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cemetery there.


Arthur Dashwood Still, born
13 May 1836 ; bapt. at Man-
ningford Bruce 29 June fol-
lowing : died at Weymouth
23 May 1842 ; bur. at Catti-
stock 30 May 1842.

Selina Elizabeth Still,
born 30 March 1833 ;
died at Tunbridge
Wells 1852; bur. in
Kensal Green Ceme-
tery, London.

Thomas Walter Still,
born 1861.

Louisa Centurion Still,
born 1856.

Laura Maria Mary
Still, born 1859.

Marian Still, born :
at Tytherley 28
Sept. 1803; bapt.
at Knoyle Oct.
1804; mar. 15 May
1827 ; living in

Alexander Wilton Dashwood, 2nd son of Thomas Dashwood, Esq., E.I.C.S.
and Governor of Bombay (2nd son of Sir James Dashwood, 2nd Bart., of
Kirtlington, by Charlotte Louisa, da. and coheir of Edward Spencer of
Rendlesham, Esq., sister of Ann, Duchess of Hamilton, 3rd wife of the 5th
Duke). Born 25 Sept. 1796.

Arms : Argent, on a fess double cotised gules, three griffins' heads erased
or, a crescent on a crescent for difference. The MS. calls the heads, " Per
fess erminois and of the second."

Alexander Thomas Dashwood,:
Lieut. 44 Regt. Bengal N.I. ;
born 28 March, bapt. Maryle-
bone, London, 17 May 1830 ;
mar. at Ramsgate 13 July 1854 ;
died at Siege of Lucknow 9
July 1857.

: Emma


da. of





Frederick James Dash-
wood, born 7 July,
bapt. at Marylebone 6
Aug. 1836 ; died at
Clifton 21 Sept. 1843.

Charles Kieth Dashwood,
Lieut. 18 Bengal N.I. ;
born 20 May, bapt. at
Clifton 6 July 1838 ; died
of wounds at Del Koosha,
Lucknow, and bur. there
23 Nov. 1857.

Alexander Thomas Dashwood.
born 4 April 1855.

Herbert Dashwood, born 23 Aug.
1856 ; died 19 Aug. 1857.

Arthur Dashwood, born
31 Aug. 1857.



George Lionel Dash-^=Alice, eldest
wood, born 2 Aug., da. of Tho-
bapt. 6 Oct. 1843 in mas Post of
Clifton Church ; Astley Hall,
mar. 8 Aug. 1866 ; co. Lan-
living 1868. caster.

Marion Dashwood.

Charlotte Still Dashwood, :
born 23 May 1828 in Lon-
don ; bapt. at Maryle-
bone 25 April ; mar. at
Shenleigh, Herts, 20 May
1856 ; died at High
Canons, Herts, 25 April
1863 ; bur. at Ashpring-
ton, co. Devon.

: Richard Durant of High Ca-
nons, Herts, J.P. for Herts and
Middlesex ; eldest son of Rich-
ard Durant of Sharpham, co.
Devon, High Sheriff for that
county 1851. Born Sept. 1812.
Arms : Sable, a cross-cross-
let engrailed between four
annulets or.

Selina Georgiana Dash-
wood, born at Ramsgate
23 Aug., bapt. there at
St. George's Church 26
Sept. 1832 ; mar. at
East Sutton 5 July
1854 ; living 1868.

: Rev. George Watson,
Vicar of Weedon, co.
Northampton ;
born 21 Dec. 1821 ;
died at Brighton 9
May 1863 ; bur. at
Hove 15 May 1863.

Louisa Charlotte^Rev. Alfred

Dashwood, born
5 Sept., bapt. at
Marylebone 15
Oct. 1834; mar. at
Shenley 27 Dec.
1859; living 1867.

Child, Rec-
tor of

Rotherfield ;
born 28 Dec
1822; living

Emma Marian
born 14 Sept.,
bapt. at Clif-
ton 19 Oct.
1843 ; living

KIDDER. I. M. Ricardi Kidder, S. T. P.

