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daughter of Henry Carey, Lord Hunsdon, by whom he was father of

Emanuel, last Lord Scro'pe of Bolton, who was m.ide lord presi-
dent of the King's council in the north, 16 James I. and was creaed Eari.
OF Sunderland, June i6th, 3 Charles I But dying without legitimate
■■;sue, the Earldom became extinct, and the Barony fell into abeyance. But
he left natural daughters, between whom he left his large estates; and gave
BohoM Castle xo his daughter Mary, wife of Charles Powlett, MartjUis of Win-
chester, and afterwards Duke of Bolton. His grandson Harry, fourth Duke
of Bolton, died 1754, leaving his eldest son • harles, fifth Duke, father of
Mary- Jane, who married, as above Skid, the Right Honourable Thomas Orde,
created Lord Bolton, 1797.


to the heart, must always excite the admiration of cultivated

But his health in his latter years much secluded him from ex-
ertion in public affairs j and he died July 30th, 1807, aged about

By his wife Jane Mary Powlptt, aforesaid, his Lordship had

First, Mary Jane, born May 22^1, l^Sl, died February, 1806.

Second, William, present peer.

Third, Anne, died in November, 1804.

Fourth, Ihnmas, born October l6th, 1787^ married, February,
1811, Miss Obrien. of Northamptonshire.

Fifth, Charles, died in August, 1806.

William, eldest son, second Lord Bolton, was born Oc-
tober 3Ist, 1/82, and married in May, iblO, Maria, eldest
daughter of Guy Carleton, first Lord Dorchester.

Title. William Powlett, Lord Bolton, of Bolton castle in

Creation. By patent, October 20th, 1 797.

Arms. Sable, three swords in pile, their points in base, pro-
per, pomels and hilts, or; on a canton, argent, an escutcheon,
sable, cha'-ged with a salmon hauriant, proper; which arms were
assigned to him on taking the name of Powlett, Januiry 7th,
1795; at the same lime, the same coat was assigned to his wife
(without the canton) withm a bordure, or.

Crest. A falcon rising, or, the breast and each wing charged
with an estoil, gules, and gorged with a ducal coronet, azure, in
the beak a salmon, proper; granted at the same time.

Suptoorters. On the dexter, an antelope, argent, encircled
with a ducal coronet; on the sinister, a Cornish chough.


CLief Seats. Hackwood park, Hampshire; Bolton-hall, York-



Gilbert Elliot, of Stobs in the county of Roxburgh^ Esq. (from
whose eldest son springs tlie present Sir William Elliot, of Stobs_,
Bart. ; a. id also the present Lord Heathfield), had a fourth son,

Gaven Elliot, of Midlem-hill in the county of Roxburgh, who
was father of

Sir Gilbert Elliot, a lord of session, (on which occasion he
took the title of Minto) created a Baronet of Scotland in 170O.
He was at length appointed Lord Justice Cleuk He mar-
ried Jane Carre, daughter of Sir Andrew Carre, of Cavers in the
county of Roxburgh, Knt. by whom he was father of

Sir Gilbert Elliot, second Baronet, who was also bred to the
law, and succeeding to the same office of Lord Justice Clerk,
took the same designation. He died 1766, having married Helen
Stuart, daughter of Sir Robert Stuart, of Allanbank com. Ber-
wick, Bart, by whom he had issue.

First, Eleanor, wife of John Rutherford, of Edgerston, Esq.

Second, Sir Gilbert.

Third, Robert, who died an officer of the army.

Fourth, Jane.

Fifth, Andrew, lieutenant-governor of New-York.

Sixth, Mari nine.

Se\ foth, John, an admiral of the navy.

Eighth, Anne, married Ciiarles Congleton, of East- Lothian,

Ninib, Archibald, in the navy, in v hich service he died.

Four ch.iloirn tiled yonng.

Sii GiLJtJ^iix EiiiOc^ third Baronet, was a man celebrated for


hi'5 talents, well-known in the political world; an active member
of parliament, and at one time a candidate for the Speaker's

He was member of parliament for the county of Selkirk, 1754,
1762, and forthat of Roxburgh, 1765, 1/68, 17/4. He was made
a lord of the admiralty, 1756; treasurer of the chamber, 1762;
keeper of the signet for Scotland, 1767? treasurer of the navy,
177O; died February, 1777'

He m;irried Agnes Murray Kynynmound, heiress of Mel-
gund in Forfar and Lochgelly, and Kynynmound in Fifeshlre, by
whom he had issue,

First, Isabella.

