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1852, late Major in
Rifle Brigade ; mar.
2 March 1878.

bot, K.C.B., by Georgina, da.
of Sir William Ponsonby,
K.C.B., 1st Lord Ponsonby

Florence Maxwell,
born 5 Jan. 1854 ;
died 23 April

Maxwell Sherston,
born 30 July 1855;
died 15 Feb. 1856.

Charles John Talbot
Sherston, born 16
Dec. 1878.

Somerset Arthur
Sherston, born
18 March 1880.


Georgina Innes
Sherston, born
21 Sep. 1881.

George Ponsonby
Sherston, born 31
Aug. 1883.

Beryl Maud Sher-
ston, born 2 July



John Sherston, born^Alice M., da. of Gen.

25 July 1857 ; Capt.
Rifle Brigade ; mar.
9 Sep. 1882.

Bamfield, B.S.C., In-
spector General of

William Maxwell
Sherston, born 14
April 1859 ; Capt.
18th Hussars.

Mabel Sher-=John Huntley
ston, mar. 31 Thring, Esq.
July 1890.


Ethel Innes Sherston, born
9 April 1883.

Nora Isabel Sherston, born
11 Jan. 1885.

John Reginald Sherston, born
2 Oct. 1888.

Ethel Innes Sherston, died
27 March 1880.

William Dodington Sherston,
born 14 Nov. 1866.

T. Peter Davis Sherston, born
7 April 1874.

Sacred to the memory
OGILVIE. Charles Spencer Ogilvie

of Charlestown South Carolina


Midshipman of His Majesties Ship L'Imperieuse

who closed his short and blameless life

by falling in the British Service

at Elvoursdyke in South Beveland

on the 16 th December 1809

in the 17 th year of his age.

The integrity of his principles

The Sweetness of his Temper

The purity of his manners


The Elevation and Firmness of his Professional Character

Prepared him (as it seemed) for a sure and Prosperous Course

of Worldly Felicity and Honour.

The Almighty hath dwelt yet more graciously with him

By calling him to the Blessings of Immortality

Before his fair Hopes had been clouded by Misfortune

Or his innocence endangered by Temptation.

Arms : 1 and 4, Arg., a lion pass. gard. gu., imperially crowned ppr., Ogilvie ;
2 and 3, Arg., a cross eng. sa., Sinclair.



Beneath are interred the remains of

WILLISON. Mary Raynard, wife of Lieut. John Willison, R.N.

BERRY. and eldest daughter of the Rev d Butler Berry,

Vicar of Triplow, Cambridgeshire

(in which Parish Church a memorial is erected)

who departed this life September 5 th 1827

in the 30 th year of her age.

To the memory of
LAMONT. Norman Lamont Esq.

Member of Parliament for the city of Wells,

second son of the late John Lamont Esq.

of Lamont in the county of Argyleshire,

who departed this life April 27 th 1834

aged 53 years.

Also Hannah relict of the above

Norman Lamont Esq.

M.P., who departed this life March 20 th 1840

aged 59 years.

Arms : 1 and 4, Az., a lion ramp. org. ; 2 and 3, Az., a mound or.

H. S. E.
Prope ab hujus colunmse
KEEN. basi Sarah, Francis Keen

equitum sub Caroli l m : auspiciis

WESTLEY. capitanei filia Gulielmi Westley

conjux desideratissimas una cum 5

liberis (non iter pridem ab utriusq'

parentis complexa divulsis atq'

aliquandiu matris absentis moras segrius

serentibus) in grenium materium

quasi postliminio receptis

obiit Jun : 4, 1701.



Hand facile expedias viator uter

olim necessitudinis officiis mutuis

felicius Certaverit an Sarah, an

supers tes Gnlielmus qui

conjuges pise adamatae predamantis

memoriam hoc marmore


Hie Jacet
MORRIS. Claverus Morris, M.D., in agro Dorset

Ex ingenua familia oriundus
quern si noveris, virum, noveris, viator

facilem incundum perurbanum :

In rebus scripiendus Cautum & Sagacem

In agendis pariter animosum

Ex propositi subaeris affectibus.


orthodoxi Patrix fihus orthodoxus ;

A psetre Grulielmo, A. M. Rectore de Manson.

In Bello Oivili propter Regem multa passo

Dedicit Regem & Ecclesiam unice amare.

