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call the Telephone Company and ask for "Ar-
chitects' and Builders' Service."

Calls from a Party Line Where a Crank Is

Used to Ring the Operator

Before ringing the Operator, remove the re-
ceiver and listen to make sure the line is not
in use. To £et the Operator, replace the re-
ceiver and turn the crank. When through talk-
ing, promptly hang up the receiver and turn
the crank again so the Operator will clear your
line for further use.

Telephone Directories

Loss of time and inconvenience by calling
wrong numbers can be avoided if you consult
the current directory before placing a call and
avoid the use of obsolete directories.

Between directory issues certain numbers do
not appear in the current directory due to
changes and new installations. These numbers
may be secured by calling "Information."

The use, in connection with Telephone Direc-
tories, of any auxiliary covers, tabs, stickers,
inserts or other matter, except such as are pro-
vided by, or with the consent of, the Telephone
Company is prohibited.

Telephone directories of other cities in this
and certain foreign countries can be obtained
for our customers who need them. Prices, etc.,
may be secured by calling the business office.

— 3 —

^^ ow to Use the

Dial Telepho


• •


On all calls, remove the receiver carefully from the hook and listen for the
dial tone before starting to dial a number. The dial tone is a steady huin-
yning sound heard in the telephone receiver indicating that the line is ready
for you to dial.

How to Dial

a Number

When you hear the dial tone, keep the receiver off the hook and
dial each fij?ure of the telephone number. For example, if you
are calling 4599, proceed as follows:

1. Place your finger in the opening over the figure "4."

2. Turn the dial around until your finger strikes the finger

3. Remove your finger and without touching the dial allow
it to return to its normal position.

4. Proceed in the same way to dial the other figures.

If your finger slips, or you make a mistake in dial-
ing, hang up the receiver at once, wait a few seconds
and dial again.

Before starting to dial a second ccdl. always hang up
your receiver for a few secojids in order to clear the
previous connection.

Ringing and Busy Signals

Within a few seconds after you have completed dial-
ing you should hear either the ringing signal, an in-
termittent burr-rr-ing sound, indicating that the bell
of the called line is ringing, or the busy signal, a
rapid buzz-buzz-buzz, indicating that the called line
is busy. If you do not hear either of these signals
within half a minute, hang up the receiver, wait a
few seconds and make another attempt.

by someone else on the line. If no response is re-
ceived, hang up the receiver for a few seconds and
make another attempt.

However, should you hear successive clicks indicating
that someone on your line is dialing, wait until the
dialing stops and then inform him that you have in-
terfered with his call and that it will be necessary
for him to hang up and dial the complete number
again. Then replace your receiver on the hook.

If during or after your dialing, you hear another
partv on your line, tell him that the line is in use
and request him to hang up his receiver. If you have
not finished dialing your number when the other
partv comes in on the line, after he hangs up, you
should hang up your own receiver for a few seconds,
then remove it, listen for the dial tone and. when it
is heard, dial the complete number again.

Dial "Operator" For Assistance in Emergencies To Dial Another Party On Your Line

If your lights are out, or you need assistance from
the operator in emergencies, you may secure an oper-
ator by simply placing your finger in the opening
marked "Operator", immediately below the finger
stop, turning the dial all the way around and then
releasing it.

Coin Box Telephones, or Pay Stations

Instructions covering operation of coin box telephones
are mounted on each coin box station.

Calls from a Party Line or from a Line
with an Extension Telephone

Always make sure that the line is not in use. If you
do not hear the dial tone, ask if the line is being held

If vou are on a party line and wish to call another
pai-tv on vour line, dial the number as listed in the
telephone directory. You can recognize other parties
on your line bv the fact that the first three figures
in your number and the first three figures in their
numbers are identical.

After vou have finished dialing the number, you will
hear the "busy" signal and should immediately hang
up your receiver. Your bell as well as the bell of the
party you are calling, will then ring at brief inter-
vals. When the called party answers, your bell will
stop ringing. You should then lift your receiver and
talk to the party answering.

If your bell does not stop ringing in from one to
two minutes, it indicates that there is no one to
answer the called telephone. You should then remove
your receiver from the hook for a few seconds to stop
your bell from ringing and clear the connection.



