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715 Cullman Shopping Center NW 734-8440


1406 4th SW 734-5590

Surplus Commodity 215 1st Street NW 739-3530

Surrett Lillian Warnke Rd 739-1768

Surrett Melba 1427 2nd SW — - —734-4274

Sutter Steve Grocery Bethel 747-2631

Suttles Myrtle Mrs 404 Hoeppner Ln NE 734-0802

Sutton Alton 1009 Grafenstatte NW 734-1674

Sutton Walter M Brooklyn — 7%-2821

Swafford Archie 611 Austin Av SW 734-4130

Swafford C E Welti Rd 734-6026

Swafford Dean Eva Road 734-0055

Swafford Jessie 1421 Veigl Cir SW 734-7774

Swafford Johnnie 1317 Hwy 278 E 739-1842

Swafford L M Mrs Trimble 734-7404

Swafford W J 906 Swafford Rd SW 734-1930

Swank Calvin Dr 203 Main Av SW 739-2723

Swann Avel 1506 Barton Dr NE 734-2426

Swann Carl 1319 4th SE —734-2271

Swann Dellar Mrs Highway 31 S 739-0900

Swann Donald 910 3rd Av SE 734-6958

Swann Edgar L Beech Grove Rd 734-1339

Swann Franklin D Good Hope 734-0794

Swann George L Baldwin Community 734-4422

Swann Gerald 105 N Hickory 739-1023

Swann Minnie Union Hill 734-7598

Swann Mitchell R Harmony Community 747-6640

Swann V Missionary Grv Community 734-2408

Swann Orvel Jaspr Hwy 734-2739

Swann Sam 205 5th Av SE 734-1127

Swann Velma Mrs 1305 5th Av SE 734-5438

Swartzs Martin 305 Cleveland NW 739-2692

Sweatmon Chester 304 Rosemont Av 734-6880

Sweatmon Don Crane Hill 747-6808

Sweatmon Ed Summit Rd — 7%-2010

Sweatmon J Summit Rd 7%-2229

Sweatmon Jan 118 McNabb Rd NW 734-6880

Sweatmon Rayburn Phelan 739-2567

Sweda International A Division Of Litton


2156 Green Springs Highway Birmingham Ala

No Charge To Calling Party 800 292-8562

Sweed E W Dr 901 Meadowview Dr NW 734-7830

Sweed & Tuggle Chiropractic Clinic

1621 4th SW - 734-7315

Swift Marion 1423 Timberlane Dr SE 734-7229

Swindall Harold A 1422 Lessman SW 739-0730

Swindle Ernest 909 2nd Av SW 739-1276

Swindle Frances 909 2nd Av SW 734-8880

Swindoll Larry 316 Swafford Rd SW -734-12%

Swisher John H & Son Inc 1710 2nd Av SW - -734-3131

Swofford Jas L Welti 734-8483


1215 2nd Ay NW 734-0366

Sylva's Ladies Factory Outlet

1215 2nd Av NW - 734-0366
Sylvius Donald 1738 Crestview Dr SW 734-5494


Tackett Jess W Logan 747-1710

Tadros Magdi S 1836 Sheila Av NW- 734-2462

Talbert Garland J 2048 Dialsdale Dr SW 734-7748

Talley Arthur Jr Rev Gum Pond 7%-2177

Talley Cecil Welti 734-3660

Talley David Baileyton 7%-5360

Talley Deecie H Guntersville Hwy 7%-5714

Talley G W 1326 Brunner NW 734-3742

Talley Grady Red Good Hope 734-0218

Talley Herschel Stables Baileyton Community - 7%-5613

Talley Hershel Baileyton 7%-5790

Talley Joseph D Jr 910 Avenue BSE 734-7662

Talley Jos Doc Logn Rd 734-1292

Talley Ray Hart Addition 734-8065

Talley Sherrifl R Brooklyn- Holly Pond Hwy 7%-2673

Talley Talmadge H Baileyton 7%-2129

Talley W V Baileyton 7%-5697

Talley Zollie G Akins Rd - -7%-2837

Tankersley Anthony P Pleasant Grove Rd 739-3691

Tankersley Charles F 1543 Beth NW - 734-7518

Tankersley Clifford 301 13th NE 734-0230

Tankersley Dorothy 1102 Ave B SE 734-8814

Tankersley E N Fairview 7%-5537


Tankersley Estelle Mrs 1524 2nd SW 734-7242

