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Hopetoun ; but on his journey from Scotland to England, October
19th following, having left his carriage, and mounted his horse,
his pistol, which he had drawn from his holsters, to lire among
some rooks, discharged itself Ss he cocked it, and shot him dead,
to the inexpressible grief of his parents. His Lady died in April
1756, without issue.

Second, Charles, Marquis of Beverly, born July 27th, 1726,
■was member of parliament for the county of Dumfries in Scot-
land, 1747, &c. But going to Lisbon for his health, died there
unmarried in October, 1756.

The Duchess died in 1777^ and the Duke dying without issue,
October 22d, 1 7783 was succeeded in his Scotch honours, by his
cousin, James, third Earl of March, who became /owr/A Duke
of Queensberry, grandson of William Douglas, Earl of March,
younger son of W^illiam, first Duke of Queensberry.

Which Lord William Douglas, being in great favour with
King William, was created Earl of March, and Lord Doug/as of
Niedpath, Lyne, and Mannerhead, by patent dated April 20th,
1697. He died 1/05, leaving by Lady Jane Hay, daughter of
John, Marquis of Tweedale, three sons and three daughters, viz.

First, William.

Second, John Douglas, of Broughton, Esq. member of parlia-
ment for Tweedale, died s. p.

£ The patroness of Gay, and cclebiated by Prior.


Third, James Douglas, of Stow, Esq. died s. p.

Fourth, Lady Isabel ; fifth. Lady Mary j sixth, Lady Jane.

He died 1/05, and was succeeded by his eldest son,

William, second Earl of March, who married Lady Anne
Hamilton, eldest daughter of John, Earl of Selkirk and Ruglen,
by whom he had issue

James, third Earl of March, born 1725, who in 1778 became

fourth Duke of Queensberry, and was created a British peer by

the title of Lord Douglas of Ambresbury, in Wiltshire, Aug,

8th, 1/88. His Grace was many years lord of the bed-chamber

to his present Majesty.

Titles. James Douglas, Lord Douglas of Ambresbury, Duke
and Earl of Queensberry, Marquis of Dumfries, Earl of Drum-
lanrig and Sanquhar, Earl of March, Viscount Nith, Drumlanrig,
Torthorald, and Ross ; Lord Douglas of Hawick and Tibbers ;
Lord Douglas of Kilmount, Middleby, and Dornock ; and Baron
Douglas of Niedpath, Lyne, and Mannerhead.

Creations. Baron Douglas of Ambresbury, in Wilts, August
8th, 17S8 : also the follovTing Scotch honours j Duke of Queens-
berry and Marquis of Dumfries, February 11th l682^ Earl of
Queensberry, June 13th, l633 ; Lord Douglas of Hawick and
Tibbers, and Viscount Drumlanrig, April 1, l628 j Lord Douglas
of Kilmount, Middleby, and Dornock, Viscount Nith, Drum-
lanrig, Torthorald and Ross ; Earl of Drumlanrig and Sanquhar,
and Marquis of Queensberry, February llth, I0'82j Earl of
March j and Lord Douglas of Niedpath, Lyne, and Mannerhead,
April 20th, 1697.

Arms. Quarterly, first and fourth. Argent, a heart Gules,
imperially crowned proper; second and third. Azure, a bend Or,
all within a bordure.

Supporters. Two Pegasusep, or flying horses, Argent, thtir
manes, wings, tails, and hoofs. Or.

Crest. On a Avrealh, a heart, as in the coat, between two
wings expanded, Or,

Motto. Forward.

Chief Seals. Drumlanrig, in the county of Dumfries j Am-
bresbury, Wilts; and Richmond, Surry.





This iuiclcnt family of Beresford hath flourished for many cen-
turies in the counties of Stafford, Warwick and Leicester, and in
former limes wrote their name Bereford j being originally of
'' Beresford in the parish of Alstonfield in the first mentioned
county, whence spreading into those of Derby, Nottingham, Kent,
Lincoln, and city of London, a branch of the Kentish line re-
moved into Ireland, and was advanced to the honourable degree
of Baronet of that kingdom, in the person of Sir Tristram Bercs-
' ford, and to those of Baron, Viscount, and Earl, in his great
grandson Sir Marcus Beresford, Earl of Tyrone.

