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Elizabeth dau. of M r Robert Taylor.

Elizabeth w. of M r Robert Taylor, of High Street.

Elizabeth dau. of M r John Taylor, of Sadler Street.

M r Robert Taylor, of High Street.

John s. of M r John Taylor, of Sadler Street.

M r John Taylor, of Sadler Street.

John s. of M r John Taylor, of Sadler Street.

William s. of M r William Taylor, of Chamberlain Street.

M r Joseph Taylor of High Street.

Near this spot

are interred the mortal remains of the Rev 01

JAMES. William James, M.A., for 50 years

Priest Yicar of this Cathedral Church.

He died January 8 th 1859 aged 78 years.

Whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. John xi. 26.

This tablet was erected in tender

recollection by his widow.

Also Mary Ann

Relict of the above William James

who died September 4^ 1880

aged 92 years.

to the memory of
LAX. John Lax, gent.

who died May 9 th 1845 aged 74 years.

Also of three children by Elizabeth his wife

Robert George Lax, who died Oct. 16 th 1812

aged 2 years and 9 months.

Sophia Lax, who died March 18 th 1821

aged 13 years.

Charles Lax, who died March 18 th 1841

aged 35 years.

Also Elizabeth, Relict of the above John Lax

who died July 10 th 1848 aged 71 years.



BURLAND. In memory of John Berkeley Borland

son of the Honorable Sir John Burland Knight

one of the Barons of His Majesty's Exchequer

and of LaBtitia his wife the Daughter of William Berkeley Portman,

and Ann only Daughter of Sir Edward Seymour of Maiden Bradley, Bart.

Speaker of the House of Commons

and Comptroller of the Household of Queen Anne.

He was educated to the profession of the law, but quitted it at an early period

and became a Magistrate in his native county

in which situation his knowledge talents and assiduity

soon raised him to the most eminent place

which to the end of his life he filled with distinguished reputation.

In a crisis of public danger he accepted the command of a military corps,

and devoted himself to its improvement and discipline,

with an energy which had always belonged to his character.

In the year mdccxcix he was elected to a seat in the House of Commons

where until his death in November mdccciv he discharged his trust

with exemplary zeal and integrity.

To his uniform and disinterested benevolence,

the liberality and independence of his mind and the urbanity of his manners,

the friends who loved and lamented him bear the most sincere testimony.

At the top is a medallion carved in high relief of a female figure supporting the
deceased, towards whom the skeleton Death stretches his hand. Round this is the
cypress, scales, and cross, and an open book on which is inscribed, " My flesh and
my heart faileth : but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.
Ps. 73 v. 26."

Arms : 1 and 4, Erm., on a chief emb. gu. three cinquefoils arg. ; 2 and 3,
Arg., a/ess betiv. three lions couchant gard. gu., Morris ; on an escutcheon of pretence,
Gu., six cinquefoils and a chief indented arg., for Farr ; but this appears to be an
error ; the coat does not occur in Papworth, nor does Burke give it for the name of
Farr ; it appears to be founded on the coat of Farra of Norfolk, viz., Arg., on two
bars gu. six cinquefoils or, a chief indented of the last. He married the daughter and
heir of John Farr, Esq., of Stock House near Sherbourne, and became of that place .


In a ' Survey of the "Western Counties,' published in 1791, which contains the arms
of subscribers, the same coats are assigned to him, except that the second and third
quarters are given as, Erm., on a fess az. three boars' heads couped or (Lewis of
Stoke, co. Dorset). His wife died 12 Feb. 1802, aged 48.

Cathedeal Register.

1718 Feb. 1 Margaret dau. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; born

30 Jan., priv. bap. and admitted to the Church Feb. 27.
174^ Mar. 3 Morris s. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; born

Feb. 18.
1721 Mary dau. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; born

Feb. 18.
1724 July 28 John s. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; born

July 10.
1726 Aug. 29 William s. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; born

Aug. 17.
1730 Nov. 18 Claver Morris s. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ;

born Saturday 14 Nov., bap. Wednesday, and publicly

admitted to the Church Thursday Dec. 10.
1733 Oct. 8 William s. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; born

Friday Oct. 5, priv. bap. on the Monday, and brought to

Church Nov. 1.
1738 Mar. 27 Robert s. of John Burland, Esq., and. Elizabeth his w. ; priv. bap.

and admitted May 1.
1 740 Anne dau. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w. ; received

at Church having been priv. bap. May 1.
1754 John Berkeley Burland s. of John Burland, Esq., and Lsetitia his

w., dau. of William Berkeley Portman, Esq. ; born Jan. 6,

priv. bap., and publicly admitted into the Church Feb. 7.