Incunabula Sussexiensis ager

Literas interiores Cantabrigia

Nomen non moriturum ecclesiae

Fortunse diu duriori obluctatum

Incolumen praestitit indefessa virtus

Sensimque per imos Sacerdotus gradus

Ad altiora ascendentem Decauatu primum Petroburgensi

Episcopatu deinde Bathoniensi

Dignissimum cumulavit

Fastigio Episcopali admoti

Triumpho cecinit Christianus orbis

Quo Dace Iudaismi Grassautis Rabies

Fideique veriae ultima minantis
Dormita in suas Latebras se recepit
Cui autem Terga verterat Judseus

Bella intrentabus christianus

DeceBsoris optimi Honoribus exuti

Hinc miseratio inde Desiderium


Hostes Immerenti Suscitaverant

Mite diu exercituros Ingenium

Publieisque Damna curis allaturos

Moribustandem queis nulla Sartiores

(Ramissima felicitate) concessum

Ut sua Kenno incolumi fama

Sua Kiddero fermaretur Dignitas

Ut Partium Rixae penitas silerent

Kennu Sque Kidderu Sque

Illi Principi. Hie Reipublicse

Operae fideliter navatae

Mutuis Laudibus ornarentur

Docto jam eonsenuerat otio

Summis Infimisque juxta Charus

Cum 26° Novembris 1703

Ipsum unaque conjugem fidissimam

Turbine (Cuncta secum rapiente)

Carmine Prostrati transit Ruina

Morte quse mcerori Solalla miscuit

Ubi intrima necessitudine conjunctos

Annis Graves ccelo maturos

Idem ictus abstulit

Nullo gradatim morientium dolore

Neubroque chariori sui Parti Superstite

Septuagenarius Ille Ilia incerto Anno obiit

Marmoream hanc Tabulem


Filia duarum superstitum minima

(Quam Pudor Fides nudaque Veritas

iEno conspiciendam obtulerant)

Supremo Testamento poni curavit

Cineresque suos hie condi pie voluit

Innupta obiit Annum agens 38

Vum 1728.

The above is from a large monument of black and white marble, with a
recumbent effigy of the Bishop's daughter, who caused the monument to be erected.
It was formerly on the south side of the Choir. The Bishop was killed with his
wife by the fall of a stack of chimneys on the night of the great storm, 26 and 27
Nov. 1703.

Arms : Sable, a saltire emb. counterembattled arg.

Cathedeal Register.

1703 Dec. 14 Richard, Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, and his Lady were




A canopied altar-tomb commemorates Thomas Cornish, Canon,
Chancellor, Succentor and Precentor of the Cathedral, Eector of
Lambrook, Vicar of St. Cuthbert and of Wedmore, Suffragan for Bishop Fox of
Bath and "Wells, and for Bishop Hugh Oldham of Exeter. He was educated at
Oxford, and held the titular bishopric of Tenos or Tine. There remains against
the wall under the canopy the matrix of a brass, but only part of the fillet round the
edge of the tomb, which carried the name and date, actually exists, and only a small
part of that, inscribed with the following : " Cujus anime .... men .... Tinensis
Ep'us tertio die mensis Julii Anno D'm° mcccccxiv."

The copy of the inscription printed with the account of the monument for the
use of visitors gives the inscription as, " Cujus animae propietur Deus supradictus
D'n's Thomas Tinensis Ep'us tertio die mensis July An. Dom. 1513." This, it will
be seen, varies in several points from what actually exists.

On the front of the tomb are three shields. On the first a text ST with a wheat-
sheaf ; on the third the letter C with another wheatsheaf, the initials of Thomas
Cornish, the sheaves of corn, of course, alluding to his name. On the centre shield
is this coat : On a chev. betw. three birds' heads erased a mitre. No colours are
given on the monument, and this coat is not given by Burke or Papworth for this
name, so that it is a great pity it does not exist in one of the windows. It may
have been the arms of his mother's family, if she were an heiress, which he adopted,
adding the mitre from his episcopal office. The birds' heads are hardly likely to
have been Cornish choughs, as a canting coat or a garb would also have been
introduced, and a Cornish chough taken the place of one of the garbs accompanying
the initials. However this may have been, the coat is certainly intended as his
own, but does not appear to have been used by any others of the same name. At
the west end is another shield charged with the arms of the Dean and Chapter, the
saltire between the keys on the dexter and the sword on the sinister, as in the
window on the south of the Choir. The saltire is here, as elsewhere in the earlier
examples, carved quite plain without any partition lines.


