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Peter, his heir; John, of whom hereafter ; and Thomas, of Culefin, who had
issue James, his successor, father of Thomas, of Culefin, who died there
December 15th, 1637, and was buried in the cliapel of Klloonuey in the
county of Waterford, leaving issue by his wife Margaret, daughter of Peter
Butler, of Monynory in the county of Wexford, Esq four sons and four
daughters, viz. Peter, of Culefin, who married Catherine, daughter of William
Wall, of Coolenemucky in the county of Waterford, Esq ; Richard, who
married Gyles, daughter of David Power, of Coolroe, in the same county,
Gent.; John, who died without issue ; James; daughter Joan ; Gyles, mar-
ried to Geffrey Fanning, of Fannningston in the county of Tipperary, Gent. ;
Catherine; and Margaret, married to Richard Power, of Balinecurry in the
county of Waterford, Gent.

Peter, Lord La Poer, the eldest son of Richard Lord La Poer, suc-
ceeded his father; he was born in 1522, and dying unmarried December
loth, 1545. was succeeded by his brother

John (More] Lord La Poer, born in 1527 : he sat in the parliament held
by the L- D. Sussex, January 12th, 1559, as he also did in Sir John's Perrott's
April 26th, 1585. In 1556 he marched at the head of a considerable army, to
the assistance of the chief governor Sydney, against the rebel Shane O'Neil,
Earl of Tyrone, and was a person of great worth, as appears from Sir Henry
Sydney's accovmt of the province of Munster to the lords of the council,
dated February 27th, 1575, who makes this honourable mention of him:
" The day I departed from Waterford, I lodged that night at Corragmore,
the house that the Lord Power is Baron of; where I was so used, and with
such plenty and good order entertained (as adding to it the quiet of all the
country adjoining, by the people called, Poiver Country, for that that surname
has been since the beginning of Englishmen's planting inhabitants there) it
may be well compared with the best ordered country in the English Pale.
And the lord of the country, though he be in scope of ground a far less ter-
ritory than his neighbour is, yet he lives in shew far more honourably and

* MS. Trin. Coll. + Rot. Pat 370 Ken VIII.

X Rot. Ao. 1 fcliz.

\ Sydney's State Papers, vol. i- p, tjo. || R.olls Offi. and Lodge-



First, James.

Second, Marcus, baptized February 22d, 1727- Mied yoQngi

Third, Marcus, born December 23d, 1/33. J
Fourth, George De la Poer, Lord Tyrone,

plentifully than he or any other, whatsoever he be, of his calling, that lives
in that province. And albeit the soil, for the most part, of itself, is very
barren; yet is there not any gentleman or freeholder of that country, but may
make more of an acre of land there, than they have of three in the county of
Kilkenny, the next county confining on the one side (where the soil is very
goodj or in the Decies, the lordship next adjoining on the other side ; and this
was openly spoken before me, and affirmed by credible persons, having land
in both : and this was yielded for the reason, for that they suffer no idle man
in the one, and are oppressed with them in the other." * By Ellen, alias
Margaret, daughter of James, the fifteenth Earl of Desmond, he had Cathe-
rine, or Ellen, married to Peter, the seventh son of James Earl of Ormond, a
rebel in 1:569, and his successor Rich a rd, Lord Poer, who had a warrant from
Oueen Elizabeth, dated at Greenwich, May3ist, 1^88, ordering agrant to be
passed in fee-farm to Richard, the grandson of this Richard, by the name of
Richard Poer, son and heir of the Lord Poer, of so much of the crown lands,
as would amount to 50/- a year English, " in respect as well of his own, as
of his ancestors good services done unto us and our progenitors; his grand'
father the Lord Poer, having been slain in that realm of Ireland, in service
against the rebels ; his uncle having been slain at Bulloigne, in the service of
our late father of happy memory, and his own father, (then living) and also
himself, having in that our realm, and in this our time, been sore wounded
in our service." t He married Catherine, daughter and heir to John, Vis-
count Buttevant, and dying at Curraghmore, August 2d, 1607, had issue five
sons and thre; daughters, viz John (Oge) his heir apparent ; Pierce, of Mona-
largey in the county of Waterford, who manied Catherine, fourth daughter
ofWalter, Earl of Ormond; Julia, married in 1615 to Thomas, Lord Kerry;
Ellen, to David Condon, chief of his Sept; and Elizabeth, first to David,
Viscount Buttevant, and secondly, to Patrick, son of Sir John Sherlock, of
Ualina-Clarahan in Tipperary, Knight.

