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" 1609, February 2, M 1 * Clarke wife of M r Clarke, the Proctter, buried."

Will of J. Bolton.
About this period there was a family of the name of Bolton existing in the
county, as appears by the Will of John Bolton, dated 16 August 1546, proved at
Taunton 15 September 1546. In it he desires to be buried in the Church of St.
James's, Taunton ; leaves bequests to the Altars of our Lady St. Katherine and
Holy Cross in that Church, and to the Church of St. Andrew at Wells. Names his
mother Mow u Bolton ; brother John Bolton ; sister Alice Bolton ; dau. Isabell
Bolton ; wife Johan, and the child she goeth with ; Gostly father John Moreys.
Witness, Sir John Burgon, curate. Although this throws no direct light on the
question, it is an indication as to the family of Tho. Clarke's wife.

Will of W. Clarke.
William Clarke of Wookey, yeoman, will dated 14 June 1709 ; proved at Wells
19 Nov. 1709. Names s. William Clarke ; goods at Lovington ; two grandchildren
William and Christiana Boulting ; s. Richard Clarke ; lands in the Manor of
Northload ; dau. Susanna. Seal, W. C.


Will of R. Clarke.
Richard Clarke of Wookey, miller. Names house and fifteen acres of land more
or less at Priddy ; three sons Thomas Clarke, Richard Clarke, and John Clarke ;
their uncle John Stott ; their grandfather Thomas Stott, deceased ; dau. Betty
Clerke ; Mary Marchant dau. of the late Rose Marchant of Wookey, deceased ;
house and mill at Wookey. Witnesses, John Stott and John Ghitch. Seal, (Gu.),
on a fess betw. three boars' heads (arg.) a lion pass. (sa.). Crest, A boar's head as
in the arms, apparently used by John Gutch.

Among the papers of St. Cuthbert Parish is one dated 23 June 1708, signed by
Edward Clarke as a J.P., the arms on the seal being, Two bars and in chief three
escallop shells.


In the second window from the east end of this aisle are three shields, viz. : —

1, Or, two bars az., in chief three escallop shells gules, over the shield a bishop's
mitre, Bishop John Clark. This shield appears to be of glass, contemporary with
Bishop Clark. These arms are ou the tomb of Thomas Clark 1555 at Wookey, and
on a monument in St. Cuthbert's dated 1587. The same coat is ascribed to Clark
of Shipley (sic, probably Shipham near Winscombe, which belonged to the Bishops of
Bath and Wells) by Burke, etc., who also give for the Bishop the same coat, adding
a horse's head, as mentioned more fully in the account of the shields in the Common
Hall of the Vicars.

2, Az., a saltire or. The glass of the saltire looks very old, but the field is
undoubtedly new glass. Most likely the shield contained the correct arms of the
See, as still in the opposite aisle, but being broken this was a cheap way of
repairing it.

3, Per fess or and arg., in chief a demi-rose gu. conjoined to a demi-sun in base
or, from the top of the rose a demi imperial eagle sans wings sa. Burke gives as
granted 14 July 1514 to William Knight, Prothonotary of the Apostolical See, and
Ambassador from King Henry VIII. to Maximilian, and afterwards Bishop of
Bath and Wells, this coat, Per fess or and gu., an eagle with tivo heads displayed sa.,
having on its breast a demi-rose and a demi-sun conjoined into one counter changed of
the field. This blazon is not very clear, the coat is evidently that in the window,
only that the red of the glass has faded, a fact which will be noticed more fully in
the next window. The seal of Bishop Knight and the pulpit in the nave which
was built \£or his monument, and beneath which he lies, have the same arms as in
the window, no colours being shewn.