His Lordship's descent was directly derived from John de Beres-
ford, who was seized of the manor of Beresford (in old deeds
sometimes wrote Bereford) in the county of Stafford, October 4th,
103/ (I Will. Rufus) and therein was succeeded by his son,

Hugh, who had issue

Aden de Beresford, the father of

John, who had two sons, Hugh, and V/iUiam who had aa
only daughter Julian.

Hugh, who succeeded, was living 34 Henry IH. 1249, ^^^
was father of

John Beresford, living in the time of Edward I. whose son

Aden was Lord of Beresford in the county of Stajford, in 8,
lO, and 17 Edward IL and his son

John was lord thereof 18 and 21 Edward IIL and had three
sons, John his heir 3 Richard, living y Rich. II. who left no issue;
and Aden.


John, the eldest sen, lived in the reigns of Edward III. and
Richard II. and had issue

John Beresford, of Beresford, who in 1411, 13 Hen, IV.
gave to his son Aden all his estate in Alstonfield, together with
the office of one of the foresters of Malbonfrith Forest wiih
Houseboote, Heyboote, and common of pasture there for thirteen
cows and a bull, thirteen mares and a horse, and for thirteen sows
and a boar, to hold to him and his heirs, at the rent of two-pence.
The wife of this John Beresford was named Cicely, and by her
he had two sons, John, and the said Aden, who died childless.

John Beresford, Esq. in 1 Edw. IV. granted all his lands -in
the counties of Stafford and Derby, to John, Lord Audley, and
other trustees ; and in 1409 (10 Edw. IV.) he had a release from
John Pole of eighteen-pence a year rent, issuing out a tenement
in Wolscoatej and in 14/4 settled an estate on his son John, and
Margaret his wife upon their marriage. The year after this he
died, and having married Elizabeth, daughter of William Bassetj
Esq. of Blore in the county of Stafford, had four sons.

First, John, his heir.

Second, Thomas, ancestor to Lord Tyrone.

Third, Henry ; and,

Fourth, William, who both died childless.

John Beresford, Esq. Lord of Beresford, the eldest sonj mar-
ried Margaret, daughter of Robert Davenport, of Broomhall in
Cheshire, Esq. by his wife Joan, daughter of Lawrence Fitton, of
Gawseworth, Esq. and had John his heir; and Cicely married in
1306, (21 Hen. VII.) to Thomas Broughton, of Rugeley in the
county ofStatford, Esq.; John, w^ho succeeded at Beresford, was
also of Enston in that county, where he lived from 1 Rich. III. to
27 Hen. VIII. and in 1483, married Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh ,
Erdeswick, of Sandon in Staffordshire, Esq. who died in J463, by
his wife Cicely, daughter of William Basset, of Blore, and had
issue Robert; John, who died unmarried; and a daughter mar-
ried to Noel, of Hilcot in Staffordshire. Robert, tiie

eldest son, married Mary, daughter of John Barbour, of Flasbrook,
Gent. ^ by whom he had Sampson Beresford, living at Beresford
and Enston in the reigns of Henry VIII. and Eliz. and marrying
Anne, daughter of John Morgan, of Comberton in Worcestershire,
had five sons and two daughters ; Edward, Walter, John, George,
Robert ; Mary, married to Thomas Dixwell of Whittiogton ; and

a See art. of Lord Berwick, p 35, 36.


Catherine, to George Lee, of Mayfield, otherwise Mathfield, both
in the county of Stafford, Edward, wlio succeeded, married Do-
rothy, daughter of Aden Beresford, of Fenny Bentley in Derby-
shire, and dying June 6lh, l620, had an only daughter and heir,
Olive, born in i5gi, and married to Sir John Stanhope, of Elvas-
ton, ^ half brother to Philip, the first Earl of Chesterfield^ to whom
she was first wife ; she died Jan. 2Q, l6[4, and had an only child,
Olive, married to Charles Cotton,"^ of London, Esq. (son of Sir
George Cotton) mother by him of Charles Cotton,'' of Beresford,
Esq. born in 1030, who married, first, Isabella, daughter of Sir
Thomas Hutchinson, of Outhorp'^ in the county of Nottingham ;
and secondly Mary, daughter of Sir William Russel, of Strensham
court in Worcestershire, widow of Wingfield Cromwell, Earl of
Ai'dglass, by whom he had no issue ; but by the first had Beres-
ford Cotton his heir, born in 1658, and a daughter married to
Dean Stanhope, &c.

