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A history and genealogy of Captain John Locke (1627-1696) of Portsmouth and Rye, N.H., and his descendants; also of Nathaniel Locke of Portsmouth, and a short account of the history of the Lockes in England online

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Online LibraryArthur Horton LockeA history and genealogy of Captain John Locke (1627-1696) of Portsmouth and Rye, N.H., and his descendants; also of Nathaniel Locke of Portsmouth, and a short account of the history of the Lockes in England → online text (page 40 of 70)
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Allen, b. 1888.
8160 Joseph Hannibal, b. May 20, 1856, m. Lima, Ohio, July 26, 1888,
Sarah Ditson. He was a machinist in the oil business at Robin-
son, 111., where he d. June i, 1907; had no children.
F8161 William Hale, b. Aug. 17, 1858, m. July 13, 1891, Elizabeth Boyd.

F4915 Jonathan Locke, born in Lyman, May 17, 1814,
married in Deerfield, Feb. 23, 1837, Sally Cook of Epping, born
Apl. 24, 1814, died 1893?. In 1849 he moved from New Hamp-
shire to Titusville, Pa., under a five year contract to put in and
operate four saw mills and one grist mill on the Oil Creek River.
He later erected two mills in California. At the solicitation of
the Pennsylvania company he returned to Titusville, when the
first original Drake Oil Well was drilled, in 1859, and leasing
some machine shops, commenced the manufacture of tools for
drilling oil wells, making the first set ever made in the oil region.
He continued with this business many years, closing a useful

career at Bradford, Pa., Jan. 20, 1894, aged 81.

Children of 8th Gen.
8162 Florinda, b. Feb. 16, 1838, d. Lyman, Dec. 9, 1854.
F8163 Sarah, b. Apl. 23, 1839, m. July 2, 1857, Stephen Logan.
F8164 Henry Harrison, b. Dec. 21, 1840, m. Sept. 26, 1866, Martha H.

F8165 Martha Helen, b. Apl. 25, 1842, m. ist, July 28, 1859, Samuel

Partridge; m. 2nd, July 3, i860, Henry C. Carpenter.
F8166 Jonathan Morrill, b. Feb. 15, 1844, m. Sept. 26, 1867, Ellen A.

F8167 Stephen Farnsworth, b. March 9, 1846, m. March 5, 1869, Mary
E. Ashley.
8168 Mary Keziah, b. Bradleyvale, Pa., Apl. 15, 1848, d. Nov. i, 1850.
F8169 Mary K., b. Dec. 5, 1850, m. Sept. 29, 1870, Benj.\min S. Truxal.
F8170 Hannib.\l Orlando, b. July 2, 1856, m. July 18, 1876, Ella A.

F4916 Mary A. Minot Locke, born in Lyman, March 29,
1816, married in Lyman, Dec. 7, 1839, Stephen Farnsworth,
who was born Sept. i, 18 16. They lived in Haverhill where she
died Apl. 29, 1848. He died in Felton, Cal., March 31, 1891.
He was a farmer in Haverhill and East Barton, Vt., and had
four wives.


Children of 8th Gen. h. in Haverhill.
F8171 David Lovering, b. Nov. 15, 1838,? m. Dec. 26, 1866, Frances P.

F8172 Ann, b. Feb. 8, 1840, m. Samuel Magoon.
F8173 Elbridge G., b. March 13, 1842, m. ist, Louise Somers, m. 2nd,

Apl. 7, 1896, Frances G. Carr.
F8174 Florinda Lovering, b. March 25, 1844, m. Nov. 2, 1867, Job C.

F8175 Orrin Edward, b. Nov. 27, 1846, m. June 18, 1873, Catherine

Margaret Pray.

F4917 Elbridge Gerry Locke, born in Lyman, March 24,
1818, married ist, March 21, 1844, Janette A. Dixon, born in
Ryegate, Vt., July 8, 1821, died Feb. 3, 1867; married 2nd,
March 15, 1874, Amanda Pankey. He was a sawyer, hved in
Dalton, and died Nov. 9, 1879.

Children of 8th Gen., all by first wife.
F8176 Janette D., b. Apl. 21, 1845, m. ist, June 6, 1863, Orrin E.
Calkins; m. 2nd, Nov. 16, 1869, Harrison Cass.