Nullius non artis Liberalis facile prudens

ad inferioris etiam notae Disciplinus

eleganter se dimisit ingenium ejus versatile

non desultorum

musices quippe cum paucis sciens

chymicorum etiam arcana scrupaisossime perquirebat

cum Anatomicae & Hertariae rei sutis insudasser


Ita instructus Philosophiam

quara certissima matheseos & Experiraenfcorum ope

affecutus est vitse negotiis & quotidiano usui

feliciter accomodavit

Praecipue vero in divina modendi arto

exercitatus cum intima naturas advra

acumine sibi proprio penetrasset

Remedia contra inorbos graviores

suam non minus in Laudem quam aliorum Salutem

aseipso excogitata affabre elaboravit

his animi dotibus lumen & ornamentum

addidit pietas. Instar Phoebi et eluxit,

cum florens succelsibus segrotos reticeret.

Et nube latuit cum pauperibus.

Ea munera donaret ejus dextera quorum

sinistra nunquam fuit conscia, qui negotiis, Religioni, Honori, inferoirus.

In terra nobis vixit in coelo vivit filei.

67 Annos natus, denatus Martii 19°


The monument still retains the bust of Dr. Morris and the arms, but the crest
and mantling are gone, with other portions of the monument. The arms are :
{Arg.), a fess betw. three lions couchant gard. {gu.), Morris; impaling, (Arg.), a
chev. {vert) betw. three bulls pass, {gu.), Bragge. He married first Elizabeth,
daughter of Edmund Dawe, Esq., of Ditcheat, Lord of the Manor and Patron of the
Church, by whom he had a daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Burland, Esq. ; she
died 17 Aug. 1699, aged 31, and is buried at Ditcheat, with a large monument, on
which is a long Latin inscription and these arms, Arg., a fess betw. three lions
couchant gard. gu., Morris ; imp., Gu., on a pile arg. a chev. betw. three cross-
crosslets sa. Dr. Morris married secondly Mary, daughter of William Bragge, Esq.

Cathedral Register.
Elizabeth dau. of Claver Morris and Elizabeth his w. ; born 4 th and bap. 11 Dec.

Mary dau. of Claver Morris and Mary his w. ; born 6 and bap. 18 Jan. 1704.
William s. of Claver Morris, M.D., and Mary his w. ; born 20 and bap. 27 Oct.

M r William Morris ; died 30 June, bur. 3 July 1738.


BROWN. Martha Brown of Wellington

died May 1 st 17 . .

Elizabeth Brown

died June 13 th 17 . .












Cathedral Register.


Charles s. of M r John Brown.
Mary dau. of M r John Brown.

Martha dau. of William and Joan Brown; born Tuesday, 23


1701 April 22 John Stroud and Dorothy Brown, both of the Liberty of S l


Elizabeth w. of M r John Brown.
M r John Brown, organist.
Phillis dau. of M rs Brown, widow.
M r Nathaniel Browne, Priest Vicar.
M r Brown, one of the Proctors of this Cort.
M r Charles Brown.
Martha Brown.
M n Elizabeth Brown.
M 18 Anne Brown.
1808 June 8 M rs Mary Brown w. of John Brown, bur. in the Palm churchyard.


Mar. 11


May 7


April 29


Nov. 18


Feb. 8


Feb. 15


May 4


June 17


Mar. 6


Jan. 17


Dec. 14


Aug. 16


July 21


Sep. 14


July 25


Dec. 27


Oct. 13


Nov. 2


May 14


Jan. 1


June 19


Mar. 8


June 5


Dec. 16

St. Cuthbert Parish Register.


Frances dau. of M r Hugh Brown ; born 2 Jan.
Charles s. of M r Hugh Brown, of Sadler Street.
Frances dau. of M r Hugh Brown, of Sadler Street ; born 7 July,

brought to Church Aug. 3.
Ann dau. of M r Hugh Brown, of Sadler Street ; born July 2.
Martha dau. of M r Hugh Brown, of High Street; born Aug. 15.
Elizabeth dau. of M r Hugh Brown, of High Street ; born June 29.
John s. of M r John Brown, of High Street ; bom Nov. 30.
Robert s. of M r Hugh Brown, of High Street ; born Oct. 5, priv.

bap. and brought to Church Nov. 1.
Joseph s. of M r John Brown ; born Nov. 1.
Sarah dau. of M r Hugh Brown, of High Street ; born May 4, priv.

bap., carried to the Cathedral June 9.
Grace dau. of M r John Brown, of High Street ; born Dec. 19.
James s. of M r Hugh Brown ; born May 24.
Charles s. of M r John Brown, of High Street ; born Feb. 23.