Tankersley James E Country Lane 739-1742

Tankersley James M 311 McNabb SW 734-8480

Tankersley James Rex Vinemont 734-2819

Tankersley Judge Williamsn Rd 734-4982

Tankersley K H Kelley SchI Rd — 734-5745

Tankersley Kenneth Fairview 7%-5023

Tankersley C Old 31 Hwy N 734-4152

Tankersley R L Guntersville Hwy— 7%-5674

Tankersley W C Airport Rd 734-6339

Tanksley Eva Logan 747-6220

Tanner David J Gum Pond l?d 796-5390

Tanner E E Otto Hunt Rd 7%-2727

Tanner Ernest R Gold Rdge Rd 734-7062

Tanner Evelyn Holly Pond 7%-2066

Tanner M S Holly Pond Hwy 7%-5145

Tanner Puccle 604 3rd Av NE 734-8378

Tapscott Bobby Wilhite-Cove Rd —739-0029

Tarence E J 506 White Circle SW 734-7881

Tarrance E A Guntersville Hwy 739-2844

Tax Assessor-County Courthouse 739-3530

Tax Collector-County Courthouse 739-3530

Taylor A C Brushy Crk Rd 734-3812

Taylor A C Mrs Jones Chapl 747-2303

Taylor Alvin Panama Rd 734-9077

Taylor C W Wheat Community 747-6135

Taylor Carvin Baldwin 734-5355

Taylor Catherine Hulaco Rd 7%-2607

Taylor Cecil 1544 Warnke Rd NW 734-5288

Taylor Charles T 603 3rd Av NE 739-0527

Taylor Crofford Mrs Holly Pond — — 7%-5533

Taylor David D West Point 739-3835

Taylor Dorothy Basch Rd 734-7240

Taylor Elmie Union Hill Community 7%-6892

Taylor Emmett A 607 6th SE 739-0891

Taylor F L Eva Rd 734-6769


309 3rd Av SW 739-2683

Taylor Franklin D Good Hope 739-3782

Taylor Franklin G 108 McNabb Rd NW 734-6221

Taylor H D Good Hope 734-3151

Taylor H J 410 5th Av SW 734-2599

Taylor Henrietta 635 Parker Av SW 734-4997

Taylor Howard L Mrs 1307 13th SE — 734-9487

Taylor J Frank Fairview- Holly Pond Rd 7%-2608

Taylor Jas D Union Hill Comm 734-9777

Taylor Jimmy Rev 405 8th Av E - - 739-0194

Taylor Kenneth Mrs West Pt 734-3281

Taylor L B Eva Hwy 734-9137

Taylor Larry D 1505 Warnke Rd NW — 739-1623

Taylor Lula Mae 508-A 7th SE 734-8871

Taylor Mark Plunkett Rd —734-9148

Taylor Mike 428 Oak Manor Apts 739-0154

Taylor Qdes New Hope Community 7%-5564

Taylor Oscar Mrs Holly Pond 7%-2930

Taylor P A Union Hill Community 734-3343

Taylor Pearl Holly Pond Heights 7%-5927

Taylor Ray Phelan 734-4916

Taylor Rayford Good Hope -739-0444

Taylor Roy D Pleasant Grove Community 734-7511

Taylor Thomas D Good Hope 739-0363

Taylor W W 1323 Atlanta Av SW- — 734-0845

Taylor William E 1800 Briarwood Lane SE 734-0158

Taylor William Frank 102 Morgan Av NW 734-1125

Taylor William M Eva Rd 734-6349

Taylor William P Pleasant Grove Community - 734-3349

Taylor William Ronnie Keller Rd 734-1916

Teague Alvin V 1324 5th SE 734-8874

Teague Audrey Smith Lake 734-216>4

Teague Billy Rev Union Hill 739-0635

Teague Chas Old Bee Line Hwy N 734-7045

Teague Dwight Trimple Rd 734-7354

Teague E A Gold Ridge - 7%-6855

Teague L W 502 Cobb Av SW —734-8588

Teague Larry D Baileyton 7%-2152

Teague Mack Grandview 734-8835

Teague R C Longvw 734-8032

Teague R D Hills Chapel Community 734-5086

Teague W J Dixon HI —734-6839

Teague William R Rev Union Hill - 739-0635

Teague's Charles Grocery Longview 734-0035


2221 2nd Av NW 739-0225

Teasley I B 1543 Alabama Hwy 69 NE - 734-2914

Teele Lonnie 1005 Ave G SE 734-0923