We now return to Thomas, second son of John, Lord of Be-
resford and Enston, ancestor to the Lord Tyrone. He was seated
at Newton, otherwise Newton-Grange, and Bentley in the countj
of Derby, in the reigns of Henry VI. and Edward IV. ; the former
of whom he served in the French wars, and is reported to have
mustered a troop of horse of his sons, with his and their servants,
at Chesterfield. He lies buried in the church of Fenny Bentley,
under a fair alabaster monument, with this inscription ;

Here lieth the corps of Thomas BEKEsroRi), Esq. the son of
John Beresford, late Lord of Beresford in the county of
Stafford, Esq. and Agnes his wife, the daughter and heir
of Robert Hassal in the county of Chester, Esq. who had
issue sixteen sons and five daughters. Thomas departed
this life the 23d of March 1473, and Agnes departed this
life the l6ih of March 1467. Here also lieth Hugh, third
son of Thomas and Agnes.

b Sir John .Stanhope, by his second wife Mary, daughter of Sir John Rat-
clifTe of Oatsal in Lancashire, Knight, was gieat grandfather to William,
Earl of Harrington, sworn L. L. of Ireland, September i 3th, 1747.

"= For whose character see Lord Clarendon's Life, and Cens. Lit. vol. ix.
p. 340.

d Charles Cotton the poet. See Hawkins's edition of Walton's and
Cotton's Angler, and Topographer, vol iii. See also Chalmers's Edition of
British Poets,
e See Life of Col. Hutchinson, lately published ; and art Byron, vol vii.


On the side of the Tomb;

Quem tegit hoc Marmor, si forte requiris. Amice,

Nubile Beresford tu tibi Nomen habes.
Luce Patrura clarus, proprio sad Lumine major,

De gemina merito Nomina Luce capit.
Largus, Doctus, Amans, aluit, coluit, recreavit

Musas, Jus, Vinctos, Sumptibns, Arte, DomOj
Militia excellens, strenuus Dux, fortis et audax,

francia testatur. Curia testis Agens.

On the other side of the Tomb :
Nunc jacet in tumulo resolutus Pulvis in isto

Lutum, Bulla, Fumus, Pulvis et Umbra sumus.
Dum loquimur, morimur^ subito vanescimus omnes;

Si sapiens homo sis, disce. Memento Mori.

Upon the pulpit :

Vivere quisque diu cupit,

sed bene nemo, ast bene quisque

potest vivere, nemo diu.

His said wife Agnes, was daughter and heir to Robert Hassal,
of ArcUiyd in Cheshire, Esq. whose coat armour of Parti per
Chevron Jrgent and Or, three Pheons Salle, a Crescent for Dif-
ference, is quartered by the Earl of Tyrone : and their said sixteen
sons and live daughters were

First, Aden Beresford, Esq. Lord of Bentley and Bircham,
who married Elizabeth, daughter of Roger Eyre, of Home, or
Keyton, in the county of Nottingham, and had two sons and one
daughter, George; Humphry, who died childless; and Anne,
married to William Hey wood, of Stonylowin Staffordshire, Gent.
George, who succeeded, married Benedicta, daughter of Humphrey
(or Roger) Bradborne, of Hoghe in Derbyshire, Esq, and had
William, who left no issue; and A.den Beresford, of Fenny
Bentley, Esq. who made his will in ].'>93, and by Ursula, daughter
of Thomas Rolleston, of Lea, Gent, had seven sons, who all died
without issue, and six daughters his coheirs, viz. Elizabeth, (first
married to Humphry Barlow, of Stoke, Esq. who dying July 10,
15/0, left an only child, Ursula; and she married, secondly,
Richard Parkyns, of Bunny in the county of Nottingham, Esq.
counsellor at law, recorder of Leicester and Nottingham, and by


him, who died July 3d, l603, was great grandmother to Sir
Thomas Parkyns, created a Baronet May 18th, 168I, (ancestor of

Lord RanclifFe) j Anne, married to Sellers, of Criche in

Derbyshire ; Maud, to Whitehall ; Mary, to

Bentley, of Hungry Bentley; Dorothy, to Edward Beresford, of
Beresford, Esq. ; and Hellen, to John Whitehall, of Yeldersley
in Derbyshire, Gent, living in 1611.

Second, Thomas Beresford, of Newton, who married Margaret,
daughter and heir to Roger Wolgattethorp, and died childless be-
fore 1512.

Third, John, of Bradley-Ash in the parish of Bentley.

Fourth, Hugh, died unmarried.

