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^ PREFACE jgc3^^3

^^ ^^^\'^ the death of my father in May, 1909, I came into possession

* ^ m^ M of certain records dealing with the history of the Franklin

. I family which had been collected by my grandfather, and I

\ proposed to put these into more permanent form in order that they

'^' might be available for use of other members of my family. In the

course of arranging them I found it necessary to communicate with

representatives of the various branches of the family in order to

^ confirm some of the details, and by this means I obtained much

further information, thus enlarging the scope of the work to a

considerable extent.

In the result I have been able to compile a list of collateral
relatives of the Franklin family which, though not complete, is fairly
lengthy, and to this I have added a list of the connections of my
mother's family as far as I have been able to trace them, as well
as an extract from the records of my wife's mother's family, which
were compiled by Mr. Dann.

I have had very much assistance from Professor Dr. Brann, of the
Breslau Seminary (whose knowledge of Jewish History is unrivalled),
as well as from Mr. Colyer-Fergusson, Mr. Percy Isaacs, Mr. Montie
Jacobs, Mr. Alfred Henry, Mrs. Goodman Levy, Mrs. Meldola,
Mrs. Bamberger, Mrs. Simeon Singer, Mrs. Charles Meyerstein,
Mr. Joseph Myers, of Manchester, the Rev. Edwin Franklin, of
Southampton, Miss Eliz. Maude Marks, of Birmingham, and many
others of the family connections who have taken great trouble in
adding to and correcting the records of their respective branches,



By kind permission of Mr. Claude Montefiore I have been able
to include the history of the Bacharach family, from whom the
Franklins are descended, as compiled by the late Professor Kaufmann,
and translated for the "Jewish Quarterly Review" by the Rev.
Michael Adler.

The statements made herein have been verified as far as possible
by reference to Synagogue records, tombstones, wills, and family
Bibles, but this has not been possible in every case, and I should
feel grateful to be informed of any error that may be found.

At two points my researches were interrupted by the present war,
and I regret that I have to leave these matters incomplete.

The first is the connection between Rabbi Menachem Mendel
Franckel, of Breslau, the great-grandfather of Ellis Abraham Franklin
and husband of Sarah Sussel Bacharach, with the family of Rabbi
Jonas Franckel of the same city. The proofs are probably to be found
in the archives of the Jewish community of Lissa in Prussia.

The other is the connection between the Israel family of Hamburg,
the ancestors of Ellis Franklin's grandmother, and the Israels of
Halberstadt, the ancestors of his wife's mother. From the fact that
in each case the name in Hebrew is " Ezrael," and from other
circumstantial evidence, I have every reason to believe that this
connection exists, but up to the present moment I have been unable
to verify it. The proofs are probably to be found in the archives of
the Jewish communities of Altona and Halberstadt.


December, 1914.






Arthur E. Franklin


Menachem Mendel and Sarah

Ernest L. Franklin


SussEL Franckel


George S. Joseph


Benjamin Wolf and Sarah

Leonard B. Franklin




Frederic S. Franklin .


Abraham Franklin and his

James Castello .


Family ....


Right Hon. Herbert L. Samuel


Ellis Abraham Franklin


Lewis Franklin .


Pedigrees of Ellis Abraham




Jacob Aaron .


Franckel .


Ralph Isaac .


Bacharach .


Abraham Yoell




Matthew John Segre




Solomon Aaron


Alexander .


David Aaron .





FAMILY . . . 46-61

John Aaron .


Franklin ....


Nathan Spiers


Franckel ....


Myers .




John Aaron, Senior .


Abraham Franklin




Isaac Franklin


Henry Berens


Esther Prins . . 48


Saul Samuel .


Maurice Franklin




Lewis Abraham Franklin


Blanckensee .


Abraham Gabay Franklin


Samuel Davis


Ellis Abraham Franklin 54


Dr. Samuel Solomon

• 72



Solomon Isaac
Alexander Isaac


Frederick Isaac
Joseph Isaac Leon
Julius Simon .
Philip Isaac .
Lewis Leon .
George Isaac Leon
Solomon Alexander
Alexander Alexander
Samuel Pyke .
Henry Family




Mrs. Arthur E. Franklin
Pedigree . . . -97

Mrs. Ellis A. Franklin's Col-


laterals .
Samuel .
Nathan Samuel
Barnett Joseph
Michael Henry
Louis Samuel
St. Losky
Edwin Samuel
Moss Samuel .
Martin Schlesinger
Lord Swaythling
MosES Samuel
Samuel Woodburn .


• 99

• 99
. 100


. lOI

■ 103

. 103

. 104

. 106

. 107

. 108

Charles Reis .
Jonas Reis
Walter Samuel

Isaac Israel .

