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Do not fold, pin or damage the punched card.

Bills may also be paid at:

First National Bank, 616 2nd Ave., N., Clanton, Ala
Peoples Savings Bank, 622 2nd Ave., N., Clanton, Ala.
H. E. Shanks Sundries, Main St., Maplesville, Ala.



AAon. thru Fri.

6:00 pm to 8:00 pm AAon, thru Sat. AAon, thru Sat,

AAon. thru Fri, and Sat. 8:00 pm to 4:30 am Mon, thru Sat, 6:00 pm to 4.30 am

4:30 am to 6:00 pm 4:30 am to 8:00 pm and all day Sun. 4:30 am to 6:00 pm and all day Sun.

Ala., AAontgomery






Calif., Los Angeles






Ga., Atlanta






La., New Orleans






Ohio, Cleveland






.The Monager listed below will assist in any matter,
you may feel has not been disposed of properly.


R. J. Massingill, Manager 265-901 1 Montgomery, Ala.





It's smart to make it easy for your customers to
reach you. So why not include your telephone num-
ber on your stationery, statements and all advertis-
ing pieces? Show your area code, too — it helps dis-
tant parties call you faster.


Tariffs which show rates, rules and regulations for
telephone service and facilities, approved by the Regu-
latory Commission, are available in our Business Office
for public inspection.


Employees of the Telephone Company are forbidden
to accept oral or written messages to be transmitted
over the lines of the Telephone Company.


Certain telephones are equipped with an automatic
device, known as an Automatic Answering Set, which
answers the telephone mechanically when no person
is available. It then
makes a recorded an-

If your call is an-
swered by an Auto-
matic Answering Set, U^ SSfc/i thi^ K A RFCORDED
listen carefully for T v, ^J '"'^ '^ '^ KtOUKUtU
the announcement \^ ^.,5\£^ «^ ANNOUNCEMENT
which will be self-ex- ^^

Some of these
sets wiU also
record a mes-
sage from the



If you hear a short "beep" tone on your telephone
about every 15 seconds, it means that the person with
whom you are talking is recording your conversa-
tion. This signal is provided by the Telephone Com-
pany for your protection. Use of a recorder without
recorder-connector equipment containing a tone-
warning device is contrary to the Company s tariffs
and not permitted. If you do not want a record made
of what you are saying, ask the person with whom
you are talking to disconnect the recording machine.
When he disconnects, you will no longer hear the
"beep" tone.


The Telephone Company furnishes all equipment
necessary to provide telephone service. In the interest
of safety and good service, no equipment, apparatus
or device not furnished by the Telephone Company
may be attached to, or used or connected with, its
facilities, except as provided in the Company s tariffs.


You may telephone tele-
grams, cablegrams, or radio-
grams to the Western Union
Telegraph Company — see the
listings of that company in
this directory — and have the
charges appear on your tele-
phone bill. You may also
telephone your Western Un-
ion telegrams from coin tele-
phones, paying as you would
for a telephone call.

U *"^



Even though every effort is made to
compile this directory accurately, errors
sometimes occur. The Company as-
sumes no liability for damages arising
from errors or omissions in publishing
this directory. Please report incorrect
listings promptly so that we may change our records
and do whatever we can to protect your service in
the meantime.


Calling wrong numbers, resulting in inconvenience
and loss of time, can be avoided if you consult the
current directory before placing a call and dispose of
obsolete directories.


No binder, holder, insert or auxiliary cover or attach-
ment of any kind not furnished by the Telephone
Company shall be attached to or used with the direc-
tories owned by the Telephone Company, except that
this prohibition shall not apply to a subscriber-
provided binder, holder, insert, or auxiliary cover
containing no advertising and not so attached as to
impede reference to essential service information or
otherwise interferes with service.


Directories of other cities may be ob-
tained by our customers at a nominal
charge. Call our Business Office.



We enjoy playing host to groups on conducted tours
of our buildings. If you would like to tour our facili-
ties, we'll do our best to make the arrangements.


Interesting programs on telephone subjects can be
arranged free of charge. Described below are the
two main types of programs.


Telephone speakers can be booked for all kinds of

meetings. Talks include information on many new

exciting developments in the world of communications

and other timely subjects.

Ask for a list and description of the many fascinating



Many entertaining and informative sound-motion pic-
tures on telephone and scientific subjects are avail-
able free of charge.