Second, Gilbert, now Lord Minto.

Third, Hugli, late his Mnjesty's minister at Dresden, who
has a son a lieutenant in the tirsl regiment of foot-guards.

Fourth, Alexander.

Fifth, Kynynmound, died in the East Indies in the Company's
civil service.

Sixth, Robert, rector of Wbeldrake, Yorkshire.

Seventh, David, died an infant.

Eighth, Eleanor, married William Lord Aukland, and has

Sir Gilbert, ybtt7-//i Baronet, eldest son, now Lord Minto,
was elected member of parliament for Morpeth, July, I776, suc-
ceeded his father as member of parliament for the county of Rox-
burgh, February, 1777> to which he was re-elected 1780; was
elected member of parliament for Ilelston, 1790; vvas appointed
Vice-Roy of the kingdom of Corsica, June, 1795 ; and was raised
to the Peerage by the title of Lord Minto of the county of RoX'
kirgh, October 2Gth, 17(.)7.

In 1799, his Lordship was sent envoy extraordinary to Vienna ;
and in I6O6, was appointed president of the board of controul.

In I8O7 8, his Lordship was appointed Governok-Genekai
OF Bengae, in which important command he still continues.

His Lordship was born April 23d, 1751, and married, January
3d, 1777, Anne-Maria Amyand, eldest daughter of Sir George
Amyand, Bart, and sister to the present Sir George Cornwallj
Bart, by whom he has issue,

a He was author of the celebrated song,

" My sheep I neglected; I broke my sheep-hook."

See Scott's Lay of the Last Minstrel, notes, p. 222
See also a poem by him on the death of the Earl and Countess of Sutheirlsnd,
in Cemura Literaria.


First, Gilbert, born November l6th, 1/82, married, September
4th, 1806, Mary, eldest daughter of Patrick Brydone, Esq.

Second, George, born August 1st, 1784, a captain in the
royal navy.

Third, Anne-Maria, born October 26th, 178S.

Fourth, John.

Fifth, Edmund, born March 30tb, 1788.

Sixth, Harriet-Mary-Frances, born June 5th, l^QO,

Seventh, William, born February 6th, 1/92.

Eighth, Catherine, born July 2d, 1797.

Titles. Sir Gilbert Elliot, Bart, Baron of Minto in the county
of Roxburgh.

Creations. Lord Minto by patent, October 26th, 1797 i also
a Baronet of Nova Scotia, 1700,

Arms. First and fourth quarterly, first and fourth, argent, a
bugle horn, sable, stringed and horned, gules j on a chief, azure,
three stars of the first, for Murray : second and third, azure, a
chevron, argent, between three fleurs-de-lis, or, for Kynynmoundj
second and third, gules, on a bend engrailed, or, a batton, azure,
with a bordure, vaire, for Elliot ; on a chief, argent, a Moor's
head, couped in profile, proper, the arms of Corsica.

Cr€st. A dexter hand, issuing from clouds, throwing a dart,
all proper.

Supporters. On the dexter, an Indian sheep 3 on the sinister,
a fawn, both proper.


Chief Seat. Minto, Roxburghshire. ,

VOL. yin. % «




There have been several families of ancient extraction of this
surname, that have been denominated, according to the custom of
former ages, from their possessions ; the pedigrees of t^is family
deduce them from Bertram, of Wodehouse-Toiver in Yorkshire;
but hardly any accounts are to be depended on.

Mr. Wotton, however, is of opinion, that they were surnamed
WoDEHOusE, from a tenement and lands now in Windham,
called Wodekouse, lying in Silfield, Norfolk. That they were
gentlemen of goou rank in the time of King John, Peacham in-
forms us, which appeared to him by many ancient grants and evi-
dences of the family, which he had seen, and from which the
pedigree was collected ; but the following account of this an-
cient family is the only one which stands supported on sufficient

First, Sir CoNSTANTiNE r>E WoDEHousE, who married Isabel,
daughter and heir of Botetort, in the beginning of Hen. I. who
was succeeded by his son and heir,

Second, Sir Geokge de Wodehouse, who flourished in the
time of Hen. L whom he accompanied into Normandy, and
was at the burning of Baieux, and taking of Caen castle. He
married Winifrede, daughter and heir of Lacy, by whom he

Third, Sir Henry, his son and heir, who married Beatrix,
daughter of the Lord Say,


Fourth, Sir Richard, his son and heir, married an Aspall, and
lived in King Jolm's time.

