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In this bless'd Pile, amid whose favouring gloom

Fancy still loves to guard her votarys Tomb,

Shall I withhold what all the virtues claim

The sacred tribute to a Father's name 1

And yet bless'd Saint, The skill alone was thine

To breath with truth the tributary line ;

The mem'ry of departed worth to save

And snatch the fading laurel from the grave

And oh, my Sisters : peaceful be your rest

Once more reposing on a Father's breast ;

You whom he lov'd, whose notes, so lost, so dear

Would sometimes wildly float upon his ear

As the soft Lyre he touched with mournful grace

And recollection's tear bedewed his face.


Yes, most belov'd, If every grateful care
To sooth his hours, bis every wish to share.
If the fond mother, and the tender wife
Could add fresh comfort to his Eve of Life ;
If youth, if beauty, eloquence could charm,
Genius delight him, & affection warm,
Yours was the pleasing task from day to day
Whilst heav'n approv'd and virtue led the way.


Cathedral Register.

1787 Aug. 2 Mary Tickell w. of Richard Tickell, Esq., bur.

1792 July 7 M rs Elizabeth Ann Sheridan, bur.

1793 Nov. 26 Elizabeth Sheridan dau. of Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Mary

his w., bur.
1795 Nov. 28 Thomas Linley, bur.

At the top of this monument are sculptured a lyre and flutes ; below the inscrip-
tion is a shield on which can be traced a chevron, Lindley of Shegby, Scotland, Arg.,
on a chev. sa. three griffins' heads erased of the first. Crest, Out of a crest coronet
gu. a demi-boar or. The Yorkshire family of Linley or Lindley bore the heads on a
chief instead of on a chevron. The above R. B. Sheridan was the Right Hon.
Richard Brinsley Sheridan, the statesman, dramatist, and wit, second son of Thomas
Sheridan, M.A., of Trinity College, Dublin. He married the above Elizabeth Ann
Linley in 1773, and she died in 1792, having had Mary, who died in infancy, and a
son, Thomas Sheridan, ancestor of the Sheridans of Frampton Court near Dorchester.
Arms of Sheridan, Vert, a lion ramp. betw. three trefoils slipped or. The other
daughter Mary Linley married, as his first wife, 25 July 1780, to Richard Tickell
(second son of John Tickell of Glasnevin, Dublin, eldest son of Thomas Tickell, Fellow
of Queen's College, Oxon, by his wife Clotilda, daughter and heir of Sir Maurice
Eustace), a Commissioner of Her Majesty's Stamp Duties, who died 4 Nov. 1793 at
Hampton Court Palace. His wife, by whom he left two sons and a daughter, died
at Clifton 27 July 1787, and was buried with her father, as the monument records.
This family of Tickell used for arms, Quarterly, 1 and 4, Gu., a maunch arg. ; 2 and 3,
Sa., on a bend arg. three escallops gu. Crest, A cubit arm erect vested gu., charged
with three fleurs-de-lis or, cuffed arg., the hand ppr., grasping a fleur-de-lis gold. The
above Thomas Linley himself was one of the Patentees of the Theatre Royal,
Drury Lane. See ' Landed Gentry ' and ' Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica,'
New Series, vol. ii., p. 472.

Sacred to the memory of
HENWOOD. wife of P. Henwood Esquire R.N.

who died the 18 th day of February 1830
aged 52 years.



to the memory of

Peter Henwood Esquire R.N.,

who died at Torquay

August 17 th 1851

aged 84 years.

TEASDALE. Elizabeth Teasdale

Died at Wells

the 9 th Day of March 17 .

(aged 27 ?)

Rich Industry

gives a grace

to virtue.

Cathedral Register.
1773 Mar. — M rs Elizabeth Teesdale w. of Marmaduke Teesdale, of London,
buried in the cloister.

Sacred to the memory of
LOVELL. Joseph Lovell Lovell Esq.

of this city

who died 21 December 1842

aged 62 years.


to the memory of

Margaret his widow

who died 26 August 1849

aged 66 years.

Sacred to the memory of
LOVELL. Edmund Lovell

second son of Joseph Lovell Lovell and Margaret his wife

who died Sep 1 11 th 1831

in the 25 th year of his age.

