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A history and genealogy of Captain John Locke (1627-1696) of Portsmouth and Rye, N.H., and his descendants; also of Nathaniel Locke of Portsmouth, and a short account of the history of the Lockes in England online

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Online LibraryArthur Horton LockeA history and genealogy of Captain John Locke (1627-1696) of Portsmouth and Rye, N.H., and his descendants; also of Nathaniel Locke of Portsmouth, and a short account of the history of the Lockes in England → online text (page 52 of 70)
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in Farmington and Northwood.

Children of loth Gen.

10582 Jessie May, b. Rochester, Feb. 21, 1888, m. Arthur Cooper of

Nottingham, and had four children.

10583 LuELLA Anna, b. New Durham, Apl. 24, 1890, d. Farmington, May

12, 1893.

10584 RoscoE Edwin, b. Farmington, July 15, 1897.

F9710 George Andrew Locke, born in Concord, Nov. 10,
1871, married in Webster, Dec. 28, 1893, Desdemoxa E. Woods,
born in Newbury, 1870, daughter of James F. and Eliza A. He


was a blacksmith in Webster several years, now is of Randolph,

Children of loth Gen. b. in Webster.

10585 Jennie M., b. Aug. 12, 1896.

10586 Hiram Eliot, b. March 18, 1899.

10587 Otis Leon, b. Jan. 15, 1901. (4th Child).

10588 Raymond Elvin, b. June 8, 1903.

10589 Henry Dodge, b. Jan. 2, 1905.

10590 Pearl Agnes, b. Jan. 27, 1908.

F9727 Harriet F. Jones, born in Gilmanton, Oct. 6, 1874,
died in Meredith, June 8, 1910, married Nov. 10, 1894, Frank A.
Converse, born in Strafford, Conn., March 24, 1872, son of D. L.
and Mary (Ledoit). He is a machinist by trade, lived at Gilman-
ton and Meredith, but since 1906 has been a B. & M. R. R. Clerk.

Children of loth Gen.

10591 James Millard, b. Belmont, Feb. 23, 1902.

10592 Hayden Frank, b. July 5, 1903.

10593 Rudolph R., b. Northfield, Aug. 2, 1904.

F9748 Winnifred Smith, born June i, 1861, married Oct.
12, 1886, Frederick W. Emery of Somersworth, lived in Dor-
chester, Mass.

Children of loth Gen.

10594 Forrest R., b. 1887, d. 1890.

10595 Marlon S., b. Nov. 24, 1891.

10596 Forrest S., b. June 2, 1894.

F9761 Ethel Amanda Dow, born in Salem, Mass., Oct. 22,
1884, married Haverhill, Mass., Oct. 26, 1904, Oscar S. Hutch-

Children of loth Gen.

10597 WiNFIELD O., b. Aug. 14, 1905.

10598 Howard A., b. Oct. 10, 1906.

10599 Charles D., b. Nov. 9, 1907.

10600 Louisa I., b. March 17, 1909.

F9774 Helen Farrington Locke, born in Salem, Mass.,
March 28, 1887, married Edward W. Hall of Peabody, who is
in the B. &. M. R. R. freight office there.

Children of loth Gen. b. in Peabody, Mass.

10601 Ruth F., b. Sept. 14, 1908.

10602 Donald, F., b. Aug. 4, 1910.

10603 Barbara, b. June 3, 19 14.


F9795 Abby Churchill Ballard, born in Louisville Ky.,

Feb. 1 6, 1879, married there June i, 1899, Jefferson Davis

Stewart of Georgia.

Children of loth Gen.

10604 Abby Ballard, b. Sept. 15, 1912.

10605 Jefferson D., Jr., b. March 25, 1915.

F9959 Martha Ann Amazeen, born July 3, 1882, married

Chester Becker, May 16, 1901, of New Castle.
Children of loth Gen. b. New Castle.

10606 Floyd, b. Nov. 24, 1902, d. July 5, 1906.

10607 Dorothy E., b. Jan. 29, 1905.

10608 Henry, b. Jan. 8, 1907.

F9961 Fitz Harry Locke, born in Lawrence, March 21, 1888,

married in Lawrence 1910, Clara Josephine Crawford, born

in Lawrence, May 13, 1886, daughter of Dr. John W. and Carra

R. (Marsh) of Lawrence. He is in the mill construction business

with his father in Lawrence.

Children of loth Gen. b. in Lawrence, Mass.