Fifth, Sir William Wodehouse, his son and heir, lived at
Flitcham in Norfolk. He married Petronilla, daughter and heir
of Clervaux, and died about 126/ , 52 Hen. III.

Sixth, Francis Wodehouse, Esq. son of Sir William, married
the daughter and coheir of Sir John Peeche, and was succeeded

Seventh, Sir Beutram de Wodehouse, his son and heir, who
married Muriel, daughter and heir of Hamo, Lord of Felton, by
whom he had three sons.

First, Sir William.

Second, Robert de Wodehouse.

Third, John de Wodehouse, who was lord chancellor at the
time of his death, in 1339.

Eighth, Sir William de Wodehouse, eldest son and heir, was
a man of great valour, and, as such, was retained by the Black
Prince, whom he attended into Spain, 40 Edw. IIL In 1374, he
was sheriff of London, with Richard Lions j he married the
daughter and heir of Humphry Luttrell.

Ninth, Sir Richard de Wodehouse, son of Sir William, was
of Rydon in Norfolk, and married Alice, daughter and coheir of
Sir John Northwood, of Northwood-Barningham in Norfolk,
Knight, and was succeeded by his son.

Tenth, Sir Thomas de Wodehouse, who married Alice, sister
and heir of John Estmond, or Emond, of Cranworth, son of Roger
Emond, of Cranworth, Esq. who married Maud, daughter and
heir of Sir Baldwin Botourt, of Cranworth, Knt.

Eleventh, Sir Edward de Wodehouse, son of Sir Thomas,
married a daughter and coheir of Erpingham. I have not met
with any account of his sons or daughters, besides.

Twelfth, Sir John Wodehouse, Knight, who was a younger
son, and in favour with Hen. IV. by whom he was knighted; he
married Margaret, daughter and sole heir of Sir Thomas Fastolf,
of Kimherley, Knight. In 1404, he was constable of Rising-
Castle, and had four sons ) first, John ; second, Giles de Wode-
house, living 1436; third, Thomas, who died 1451; and fourth,
Jerome de Wodehouse. He married Anne, daughter and coheir
of Richard Irming, Esq.

Thirteenth, John Wodehouse, Esq. eldest son and heir, in his
fathers lifetime, was gentleman of the privy-chamber to King
Henry iV. and in 1400, married Alice, daughter and heir of Fur-


jieaux« On the decease of Henry IV. his son King Henry V,
chosft him esquire of his own body 3 in 1414, he was admitted
one of the chamberlains of the Exchequer for life.

In 1415, he attended the King's person to the battle of Agiit-
COURT in France, where he won great renown by his valiant

For his g3llant behaviour the King granted him an annuity of
ten marks a year, out of his manor of Thetford, and made him
steward of all the dominion of the duchy of Lancaster in Norfolk,
and Cambridgeshire, with a salary of 10/. per annum j and, as a
perpetual augmentation of honour, assigned him the crest of a
hand, issuing from the clouds, holding a dub, and this motto,
Frappe forte, Strike strong ; and the savage, oriDild man, holding
a club, which was the ancient crest of the family, was now
omitted, and two of them placed as supporters to the arms, which
had a further augmentation of honour added in the shield, viz. ox
the chevron, gutte de sang, as they are borne to this day.

He served no less than four times in parliament for the county
of Norfolk, viz. in 1409, H Henry IV, with John Winter, Esq.;
in 2 Hensy V. with John Inglesthorp, Esq. ; in 1414, with Sir
Edmund Oldhall, with whom he served again in I4l6: he con-
tinued in favour with the princes he served, during his whole life,
and died at Rydon, in 1430.

Fourteenth, Henry de Wodehouse, Esq. was twenty-four
years old at his father's death. King Henry V. was his godfather,
by whom he was recommended to Henry VI. At his father's
death he lived at Bocking-Ash in Sutfolk, and dying the next
year without issue, his estate went to his brother John.

