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died 1050, having married Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Bellasys,
of Newborongh com. York, Bart, by whom she had, first, Wil-
liam, of whom presently ; second, Laurence; third, Christopher,

who by Winifred daughter of Fletcher, and widow of Sir

Richard Dacres, Knight, had issue Anne; fourth, Edward-
Henry; fifth. Sir Martin; sixth, Matthew, consul at Cyprus in
16(55; seventh, Michael ; eighth, Edmund; ninth, Ursula, mar-
ried Sampson Slaveley; tenth, Frances, n^arried John Lambert,
of Calton, Esq. Sir Martin Lister, j?/lf/i 5o«, married Catherine,
daughter of Sir William Fairfax, of Steeton, Knight. According
to A. Wood, he was born at Thornton in Craven, and bred at
Oxford, where he became Fellow of Oriel college; but travelling
abroad, he became M. D. at Basil, and was incorporated at Ox-
ford in l6n5, as the English universities allowed a more universal
communication of honours with those on the Continent than is
usual at present. His family and i-ountry probably recommended
him to the illustrious Anne, Countess of Pembroke, whom he ap-
pears to have served in the doable capacity of agent and physi-
cian. By her recommendation probably he became physician in
ordinary to Queen Anne of Denmark, and afterwards to King
Charles I. from whom he received the honour of knighthood in
1(336. Lastly, he attained to the summit of medical honours, in
being appointed President of the College of Physicians. He died
about 1657, at Burweli in Lincolnshire, aged ninety-two ; an in-


stance of a constitution, which either needed not the aids of his
own faculty, or proved^ their efficacy.^ William Lister, Esq.
of Thornton, his elder brother, died in his father's lifetime,
having married Catherine, daughter of Sir Richard Hawks-
worth, of Hawksworth, Knight, by whom he had issue, first,
William Lister, of Thornton, Esq. aged twenty-eight, Sep-
tember 15th, 1666, ob. s. p. ; second, Christopher Lister, of
Thornton, Esq. ; third, Anne, wife of Sir John Kaye, of Wood-
some, Bart. Christopher Lister, of Thornton, Esq. died in
1667, having married a daughter of Sir Thomas NorclifFe, of
Nunnington, Knight, by whom he had Christopher Lister, Esq.
who died unmarried, having devised his estates to Thomas, second
son of Sir John Kaye, on condition of his assuming the name of
Lister, which he did, and dying also unmarried, devised it to his
eldest brother, Sir Arthur Kaye, and his issue male ; and failing
thereof, to his other brothers in succession, and their respective
male issue ; by which means the manor of Thornton devolved suc-
cessively upon Sir John Lister Kaye, and his son the next Baronet,
by whom it was bequeathed to the late Baronet.

Thomas Lister second son of Christopher Lister, (temp, Edw.
IV.) and Joan, daughter of Sir William Calverly, married the

a Whitaker's Craven, p. 9R, 99.

b His gfand-nephew, (says Whitaker) though perhaps not of equal emi-
nence in his profession, yet from his various publications, as well as prox-
imity to our own times, is more generally remembered.

Martin Lister was born in, or about the year 1638, and educated under
the eye of his uncle, by whom hevvas placed in St. John's college, Cambridge,
and soon after his death took the degree of A. B, The exami-le and instruc-
tions of a court physician redeemed him from the disloyalty of his family,
and he met with an early reward of his fidelity, being appointed fellow of the
college by royal mandate, in the year of the restoration. Having taken his
last degree in arts, he devoted himself to the study of physic, and about i668f
travelled into France. On his return from that country, he settled at York,
and practised with great success. His excursions in the way of his profession
afforded him many opportunities of gratifying his propensity towards the
study of natural history and antiquities ; in the former of which he became
so eminent as to be elected F. R. S. an honour not conferred at that time but
on men who had given some proofs of their proficiency in the science of
nature. It was probably a growing indisposition to motion, and a desire of
learned and liberal conversation, which induced him to remove to LondoHf
where in 1709, he was appointed physician inordinary to the Queen. He died
in February, 171 1-12, having published many works on medicine and natural
history ; but his reputation is built on the Synopsis Conchyliorum. He pur-
chased Carlton-Hall, where he occasionally resided before his removal to
London. Whitaker ^ ut supra, p. 99.


daughter and heir of Roger de Cliderow, of Cliderow, and had

Thomas Lister, Esq. who was buried at Gisburn 1540, having

married Effamia, daughter and coheir of Westby, of

West by, by whom he had issue

Thomas Lister, of Westby, Esq. buried at Gisburn, 1573,
who married .\nne, daughter and heir of Richard King, of Kings-
crosse, near Halifax, buried at Gisburn, October 6th, 1571, by
whom he had issue ; first, Thomas.