Fifth, Hugh, also of Newton, having the manor house and
better moiety of the manor of Newton-Grange by gift from his
father, and lies buried in the church of Fenny-Bentley, with an
inscription upoh the South wall, expressing that he died in 151 6,
that his son Lawrence died in 15/7, and his grandson in 1607 j
concluding thus.

No Epitaph needs make the just man fam'd.
The good are prais'd, when they be only nam'd.

His wife was Agnes, daughter of John Longston, of Longston
in Derbyshire, and he was ancestor to the Beresfords of Newton,
j4Islo7iJield, Duffield, and Radborne in Derbyshire ; of Ca/ver croft,
and Garrington in Leicestershire ; oi Stately in JVarwichshire ;
and of Mayjield and Cank iii Staffordshire.

Sixth, Robert, of Hillesdale in Staffordshire, who by Joan,
daughter of Thomas Cantrell, was progenitor of the family there,
and of Alsop in Derbyshire, both which terminated in heirs ge-

Seventh, Humphry, of Newton- Grange, (by some called the
second son) ancestor to Lord Tyrone.

Eighth, Edward, seated at Barnbough in Yorkshire, 12 Hen.
VIII. in the 15th of which reign he was reader of Gray's Inn, and
married Joan, only child of Pierce Clotton, Esq.

Ninth, Denys, of Cutthorpe in the county of Derby, whose
posterity settled at Rickmansworth in Hertfordshire.

Tenth, Rauff, died young.

Eleventh, Roger, sheriff and alderman of London 5 Hen. VIII.
whom Fuller, in his Worthies, makes to use Sable, three Bears
§aliant, Or, for his coat armour. He left no issue.


Twelfth^ Rauff", who married Emma, daughter of William

Thirteenth, William, who by Alice, daughter of Thomas
Barker, had two sons, viz. Denys, of Beresford, of Cutthorpe,
and Birchover in Derbyshire, who left no issue ; and Christopher,
of Long Ledenham, in the county of Lincoln, who died October
12th, 1590, and was there buried, having issue by Bridget,

daughter of Needham of the county of Derby, five sons,

viz. WilUam, (who by his second wife, Winifred, daughter of Sir
Bryan Lascelles, of Gateford in Nottinghamshire, Knight, was
ancestor to the family of Long Ledenham) ; Francis, of Rowston,

who married Prudence, daughter of Thornhill, of Oustoa

in the Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire, and was progenitor of the
families at Rowston, and at Fulbeck in the said county ; George]
John, rector of Scopwick in Lincolnshire : and Edward.

Fourteenth, Lawrence, of Lea Hall, who married Anne,
daughter of Thomas Cockaine, of Lea, and died childless before
11 Hen.VIIL

Fifteenth, Godfrey.

Sixteenth, James Beresford, LL. D. canon residentiary, and
prebendary of Frees in the cathedral of Litchfield, (where he lies
buried) and founder, August 20th, 1512, of Beresford's chantry
-in the church of Fenny Bentley. He was also vicar of Chester-
t field and Worksworth ; and founded two fellowships and two
scholarships in St. John's college, Cambridge, February 12th,
11 Hen. VIII. to be called BeresforcVs felioivs and scholars, for
whose maintenance he gave 400/. to the college, wherewith they
purchased lands, then of 20/. a year, and the seal to this grant was
a Bear Saliant.

First daughter, Alice, was married to John Shalcross, of Shal-
cross in Derbyshire, Esq.

Second, Agnes, to Ralph Walker, of Castern in Staffordshire,

Third, Joan, died unmarried.

Fourth, Cicely, married to Thomas, son and heir to Roger
Chetwoode, of Oakley in Staffordshire, and had Roger Chetwoode,
, of Warleston, who died 2/ Hen. VIII.

Fifth, Johanna, to William Feme, of Parwich in Derbyshire,

Humphry Beresford, of Newton Grange, Esq. seventh son,
ancestor to Lord Tyrone, married Margery, daughter of Edmond
Berdesley, or Beresley, and had two sons, viz.


First, John, who in 1505, married Elizabeth, daughter of
Robert Fitz-Herbert, of Tissington in Derbyshire, and had an only
child Agnes, married to George Fitz-Herbert, Esq. of the same

Second, George, who succeeding to the estate, lived at Newton
Grange, was steward of the town of Nottingham; and by Helen,
or Eleanor, daughter of Thomas Greene, of Sussex, Esq. had two
sons and three daughters, viz.