— 4 —

A & P Food Stores 6th I\l 1£,7

Abercrombie Will r Kincheon Rd 323-W-l

Adams Lummie r Wyatt Minor Rd 878-J-l

Adams Luther P r Refuge Rd 595-M-4

AdkinsRoyA r 603V2 10th N 92-J

Ala Furn Mfg Co Inc 702 2nd Av K 377

Alabama Mills Co Mill 86

Ala Mills General Machine Shop Jackson Chapel Rd-189

Alabama Power Co 2nd Av l\l 145

Warehouse 7th S 255-J

Lay Dam 57^

Recreational Development 2nd Av f\j' 50-J

ALA RENDERING CO Montgmry Hwy 400

Ala State of

Employment Service 109 7th l\l 66

Aldridge Horace L r Enterprise Rd 369-R-4

Aldridge Louise Miss r 502 3rd N 147-R

Allen Janie Miss r Cooper 887-M-?

Allison E B r- 719 7th S 4.R

Aired Callen r 600 5th Av N 56-W

Aired Hattie Mrs r 601 8th N 33.W

AiredJHance r 600 5th Av N 56-W

Alred-Wright Drug Co 617 2nd Av N 127

Alvin's V\/eld!ng Shop 3rd Av N 484

American Red Cross

ChiJtO'T Coirnty Chapter II81 2 7th N 216

Andrews J E r B'ham Hv.y 222-J

Animal Hospital 7th S 99c

Ann's Florist 6th l\J 5^7

AplinJHRev r Nell 754

Arant J C r Pinedale Rd 462-M-2

Arant Ruby Miss r 200 3rd Av S 376-M

Arledge John r Mt Creek 899-J-3

Armstrong Cecil r Samaria Church Rd 356-M-2

Armstrong I D r 2nd Av N 661-J

Armstrong J F r Samaria Rd 401-ri-2

Armstrong J W r Tippett 9£.w

Armstrong L R r Mt Pleasant Rd 773-J-3

Armstrong M.F r 1103 Mill Vilface 61S-W

Armstrong H r Hinkle Rd " 7^7-R

Armstrong Willard r 7th S 1076-J

Arnold G A r 1307 2nd Av N 498.M

Arnold H C r lOOl Mill 6C0

Askins Agnes A Miss r Airport Rd 509-J

Askins Alcnza " 304 5th N 40-M

Askins D H r 306 6th IM 467.J

Atchison Alice Mrs r Lcmax Rd - - 775-M-2

Atchison Liila r Kincheon Rd 184-R

ATKINSON J B atty 2nd Av N 36

Atkinson J B r 407 2nd Av S 109

Atkinson WW r Bob Atkinson Rd 562-W-l

Austin Gladys r 2nd Av I\l 6C4-R

Austin John r 1002 Chu-ch 6C5-W

AvantJ P r Lay Dam Rd 566-R-2


BakerCM r 25 3rd Av S 257

Baker Clarence W r Higgins Ferry Rd 593-J-3

Baker D G r Maplesvilie Hwy 465-R-4

Baker E R r 611 7th S 158.J

Baker E M r 1104 2nd Av K 675-M

Baker Edgar r 406 13th 740.J

Baker Ervin r Bell Lane Rd 574-W-l

Baker JO r Temple Rd 590-W-3

Baker James Asa r Hinkle Rd 453-M

Baker Jesse r Higgins Ferry Rd 586-J-l

Baker L A r Pinedale Dr 629-J

Baker Lon L r 1101 Mill 618-R

Baker Loyce Miss r Billingsley Hwy 478-W-l

Baker Myrtle Mrs r Higgins Ferry Rd 586-R-4

Baker Reese r Walnut Creek Rd 588-R-4

Baker Roy E r Temple Rd 637-R-4

Baker SL r Refuge Rd 594-M-4

Baker School Maplesvilie Hwy 4'73-J-l

Baker Steve William r Kincheon Rd 356-J-3

Baker Thurman r 401 13th l\l 504-M

Ballard CW r Crowson 1043