Second, John Lister, from whom the Listers of Manningham
are descended. He enjoyed Ids mother's estate, which was granted
to him 9 Eliz, by his brother Thomas.

Third, Anthony Lister, buried at Gisburn, August IQth, 1588,

who married Alicia, daughter of , buried at Gisburn, No»

vember 26, I5gg.

Fourth J Edmund; fifth, William; sixth, Rosamund, mar-
ried William Hawksworth, of Hawksworth, Esq. ; seventh,
another daughter.

Thomas Lister, of Westby, Esq. eldest son, was buried at
Gisburn, March 31st, 15Q8, having married Alice, daughter of
Sir Richard Houghton, of Houghton-Tower com. Lancaster; by
whom he had issue, first, Thomas, son and heir.

Second, Richard Lister, of Lanbeck near Westby, baptized
at Gisburne, October 24th, 1573, having married Hellen, daughter
of George Pudsey, of Arnforth, Esq. by whom he had three
daughters and one son, Charles Lister, who died 1646.

Third, Leonard Lister, of Cowgill, baptized at Gisburn, June

6lh, 1575, who married Anne, daughter of Loftus, of

Coverham Abbey com. York, by whom he had, first, George
Lister, baptized at Gisburn, April 20th, 16O8; second, Richard,
of Middleham com. York, baptized at Gisburn, August 29th,
l6l4; third, William, baptized at Gisburn, September 5th, I6175
fourth, Alice, baptized at Gisburn, September 2d, 1604; fifth,
Elizabeth, baptized at Gisburn, April 1st, 161O.

Fourth, Cuthbert Lister, baptized at Gisburn, September 15th,
1577> buried there October 4th, 1643, who had issue Thomas
Lister, baptized at Gisburn, November 5th, l604.

Fifth, William Lister, baptized at Gisburn, November gth,

Sixth, George Lister, baptized at Gisburn, May l6tb,

Seventh, Laurence, baptized at Gisburn, August 7th, 1 582.


Eighth, Bridget, baptized at Gisburn, November Qth, 1571.
Ninth, Anne, baptized at Gisburn, 15y6.
Thomas Lister, of Westby, Esq. eldest son, died at Bracewell,
and was buried at Gisburn, February 8th, 1607, having married
Jane, daughter of John Greenacres, Esq of Worston com. Lan-
caster, who was buried at Gisburn, February 20th, 16OS, By her
he had issue.

First, Thomas, son and heir.

Second, Richard Lister, who married Hesther, daughter of
William Hartley, of Sturtbam near Westby, and had issue.
Third, John Lister, ob. s. p.

Fourth, Frances, ob. s. p.; fifth, Anne, baptized at Gisburn,
1597; sixth. May, baptized at Gisburn, June 5th, 1(303 3 seventh^,
Jane, b.iptized at Gisburn, September 2lst, iboS.

Thomas Lister, of Westby, Esq. eldest son, was a justice of
peace for Yorkshire, 15 James l. and was buried at Gisburn, July
lOlh, 1619, having married Jane, daughter of Thomas Heber,
Esq. of Marton. She afterwards married Richard Ashe, of
Aughton, Esq. who was a lawyer of the Temple, and Master of
the crown-office during the usurpation. (This Ashe was counsel,
for the Regicides at the trial of the King.) By her first husband
she had issue.

First, Thomas Lister, son and heir.

Second, Josias Lister, baptized at Gisburn, February 2d, l(3l8,
■who died at Marton-Hall, April J. 9th, 1627, and was buried at
Marton, May 20th following.