In the next window, the third from the east end of this aisle, are three more
shields : —

1, Arg., gutte' d'or, on a chief or an annulet gu. betw. two leopards' faces az.
langued of the first. The annulet looks more like a torteaux with a hole in the
middle. This coat was originally, no doubt, Gu., gutte d'or, on a chief of the last a
torteaux charged with a leopard's face of the second betw. two other leopards' faces az.
This coat is not given by Papworth, and it very probably belongs to Dean


Woleman, though the only thing that connects him with it is the inscription at the
foot of the window. Among fragments in one of the other windows are two torteaux
charged with a leopard's face gold, no doubt belonging to two examples of this

2, Quarterly France and England, within the garter, the garter has been patched,
and there are remains of supporters ; on the sinister is part of a dragon or, winged
vert ; the arms of Henry VIII. The dragon should be gules, and on the dexter
side. It is worthy of note here, as the royal arms are so well known and indisput-
able, that the field is quite clear glass, the red in both quarters having completely
faded away. This is also the case in the next shield, in both the coats of Knight the
red having completely gone. An example of the Courtenay arms at Sheviock in
Cornwall has the three torteaux quite colourless, while the yellow and blue remain.

It would appear that old glass-workers sometimes used a colour that was not
permanent, or used a thin coating of ruby glass, which was cut away when small
charges had to be shewn ; such coating in some cases becoming detached by the
action of air and weather in course of time, left clear glass where red ought to be ;
and this must always be borne in mind when viewing a shield which has clear
glass where colour should be, even if there are traces of diapering over the glass.

3, Knight as in the previous window.

At the foot of the window is this inscription evidently not perfect : —

Ricarolus Woleman hugus ecclesie .... deo. opt. . . mar. . . 1537.
Richard Woleman, L.L.D., appointed Dean of Wells in 1529, and died 1537,
being buried in the cloister of St. Stephen's Chapel, Westminster.

KEN. The fourth window from the East is modern, put up in memory of
Bishop Ken, chiefly by the exertions of Dean Plump tre, the learned
author of an exhaustive life of that prelate. It contains, with Scripture scenes, the full
length portraiture of the Bishop ; beneath him this coat, viz., Az., a saltire per saltire
and quarterly counterchanged arg. and or, cantoned ivith, on the dexter two keys
addorsed the bows interlaced, on the sinister a sword erect, all of the second; imp. Erm.,
three crescents gu. This being no doubt intended for the See imp. Ken ; but in the
coat for the See the pastoral staff is omitted, and the saltire made incorrectly of two
metals instead of plain gold. Round the figure this legend, " Pastor bonus animam
pro ovibus," and at the foot of the window, " In piam memoriam viri Sanctissimi
delectissimi Thomas Ken,S.T.P., olim Bathon et Wellen episcopi, N. 1637, ob. 1711."


JENKYNS. The stone Pulpit given by Dean Jenkyns has this inscription
running round the upper part, "Deo dedicaverunt Ricardus
Jenkyns, S.T.P., Decanus Wellensis et Veritas uxor ejus, A.S., mdcccliii." On the
side steps of the pulpit, but in the North Aisle, are two shields, one with the arms of
Jenkyns, the other Grove, as already described.





On the floor near the Pulpit is a brass with this inscription

Fenestram supra appositam

In memoriam

Grulielmi Thomas Parr Brymer, A.M.

hugus ecclesiae Canon : et Archid : Bathon

laboribus ecclesiasticus

Dum episcopi senio gravati vicem generet

summa omniam laude absolutus

complures tarn laici quam clerici

adornandum curauerunt,


Jocelynus de Welles ep 9 1242.

This is all there is of heraldry or memorial inscription in the Choir.

Leading from N. Aisle to the Chapter House.
A large canopied tomb with recumbent effigy, which has recently been re-painted
and gilt, bears these arms and inscription :

Memoras sacrum
STILL. Joanni Still Episcopo Bathoniensi et Wellensi, Sacras

Theologia Doctori Acerrimo Christianas Yeritatis
propugnatori non nienus vitas integritate quam veria
Doctrina claro qui cum Domino Diu vigilasset in
Christo spe certa resurgendi obdormivit die XXVI.
Februarii mdcvii.
Yixit annos LXIIII sedit episcopus XVI.
Nathaniel Still Alius primogenitus optimo patri
Mcerens pietatis ergo posuit.
Arms : Three shields — 1st, Az., a saltire per saltire and per cross counter changed
arg. and or, the See ; 2nd, the same, imp. Sa., gutte de Veau and three roses arg.,
Still ; 3rd, Still, alone.