Israel Israel of Bury St


Isaac Solomon
Jacob Davis
John Davis
Arthur Davis
Levy Jacobs .
Albert Davis
Marcus Sachs
Dr. Maurice Davis
Abraham Myer
Lewis Cowan .
Elias Solomons
Maurice Solomons
Lewis Solomon
Naphtali Pass
Samuel Solomon
Israel Solomon
Jonah Israel
Israel Israel of St. Mary



Jair Chayim Bacharach, by Pro-
fessor David Kaufmann


Records of the Franklin Family

ELLIS ABRAHAM FRANKLIN was the son of Abraham
Franklin, son of Benjamin Wolf Franklin, who came
from Breslau in or about 1763.

In Breslau, in the first half of the eighteenth century, there
were several families of the name of Franckel. The most eminent
was that of the merchant Jonah Joseph Franckel, called also
Chaim Josiah Franckel, who was one of the few Privileged
Jews (ten out of 3,000) who had equal rights with Christians, and
had also the right of protecting others. In 1754 he became the State
Rabbi. It is recorded that on one occasion he declined to hear and
settle certain disputes, as most of the local Jews involved, certainly
those of the name of Franckel, were his relatives.

The grandson of this Jonah Joseph Franckel, known as Com-
merzienrath Jonas Franckel, died in 1846, a very wealthy man, and
bequeathed the bulk of his fortune to trustees for certain public
purposes. Among other institutions endowed by this legacy was
the Breslau Jewish Theological College. The town ordered that the
open place in front of the old Jewish Cemetery where he was buried
should be called the Franckel Platz in his honour. It is opposite the
railway station as one enters the town.

Among the unprivileged Jewish inhabitants of Breslau were

Records of the Franklin Family

two brothers, Menachem Mendel Franckel and Jakob Franckel,
who originated from the town of Lissa, in Prussian Poland,
then an important Jewish settlement and educational centre. Men-
achem Mendel Franckel was a Rabbi, and is so called on the family

It is a tradition in Breslau that he was responsible for the
funerals at Dyhrenfurth (a village a few miles from Breslau) of Jews
who died in Breslau previous to the opening of a cemetery in that
city, and he is mentioned in connection with the burial of thirty-three
Jews who were killed in June, 1749, by the explosion of a powder
magazine in the Wallstrasse of Breslau. It is evident, therefore,
that he was what is called the Kevronim Rabbi, or Rabbi of the
Holy Brotherhood, for attending to the last rites. He is said also
to have had independent means of livelihood.

It is related of him that when, at last, a burial ground had
been obtained in Breslau, he was asked to fix the spot for the first
interment (the first interment consecrates a burial ground). He threw
a stone over his shoulder and designated the spot where it fell as the
place for the grave. He died shortly after this and was buried on
that spot — his being the first grave dug. It is in the centre of
the oldest part of the Burial Ground by the Franckel Platz and is
numbered 3480 in the list recently made. On the title page of the
Communal Register of Burials is the following statement : —

Die erste Leiche welche auf dem Friedhofe beerdigt
wurde war laut folio 253 dieses Buches

1 76 1 1'"^"'^ "«"3"p"n P'3 "T'3 '^^psns b-f3ytt "1

Records of the Franklin Family

His epitaph runs thus : —

lanK bDMS rrw^
i:tta mxia asn

bn^ya onjo "inn

p-a"'? "D"s"n"a p^3 "T'd

The initial letters of the lines form the word Menachem, and the
letters used for the date have the meaning " sudden," evidently
referring to the mode of his death.
The translation is : —

Here lies one who served his Lord in the sanctuary —

Who was faithful in his innermost thoughts to Him who sent him.

He loved his duty at all times.

He subsisted from the work of his hands.

He occupied himself with the commands of his Creator.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel, the son of (not decipherable) Franckel,

died Thursday, 26 Nissan, 5521 (i8th April, 1761).

His wife was Sarah Sussel, daughter of Samson Bacharach of
Nikolsburg, and granddaughter of the famous Jair Haim Bach-

* The line, where the name of the Father should be, is obliterated.


Records of the Franklin Family

arach of Worms (1638- 1703). Her ancestress Eva Bacharach (died
in Sofia 165 1) was one of the most learned of the Jewish women of
her day. This Bacharach family* was allied by numerous intermar-
riages with the leading Jewish families of the seventeenth century — the
Oppenheim, Brillin, Teomim Franckel, Eskeles, Wertheimer families,
etc., and most of its connections achieved distinction. Some details
of the members of this family are given on page 86. At the time of
the marriage of Sarah Sussel her family was occupying an influential
position in Nikolsburg, a town in Moravia then populated by some
three thousand Jews, of whom a large proportion had come from
Vienna after the expulsion in 1670. It was a great centre of Jewish
culture and contained a Rabbinical School.