Ballard H D r Lay Dam Rd 545-j

Banks A Edw Rev r 1400 4th Av S 611-R

Banks Aldotha r 1004 2nd Av S 439-W

Bannister LH r Mt Pleasant Rd 775-R-4

Barber Mattie Jo Miss r 901 4th Av N 25-J

Barbour Hoyt r Morning Star Rd 572-M-4

Barbour Luster r Billingsley Rd 572-R-4

Bargain Store The dry gds 308 7th N 307

Barker Robert A r Lay Dam Hv^y 273-R-4

Barkleyira r Maples Spgs Rd -884-R-2

Barkley Marion J r Montgmry Hwy 879-J-l

Barrett Elsie Miss r 504 Airport Rd 389-R

Barrett Ernest R r Higgins Ferry Rd 581-R-2

Barron WW >■ Mitchell Dam Rd 897-M-2

Barth M C r 1708 4th Av N 798

BarthMCLbrCo 201 7th S 264

Barton Douglas L r Lay Dam Hwy 540-R

Barton Elizabeth B Miss r 301 1st Av S 632-R

Bates Braxton B r Lomax 775-J-3

Bates Earnest r Lay Dam Rd 540-J

Bates E<;tpMe Mrs r Higgins Ferry Rd 596-M-2

Bates Grady r Pinedale Rd 462-R-4

Bates H M r B'ham Hwy 1064-J

Bates Jack r 807 Mill Village 601-R

Bates Leeva r Adams Ferry Rd 440-M-2

Bates Leonard H r Johnson Rd 598-J-3

Bates Lonza r Higgins Providence Ch Rd 596-R-2

Bates M J r 903 Mill 35.J

Bates Oda Mrs r Lay Dam Rd 475-M-2

Bates WF r 307 3rd Av S 715-R

BazzelAA r Lay Dam Rd 272

Bean L C r 205 Airport Rd 743-W

Bean Luther P r 200 1st Av S 262-W

BeanWTSr r Lay Dam Rd 1057-J

Bean Wiley M r B'ham Hv;y 322-J-3

Bean Willie Mrs r 304 1st N 495-J

Bearden C M r Fairvicvv 468-W-l

Bell Hardware Co 205 2nd Av N 250

Bell Hattie T Mrs r Yellow Leaf Rd 321-M-2

Bell J D r 20OS 4th Av N 503

Benjamin Arthur r Railroad 6-J

Bennett Ada Miss r 712 4th Av M 499-W

Bennett J LDr ofc 6th N 141

Res Mt Pleasant Rd 573

Berkley Matthew B r Mt Pleasant Rd 284-R-4

Bethel Esaw r Kincheon Rd 357-R-2

Bice H D r Higgins Ferry Rd 296-J-3

Bice W J r 2nd Av N 520-R

Big Four HdwCo 701 2nd Av N 29

Billingsley J C r V/illie Hamilton Rd 478-J-l

Billingsley W J r 408 7th N »- 106-J

Bishop TL r Hinkle Rd 453-J

Bishop WW r 307 Airport Rd 147-M

Eittenger Jas W Jr r 103 1st 88-W

Blackmon C D r Kincheon Rd 358-W-3

Blackmon T E r Mt Pleasant Rd 277-W-l

Blackmon T Edward Jr r Mt Pleasant Rd 277-R-4

BlackwellCW r Billingsley Rd 478-J-3

Blackwell Jimmie r Old Billingsley Rd 478-W-3

Blair Jim Mrs r 1909 4th Av l\J 751.J

Blalock Edna r Mt Pleasant Rd 284-M-2

Blalock I r Higgins Ferry Rd 598-J-l

Blalock J A r Lay Dam Rd 475-W-3

Blalock J Herschel r 407 Glendale Dr 517-W

Blalock E r 13 5rd Av S 720

Blalock W A Mrs r Old Thorsby Rd 470-R-2

Blalock W M r Old Thorsby Rd 470-W-3

[Tlankenship E G r Montgomery Hwy 1077


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classified 'yellow pages' .