First, Michael, his heir.

Second, Nicholas, of Kenton in the county of Nottingham,
who married Rose, daughter of John Fitz- William, Esq. and had
seven sons ; George, born in 154Q, ancestor to the family at
Kenton; Richard, Thurstan, James, Thomas, Benedict, and

Daughter Anne, married to John Savage, Esq. and had a son.
Sir Arthur.

Grace, to John Neclam, of Caswick in Lincolnshire.

Mary, to John Rowe, of Uffington in the same county, Esq.
and she dying July 24th, 1576, left Sir Francis Rowe, Knight.

Michael Beresford, Esq. the elder son, was an office^- in the
court ofivards, and seated at Otfordand the Squirres^ in the parish
of JVestram in Kent, where he was living in 15^4; and marrying
Rose, daughter of John Knevitt of the same county, had seven
sons and four daghters viz.

First, George, who succeeded at Squirres, and by Elizabeth,
daughter of Randle Cam, citizen of London, was ancestor to the
family of that place.

Second, Richard, of Ashburnham in Sussex, who married the
daughter of Sir Edward Pelham, Knight, and left issue, Henry his
heir and six other children.

Third, Tristram, y?"om whom the Lord Tyrone derives.

Fourth, James, died childless.

Fifth, Thomas, D. D. and vicar of St. Sepulchre's, London,
who by Sarah, daughter of Rev. Dr. "Withers, left William his
heir, and other children.

Sixth, Cornelius, of Chilham in Kent, who married, first, Eli-
zabeth, daughter of Thomas Sulyard, of Delaware in that county,
Esq. by whom he had one daughter Dorothy ; he married, se-
condly, Dorothy, daughter of Edward Petley, of Chelesfield, Esq.
and had issue ; Anne, married to her first cousin, Thomas Beres-

« Now the seat of John Warde, Es(j.


ford of CliiFord's Inn, third son of the aforesnid George Beresford
of the Squirries, Esq. by whom she had Anne and Elizabeth}
Elizabeth 3 and Rose).

Seventh, Henry, who died without issue.

Daughter Benuet (was married to Sir Thomas Harfleet, alias
Septuans, of Moland in Ash, com. Kent, Knight),

France?, (to Robert Leigh, of Beckenham),

Dorothy, (the tirst wife to Thomas Petley, of Filson),

Anne, (to Sir William Southland, of Lee" near Canterbury,
Knight, all in the county of Kent, He died May 1st, l638.)

Tristram Beresford, Esq. the third son, was born before the
year 15/4, and coming into Ireland, as juajiager for the corpora'
tion of Londoners , known by the name of the society of the New
Plantation in Ulster, at the time they made the plantation in the
county of Derry, in the reign of Jsmes I. settled at Coleraine in the

county of Londonderry, having issue by the daughter of

Brooke, of London, two sons and three daughters, viz.

First, Sir Tristram, his successor.

Second, Michael, of Dnngarvan and of Coleraine, Esq. who,
November 21st, 16j3, was constituted, with his brother, and
others, commissioners in the precinct of Derry, fur examining
the delinquency of the Irish, in order to the distinguishing of
their qualifications for transplantation ; and in l654he was sheriff
of the counties of Deny, Donegall, and Tyrone, of which he w^as
also a commissioner of the civil survey and revenue. He married
Mary, daughter of Sir John Leake, Knight, and by his willj''
dated July 5th, l660, directed his body to be buried in the church
of Coleraine, in his father's sepulchre, which was done accord-
ingly ; and he had issue by her, who was buiied at Temple
Patrick in the county of Antrim, one son Tristram, who died
young 3 and four daughters his coheirs, viz, Anne, married to
Thomas Whyte, of Redhills in county of Cavan, Esq. j *^ Olive,
first to Thornton, and secondly to Sir Oliver St. George,

a There is a memorial for them in the church of Ickham in Kent, in
which parish the seat of Lee stands. Thomas, grandson of Sir William South-
land, sold Lee in 1676 to Sir Faul Barrett, serjeant at law, whose great great
great grandson, Thomas Barrett B;ydges, an Ensign in the first regiment of
Foot-Guards, now owns it. See Walpole's Anecdotes of Painting, vol iv.
p. 94; and Hasted's Kent, vol. iii. p-66j.

b Prerog. Office.

c He was the son of Francis Whyte, Esq secretary to the L, D. Gran-
dison, who died May 29th, 1622, by Dorcas, whom he married in 1618, and
she le-married with George Edwards, of Dublin, Esq. one of her husbansd'


of Headford in Galway, Bart. ; '^ Elizabeth, to captain Robert

Sliields; and to Arthur Upton, of Temple Patrick,

Esq. •=

Third, a daughter Anne was first married to Sir Edward Dod-
dington, and secondly to Sir Francis Cooke, Knights, and was
buried at Coleraine.