Fifteenth, John Wodehouse, Esq. his brother, succeeded him,
who, when the commissioners were appointed, 12 Hen. VI. to
summon all persons of best note, and tender them an oath for the
keeping the peace, and observing the King's laws, for themselves
and retainers, was returned as one of the principal gentlemen of
Norfolk ; and because he would not take the honour of knight-
hood, was fined accordingly. He married Constance, eldest
daughter and coheir of Thomas Geddynge, of Icklingham in
Suffolk, Esq. relict, first, of Henry Pooley, Esq. and after that, of
John Aleyne, Esq. one of the Barons of the Exchequer, by whom
he had one son. Sir Edward, and a daughter, Alice, married to
William Clippesby, of Clippesby, in Fleg in Norfolk, Esq.

I find him sometimes called, John Wodehouse, of London,
Esq. where he aUo had a house ; he died at Kimberley, in 1465,,


Sixteenth, Sir Edward Wodebouse, his son and heir, was
knighted at Grafion-fieJd, near Tewskbury. I find him alive io
1473j bat cannot say exactly when he died. He married two
wives^ first, the daughter of Sir John Tirrel, by whom he had no
issue J secondly, Jane, daughter and heir of Edmund Swatbyng,
of Letton, Esq. by whom he had issue three sons j first. Sir Tho-
mas ; second, John > third, Bertram Wodehouse, a priest ; also
one daughter, Eleanor, married, first, to Edmund Hastings ; se-
condly, to John Bozun, of Wissingset j and thirdly, to ...... .

Cressiner, Esqrs. ; she died in 1487.

Seventeenth, Sir Thomas Wodehouse, Knight, his son and
heir, was created Knight of the Bath, at the marriage of Prince
Arthur, eldest son to King Henry VII. v/ith the Infanta of Spain,
and v/as sent ambassador into France, where he married a lady of
PicaFdy, for his first wife, but by her had no issue : for his second
wife, he had Thomazine, daughter of Sir Roger Tov/neshend, of
Kaynham in Norfolk^ Knight, by whom he had issue three sons
and two daughters.

First, Sir Roger.

Second, John, of Beccles, Esq, who married Anne, daughter
of William Spelman, Esq. who survived him,, and afterwajds
married Desny, and died 155Q. Third, Edward Wode-
house, who embraced a religious life. The daughters were,
Catherine, married to Sir Thomas Lovell, of Berton-Brndish in
Norfolk, Kuight> and Elizabeth, to Thomas Wingfield, of Easton
ID Suffolk, Esq.

Sir Thomas died tn 1487', ^nd was succeeded by his eldest son.

Eighteenth, Sir Roger Wodehouse, Knight, who, by reason
©f his small stature, was called Little Sir Roger; he was knighted
by Edw. VI. in 1548, and is often called Knight of the Carpet,
He had two wives j first, Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Sir
Robert Ratcliff, Knight ; and secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of
John Drury, of Besthorpe in Norfolk^ Esq. j by the first he had
four sons and four daughters.

First, Thomas.

Second, Sir William, who was vice-admiral of the English
fleet, being knighted for his valiant acts done in the battle of
Musselburgh, and after his return, became a man of much repute
in his country j in 1 and 2 Philip and Mar)', lie was elected knight
of the shire, with Nicholas Lestrange; and 4 and 5 Philip and
Mary, with Sir Henry Bedingfield -, he serred also for the couaty^


anno 1 Eliz. with Nicholas Lestrange, aforesaid ; and again, in
the fifth of that Queen, with Sir Edward Warner, Knt.

Third, George ; and fourth, John Wodehouse, buried at Kim-
berley, March 18th, 1579.

The daughters were, first. Amy, married to Balph Shelton,
Esq. second soi?of Sir John ; second, Anne, who first married
Sir Thomas Ragland, Kniqht, and secondly, Christopher Co-
ningsby, Esq. who was killed at Musselburgh-field, ordy son of
Sir William Coningsby, ofWalington in Norfolk, Knight, and
grandson to Sir Humphry Coningsby, Knight, lord chief justice j
third, Jane, married, first, to ...... Leven.s, and secondly, to

W. Mason ; and fourth, Elizibeth, married to William Moor, and
was buried at Kimberley, 1563.

By his second lady (who survived him) he had only one
daughter, Ursula, married to the eldest son of Sir Thomas Cotton,

of in Kent, Knight.