• Private Branch Exchange

Blankenship J H r B'ham Hwy ^V'^:i

BlantonLukeH r Hoyt Brownie Rd nnni

Blue Creek Lodge Blue Creek ^no i

Bodden L H r Glenview Av ;ZS? ,

Bogle WEdw r B'ham Hwy ^SS^'i

Bohannon Bessie r 203 I3th 504-R

Bolton Ernest r Hinkle Rd V-rVT., ^

Bolton John r Shelby Rd S5"X("I

Bolton ZF r Lay Dam Rd ^^f"?;?

Bone J F Mrs r 200 1st N V^^^?'^

BoockholdtBF r B'ham Hwy ^""v';i

Boockholdt J H r Samaria Church Rd ooZ '?« ^

BoswellJohn T Mrs r Cooper invo

Bowden C E r Montgy Hwy ^7,% , ?

Bowles A L r Liberty Hill Rd oqc I'J

BradberryJH r Montgmry Hwy -885-J-3

BradberryRE r Samaria Rd ^^^''vd

Bradford Millard C r 201 I5th :,;o'll

Bradley DA r Maplesviile Hwy V^o r^

Bradley Henry R Sr r 20 3rd S ^'vii

Bradley Jewel Mrs r 308 8th cV7',?,o

Branch HW r Lay Dam Rd ^^^/T^'i

Brand Cuba Mrs r 406 1st S T^o ,^

Brand Curtis r Shelby Rd ^'f^i ,

BrannonChasW r Lay Dam Rd ooi)-j

Brinker Benj A r Samaria Rd o A tZ

BroadheadJA r 303 9th r,r-fZ i

BroadheadJD r 201 3rd Av S 3/b-J

BKOADriEAQ J D GROG & MKT 312 7th !^ 61

Broadhead L B Mrs r Selma Hwy "?;? ,

Browder Mary W Mrs r 1321 4th Av N 'ooPxln

Brown AudieL r Dixie Camp Rd qqt do

Brown Barney C r Mt Creek ^ lZ.% wi

Brown G E Mrs r 108 1st N qoq , i

Brown Geo F Rev r Cooper , io lii

Brown M L r 205 1st N "oi ,»: ,

Brown MW r B'ham Hwy ^%^:f,

Brown Minnie R Mrs r 1200 2nd Av N 59-W

Brown Nettie Miss r Wiilingham Hotel V; c i

Brown S D r 208 8th N ° ok

Brown Service Insurance Co liSVa 7th IM '.\Voll

Brown WM r Higgins Ferry Rd ^IJTo „7

Brown WW r Line Voo ;;^

Bruce HL r B'ham Hwy ^^^oV\n

Bryan Beatrice Mrs r 203 1st Av N ^o'llb^

Bryan T W r Montgmry Hwy "r-Jr^i/'i

Bryant John M r Maplesviile Rd i§?Mo

Bryant Wilson r Morning Star Rd 572-M-2

BucknerEH r Hinkle Rd "^^o i

Buckner Howard Jr r 500 2nd Av S i^^',

BucknerWHMrs r 507 8th N ^oo d ;^

Buddy's Trading Post Montgmry Hwy oo^'bo

Buford Evelyn Miss r Verbena oo? i

Burdette Jarrell r 1310 4th Av N o?ni

Burdette Service Sta 100 7th S 9107

Burdette TR r 4th Av N - 188

BurdinRW r 1013 2nd Av N Vto «?')i

Burnett Clarence r Lay Dam Rd qo"d o

Burnett Garage Maplesviile Hwy 583-R-2

Burnett Julius C r 901 2nd Av N '.Vc ,?

Burnett Orvil C r Lay Dam Rd ^nr/H

Burnett Paul r 308 1st N ;5? ."ij

Burnett WM E r Yellow Leaf Rd ""'r-oc ui "?