Sarah Sussel Franckel died on 8th November, 1762, and was
buried next to her husband — No. 3481. Both tombs are somewhat
more important than those surrounding them and are well carved,
but the stone being soft, the inscription is rubbed in places.

Her epitaph runs thus : —

nn bo^T ma m^
mntr'?p^3D h'r\ ♦ ♦ * ♦ tttr 'n

p"B"b "j"3"p"n n2tt^ p^n "td "a av '-idb3

* A biography of Eva and Jair Haim Bacharach was published by Dr. David Kaufmann, and
was translated by the Rev. Michael Adler and published in vol. 3 (1890) of the "Jewish Quarterly
Review." It is reprinted on page 127. Notices also appear in the "Jewish Encyclopaedia."

Records of the Franklin Family

The translation is : —

" Here lies a lady, an honoured lady, Sarah Sussel,
daughter of Rabbi Samson of blessed memory of Nikols-
burg, wife of the late Rabbi Mendel Franckel of blessed
memory, died Monday 22 Heshvan (8th November)

* As it is practically certain that Menachem Mendel Franckel and
Jonah Joseph Franckel had a common origin, the Franckel pedigree
is given on page 84.

Jakob Franckel had a son, Meyer, born in 1736, Meyer had a
son, Jakob, born in 1769, Jakob had a son, Joseph, who died in 1830,
Joseph's son Jakob was born on 29th February, 18 16, and his
daughter Emma is the wife of Dr. Marcus Brann, Professor of
History at the Jewish Theological Seminary at Breslau, founded by
Commerzienrath Franckel.

* On pages 89-95 are some details of the Theomim-Franckel family and their alliances with
the Bacharachs. It is possible that the brothers Franckel derived their descent through Asher
Anschel Franckel and Jares his wife (pages 92-93). In view of the custom of calling children by
names borne by deceased members of the family, note should be taken of the similarity between the
names of this group and those of Menachem Mendel's family.


Of the children of this pair we can trace : —

David Mendel Franckel, born 1733, died 181 2.

AsHER Anschel Franckel, died 1776.

Benjamin Wolf Franklin, born about 1740, died 1785.

Perhaps also a Simcha or Simon.

SiMCHA, if he existed, seems to have died before 1784, because the
Emanuel Franckel referred to below is in that year stated to have
been a son of the late Simcha, and a nephew and adopted son of
David. But he may have been a son of a brother of David's first
wife (see later),

David, who was born in 1733, is stated by his nephew Abraham
to have been a banker in Breslau. In 1776, when the local authorities
took a census of Jews and their occupations, he is described as a
pastrycook, and again in 1790 as a dealer in clothes. At that
time, in view of the heavy taxes on trades, many Breslau Jews
described themselves as following occupations less heavily taxed than
those they actually pursued. Perhaps, however, he may have de-
veloped into the banking business gradually as many did at this

David married Chaye Scheftel, who was born in 1755.

He is said to have previously married a lady named Frankel, but
of this there is no definite evidence, though his recorded marriage is


Records of the Franklin Family

at a somewhat late age. He had no family, but formally adopted his
nephew Emanuel (called Manele), son of Simcha or Simon Franckel.
On 20th August, 1796, Emanuel became a partner with David, and
was so registered. David also adopted his nieces Esther Wolf
Franklin of London, and Sussel Wolf Franklin, her sister,
daughters of Benjamin, as is mentioned hereafter. He died,
aged 79, on 2nd November, 181 2, a rich man, and was buried in
the Franckel Platz Cemetery, Breslau. His tomb is No. 2644.
The epitaph runs : —

mri2 *?« «'^' tt>'« ^"^

•nisiisi itt?s3 ban ^^ -im;

iirT'iJtt inn mns by
|■'D^'^ i^p -D yi3 in

bn3y» Dn3i3 'maa nn "n "n"n

•a DV3 inTbS n3tt^ nyu^n

•i Dva imniD'? napj |wn "rs

p-s-b ry'p'n ia 'n-a


Records of the Franklin Family

Translation : —

" If in the Garden of God the voice cries,
The Rose will give its scent and bloom.

Oh Death
Why hast thou swung thy scythe over the Man who feared

God from childhood,
Who served God with all his soul and all his might.
In his house he brought up orphan children,
With his bread he fed the poor,
But why should we weep so bitterly over the parting of his soul

from his body ?
Lo, we know that at the end of days
It is ordained that he shall live again.