There are hundreds of items of equipment available to make your
telephone service more valuable and convenient than ever. Whether
for your home or office, you will find telephone equipment designed
to save you time and money, tailor-made to fit your special needs
at surprisingly low cost.

ew PRINCESS Oeteplione . . .

3i\ iiiiiel3u LJ^lSi ti^ktJ

It's small enough to save you space, and styled
for the modern taste. Dial lights up, too . . . it
glows in the dark so you can find it quickly
and, when you lift the receiver, lights up
brightly for easy dialing. In many beautiful
decorator colors to blend with your furnishings.




mnone oLined

A separate number in
your home or place of bus-
iness makes it easier for
friends or customers to
reach you. Ideal, too, for
large families or for your


.Addition a I





Personal name listings are val-
uable to your business and to
members of your family. It's
smart business, good sense to
be easy to find.

HaymoreS G atty 1210 Broadwy 284-1048

Res 1701 Boydn 284-5727

Haynes B G 484 Summit Av 553-6327

Haynes S L 611 Sykes Av 284-5391

Haynes Yvonne Mrs 484 Summit Av 553-6327



one 6



Enjoy the convenience
of step-saving extension
telephones throughout
your home in the . . .



Living Room

Recreation Room
Telephones now come in
many beautiful decora-
tor colors to blend with
or accent the color
scheme of your home

ZJeiepnone C^i




Whether you need
a simple push-
button telephone
or a complete dial
system, you can
be sure there is
economical tele-
phone equipment
available to han-
dle your commu-
nications require-




Provide "Hands-free" telephoning. Use both
hands to look up records or take notes while you're
talking. Separate microphone and loudspeaker
allow group conversations. Use the receiver when
you want to phone normally, speaker is automa-
tically disconnected.



The Spokesman broadcasts both sides of telephone conversations,
groups of people can hear the entire conversation.

DL CJt 3>,



Modern and functional . . . designed for today's
business requirements. Available in a choice of
several colors. Equipped with versatile push
buttons giving access to a number of lines. Per- ,„^=^
mits holding calls while answering others. Also /^
permits signaling and conferencing arrangements.





tone •

You can talk from •
room to room, trans-
fer calls, even an- •
swer the door by
picking up your •
nearest phone!

..Answering, ^ets

An automatic an-
swering set answers
the phone when
you're out; gives callers your message and re-
cords any message left for you. Saves time and
trouble, improves service to customers.





^hopperi ' Wondertandl *

The YELLOW PAGES ... the buyers' •
guide . . . the business man's go getter.
Buyers turn to them more and more for ,
the products and services they want and
need when they're ready-to-buy ....

Several types are available to meet your require-
ments. They store the local and long distance
numbers you call most often, and dial them for
you at the touch of your finger.

Ljood JjSultdina
oDesian ^nctudei

telephone f-^^tannina

Increased use of telephone,
teletypewriter and data-com-
munications services makes
planning for these services in
commercial and industrial
buildings more important
than ever before. A
telephone company
Architects and Build-
ers Service represen-
tative will gladly
help you, your
architect or build-
er plan ahead.



A&PSUPERMKTS Clantn Plaza 755-3345

Abrams U H 1601 2 Av N 755-0209

AbsherMT Maplsvl Rd 755-2402

Acme BIdg Sup! N 7 755-1920

Acre Walter Rev Mt Pisgah Rd 755-1937

ADAMS B L acct 1 Av S 755-0270

Res Enterprise Rd 755-4232

Adams DB 405 N 5 755-3913

Adams Esby Marbury 755-0114

Adams Frank MitchI Lake 755-0394

Adams Hershel Lee 209 15 N 755-2122

Adams Luther E Coopr 755-0183

Adams Luther P Refuge Rd 755-1715

Adams R J Billngsley 755-3159

Adams Roy S Marbury 755-4305

Adams SP Mrs Marbury 755-4877

Adams W A Midwy 755-0358

Adams WE Indian Grave 755-4135

Adams Winston Refuge Rd 755-1142

Adkins Harry 112 Hinkle Rd 755-2923

AdkinsRoyA 2 Av N 755-3686

Adkins Woodrow Gray 755-4184

AgeeJudy 102 Arthur Dr 755-3269



Ala Furn Mfg Coinc Entrprse Rd 755-3455

Ala Natl Guard
Co E 1st B G 167th Infantry Airprt Rd 755-1440


Dist Ofc 320 6 N 755-0570

Note: To Report Service Outage Outside of
Office Hours Call in the Order Listed Below