Teem Alvie Good Hope 734-5410

Teem R I Crane HI Rd 734-6175

Teeter Robert W 1528 Rose NW 734-2238

Teichmiller Arthur Schaffer Rd 734-6198

Teichmiller C A Kress Rd 734-0136

Teichmiller Carl D Eva Road 739-2837

Teichmiller Fred East Pt 734-8534

Teichmiller Gery East Point - - -739-2478

Teichmiller Henry Holly Pond Hwy 734-8450

Teichmiller James H Berlin 734-3645

Teichmiller John L Gold Ridge Rd 734-1752

Teichmiller L W Holly Pond Rd -—734-0558

Teichmiller Louis Bud Kellr Rd - 734-5785

Teichmiller Mark W Berlin - - 739-2874

Teichmiller Richard Gold Ridge Rd 734-4133

Teichmiller Robert A 811 8th Av SW 734-5237

Teichmiller W E Berlin Rd 734-1438

Tekulve B I 807 Parker Av SW -734-0608

Tekulve John R 1304 Stadium Dr NE 734-2611

Tekulve Mary Mrs 102 4th Av SE 734-2551

Suggs — Thomason 55

Telephone Answering Service

500 3rd Court SE— 739-2512

See South Central Bell Telephone Company

Berlin 739-1778

Tenbarge Edmund A 1809 Oakmont Dr SE 734-9566

Tennessee Valley Authority

Addison Substation Addison 747*2416

Fairview Substation Fairview 796-5303

Holly Pond Substation U S Hwy 278 E 7%-2221

Jones Chapel Substation Jones Chapel 747-0223

Jones Chapel Substation Jones Chapel 747-2773

Tennessee Valley Wholesalers 305 3rd Av SE - 734-%24

Tennyson Clifford L Baileyton 7%-2428

Terrell Henry B 1749 Brenda NW 734-3716

Terry D R Old Crab Road 747-6554

Terry Douglas J 2032 Woodvale Dr NW 734-4935

Terry E R Old Crab Road 747-6551

Terry H L Jr Trade Community 747-6375

Terry James Catoma Drive 739-0282

Terry Vera 301 lOth Av SE 739-1280


1214 12th Way NW 734-1937

TEXTONE CORP mobi homes eqpt

417 3rd Av SW 734-8761


417 3rd Av SW - - -734-8761

Thaxton Stella Welti Rd -734-8273

THE Look Under Second Word In Name

The Bull Pen no West 4th 739-2815


402 Arnold NE 734-3146

The Fixit And Sharp Shop Eva 734-1518

THE PLACE wmns apparel

105 2nd Av NE —734-3152

The Spot restrnt 1107 3rd SE 734-7512

Thigpen Leona 1512 2nd SW 734-6128

Thirty One Laundromat & Dry Cleaning ^

Highway 31 N- -734-9807

Highway 31 N 739-1505

Thomas Andrew Battleground 747-67%

Thomas Ann 700 Saundra Ln SE 739-0037

Thomas Aubrey Corn Rd 734-2053

Thomas Audrey Fairvfew 7%-5945

Thomas Bobby Joe 1841 Culpepper NW 739-0198

Thomas Boots Eva Rd 734-1756

Thomas C W Redan Community 7%-2%5

Thomas Carl Brooklyn- Holly Pond Rd 7%-2602

Thomas Charles 1614 Daisey NW 734-07M

Thomas Charles R Lacon Mountain 739-0933

Thomas Curtis Brooklyn Community 7%-6955

Thomas D F Welcome 7%-2175

Thomas David Airprt Rd 734-6411

Thomas E C Bolte Rd - 734-5343

Thomas E L Old Highway 31 N 734-3319

Thomas E V Valley Grove Community 734-3384

Thomas Elizabeth B 1327 Goehler Rd SE 734-5637

Thomas Eulus J Eva Rd 734-1756

Thomas G W Battleground 747-6672

Thomas Gary W East Point 734-5011

Thomas Gene 1742 Crestview Dr SW 734-9668

Thomas Gilbert W Brooklyn 7%-6764

Thomas Gordon 209 5th Av SE 739-0652

Thomas H D Welti 734-52%

Thomas H E Welti 734-1260

Thomas H F Welcome Community 7%-2580

Thomas Herman Welcome Community 7%-5586

Thomas J J 501 9th Av SE -734-8810

Thomas James Baileyton 7%-6903