PtDfgro of Still


From a MS. compiled from Heralds' Visitations, Family Deeds, Wills, Parish
Eegisters, and other authentic sources.

Arms. — Sable, goutte argent, three roses of the last, seeded or, barbed vert.

Crest. A stork proper.

Motto. — Tranquilla per cequora.

Arms granted by Sir William Dethick, Garter King of Arms, 10 April 35 Eliz.,


In the Wells Probate Registry is the will of John Still of Compton Martin,
husbandman, dated 3 Oct. 30 Queen Eliz., and proved 5 Sept. 1590 (book 23, fol. 4).
Parts have quite disappeared, but we can trace, " My .... Alice," " my wife Joane
Still," " my son John Still." Names debts to .... Maynard, Ambrose Millard,
and Edward Still. But his relationship, if any, does not appear.

William Still of Grantham, co. Lincoln (called Thomas in the^
' Visitation of Wilts, 1623 ').

2. William=r=Elizabeth, da. 3. Thomas Still. Alice Still, mar. 16=T=Adam Winthorp, 3rd son

Still of

of Tho. Pechell
of Normanton,
co. Line.

4. George Still,
Rector of

Dec. 1574
Dec. 1579

died 24
; bur. in

(by Agnes Sheepe his
wife) of Adam Win-
thorp. Born in Grace-
church Street, London,
10 Aug. 1548.

John Winthorp, Governor of the Massachussetts
Bay Company in 1630.

A first-born (sic) child,
bur. with its mother.

John Still, Rector of Chris-
tian Malf ord, Wilts ; Pre-
bendary of Salisbury 13
July 1613, and of Bath and
Wells 4 May 1623 ; chap-
lain of Bishop Still ; bearer
of one of the four ban-
nerolles at his funeral ;
signed Visit. Ped. 1623.

: Frances, da. of
John Younge of
Odiham, Hants.
Arms : Lozengy
or and vert, a
chevron azure.

2. William


Anna=Rev. Adam Abra- Mary

Still, ham of Chard, Still.

Somerset ; one of —

the chaplains of Alice

Bishop Still, and Still.

bearer of one of Both

the bannerolles at dead

his funeral. before


Henry Still,
set. 9 an.

John Still,
set. 6 an.

Frances Still,
set. 5 an. 1623.

Elizabeth Still,
83t. 4 an. 1623.

Ann Still,
set. 2 an.

Judith Still,
set. 1 an.

Anne, sister of John Alabaster,:
gent, (twice Mayor of Hadleigh,
Suffolk,9 April 18 James I.,1619),
and da. of Thomas Alabaster,
gent., of Hadleigh, clothier. Ob.
12 Jan. 1592, set. 70; bur. in
Hadley Church, with a brass to
her memory. 1st wife.

Arms : Ermine, a cross-bow
bent gules.

:John Still, D.D., Bishop of Bath=
and Wells, consecrated 11 Feb.
1592-3 ; eldest son, born circa
1543 ; died at the Palace, Wells,
26 Feb. 1607, aged 64 ; funeral
solemnized 4 April following.
Monument in the Cathedral.
Will dated 4 Feb. 1607 ; proved
28 April 1608 at Canterbury.

: Jane, da. of Sir John Horner
of Mells Park, co. Somerset;
High Sheriff 1564—1587.
Born 1561 ; died 1608; bur. at
Cloford 29 Sept. 1608. Will
dated 2 Sept. 1608 ; proved
31 Jan. 1608-9. 2nd wife.

Arms, granted 1584 : Sable,
three talbots passant argent.