Only ,rc /vr^A

Serv Dept 755-0570

If no answer dial Dist Supt's Res 755-4161

If no answer dial Dist EngKs Res 755-0245

If no answer dial Dist Mgr's Res 755-1366

Hydro Plants

Lay Dam 755-4520

Mitchell Dam 755-4262

Recreational Development Ofc 320 6 N - -755-4420

Ala Rendering Co Old Thorsby Rd 755-4735

Ala State Of

Peach Tower Billingsley Hwy 755-3042

Rangers Ofc 2 Av N 755-2850

If no answer

Dial Long Distance Jemisn Ala-688-4402

If no answer dial 755-2187

Forest Rangers Res Culver Trailr Ct 755-1577

State Highway Dept 7 S 755-4550

Ala Termite & Pest Control Higgins Fy Rd 755-3665

AlawineCB 205 11th 755-4199

Alberts WmT Old Thorsby Hwy 755-4537

Aldridge F C Mrs Entrprse Rd 755-2772

Aldridge Horace L Old Thorsby Rd 755-1284

Alexander Allen W Lay Dam Rd 755-2742

Alexander R M 1319 4 Av N 755-2782

Alien Allle Mrs Fairvw Community 755-1750

Allen Delia 4 Av S 755-4031

Allen Hubbard Coopr 755-0869

Allen Janie Miss Cooper 755-0657

Allen Will Temple Rd- 755-3809

Alley Frank Verbena 755-3326

Allison E B Maplesvl Hwy 755-2398

ALRED CALLEN DRUG CO 604 2 Av N 755-1171

Aired Dan C Temple Rd 755-3979

Aired Hattie Mrs 601 8 N 755-0620

Aired Margaret Mrs Samaria Rd 755-4449

Alvin's Welding Shop 3 Av N 755-3830

Amason Marrion Marbury 755-2377

Amer Red Cross

Chilton County Chapter IIIV2 N 7 755-0707

Ammons J P Dr chiroprctr 307 3 Av 755-4430

Res 505 10th —755-2869

Anderson Beatrice Verbena 755-3669

Anderson E J Entrprse Rd 755-1580

Anderson J A Mrs Marbury 755-0842

Andrews EE Blue Crk Rd 755-2958

ArantJC Wyatt Minor Rd 755-2942

Arant Ruby Miss 200 3 Av S 755-3377

ArgoJohn Maplsvl Hwy 755-3719

ArledgeJohn Mt Creek 755-0669

Armstrong Cecil 705 Cone 755-1374

Armstrong J F Samaria Rd 755-1386

Armstrong J W Tippett 755-2416

Armstrong L R Mt Pleasant Rd 755-3282

Armstrong M F 1103 8th 755-3322

Arnold G A 1307 2 Av N 755-2138

Arnold H C Mrs Thorsby Isabella Rd 755-0244

Arthur Frank D Lay Dam Rd 755-20%

Arthur Frank L Temple Rd 755-1760

AsburyJN Rockfrd Rd 755-2462

Askew J L Dennis Ln 755-4298

Askins Agnes 303 8th 755-1705

AskinsDH Lay Dam Hw/y 755-3164

Askins Pauline Mrs 407 1 Av 755-2234

Atche'son Hyman Rev 206 10 N 755-1336

Atchison Alice Mrs 1017 2 Av 755-0814

Atchison Lula 4 Av S 755-1745

Atkinson J B 407 2 Av S 755-4721

Atkinson WW Bob Atknsn Rd 755-4285

Austin Cleveland 1107 l Av W 755-1266

Austin John 1002 Church 755-2194

Austin W A Mt Creek 755-1682

Avant Grady Shiloh 755-4719

Avery TW Culver Trailr Ct 755-1577

Avoline's Beauty Salon 7 S 755-0600


Baggett Lloyd R Temple Rd 755-4476

Bailey Bessie 924 l Av S 755-0619

Bailey Floyd Lay dam Rd- 755-0792

Baker A L New Cedron 755-1455

Baker Ada M Mrs 222 Hinkle Rd 755-4556

Baker Ann Temple Rd 755-2939

Baker Aubrey Maplesvl Hwy 755-4879

