who died 8 Hen. V. leaving by Margaret hie
wife, daughter of Ralph Xevile, Earl of,

Henry, his son and heir, who married Elizabeth, daughter of John
Lord Scrope, of Masham and Upsal, and dyin» 57 Hen. VI. left issue

John, Lord Scropf. of Bolton, his son and heir, wiio dying July»
1494, left by his wife Joane, daughterof William Lord Fitzhugh,

Henry, his son and heir, who was engaged in the bat.le of Flodden
against the Scot;>, >5i3, and having married Isabel, daughter of Thomas Lord
D acres, left

John, Lord Scrope of Bolton, his son and heir, who was engaged
in the in ^u•rection, called The PUgrimage of Grace, 28 Hen. VIII. and having
marii?d Catherine, eldest of the four daugnter^ of Henry Clifford, Earl of
Cumberland, was father of

Henry, Lord Scrope of Bolton, who was constituted governor of
the cas.le of Carlisle, and warden of the west marches towards Scotland,
5 Eliz. in which office he performed many active services to the crown, and
was rewarded with the order of the Garter. He died 1592, leaving by Mar-
garet, daughter of Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, a son and heir

Thom.\s, Lord Scrope of Bolton, wno married Philadelphia*

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