" Rabbi David, son of the learned Rabbi Menachem
Franckel, died at the high age of 79 years after his
birth. Monday, 27 Chesvan (2nd November, 1812), and
was buried on the following day, Tuesday, 28 Chesvan,

His widow, whose portrait has been preserved, was living in
August, 1 82 1, when her nephew Abraham (then of Liverpool) visited
her and received from her an old chased silver-gilt cup, which is still
in existence, and bears a dedicatory inscription. She died 31st
October, 1849, ^g^d 76 or 77.

AsHER Anschel seems to have been a doctor, and to have died
unmarried on 22nd August, 1776. His grave is No. 3390, and the
epitaph reads : —

Records of the Franklin Family


'n"tt"n b^tt^^K "i"nn 'nan "n"n
b'l "^psy-iB bni:;tt cnjo

bx '1



Translation : —

" Here lies a Godfearing man who has returned to his
home in the Earth where his body lies, whilst his soul
rests on high. He devoted himself to visiting the sick,
and he occupied himself with the commands of the Lord
all his life. The Bachelor Rabbi Anschel, son of the
learned Rabbi Menachem Mendel Franckel of blessed
memory. Died 7 Ellul, 5636 (22nd August, 1776)."

This Asher Anschel (the name spelt Antschel) described as a
brother of Benjamin and David Franckel, appears in a deed of
Halizah at the time of the marriage of his brother Benjamin, dated
8th December, 1765.


Benjamin Wolf Franckel went to London about 1763, probably
at the same time as the daughter of Rabbi Jonah Joseph Franckel, who
married Saul, son of the then London Chief Rabbi, Hirschel, or Lyon
Hart (1756- 1 763). On settling there Benjamin anglicised his name to
Franklin. Perhaps this was suggested by the fact that, in accordance
with local custom, his mother, when a widow, had been called in official
documents " Die Fraenckelin." He was appointed Rabbi of the
Talmud-Torah Hevra, a school for religious instruction, founded in
1770, and later merged into the Jews' Free School. He also taught
in many private families, among others in those of the Goldsmids,
Gompertz, De Symons, Waleys, etc. At the time of his death he
resided in Cock Court, Jewry Street, E.C. In 1823 this house, with
others in the same street, was purchased and presented to the Portu-
guese Jewish community by Sir Moses Montefiore and still belongs
to them.

On 1 8th Ellul, 28th August, 1765, Benjamin married an English
Jewess named Sarah Joseph, daughter of Lazarus Joseph and
Hannah, his wife. Lazarus Joseph's name was originally Lazarus
Israel. His Hebrew name was Eleazar, and in a Haliza document
he is cited as Eleazar Leiza, the Hamburger.

The father of this Lazarus Israel, named Esriel, the son of Eliezar,
died in Altona in 1710, and was buried in the Konigstrasse Cemetery,
grave No. 1336.

Records of the Franklin Family

The inscription on the tombstone is as follows : —


uro Kb S^m n3pT "im
p"S"b T'n nian ': "j or -nDB^

Translation : —
" Here lies Esriel, son of Eliezar, died 3 Tammuz,
5470. He was a pious and holy man who studied the
Law of Moses until the end of his long life."

The grandfather of Lazarus Israel, who bore the same name, is
recorded as one of the visitors from Hamburg at the Leipzig fairs
between 1665- 1699.

One branch of this Israel family settled in Gluckstadt. In 1759
Isaac Israel married Esther, daughter of Salmon Moses Warburg of
Altona. Martin Mendel, son of Salmon Moses Warburg, married
Sophie Israel and came to London in 1815.

In the Hebrew registers of Hamburg, Lazarus Israel is mentioned
as " Elieser Leser, Esriel," and in 1720 he was assessed on an income
of 500 Reichsthalers, and paid 31 Marks tax. From 1735 to 1739 he
paid 49 Marks, and then he falls out of the list, as he left for
London in 1740. The name Israel is a variant of Esriel,* and was
the secular name of this family.

In Lazarus Joseph's will, proved 19th February, 1773, it is
stated that his name is "Lazarus Israel otherwise Joseph." His

* It is remarkable that the Israel family to which the mother of Mrs. Ellis A. Franklin belonged
had the same somewhat unusual Hebrew name. Possibly the two famiHes were connected.

Records of the Franklin Family

wife is mentioned as Hannah Israel otherwise Joseph. Possibly
her maiden name was Joseph and her husband adopted it.