M r John Brown.

Joan w. of M r Jonas (sic) Brown, of High Street.


1720 Sep. 8 Joseph s. of M r John Brown.

1720 Oct. 8 Elizabeth w. of M r John Brown.

1721 Dec. 7 M r John Brown's sister-in-law.

1722 Mar. 24 M r Hugh Brown.

HENWOOD. E. H. 1830.

P. H. 1854.
(See Henwood mural monument, p. 170.)

CHAPERDINE. Alice Chaperdine


Cathedral Eegister.
1763 Dec. 9 Alice Chapperlin, bur.

In memory of

.... mrah wy

late of this city

who died 22 December 1

Aged 46 years.

the daughter of
CONWAY. John and Sarah Conway

departed this life the 23 rd of

February 1796 aged

42 years.

Cathedral Register.
1804 Mar. 23 M rs Martha Conway, bur. in the Palm churchyard.

Here lies the body of
Priscilla the wife of
MARCHANT. William Marchant

who died November the 5 th

1733 aged 33.

William the husband of Priscilla Marchant

died February 8 th 1757 aged 75

and here rests in the hope of a happy


Cathedral Register.
1733 Nov. 9 Priscilla w. of William Merchant, bur.






Elizabeth the

wife of James

Curtice died the 16 th July

1776 aged 92 years.

Robert Lovell

May 3 rd 1791.

Richard Harris Forrest

died April the 12 th 1762

aged 4 years 8 months.

Cathedral Register.
1762 April 15 Richard Harris Forist s. of Capt. Forist.



Archibald Christie Esq.

died Feby 11 th 1827

aged 72 years.

Sarah Christie

died May 1 st 1858

aged 87 years.


Isabella Christie

Daughter of the above

died Oct. 25 th 1879.


Thomas Barstow

of the County of York, gent.

died 4 th May 1775

aged 28.

Cathedral Register.
1775 May 7 Thomas Barstow, Esq., of Yorkshire, bur.


In memory of

Miss Anna Maria Floyer

Daughter of the late .... Floyer Esq re

of Blunderstone Suffolk

she died at Clifton 1 st November 1842

in her 80 th year.


(The same inscription as on the mural tablet above.)


LOVELL. Edmund Lovell


Joseph Lovell Lovell

Margaret Lovell

Edward Lovell




D. 0. M.

Gloria in Excelsis

In hac sede prope B. Mariae sacellum

conduntur reliquiaB

Bp. LAW. viri admodum Reverendi Georgii Henrici Law S.T.P.

Bathoniensis et Wellensis Episcopi

qui supremum diem obiit 22 Sept. mdcccxlvi

annum agens l.xxxv.

Cantabrigise in collegio Reginse

juvenis adhuc

summis literarum Prasmiis dignatus est

matura demum aBtate

ad episcopatum cestriensem evectus

tanda solertia sedulitate et benevolentia

res graivissimus administravit

ut magnus cestrienjuom suorum desiderio

ad Cathedram hujus Dioeceseos provectus esset

Ubi legibus ecclesise vindicandis

fide Christiana defendenda



Augustus inopum levandis

operam navavit indefessam

In eodem tumulo sepultas sunt

Janetta uxor ejus

et filiae dua3 Annas et Margaretta


mutui inter se et erga suos amoris

Dulce est meminisse.

He was the fifth son of the Rev. Edmund Law, D.D., Bishop of Carlisle, by
Mary, daughter of John Christian of Unerigg, co. Cumberland, and brother to
Edward Law, created Lord Ellenborough ; born 12 Sep. 1760-1, married 13 July
1784 Jane, eldest daughter of General James Whorwood Adeane of Babraham, co.
Cambridge, M.P., which lady died 27 Sep. 1876. Issue three sons, whose de-
scendants are given in Foster's ' Peerage.'

Arms : the modern coat used for the See ; imp. Erm., on a bend eng. betw. two
cocks gu. three mullets or pierced of the second. There ought to be an annulet on
the arms as the difference of a fifth son.