John (Oge) the eldest son was killed in his father's lifetime, by Edmund
Fitz-Gerald, the •white knight, J and having married Helen, daughter of David
Viscount Buttevant, had issue (by her who remarried first with Thomas
Duife, the tenth Earl of Ormond, and secondly with Sir T. Somerset, Vis-
count Cashel), John, successor to his grandfather; and Ellen, wife to Maurice,
Viscount Fevmoy. John, Lord La Poer being only eight years and a half
old at his grandfather's death, became the ward of King James I. who, De-
cember 7th, i6c6, granted his wardship to his mother; but March 30th, 16^9,
he had a special livery of his estate,^ (he became a lunatic before the re-
bellion of 1641,) and marrying Ruth, daughter and heir to Robert Pyphoe, of
St. Mary's Abbey, Esq. had five sons and four daughters, viz Richard,
created Earl of Tyrone; Pierce, of Killowen in the cou«ty of V/aterford,

* Sydney's Letters, vol. i. p. 90. f Rot. A\ i Eliz.

X MS. Pedig. Trin Coil. S Rot. 23 Car. II.


Fifth, John, born March 14th, 1737-8, was educated in the
University of Dublin, took the degree of A. B, February 26th,

who married Honora, daughter of John, the second Lord Britta?, liaving issue
Richaid, who died there in February 1635, leaving by Ellen, daughter of William
Butler, of Balliboe county of Tipperary, Gent. ; John, his heir, which John, mar-
ried Ellen, daughter of Daniel Msgragh, of Mountain-Castle in the county of
Waterford; Pierce, whose daughter Judith, was married to Mr. Ducket; James,
Ellen, and Anne;* and founded the family at Rathcormack in the county of
Watei-ford : Robert; John, who died unmarried in Dublin ; David, who died there
August 17th, 1651, and was buried at St. Michan's; Ellen, married to Thonia*
Walsh, of Piltown, senior, Esq. : Catherine, to John Fitz-Gerald, of Dromana,
Esq whose only daughter, Catherine, was mother of John, late Earl Gran-
dison ; Margaret and Mary.

Richard, Lord Le Pqei;Jirst £arlefTyrone,\vho succeeded, was married May
£0, 1673, to Catherine, daughter and heir to John Fitz-Gerald, of Dromana and the
Decies, Esq. (who died in 166S) : they were maiTied by Gilbert, archbishoo of Can-
terbury, in his chapel at Lambeth; but she afterwards married Edward Fitz-Gerald
Villiers, Esq. and was mother of John, late Earl Grandison.f This Richard, was
created, by patent dated at Westminster Oct. 9, same year. Viscount Decies and Earl
tf Tyrone. Preamble. Sciatis quod, nos grata et laudabilia servitia, qua dilectu-: et
fidelis Richardus, Dominus Baro de la Power de Curraghmore in comitatu nostro
Waterford in regno nostro Hibernia;, ac antecessores et .famiha ejus in gueriis
contra rebelles in Hibernias, in quibus plurimi eorum occubuerunt, nobis et pro-
genitoribus et predecessoribus nostris, regibus et Reginis Anglis, multiphciter ini-
penderunt, et qua dictus Baro constanter impendere non desistet : nee non
specimina crescentis virtutis, strenuitatem, circumspectionem, et fidelitatem
ipsius Richardi Baronis de la Power et Curraghmore, qu'bus omnes ante-
cessores ejus praire indies conatur, perpendentss quasque incitare et remunerare
decrevimus, de gratia nostra special!, &c. with twenty marcs creation fee for sup-
port of the ti:le of Viscount, and 20 /. for that Earl, i and dying in the Tower of
London, October 14th, 1690, was buried at Farnborough in Hnntshire, the burial
place of Arthur, Earl of Anglesey, whose eldest daughter Dorothy, he had mar-
ried in 1654, and by her, who died at Waterford, and was buried in the cathe-
dral there, he had isfue Arthur, who died young in Waterford ; John and James,
Earls of Tyrone ; and Dorothy. It is very remarkable, that in so long a suc-
cession in this family, and in a country continually disturbed and torn by rebel-
lion and civil wars, that not one of this family was ever engaged in any rebellioa
against the crown of England, nor was there ever a forfeiture in the family dur-
ing the space of 600 years that they have been planted in Ireland ; and thiy at this
day enjoy the old family lands, and reside at the same place that they were origi-
nally settled in, in the county of Waterford. In a grant of letters patent from
King Charles II. to this Richard Lord La Poer, bearing date May 9th, 23 of his
reign, there is this recital, " That the ancestors of the said Richard Lord La Poer,
from their first planting in Ireland, for about four hundred years, had entirely
preserved their faith and loyalty to the crown of England ; in consideration there-