10609 Shirley Carroll, b. Aug. 29, 1910.

10610 Margaret June, b. June 24, 1912.

10611 Langdon Elvyn, b. June 19, 1914, d. Oct. i, 1914.

10612 Son.

FIOOOO Bertha G. Locke, born Apl. i, 1888, married Jan. 30,
1909, William E. Eldridge, born in Nova Scotia, Oct. 22, i88i.

Children of loth Gen.

10613 Charlotte B., b. June 10, 1909,

10614 William Walter, b. Sept. 26, 1910.

10615 Harry Aubrey, b. Jan. 5, 1915.

F10133 Harry Berton Locke, born Sept. 9, 1868, married

1st, Nov. 27, 1890, Ellen Barker, born in Rosendale, Wis.,

March 2, 1871, married 2nd, June 18, 1901, Eliza Ella Taylor.

They live in Ellsworth, Wis.

Children of loth Gen. b. iti Beldenville, Pa.

10616 Fred Eugene, b. June 21, 1892, lives in St. Paul, Minn.

10617 Ralph Barker, b. March 12, 1896.

F10134 Edna Amy Locke, born Apl. 3, 1871, married ist,
Nov. 24, 1887, Charles H. Goldsmith, born in River Falls,
Wis., May 12, 1868, died Sept. i; 1895; married 2nd, May 26,


1897, Millard Fillmore Reed, born in Humphrey, N. Y., May
25, 1867. They Hve in Ellsworth, Wis^

Children of loth Gen.

10618 Bernice F. Goldsmith, b. Dec. 10, 1894.

10619 Birdie A. Reed, b. July 15, 1898.

10620 Esther E. Reed, b. March 31, 1902.

10621 Everal Reed, b. Aug. 9, 1906.

F10135 Sarah Celestia (Birdie) Locke, born June 7, 1874,
married in Hudson, Wis., Sept. 20, 1893, George Byron Reed,
born in Humphrey, N. Y., May 26, 1868, lived in Beldenville,
Pa., and later in Ellsworth, Wis.

Children of joth Gen.

10622 Clyde Locke, b. Beldenville, Pa., Feb. 26, 1895.

10623 Emma Iris, b. Beldenville, Pa., Feb. 14, 1897.

10624 Edwin Morril, b. March 12, 1899.

10625 Joyce Amy, b. Aug. 13, 1901.

10626 Lenore Ellen, b. Sept. 20, 1903.

F10141 Fred Eugene Locke, born in Titusville, Pa., Jan. 19,
1871, married ist, Aug. 12, 1891, Myrtle Victoria Kough, born
in Titusville, Oct. 26, 1875; married 2nd, Oct. 12, 1899, Mabel
Leone Yearick. He is a bookkeeper in Titusville.
Children of loth Gen. b. in Titusville, Pa.

10627 Florence Hazel, b. June 25, 1892, m. June 23, 1909, William

Antill, a laborer of Townville, Pa. They have in nth Gen.:
10628 Stephen F., b. June 11, 1910; 10629 Blanche Mary, b.
Nov. 10, 1912; and 10630 Lois L., b. July 24, 1914.
10631 Maude Mildred, b. July 24, 1895, m. Jan. 6, 191 1, Carroll J.
Barker, an oil well pumper of Kane, Pa. Have children in nth
Gen.: 10632 Margaret L., b. Apl. 29, 1912; 10633 Sarah L., b.
Feb. 1914.
By second wife:

10634 Jonathan Lloyd, b. Jan. 21, 1901.

10635 Eve Leone, b. Apl. 19, 1902.

10636 Joseph Carl, b. March 19, 1903.

10637 Stephen Paul, b. twin, March 19, 1903.

10638 Fred E., Jr., b. Nov. 5, 1905,

10639 Claire Barton, b. Feb. 6, 1907.

10640 Thomas Ashley, b. May 26, 1910.

10641 Mary Elizabeth, b. Oct. 5, 1912.

F10142 Stephen F. Locke, born in Titusville, Pa., July 2,
1874, married in Limestone, N. Y., Apl. 27, 1897, Frances M.
Murning, born in Randolph, N. Y., May 28, 1876. He is a
moulder in Bradford, Pa.



Children of loth Gen. b. in Bradford, Pa.