Third, Jane Lister, baptized at Marton, January 19th, 1626.
Thomas Lister, Esq. of VVestby, son and heir, baptized at
Gisburn, November 5th, lG05, was buried there November 19th,
1642., having married Catherine, daughter of Sir Richard Fletcher,
of Hutton, com. Cumberland, Knight. She re-married Sir John
Asheton, of Whalley Abbey com. Lane. Bart, who left considerable
estates to her grandson Lister. She was buried at Gisburn, May
20th, 16763 and Sir John Asheton was also buried there June
18th, 1697. She had issue by her first husband.
First, Thomas, son and heir.
Second, John, of whom aftencarus.

Third, Jane, baptized at Gisburn, May, 1637, buried there
April 15th, 1641.

Fourth, Barbara, baptized at Gisburn, May 23d, l639; mar-
ried, first, William Nowel, of Merelay com. Lancaster ; secondly,
John Lambert, Esq. of Calton com. York, son of major-general


Lambert, by whom she had issue Frnnces Lambert, married to
Sir John iMiddieton, Bart, of Belsay Castle, com. Northumber-

Fifth, Mary Lister, baptized at Gisburn, July 22d, 1(540,
buried there 1643.

Thomas Lister, Esq. of Arnoldsbiggin and Westby, son and
heir, born December, 1635, baptized at Gisburn, was buried there
December 1st, l660, having been married at that place, No-
vember 15th, l65g, to Mary, daughter of Richard Deane, of
Ovendenwood com. York, who was buried at Gisburn, November
8th, l6dO, leaving issue by him a daughter and heir, Catherine,
born October 30th, baptized at Gisburn, November 6th, l660,
married, at KIrkby Malhanidale church, December gth, l680, to
Thomas Yorke, Esq. of Richmond, Yorkshire, whose grandson
now resides there.

John Lister, of Arnoldsbiggin, Esq. brother and heir male to
Thomas, was baptized at Gisburn, February 2d, l64l, and buried
.•here March 3d, 16/4, having married Mary, daughter of William
Lodge, of Leeds, merchant ; she was buried at Gisburn, June 10,
1676. By her he had issue.

First, Thomas, son and heir.

Second, John, baptized at Gisburn, October 30th, 1666, buried
there April 5th, 1695.

Third, William, baptized there March 3d, 1667.

Fourth, Richard, baptized there March 2d, I668, buried there
March l6th, 16/5,

Fifth, Henry, baptized there February 21st, 1669, buried there
November 21st, 1700.

Sixth, Charles, a merchant in London, baptized there March
21st, 1670, buried there November 9th, 1742.

Seventh, Mary, baptized there April 8th, 1672; buried there
July 1st, J 673.

Thomas Lister, of Arnoldsbiggin, son and heir, was baptized
at Gisburn, December 5th, l665, and buried there in 1706, having
married Elizabeth, daughter of John Parker, Esq. of Extwisle
com. Lane, She was buried at Gisburn, 1709, having had issue
by him.

First, Thomas, son and heir.

Second, John, a merchant in London, born November 4th,
1690, and baptized at Gisburn, November l^th.

Third, Richard, born January 30th, I692, baptized at Gis-
burn, July 11th, buried there April llih, 1747.


Fourth, Henry, born September 13th, baptized at Gisburri,
September 15th, 1693, buried there 1724.

Fifth, Charles Lister, a merchant, born June 6th, baptized
June 10th, 1697, and buried tliere October 28th, 1745.

Sixth, Christopher, baptized there September 13th, 1699.
Seventh, Mary, born Mjj 27th, baptized there May 30th,
1695, married, April IQih, 1716, to Ralph Asslieton, of Cuerdale,

Thomas Lister, Esq. son and heir, was of Arnoldsbiggin and
Lower Hall, to which he gave the name of Gisburn Park, (having
removed thither after the death of Sir John Assheton). He was
born October 8th, and baptized at Gisburn, October 13th, l688.
He was member of parliament for the borough of Clitheroc in
Lancashire for many sessions, from 171O till his death He died
at Gisburn Park, and was buried at Gisburn, May 22d, 17'15>
having married Catherine, daughter and coheir of Sir Ralph
Assheton, of Whalley Abbey, Bart. She was buried at Gisburn/
August 30lh, 1728, having had issue by him.
First, Thomas, son and heir.