Sacred to the memory of
LOVELL. Edward Lovell

eldest son of Joseph Lovell Lovell and Margaret his wife

who died Sep r 22 nd 1857

in the 53 rd year of his age.

St. Cuthbert Parish Register.

1662 July 24 Thomas s. of M r Thomas Lovell, bur.

1663 Aug. 24 Edmond s. of M r Edmond Lovell, bap.






to the memory of

Sarah Lock

who departed this life

October 22 nd 1825

aged 42.

Alas my Friend.


to the memory of

Geraldine Eugenia Wallace

youngest daughter of the late

John Wallace Esq.

Member of the Board of Revenue

at Madras Born 17 th Jan 1 * 1811

died 24 May 1820.

This tribute of affection

is erected by her

afflicted mother.



Near this place lies the body of

Elizabeth Sage

who departed this life the 17 th December 1778

aged 33 years.

In testimony of most sincere affection

for an amiable, tender, virtuous wife

her disconsolate husband Isaac Sage Esq re

of Thornhill in the county of Dorset

caused this memorial to be erected.

With her mother lies also the Body of

Emily Sage

daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Sage

who departed this life the 27 th March 1775

in the 3 rd year of her age.

Restored by the Rev d Hill D. Wickham.

Rector of Horsington

Great nephew of the above Elizabeth Sage 1867.


Cathedral Register.

1775 Mar. 31 Emily dau. of ... . Sage Esq., bur.

1778 Dec. 24 Elizabeth w. of Isaac Sage, Esq., bur. in the Lady Chapel.

The above Elizabeth Sage was the third daughter of the Rev. John Whalley, D.D.,
Master of Peter House, Cambridge, and Regius Professor of Divinity, by his wife
Mary, daughter of Francis Squire, Chancellor of Wells ; she was born in 1745, and
married Isaac Sage, Esq., of Hon. E.I.C.S., by whom she left surviving issue.
Her sister Mary Whalley married James Wickham, Esq., of Frome, and was
mother of James Anthony Wickham, Esq., of Frome, who, by Marianne, daughter
and heir of Hill Dawe, Esq., of Bridgewater, was father of James Whalley Dawe
Thomas Wickham, Esq. ; Francis Dawe Wickham, Esq., Barrister at Law ; the
Rev. Hill Dawe Wickham, M.A., Rector of Horsington, and three daughters.
Arms, Gu. on a chev. arg. three infants' faces ppr., Sage ; imp., Arg., Three whales 1
heads erased and erect sa., Whalley. The coat of Sage does not appear in Papworth
or Burke.

Eximo Juveni
WHALLEY. Francisco Whalley

Reverendi Ricardi Chaple Whalley

et Elizabethae Francescas uxoris

Filio natu minimo

Hoc marmor inscribitur


Raris admodum turn corporistam animi dotibus

(Six lines illegible)

Ano/** u
I Salutis 1793.

Cathedral Register.
1793 Mar. 13 Francis Whalley, bur.
1795 Feb. 11 Elizabeth Frances Whalley, bur.

WHALLEY. Elizabethaj Whalley

Reverendi Ricardi Chaple Whalley

Uxoris .... (rest obliterated)

obiit 5 Febmarii 1795. (Date vide Phelps.)

Cathedral Register.

1740 Dec. 23 Sarah dau. of Rev. D r Whalley, having been privately baptised

was received into the Church.
1742 Dec. 12 Miss Frances and Miss .... Whalley, bur.



This stone and the one before it are for the most part now obliterated, the
letters being only painted on, and that having peeled off no legible trace remains.
This family claim descent from the ancient Lancashire family of Whalley of Whalley.
The above Rev. Richard Chaple Whalley was the fourth son of the Rev. John
Whalley, D.D., by Mary, daughter of the Rev. Francis Squire, Chancellor of Wells.
He was born in 1748 and married Elizabeth Frances, daughter of the Rev. John
Paine, Canon of Wells ; she died in 1795, aged 40. He died in 1817, leaving a son
Richard Whalley, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Fordway, Esq., of
Wells, and dying in 1830, aged 51, left issue 1, Richard, in holy orders ; 2, John ;
3, Elizabeth ; 4, Mary.