We will now pass out of the door up the steps to the Chapter House. In the
windows are three shields, namely : —

I. Quarterly: 1 and 4, France (modern); 2 and 3, England. The royal arms,
probably for Edward IY.

IT. The same with a label erm. Probably for Edward, Prince of Wales, eldest
son of Henry VI., or the eldest son of Edward IV. The grandmother of Edward IV.
was a Mortimer.

These shields could not have been before Henry V., as he was the first to use the
three fleurs-de-lis instead of semee of fleurs-de-lis in the arms of France.

III. Barry of six or and az., an inescutcheon arg., on a chief of the first three
palets betw. hvo gyronnes of the second, Mortimer, Earl of March. In the glass,
the inescutcheon is so large, the rest appears as a bordure. In one of the windows is
an estoil within the horns of a crescent, per pale az. and arg, placed within a collar
of SS. The estoil within a crescent was a badge of Richard I. It was also a badge
of the house of Lancaster, and used with some variations by their adherents.

The royal arms of James I. are painted over the Bishop's throne. Beneath this
were painted on the wall two shields, all that can now be made out is a plain gold
saltire on the shield to the left, the colour of the shield and any other charges are
gone ; of the other shield part of the outline only remains.

This completes the monuments and heraldry inside the Cathedral, thus carrying
out the plan proposed at the commencement. We pass from the south transept into
the cloisters, giving first the mural tablets, and then the floorslabs on each side suc-
cessively. Before touching the monuments it will be well to note the heraldry,
which are on bosses contemporary with the erection of the cloister. In the east
cloister, erected by Bishop Bubwith, there are no arms, though there is a shield with
his own coat on the outside.

In the roof of the west side the coat of Bishop Beckyngton is several times

Three pheons (Sa., three pheons arg.), Nicholl, an ancient family on the borders
of Wales. William Niohol, Vicar of Woolavington 1452, ob. 1480.

Three stags' heads cabossed (Arg., three stags'* heads cdbossed sa.), Henry Bowett,
Bishop of Bath and Wells 1401-7. The resemblance of these two coats, when
placed one above the other, to the arms of Bishop Beckington is so strong as to
be almost conclusive evidence that his arms were formed from them.

A betid betw. three eagles closed (Witham. Or, a bend betw. three eagles
closed sa.), William Witham, Dean of Wells 1464-72. He was a younger son of
Robert Witham of Grantham, co. York, who made his will 30 Dec. 28 Henry VI.,
by his wife Margaret, daughter of Richard Skendelley.

A fess betw. three sivans rousant (Swann. Az., afess betw. three swans rousant
arg.), Richard Swann, who died in 1487 ; he was one of the executors of Bishop

Three sugar-loaves, and in chief a doctor's cap, Dr. Hugh Sugar, another
executor of Bishop Beckington.

A chev. betw. three leopards' faces, Bishop Stillington. A casual look at the
shields with this coat, for there are two, might leave it doubtful if the charges were



roses or leopards' faces, but, on careful examination, it becomes quite clear that they
are leopards' faces. "We have some difficulty in accounting for the coat being here
satisfactorily. The date is too early for them to be the coat of Godwin of Wells,
and we look in vain for any one bearing this coat whose connection with the
Cathedral is likely to account for his arms appearing here, unless it be a variation
of the family coat of Bishop Stillington. He was a son of John Stillington of
Nether Acaster, co. York, who bore, Gu., on a/ess arg. oehv. three leopards' faces or,
as many fleurs-de-lys sa., the fleur-de-lys being a difference from the coat of Stilling-
ton of Kelfield, co. York. In one of the windows of the chapel of the Yicar's Close
we find this coat, Gu., a chev. arg., letiv. three leopards' faces or, and as at that time
prominent members of a family made considerable variations in their family arms,
this seems the most probable solution, especially as when the cloisters were building
Stillington was Bishop, and was building a private chapel on the east side of the
cloisters, in which he was buried, and which very unfortunately has long since
disappeared, or it would doubtless have given us some interesting and conclusive
heraldic evidences. Since this paragraph was written, identifying this coat as that
of Bishop Stillington, an examination of the shields in the Yicar's Close has revealed
one on which these coats of the chevron and the fess between the leopards' faces are
quartered together, which leaves no doubt as to the coat in the cloister roof being
that of Bishop Stillington.

Four fusils, the shield being within the garter, inscribed, Hony soyt que malle
pense. Gu., fusils conjoined in fess arg., Giles, Lord Daubeny, E.G., who died in
1508, and already noticed.