10642 Arthur Francis, b. March 23, 1898,

10643 Vivian Marie, b. Sept. 3, 1899.

10644 Stephen Donald, b. Jan. 23, 1901.

10645 James Lawrence, b. July 14, 1909.

F10143 Maude Ora Locke, born in Titusville, Pa., July 20,
1876, married July 20, 1892, Joseph Newtox Fulton, born in
Titusville, July i, 1873. He is in the automobile business in
Buffalo, N. Y.

Child of loth Gen. h. in Titusville, Pa.

10646 Clarence David, b. March 20, 1894, m. May 11, 1914, Anna

Gemmer. He and father have a garage in BufTalo, N. Y.

F10146 Mary Ashley Locke, born June 17, 1880, married
Dec. 5, 1903, George Lang, who is an oil well worker in Sham-
rock, Oklahoma.

Children of loth Gen.

10647 JosEPHiXE Thelma, b. Sept. 12, 1904.

10648 Stephen Kent, b. May 26, 1906.

10649 Marguerite, b. July 29, 1909.

F10147 Mabel Emma Locke, born March 25, 1882, married
Apl. I, 1899, Joseph C. Caldwell, who is a hostler in Titusville,

Children of loth Ce?i. b. in Titusville, Pa.

10650 Joseph Floyd, b. Oct. 7, 1900.

10651 Florence Sarah, b. May 7, 1902.

10652 Paul Locke, b. July 19, 1904.

10653 Lois Loretta, b. Oct. 15, 1906.

10654 Thirza Marion, b. June 25, 1911, d. same day.

F10151 Hannah Bigelow Locke, born Feb. 16, 1886, married
Jan. 28, 1903, Otto Ricke, who is a blacksmith in Titusville, Pa.

Children of loth Gen. b. in Titusville Pa.

10655 Otto AIerle, b. July 25, 1903.

10656 Mina Josephine, b. Apl. 15, 1907, d. Apl. 24, 1907.

10657 Jonathan Locke, b. May 11, 1908, d. same day.

10658 Mary Alice, b. Apl. 27, 1910.

10659 Margaret Lois, b. Dec. 24, 1912, d. Dec. 28, 1912.

10660 Donald William, b. Jan. 23, 1915.

F10152 Louis Dunmeyes Locke, born in Titusville, Pa.,
June 7, 1890, married Apl. 14, 1910, Anxa Johnson. He is a
machinist in Buffalo, N. Y.


Children of loth Gen.

10661 Evelyn Genevieve, b. March 16, 191 1.

10662 Esther Georgeanna, b. Feb. 22, 1913.

10663 Anna Louise, b. Sept. 23, 1914.

F10165 Martha E. Magoon, born Aug. 18, 1857, married
Feb. 16, 1879, William H. Higgins.

Children of loth Gen.

10664 Rosa Belle, b. Aug. 19, 1881, m. Nov. 2, 1905, Sheldon S. Smith

of Boston.

10665 Samuel, b. 1883. 10666 Stella, b. 1884.

F10229 Harvey E. Locke, born in Bath, March 4, 1876,
married in Lyman, Dec. 24, 1895, Ella M. Smith of Bath, born
in Lyman, 1877, daughter of William and Kate (Wright). He

is a farmer in Lyman.

Children of loth Gen. v

10667 Harvey Morrill, b. Lyman, June 28, 1896.

10668 Carroll, b. Bath, Aug. 26, 1897. (2nd child.)

10669 Maude May, b. March 25, 1901. (5th.)

10670 Dau., 6th child, b. Jan. 23, 1903.

1067 1 Son, 7th child, b. Apl. 16, 1904.

10672 Son, 8th child, b. Lyman, Nov. 19, 1905.

F10252 Alice Marion Locke, born in Mobile, Ala., May 3,
1869, married in Mobile, Oct. 15, 1889, Thomas D. Nettles,
born in Alabama, July 7, 1859. He is local Manager of United

Fruit Co. in Mobile.

Children of loth Gen. b. in Mobile, Ala.

10673 Thomas D., Jr., b. May 5, 1892.

10674 Joseph Locke, b. Dec. 24, 1893.

10675 Mary Emma, b. Dec. 17, 1895.

10676 Henry Goodwin, b. 1903.

F10253 Edith Josephine Locke, born Feb. 12, 1871, married
in Mobile, Ala., Oct. 12, 1891, George T. Badeau of New-
Orleans, born there, Feb. 1861. He is a commercial traveler in

Memphis, Tenn.

Children of loth Gen.