Thomas James C Holly Pond 7%-5970

Thomas James E Berlin 739-3590

Thomas James E Jr 1802 Lakehill Dr NW 739-0244

Thomas Jas F Good Hope 734-6051

Thomas James L Fairview-Holly Pond Road — 7%-2659
Thomas Jay Volkswagen Inc

Hwy 31 S Decatur Ala- -353-2122

Thomas Jerrol Old Corn Road -747-6604

Thomas Jerry Holly Pond 7%-2308

Thomas John Bernard 1210 Stadium Dr NE - -734-7073

Thomas Julia Berlin-Weiti Rd-— 739-0438

Thomas L M 1514 2nd SW 734-8903

Thomas Larry C 2223 Fantasia Dr NW 734-5607

Thomas M A Brooklyn 7%-2534

Thomas Margaret Pleasantview Community — 7%-5197

Thomas Omer E Bolte Community 734-8069

Thomas Opal Mrs 409 Hickory Av SW - 734-3175

Thomas R B Holly Pond 7%-2597

Thomas R L New Hope Community - — 7%-5726

Thomas Robt H Hwy 31 N 734-8931

Thomas Tilda Welti 734-1260

Thomas W B 1601 Ridge NW - - -734-3717

Thomas W E Green Acres Trailer Pk - 734-3494

Thomas W J Simcoe 7%-6789

Thomas W L Simcoe-Berlin Rd 7%-6680

Thomas W Horton Rd - 747-6660

Thomas W Jr Logan Community 747-1433

Thomas W III 106 Morgan Av SW 739-16%

Thomas W R Fairview -7%-2565

Thomas Wallace Helicon -747-6142

Thomas William H Crane Hill 747-2513

Thomas Wilson Holly Pond 7%-2583

Thomason Arthur Keller Road 7%-6363

Thomason Connie Mack Eva 7%-5979

S6 Thomason — Tucker

Thomason Ethredge Kelly Community Zli"?S2

Thomason Eugene Jr Phelan 4|; i§S

Thomason Fred 1407 5th SE "^ISolSf

Thomason G J Eva Rd "-— -" 'llVifll

Thomason John W Jones Chapel ?2Z"I2Sq

Thomason Vernon Keller Road 4?X"S?Z?

Thompson Alvin H 1209 Av C SE 4?? "IAS

Thompson Armon Childhaven Road />»-5'^w>

Thompson Brenda Guntersville Hwy V""7?^"^¥^

Thompson Brothers Furniture Co See Rhodes I nc

Thompson Buena C Mrs 1609 Woodland NW -734-3409

Thompson C W Vinemont l^'xlon

Thompson Carter Holly Pond Hwy H^'^ItI?

Thompson Charles 1812 Oakmont Cir SE ZiTTl^

Thompson Charles W Bethsadia Community — "739-0892

Thompson Charles William Phelan lH'Alil

Thompson Charlie 407 4th SE IH'IaII

Thompson Chip 407 4th SE — ;|1"S2zn

Thompson Conrad 1322 9th SE - "Z^J'SSX

Thompson Curtis W Jones Chapel lll'xik^

Thompson D G Brushy Creek Community ZiZ'f-^^i

Thompson Dillard Vinemont Zxl'T^ll

Thompson Elizabeth 507 Birmingham SW 734-0468

Thompson Ester Mrs llOl 3rd Av E lt*'Il9,9,

Thompson Freda 801 5th SE 734-0138

Thompson G L 1419 Bruner NW Z31"ac|§

Thompson George Jr 211 14th NE ???"95??

Thompson Harold Wheat Community Z^I'S,

Thompson & Hartwig Fuller BIdg Z55"Z5S

Thompson Herman Battleground Zo^oo^o

Thompson Herschel 715 3rd Av SE l^'lVl

Thompson Ivan Blair Road IVa'^aL^

Thompson J H 1317 Marie NW Z?5"13S1

Thompson J M Blair Community ""Zoloila

Thompson J R Guntersville Hwy - - - :; Zx^'f^o

Thompson J Raymond 1432 Goehler Rd SE -"734-1362

Thompson J W Vinemont ZJI'ifS

Thompson Jack Sardis Community ZSI'SX??

Thompson James D Etha Z^'fco-T

Thompson James E atty Fuller Bidg l^'ilU

Res 1008 Broadway Av SW 4^"cco?

Thompson James H Etha I^'^q^a

Thompson Jerry Union Hill Community llalVdc,

Thompson Joel Vinemnt r"""4^'nZoc

Thompson John Johnson Crossing Community "734-06^^

Thompson John D Blair Rd 4^V??5?