8177 David E., b. Dalton, N. H., Dec. 6, 1846, m. New York, Feb. 10,

1870, Florence JVI. Simmons, b. N. Y., Sept. 4, 1850. He was a
machinist in Titusville, Pa., had no children.

8178 Mary A., b. Feb. 23, 1849, d. Aug. 12, 1849.

F8179 Robert Dickson, b. Aug. 26, 1850, m. July 12, 1884, Fannie J.

F8180 Alice I., b. July 13, 1852, m. July 9, 1874, William Wallace.
8181 Florinda J., b. June 17, 1856, m. Jan. 5, 1881, Alfred Paden who

d. 1914, lived in Berkeley, Cal., had: 8182 GuY; 8183 Agnes, b.

Oct. 1 88 1.

8184 Annette M., b. Nov. 28, 1858, d. Jan. 9, 1861.

8185 Sarah E. A., b. Titusville, Pa., Apl. 23, 1861, m. Cal., March 18,

1885, Millard Fillmore Neff, b. Cal. Jan. 24, i860, lived at
Fallbrook, Cal., had: 8186 Clarence Wilson, b. March 18, 1886;
8187 Edith Eunice, b. Nov. 28, 1887; 8188 Elbridge Gerry, b.
Dec. 9, 1893.

F4918 Florinda Locke, born in Lyman, Apl. 21, 1820, mar-
ried Oct. 19, 1843, Henry Walker, a prominent citizen of
Peacham, Vt., who died Sept. 28, 1872, aged 55. Since 1873 she
lived in Windsor, Vt., an active member of the Congregational
Church, and died Jan. 7, 1905. He was a manufacturer and at
one time, editor of a paper.

Children of 8th Gen.
8190 Frank J., b. Sept. 21, 1847, m. July 4, 1883, Mary J. Jones, b. June
12, 1862, lived Hanford, Cal., was Dept. Sheriff; later lived Los
Angeles, Cal., where he d. Feb. 11, 19 15, had: 8 191 Irving, b.
March 17, 1888; 8192 Weston, b. Aug. 1890; 8193 Frank, b. 1892;
8194 Herbert.


8195 Henry G., b. July 13, 1852, d. Gal., Apl. 8, 1883.
F8196 Elizabeth Abbie, b. Aug. 12, 1854, m- Dec. i, 1874, Charles J.

8197 Emma Edna, b. Aug. 25, 1858, d. Windsor, Vt., unmarried, Nov. 13,


F4919 Simeon Lovering Locke, born in Lyman, Sept. 6,
1822, married in Lyman, March 3, 1847, Harriet Bailey, who
was born in Lyman, June 12, 1828, died in Littleton, June 26,
1915, left three sons, one daughter, 19 grandchildren and 30 great-
grandchildren. He was a farmer in Lyman and died Dec. 30,

Children of 8th Gen. b. in Lyman.

8198 Moses B., b. July 29, 1848, d. Oct. 13, 1848.

F8199 Eleanor H., b. July 29, 1850, m. Dec. 15, 1868, John W. Bah^ey.
F8200 Francisco H., b. March 9, 1852, m. Feb. 17, 1872, Phebe A. Weth-


•F8201 Silas Merrill, b. June 16, 1854, m. Dec. 24, 1874, Amanda M.

F8202 Lyman J. M., b. March 19, i860, m. Aug. 9, 1884, Lettie Br.\dley.

8203 Simeon Gerry, b. Jan. 20, 1862, m. March 1887, Nellie ^L Brad-
ford, b. Barnet, Vt., 1866. He is a Rural Delivery carrier in Lis-
bon, had: 8204 Mabel Blanche, b. Georgetown, Mass., Nov. i,
1890; 8205 George B., b. Lyman, Dec. 16, 1892, m. in Lisbon,
June 21, 191 6, Agnes M. Hammond.

8206 Flora A., b. Apl. 13, 1863, m. Nov. 7, 1888, Albert E. Strain, b.
Littleton July 8, 1868, son of Cornelius H. He is Deputy
Sheriff, lives Littleton, had: 8207 Arthur L., b. Apl. 28, 1889;
8208 Hazel, b. Sept. 3, 1897.