10677 George T., Jr., b. New Orleans, Nov. 12, 1892.

10678 Edna Ruth, b. New Orleans, Feb. 2, 1897.

10679 Joseph A., b. New Orleans, Aug. 13, 1899.

10680 Edward Raoul, b. Hammond, La., May 15, 1901.

10681 John E., b. .

10682 Simeon Locke, b. .

10683 David Kent, b. .

10684 Mary Alice, b. .


F10255 Simeon Young Locke, born in Terre Haute, Ind.,
Sept. 8, 1878, married in New Orleans, June 13, 1898, Anna G.
QuATTLEBAUM, born in Mobile, May 29, 1881. He was in the
wholesale paper business in Mobile and died Dec. 3, 1910.

Children of lotli Gen.

10685 First child died infant.

10686 Anna Getz, b. New Orleans, 1899.

10687 Edith Badeau, b. Mobile, 1901.

10688 Alice Marion, b. .

10689 Joseph H., b. .

Nathaniel Locke of Portsmouth

Another Locke was in Portsmouth and vicinity, contemporary
with John, as appears from the following deposition made May
ID, 1810 by Jonathan and David Locke, and was perhaps a
brother of Captain John Locke.

"This may certify to whom it may concern, that the following
genealogy of the ancestors, in substance as followeth, hath been
told unto us by our forefathers, the truth to which we attest,
viz.: 1st. We say that Jonathan Palmer, deceased, was the son
and lawful heir to Christopher Palmer and Elizabeth Palmer.
2nd., Christopher Palmer's wife Elizabeth, was daughter and
lawful heir to William and Judith Berry. (A mistake, see record
below). 3rd., William Berry's wife Judith was daughter and
lawful heir to the Locke and his wife who came from England,
said Locke's wife name before marriage was Hermins, and she
brought with her into New England, a coat of arms so called,
which referred to John Hermins. William Berry's wife Judith
was daughter and lawful heir to Nathaniel Locke and his wife,
whose name previous to marriage was Hermins."

The records of Portsmouth give the following items: "March
4 & 5, 1672, Nathaniel Locke did two days work on Highways at
Great Island (New Castle) and Sept. 30, 1672, a noate was drawn
on Henry Dering for Nathaniel Locke for six shillings". An-
other record is "At a meeting of the Selectmen this 5th., March
1674-5 upon motion made by Widow Locke to live in the school
house on the Great Island in order to the teaching of children
to read and sew, have granted her desire". Undoubtedly the
widow of Nathaniel's as this name does not appear again except
in John's family. Tradition says that the other Locke not John,
left no sons, but is silent as to daughters.

A — ^Nathaniel Locke, married (in England, Judith) Her-

Children, born in New Hampshire. 2nd Gen.
F. B. Judith Locke, b. May 16, 1656, married July 8, 1678, William
Berry, son of John and Susannah (William was nephew of Eliza-
beth Berry, who m. Capt. John Locke).


Sabixa Locke, called of Dover, m. Dec. 19, 1689, by Rev. John
Pike, William Berry. (I place Sabina as a possible dau. of
Nathaniel's because of her age, and because the family of John
Locke is known.)
F. C. Elizabeth Locke, b. (1674?), ni- July 24, 1705, Christopher Palmer,
b. Feb. 12, 1687, son of Samuel and Ann. Such is town of Rye

F. B. — Judith Locke and William Berry had in 3rd gen-

Elizabeth, b. March 16, 1680, died young.
F. D. Xehemiah, b. , m. Sarah .

Elizabeth, b. New Castle, Oct. 15, 1686.

Nathaniel, b. New Castle, Feb. 13, 1689.
F. E. Stephen, b. New Castle, Jan. 18, 1691, m. Jan. 4, 1716, Anna Phil-
brick, dau. of Thomas.
F. F. William, b. New Castle, Nov. 18, 1693, m. Dec. 21, 1721, Sarah
Lane, who d. Jan. 3, 1776; he d. Oct. 8.

Jeremiah, b. March 8, 1695, at N. C.

Frederick, b. N. C, Jan. 15, 1699.

Abigail, b. N. C, March 15, 1700.

Jane, b. N. C, Jan. 26, 1702.

F. C. — Elizabeth Locke and Christopher Palmer had
in Rye of 3rd generation.

Jonathan, b. May 16, 1707, died young.