;? —

* MS. Pedig. Trin. Coll.

f Plea and Ans. Villiers to Poer, 14 November, 1676

\ Rot. Pat. 260. Car. IL 3a. p. f. R. 9.


1754, and having studied the law in the inns of courts was ad-
mitted a barrister in Hilary Term 1760, In 1 7/0, he was ap-
pointed a commissioner of his Majesty's revenue, at which board
he for many years presided; and in 1772, he was appointed by
patent, taster of wines in the port of Dublin. He served several

fore, of the merit of this Richard and his ancestors, and to encourage the loyalty
of others, &c.'' This carries the antiquity of the family to the 56 of Henry III.
the year 1270.

John, the second Earl of Tyrone, dying a batchelor in Dublin, was buried in
the church of Carrick, under a black marble monument, with this inscription:

Here lieth the Body of the

Right Honourable John Power

Earl of Tyrone,

who died the 14th of October

J693, in the 29 Year of his


James, his brother and heir, the third Earl, was governor of the county and
eity of Waterford ; and December 13th, 1692, married Anne, elder daughter, and
(with her sister Elizabeth, wife to James May, of Mayfield, Esq.) coheir to An-
drew Rickards, of Dangan-Spidoge, in the county of Kilkenny, Esq. (who died
August 18th, 1693,) by his wife, Anne, daughter and heir to the Reverend
Thomas Hooke, of Dangan-Spidoge, D. D. who by his will dated October 10th,
1671, proved August 3d, 1672, devised to his wife Anne, the town and lands of
Dangan-Spidoge, which he purchased in the name of Ashburnham, Esq. for life
upon condition that she should, within six months after his decease, make a lease
thereof to his daughter Anne, wife of Andrew Rickards, during both their lives,
at the annual rent of 80/. remainder after her decease to his said daughter and
her heirs for ever: he also gave unto his said wife his house in the great cloister
of Christ Church of Chichester, called by the name of Mortimer's Chantry, to
her and her heirs, and the lease of the farm which he holds of the church of
Chichester, and gave her twenty old gold pieces, and a little box of gold, and wills
her not to part with it, but to leave it to her daughter Anne, • and by her, who in
July, 1716, remarried with George Mathew, of Thomastown in Tipperary, Esq,
and died at the Bath September 26th, 1729, let. fifty-nine, had an only daughter
and heir, the Lady Catherine Poer, married as in the text. His Lordship lies
buried (with Anne his wife,) in Carrick, with this memorial on a neat whitf
marble monument :

Here lies the Body of James Power, Earl of
Tyrone, who died the 19th of August 1704,
in the 38th year of his Age.
And also the Body of Anne his wife,
who departed this Life the 26th Day
of September 1729.
Thus the male line of this truly ancient family became extinct, but the Countess
Dowager of Tyrone, on claiming as her right the barony of La Poer, the same I
was admitted by the House of Lords of Ireland (as we have already shewn)
and allowed and confirmed by his Majesty.

* Prerog. OfRc.


parliaments for the county of Waterford, both in Ireland, and in
the imperial parliament; and was sworn of his iMajesty's most
honourable privy councils in Great Britain and Ireland. He died
in JNIovember 1805.