Burnette Perry J r Refuge ^^oc^i

Burt EW Rev r 1103 2nd Av S 393-J

Bus Station of Clanton Tom Kemp Bl Vcn i

BussieAC r B'ham Hwy ~Ao^,i

BussieJonesA r B'ham Hwy , n4c »■«

BylerPaul r 8th N 1075-M

Cagle J P r Cooper

CagleJW r Lay Dam Hwy

Calfee L S r Maplesviile Hwy

Calfee Lawrence S r 107 6th N

Calfee r Maplesviile Hwy

Calfee Robert E r Maplesviile Hwy

Callaway LA Mrs r 207 5th N

Callen F J r 501 5th N

CallenWT r 306 1st Av

Callovi/ay Drug Co 606 2nd Av N- - ■

Calloway Fred Mrs r Verbena - 896-K-^

Calloway Garage 104 7th S 157

Calloway Mamie B r 115 l3th N

- - 1083
- 391-W






Calloway Olive r 300 lOth ^V-J^

Calloway Spurgeon r 507 1st Av S ^:,'^a

Calloway Winston r Verbena 897-M-4

Calloway Winston Garage Verbena 875-R-2

Cammon Henry r Kincheon Rd 357-J-l


Campbell Joe S r 1410 2nd Av N 79b

Cargile Shelby M r 508 Jacksn vi,,

Carlisle C J Mrs r Hinkle Rd n^c i"^

Carmichael Louise Mrs r Verbena ^^^"'^Tr,

Carroll EasonH r Augusta - - ^^.i:!fi

Carroll Hughey E r 304 9th IM y}^l

Carroll WH r Billingsley Hwy 564-R-4

Carter A L r Marbury 99b-R-^

Carter Cecil r 4th Av IM :'5. 9

Carter EP r Isabella 584-M-4

Carter Grady r 506 8th IM Voa :^,

Carter Lester r Lay Dam Hwy 684-vV

Carter Mack N r Marbury 996-W-3


Carter Wm A r Billingsley Rd 570-M-4

Carter's Store Lomax ^^Vnn ■

CassidyWR r Hinkle Rd 519-J

Caton Doyal r Mill Villaqe 1028

CENTRAL ALA GAS CO INC 112 6th N o" « ?

Bulk Plant Lomax 491-M-2

Central Ala Hospital llOl 5th Av ^J - oac ii

Champion Hugh r Verbena ,i.'J~?,

Chancellor Alford M r 7th S °S: .

Chancellor D L Mrs r 808 7th 5 'Vr:.,

Chancellor EF r Glendale Dr Ho d

Chappell Lehman r 908 2nd Av S ;;, 2" 5

ChasteenES r Billingsley Rd ^"^■?;?

Chicago Sales Co 611 2nd Av N 381

Chiico Packing Co Railroad 107


Childres Esther L Mrs r 7th S 879-M-2

Chilton County of

Circuit Clerk Court House 156

Health Dept 2nd Av N 212

Public Welfare Dept 6th N 251

Register 2nd Av N 171

Schools __.