According to Burke's ' Commoners ' the arms of this family are, Arg., three
whales' heads erased and erect sa., on a canton of the second a mascle of the first.
Crest, A whale's head as in the arms, thereon a mascle.


Margaret Isabella Sheraton

wife of Peter Sherston, Esq.

& only daughter of Peter Burrell

of the Town of Leicester, M.D.

died the 6 th of April 1779 aged 29.

There is the figure of a female weeping over an urn in relief. The arms, Sa.,
three hunting horns arg., oetw. them a cinquefoil or, are those of Dodington, with
the addition of a cinquefoil, which was doubtless originally a mullet, a difference of
a third son. The coat was derived evidently from a Dodington, having been
married to a Davis, a daughter of which family had married a Sherston.


To the memory of

Peter Sherston, Esq.

of Stoberry Hill near this City

who died August 14 th 1820 aged 75.


This tablet as a faint but faithful record

of the worth

an unequal but just tribute

to the Integrity Piety and Benevolence

of his Character

and a slight but sincere token

of Duty and Affection

to a beloved and lamented Parent

is erected and inscribed by

his Son.

Also in memory of

Peter Davis, son of the above

Peter Sherston, Esq.

aud Lieut. Col 1 of the 2 nd Som* Eegiment of Militia

ob 4 May 14 th a.d. 1884 Mk. 51.

The Widowed Consort and the Orphaned Boy,

Bereft of those pure fonts of earthly joy,

She a fond Husband's, he a Father's love,

Till reunited in the Realms above,

Here claim the Sympathy which they, who know

How death cau wound the living, will bestow.

SHERSTON. Sacred to the memory of Margaret Sherston

second wife of Peter Sherston, Esq. of this city
and youngest daughter of
STRANGWAYS. Thomas Strangways, Esq.

of Shapwick in this county.

In all amiable qualities and the christian virtues

a pattern to her sex

much esteemed by not a few

by a loving husband and three children

heavily deplored.

After a lingering and painful illness

which proved a distinguished Piety

and exemplary Fortitude

She died on the 10 th of January 1795

aged 39.

This monument is adorned with two female figures bending over an urn. Both
this lady and her husband are named in the will of her mother Elizabeth Strang-
ways of Shapwick, dated 9 June 1789. Also these arms per pale : — The dexter,
Sa., three hunting-horns arg., Dodington, on an escutcheon of pretence a chev. erm.
betw. three leaves ; the sinister, per fess, in chief, Sa., two lions pass, paly of six
arg. and gu., Strangways ; in base, Or, a cross fiory sa. surmounted by a bend gu.



Near this place lies the Body of
SHERSTON. Doddington Sherston of this city, gent.

who died November 23 rd 1751 aged 46 years.

Likewise of Bridget his wife

who died May 25 th 1792 aged 72 years.

The thorny path of life she trod,
Revered her duties and adored her God,
To ev'ry station ev'ry credit gave,
And Built on Happiness beyond the grave.

SHERSTON. Also of William Tucker Sherston son of

Doddington Sherston, Gent, and Bridget his wife,

who died the 28 th of March 1770 in the 19 th year of his Age,

whilst in the pursuit of Academical Learning

with as much Improvement and Attention

as his weak Habit of body would permit.

His piety to God, and filial duty to his surviving parent

was great and unaffected.

An open and ingenuous Behaviour

adorned by genteel manners,

an easy cheerfulness

Recommended by a pleasing modest countenance

engaged him the love of all.

Sweetness and equality of temper

enabled his youthful and naturally lively mind

to bear a lingering and painful disease

with a wonderful composure.



These happy endearments with untainted virtues

fitted him thro' Jesus Christ

for those blissful Regions

where love and joy for ever reign

Dear kindred shades accept this last adieu

This tribute paid to virtue and to you

Pe : Sherston April 1793.

The coat here ascribed to Sherston is not given, nor indeed any other coat for
that name, by Guillim, Burke, or Papworth. According to the latter authority,
Robert Sherborne, Bishop of St. David's, in 1505, bore Arg., a pelican vert. Bishop
Fox, circa 1492, also bore Az., a pelican on its nest or. And the same coat was
granted to Sherman of Ipswich in 1715. The impaled coat is that of Tucker, viz.,
Az., on a chev. emb. at the top betw. three sea-horses naiant or, as many body
hearts gu.