On November l2th, 1760, he married to his>./ wife Anne
ConstantKi Ligondes, of the house of Ligondes, of Auvergne
in France (whose grandfather was colonel in the French servL,
and being taken prisoner at the battle of Blenheim, was sent
to England with Mareschal Tallard; he "there married Frances
^ ^ountess Dowager of Huntingdon, relict of Thomas, sixth
Viscount Kilmorey, and also of Theophilus, seventh Earl of
Huntmgdon; by this Lady, who died December 27th, 1723
the Colonel had one son, the father of Mrs. Beresford) and
by her, who died October 2Sth, 1772, and was buried at Clone-
gam, he had four sons and five daughters, viz. first, Marcus, born
February 14th, 1764, member of parliament for the borough of
JDungarvan, 1789, &c. and joint taster of wines with his father • he
died in November 1797, having married Lady Frances Arabella
youngest daughter of Joseph, Earl of Miltown, by whom he left
sons, of whom the eldest is in the army. Second, Georc^e De la
Peer, born July ]gth, 1760, Lord Bishop 0/ A7/;^.ore,%iarried
Frances, daughter of Jarvis Parker Busne, Esq. ofKilfane, and
has issue. Third, John Claudius, born October 23d, 1766, member
of parhament for Dublin city, 1799, married, July 1795, Miss
Menzies. Fourth, Charles Cobbe, in holy orders, born October
22d, 1770. Daughter Catherine, born September 28th, J761
married to the Right Honourable Henry Theophilus Clements'
brother to Robert, late Earl of Leitrim ; Elizabeth, born Nol
vember 24^1, 1762, died August 1.5th, .788, and w^as buried at
Clonegam; Nannette-Constantia, born April l6th, 1768 mar,
ned January 7th, 179O, Robert Uniacke, Esq. of Wood-house, in
Waterford; Jane, born June 13th, 1 769, and married in October
1788, to George, eldest son of Sir Hugh Hill, of Londonderry,
•bart. ; and Aramintha.

He married secondly, June 4th, 1774, Barbara, second
daughter of Sir William Montgomery, of Magbie-hill in Scot,
^nd who died in Dublin, December 1788, and by her had issue
Wilham Barre, born May I2th, 178O, died May 29th, 1783, and
was buried at Kinsely in the county of Dublin ; James Hamilton,
born February I8th, 1782, died November 7th, ]S06; Henry
Barre, born September 25tb, 17815 Hannnh, born May 16th,


1775; Barbara, born July 8th, 177O, died May Stb, 1786;
Frances Honoria, born September 3d, l777j Anna Maria, born
October 30th, 1778, died October 11th, I779j and Elizabeth,
born January 27tb, 1786.

Sixth, William Hamilton, born May 8th, 1739, died in 1740,
and was buried at Clonegam.

Seventh, William, Archbishop of Tuam, born in April 1743,
entered into holy orders, was presented to the rectory of Urney
in the diocese of Derry; consecrated pursuant to letters patent,
April 0th, 17SO, Bishop of Drowore, and thence translated in
April 1782, to the episcopal see of Ossory, from whence he was
translated to the Archbishopric of Tuam, 179^- June 12th,
] 763, he married Elizabeth, second daughter of the late John
Fitz-Gibbon, Esq. representative in parliament for the borough
of Newcastle, and sister to John, late Earl of Clare, Lord
Chancellor of Ireland. And by this Lady, who died August 24th,
I8O7, hath had issue ten sons and six daughters, of whom Tho-
mas, Henry, John, Henry, William, William, and Elizabeth, died
infants, and were interred at St. Peter's in Dublin ; and the
others were, first, Marcus, in the army, died 1807; second,
John, in holy ordei's ; third, George de la Poer, in holy orders,
married Susan, daughter of Hamilton Gorges, Esq. ; fourth, Wil-
liam, in holy orders, married, July icith, 1804, Lady Anne
Bennet, second daughter of Charles Earl of Tankerville ; Cathe-
rine, married May 4th, 179"*. Reverend Arthur Preston 5 Ara-
raintha, married, January 25th, 1796, Thomas Birmingham
Sewell, Esq. ; Harriot, married Reverend William Armstrong ;
Frances; and Louisa, married, April l6tb, ISOO, Thomas Hope,

Daughter, Lady Anne, married August l6th, 1738, to Wil-
liam Annesly, created Viscount Glerawley.