Thompson John Donald Sardis Community 747-6^3

Thompson L L 1804 Lakehill Dr NW Hi'^lll

Thompson L W 1425 3rd NE V^'\^

Thompson Linda 124 Morgan Av SW ZS oAAS

Thompson Lindon Gum Pond Community i^'i^lt

Thompson Myrtle West Point ZJ^'/ZSt

Thompson Nathan Blair Community Zoj^'X/oZ

Thompson Nina 507 Birmingham Av Zll'^a

Thompson Oleva Phelan 734-9iJb:J

Thompson Orilee 908- A 4th Av SE Z^^"?^Z

Thompson R H Blair Rd Z;Z o§A2

Thompson R M Sardis Community ZoZ'oIZ?

Thompson Ray 908 Denson Av SW 'Jj'^\

Thompson Thomas A New Hope Community - -796-2947

Thompson Troy 605 6th Av SE Z^'clJS

Thompson Vera Etha Community Z2z"l?»?

Thompson Verbon H Etha """ZAT'o^^n

Thompson Viola Welcome Rd ''jfi'xLl^

Thompson W A 210 McKoy Av NW IJ^'l^i

Thompson W E Etha Z2^'^4

Thompson W 1206 Ackers SW Z^'^J

Thompson W V Mrs 109 8th NE — -734-6576

Thompson W W Good Hope Z^'J2?2

Thompson W Wayne Holly Pond Highway 7%-5949

Thompson Wayne 701 3rd Av SE Z^ -Z2«

Thoms Jerrol Old Corn Rd ZI^'IVZo

Thorne J Vernon 1607 Bolte Rd SE ^'SSo

Thorne James A Vinemont '^^"?^Zr

Thornton Adell Hwy 157 Z51"2xZx

Thornton Betty Mrs West Pt 734-8189

Thornton Betty McGlinn Jones Chapel Rd 747-6S85

Thornton Buford Fortner Road 739-2401

Thornton D L Oak Level '^''jS}

Thornton Earnest Old Highway 31 North 734-6986

Thornton Ebbie Sardis Road "ZoZ ,A?f

Thornton Glenn West Point ~Z<Vt^i

Thornton Henry 1343 11th SE Z^"9io2

Thornton Henry L 621 Hickory Av SW Z^'^IS

Thornton J E Bolte Rd "Zl^"^?;;

Thornton J W 1628 Logan Rd SW - "Z^'^1^

Thornton James R Welti ZIWA^

Thornton James T Crane Hill 747-1588

Thornton Leroy Jr 612 Ave B SE 734-3694

Thornton Melvin L 605 Musgrove Av SW 739-0925

Thornton R D Mount Zion Community 747-2145

Thornton Robert W Bethel Community -747-6610

Thornton T W Trimble Rd Z^'IVA

Thornton W F Good Hope "Z?^"§i,5

Thornton W Vinemnt - - "'Z^'JVi,

Thrailkill Kathallamar Smith Lake Zll'xlll

Thrailkill Warren M ofc 104 5th SE 'ZH'Zo?,

Res 606 1st SE 'Vii'llil

Thrasher Gena B 306- B 10th Av SE — ZJ?'9SJJ

Thrasher Harvel N Baileyton Zx^ -Z2^

Thrasher J R 2049 Dialsdale Dr SW 'ZJ^'SSZ

Thrasher Marvin H Holly Pond "Z?^'^^

Thrasher Ruby 206 Hickory Av SW ZJz"?5?i

Thrower Larry Old Hulaco Rd ""Zat'^^I

Thrower M Hulaco Rd — 7%-2245


Thurston H W Guntersville Hwy 7%-2844

Tideland Self Service Number 3

U S Highway 31 N - 734-9862

Tideland Self Service Number 4 1-65 Z?i"?2t2

Tidmore C M 1428 Mitchell Rd Z31"?S?Z

Tidwell Bertis Helicon ""Z^Z i?JS

Tidwell Chalmar Helican Rd 747-1754

Tidwell Dale McAfee

Cold Springs Hanceville Ala- -287-0774

Tidwell Don 512 Alabama Av SE ZIJ o??q

Tidwell E M West Pt ; Z?J"?i?Q

Tidwell Guy A 2032 Sandy Av«nue SW Zl^oino

Tidwell J E 1404 Marie NW 7 Z5i"SJ2?

Tidwell J H Central "ZS 7oi5

Tidwell James 1102-A 3rd SW 734-7384


117-A 4th SE 734-7210

Tidwell Levoyn Baileyton Z^S'^lin

Tidwell Marie Nesmith Z£'?4S?