DAVIS. Underneath are deposited the remains of Peter Davis Esq re

Many years Recorder of this City

and one of the Benchers of the Hon able Society of Lincoln's Inn

A man eminently learned in the Laws of his Country,

distinguished by a faithful Administration of them :

Unambitious but Uniform

DODINGTON. Religious without Ostentation

In all things sincere.

He was the son of John Davis gent. & Margaret

the daughter of Christopher Doddington of Lincoln's Inn Esq.

He married Susanna (the Daughter of Robert Bisse gent, of "Wilts),

whose domestick and conjugal virtues

were the comfort of her husband,

the Blessing of her children.

Out of a pious Regard for such excellent Parents

This Monument was erected to her Memory

by Peter Davis their only surviving son

in the year of our Lord 1749.


Arms are : Sa., three hunting-horns arg., stringed or, in the centre a cinquefoil or,
Sherston ; impaling, Sa., three escallop-shells in pale arg., Bisse. The Margaret



Dodington mentioned in the inscription was the second daughter of Christopher

This is a large monument, and is the last on the east side of the cloister, but
as the monuments are not in their original place it appears as well to give it here,
following others of the same family. It is adorned with two nude infant boys, well

The family of Sherston, like that of Bisse and some others, was at an early
period connected with the clothworking industry, and although they did not enter
a pedigree in either of the Heraldic Visitations of Somerset, the name occurs in the
neighbourhood of Bath in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Mary, daughter
of William Sherston of Bath, was the second wife of Thomas Pryn of Swanswick,
and had remarried before 1623 to Edward Capell of the same place ; and Margaret,
daughter of ... . Sherston of Bath, was married to John Clarke of Bristol, mer-
chant, before 1570.

From Anthony a Wood's MSS. we learn the following: Peter Sherston of
Bath, with Walter Chapman and Thomas Wist, paid in 1603 money they had
given and collected for the repairs of Bath Abbey. William Sherston, Alderman,
and eight times Mayor of Bath, bequeathed £100 by annual instalments of 40s.
out of the parsonage of Lyncombe. On the east wall of the chancel of Bath
Abbey was formerly a monument to William Sherston, who died 26 Aug. 1621,
with an epitaph, but no arms.

They have used for arms a stork or heron standing on its nest, as on the monu-
ment of Dodington Sherston, and this coat is also cut on a floorslab in Bath Abbey,
impaled by Bushell, but the inscription is unfortunately gone. James Bussell
married Mary Sherston, their daughter Mary being born in 1707. They have
also used a chevron between three like birds, but these arms were never allowed,
granted, or confirmed to them. After inheriting the estates of the Davis family,
Peter Sherston applied for and obtained a grant of the arms granted to his
maternal great-uncle Peter Davis ; itself a most singular grant, for it was the
coat of Dodington of Dodington, which neither family in any way represented,
with the small difference of a cinquefoil in the centre. The grant shews the
poor heraldic knowledge and taste then existing even at Heralds' College itself,
and is all the more singular, since we find a John Davis of Wells sealing
documents 1698 as a Justice of Peace with his arms (Gu.), a griffin segreant
(or) ; Crest, A griffin as in the arms ; whom there is no reason to doubt was
the father of Jane, wife of William Sherston. This is further strengthened
by the fact that the will of Matthew Baron of Milton in St. Cuthbert's parish,
dated 1720, is witnessed by P. Davis, and sealed with the same arms and crest,
the griffin segreant. The grant should have been the heron coat, with some
addition, quartering the griffin of Davis. That this Welsh family should have
settled in Wells is by no means strange, being the same as Bees Davis, who married
the heiress of Maurice Rodney. Nevertheless this differenced coat of Dodington is
now the lawfully recognised coat of Sherston. The grant, which by the courtesy
of the family we are able to give, is as follows : —