Second, Nathaniel Lister, of Armitage near Lichfield, Esq.
He was born October 8th, and baptized January 21st, 1725. He
represented Clitheroe in two parliaments, 176J, and 1708, and
■was an ingenious man of a literary turn."^ He died at Gisburn
Park, December 28th, 1793, and was buried at Gisburn, having
married Martha, daughter of John Fletcher, of I>ichficld, Esq. by
whom he left several children ; viz. first, John, lately in the first
regiment of dragoon guards; second, Thomas, ^ late of Emanuel
college, Cambridge ; third, Mary, wife of Oldershaw Clerk, Esq.;
fourth, Catherine, wife of Nugent Dunbar, Esq.; fifth, Martha j
sixth, Charlotte, m ife of Augustus Bulstrode, Esq.

Third, Catherine, baptized at Gisburn, December 22d, 1718,
buried there May 8th, 1732.

Fourth, Mary, buried at Gisburn, September 3d, 1750.
Fifth, Anne, baptized at Gisburn, May 22d, 1722, buried
there February 10th, 1755.

Thomas Lister, Esq. son and heir, of Gisburn Park, w^as born
January l'9th, 1/23, and baptized at Gisburn, February 4lh. He

c See a poem addressed to him by Miss Seward, on having read his
verses in MS. in her Poems, edited by Walter Scott, vol ii. p. 333.

il Miss Seward mentions that, " Hii second son has given to the public
prints repeated proofs of his fine poetic talents.'' Ibid.


represented Clitheroe in parliament, 1/47, ^754, and 1761 , and
dying November 2gth, 1761, set. thirty-nine, was buried at Gis-
burn, December 6th, having married at Dovvnham com. Lan-
caster, on September 3d, 17-18, Beatrix, daughter of Jesop Hulton,
Esq. of Hulton Park com. Lancaster. She was also buried at
Gisburn, December, 1774- By her he had issue.

First, Thomas, now Lord Ribblesdale.

Second, Beatrix, born November 2oth, baptized at Gisburn,
December 23d, 1749, married, at Giggleswick, November I4th,
1778. to John Parker, Esq. of Browsholme, formerly member of
parliament fur Clitheroe.

Third, Catherine, born August 5th, 1754, baptized at Gis-
burn the same day, and buried at Gisbarn, September 14thj

Thomas Lister, son and heir, of Gisburn Park, now Lord
Ribblesdale, was born March 11th, 1752, and baptized at Gis-
burn the same dayj and represented Clitheroe in parliament from
1774- till 1796, soon after which his Majesty was pleased to raise
him to the Peerage, October 20th, 1797> by the title of Baroic
Ribblesdale, ofGhhurii Park in the county of York. His Lord-
ship is colonel of the Craven Legion of yeomanry.

His Lordship married, in 1789, Rebecca, daughter of Josepfi
Fielding, Esq. of Ireland, by Elizabeth, daughter of Christopher
Jackson, Esq. of Nottinghamshire, and by her has issue,

First, Thomas, son and heir apparent, born January 23d,

Second, Catherine, born December 23d, 1/93.

Third, Rebecca Adelaide, born August 31st, ISOO.

Title. Thomas Lister, Lord Ribblesdale, of Gisburn Park la

Creation. By patent, October 26th, \yQ7.

Arms. Ermine, on a fess, sable, three mullets, or.

Crest. A bucks head, parti per fess, proper and or, with a
crescent on it.

Supporters. See the wood-cut.

Motto. Retinens vestigia famae.

Chief Seat. Gisburn Park, '^ Yorkshire.

e " Gisburn Park," says Dr. Whitaker in his Cravtn, p. jij, " is beauti-
fully situated at th» conduence of the Ribbleand the Stockbeckj and the


house, with much simplicity, has a very elegant and pleasing effect. The
noble owner may congratulate himself on the possession of two residences
admirably adapted to the varieties of our climate ; for if an epicure in air and
weather, were permitted to make his own choice in Craven, he could scarcely
be better accommodated than by the warm and sheltered air of Stockbeck in
winter, and the keen and invigorating atmosphere of Malmater in its proper
season. The rare and subtle element which we respire on all great elevations,
when combined with vigorous exercise, is a luxury of the purest kind, with
which the inhabitants of level countries have no acquaintance,'' &c.