F4920 David Morrill Locke, born in Lyman, Sept. i, 1824,
married ist, Sept. i, 1853, Mary J. Jameson #5117 born June
II, 1831, died Sept. 2, 1881 in California; married 2nd, in Pots-
dam, N. Y., Sept. 9, 1893, Jennie A. Gillett, born in Brasher,
N. Y., Apl. 30, i860. She is living in California. Mary J.
Jameson was a well known writer of early days whose pen name
was "Mary Mountain." Going to California from New Hamp-
shire in 1849, he established in San Francisco, a unique system by
which he delivered water to house-holders in carts. He carried
on this buisness until the first pipe line was established. He
built the first toll bridge in California across the Stanislaus river
at Knights' Ferry in 1853; and also built a flour mill which is still
a landmark. In the early seventies he bought the St. Augustine
rancho of 1200 acres in Scott's valley near Santa Cruz. He was
living retired in Berkeley, Cal., where he died Oct. 27, 1908.


Children of 8th Gen.

8209 FiNETTE Carolyn, b. Knights' Ferry, Cal., Jan. i, i860, she grad-

uated Santa Cruz High School and was in University of Cal. one
year, m. Santa Cruz, Cal., Dec. 23, 1914, William Armstrong,
b. Wis., 1847.

8210 Alexander Morrill, b. Irasburg, July 15, 1861, m. Nov. 28, 1887,

MusiDORA F. Rowantree, lives Berkeley, Cal., had: 82 11 Alex-
ander R., b. Oct. 9, 1888; 8212 Eric, b. July 1892; 8213 Sarah,
b. 1894.

F4922 Alice Pearsons Locke, born in Lyman, Nov. 13, 1828,
died in Alameda, Cal., Aug. 15, 1915, married Jan. 6, 1855, i^i San
Francisco, Hale Rix, born in Stanstead, Can., June 8, 1828. He
went to California in 1850, was mining law police judge for nine
years and died Oct., 1900. He and Alice were acquainted in New
Hampshire and this was renewed when she went to California with
her brothers, and they were married there. "She was a woman
of wide acquaintance, of most loving philanthropy, of disposition,
sweet and noble, a faithful, self-sacrificing wife and mother."
Children of 8th Gen. b. in San Francisco.

8214 Annie R., b. Nov. 15, 1855, m. Nov. 28, 1891, Paul Militz, b. Ger-

many March 22, 1854. She was one of the first white children born
in Cal. She became a Christian Scientist about 1886, a healer
and preacher in N. Y., Denver and Chicago. In 1906, she traveled
around the world and is now a lecturer on "New Thoughts," and
editor of paper in Los Angeles called "Master Mind."

8215 Alice F., b. Aug. 4, 1858, d. Jan. 6, 1862.

F8216 Abbie L., b. Dec. 10, 1861, m. Feb. 10, 1887, Frederick Maurer, Jr.

8217 Harriet Hale, b. Nov. 10, 1863, is unmarried aad head of "Home of

Truth," Alameda, Cal.

8218 Ella Frances, b. March 31, 1868, m. Feb. 5, 1888, Myron B.

HiCKOK, b. Virginia City, Neb., Aug. 16, 1866. They were
divorced 1892, and she became a Christian Scientist, and lives San
Francisco, had: 8219 Frank, b. Sept. 23, 1888, who later changed
his name to Frank Harrison; 8220 Edna, b. March 29, 1891, m.
1913, Fred R. Johnson and had: 8221 Margaret F., b. 1914.
8222 Edward Hale, b. Dec. 15, 1871, m. 1902, Emma Walker Niles,
lives San Francisco.

F4923 Josiah Hannibal Locke, born in Lyman, June 7,
1831, married Oct. 13, 1859, Carrie Macomber, born in Bath,
Me., Nov. 17, 1842. He also went to California and died in San
Francisco, Apl. 7, 1904. She died in Purissima, Cal., July 25,
1914. He was superintendent of the largest flour mill in San
Francisco and owned a large ranch at Purissima, Cal.


Children of 8th Gen.
8223 Florinda a., b. July 23, i860, m. July 4, 1883, Horace Nelson, who

has a ranch at Purissima Cal., had: 8224 Hannibal Locke, b. Oct.

29, 1884.
8225 Emily J., b. Oct. 25, 1862, m. Aug. 9, 1888, Henry E. C. Feunsier,

a civil engineer at Sonoma, Cal., hacl: 8226 Ralph E., b. June 1889.

8227 Horace N., b. Nov. 10, 1864, lives in Purissima, Cal.

F4924 Abigail Blake Locke, born in Lyman, Sept. 15, 1834,
married 1st, June 13, 1854, Lyman J. McIndoe, born in Barnet,
Vt., Jan. 17, 1819, died in Windsor, Dec. 23, 1873. She married
2nd, June i, 1876, Rev. Franklin Butler, born in Essex, Vt.,
Oct. 3, 1814, died in Windsor, Vt., May 23, 1880.