1718 Aug. 12 John Burland, Esq., of Steyning, and Elizabeth, only dau. of

Claver Morris, of Wells, M.D. ; by licence.
(This entry is repeated as follows.)
1718 Aug. 28 John Burland, gent., and Elizabeth Morris, both of Wells ; by

1743 Dec. 20 The Rev. M r Huddlestone, Vicar of S* Cuthbert, and Miss

1747 Oct. 29 John Burland, Esq., and Lsetitia Berkeley, married by Edward,

Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells.


1733 Mar. 30 Margaret dau. of John Burland, Esq., and Elizabeth his w.

1746 Nov. 14 John Burland, Esq.

1764 April 5 The Rev. William Burland.






lyeth the remains of

Abraham Elton

only child of the late Isaac Elton

and Sarah his wife,

Daughter of the late Samuel Peach

In hopes of a joyful


through the merits of our

Saviour Jesus Christ.

He died April 3 rd 1794

aged 30 years.

Arms : Paly of six or and gu., on a bend sa. three mullets or, Elton. The above
Isaac Elton was the eldest son of Isaac Elton of Clifton, Esq., son of Jacob Elton,
second son of Sir Abraham Elton, Bart. He was Sheriff of Bristol in 1765, and
married first Sarah, daughter of Samuel Peach of Bristol, by whom he had the above-
named son, who died unmarried, and she dying 16 December 1763, he married
secondly Ann, daughter of James Tierney of Theobalds, Herts, by whom he had
another son Isaac Elton of Stapleton House, co. Gloucester, married Katherine,
daughter of Major Bayard, by whom he left four sons and three daughters.

Near here there is a matrix in the wall with the fastenings of a brass which is
gone, and a projecting cornice over it.



Near this spot lie the remains

of an old and valued servant

Betty Sully

to whose memory this tablet has

been erected by the members of

the late Rev d Robert Foster's family

with whom she lived for
an uninterrupted period of 48 years,



as a record of their respect and

regard for her excellent and

unblemished character, and as

a just tribute to her long and

faithful services.

Born Feb. 27 th 1788.

Died Dec. 19 th 1841.


In memory of Richard Hebdon

gen* second son of S r John Hebdon

Knt., departed this life the 21 st day of

Janua? 1668 in the 30 th year of his age.

Erected by John Hebdon Esq.

Arms : 1 and 4, Erm.,five lozenges conjoined in f ess gu., Hebdon (ancient); 2 and 3,
Erm., on a chief indented az. three crescents or, Hebdon; granted 28 March 1659 by
Sir Edward Walker to Sir John Hebdon and his brother Thomas Hebdon ; on the
centre a crescent gold, the difference of a second son. Le Neve says Sir John was
knighted at Whitehall 30 May 1663, was agent to the Emperor of Russia, and made his
fortune in Muscovy by trade. He was son of John Hebdon, citizen of London (son
of John Hebdon of Yorkshire), and had, according to the same authority, the two
sons named on the monument, which also names this Richard as being buried in the
" South Crosse He," so that the floorslab (p. 34) is in or near its original place.
The brother John Hebdon, Esq., married Ellen, daughter of Sir John Jacob,
Bart., of Bromley, Middlesex.


Sacred to the memory of

Edward Spencer Esq re M.D.

(twice elected Mayor of Wells)

who died May 8 th 1831, aged 64 years.





Also of

his Relict Mary Spencer

who died March 4 th 1865 aged 97 years.

Also of

their daughter Mary Knyfton Spencer

who died July 3 rd 1812 aged 19 years.

1812 July 10

Cathedral Register.
Mary Knyfton Spencer dau. of Edward and Mary Spencer, aged
19 years, bur. in the Palm Churchyard.


Near this spot lies the body of

Jane Catherine

Wife of the Very Rev d T. Gaisford, D.D.,

Dean of Ch : Ch : Oxford.

Born at Evercreech June 14 th 1787.

Died at Wells April 4 th 1863.

This monument was placed here

by her step children

whom she loved & cared for as her own

and who will ever cherish her memory

with affectionate gratitude.

She was the youngest daughter of the Rev. John Jenkyns, Vicar of Evercreech,
and Rector of Horsemonden, Kent, and his wife Jane, daughter and coheir of James
Baa of Bristol. She was born 14 June 1787 ; married, 1 May 1832, the Rev.
Thomas Gaisford, D.D. ; and died without issue, as above.





Charles Bethell Gent.

died Oct. 3 ld



Ann his wife who died

Feb? 22 nd 1791 aged 38.


John Elliot Porch

died Sept. 23, 1817, aged 3.

In a window on the south side of Pilton Church, erected in memory of William
Hole Bethell of Springfield in that parish, are these arms : Arg., on a chev. betw.



three boars' heads couped sa. an estoilor. Crest : On an eagle's head couped sa. betiv.
two wings displ. az. an estoil or. Of this family is Lord Westbury.