High School 504 1st Av S - 204

Service Commr Officer II8V2 7th N 392

Sheriff 2nd Av N 37

Supt of Education 1st Av S 69

Tax Collector 2nd Av N - - 195

Training School Kincheon Rd 357-J-3

Veterans Coordinator 1st Av 328

Chilton County Abstract Co 614 2nd Av N 646

Chilton County Bus Shop 12 2nd S 46


Chilton County News 308 7th N -32

Chilton Home Furnishing 6th N 648


Chilton Motors Inc 7th S - 760

Chilton Supply Co dairy supis 1013 2nd Av N-— 236-J

Chism EG r 102 3rd S 632-J

Christenberry W A r 204 1st N 450-J

Christiansen H K r B'ham Hwy 491-J-l

City of Clanton See Clanton City of

City Grill 117 7th N 9125


Clack Marvin D r 1101 4th Av 97-W

Clackler Clyde M r Hoyt Brownie Rd 685-M

Clanton Berry Growers Assn Inc Railroad 201

Clanton BIdg & Supply Co 600 2nd Av N 14

Clanton Chamber of Commerce

Asst Secretary IIIV2 7th N 511

President 505 1st Av S 119

Secretary 2nd Av N-" 448

Clanton City of

Fire Dept 505 2nd Av N 70

Police Dept 7th N 48

City Clerk 505 2nd Av N 51

Mayor 505 2nd Av N ;51

Water Works Dept 610 7th N 336

City Park 4th Av N 534

Clanton Colored School 2nd Av IM 247


Clanton Drive In Theatre B'ham Hwy 735

Clanton Elementary School 5th Av IM 126

Clanton Fertilizer Coinc Cotton Mill Rd -729

CLANTON GROCERY 608 2nd Av IM 9149



* Private Branch Exchange




Service Dept 301 7th N 9108

Clanton Ice Co Wade Bl 133

Clanton Jewelry Co 203 7th N 459



Clanton Methodist Church 8th IM 215

Clanton Motors Inc 300 7th N 16

Clanton Radiator Shop B'ham Hwy 536

Clark Wallace Reid r 107 I5th IM 309-R

Clark William r 410 7th N 106-W

Claughton W P Dr r Verbena 895-W-l


ClecklerAndy r Refuge Rd 595-J-3

Cleckler Arthur r Knight Ferry Rd 888-R-2

Cleckler Delene Miss r Refuge Rd 591-R-4

Cleckler Ervin W r Higgins Ferry Rd 441-J-l

Cleckler JasW r Mt Pleasant Rd 284-J-3

Cleckler Milton r Lay Dam Rd 475-R-2

Cleckler RC r Lay Dam Rd 476-M-2

Cleckler RR r 27 3rd Av S 486-J

Cleckler Reedie r 720 7th S 4-W

CleckleySam r Cotton Mill Rd 144-R-4

Clements I J r 211 Airport Rd 677-W

Cloverleaf Motel 7th S 1061

Cobb J T r Montgy Hwy 660-W

Cobb WR Mrs r Selma Rd 664-R

Coe Fonzie D r Augusta 466-R-2

CogginsCM r Tempie Rd 586-M-4

Coggins Clarence r 103 3rd Av N 690-R

Coggins Erskine r 1005 Mill 614-W

Coggins Royal Jr r Lakevw Hgts 1071-J

Coggins Royal J r Jackson Chapel Rd 161-R-2

Coggins WL r Verbena 893-M-4

Coker Woodson r 12th 286-W

Cole Mable Mrs r 801 Mill 1052

Coleman Irene r 107 12th 665-M

Collins Curtis L r 203 11th S 198-W

Collins J D Sr Mrs r Lay Dam Rd 1059-M

Collins Lucille Mrs r 2017 2nd Av N 639

Comer CF r 705 Tippett 98-M

Concord School Higgins Ferry Rd 296-J-l

Connell B M r Pinedale Rd 560-W-l

Connell Erskine r 603 10th IM 397-J

Connell F M r 109 7th S - -130-W

Connell J G r Montgmry Hwy 882-W-l

Connell JasW r Poplar Spgs Rd 882-R-2

Connell Lester r 1716 Glendale Dr 699-W

Connell Mildred Mrs r 407 1st S 1C37

Connell Roland r Old Thorsby Rd 144. M-4

Connell Roscoe E r 107 1st Av S 334-R

Connell Tonie r Lay Dam Rd 273-J-3

Cook N E Rev r Montgmry Hwy 886-W-3

Cooper Chas r Mt Creek 997-W-3

Cooper John R r Mt Creek 898-W-l

Cooper Jr High School Cooper 889-W-3

Cooper Lumber Co Inc 2nd Av IM 714


Cooper WB r Stanton Rd 472-R-2

Cooper WG r Liberty Hill Rd 474-R-4

Cooper Welby r Montgmry Hwy 723