John McIndoe came to America in 1784, settled at the head of
McIndoe Falls, his son James lived on this farm until 1822, and
Lyman was born there. He learned the printer's trade, became
owner of the Windsor, (Vt.) Journal, the oldest weekly in Ver-
mont, and this paper continued in his family down to Mr. Marsh
O. Perkins, whose health compelled him to relinquish it. Abigail
Blake, was educated in the Lyman schools, and in the famous
academies at Peacham and Newbury, Vt, She was a teacher
until marriage, and after the death of her husband, carried on the
publication of the Windsor Journal, and later married Mr. Butler
who was an editor of it. Her interest in education was shown by
her financial assistance to many young people, enabling them to
prepare for life's work. Her gifts to missionary and other philan-
thropic objects, were noble and generous yet without ostentation.
Her motherhood ever contributed to the dignity, purity and
beauty of the home circle and brought to her the unbounded
affection of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Possessed
of a great heritage founded on the Christian's hope, she truly
transmitted it enlarged and beautified to descendants, and to the
community at large! She passed away in that hope Feb. 28, 1912.

Children of 8th Gen.

8228 Lucia Abbie, b. Newbury, Vt., March 12, 1856, d. Windsor, Nov. 3,

F8229 Clara Alice, b. Aug. 24, 1859, m. Dec. 31, 1878, Marsh O. Perkins.

8230 Abbie, b. Windsor, Feb. 2, 1868, d. March 17, 1868.

8231 Florinda, b. Windsor, July 9, 1869, m. Windsor, Oct. 11, 1893,

Ernest L Morgan, b. West Windsor, Vt., Oct. 30, 1870. He
received his schooling in Windsor, Vt., graduated from University of
Vermont in 1891 and then completed the three years' course of
Boston University Law School in one year with the highest honors.


Located a short time in Gloucester, Mass., he then went to Worces-
ter, Mass., where he rapidly rose to the office of Assistant Attorney
General, only leaving that office because of poor health. He was
known to his associates at the bar as one possessed of great legal
ability and comprehension. Besides his love for his profession he
took great interest in the study of history and natural history.
He died in Worcester, Mass., Jan. 19, 1910, had: 8232 Stuart
Carlton, b. Worcester, Nov. 5, 1900.

F4925 Lydia Hall Locke, born in Dover, March 5, 1814, died
July 22, 1897, married in Newmarket, Oct. 2, 1845, Nathaniel
FoLSOM Kimball of Exeter, born in Exeter, June 21, 1806.
They lived at South Newmarket and he died Apl. 26, 1894.

Children of 8th Gen.
8233 Orrin Taplin, b. Sept., 1846, m. Nashua, Oct. 24, 1871, Maria E.
Ayers, b. Dorchester, Mass., 1847, dau. of John and Lucy. He d.
Nov. 15, 1876, had:_8234 Blanche, b. 1873, d. 1878.

8235 Emily A., b. July 22, 1849, m. Dec. i, 1870, Benjamin B. Tuttle, b.

Apl. 27, 1847, lived in Andover, Mass.

8236 George Perkins, b. June 7, 1851, unmarried 1898.

F4926 John Tash Locke, born in South Newmarket, March
21, 1 816, married Sept. 12, 1841, Roxbury Spofford Sanborn,
of Sandown, daughter of John and Mary, born May 19, 1817,
died in South Newmarket, Feb. 19, 1861; married 2nd, July 9,
1863, Sarah Waldron Tread well of Newmarket, born Oct.
13, 1818. He was a grocer and postmaster in South Newmarket
19 years and died there Feb. 26, 1864. Sarah his widow married
1867, Elder John F. Adams of Newfields.

Child of 8th Gen. by first wife.

8237 Mary Olivia, b. Nov. 7, 1849, m. ist, July i, 1869, Charles S.

Tilton, who d. July 18, 1876; m. 2nd, Noy. 25, 1879, James A.
FoLSOM, b. March 13, 1845, son of Winthrop and Nancy (Tash).
He is a real estate broker in Manchester, no children.