Among the raany brave Scotsmen who signalized themselves for
the service of their country at the battle of the Largs in 1263,
there was a foreigner, one Colin, or Col in as Fitzgerald, son to
the Earl of Kildare, or Desmond, of the kingdom of Ireland,
whose courage and valour on that occasion was so singularly re-
markable, that King Alexander took him into his special protec-
tion, and was afterwards pleased to bestow upon him the lands
of Kintail in Rosshire, pro bono et Jideli servitio, tarn ifi hello
quam in pace ; and to be held by him in lileram haroniam, as
the original charter bears, dated from Kincardine, January 9th,
1266. ^

According to Dr. George Mackenzie, who has written a full
and elaborate history of this noble family, he married a dauc^hter
of Walter, Lord High Steward of Scotland, by whom he had a

Kenneth, who succeeded him, and dying at his castle of
Island-Donan, was buried in the famous monastery of Icolmkill
in 1278.

His son, Kenneth, second Baron 9/ Kintail, married Morbae

a " Original charter of the lands of Kintail, by King Alexander III. to
this Colino Hybernio, is in the hands of the Earl of Seaforth, and was kindly
communicated to me by that noble Lord and excellent antiquary the Earl of
Cromarty, who wrote an essay on his own name and family of the Mac-
kenzies, which is in many hands in MS. The most exact copy I have seen
of these memoirs, is in the custody of Mr. John Mackenzie, of Delvin, who
very civilly gave me the perusal of it, and allowed me to take notes from it."

VOL. VIII. 2 a


Macdowal; daughter of Alexander, Lord of Lorn, and dying 1304,

Kenneth, third Baron of Kintail, his successor, who in the
Gaelic (the language then used) was called Kenneth Mackenneth,
or the son of Kenneth. This in English came to be called Mac-
henny, or Macketizie, and from him all the Mackenzies in Scot-
land are descended. He was a great loyalist, and a firm friend of
King Robert Bruce, and behaved gallantly at the battle of Ban-
nochburn in 1314. He died 1328, having married Margaret,
daughter of David de Strabolgie, Earl of Athol, by whom he had

Kenneth Mackenzie, ybwr/A B^fon of Kintail, who married
Fingala, daughter of Rorie Macleod, of Lewis, by whom he had
Murdoch, his son and heir.

He had also a natural son called Murdoch Beach, from whom
several of the name of Mackenzie are descended.

This Kenneth, at the instigation of the Earl of Ross, was
murdered at Perth in the flower of his age, when he was going
to join King David Bruce in his expedition to England, 1346.
He was succeeded by his son

Murdoch, ffth Baron of Kintail, wlio married Isabel,
daughter of Murdoch Mac Aula, by whom he got the lands of
Lochbroom, &c. and by her had a son, Murdoch, his heir.

He had also three other sons. Hector, Duncan, and Alexander,
from whom several of the name of Mackenzie are descended.
He died 13/5, and was succeeded by his eldest son
Murdoch, sixth Baron of Kintail, who married Fenvola,

daughter of Macleod, of Herries, and died 1416, leaving

a son,

Alexander, seventh Baron of Kintail, his heir and successor
in descent, who in the reign of King James IJL was loukcd on as
a wise and prudent man. It was to his conduct and courage the
reducing of that formidable rebel, John, Earl of Ross, was in a
great part owing : for which acceptable service he had a grant
from the crown, of the lands of Strachonnan, Stragarvie, and
several other of the Earl's lands, by a charter under the great
seal, September /th, 14/7. '^ By Agnes, his first wife, daughter
of Colin, Earl of Argyle, he had Sir Kenneth, his heir.

And by his second wife, a lady of the Macdougals, he had
two younger sons, Duncan and Hector; of the first did ihe Mac-
kenzies of Logic and Hilton descend, and of the other sprang the



branch of the Mackenzies of Garloch, all in the county of Ross.
He died in an advanced age, 1488, and was succeeded by his
eldest son,

Sir Kenneth, eighth Baron of Kintail, who had the honour
of knighthood conferred upon him by King James IV, and being
a man of talents and resolution, greatly contributed to the civi-
lizing the northern parts of the kingdom. He died about 1506,
or 150/, leaving issue by Agnes his wife, daughter of Hugh,
Lord Lovat,

First, John, his heir.