Baker Barney Higgins Fy Rd 755-0692

Baker BillJ Higgins Fy Rd 755-0739

Baker ON New Cedron 755-3614

Baker CarlJr Taylor -755-2052

Baker Carmella 40l 13 N 755-1445

Baker Charlie C Mrs Waint Crk Rd 755-1993

Baker Clarence W Higgins Fy Rd 755-0584

Baker Claude M 25 3 Av S 755-4811

Baker Curtis W Dr dntst 501 1 Av S- 755-1231

Res OIlie Av 755-4562

Baker D G Maplsvl Hwy -755-3289

Baker Donald R 17 3 Av S -755-2896

Baker EF Kincheon Rd 755-0837

Baker Edgar 405 14th 755-1381

Baker Edwin 812 7 S 755-0898

Baker Elbert E Entrprse 755-3001

Baker Elizabeth Temple Rd 755-2939

Bake- Erskine R 7 S —755-4805

Baker Fred Kincheon Rd 755-2989

Baker Gerald Higgins Fy Rd 755-2278

Baker Glaucus Mrs Mapl Sprngs Rd 755-4803

Baker H E Pinedle Rd 755-0338

Baker J A Rockfrd Hwy 755-0603

Baker J D Isabella 755-4408

Baker Jas Bell Lane Rd 755-3820

BakerJasA Bham Hwy - -755-0198

Baker Jas Aaron Higgins Fy Rd 755-1843

Baker Jas Arthur Isabella 755-3266

Baker Jas D 1802 2 Av 755-1144

Baker Jesse Temple Rd 755-1824

Baker Jim Pinedle Rd 755-1664

Baker Julian Entrprse Rd 755-1314

Baker Loyce Miss 203 Lilla Av 755-3415

Baker Mae Mrs Kincheon Rd 755-0624







Baker Mary Lay Dam Rd Zll"?ZiS

Baker Myrtle Mrs Higgins Fy Rd— Zll"iI§I

Baker Reese 27 3 Av S Zli n?Z5

Baker Roy E Temple Rd Z?f'?J?3

Baker Ruth 1405 Taylor lii'lltl

Baker SL Refuge Rd Zf5"?2S5

Baker & Sons Groc 7 S ZfHSIS

Baker Van M Edgwd Zlrl2?2

Baker WmL Temple Rd liir%i<i

Baldwin Elizabeth Miss Verbena ZcfoZH

Ballard D A Rev 408 2 S Zliotio

Ballard H D Crowsn lii'lall

Ballard Lewis H Rockfrd Hwy Zii'S;o5

BamaWoodInc Coopr 755-34B4


Banks Aldotha 1004 2 Av S ZfiftfXn

Banks Jas White Cty Rd ZH'SfX?

Bankston F H Verbena Zff"?S?i

Bannister Chas Derald Lay Dam Hwy liinVll

Bannister LH Mt Pleasant Rd Zit'So^

Barbour Curtis Morning Star Rd Zcco?^?

Barbour General 914 l Av 4lc'?52?

Barbour Luster Billngsley Rd ZS'JZSa

Barbour Mary Morning Star Rd lii'^lc^

Bargain Town USA Clantn Plaza Zff"9??S

Barker Robt A Lay Dam Rd ZfcJSJ?

Barkleylra P/lapi Sprngs Rd lit'^lLl.

Barrett Annette Sunshine Church Rd Zii'oSzS

Barrett Ernest R Higgins Ferry Rd larTr^

Barrett H C Wyatt Minor Rd lii'VrS:

Barrett Wm A Coopr Zrti??^

Barron Robt L MitchI Dam Rd Zli'oil;

Barron WW Mitchell Dam Rd ZccoS^

Barth Carlotta Mrs 1708 4 Av N 755-2943


Barton Douglas L 301 1 Av ZtI'Vl??

Barze Bruce E 203 Edgwd Zee nooi

Bates Earnest Lay Dam Rd ZlciffS

Bates Estelle Mrs Higgins Ferry Rd liinii-t

Bates Grady Pinedale Rd Zllnlil

Bates Groc Higgins Fy Rd Zlc'ViS

Bate; Hugh M Nell Zil'iP?

Bates Jeff Higgins Fy Rd Z«'?i^

Bates Lally Nell IH'tSI

Bates Leeva Adams Ferry Rd Zccob?^

Bates Leonard H Johnson Rd— ZtlinS

Bates Lonza Higgins Providence Ch Rd ZccS??

Bates M E Higgins Fy Rd lii'llH

Bates M J 401 1 Av S Zli"?^??