The mother of Lazarus Joseph was Baleh Israel of Hamburg,
daughter of Simon Lazarus of London. Her brother Lazarus
Simon, in a will dated 1764, bequeathed £,100 consols to his
nephew Lazarus Israel and ;^400 consols to his nephew's children.

Lazarus Simon was the son of Simon Lazarus and Gitla Moses,
his wife, and married Margolies, daughter of Naphtali Levi, and
sister of Moses Hart of Breslau, the head of the Ashkenazi Jews, and
Aaron Hart, the Rabbi of the Great Synagogue. Lazarus Simon
was a rich man and left a large legacy to the Duke's Place
Synagogue, now held by the United Synagogue conditionally
on the tombs of himself, wife, and parents, being kept in order.
These tombs are in the Globe Road (now called Alderney Road)
Cemetery, and are as follows : —

Simon, son of Eleazar Lazarus of Goslar, died 1725.

Gitla Moses, his wife, died 1727, also of Goslar.

Eleazar, called Lazarus Simon, died 1764.

Margolies, his wife, died 1788.

Hannah Joseph seems to have been a great beauty and is spoken
of as "The famous Schoene Anna."

The Josephs lived at 3 Bury Court. Besides Hannah there were
two other daughters, Gitla married to Judah Isaacs, and Sophy (or
Zipporah) married to Henry Marks.

Abraham Franklin kept a small case containing the portrait
of Zipporah Marks with her hair and ring, and these are extant. She
appears to have been a pretty, slight young woman with a great
mass of light brown hair drawn off a high forehead.

Records of the Franklin Family

Henry Marks had a brother, David, a tailor of Great Alie Street,
Goodman's Fields, and an uncle, Ephraim Polak, a tailor, who lived
at Mansel Street. Ephraim was a noted Chazan, and his portrait
was engraved and is extant. He died 2nd May, 1812.

The ladies' baths at 3 Henry Court belonged to the sisters, but
as Mrs. Isaacs was a widow the family made them over to her for
the maintenance of herself and children. She had two sons, Joseph
and Isaac, and two daughters, Betsy and Miriam. Betsy married
Abraham Solomon, a painter, who died 26th May, 1839 (?), and
Miriam, Yidla Isaacs, a clothier. The two sons married and had
large families all living in London.

A document exists, a release, from Hannah Joseph to her son-in-law
Henry Marks, witnessed by Benjamin Franklin and David Marks.
Hannah signs by a mark. It is dated ist April, 1775, and gives her
address as in Cree Church Lane, where Henry Marks also resided.

In 1784 (December) Benjamin was in Breslau on a visit.

There he made a contract with his brother David that his daughter
Esther should marry David's adopted son Emanuel on 23rd December,
1786, and that he would send her over not later than New Year 5546
(5th November, 1785). David contracted to provide a gift of 500
thalers, payable on the wedding day, in cash or in a bill payable in six
years with five per cent interest. He also undertook to provide for all
the requirements of the young pair, dwelling, food, clothing, etc., free
for six years, so that they would have no expenditure to make of any
kind. As Esther was born in 1773, she would have been 13 or 14 at
her marriage. Benjamin gave a draft of 300 thalers payable in
London as soon as he should be rich or receive a legacy — evidently
anticipating the sum to be received from his father-in-law's uncle.


Records of the Franklin Family

Benjamin signs as having come from London.

As a matter of fact this marriage did not take place until 1797,
when Esther was 24.

Benjamin had the following children : —

A daughter who died in 1785, and was buried near her parents.

Esther, mentioned above, born in 1773.

Zese (probably a variant of Sussel), born in 1775.

Mendler, who died as a young man in the house of his uncle,
David Marks.

Lazarus, called afterwards Lewis.

Abraham, of whom more hereafter. Born 19th May, 1784.

Benjamin and his wife both died during an epidemic in 1785.
A daughter — the eldest — died at the same time, all within three
weeks. They are buried in the old Globe Road Cemetery. In
accordance with a prevailing custom Benjamin was " blessed " in
Synagogue, and a new name given him — Jacob. Therefore, on his
tombstone, the name stands " Jacob Benjamin Wolf." Curiously
enough Abraham, who was one year old when his father and mother
died, was under the impression in later life that they died in 1786,
and he had the dates of their deaths reversed in his family records.

On the death of their parents, the five children were distributed among
the family. The two daughters were sent for by David Franckel of
Breslau, and he formally adopted them as mentioned above, and
Mendler and Abraham were adopted by their aunt, Zipporah Marks.

Esther married Emanuel Franckel in 1797, and died 31st
October, 1850, aged 77. She had several children, (i) Simon,
who was born in 1799. In 1821, when Abraham returned from
Breslau, he (Simon) sent a handsome edition of the Psalms in

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