A saltire betw. two keys addorsed, the lows interlaced, on the dexter, and a sword
erect on the sinister, the Dean and Chapter, repeated twice. A saltire, probably
intended for the vicars.

France (modern) and England, quarterly, within the garter and crowned. The
badge of Bishop Beckington, a beacon-post with ladder, at the top a tun with fire
issuing from it, in front of the post is often placed a motto ribbon, the beacon tun
being a rebus on the name of Beckington.

Returning to the monuments in the cloisters : —


Mural Tablets.

In memory

ANDREWS. of Mary the beloved wife of Benjamin Andrews

Steward to the Dean and Chapter of this Church

who to the graces that adorn a Christian

added not only the sincerity of a friend

but also the most affectionate duties

truth and tenderness of the

best of wives

These merits

which entitled her to the esteem of all

who knew her

constituted her happiness here


and its hoped will perpetuate it

to all eternity.

She dyed after a severe illness

of two years and three months

on the 3 rd day of April 1789,

in the 44 th year of her age.

This monument was erected

by her surviving husband as

a Testimony of regard

for her worth.

B. Andrews

died July 11 th 1803

aged 59.

Cathedral Register.

1685 July 14 Kachael dau. of M r George Andrews and Elizabeth his w. ; born

22 June.
1688 Sep. 6 Elizabeth dau. of M r George Andrews and Elizabeth his w. ; born

6 Aug.
1694 Nov. 12 William s. of M r George Andrews and Elizabeth his w.
1704 Sep. 19 Sarah dau. of M r George Andrews and Elizabeth his w. ; born

30 Aug.
1706 Sep. 6 Abigail dau. of M r George Andrews ; born Aug. 23.

1704 Sep. 19 Abraham Carslake, of Farway, co. Devon, and Rachael Andrews,
of this Liberty ; married.

1780 Nov. 7 George Andrews, Esq., bur.
1789 Mar. 8 Mary w. of Benjamin Andrews, Esq.

St. Cuthbert Parish Register.


1708 Jan. 6 Sarah dau. of M r George Andrews, of High Street, bap. at y e

1710 Mar. 15 George s. of M r George Andrews, of High Street, born 16 Feb.,
' bap. at y e Cathedral.

M r William Andrews.
George s. of M r George Andrews.
Elizabeth dau. of M r George Andrews.
Sarah w. of M r George Andrews, of the Liberty.
Sarah dau. of M r George Andrews, of the Liberty.
M rs Bridget Andrews, widow.
Sarah dau. of M r George Andrews, of the Liberty.
























Will of B. Andrews.

The will of Bridgett Andrews of Wells, dated 20 July 1708 ; proved 18 Dec.
1708 at Wells. Dau. Abigail her silver watch ; granddau. Elizabeth Andrews
£200 ; granddau. Abigail £100 ; M r John Day's wife of Wells a silver candlestick ;
interest of £50 to trustees of M r Brick's almshouses for the poor ; M r John Moor,
the elder, of Bridge water 21s. ; residue to son George Andrews. Seal of arms, On
a lend cotised three mullets. Crest, A stag's head erased.

H. S. J.
HEALY. Ricardus Healy

L.L. Doctor prsestitis qua?

amicis quae patriae, quae Principi

quae Ecclesiae matri quae digniti

et pietati suse debuit officiis

tandem et quod naturae debuit


obiit 1° Sep bres A D ni 1713

iEtatis suae 58

Ne per te ferat viator

Quo minus tot Decani et

Capituli negotiis praeclare

Administralis tot laboribus

Defunctus requiescat

Disce prudentiam

Industriam fidam.

The arms as painted on the monuments are 1 and 4, Vert, on a chev. arg.
fimbriated eng. or three crosses patee gu., all oetw. as many lions ramp, of the
third ; 2 and 3, Sa., on a chief az. three martlets or. On the Healy monument in
St. Outhbert's Church the same quarterly coat appears without the impalement, the



second and third quarters are made, Vert, on a chief sa. three martlets or ; both these
are bad heraldry. The coat is probably intended for Wray, viz., Az., on a chief or
three martlets gu. On the above monument this quarterly coat impales, Erm., three
crescents gu., Ken. Papworth gives this quarterly coat on the authority of Collinson,
who makes the field of the coat of Healy, Sable, and a simple chevron engrailed arg.