Fourth, Jane, to George Gary, of Redcastle in the county of
Donegall (descended from the Carys, of Clonelly in Devonshire)
and by him, who died April 22d, 1040, had five sons and four
daughters, viz. Francis, of Redcastle, who married Avice, sister
to Captain flenry Vaughan, and they both lie buried in the
church of Redcastle, having had issue Francis ; Chichester, who
died unmarried 3 William j Arthur, who died unmarried; Mar-
garet; Avice; and Letitia : George; Edward, of Dungiven in
the county of Deny, who died June 4th, 1686, leaving issue Ed-
ward ; George; Tristram; Elizabeth; Mary; Anne; and Jane:
Robert, of Whitecastle in the county of Donegal!, who died in
March l681, leaving Robert; George; Edward; Tristram;
William; Anne; Eetitia, and Mary.

Fifth, Susannah, married to Ellis.

Sir Tristram Beresford, of Coleraine, Knight, and first Ba-
ronet, the eldest son, represented the county of Londonderry in
the parliament of l66l ; and King Charles IL taking into his
princely consideration his faithful services and sufferings, and
being desirous to place upon him and his posterity some mark of
his royal favour, was pleased by privy-seal, dated at Whitehall

executors : she is mentioned in her brother Michael's will, by the description
of Mrs. Susan Ellis, widow, third daughter of Sir R.obeit Newcomen, Knt.
and Bart.; and his issue were three sons and three daughters; Francis;
Michael, who died unmarried; Thomas, killed at the battle of Aghram;
Mary, married to Alexander, son of Robert Saunderson, of Castle Saunderson
in the county of Cavan, Esq ; Dorcas, to Paul, son of Sir Francis Gore,
of Corstown in the county of Kilkenny, Esq.; and Dorothea, who died
June 3d, 1695. Francis, the eldest son, married Mary, daughter of Sir John
Edgeworthe, of Lizard in the county of Longford, Knight, and had two
daughters, Mary and Anne; and a son Thomas Whyte, of Redhills, Esq.
who, January 26th, 1708, married Sarah, youngest daughter of James Napier,
ofLoughcrew in Meath, Esq. and deceasing January icth, 1739, ^^ft issue
by her (who died January i6th, 1762, and was buried at Belturbet,) an only
son Francis, of Redhills, Esq. ; and four daughters, Elizabeth, who was mair-
ried to Marcus Smith ; Mary, to Edward Ellis, Esq. ; Sarah, to Essex Edge-
worthe ; and Anne, January 3d, 1749, ^° John VVhite, of Rathgowan in the
county of Limerick, Esq. Decree in Chancery, lO;;. Prerog. Office,
d Prerog. Office. e Of Lord Templetown's family.


March 24th, l664, and by patent at Dublin May 5th, l665, to
create him a Baronet J He departed this life January 15th,
1673, and 28th was buried at Coleraine, having married, first,
Anne, eldest daughter of John Rowley, of Castleroe in the county
ofDerry, Esq. by his wife Mary, daughter of Robert Gage, of
Randes in the county of Northampton, Esq. by whom he had an
only son Randal, and two daughters, Mary ; and Elizabeth, who
died unmarried, and was buried at Coleraine.

His second wife was Sarah, daughter of Sackville

Esq. and by her he had three sons and three daughters.

First, Tristram.

Second, Michael, father of the Rev. Sackville Beresford, A.M.
now deceased, and of a daughter Anne, married October 17th,
1747, to Thomas Taylor, Esq. Lord Mayor of the city of Dublin
for the year 1751.

Third, Sackville, who died unmarried before 1683.

Susanna, married to William Jackson, of Coleraine, Esq. and
had a son William and other children ; William married Eliza-
beth Gorges, and had a numerous issue, one of whom, Elizabeth,
married Captain Francis Howard, father of Gorges Edmond
Howard, who, September 17th, 17^13, married Arabella, eldest
daughter of Captain Philip Parry, of Dublin, merchant, by whom

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