Jonathan, b. Apl. 28, 1710, m. May 20, 1746, Abigail Rowe of

William, b. May 3, 1712, m. June 27, 1736, Jane Foss, and had:
Joseph, b. May 8, 1740, perhaps m. March 9, 1767, Sarah Willey;
Sarah, b. 1742; Jeremy, b. 1745; William, b. 1748.

F. D. — Nehemiah Berry and Sarah had in Rye of 4th


Susanna, b. Aug. 2^, 1725, m. Nathan Marden.
John, b. March 10, 1736, m. July 27, 1757, Betsey Yeaton.
F. G. Jacob, b. July 7, 1738, m. Rachel Rand, d. Dec. 11, 1811, was a
Hannah, b. Sept. 23, 1740.
Nathaniel, bapt. June i, 1746, d. unmarried Dec. 16, 1815.

F. E. — Stephen Berry and Anna Philbrick had in 4th


Joseph, b. March 11, 171 7.

Phoebe (or Tryphena), b. Sept. 3, 1719.

(Tryphena, bapt. Oct. 11, 17 19.)

Judith, bapt. June 3, 1722. Ephraim, b. Oct. 11, 1727.

Stephen, bapt. June 14, 1724. James, b. March 25, 1731.


F. F. — William Berry and Sarah Lane had in 4th genera-

Jeremiah, b. 1721, m. Oct. 3, 1741, Hannah Locke, b. July i, 1724.

He m. 2nd, Sept. 8, 1770, Mrs. Eleanor Brackett; 3rd, Dora

Emerson. He lived in Rye, was Corporal in Capt. Parson's

Co., Rev. War.

Mary, bapt. March 10, 1723, m. March 28, 1745, Jonathan Hobbs.

F. G. — Jacob Berry and Rachel Rand had in 5th generation,
Isaac, b. Apl. 20, 1767, m. Tarlton, d. of smallpox New

Castle, where his dau. m. Wm Amazeen.
Richard, bapt. Apl. 26, 1772, m. March 30, 1805, Olive Holmes

dau. of William and Mary of Ports.
Sarah, bapt. Nov. 30, 1777, m. Thomas Sleeper, and lived at



Eliza A. Locke, m. Isaac F. Bacon, 1858, in Franklin.

Ann S. Locke, m. i860, David F. Bacon of Franklin.

Sarah A. Locke, m. 1878, Wm. Dow of Concord.

Betsey Locke, m. 1858, Dover, Timothy son of Asa Dame.

Bird and Mary Locke, lived Orford, 1870.

Martha A. Locke, m. 1854, John Dow of Rye.

John Locke, d. 1807; Betsey Locke, d. 1800, Stewartstown.

Albert S. Locke, d. Stewartstown, 1887, aged 40.

Bertram G. Locke, b. Vt., m. 1870, Orford, Mary Cleasby.

Josiah J. Locke, m. Bathia Balch, 1787, Westmoreland.

Tamson D. Locke, son of John of Barrington, b. 1822.

Elias Varney Locke, m. 1838, Betsey Huntress of Strafford.

Sarah F. Locke, m. Wm. B. Davis of Pittsfield.

Widow Susan Locke, d. Laconia, 1888, aged 87.

John W. Locke, m. 1876, Franklin, Maria G. Stoughton.

James L. Locke, Manchester, m. 1858, S. M. Sullivan.

Sarah Locke, b. Dover, July 27, 1783.

James M. Locke, had son, b. Northwood, 1851.

Oliver Locke, had son, b. Northfield, 1854.

Stephen Locke, had dau., b. Epping, 1852.

John Locke, of Strafford, had dau., h. 1874, and son, b. 1873.

William Locke, East Kingston, had Flora B., b. 1866.

Locke, a Manchester druggist, had son, b. 1862.

C. A. Locke, Loudon, had dau. 1866.

William F. Locke, Barrington and Etta, had: Martie L., b. 1877.

Sarah F. (Pendergast) Locke, d. Farmington, 1884, aged 64.

Widow Lina B. Locke, d. Concord, 1890, aged 80.

Charles and Sarah Locke, had son, Holly, b. 1880, Franconia.

Ann Locke, d. 1871 Epsom; dau. of Simeon P.

Sarah Locke, d. Fremont 1891, aged 80.

James Locke, m. Elizabeth Pickering, Dover.

Sally Locke, Ports. ,m. 1792, Jona. Briggs.

Peggy Locke, m. 1792, John Nelson, Portsmouth.