TO all and Singular to whom these presents shall come, Sir Isaac Heard Knight
Garter Principal King of Arms, and Thomas Lock, Esquire, Clarenceux King
of Arms of the South, East and West parts of England from the river Trent south-
ward, send greeting. ®2&f)er£ as Peter Sherston of the City of Wells in the County
of Somerset Esquire hath represented unto the most noble Charles Duke of Norfolk
Earl Marshal and Hereditary Marshal of England, that his maternal great uncle
Peter Davis of Wells aforesaid Esquire obtained a Patent of Arms under the Hand
and Seals of John Anstis Esq. Garter Principal King of Arms and Stephen Martin
Leake Esq. Clarenceux King of Arms, bearing date the sixth day of June 1745 to
him and his descendants That the said Peter Davis left issue only two sons both of
whom dying unmarried the armorial ensigns granted in the said Patent became
extinct, and the said Peter Sherston became the heir general of that Family. He
is therefore desirous out of respect to the said family of Davis of bearing the arms
contained in the Patent aforesaid, and hath requested the favour of his Grace's
Warrent to the Kings of Arms concerned for their confirming the same to him and
his Descendants according to the Laws of Arms. And forasmuch as his Grace did
by Warrent under his Hand and Seal bearing date the sixteenth day of May instant,
authorize and direct us to confirm such arms, accordingly, UttOU) ge tfytVtfOtt
that We the said Garter and Clarenceux in pursuance of the consent of the said
Earl Marshal and by virtue of the Letters Patent of our several offices to each of us
respectively granted under the Great Seal of Great Britain do by these Presents
confirm to the said Peter Sherston the arms following, that is to say, Sable, a
cinquefoil or, between three Bugle Horns Argent stringed of the second, and for
the crest, On a wreath of the Colours a Stag couchant regardant or, armed and
Hoofed Gules, charged on the shoulder with a cinquefoil Vert, as the same are in
the margin hereof more plainly depicted, To be borne and used for ever hereafter
by him the said Peter Sherston and his Descendants according to the Laws of Arms
without the Let or Interruption of any Person or Persons whatsoever. Jht ©HttttCSS
whereof We the said Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms have to the Presents
subscribed our names and affixed the Seals of our several Offices this sixteenth day


of May in the thirty third year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third
by the Grace of God King of Great Britain, France and Ireland, Defender of the
Faith etc., and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninty three.

{Signed) Isaac Heaed, Thomas Lock,

Garter Principal King of Arms. Clarenceux King of Arms.

[Seal, Arms of Garter imp. Heard.] [Seal, Arms of Clarenceux imp. Lock.]

It is strange the Probate Registry at Wells gives so little help in the way of
Sherston wills. The wills of Isabella Sheathstone of Glastonbury, 1680, and William
Sherston of Oharlecombe, 1733, are no good : that of Peter Sherston of Bath does
little more ; it is dated 30 Oct. 1662, calls himself of Bath, clothier; names his
dwelling house, his fuller's mills, his mill called Monk's mill, his brother John
Sherston, brother William Sherston, brother Arthur Sherston, brother Thomas
Sherston ; sisters Mary, Elizabeth, and Sarah Sherston ; cousin Arthur Sherston, and
kinsman Thomas Neild of Westeaton ; proved at Wells 18 Dec. 1662.

The accompanying pedigree is compiled from registers, monuments, and family

The following register extracts may also be interesting, though they could not
be placed in the pedigree.


Jan. 13


Jan. 29


Oct. 2


July 9


Nov. 3


Sep. 30


Jan. 13


Dec. 9


Dec. 22


Mar. 15


Sep. 25


Nov. 1


April 3


Nov. 27


July 28


Aug. 31


Nov. 11


June 26


Jan. 3

St. Cuthbert Parish Register.
Eleanor dau. of William Sherston.
Agnes dau. of William Sherston.
Elizabeth dau. of William Sherston.
John s. of M r Thomas Butler, of Coxley ; born 2 July.
Thomas s. of M r Thomas Butler ; born Nov. 2, priv. bap.

William Sherstone and Elizabeth Rundle.
William Sherstone and Margaret Brittaine.
Weyman Sherston and Isabel Turner.

William Good, of Somerton, gent., and Jane Butler, of S 4 James,
Dorset, spinster.

Francis Sherston.
Elizabeth Sherston.
Elizabeth Sherston.
Ann Sherston.
Weymouth Sherston.
M r John Butler, of Southover.
M rs Ann Butler, widow, of Coxley.
Thomas s. of M r Thomas Butler, of Chamberlain Street.
M r Thomas Butler, of Chamberlain Street.
M" Butler.