Sir Roger was buried in Kimberley church, February 10th,

Nineteenth, Thomas Wodehouse, Esq. eldest son of Sir
Roger, in 1 Philip and Mary, was high sheriff of Norfolk and
Suffolk, whicli otfice he served again, in 5 Eliz. and in 4 and 5
Philip and M^ry, and 1 Eliz. he was burgess in parliament for the
borough of Yarmouth in Norfolk. He married Margaret,
daughter of Sir John Shelton, of Shelton, Knight, who hurvived
him, and was created Lady IVodehause, by whom he had five sons
and three daughters.

First, Sir Roger, successor to his grandfather.
Second, Henry, born January 3d, 1546; he was (as all his
ancestors for many generations always were) justice of the peace,
' and twice member for the county of Norfolk, viz, in 14 and 31

Third, Loy 3 fourth, John; and fifth, Thomas, who all died
without issue.

The daughters were, first, Anne, who married Richard
Stocks, (or Stokes,) of Bonham, archdeacon of Norfolk; second,
Elizabeth, married to Thomas Jones, of Lynn, Esq. 3 and third,
Mary, who married ..... ... Gough, Esq. a gentleman of Ire-

Twentieth, Sir Roger Wodehouse, Knight, eldest son of
Thomas, served in parliament for the borough of Aldborough in
Suffolk, 13 Eliz. 1570, and was knighted by that Queen^ at Sir


Edward Clare's house, at Blickling in Norfolk, August, 15/8.
He served for Thetford in parliament, 2S Eliz and married Marv,
daughter of John Corbet, of Sprowston in Norfolk, Esq. sister to
Sir Miles Corbet, Knight, who survived him, and married Georcre
Kemp, of Tottenham in Middlesex, Esq, who in his will, dated
1606, calls her Mary, Lady Wo.lehouse. Sir Roger died in 1588,
and was buried at Kimberley April 4th. He had two sons j Sir
Philip, his successor j Matthew; and a daughter, Catherine, that
died young.

Twenty-first, Sir Philip Wodehouse, Knight, ^?-5if Baronet,
served Queen Elizabeth both by sea and land, in Spain and Por-
tugal, was at the conquest of Cales, in Spain, and for his valour
shewn there, was knighted by Robert, Earl of Essex, and Charles,
Earl of Nottingham, the Queen's generals : on the accession of
James I. to the crown of England, he went with Thomas, his
eldest son, to meet that King in his way from Scotland to Lon-
don, and at Sir George Fermor's house, in Northamptonshire, his
Majesty conferred the honour of hughthood on Thomas, his son,
then but eighteen years of age; and on the first creation oi Ba-
ronets, Sir Philip was advanced to that title, anno iGll.

In 28 Eliz. he was elected burgess in parliament fur Castle-
Rising, was at the camp at Tilbury, w as deputy-lieutenant for the
county of Norfolk, and dying at Kimberley, was there buried,
October 30th, ]623. His wife was Grizell, daughter of William
Yelverton, of Roughani in Norfolk, Esq. widow of Hamon L^-
strange, of Hunstanton, Esq. to whom he was married, at Kim-
berley, December 22d, 15S2; she died August 4th, 1035. Ey
her he had six sons and two daughters.

First, Sir Thomas.

Second, P4.oger Wodehouse, Esq. buried at Kimberley, May
22d, 1634.

Third, Philip; fourth, John; fifth, John; sixth. Miles, who
all died young.

The daughters were ; Elizabeth, married to Humphry Guy-
bon, of Lynn, Esq. ; and Margnret, that died young.

Twenty-second, Sir Thomas Wodehouse, Knight, second Ba-
ronet, was knighted by King Jamts, as aforesaid, and v\as gentle-
man to Prince Henry, was twice member of parliament for Thet-
ford, in King Charles the First's time, viz. in 1639, and ]6"40,
He married Blnnch, daughter of John, Baron ot Hunsdon, sister to
Henry, Lord Hunsdon, Viscount Rochford, and Earl of Dover, bj -
'whom he bad issue two sonS;,


Sir Philip, his successor; and John, who died young.

And five daughters; first, Mercy, who died young; second,
Mary, married to Sir Humphry Monnoux, of Wotton in Bedford-
sliire, Bart. ; third, Anne, married to Robert Suckling, of Wotton
in Norfolk, Esq.; fourth^ Jane, v/ife to Sir Hugh Windham,
Knight, Serjeant at law; and fifth, Elizabeth, married to Sir
Denner Strutt, of Little- Warley in Essex, Bart. She died No-
vember 6th, 165 1.