Bates Martha Mims Higgins Fy Rd VI^'^Ua

Bates WF Coopr Zi?nii2

Batson M L Higgins Fy Rd— lll']^

BavarGeoWRev Pooles Cross Rd ZcciSzZ

Beadlescomb C H Haynes Rd ;lr2§55

Bean B M Thorsby Isabella Rd

Bean L C Pinedle Rd

Bean Leonard J Maplsvl Hwy -

Bean Luther 200 l Av N

BeanWTSr Lay Dam Rd


Bean Willie Mrs 304 1 N 7|li?lc

Beard S H Montgmry Hwy—- 4« iara

Beasley Murray 214 Airprt Rd Zit'SS?

Beauchamp Huey L 100 l4th 'lll'lloo

BeckmanJasD Fairvw 4??"1a9^

Belcher Ray Lay Dam 4?^2?rq

Bell Elmer 103 Liberty /:)^-4^o^

BELLHDWCO 205 2 Av N — Tiq'oHq

Bell Hattie T Mrs Yellow Leaf Rd ZcJ'SrS

Sell J D 2008 4 Av N - - ;;^- 7«'5?S

Bell Ronald D Mims Trailr Ct 755-^25B

>BEIINETT AGCY THE 613V2 2 Av N Zll'15^2

Bennett Bill ins 613V2 2 Av N 4« i^oo

Res MitchI Lake vlqidM

Bennett J L Dr chiroprctr 6 N IH'T.^A

Res Mt Pleasant Rd Zic'X^o

Bennett OrusL 201 Lilla Av Ztl a?^?

Bennett Paul Lilla Av 7^ iIoq

Bennett WM MitchI Lake - - ^il'lz^?

BentleyChasF 1704 Glendle Dr Zfrvlm

BentleyJasW Billngsley 4ti"ic?i

Berkley Matthew B Mt Pleasnt Rd ZirSiZn

Berry J H Cargile Crk tII"!?!?

Best Lula Mrs 1200 2 Av /^•3-'\>\i

Bethel Esaw Kincheon Rd 755-1335

Bethel Willie Belle 121 llth ZS'?^I§

Bice A V Rev Willie Hamltn Rd Zfr'lJS?

BiceCarlis Temple Rd l^i'iSTl

BiceER Refuge Rd Z!?"5S?7

Bice Elbert Mt Creek Zfi"?ZJo

BiceHD 207 1 Av Zff' i?IS

Bice JO Shiloh Zr?"?J?Z

Bice Joe Bham Hwy ZS'SS?

BiceOlanE Mt Creek ZS'S?5

Bice W J 2 Av N Z?f"S51?

Big Bear Stores 7 S 755-2440

BIG FOUR HDW GO 701 2 Av N Zll'2?i9

Billingsley Alvin Bethsalem c?Jc^

BillingsleyGC Indian Grave 755-3655

Billingsley High SchI Billingsley 155-lb29l

Billingsley J C Willie Hamltn Rd 155-3Wi

Billingsley Pratt Haynes Rd 755-2272


Billingsley WmT Bethsalem 755-0460

BirdEdwE Lomax ISb-TnS

Bishop Bradley 1003 2 Av N 755-3329

Bishop WW 307 Airprt Rd Z5^?Z5?

Black Lois Miss 407 l Av 155-QAV\.

Blackmon Fred C Mt Pleasnt Rd ^55-3848

Blackmon Herbert Lomax 755-1163

Biackmofi T E Mt Plecisant Rd 755-2448

Blackmon T Edw Jr Mt Pleasnt Rd 755-2559

BlackwellDF Marbury 755-0291

Blair J G Groc Cottn Ml Rd 755-3597

Blair Jim Mrs 1909 4 Av N 755-0883

BlalockAudie 1607 2 Av N 755-0298

BlalockBen Mapl Sprngs 755-0120

Blalock Clyde 507 2 S 755-4595

BlalockColyn Lee 755-1612

Blalock Herman Mrs N 7 755-4044

Blalock 10 Higgins Fy Rd "^55-4788

Blalock J A Lay Dam Rd 755-3710

Blalock J W Rockett Av "^55-1464

Blalock LE 201 Ruth "^^^'^fll

Blalock Lamar Lay Dam Hwy 755-0568

Blalock Minnie Mrs 105 Arthur Dr 755-4846

Blalock E 13 3 Av S 155-2J\Q

Blalock Steve 504 Grant 755-2538

Blalock Those Higgins Fy Rd ^5^-^^?