See Pedigree <&, page 152.



John Still,
bap. at
19 Jan.
1577 ; bur.

Nathaniel Still of Hutton Court,=FJane, sister of Sir William Whit-^Henry Dennis

co. Somerset, eldest surviving
son and heir ; bap. at Hadleigh
18 Oct. 1579 ; set. 30 in 1610 ;
died intestate 2 Feb. 1625-6 ;
bur. in the chancel of Hutton
Church, where is a monument
to him. Administration granted
to his widow 27 Feb. 1625-6
at Canterbury.

more, Knight, of Apley, co. Salop,
and da. of William Whitmore,
Alderman of London (ob. 1593),
son of Richard Whitmore, Esq.,
of Cloverly, co. Salop. Born
circa 1587 ; set. 23 in 1610 ; died
10 Dec. 1639; bur. in Bath
Arms : Vert,fretty or.

of Puckle-
church Hall,
co. Glouces-
ter, Esq. 2nd

Ann Still, da. and^=John Codrington of

coheir, set. 10 in
1623. Devisee of
her uncle John
Still of Durleigh
for life of pre-
mises in Durleigh.

Didmarton, co.

Arms : Argent,
a fcss embattled
counter - embattled
sable, fretty gules,
between three lions
passant of the third.

Jane Still,:
set. 9 in
1623 ; da.
and co-

=Sir James Pyle, Bart.,
of Compton Beau-
champ. Berks. Died
circa 1639.

Arms : Argent, a
cross between four
nails gules.

Elizabeth Still,
da. and coheir,
living 1639; set.
5 in 1623.


Ann Pyle, :
eldest da.
and co-

: Sir Francis Hollis,
Bart., 2nd Baron
Hollis of Iffield, co.
Sussex. Died 1 March

Elizabeth=T=Sir Thomas Strick-
Pyle, da. I land, 2nd Bart., of
and co- | Boynton, co. York,
heir; mar.

. . . .=. . . . Rickards
Pyle. of Yewerland,

Isle of Wight,


Danzill Hollis, 3rd Baron ; died unmar. 1694, set. 18. Jane Hollis, died infant.

Jane Codrington, da. and coheir.=pSamuel Codrington, Esq., of Dodington.

Elizabeth Codrington, da. and coheir .=T=Edmund Rowe, Esq.

Elizabeth Rowe, only da. ;
and heir.

: Benjamin Michell, Esq., of Branscombe and Salcombe
Regis, co. Devon.

Elizabeth Michell, da. and heir.=^John Heard of Bridgwater, gent.

Sir Isaac Heard, Knight, Garter King of Arms.

Mary Still, da. and coheir, set. 8 in 1623 ;=f=John Dennis of Pucklechurch Hall, co. Gloucester ;

died 8 Aug. 1698 ; bur. in the church at
Pucklechurch, co. Gloucester.

born 1616 ; died 1669.

Arms : Gules, three leopards' heads or jessant-
de-lis azure,over all a bendlet engrailed of the last.

William Dennis of Pucklechurch, eldest surviving son ;— Dorothea, da. of Sir John Cotton of
died 28 Aug. 1701, set. 56 ; M.I. at Pucklechurch. i Connington, co. Huntingdon.


John Dennis, died Mary Dennis, eldest da. and coheir,=. . . . Butler of Two daughters,
aged one week. ob. s.p. ; sold Pucklechurch Hall. Ireland. died unmar.



John Still of Durleigh, and of:
Westbower in parish of Bridg-
water, Somerset ; bapt. at Had-
leigh 12 Feb. 1587. Will dated
21 Nov. 1633 ; proved 10 Feb.
1633-4 at Canterbury. To be
bur. in Durleigh Church. Names
his three cousins of his own
surname in Lincolnshire.