Nancy Locke, Dover, m. 1815, Josiah Akerman, Ports. '

Frank A. Locke, d. 1883, aged 27, Bristol.

Charlotte Locke, d. Tilton, 1898, aged 69.

William Locke, m. Mrs. Nancy Judkins, 1845, Lee.

Henry Locke, Epping, m. 1837, Naomi E. Whicher.

William H. Locke, m. 1864, Exeter, Helen F. Eliot.

Joseph Locke son of John, d. Greenland, 1839, aged 15.

Hannah A. Locke, dau. of Isaac, d. Manchester, 1847, aged 18.

Mary H. Locke, d. Lynn 1871, a. 22, buried Seabrook.

Edward Locke, d. Ossipee, 1836, aged 28.

John H. Locke, lumberman, Lancaster 1873-1890.

Ira Locke, m. 1871, Littleton, Christie Bowman.

Elizabeth Locke, Seabrook, m. 1837, Samuel Harriman.

Hannah P. Locke, of Gilford, m. 1824, Richard Elkins.

Jennie Locke, of Warner, m. 1869, Walter S. Quimby.

Frances A. Locke, m. Concord, 1846, Amos A. Hawes.

Hannah Locke, Loudon, m. 1777, Joseph Gordon, Concord.

Nellie Locke, m. 1890, Dover, Edward Hanson.

Ira C. Locke, m. 1858, Abbie B. Libbey, Barrington.

Henry Locke, m. Carrie Varney, Barnstead.


William Locke, m. 1740, Ports., Eunice Rice.

Linwood Locke of Dover.

John Locke, Rye; killed French & Indian War.

Margaret Locke, m. 1728, Richard Swain, Ports.

Nathaniel and Jonathan Locke taken prisoners, July 1758, while off Rye

Sarah Locke, Dover, m. 1810, John Smith.

Betsey Locke, Rochester, m. 1795, Timothy Dame.

Mercy Locke, m. 1753, Joseph Barbar, Barrington.

Meribah Locke, m. 1757, Thos. Babb, Barrington.

Chas. A. Locke, m. 1861, Eliz. McHurley, Loudon.

Locke, m. Newmkt. 1764, Sarah Sanborn.

Addie M. Locke, m. Almot Durgin, Freedom.

Myrtle A. Locke, m. 1895, Charles Sumner, Groveland.

Lockes in the Revolution whom I cannot place, name of town not necessar-
ily his home.

James Locke, enlisted, Sept. 29, 1781, Ports.

Jonathan (of Haverhill), July 18, 1780, Ports.

Jonathan (Canaan), July 2, 1782, Ports.

Richard; Jan. 27, 1777, Col. Dearborn Co.

Sam; May 10, 1781, Col. Cillets Co.

Samuel; Feb. 15, 1781, (Exeter), Col. Livermore.

Henry; Sept. 13, 1778, at Bedford.

John; Sergt. went for Ipswich, 1781.

Jonathan; went for Deerfield, 1781.

Timothy, age 18, (Peterboro), July 24, 1779.

Timothy; July 9, 1778, from Sharon for Rhode Island Service.

Information about these unknowns or of any others should be sent to
Arthur H. Locke, Portsmouth, N. H.




From the "Gentleman's Magazine," Vol. 62, Part 2, page 798. 1792, and

copied verbatim from Book of the Lockes, by John G. Locke 1852.

[The notes are by the author of the Book of the Lockes.]

Mr. Urban, East Brent, Somersetshire, July 17.

In pursuance of the wishes of A. B. in p. 555, I here send you some account
of the Locke famil}'.

Tradition considers the name of Locke of Scotch extraction, originally spelt
Loch; but, if so, it must have been in very early time; for when Alfred divided
this kingdom into parishes, the dwelling of a great man, known by the name of
Locke, was called after him Lockstown, or the Town of Locke. It adjoins East
Brent whence I date this letter, and where the family at one time became
numerous. At present it is called Lockston alias Loxton, the lordship of which
belongs to the Marquis of Buckingham. The parish of Locking is distant two
miles from Lockstown, and hath long since been divided; but a large farm of
many hundreds per annum, called Lockinghead, together with the perpetuity
of the living, belongs to the merchants of Bristol.

The Locke family in this neighborhood consider themselves as descended
from a very ancient house, arguing that they gave name to the parishes where
they lived, before the Conquest, and do not derive their name with a De from
the parishes, as is very commonly the case.