F4927 Simeon Locke, born in Newmarket, Dec. 25, 1817,
married Feb. 28, 1842, Nancy Norris Clarke of Epping. He
was in the paper stock business in Boston 25 years, going west in

Children of 8th Gen.

8238 Orrin St. Clair, b. Aug. 18, 1842, d. Sept. 8, 1846.

8239 Sarah Josephine, b. June 17, 1847, d. Apl. 4, 1849.

8240 Charles E., b. Nov. 1849, d. Dec. 10, 1853.

8241 Sarah L., b. Nov. 1855, d. Apl. 6, 1857.

8242 William E., b. , m. Fannie Brooks, was a carpenter in Maiden,

Mass., had: 8243 Maude A.; 8244 Winnifred.
8245 Ch.\rles K., b. , died young.


F4928 Joseph Ham Locke, born in Deerfield, May 15, 1819,
married in Boston, May 26, 1842, Nancy R. Kent of Kent Hill,
Me., born Dec. 31, 1822, daughter of D. and Mar>- (Warren),
died in Terre Haute, Ind., Aug., 1882. He went from South New-
market to Boston in 1837 and was in the junk business, later
became interested in nine ships and lost Si 00, 000 by the war.
He went to Chicago in 1863, from there to Cincinnati, and finally
to Terre Haute, where he was engaged in the paper stock business.
He died at the latter place Jan. 16, 1879.

Children of 8th Gen.
F8246 Joseph Ham b. Alay 6, 1843, m. Sept. 23, 1868, G. Emma Goodwin.

8247 Charles E., b. Feb. 6, 1847, d. Apl. 11, 1847.

8248 Leander Morrison, b. Melrose, Apl. 9, 1848, m. New Brunswick,

N. J., June 4, 1884, Adelaide E. Howe of X. Y. City, dau. of

Thomas and Mar^' (Shaw). He was in the paper business, Terre

Haute, Ind., 1875-8, later in flour mill business, and is now a grain.

and cotton broker in Danville, 111. Had: 8249 Clarence Howe,

b. Sept. 2, 1885.
8250 AIary Alice, b. Sept. 7, 1850, m. Terre Haute, Ind., Sept. 1870,

Thomas Warmsley, b. Philadelphia, Oct. 1843, lives Decatur, 111.

He is a traveling salesman, had: 8251 Emma K., b. 1884, d. 1884.
8252 Simeon, b. Charlestown, Mass., July 25, 1855, m. Terre Haute, Ind.,

March, 1895, Estelle Howard of Terre Haute. He is in the

paper business in Terre Haute, had: 8253 Howard R., b. March

1896, in Terre Haute.

F4930 Samuel Blake Locke, born in Deerfield, Sept. 30,
1822, married Apl. 28, 1846, Axxa Howard Davis of Newmarket.
He moved from Newmarket to Melrose, Mass., in 1845. later to
Andover, died there Nov. 24, 1901. For forty years he had been
a resident of Andover, but doing business in Boston, being engaged
in the iron trade and coast shipping. For many years he owned
the Somerville iron foundry. He was in the State Senate as a
Democrat in 1886. For fifty years he was a member of a Boston
Commandery of Knights Templar. He was known for his
sympathetic nature, and was always ready to work for the best
interests of the town.

Children of 8th Gen.

8254 Annie Louise, b. Maiden, Mass., Aug. 12, 1847, a teachei;, unmar-

ried, in Andover, Mass.

8255 Abbie Cummings, b. , d. 1893, m. Dennie Thompson, had: 8256

Elmer; 8257 Phil Sheridan; 8258 Clara; 8259 Rosamond.
F8260 Clara Tash, b. Sept. 2, 1853, m. Oct. 29, 1885, Francis Jord.\n


8261 Frederick D., b. Jan. 22, 1850, d. Feb. 6, 1850.

8262 S.\MUEL Davis, b. .

8263 Florence Madeline, b. .

8264 Marion, b. , m. Morrison.

F4934 George Oliver Locke, born in South Newmarket,
Sept. 19, 1826, married in Pembroke, Nov. 22, 1849, Harriet T.
Locke of Pembroke # 4953 born in Lyman, Apl. 14, 1827. He
was a trustee of Pembroke Academy; a member of the N. H.
Legislature, was tax collector and had a blacksmith shop in Sun-
cook many years. He died there Oct. 27, 1913.
Children of 8th Gen. h. in Pembroke.