* Cathedral Register. f St. Cuthbert, Wells, Parish Register.

John Davis, gent., of Wells, mar.^=Margaret, 2nd da. of Christopher Dodington, Esq., of

1 Jan. 1670. " Both of St. Cuth-
bert parish."f Died 9 March
1700 ; bur. 24 March 1700.*

Lincoln's Inn, son of John Dodington of Dodington ;
died 17 Feb. 1719, aged 80. Her name is spelt
Dorington in the marriage register.

William Sherston, gent.,=^Jane Davis,
of the Liberty of St. An- bapt. as Jo-
drew, Wells, died 12 ane 13 April
March 1725, aged 50 1678; died
years; bur. 10 March 13 Sep. 1711.

Mary Davis, bapt.
24 March 1671.f

Dodington Davis,
bur. Oct. 1673.f

Peter Davis, Esq.,=j=Susanna, da. of
Recorder of Wells, Rob. Bisse,
bapt. 24 Feb. | gent., of Eding-

1675 ;f died 1 1 Jan. ton, Wilts; died
1745-6, aged 69 ; 12 Oct. 1741 ;
bur. 16 Jan. bur. 16 Oct.

1745-6.* 1741.*

John Davis,
born 22,
bapt. 25 Sep.
1702 ; bur.
23 Oct.

Robert Davis,
bapt. 10 Jan.

Susanna Davis, born
25, bapt. 28 Dec.
1704 ; bur. 22 Jan.
1704,* O.8.

Peter Davis,
bapt. 4 July
1706 ;* died
27 Feb. 1777;
bur. 4 March

Richard Davis,
bapt. 6 July

bapt. 13

Peter Sherston, bapt. 15
March 1707-8; bur. 6
May 1709.*

Margaret Sherston, bapt.
7 April 1708 ;* bur. 12
Aug. 1736.*

Jane Sherston, bapt. 24 Aug. 1710 ;*
mar. 24 April 1729 Thomas Butler
of Wells, gent.f

Dodington Sherston, Esq., of Wells,^=Bridget, da. of ... . Tucker,

born 29 March, bapt. 1 April 1706 ;"
died 23 Nov. 1751, aged 46.

died 25 May 1792, aged 72 ;
bur. 31 May 1792.

William Sherston, bapt. 4
March 1706-7;* bur. 17
March 1706.f

Margaret Isabella.^Peter Sher-^=Margaret, youngest da. of Thomas=. ... da.

da.of Peter Burrell ston, died

of Leicester, M.D. ; 14 Aug.

died 6 April 1779, 1820, aged

aged 29; bur. 12 75,

April 1779.* 1st


Strangewayes, Esq., of Shapwick, of
by Elizabeth, da. and coh. of Hen- (? Nel-
ry Bull, Esq., of Shapwick ; bapt. son), re-
21 March 1755 ; mar. 10 July 1780 ; lict of

died 10 Jan. 1795, aged 39 ; bur 3rd

26 Jan. 1795.* 2nd wife. wife.

William Tucker
Sherston, died
28 March 1770,
aged 19 ; bur.
31 March 1770.*

Peter Davis Sherston of Stoberry:
Park, Wells, Lieut.-Col. 2nd
Somerset Militia, born 4 May,
privately bapt. 5 May, received
into the Church 16 Dec. 1782 ;*
died 14 May 1834, aged 51.

Julianna Frances Anne,
da. of Col. York, and of
Julianna, da. of ... .
Dodd, Esq., of Swallow-
field Park, Berks ; mar.

Thomas Davis
Sherston, born
3 June, bapt.
6 June 1784.*

Sophia Sherston,
born 21, bapt. 25
Jan. 1789.

John Davis Sherston, J.P.,=
Capt. 6th Dragoon Guards,
bora 16 May 1829 ; Lord
of the Manor of Wells.

: Innes Eliza, only da. of Major Hamilton Maxwell, Hon. E.I.C.S.,
of Ardwell, Wigtonshire, N.B. (and Isabella, da. of Abraham Bun-
bury, Esq., of Kilfeade, co. Tipperary, his wife) ; mar. 13 May

Charles Davis Sher-=pEdith, da. of Adm. Sir C. Tal-

ston, born 16 Feb.

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