April 27


June 15


June 15


April 30


Mar. 17


Sep. 11


Aug. 27


Nov. 30


Sep. 4


Dec. 19


Mar. 13


Nov. 4


June 7


Jan. 16

Cathedral Registers.

Mary dau. of M 1 ' Richard Healy and Mary his w.
Frances dau. of M r Richard Healy and Mary his w.
Ralph s. of M r Richard Healy and Mary his w.
Ralph s. of M T Richard Healy and Mary his w.
Richard s. of M r Richard Healy and Mary his w. ; born 4 March.
William s. of M r Richard Healy, D.C.L., and Mary his w.
Thomas s. of D r Richard Healy and Mary his w., born and bap.
privately Wednesday, 27 Aug., brought to Church 19 Sep.

Ralph s. of M r Richard Healy.
D r Richard Healy.

Mary wife of the Rev. M r Richard Healy ; died 17 Dec.
William Healy, Esq.
Rev. M r Richard Healy; died Nov. 1.
M rs Mary Healy.
M rs Susannah Healy.


1734 Jan. 27

1767 Feb. 8


Beloved wife of

Giles Hemens

died the 10 th December 1765

aged 60

a virtuous Spouse and faithful Friend

She continued to her end.

Cathedral Register.

Giles Hemens, yeoman, and Hannah Beard, both of Banwell, mar.

by licence.
Giles Hemens, gent., bur.


Philip Allenson, gent.

By his steady Friendship

Great Generosity

and Liberal Charity


Endeared himself

To all that knew him

He was born in London,

Died in Bath

March 4 th 1767 aged 40.

Buried in this chapel.

To whose memory

Giles Hemens

Pays his grateful tribute

(A blank shield.)

Cathedral Register.
1767 Mar. 7 Philip Allenson, gent., bur.

HEALY. Maria Richardi Healy clerici

Filii Richardi Healy, LL.D.

Uxor desideratissima

qua mulla forsan inmotuit, vel sponsa suavior

vel Prudentia, virtute vitaeq' Innocentia ornatior

vel suis et universis amicior

vel Form® venustate morumq' gratia et humanitate


Puerperio, tarn inauspicato, quam intempestive Cubans

nee levanda occubuit

Dec. 17, 1722

MtoL 35

Eundem juxta Parietem Richardus Healy, A.M.

nuper Reverendus S tt Cuthberti Ecclesise vicarius

Conjux Mariae praedictaB S.E.

amicus certus, et plusquam gratus

Pastor fidus et sedulus

In Uteris bonis et potitioribus haud mediocritur versatus

Doctrina prisca Fide, charitate singulari, munus

ornavit sacrum

obiit Nov :

Mtat. 46.

En 1 Lector

Quod pie jugere potes & pie imitari
PALMER. Nath™ 4 fil. Nath: Palmer de Fairfield

in com : Som : armig : & Fran : ux 8
"WYNDHAM. ort83 patre Will™ Wyndham Barone* 1

Infra jacet
magna eximiae Indolis dedit specimina



In parentes fratres, atq Sorores puis.

Omnium amans omnibus amatus

Scholae Wellen' Delicise, sed breves.

Yariolis corruptus, heu ! cito expiravit

Nov: 16, 1706

JEtat. 12°.

The above Sir William Wyndham was the eldest son of John "Wyndham, Esq.,
and his wife Catherine, daughter of Robert Hopton of Witham, co. Somerset, and
sister and coheir of Ralph, Lord Hopton. Sir William Wyndham, who was of
Orchard Wyndham, was created a baronet 3 Dec. 1661, and married Frances,
daughter of Anthony Hungerford of Farley Castle, Esq., by whom he had, with
others who died unmarried, Sir Edward Wyndham, grandfather of the first Earl of
Egremont of this family ; Rachael, married first Sir George Speke, second and last
baronet, and secondly to Robert Musgrave, Esq. ; Elizabeth, married to Thomas
Erie of Charborough, co. Dorset, Esq. ; Frances, married Francis Palmer of Fair-
field, co. Somerset, Esq., as named on the monument above ; Joane, married William
Cary of Clove! ly, co. Devon, Esq.



Martha Lovell

wife of the Rev d Edmund Lovell

M.A., and Prebendary of this Church

died Aug* 27 th 1752.