:Ann, da. of Thomas Baynard of Wanstrow,=John Bourne,
co. Somerset, and Callerne, co. Wilts (who son of the
signed the Visit. Ped. 1623), by Ann, sister of Bev. Canon
Sir Lawrence Hyde of Salisbury, Lord Chief Bourne, D.D.,
Justice of England. Her will dated 28 Jan. who died 8
1667 calls her Ann Bourne, widow, of Bridg- Aug. 1652.
water ; proved 30 June 1668 by her son Henry 2nd husband.
Still. Names her grandchild John Bull ; son-
in-law Mr. Henry Bull ; kinsman Mr. Tho.
Gorges and his sister Elizabeth Gorges.
Arms : Sable, a/ess between two chevrons or.

Thomas Still, bapt. at
Hadleigh 21 Sept.
1589 ; bur. there ;
living 1633.

Sarah Still, bapt. at Had-=William Morgan, Esq., of Warminster
leigh 30 April 1581 ; died in parish of St. Cuthbert, Wells.
2 Sept. 1608 ; bur. in Wells Arms : Argent, on a bend cotised
Cathedral. sable a fleur-de-lis between two cinque-

foils of the first.

Anne Still, bapt. :
at Hadleigh 30
April 1581.

^Robert Eyre, Esq. (called Richard in the will of his brother- Anne Still,
in-law John Still), of Chilhampton and Sarum, Wilts, Bar- bapt. 19
rister-at-Law ; son and heir of Thomas Eyre, Esq., M.P. for Aug. 1576.
New Sarum 1557 ; born circa 1569 ; died Aug. 1638.
. Arms : Argent, on a chevron sable three cinquefoils or.

I . I

Elizabeth— Richard Edwards, Alderman Deputy for Bishops- Mary :

Still, gate Ward 1634 ; eldest son of John Edwards of Still,

bapt. at London (by his wife Joan, eldest da. and coheir bapt.

Hadleigh with her sister " the Lady Holies " of Richard at

6 Oct. Wright of London) ; descended from the Ed- Had-

1583. wardses of Denbighshire. leigh

Arms : Quarterly — 1 and 4, Argent, a fess 12

between three martlets azure ; 2 and 3, Sable, a fess April

or, on a chief of the last three spear-lieads azure. 1585.

=Seston Jones, gent., of
Kevill, co. Wilts, son
of William Jones of
Kevill, to whom these
arms were granted in
1589, viz., Argent, a
lion passant sable, on
a chief of the second a
coronet or.


John Still,
eldest son,
to whom
his father
and West-
bower in
tail, with
to his

Henry Still of Westbower,:
who by purchase in 1661
acquired The Bury with
the Manor in the parish of
Doynton, co. Gloucester.
To him his uncle of the
half-blood Tho. Still of
Shaston devised the estate
of Shaston St. James, Dor-
set, in tail, failing issue of
his only son John. Settle-
ment of marriage dated
18 May 1673 ; died at The
Bury, and bur. in Doyn-
ton Church 23 Aug. 1705.

: Anna, sister of William Guise of Highnam Ann Still,

Court, co. Gloucester (great-grandfather of aet. 4 in

General Sir John Wright Guise, 3rd Bart.), 1623.
and da. of Henry Guise of Winterbourne, —

Wilts (brother of Sir Christopher Guise of Mary

Elmore, co. Gloucester, Bart.), by his wife Still, liv-

Philippa, da. of Sir Tho. Brydges, Knight, of ing in

Keynsham Abbey, co. Somerset (younger 1633, mar.

brother of John Brydges, Baron Chandos), Henry

and granddaughter of Sir William Guise, Bull. See

Knight, of Enmore, and Cecily, da. of John Pedigree

Dennis of Pucklechurch. She was bur. at of Bull,

Doynton 4 Sept. 1682. p. 46.

Arms : Gules, seven lozenges, three, three, and
one, vaird,on a canton or a mullet sable pierced.