Blalock VC Rev Mapl Sprngs Rd 755-4781

Blankenship E G Pinedle Rd 155-3221

BlantonLukeH Hoyt Brownie Rd 755-0254

Blow J R Collins Chapl Rd 755-4851

BLUE CREEK LODGE Blue Crk 755-1361

Bob's Billiard Parlor 117 7th 755-2323

Bodden L H Glenview Av 755-2456

BoggsJas 1404 Taylor 755-4894

Bohannon Bessie 203 13th 755-1749

BolanOD 2 Av N 755-0205

Boles J Monroe Thorsby Isabella Rd 755-4493

Bolton Ernest Lay Dam Rd 755-4201

Bolton G C Lay Dam Rd 755-0664

Bolton ZF Lay Dam Rd 755-0948

Bonds CS Isabella 755-4875

Bone Coy Maplsvl Hwy 755-3057

Bone Elbert New Harmny Rd 755-2922

Bone Maude Entrprse 755-1643

Bone Myrtle Temple Rd 755-2009

Bonham R E Kincheon Rd 755-3584

Boockholdt B F B'ham Hwy 755-2953

BoockholdtJC Entrprse 755-4448

Boockholdt Lee Entrprse Rd 755-2644

Borom Lucy D Verbena 755-3544

BoswellAO 101 3 Av S 755-3784

Boswell Lloyd 14 3 Av S 755-0422

Boswell Stanford 12 3 Av S 755-3621

Boswell WM Coopr 755-3032

Bowden C E Montgmry Hwy 755-3388

Bowers Robt L Lay Dam Rd 755-1110

Bowles A L Liberty Hill Rd 755-1708

Bowles E H Cooper-Entrprse Rd 755-0560

Bowles Fred 205 15th 755-0191

Bowles Jas M Bethsalem 755-3847

Bowlware Thos D 204 llth 755-2728

Bowman G C Bethsalem 755-3239

Bowman L C 1508 2 Av N 755-1864

Bowman LCJr Temple Rd 755-0723


Bowman Rufus E Rev Providnce Church Rd 755-2532

Boyd AW 1911 4 Av N 755-0773

Boyd H E Mt Creek 755-4206

BoydOW Verbena 755-2918

Bozzell Durward Morning Star Rd 755-3763

Bradberry Gerald 7 S 755-4370

BradberryJW Montgmry Hwy 755-3629

Bradberry Norman 2001 4 Av N 755-3106

Bradberry RE Samaria Rd 155-312^

Bradley Geo W 404 8th 755-1635

Bradley Henry R Sr 20 3 S ZS'2?Si

Bradley Joe T Mrs 700 7 S 755-3198

Bradley Mae J Mrs Mt Crk 155-13)2,

Branch HW lOl 3rd Zff'Sf?!

Branch Ruby 103 6 N Zff' ?3^t

Brand Cuba Mrs 406 l S Zii'V-,^1

Brand Curtis Shelby Rd Z5t"9ZS

Brand Frank E Entrprse Rd lii'tili

Brand J C Mineral Sprngs Rd 155-\^1

Brand Jas R 115 Oilie Dr lll'\l^

Brannum R D Maddox Av Zlro^cf

Brantley Gladys Miss 104V2 A Norfld 755-3355

BRIDGE'S clothng 6th lll'}l7i

Bridges Alvin Wyatt Rd Zil"i?5o

Brigance Herbert 113 Hinkle Rd cc"3o?l

Brigance R M Indian Grave Zcl'^AIo

BrinkerBenjA Bham Hwy Ztc"l?Sz

Brinker Ellen G Indian Grave 755-3526


If no answer dial Zlc'^l

Broadhead Albert W Bethsalem Zff'S5z?

BroadheadJA 303 9th Zff'?3?J

Broadhead J D Mrs 201 3 Av S Zcr o?il

Broadhead S L Mrs Mt Nebo Zflioon

Brock Dan 206 Hinkle Rd Zff"J2?2

Brock GR Cargile Crk Zfi"?2Jo

Brock H Y 1001 2 Av N Z|f"i?co

Brock IJ Roy Glendle Dr ZIliiiA

Brooks KO Verbena Zii'lSn?

Browder Doris Verbena Zee ni^n

Browder Emmett J Rockfrd Hwy Zii'ion?