Lady Jane, married August 10th, 17^3, to the Right Hon,
Edward Cary, of Dungiven in the county of Derry, knight of the
shire for Derry, and a member of the privy-council in Ireland,
but had no issue.

Lady Elizabeth died young, and was interred at St. Peter's
in Dublin.

Lady Catherine, married, December 8th, 1748, to Thomas
Christmas, of Whitefield in the county of Waterford, Esq. knight
of the shire for Waterford : he deceased without issue, March 28th
following J and March 23d, 1754, she remarried with the Right


Hon. Theophilus Jones, ^ died March 28tb, 17G3,andwas buried
at St. George's chapel Dublin, leaving issue.

Lady Sophia, died in September 1740, and was buried at

Lady Aramintha, born September 17th, 1730, and married
April 2'lth, 1/55, to George Paul Monck, of St. Stephen's-Green,
Esq. by whom she had Aramintha-Louisa, married to the late
Rev. Gustavus Hume, rector of Elderonine and Rathdown, who
both died in May 1805.

Lady Frances Maria, born October 9th, 1731, and married,
April I3th, 1762, to Henry Flood, of Family in the county of
Kilkenny, Esq. member of parliament for Kilbeggan, and son of
the Right Hon. Warden Flood, lord chief justice of the King's

Lady Elizabeth, born August 8th, 1736, and married, May 1,
1751, to Thomas Cobbe, of Newbridge, county of Dublin, Esq,
only son of Dr. Charles Cobbe, who died Archbishop of Dublin,
and by him had issue Charles, born November 14th, 1756, late
member of parliament for the borough of Swords 3 Catherine,
married to the late Hon. Henry Pelham, brother to the present
Earl of Chichester ; and Elizabeth, married, in November 1784, to
Sir Henry Tuite, of Sonagh in the county of Westmeath, Bart,
but hath no issue. ^

We return now to Elizabeth, Countess Dowager of Tyrone,
who considering herself as the lineal and chief representative of
the ancient and noble family of De La Poer, on the decease of
the Earl her father, preferred a petition to the King, praying the
restoration to her and her family of the ancient barony of La Poer,

y Son of Walter Jones, of Headi'ord, county of Lcitrim, Esq. married in
1722 to Olivia, eldest daughter of Chidley Coote, of Coote-Hallin the county
of Roscomon, Esq. (by his second wife] and dying in May 1756, left issue by
her, Theophilus, and four daughters, Margaret, married in 1754, to her cousin
Chidley Morgan; Catherine, to the late Sir Nathaniel Barry, M. D. of

Dublin, Bart. ; Elizabeth, to Doctor Crofton, son of Crofton, of Lis-

burn in the county of Leitrim, Esq ; and Frances, to lieut. -general Thomas
Bligh, being his second wife. Theophilus, the only son, was chosen to re-
present the county of Leitrim in parliament, in 1768 he was chosen for Cole-
raine, and was afterwards M. P. for the borough of Monaghan ; he was
appointed secretary to the Earl of Bristol when lord lieutenant ; was sworn
of the privy-council, and made collector of the port of Dublin ; he had two
sons by his first wife; and in 176s, he married, secondly, Anne, third
daughter of Colonel John Murray, deceased [by the Lady Dowager Blayney)
and hath issue. (Lodge Collect.^

z Pedigree entered in British House of Lords, Ulster's Office, Lodge
Collect, and Family Information.



which petition by royal authority was referred November 9th,
1767) to the consideration of the house of peers of Ireland, who
appointed the 16th to hear council on her behalf, which being
done, and on the examination of witnesses it was resolved, " That
the Right Hon. the Countess Dowager of Tyrone hath fully
proved her claim to the Barony of La Poer, in fee, and hath a
right to the said barony in fee." ^ On the following day the
house came to this further resolution, " That the Speaker do at-
tend his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant with the resolution of
this house of yesterday, whereby the Right Hon. Catherine,
Countess Dowager of Tyrone, hath proved her title to the ba-
rony of La Poer, in fee, and lay the same before his Excel-
lency," '^ which resolutions being transmitted to his Majesty, he
was graciously pleased to confirm the same, as appears by the fol-
lowing letter to George, Viscount Townshend, Lord Lieutenant
of Ireland.