Tidwell Maudie L 1424 Camellia Cir SW ZiTViAi

Tidwell Noel 804 Denson Av SW Z^'^iZo

Tidwell R6bert 1301 Tidwell SW Z^'Zl^i

Tidwell Robin 1301 Tidwell SW l^'till

Tidwell Vernon W Simcoe Z^^'^c^^

Tiffin Furniture Co 420 2nd Av SW Z^'^^tl

Tiffin Thos E 601 4th Av NE Zli"ti55

Tillery Debra C 2004 Mack Av SW Z^'tAII

Tillery H W 908 Nunnelley Av SW ZI1'?V??

Tillery Harry Vinemnt Z^o^i

Tillery Herman Old Hwy 31 N 734-2061


122 4th SW 734-4502

Tillery Larry A 2004 Mack Av SW Z^'^ll

Tillery Lou Wilhite Rd "Z^'H?^

Tillery Mary Ann 2004 Mack Av SW ZJ^'IzZZ

Tillery Mary B 1110 6th SW ZI1'^?i

Tillery N G 911 Cleveland Av SW Z?5'??i«

Tilley C Dripping Sprng Rd Z^Z'^^^a

Tllley Dennis D Bethel ZoZ'^^Zo

Tilley Dwight Bethsadia Z^ oi^^

Tilley E R Jones Chapl Comm 747-2127

Tilley Floyd 304 Morgan Av SW Z^^ rS^

Tilley H K Logan Rd lii'^lll

Tilley Larry Jones Chapel Z^Z'ifsZ

Tilley M H Eva 734-3681

Tilley Ophir Jones Chapl Comm 747-2212

Tilley Ronny Dripping Springs Rd Z^Z'^ZZi

Tilley T C Jones Chapel -' ZiZ"?^J

Tillman B D Trimble Rd ZJJ'2Z?f

Tillman Bobby J 1308 Maple Drive NW llriX^

Tillman E D Trimble Rd lH'^li?

Tillman J V Jr 306 Rae Av SW - Z?^'i§9^

Tillman J V Sr 1542 Vines Cir Hi'ZZ^

Tillman K L Bolte Road VA'^l

Tillman P M 1203 6th SW Z?J"52S

Timmons Marie Eva Rd Z^"2?5f

Timmons R L Nesmith ZiZ'i}??

Timpe Esther 207 3rd Av NW Z?7"SJ5r

Tingle John Henry Dripping Springs Rd ZS'Sio

Tipton Conrad Union Grove Rd Zaz'c^-T

Tipton H E Baileyton Z?5'r221

Tipton Jas Hoyt Schaffer Rd — "VA'^k^

Tipton Kenneth Harp Rd "ZI^'^zZ

Tipton Kenneth D 2011 Mack Av SW Z2f'2?S2

Tipton Ray Brooklyn-Holly Pond Z^'%i^

Tobacco Workers Local Union 334 115 4th SE-739-3837

Todd Ellle Old HancevI Rd Z^"Z^I5

Todd Glen Gold Ridge Rd "Zl?'?^^

Todd Richard Hwy 157 W "l^'llli

Todd W C Kress Rd Z?1"?S?i

Tolbert Darll Pinevale Sub-Division 4:^'f?if

Tolbert Harold M Addison 'ZiZ'^lS^

Tolbert Hubert Baldwin Zifi'iiii

Tolbert J H Salem Comm - Z^'X^f ,

Tolbert Mitchell Eva Rd Z??'2iiJ

Tolbert Tim Blair Community Z^I'^Z

Tolbert V L 810 8th Ct NE ZJi'?S2S

Tomlin Luther 1715 Pinewood Dr NW Z^ c2S(

Tomlin Wayne Hwy 69 Zl^'ll^

Tompkins td 406 5th Av SE - 734-8490


Highway 278 W Z3?"H??

If No Answer Dial - 74^-14/1


Fairview- Holly Pond Rd ^"Z4^^f

Top Dollar Store 413 2nd Av SW 734-9846

Top Value Stamps Redemption Center

1209 Cullman Shopping Center NW- -734-8709

412 Arnold NE Z?i cZZS

Nights Sundays & Holidays Dial 734-5028

Townsend Ezra C Eva Rd - - "^^'Sfe??