Coppock Earnest r Billingsley Hwy 564-R-2

CorbettAK r 312 Ruth 710-M

Cost J P r Lay Dam Rd 476-R-4

Cotton R D r 1203 4th Av N 179-R

CottrellAncii r Old Thorsby Rd 372-M-2

County Agent 504 2nd Av N 165

County Engineer 205V2 6th N 221

Court House Service Sta 507 2nd Av N 9101

Courtney Joe H r 202 Wade 744-R

Courtney TB r Cooper 889-M-2

Cox A L r 307 8th N 364-W

Cox Arnold W r Old Thorsby Rd 325-M-4

Cox Billy S r Poplar Spgs Rd 882-J-l

Cox C B r 2nd Av S 523

Cox CO r 410 11th IM 724

Cox Chas B r 2004 4th Av IM 688-M

CoxCleoR r 609 9th N - 290-J

Cox Fred r Chandler Ter 455-J

Cox Harvey C r Pinedale Rd 461-W-l

Cox J M Mrs r Poplar Spgs Rd 880-J-l

Cox JT r Billingsley Hwy 570-J-3

Cox Jim D r 807 7th S 1035

Cox Raymond r Hinkle Rd 83-R

CoxTG r 1301 4th Av N 137-W

CoxWB r Temple Rd 586-M-2

Cox Wallace Construction Co Glendale Dr 516

Craig A B Rev r Billingsley Rd 323-J-3

Craig Claud C r 1401 4th Av N 794

Credit Bureau of Clanton 11IV2 7th N 511

Credit Bureau Reports Inc 11IV2 7th 511


Crew DC r 213 Airport Rd 755

Crew H G r 303 Airport Rd 759

Crew J I r 201 Airport Rd 347

Crew Percy r Airport Rd 485-M

Crew Raybon r 209 Air Port Rd 757

Crockett Dan r 108 12th 306-M

Crowe Bluthie r Mt Pleasant. Rd 277-J-l

Crowe Ira S r Higgins Ferry Rd 589-R-4

Crowe Louie K r 610 Mill Village 619-R

Crowe Raymond r Mt Pleasant Rd 775-W-l

Crowe WB r 300 Parrish N 53-W

Crowe WBJr r 1704 Greenwd Av 669-J

Crowson C D r Montgmry Hwy 885-J-l

Crowson D M r Glendale Dr 776

Crowson M J r Lay Dam Rd 354-J


Crowson W A r Glendale Dr 1046

Gulp A J r Kingston Rd 359-J-3

Gulp E F r Fairview Community 570-W-3

Gulp J D r Fairview Community 469-W-l

Gulp J H r Old Maplesviile Rd 583-J-l

Gulp JohnnyJ r 303 1st S 456-R

Gulp Liilie Mrs r 3US 3rd Av N 630-W

Gulp R L r Maplesviile Hwy 583-J-3

Gulp Roland r Selma Hwy 575-W-3

CulpTG r Billingsley Rd 562-J-3

Gulp WD r 1612 2nd Av IM 656-J

CulpWG r 1203 5th Av N 267-J

Culpepper Johnnie r Willie Hamilton Rd 478-R-4

Culpepper Luther r IOO8 2nd Av IM 259

Culver Lewis H r 202 1st Av S 262-R

Culver M C r 700 7th N 252-W

Culver WG Mrs r B'ham Hwy 552-W

Cummings R I r Maplesviile Rd 582-R-4

CummingsWJ r Isabella 584-R-4

Curry Clara B Mrs r 208 8th N 615-J

Cutter Chas L r Glendale Dr 721-J


DaileyED r Hoyt Brownie Rd 685-R

Dairy Queen S 7th 433

Dale J S r Mt Pleasant Rd 114-J-l

Dale James C r 1006 Cotton Mill Village 799-J

DaleWillard r 907 Mill Village 35-M

Daniel H G r Verbena 894-R-4

Daniel J A r Taylor 445-J

Daniel J C r Liberty Hill Rd 465-M-4

Daniel WC r 1003 2nd Av N 487-W

Darby Nobles r Kingston Rd 323-W-3

Darby Vera r Red Rowe 604-M

DAVID LEE'S dry gds 7th N 43

Davidson W C r Jacksn Chapel Rd 769

Davis Alvin r 1804 2nd Av N 506-R

Davis E H r Selma Rd 316-W

Davis Earnest r Glenn Rd 369-R-2

Davis Lucille Miss r 302 8th IM 532-J

Davis M A r Lomax 494.R.2

Davis Minnie r 1000 Church 605-J

DavlsTC r 712 Lay Dam Rd 136-W


Davis WH Mrs r Marbury 998-W-3

Davis Will r Kingston Rd 323-J-l

Deason Curtis r Glendale Dr 399-W

DeasonEJ r 206 2nd Av N 226-J

Deason Estes E r Billingsley Hwy 564-W-l

Deason J B r Lomax 494.R.4

Deason TW r 706 7th S 630-IVl


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- - 995-1VI-4


Deason Van P r 702 7th N 252-R

DeatonLW r- 510 Lay Dam Rd fo'i-J

De Loach CC r Lay Dam Hwy - — V^^^ta.