8265 Josephine S., b. Nov. 9, 1858, m. Jan. 3, 1880, Ira B. Moore of

Concord, who has a hardware store in Rochester, no child.

8266 Sarah A., b. June 25, 1861, m. Pembroke, Dec. 20, 1881, Albert R.

Clough of Dover. He is a traveling man from Manchester, had:
8267 Daisy M., b. Apl. 16, 1883, m. Harvey D. Bailey.

F4940 Edwin Augustus Locke, born a twin, at South New-
market, March 29, 1830, married Jan. 4, 1854, Martha A.
Smith of Melrose, Mass. He was a carpenter and patternmaker
in South Newmarket and died there Jan. 23, 1880. His widow
married 2nd, John Fernald of Rochester and died June 1901.

Children of 8th Gen.
F8268 Fred Augustus, b. , m. Lottie Dexter.

8269 Carrie, b. , died young.

F4946 Margaret Ann Locke, born in East Concord, Feb.
22, 1828, died Feb. 1895, married March 16, 1853, John W.
Thatcher of Dorchester, Mass., who was a farmer in Littleton,


Children of 8th Gen.

8270 John H., b. Apl. 8, 1854.

8271 Child, b. , d. 1856.

8272 Josiah p., b. Apl. 8, 1858, m. Jan. i, 1884, Mary Sanderson of

Littleton, had: 8273 Russell; 8274 Margaret; 8275 Ruth, 8276

8277 George, b. Aug. i860, m. Lunenberg, Mass., Apl. 28, 1889, Lilla M.

Lane, lives Fitchburg, Mass.

8278 Elizabeth, b. July 1863.

F4947 James W. Locke, born in East Concord, Dec. 31,
1831, married June 21, 1859, Maria D. Jarvis of Concord, born
Oct. 14, 1836. He was employed by Rich & Co., Boston, died and
was buried in Concord, Sept. 8, 1909.


Children of 8th Cen.
8279 Carrie Maria, b. Oct. 3, i860, m. Sept. 6, 1892, Rev. Emery L.
Bradford, b. Naskeag, Me., 1859; he is a Congregationalist
Minister in Boxford, Mass. Had: 8280 Rcth, b. Aug. i, 1893,
now 191 5, in Wellesley College.
8281 Annie Jar vis, b. Feb. 5, 1863, a Stenographer in U. S. Court, Boston.
• 8282 Emma Perkins, b. Feb. 24, 1866, same occupation as last.

8283 Alice Farnum, b. May 16, 1868, d. June 29, 1868.

F4950 Nancy Edgerly Locke, born in Concord. Jan. 25, 1823,
married ist, in Concord, June 25, 1845, Robert Moore # 2320
of Chester, born 1811, had a book store in Manchester and died
May 26, 1882; married 2nd, Feb. 10, 1885, Isaac C. Boyce, born
Dec. 1823, who was a farmer in Penacook and died there July 13,
1 89 1. She is now Hving aged 93 in Penacook.

Children of 8th Gen. "

8284 Josie Elsie, b. Manchester, Oct. 20, 1847, d. Penacook, Apl. 15, 1915,

m. Penacook, Nov. 10, 1870, William W. Allen, b. Pen. Oct. 17,
1848, son of William H. and Hannah (Brown). He is a dry goods
merchant in Penacook, had: 8285 Grace, b. June 9, 1876; 8286
Harley W., b. 1879, died young.
8287 Sarah Imogene, b. Manchester, Sept. 30, 1852, m. Penacook, Nov.
18, 1872, Orville Upton of Concord, b. Contoocook, Sept. 14,
1848, lived in Concord, had: 8288 Harry Edson, b. Feb. 2, 1874,
m. Oct. 1906, Alicia Davis of Portland. He is a telegraph opera-
tor, lives Everett, Mass.

F4954 Annah Sanders Locke, born in Concord, May 22,
1828, died in Pembroke, Nov. 14, 1896, married ist, IVIarch 30,
1848, Marston M. Tallant, born in East CanterburA% June 6,
1824. He was a farmer in Concord and died Feb. 24, 1868. She
married 2nd, George F, Whittredge of Concord, a grocer who
died there Sept. 22, 1891.

Children of 8th Gen., all by first husband.
8289 George ^L, b. June 9, 1850, m. March 1871, Josie Glidden of
Meredith who d. Duluth, Iowa, Aug. 24, 1901. He lived Concord

and Iowa, had: 8290 Ethel H., b. , m. Robert Marselall.