Whitehall, December 19th, 1767-
*' My Lord,

'* Having laid before the King your Excellency's letter of the
19th November, inclosing the resolution of the House of Lords of
Ireland, on the petition of Catherine, Countess Dowager of Ty-
rone, to his Majesty, referred to their Lordships' consideration,
together with the report of his Attorney and Solicitor Generals of
the kingdom of Ireland, and divers proofs in support of the said
petition ; by which the petitioner sets forth her claim to the
barony of La Poer, in fee, by descent of her grandfather, Richard,
who sat and voted in parliament as Baron La Poer, till the twenty-
fifth year of his late Majesty, King Charles II. he was advanced
to the title and dignity of Earl of Tyrone, to him and heirs male
of his body: which resolution of their Lordships states, 'That the
Right Hon. Catherine, Countess Dowager of Tyrone, hath fully
proved her claim to the barony of La Poer, in fee, and hath a
right to the said barony in fee." I am hereupon to acquaint your
Excellency, that his Majesty is graciously pleased to confirm the
same ; and to order that the said Catharine, Countess Dowager
of Tyrone and her heirs, be allowed to enjoy all the rights and
privileges belonging to the said barony of La Poer.
" I am, with the greatest truth and respect,
" My Lord,
" Your Excellency's most obedient humble servant,


a Lord's Jour iv. 418,420,421. b ibid. c ibid. 44t.


Her Ladyship deceased July l6th or 27th, 1769, when the
aforesaid barony devolved on her eldest son

Sir George De la Poer, the second Earl of Tyrone, and ^rst
Marquis of Jf^atsrford, and first Lord Tyrone o/* Hauer/brrf-
IFest, who was born January 8th, 1735, and succeeded to the
Earldom April 4th, 1763} on October 7th, 1766, he was made
governor and custos rotulorum of the city and county of Water-
ford. His Lordship was a member of the privy-council in Ire-
land, an original Knight Companion of the msst illustrious Order
of St. Patrick, and August 21st, 1786, his Majesty was pleased to
call him to a seat in the British House of Peers, by the title of
Baron Tyrone, of Haverford-lVesl in the county of Pemlroke.
On August 19th, 1789, he was created Marquis of IVbterford.
His Lordship married, April 18th, 1769, Elizabeth, only daughter
of Henry Monck, Esq. by his wife Lady Anne Isabella Bentinck,
second daughter of Henry, Duke of Portland, and by her had

First, Marcus, Lord La Poer, born March 17th, 1771> de-
ceased August 10th, 1783.

Second, Henry, born May 23d, 1772, present peer.

Third, Lord John George, born November 22d, 1773, now
Lord Bishop of Raphoe.

Fourth, Lord George Thomas, born February 12th, 178I,
lieutenant of the second dragoon guards, or Queen's bays, married,
November 22d, 1808, Miss Henrietta Schutz, of Suffolk, by whom
he has issue.

Fifth, Lady Isabella Anne, born May 28th, 1776.

Sixth, Lady Catherine, born llth, 1777*

Seventh, Lady Anne, born July 26th, 1779.

Eighth, Lady Elizabeth Louisa, born February 2d, 1783. <^

The Marquis deceasing December 3d, 1800, was succeeded
by his son

Henry, present and second Marquis of Waterford, and second
Lord Tyrone.

His Lordship married, August 29th, 1805, Lady Susan Hussey
Carpenter, only daughter and heiress of George, late Earl of
Tyrconnel ; and has issue

A daughter, born November 8th, I8O7.

Titles. Henry De La Poer Beresford, Marquis of Waterford,
Earl, Viscount and Baron of Tyrone, Baron La Poer, Baron Beres-

d Family Informaiton,


ford, and Baronet, in Ireland : also Baron Tyrone of Haverford
West, in Great Britain. '

Creations. Baronet May 5th, 1665, l7Car. II. 3 Baron La
Poer in fee, Baron Beresford of Beresford in the county Cavan,
and Viscount of the county of Tyrone November 4, 1720, 7 Geo. I.
Earl of the same county July 18th, 1746, 20 Geo. II.; and
Marquis of Waterford in Ireland, August 19th, 1789 ; Irish ho-
nours. Also Baron Tyrone of Haverford-West in the county

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