In memoriam

Pernobilis et Reverendi admodum viri

Francisci Seymour

Potentissema Principis Edwardi

Ducis de Somerset

Ex Filiis

vixit Annos Septuaginta tres

Hanc Odam

annos triginta tres ordinavit


omnemque hunc vitae

Et Ministerii Cursum



Ita instituit

Ut, quod utrinque difficilimum erat

nee generis nobilitati

nee muneris Sanctitudini

Defuesse visus fit

Tant est vivere ut desct moriiarum

obiit 4 t0 Non Feb.

a.d. 1799.

Lord Francis Seymour was the third son of Sir Edward, eighth Duke of Somer-
set, by Mary, sole daughter and heir of Daniel Webb of Monkton Farley, co. Wilts,
niece and heir of Edward Somner of Send, co. Wilts, Esq. He was born in 1726 ;
was Vicar of Wantage, Berks, Canon of Windsor, Chaplain to the King, and Dean

of Wells. He married in 1749 Catherine, daughter of the Rev Payne,

Vicar of Holme Lacy, co. Hereford, by whom he had two sons and three daughters,
viz., 1, Edward, who died unmarried 23 June 1775; 2, Francis Compton Seymour,
Lieut.-Colonel in the Army, who married Leonora, daughter of ... . who died 10
June 1795, aged 41, and by whom he had three sons, for whose descendants see
the ' Peerage ' by J. Foster.

Arms : Per pale — the dexter, Quarterly, 1 and 4, Or, on a "pile gu. betw. six
fleurs-de-lis az. three lions pass. gard. of the first (the coat of augmentation granted
by King Henry VIII.) ; 2 and 3, Gu., two wings conjoined in lure or, Seymour. The
sinister, Sa., a /esse betw. three leopards' faces or, Payne. Crest : From a crest
coronet or, a phoenix inflames, allppr. Supporters — dexter, A unicorn arg., ducally
gorged per pale az. and or., chained, armed, maned, and tufted of the last ; sinister,
A bull az., ducally gorged, chained and armed or. Motto : Foy pour devoir. The
arms, crest, and supporters should be differenced by a mullet for a third son.

In memoriam
Docti et Reverendi viri
PAYNE. Thomse Payne, A.M.

Hujusce aedis nuper canonici et eccl : Paroch :

S. Cadoci in com. Brecon :

Pastoris fidelissimi



Hoc amoris pariter et Doloris monumentum

Lugentes posuere conjux Liberique

Visit Annos lxxxi ob: ix m0 Cal: Jan: mdccxvii

Judithea Payne ejusdem vidua

obiit ix n0 die Maii


JEtat. lxxxv.

Arms: Quarterly, 1 and 4, Sa., a fess betw. three leopards' faces or, Payne; 2
and 3, Arg., a wivern wings erect gu., Drake ; imp. Arg., a lion ramp. gu.



Sacred to the memory of Mary

eldest Daughter of Lord and Lady Frances Seymour

first married to John Hyde Esq re one of

the Judges of the Supreme Court of Calcutta

afterwards to John Payne of Droxford Hants Esq.

Her mortal remains are deposited in the

Vault of the new Burial Ground belonging to

the parish of S* George Hanover Square Middlesex

She died the 12 th of April 1814 aged 62.

This monument is erected as a testimony of

affection by her surviving husband

who with her Daughters must ever continue

to lament the loss of a wife and mother

Highly distinguished through life by the

exemplary discharge of all her various duties.

John Payne departed this life

March 10 th 1819 aged 56.

Cathedral Register.

By licence from the Archbishop of Canterbury, John Hyde, Esq., of East Green-
wich, Kent, bachelor, and Mary Seymour, spinster, of this Liberty, married 17
Sep. 1773. Witnesses, Francis Seymour, William Lee, and Edward Seymour.

1806 April 18 M r John Hyde, bur.
1810 Mar. 16 M r George Hyde, bur.


To the memory


Catherine Seymour

Relict of

the Right Honorable and Reverend

Lord Francis Seymour
late Dean of this Cathedral Church


In life

she had the heartfelt happiness of enjoying

that truly great and enviable character

which comprises the sincere Christian,

the affectionate Wife and good Mother

and in death

she put off the trappings of mortality

in the assured hope of more perfect bliss

She died

December 21 st a.d. 1801 aged 75.

Leonora the exemplary Wife of the Honorable

Lieut : Col : Francis Seymour the only surviving son

of the above, died June 10 th 1795 aged 41.



daughter of

Thomas &


FORD. Ford

quietly resigned her soul to


Febry 14th 1745 ^ i 9>

in the prime of youth & innocence.