John Still of The Bury,:
Lord of that Manor ; born
3 April 1677 ; marriage
settlement dated 8 Dec.
1715 ; legatee under the
will of his wife's kins-
man Henry ffoote, gent.,
of Bristol, grandson of
Henry Dighton, dated 9
July 1749 ; died 20 April
1753, aged 76 ; bur. at


=Martha, da. of Thomas
Hickes of Westend,
Wickwar, co. Glouces-
ter, by Martha, da. of
Henry Dighton of Bris-
tol (who died 8 May

Arms : Gules, a fess
wavy between three
fleurs-de-lis or.

Still, died
infant 5
Jan. 1682 ;
bur. at


Mary Still,
died infant
23 Aug. 1674.

Ann Still, liv-
ing in 1700.

Mary Still,
born 20 July
1680 ; living

Philippa Still,
mentioned in an
indenture exe-
cuted by her
brother for rais-
ing portions for
his sisters in
1703. Philippa
Still gave £10
for the relief
of the poor of



John Still of
The Bury,
Lord of that
eldest sur-
viving son
and heir ;
born 25
Sept. 1719 ;
ob. s.p.

The Rev. Henry:
Still of The Bury,
Lord of that
Manor ; Rector
of Clapton, co.
Somerset, and of
North Wraxall,
co. Wilts. He
died, and bur. at
North Wraxall,
Wilts, 18 March

: Mary, da. of John
Gale of Appleshawe,
co. Hants. Bur. at
North Wraxall 27
April 1786.

Arms : Or, on a
chevron azure, be-
tween three Sara-
cens' heads affronte
cronmed sable, as
many fleurs-de-lis

Frances=Newton Woodward of Grims-
Still, bury in parish of Bitton, co.
ob. s.p. Gloucester, eldest son of
Francis Woodward of Grims-
bury (who died 1730), by
Dorothy, da. of Sir John New-
ton, Bart., of Bars Court, co.
Gloucester. He died 1773,
set. 79 ; M.I. in Bitton


Sylvestra Still, born
11 Oct, 1716 ; living
and then widow of
Moses Cottle 28
Feb. 1792 ; ob. s.p.

=Moses Cottle of Winsley,
co. Wilts.

Arms : Or, a bend
gules, in chief a crescent
of the last for difference.

Elizabeth Still, born
1 Dec. 1720 ; died at
Willsbridge House,
and bur. at Doynton
in Dec. 1801.


Anne Martha Still,

Still, living 8 Aug.

born 1758 ; died

28 Dec. unmar.

Philippa Still,:
born 3 April
1725 ; bapt. at
Doynton 2
May follow-
ing. Will dated
28 Feb. 1792 ;
proved at Can-
terbury 8 July

: John Pearsall of Willsbridge House in parish of Bitton, co. Gloucester, son of
John Pearsall of the same, whose will, dated 28 Feb. 1756, was proved at
Bristol 16 July 1762, great-grandson of Humphry Pearsall of the Hawn in
parish of Halesowen, co. Salop (born 1 Nov. 1599; mar. 3 April 1619 Mary,
da. of Richard Blount of Rowley Regis, co. Stafford, and dying of a fever
in London 1650 was bur. in the old church of Chelsea, where there is a M.I.
to him), younger son of Sir John Pearsall of Horsley, co. Stafford, Bart., so
created 25 Nov. 1611. Born 24 June 1716; died intestate at Willsbridge
27 April 1777 ; bur. in cemetery of Redcliffe Pit, Bristol.

Arms : Argent, a cross fleury sable, on a canton gules a wolfs head erased
of the first.

Martha Still, younger
da., bapt. at North
Wraxall 24 Aug. 1764;
died 13 Sept. 1764 ;
bur. there.