De Loach Donia G Mrs r Pinedale Rd qqIi' ^

DeLoachEA r Cooper oon \'/v/ i

DeLoachEP r Mineral Spgs Rd ^'^ccS'm

DeLoachJG r 1013 2nd Av N ^Sn \

DeLoachOD r 1102 4th Av N "qVq \a/"^

Dennis Aaron C r Montgy Hwy °^ cAn

DENNIS FARM SUPPLY feed 6th S - 500

Dennis Horace r 809 Mill Village biz-K

Dennis J N r -1,^°-JJ

Dennis James N r 612 7th S qS? i i

OeRamiis Irby r Verbena °^°'i'-^

DeRamiis John B r 3rd Av N

DeRamiis T B Mrs r Verbena

DeVaiighn H W r Poplar Spgs Rd

DeVaiighnJL r 101 Chandler 107^1

DeVaughn Lamar r Temple Rd Ion ui

DeVaughn Melvin r 206 1st Av N tW-W

DeVoughn S M r 721 7th S— 278-W

DickersonTom r 1107 2nd Av S rnco ,

Dickinson WC r Lay Dam Rd ^^ni

Diefenderfer L E r 909 6th Av N -.i*^^

Diefenderfer Milton E r 306 lOth bbi-M

Dixie Cafe 217 7th N nnn w ^

r-r'^ New Camp Blue Creek Rd ^cV^w/

Donaldson Ray D r B'ham Hwy oqqu/^

LoiiovanGC r Yellow Leaf Rd icJ'! t

Dorminey Belle Mrs r Lcmax oca'd

Dorse Mattie r 107 12th f^^'^

Doster Ida Mae Miss r 806 Mill Village 'A^ u,

Downing TW r 1211 5th Av ^^L'Z

Downs J B r oin D,

Downs Roy D r Poplar Spgs Rd °^2Td

Drake Will r 1008 1st A\ '"^^-^

Draper Leila M r Kinchecn Rd "A-Ia^

Driver A B Mrs r IM 1st roi va^ i

Driver Alton r Temple Rd ^° /•^i .

Driver Lewis H r 207 3rd Av S o/c.-J

Driver Ress • 605 8th K )^i^

Driver's Bar-B-Q 7th N 007 w^

DuBoseAliceA Mrs r Mt Creek %Qn\?/

Dudley Maggie r Kinchecn Rd •l^^'U-w

DuffeyRL r 407 5th N VzTq m^

DukeEddieO r Glenn Rd rS'Ui

Duke Morris r Refuge Rd - - od c'^

Duke Oliver C Mrs r Montgmry Hwy cVo ra

DunlapJM r Higgins Ferry Rd "/T^-? no

DurbinFM r Maplesvllle Hw> T/ o , t

Durbin H D r Pinedale Rd "c7n Jo

DurbinJC r Fairview Community ToVu't

Durbin M C r Billingsley Rd "^^i^nu/

Dykes Billie Benson r 1008 4th Av N b^U-W

EasterlingAG r Refuge Rd "/Sii u/'i

EasterlingAW r Higgins Ferry Rd iVa^ 1

Easterling Annie Mrs r 6th Vqo u/' 7

Easterling Carey r Refuge Rd >ioZ

Easterling Charles L r Glendale Dr V,"." 1 t

Easterling Clyde A r Bell Lane Rd ^'^aZ'E

Easterling Elijah r 107 Airport Rd coV mo

Easterling G F M r Refuge Rd ^coVdo

Easterling G J r Temple Rd iooDo

Easterling GN r Higgins Ferry Rd coi u/"^

Online LibraryArthur Conan DoyleU.S. Telephone Directory Collection (Volume Alabama - White Pages - Clanton -August 1949 thru August 1969) → online text (page 9 of 91)