However, I have not seen any account of this family before Robert Locke,
whom we find to have been joined with Thomas de Saint Maur, as Vicecomes
of Wiltshire, anno 1350. John Locke, sheriff of London, 1460, is the first in a
pedigree in my possession. Thomas, his son, was a merchant in London, who
died anno 1507, and by Joan his wife (who was the only daughter and heir of
Mr. Wilcock of Rotheram in Yorkshire) left three sons, John, William, and
Michael. John is said to have died without issue, and buried in Mercer's
Chapel, 1519, with his arms (c) in the window, a proof the family bore arms
before those granted by Queen Mary, 1555. William, married two wives;
{h) first, Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Mr. Spencer, a citizen and fishmonger
of London; secondly, Catharine, daughter of William, and sister and co-heir
of Sir Thomas Cook, of Wiltshire, knight. Rose Locke, the only daughter by
the second ventor was married to Anthony, son of Walter Hickman of Wood-
ford, in Essex, Esq.; by whom she became ancestor to the baronets of that
name, the late Lord Montjoy, the present Earl of Plymouth. Matthew Locke,
the youngest son by the first ventor, had an only daughter Elizabeth, married
to Richard Chandler of London, merchant, son of William Chandler of Little
Walsingham, in Norfolk, Gent.; whose only daughter Elizabeth married Ferdi-
nando Richardson (who died 1596), groom of the stole to Queen Elizabeth.
The above William Locke, 25 Henry VIII. undertook to go over to Dunkirk,
and pull down the pope's bull, which had been there posted up by way of a
curse to the king and kingdom. For this exploit the king granted him a freehold
of £100 per annum, dubbed him knight, and made him one of the gentlemen of
his privy-chamber. Sir William lived to be an alderman of London, and was
sheriff of the city in 1548. He died 1550, and by his first wife, left issue eight
sons and daughters, exclusive of Matthew already mentioned. Of these elder
branches of Sir William Locke's family we have in Somersetshire a very imper-
fect account. George Locke, of Tiverton, who was buried at St. Sidwell's in
Exeter, anno 1586, was supposed to be one of the sons. And from another
of them, Thomas Locke of Little Horsely, in Essex, is said to have been de-
Co) I am of opinion, after an examination of Stow's "Survey of London," that the "arms
in the window" were those of Sir William Locke, who was buried in Mercer's Chapel in isso;
yet a doubt remains.
(6) He had four wives.

Page not indexed.


scended. He married Susannah, daughter of Sir William Welby, of Gedney,
in Lincolnshire, Knight of the Bath, whose issue was an only daughter, Susan-
nah, wife of the Rev. John Carse, D. D. She died Nov. 10, 1649. Perhaps
from one of these sons descended the Rev. John Locke, Rector of Askerwell,
in the County of Dorset, father to the Rev. William Locke, who died 1686,
and who by a daughter of the Rev. Lyte Whynnel, clerk, became seized of the
perpetuity of his father's living, which was by the Rev. William Locke, his
son (who died May 8, 1722), sold to William Bennet of Norton Bavent in the
County of Wilts, whose grandson is the present incumbent. It has been sup-
posed that we are indebted to some part of Sir William Locke's family for two
very respectable characters, in the persons of Sir John Locke, Knight, an East
India director, who died 1746, and James Locke his brother, husband to the
Turkey Company. I think you have told us in your Magazine, that a Mr.
Oates, of Richmond in Surry, had one hundred and fifty thousand pounds in
1748, with a daughter of the latter; and a Mr. Rawlinson, of Wiltshire, is
thought to have had some such sum with a daughter of the former, with whom
he intermarried in 1740.

The Rev. Mr. Locke, of Newark upon Trent, the Lockes of Oxfordshire,
■Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Essex, London, and Bristol, including the cele-
l)rated Miss Locke of poetical memory, (see p. 72 of your present volume,) can
say whether they do or do not derive their descent from Sir William Locke,
Knight, Alderman of London.

Michael Locke, younger brother (a) of Sir William, according to a pedigree
now before me, was father amongst other children of Matthew Locke, who
became seated at Pensford in Buckinghamshire, and had two sons, Richard

Online LibraryArthur Horton LockeA history and genealogy of Captain John Locke (1627-1696) of Portsmouth and Rye, N.H., and his descendants; also of Nathaniel Locke of Portsmouth, and a short account of the history of the Lockes in England → online text (page 52 of 70)