Judith Still, only sur-^=Thomas Pearsall of Wills- = Thorn asine, da. of

Thomas Maun-
drell of Black-
lands, near Calne,
Wilts, High She-
riff of that county
in 1770. Died
s.p. 2nd wife.

viving child, bapt. at
North Wraxall 3 March
1762; mar. there 28
Feb. 1783 ; died at
Willsbridge, and bur. at
Bitton 2 Aug. 1810.

bridge, eldest surviving
son ; born at Willsbridge
26 Oct. 1758 ; died at
Bath, and bur. at Bitton
19 March 1825, aged 67.

born at
bridge ;
bur. at
28 April

John Pearsall, born :
at Willsbridge 7
March 1784 ; bapt.
at Bitton 19 April
bur. at Bitton 26
Nov. 1863.

: Frances. da. and coheir
of Richard Highatt of
Jamaica. Living 1867
at Cheltenham.

Arms : Gules, two bars
argent, over all on a
bend or three leopards'
heads sable.

Robert Pearsall,
only surviving
son ; born at
Willsbridge ;
bapt. 8 Aug.
1807 ; living 10
Jan. 1868.

Henry William
Pearsall, died
unmar. at Al-
fred Place, Bed-
ford Square,
London, 3 May
1861 ; bur. at

Thomas Pear-
sall of Bristol,
solicitor, born
1786 ; died
unmar. at
Bristol 1818.

Still Pearsall,
born at Wills-
bridge ; bapt.
at Bitton 17
April 1797 ;
died 10 Aug.

Henry Pearsall,
born at Wills-
bridge ; bur. in
Bitton Church
23 April 1797.


Richard Pearsall,
born at Wills-
bridge ; bapt. at
Bitton 22 Nov.
1801 ; bur. at
Bitton 15 Jan.

Mary Pear-
sall, born
at Wills-
bridge ;
bapt. at
Bitton 19
April 1797.



D | E

Elizabeth Pearsall,
born at Wills-
bridge ; bapt. at
Bitton 17 May

Philippa Pearsall,
born at Wills-
bridge ; bapt. at
Bitton 18 Nov.
1799 ; bur. at Bit-
ton 6 Feb. 1812.

Martha Pearsall, born=
at Willsbridge 1795 ;
bapt. at Bitton 18
Aug. 1797 ; ob. s.p. at
Park Place, Chelten-
ham, 12 May 1860.

: Willi am Heather of Arundel
House near Cheltenham, and
19 Park Place, Cheltenham.
Arms: Paly of six or and
azure, on a chief of tlw first
afess dancettee gules.

John Pearsall, born 8
Oct. 1753 ; died un-
mar. 16 Jan. 1778,
set. 24.

William Pearsall, born
15 April 1756 ; died
unmar. 23 Jan 1774,
set. 17.

Edward Pearsall, born
31 Aug. 1767; died

Robert Pearsall,
born 31 Jan.
1761 ; died un-
mar. 2 Nov.

George Pearsall,
born 7 Dec.
1765 ; died un-
mar. in London.

Richard Pearsall, 1
Major Command-
ant of West
Gloucester Yeo-
manry ; born at
Willsbridge 14
April 1764 ; mar.
at St. Michael's
Church, Bristol,
1791 ; bur. in St.
Peter's Church,
Bristol, 20 Dec.
1820 ; aged 56.

: Elizabeth, da. of Thomas Lucas
of Lucas Hall, Marsh Street,
parish of St. Stephen, Bristol,
grandson of Clement Lucas of
Hanbury, co. Worcester, son of
John Lucas of Rowington, co.
Warwick. Born 25 April 1753 ;
bapt. at St. Peter's, Bristol, 25
April 1754 ; died at Willsbridge ;
bur. at St. Peter's, Bristol, 14
June 1836, aged 84.

Arms : Argent, a fess be-
tween six annulets gules.

Robert Lucas de Pearsall of Willsbridge=pM
House, and of the Castle of Wartensee, St.
Gall, Switzerland ; of Lincoln's Inn, Bar-
rister-at-Law ; born and bapt. at Clifton,

Online LibraryArthur John JewersWells Cathedral: its monumental inscriptions and heraldry : together with the heraldry of the palace, deanery, and vicar's close : with annotations from wills, registers, etc., and illustrations of arms → online text (page 14 of 29)