Townsend Harold Airport Rd - ^ ^^2n

Townsend John J Fairview 7%-2440

Townsend Lanier 2222 Fantansia Dr NW 739-1789

Townsend Leonard Eva Rd ^^"^^o

Townsend Roscoe 1322 Marie - -■* -734-3952

Townson C W Schaffer Rd 734-6159

Townson Charles 1830 Oakmont Dr SE 734-5478

Townson Helen Enon Community 734-1405

Townson Marrell 1324 Elm SE 734-4844

Townson Max A 612 Alabama Av SE - - 739-1890

Townson C New Home Community 7%-5039

Townson Theodore E Unxld Trailer Pk 734-7601

Towry Benton Rev Eva 7%-6048

01322 ® South Centr al 'Bell Telephone Company 1974


Highway 41 . 747-1406


1919 2nd Av SW 734-3911


Baileyton 7%-2686

Trammel Edward Vinemont 734-3552

Trammel Mary Old 31 Highway N 734-3552

Trammell Gus L 509 St Joseph Dr NW 734-6070

Trammell Herman 711 St Joseph Dr NW 734-3871

Trapp M F Ebenzr 734-7125

Travis A L Brooklyn 7%-6669

Traylor Dewitt Rev Trimble 734-3286

Traylor Joseph M Holly Pond Sub-Division 7%-5497

Trenkle M P 206 Elizabeth NE 739-2445

Treptau Jimmy W Holly Pond — 7%-6954

Trimble C L 1020 Lee Av SW 734-0520

Trimble George W 1428 Timberlane Dr SE 734-5195

Trimble Leroy Day. Gap Rd TiA-llOb

Trimble Lillian M 1536 Parker Cir SW 739-0364

Trimble Loring 1451 llth SE -734-5238

Trimble Restaurant Trimble ""Z^"2§Zx

Trimble Riley 1525 Pinecrest NW 739-3703

Trimble W Trimble 734-2621

Trimble W V Valley Grove Rd 734-5409

Trinchitella John H 1627 Woodland NW 734-4566

Trogden Hugh 12ll Broad NE 734-7564

Trout Carole 1648 Brantley Av SW 739-2622

Trucks Jerry W Wheat Community 747-6325

True Benjamin N 114 Richard Av NE 739-0069

Trussell Jessie 216 13th NE 739-0325

Trussell Lonar 103 3rd Av NW 734-4203

Trussell R C 407 7th SW 739-1582

Tubbs Avon Cullman-Arkadelphia Rd 734-5035

Tubbs Cordle Days Gap Rd 734-3740

Tubbs DG Bremen Hwy 734-6382

Tubbs Darold Jasper Hwy 739-0237

Tubbs Dwight Eva Road 734-9648

Tubbs Barney Old Logan Rd -734-8767

Tubbs Hoyt Beach Grv Rd 734-2431

Tubbs J S Good Hope "'Z^"Z?S

Tubbs RJ Mrs Good Hope Comm 734-0649

Tubbs T L Mrs Beech Grove Rd 739-0788

Tucker A A Salem Z^"?^i^

Tucker A B 921 Nunnelley Av SW- 734-1801

Tucker AC 516 St Joseph Dr NW Z^'5^?

Tucker Albert Logan -—747-2153

Tucker Bill Jr Welcome Rd 796-6929

Tucker C G 601 5th SE ZJ1'92^

Tucker C P 403 White Cir SW - Z^'IW

Tucker Cecil 1429 Bolte Rd SE- -734-5236

Tucker Clifford A

1429 Dripping Springs Rd NW - 734-1652

Tucker Columbus J Hwy 278 W V^l-lT^l

Tucker D W 1107 2nd Av SW Z^'^Z

Tucker David Highway 31 N - ZV.'}}3a

Tucker Dennis Old 69 Hwy S ZI1 '999i

Tucker Donna Marie 1325 Elm SE Z^'llfZ

Tucker Doris Glory Hill - — Z??'2Z5x

Tucker Dova Jones Chapel 'ZoZ'li^

Tucker Dwight 1634 Convent Rd NE — "Z^'tZS?

Tucker E M BethI Z?Z"i1SI

Tucker Edd 1215 Lessman SW Zli'llS

Tucker Farris Arkadelphia- Beech Grove Rd - -739-2696

Tucker Fred M 1409 Oakhill Dr NW Z??"?ZZi

Tucker Gilbert Logan ""Z,Z,Z^Z

Tucker H C 1751 Crestview Dr SW 734-1266

Tucker H E 1302 3rd Av SE ""Z?i"i55?