8291 Martha A., b. Jan. 25, 1852, d. Dec. 20, 1890, m. March 15, 1871,
Frank Dowst of Manchester, b. Dec. i, 1855. He is a builder in
Manchester, had: 8292 Edith, b. 1874, d. 1885.
F8293 Edwin Frank, b. Dec. 2, 1855, m. Aug. 19, 1881, Susie Drew.

F4955 Edward Philbrick Locke, born in Concord, Oct. 5,
1832, married ist, Jan. 9, 1854. ^L\RTHA A. I\L\rtix of Pem-
broke who died Aug. 1884, daughter of Moses and Rhoda (Hoitt) ;


married 2nd, Jan. 12, 1887, Emma J. Fowle of Pembroke, who
was born Aug. 17, 1859. He formerly lived in Concord and Pem-
broke. He served 40 years on the Missouri Pacific R. R., was
a well known and popular passenger conductor on the run
Kansas City to Omaha. While assisting in attaching a car to his
train, he slipped and lost one leg and a foot, living only 24 hours.
He died in Kansas City, Dec. 24, 1900.

Child of 8th Gen. by Second wife.

8294 Emma Pearl, born Feb. 1888.

F4956 Morris Lamprey Locke, born in Concord, Aug. 18,
1841, married 1st, March 1861, Mary Hines of Texas; married
2nd, Eliza Dixon of Burlington, Iowa; married 3rd, Flora J.
Elkins. He was a R. R. engineer in Minneapolis, and died May

Children of 8th Gen.

8295 Ella, b. June 1862.

8296 Mary C, b. May 1863, m. Buchanan of Chapel Hill, Texas.

8297 Edward P., b. Feb. 1865, lived Chapel Hill, Tex.

8298 Maude, b. ., By second wife:

F4957 Joseph Yeaton, born July 13, 1826, married ist, in
1849, Anna Green of Seabrook; married 2nd, Fannie Collins,
born 1849, died Feb. 18, 1910, daughter of Thomas and Dorothy
(Munsey). He died March 7, 1907, having lived in Seabrook
and Pittsfield.

Children of 8th Gen.

8299 Fred, b. March 31, 1862, m. Aug. 4, 1915, Rosie Cummings.

8300 WiLLL\M A., b. 1863, m. LotTiE Palmer, children: 8301 Clarence

P., b. July 3, 1892; 8302 Helen D., b. Feb. 5, 1898, and another
older than these.

F4958 Simeon L. Yeaton, born Nov. 13, 1828, married in
1856, Mary Brown. He was a shoemaker in Plaistow.

Children of 8th Gen.

8304 Alice L., and Sarah, both died young.

8305 S. Albert, b. Dec. 3, 1865, m. Cora Morse, lives in Pittsfield, has:

8306 Ivan, b. 1894; 8307 Conrad D., b. June 24, 1898.
8308 Elmer, b. , died young.

F4960 William Yeaton, born in Pittsfield, July 30, 1836,
married May 23, 1867, Josephine C. Drake of Pittsfield, born
Jan. 26, 1846, daughter of James S. and Susan F. (Young). He
was educated in the public school of Pittsfield, graduating from
the academy there, later teaching several years in Pittsfield,


Gilmanton and Hopkinton. After spending the year 1864 in
Centralia, 111., he returned and engaged in the insurance business
in Pittsfield several years until appointed register of probate in
Merrimack County, which position he held two years. He then
became agent of the Detroit City Mills, in New Hampshire and
Vermont, and established a large grain and flour business in
Pittsfield. In 1881 he accepted the position of treasurer of the
Farmington Savings Bank. In 1885 he was New England agent
of the Dakota Farm IVIortgage Co., with headquarters in Concord
to which place he moved. After five years with this company
he organized and was president of the American Trust Co., hold-
ing that position until its dissolution several years later. For
some years and until his illness he was in the bond investment
and real estate business. A prominent Democrat in town and
state, he first represented Pittsfield in the legislature in 1867,
when he acted as doorkeeper. Since that time he has been often
honored by his party. He was a member of Mount Horeb
Commandery of Knights Templar, a conscientious worker in St.
Paul's Church, Concord, greatly interested in all educational
matters. He was a man agreeable and beloved, one of the
organizers of the Locke Association and to whom the compiler
is under great obligation. He died in Concord after a long ill-
ness, Sunday, Feb. 14, 1914.

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