Cathedral Register.

1726 Jan. 7 Sarah dau. of Thomas and Elizabeth Ford ; born 26 Dec, priv.

bap. and received into the Church 11 Jan.
1731 May 20 John s. of Thomas Ford, Priest Vicar and Prebendary, and of

Elizabeth his w.
1734 Aug. 13 Henry s. of Thomas Ford and Elizabeth his w.

174£ Feb. 20 Sarah dau. of the Rev. M r Ford.
1746 Sep. 1 The Rev. Thomas Ford, M.A., Vicar and Prebendary.
17|§ Mar. 8 Henry s. of the Rev. M r Ford and Martha his w.
1784 Jan. 12 M ra Ann Ford, w. of D r James Ford; brought from Old Bond

Street, London.
1809 Sep. 23 Edward Ford, Esq., bur. in the south cloister.

St. Cuthbert Parish Register.
1727 Nov. 10 M r » Sarah Ford, of High Street, bur.




Sacred to the memory of
HARKNESS. Robert Harkness, Clerk, M.A.

Vicar of East Brent in this County

he fell asleep

full of faith in the atoning blood of the

Lord Jesus Christ

April 27 th 1839

aged 41 years.

As a Pastor, Husband, Father, Brother, Friend,

he was most sincerely and justly beloved.

Reader !

Thou shalt shortly die

What is thy hope ?

The following on the leaves of a book carved at the top : —

I will ransom them from the power of the grave ; I will redeem them from death : death,
I will be thy plagues ; grave, I will be thy destruction : repentance shall be hid from mine
eyes. Hosea xiii. 14.

Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life : he that believeth in me, though he
were dead, yet shall he live : and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest
thou this 1 John xi. 26, 26.


This tablet is erected
GOULD. in memory of the Reverend Henry Gould, A.M.

Canon Residentiary of this Cathedral
for the space of fourty four years.


He was of an ancient and Honorable house in the County of Somerset

on whose name he shed lustre by many admirable qualities

He was an elegant Scholar and accomplished Gentleman

and he departed this life

sincerely respected and deeply lamented by his family

on the 21 8t day of August in the year of our Lord 1839

at the advanced age of 85.

Arms : Az., a lion ramp, or betw. three scrolls arg. Crest : A demi-lion ramp,
or, holding a scroll arg.

The family of Gould was very ancient and spread over the counties of Dorset,
Somerset, and Devon ; they generally bore, Or, on a chev. betw. three roses az. as
many rose-leaves of the first. In the Visitation of Dorset in 1623 they are allowed,
Per saltire az. and or, a lion ramp, counterchanged.

to the memory of
PULSFORD. the Rev. Charles Henry Pulsford, A.M.

a Canon Residentiary

of this Cathedral
and Vicar of Burnham

he departed this life

on the 15 th day of March

in the year of our Lord 1841

aged 59.

This monument is erected

as a tribute of the most grateful

and affectionate respect

by his widow.

Inscribed on a book cut in marble : —

Set thine house in order, for thou shalt die, and not lire.





Eidemque amantissimo Patri

Reverendi ad modurn in Christo Patris

Thomje Gooch S.T.P.

Joanni Gooch Baronetti

Episcopi Eliensis

Filio natuo minimo

superstates duce et moerentes filia

Maria Radcliffe et Rachael Beadon

Hoc marmor

Pie posuerunt

A.D. 1806.

1806 Jan. 16

Cathedral Register.
Rev. John Gooch, D.D., Prebendary of Ely, Rector of Ditton and
Willingham, co. Cambridge, aged 75 years ; bur. in the Lady

The Right Rev. Sir Thomas Gooch, second Baronet, Bishop of Ely (previously
Bishop of Bristol and of Norwich), married first Mary, daughter of the Very Rev.
William Sherlock, D.D., Dean of St. Paul's, and sister of the Right Rev. Thomas
Sherlock, Bishop of London, by whom he had issue, Sir Thomas Gooch, third Baronet.
He married secondly Harriet, second daughter of Sir Thomas Miller, Bart., of
Froyle, co. Hants, by whom he had, with other children, the above Rev. John
Gooch, who married .... and left two daughters, his coheirs : Mary, married to
.... Radcliffe, and Rachael, married the Right Rev. Richard Beadon, Bishop of Bath
and Wells.