Tucker Harold Jr White Oak Community 747-2043

Tucker Hubert Jones Chapl-Nesmith Rd 747-2590

Tucker J 210 13th NE ZH'?^

Tucker J D Old Hwy 31 N — Z?;"?9§S

Tucker J E 730 Scenic Dr NE "ZJ1'oZA«

Tucker J H Battleground ZJ^'?i?2

Tucker J L lioi 3rd SW 734-1918


601 4th SW ""Zli"SS2

Tucker J Leon 1724 Highland Dr NW I^'JxTa

Tucker J M Logan Comm ZoZ'^^ll

Tucker J Wilfred atty 111-B Downtown Plaza -734-4462

Res 1317 Elizabeth NW Z?^"Zz?S

Tucker Jack Bethel - "ZJl'ZSJZ

Tucker Jack Mrs 1218 Broadway Av SW Z^'irVZ

Tucker James A 215 Majn Av SW ZU'JSi?

Tucker James E 802 Ave G SE ::"Z?2'??si

Tucker James M 1722 Old Hanceville Hwy SE -ZJJ'Srfl

Tucker Janice WiHow Springs Sub- Division Z,o2i^

Tucker Jerry 1312 Lakeside Dr NW Zl? cHo

Tucker Jerry W 1815 Pine Circle SE Z5;'55S;

Tucker John 1606 Rose NW - - "ZII'^^J

Tucker Kenneth 1350 Beth NW - "ZJJ'Sor?

Tucker L C Fairview V^'iiiL

Tucker L D Willow Springs Sub-Division Zo^'^i^

Tucker L H Valley Grove "Z25 lAii

Tucker LO Good Hope Community Zli'iV^A

Tucker Larry Jaspr Hwy — ""Z?S'ni^

Tucker Lennie C Basch Rd ZS'SfSI

Tucker Melvin 1443 Bolte Rd SE "•""Z^'^IZ^

Tucker N J Crane Hill - ""Z?Z'S5?7

Tucker Neola Guntersvl Hwy- - I^I'Vaqo

Tucker Nolan R 106 McNabb Rd NW """Z?1'IZ§q

Tucker Norman Valley Grove Community Zl;'??ii

Tucker OW Good Hope l^'lZil

Tucker Oliver Jr Glory Hill ""Z?1"??iA

Tucker Robert Billy Missionary Grove ZIS"(i-i^

Tucker Robert D 1614 Monterey SW - 739-141/


01322 ® South Central Bell Telephone Company 1974

Tucker Rosa Mrs 504 Cobb Av SW 734-4828

Tucker Shelley 1603 Lakehill NW- 734-1173

Tucker Shirley Highway 157 739-1636

Tucker Terry Joe Jones Chapel Hwy - - -747-6345

Tucker Tom Bethel 747-6476

Tucker W B Rev Logan Rd 747-2326

Tucker W H Rev 1418 Brunner NW - - 734-8400

Tucker W Hollis Holly Pond -7%-5139

Tucker W R Jones Chapel Community- -747-6148

Tucker Walter M Baldwin 734-4839

Tucker William Lee 1217 Ave C SE 734-3414

Tucker Willie Welti Comm 734-8639

Tucker Willie L Mrs 1550 Logan Rd SW 734-6129


Good Hope 734-86%

Tuggle Benny Gene Old Hwy 31 N 734-7061

Tuggle Buster Steve 1112 Main Av NE 739-3527

Tuggle J M Nesmith 747-2361

Tuggle J R Addisn 747-1746

Tuggle Jerry W Dr 1623 Bolte Rd SE 734-0806

Tuggle Mike Nesmith 747-6197

Tuggle Myrna ins Addison 747-1591

Tuggle & Sweed Chiropractic Clinic

< 1621 4th SW - 734-7315

Tuggle Wilson Addison 747-1560

Tunstall W C Bee Line Hwy N 734-2379

Tupper Ralph 1801 Brenda NW 734-8557


3225 8th Av N Birmingham Ala 328-3336

Turnbough Shirley 105 Rosemont Av SW 734-5168

Turner Arnold C Kress Rd 734-0236

Turner Billy Holly Pond 7%-5991

Turner Cephas Eva 7%-6015

Turner Cora 1214 Logan Road SW 734-7104

Turner Edgar B 811 3rd Av SE 734-3467

Online LibraryArthur Conan DoyleU.S. Telephone Directory Collection (Volume Alabama - White Pages - Cullman -May 1967 thru May 1974) → online text (page 176 of 184)