Sir Thomas died in 1058.

Twenty-third, Sir Philip "Wodehouse, third Baronet, was
one of the burgesses for Thetford, in that parliament that restored
King Charles II. anno 166O. He was baptized at Kimberley,
July 24th, 16O8, and was a man of good learning, ready wit, and
exceedingly skilful in music. He married Lucy, daughter of Sir
Thomas Cotton, of Connington in Huntingdonshire, Bart, (by
Margaret, his first wife, daughter of the Lord William Howard,
of Naworth-castle in Cumberland, third son of Thomas, Duke of
Norfolk), and died at Kimberley, and was buried there. May
6th, 168I. He had issue by his Lady, three sons and two

First, Sir Thomas.

Second, Edmond, of East-Lexham in Norfolk, who married,
first, Mercy, daughter of Sir Philip Parker, of Arwarton in Suf-
folk, Knight, relict of William Guybbon, of Thursford, Esq. by
whom he had two sons; Philip, burled at Kimberley, August
8th, 1703 ; and John, who died without issue, and was buried at
Lexham. Also two daughters; Lucy, married to Lewis Mon-
noux, of Sandy in Bedfordshire, Esq. ; and Mercy, that died
without issue. The said Edmond married to his second wife,
Anne, daughter of John Anguish, of Great-Melton, Esq. by
whom he had no issue : he died September 5th, 172/^ aged eighty-
eight, and was buried at Kia:iberley.

Third, John Wodehouse, of Feltwell, Esq. who married
Anne, daughter of Sir Denner Strutt, of Little- Warley, Bart,
relict of William Sarawell, of Wotton in Norfolk, Esq. and died
in 1718, and his wife in 17^0, by whom he had one daughter,

The two daughters of Sir Philip were, Blanch, married to Sir
Jacob Astley, of Melton-Constable in Norfolk Bart. ; and Mar-
garet, the wife of Thomas Savage, of Elmley-castle, in Worces-
tershire, Esq.

Twenty-fourth, Sir Thomas Wodehouse was knighted by



King Charles II. November 2d, \666, and died of the small pox,
at Kimberley, 1671, vita patris. He married Anne, daughter
and coheir of Sir William Armine, of Osgodby in Lincolnshire,
Bart, who survived him, and remamed Thomas, Lord Crew, of
Stene, (by whom she had four daughters ; Jemima, married to
Henry de Grey, Duke of Kent; Armyn, to Thomas Cartwright,
of Aynho in Northamptonshire, Esq. ; Catherine, to Sir John
Harpur, of Calkein Derbyshire, Bart. ; and Elizabeth, to Charles
Earl of Arran, and Lord Butler, of Weston, brother of James,
Duke of Ormond.) After Lord Crew's death, she married, a
third time, to Arthur (Herbert) Earl of Torrington.

Sir Thomas, by Anne aforesaid, had only one son. Sir Johnj
and a daughter, Anne, married to Sir Nicholas Lestrange, of
Hunstanton in Norfolk, Bart.

Twenty-fifth, Sir John Wodehouse, /o7/r^// Baronet, only son
and heir of Sir Thomas, who succeeded his grandfather in title
and estate, was born at Kimberley, March 23d, 1669. I" I695,
he was elected burgess in parliament for the borough of Thetford
in Norfolk, of which place he was afterwards recorder. He
served again for the borough of Thetford, in 1/01, and 1^05;
and in the pth of Queen Anne, was elected knight of the shire
with Sir Jacob Astley, Bart, for the county of Nori'oik.

He married, first, Elizabeth, sister of John, Lord Bingley, by
whom he had no issue.

His second Lady w^as Mary, only daughter of William, Lord
Lempster, (by his second wife, Catherine, daughter to John,
Lord Paulet, and half-sister to John, Earl Paulet) and half-sister
to the late Earl of Pomfret; she left issue three sons and one

First, William Wodehouse, Esq. the eldest son, married
Frances, daughter of Allan, Lord Bathurst, and was elected one
of the members for the county of Norfolk, but died of the small-
pox, at London, 1733, without issue. His widow was re-mar-
ried to James Whitshed, of Ireland, Esq.

Second, Armine Wodehouse, Esq. second son, of whom here-

Third, Thomas, the third son, died unmarried.

Sophia, Sir John's only daughter, married Sir Charles Mor-

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