Arms: Per pale arg. and sa., a chev. letw. three talbots pass, all counterchanged,
on a chief gu. as many leopards'' faces or. Crest : A talbotpass. per pale arg. and sa.





Praesulis viri Reverendi

Ricardi Beadon, S.T.P.

qui litteras

quarum rudimentis in scholae Tivertonensi

puer optime fuerat imbutus

in Divi Johannis Collegio apud Cantabrigienses

adolescens et vir perdiscebat
quid mens rite et assiduo labore exculta posset

insigne daturus exemplum
In eodem quippe Collegio studiorum praemiis

non semel donatus

socii, Prgelectorisque muneribus perfunctus est

orator deinde publicus ;

et Collegii Jesu magister factus

Vice Cancellarii academise bis prsesidebat

Provectiori demum setate

Gloucestriae primo,

hujusce deinceps ecclesise Episcopus

tandem inter suos

spe, fide, caritate plenus

placida morte senex requievit.

Bishop Beadon was the third son of Robert Beadon, Esq., by Mary, daughter of
the Rev. Dr. F. Squire, and niece of Dr. Samuel Squire, Bishop of St. David.

A pedigree of the Bishop's descendants is appended, which does not appear in
Burke's ' Landed Gentry.'

The arms of the Rev. Canon Frederick Beadon, Rector of North Stoneham, Hants
(the centenarian), as they appeared in his lifetime in one of the windows of his church,
are : Quarterly, 1 and 4, Sa., three lions pass, gar d. arg. with human faces ppr. in pale;
2 and 3, Arg., on a chev. eng. az. betw. three martlets sa. as many crescents or, Watson ;
imp. Quarterly of six, 1, Gu.,/rom a/ess or, charged with two barrulets az., a demi-
lion ramp, issuant of the second; 2, Per bend embattled gu. and arg. ; 3, Or, two lions
pass. gu. betw, three crosses-crosslet fitchee sa. ; 4, Erin., on a bendaz. three cinquef oils



or; 5, Vert, on a chev. betw. three lucks' heads caloshed or as many mullets gu.;
6, as the first. The Rev. Frederick Beadon was the third son of the Rev. Edward
Beadon (elder brother of the Bishop), by Mary, daughter and coheir of Sir "William
Watson, M.D., and married Mary Anne, eldest daughter of the Rev. Henry Wilder,
LL.D., of Purley Hall, Berks.


to the memory of


BEADON. widow of the Right Reverend Richard Beadon, D.D.,

Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells,

and youngest daughter and coheiress of

The Reverend John Gooch, D.D.,

Prebendary of Ely,

born September 26 th 1757

died December 3 rd 1839.


Richard Beadon, D.D., born 1737 ; Bishop of Gloucester, translated tc^pRachael, da. and coheir

Bath and Wells ; died April 1824. Third son of Robert Beadon, Esq.,
by Mary, da. of the Rev. Francis Squire, Chancellor and Canon
Residentiary of Wells (Chancellor Squire was buried in the Cathedral 12
Feb. 1749-50, according to the Register, but there is no monument to him).

of the Rev. John Gooch,
D.D., Prebendary of
Ely, son of Rev. Sir
Thomas Gooch, Bart.

Richard Beadon, born 1777 ; mar. 15 May 1805 ; died 1858. He had=f=Annabella, da. of Sir Wil-
a grant of these arms, viz., Sable, three lions passant ermine, with I liam Pierce Ashe a Court,
human faces in profile proper, between four crosses patle or, all in Bart., M.P. ; sister of Wil-
pale. Crest : A mount vert, thereon a lion as in the arms, surmount- liam, first Lord Heytes-
ing a cross patee fitchie or. Motto : Fide et Virtute. bury.

William Frederick Beadon=^Jessie Maria Ward, Richard a Court Beadon,=pIsabella, da. of

of Inner Temple, Barrister-
at-Law, born 1808 ; died

da. of General
James Patisson
Cockburn, R.A.

born 27 June 1809 ; bapt.
20 July 1809 (Cathedral
Register) ; formerly Vicar
of Cheddar ; Prebendary
of Wells.

the Rev.
White, D.D.,
of Hampstead,

Isabella Sophia Beadon, born 1836=r=Hon. W. Holmes a Court Caroline Beadon, born 1838

William Frederick a Court, and others.


William= Susan,






Charles James= Julia Sant Cockburn,

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