Second, Alexander, of whom came the branch of Davach-

Third, Roderick, the root of the Mackenzies of Achilty, and
their descendants.

Fourth, Kenneth, of whom issued the families of Buddy, Ord,
and Inveraiell. "^

Likewise two daughters ; Agnes, married to Roderick Mac-
leod, of the Lewis j and Catherine, married to Hector Munro, of

John Mackenzie, ninth Baron of Kintail, wasj for his great
wisdom and knowledge, taken by King James V. into the number
of his privy-council, and much favoured and esteemed by him.
He narrowly escaped at the battle of Flodden, 1513, and though
an old man, fought gallantly at the battle of Pinkie, 154/. He
died before 1 554.

He married Elizabeth, daughter of the Laird of Grant, and

Kenneth, his successor, who married Lady Elizabeth Stewart,
daughter of John, second Earl of Athole. By her he had.

First, Colin, his son and heir; and.

Second, Roderick, who was the ancestor of the Mackenzies
of Reidcastle and Kincraig,

Likewise sundry daughters ; Janet, married to Alexander
Macdonald, of Glengary, and again to Alexander Chisolm, of
Comer J*! Agnes, to Lauchlan Mackintosh, of Dunachtanej^

Margaret, to Sir Walter Innes, of that ilk ; to David

Ross, of Balnagown ; Elizabeth, to Walter Urquhart, of Cro-
marty, '' and had issue.

c Crawfurd.
d Charta in Pub. Arch, ad annum, 157':. "^ Ibid-



And departing this life June 6th, 1568, was succeeded by

Colin, his son, who in the reign of Queen Mary, after the
troubles broke out, adhered firmly to that unfortunate Princess.
was on her behalf at the battle of Langside, for which he was
obliged to take a remission from the regent ; but upon King
James's accepting the government on himself, he chose this gen-
tleman to be of his privy-council, and committed the quelling of
several insurrections in the Highlands to him, which he performed
with courage, dexterity, and success. He married, first, Barbara,
daughter of John Grant, of that ilk, s by whom he had.

First, Kenneth, thereafter Lord Kintail.

Second, Sir Roderick Mackenzie, of Tarbat, ancestor to the
Earls of Cromarty.

Third, Colin, of whom the branch of Kinnock. •*

Fourth, Alexander, ancestor to the Mackenzies, of Kelroy.

Also three daughters; first, Margaret, married to Simon,

Lord Lovat 3 second, , to Lauchlan Maclean, of Dowart ;

third, , to Sir Donald Macdonald, of Slate, but had no


His second wife was Mary, daughter of Mackenzie, of

Davachmulanack. By her he had a son.

Fifth, Alexander, of whom the Mackenzies of Applecross,
Cowl, and Assint, are descended. '

And departing this life June 14th, 15g4, ^ was succeeded by

Kenneth, his son, _first Peer, who being a person of great
spirit and courage, and of a fair fortune, his Majesty, King James
VL was pleased to raise him to the honour of the peerage by the
title of Lord Mackerizie, of Kintail, on November igth, 1609,
and giving way to fite in March, 1611, ' he left issue by Anne,
his first wife, daughter of George Ross, of Balnagown,
First, Colin, his successor, first Earl.
Second, John, of Lochlyne, died s. p. m.
Also two daughters ; Barbara, married to Donald, Lord Rae,
and Janet, to Sir Donald Macdonald, of Slate, Bart, and had

Also by Isabel, his second wife, daughter of Gilbert Ogilvie>
of Powrie, he had

Third, George, thereafter Earl of Seaforth.

s Earl of Cromarty's Essay on the family of Seaforth.

h Ibid. i Ibid.

k Charta in Cancel. S.D.N. R. 1 Ibid.


Fourth, Thomas Mackenzie, of Pluscarty.

Fifth, Simon Mackenzie, of Lochslin, the father of Sir Geoige
Mackenzie, of Rosehaugh, King's advocate.

And a daughter, Sibilla, married to John Macleod, of that
ilk. \

Colin, second Lord AlacJcenzie, being a nobleman of great
parts and signal loyalty, was by the special favour of King James
VI. honoured with the title ot Earl of,Seaforth, by letters patent,
bearing date December 3d, l6'i3. ™

* He married Margaret, daughter of Alexander, Earl ofDun-
fermling, by whom he had

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