Mary their daughter died Nov. 11 th


Elizabeth Westley, daughter

of Thomas Westley of Shepton

Mallet gen*, and sister of the above

Martha Lovell died Oct 1 15 th 1752.







Cathedeal Register.
Mary dau. of M r Edmund Lovell and Martha his wife was born 20 Feb.,

bap. 27 th Feb., and received into the Church 28 th March 1745.
Mary dau. of M r Edmund Lovell, died 11 Nov., and bur. 14 Nov.
George son of Edmund and Martha Lovell, born 2 July, privately bap.

9 July, and received into the Church 4 Aug 4 .
Aug. 29 Martha w. of the Rev. M r Lovell, bur.

Elizabeth Westley dau. of Thomas Westley of Shepton Mallet,

gent., and sister of M rs Lovell, bur.
The Rev. M r Canon Lovell, bur.
Rev. D r Lovell.

Oct. 18

Aug. 31
July 23

Will of E. Westley.
Eleanor Westly of Shepton Mallet, late wife of Thomas Westly, gent., of Chilcot,
co. Somerset. Will dated 28 Sept. 1721 ; proved at Wells 9 Dec. 1723 by her son
Thomas Westly. Names Thomas Westly of Shepton Mallet, mercer, sole heir and
executor. Seal. Plain, no arms.


Near this tablet

are deposited the remains of

Fridiswyde the beloved wife

of Edmond Broderip, gent.

of New Street WeUs,

who died June 3 rd 1825

age 63.

Also of Edmond their infant son

who died January 1790.
In the vault underneath this tablet

are also deposited the remains of

the above named Edmond Broderip

who died at his residence

Pulteney Street, Bath,

December 5 th 1828

aged 76.
(From a floorslab.)

1708 Sep. 11

1709 Feb. 10
1711 Feb. 9

1713 Jan. 18

1716 April 2

1719 Feb. 19

1721 Nov. 6

Cathedral Register.
William s. of William Broderip and Martha his w., priv. bap., and

received into the Church 24 Sep.
Frances dau. of William Broderip and Martha his w.
Martha dau. of William Broderip and Martha his w.

(This is entered a second time, dated 14 Feb., and the father
called " M r Broderip the Vicar.")
Frideswade dau. of William Broderip and Martha his w.
Sarah dau. of William Broderip and Martha his w.
John s. of William Broderip and Martha his w. ; born 11 th Feb.
Robert s. of William Broderip and Martha his w.


1725 Sep. 1 Edmund s. of William Broderip and Martha his w. ; born 6 Aug.
1727 April 4 Edmund s. of William Broderip and Martha his w.

1746 May 22 Elizabeth dau. of M r John Broderip and Mary [sic] his w.
1748 Aug. 26 William s. of M r John Broderip and Eleanor [sic] his w.

1785 April 4 Edmund s. of Edmund and Frideswade Broadrip ; born 24 March

1785, priv. bap., and received 21 July 1796.

1786 Dec. 8 Elizabeth dau. of Edmund and Frideswade Broadrip ; born 25 Nov.

1786, priv. bap., rec. 21 July 1796.

1787 Mary dau. of Edmund and Frideswade Broadrip ; born 23 Dec. 1787,

priv. bap., received 21 July 1796.
1791 Edward s. of Edmund and Frideswade Broadrip ; born 1 July 1791,

priv. bap., received 21 July 1796.
1793 Maria dau. of Edmund and Frideswade Broadrip ; born 20 June

1793, priv. bap., received 21 July 1796.

1699 June 8 William Hull of London, Factor, and Jane Broadrip of Brewton.


1726 Aug. 27 Edmund s. of William and Martha Broadrip.
1770 Dec. 30 John Broadrip, Organist.

1785 April 11 M rs Eleanor Broadrip, relict of the late M r John Broadrip,

1788 Mar. 16 M rs Sarah Broadrip.

1790 Jan. 22 Edmund s. of Edmund Broadrip, gent., and Frideswade his w.

Near this place are deposited
LINLEY. the Remains of Thomas Linley Esq.

who departed this Life November 19 tb 1795 aged 63.

together with those of his two Daughters

and his granddaughter

SHERIDAN. Elizabeth Ann, wife of R. B. Sheridan Esq.

TICKLE. Mary wife of Richard Tickle Esq. and

Mary the Infant daughter of the former.

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