Browder Gene Verbena Zff'^nS^

Browder Mary W Mrs 1321 4 Av N Zrc52o?

Brown Allen D Cargile Crk Z^f'^ISn

Brown AudieL Dixie Camp Rd Zic ^oa

Brown Barney C Mt Creek Zccnol?

Brown Grafton 106 N 12 Zr?'S???

Brown H H New Harmony Rd Zifo^oo

Brown J R 206 1 N ZccnSli

Brown Jessie F Mt Crk Zlc???!

Brown Joe A Entrprse Rd Zee i?f?

Brown Kenneth H 214 Martha ZlcnlnJ

Brown Luther A Mt Pisgah-Entrprse Rd 755-2403

Brown M L 1305 4 Av N Zee"5zi?

Brown Mahaley Verbena Zfc^^Z

Brown Minnie R Mrs 1200 2 Av N Ze? oie5

Brown MollieB 205 13th lii'^iiL

Brown SD 208 8 N Zll i??o

Brown SG Lay Dam Rd ZieiSn

Brown Service Funeral Home 1300 4 Av N 755-2010

Brown TO Cargile Crk Zll"?iZ^

Brown W Alex Kincheon Rd Zif" J«?

Brown WM Higgins Ferry Rd Zff"il5i

Brown WW Line Zrf' oX??

Bruce ML Bham Hwy Zfl'?2?Z

BrunerWP Mt Creek ZfcSZJJ

Bryan Beatrice Mrs 101 6th ZfrJIS

Bryant Bertie Mrs 706 7 S Zle i5?Z

Bryant CW 1611 Taylor lii'VJl

Bryant Carolyn C 209 B Norfld Zee"SI?1

Bryant Carson Mt Pleasnt Rd ZecoSlo

Bryant Gaither Verbena Zrf" ^nf

Bryant Grady Coopr III'tSIa

Bryant John H Cooper Zf?oZl^

Bryant John M Maplesvl Rd Zie'?So

Bryant Milton 14191/2 Westfld 755-1288

Bryant WE Lay Dam Rd l\l'\V,l

Bryant Wilson Mornng Star Rd Z1I"?ZZt

BuckelewHal 2006 Marsha Av Zli'ilSJ

BucknerEL Billngsley Zcr ?Jo5

Buckner Howard Jr Powers Z^^ , roZ

Buckner W H Mrs 507 8 N— lll'}iSi

Buford Evelyn Miss Vert)ena - Zle iS^?

Bullocks Chas 200 Rockett Av 755-2738

Burdette Buel Crowsn 755-1188

BurdetteJarrell 1310 4 Av N 755-0934

Burdette TR 4 Av N 755-0136

Burkhalter Belle Miss Floyd 755-2418

BurkhalterDL Entrprse Rd 755-4267

Burkhalter Ernest Rockfrd Hwy 755-3974

Burkhalter Gordon E Verbena 755-3071

Burkhalter LM Enterprise 755-1218

Burkhalter SE Jacksn Chapl Rd 755-4621

Burks RE Cooper 755-0677

Burnett Clarence Jr Lay Dam Rd 755-1540

Burnett HC Billngsley Rd 755-1844

Burnett H Gaines Cargile Crk 755-1516

Burnett J T Collins Chapl Rd 755-1627

Burnett Joe G atty 116 N 6 755-3440

Res Jacksn Chapl Rd 755-0509

BURNETT JULIUS C autos 300 7 N 755-1770

Res 1701 2 Av N 755-2124

Burnett Paul 308 1 N 755-3880

Burnett Rip 1701 2 Av N 755-2124

Burnett WM E Yellow Leaf Rd 755-2572

Burnett WmP oils Lomax 755-3885

Res 2 Av N 755-1626

Burnette Annie L Mrs 206 Willis Cir 755-3953

Burnette Aubrey R 7 S 755-0742

Burnette E J Lomax 755-2510

Burnette RH Temple Rd 755-2960

Burt EW Rev 1103 2 Av S 755-2797

BurltramJC 119 Hinkle Rd 755-2533

Bus Station Of Clanton 7 N 755-1450

BussieAC Bham Hwy 755-2051

BussieJonesA Bham Hwy 755-1734

BylerJD Temple Rd 755-0895

Online LibraryArthur Conan DoyleU.S. Telephone Directory Collection (Volume Alabama - White Pages - Clanton -August 1949 thru August 1969) → online text (page 52 of 91)