A. F. F.


Rev d Robert Foster, A.M.

ob 4 20 th Sep* 1836

M\At 70.

JoanDa S. Foster

ob 1 22 nd Nov r 1846

^Etat 68.

Edward Foster

died 29 th Jan 1 * 1841

aged 4 years & 9 months.


The Rev d Aaron Foster, A.M.

May 1790.
Ann Foster wife of the above

Dec. 1782.

Cathedral Register.
1790 May 18 Rev. M r Aaron Foster, Priest Vicar, bur.



Rev d John Golden

died 12 th of June 1798

in the 76 th year of his age.

Jane Taylor.
(Rest gone. See mural tablets.)

Phelps's account of the monuments is very imperfect, but he mentions the
following which do not appear to be there now, namely : —

PHELPS. Christian, wife of the Rev. William Phelps, B.A., F.S.A., and youngest
daughter of Truman Harford, Esq., of Bristol, who died 3 Feb. 1812,
aged 43, leaving two sons and three daughters. Also Julia, her second daughter,
wife of John Tatchell Tatchell, Esq., of East Stoke, who died in childbed 30
March 1824, aged 19 years, and within one year of her marriage.

1802 April 16

Cathedral Register.
John Walter s. of the Rev. William and Christian Phelps ; born
April 13, received Oct. 5.


1803 Feb. 20 Mary Penny dau. of William and Christian Phelps ; born 16 Feb.

1801 Julia dau. of William and Christian Phelps ; born 2 Aug. 1804,

priv. bapt., and received 11 April 1806.

1812 Feb. 8 M rs Christian Phelps w. of the Rev. William Phelps, aged 41 ;
in the East Cloister.

PIERS. William Piers, Archdeacon of Taunton, son of Bishop Piers.

Cathedral Register.


1662 Aug. 2 William s. of D r William Pierce and Mary his w. ; born Wednes-

day July 30, bap. on Saturday.

1663 Sep. 15 Thomas s. of D r William Peirce and Mary his w.

1685 April 7 Thomas s. of Capt. Thomas Pearce.

1686 June 1 William s. of M r William Pearce and Katherine his w. ; born

May 20.
1686 Aug. 26 Thomas s. of Capt. Thomas Pearce of S* Cuthbert's; bap. in y e


The sister in law of John Pieres.
Judith dau. of John Peirce ; in Palm Churchyard.
John s. of M r Pearce of London.
M r John Pearse of London.

William Pearce, D.D., Archdeacon of Taunton and Canon.
Thomas s. of Capt. Pearce.
Capt. Thomas Pearce.
Rebeckah dau. of M r William Peirs.


Oct. 11


Jan. 1 1


June 9


Mar. 13


April 11


Nov. 28


June 23


Sep. 7

St. Cuthbert Parish Register.

1700 Sep. 13 Elias s. of M r Elias Peirce.
1705 Nov. 23 Mary dau. of Joseph Pearse of New Street ; born Nov. 13.

1738 April 17 M r Richard Slade, of West Pennard, widower, and M rs Martha
Pearce, of S* Cuthbert, sp. Licence.

John s. of M r Joseph Pearce.
M r Joseph Pearce of Sadler Street.
M r Joseph Pearce of Sadler Street.
Mary dau. of M r Joseph Pearce.
M r Elias Pearce of High Street.
M rs Dorcas Pearce, widow, of High Street.
1734 May 30 M rs Pearce, widow, of New Street.




















LUKIN. George William Lukin, D.D. Dean of

this Cathedral, who died 28 Nov. 1812 aged 74.

In Nurseling (otherwise Nutshelling) Church, Hants, is a monument to the
Rev. John Lukin, M.A. (son of the Dean), Prebendary of Wells, and thirty-seven
years Rector of Nurseling, who died 15 Dec. 1846, aged 64, erected by his eldest
son John Mayow Lukin. Arms : Arg., a lion ramp, gu., debruised by a bend gobony
or and az., Lukin ; imp. Quarterly sa. and arg., in the first quarter a lion ramp, of
the second, Byng. This was his second wife, the Hon. Lucy Elizabeth, eldest
daughter of George, sixth Viscount Torrington, by his first wife Elizabeth, daughter
of Philip Langmead of Plymouth, Esq.

In the same church is a tablet for his first wife Emma Easton Lukin, who died
30 April 1813, aged 23. Arms : Lukin as before ; on an escutcheon of pretence, Per
c hev. gu. and or, three sea-dragons crowned counterchanged, Easton of Devon.

In a small work, printed in 1814, termed • A Concise History of the Cathedral
Church of St. Andrew in Wells,' by John Davis, Verger of the Cathedral, a cata-
logue of the monuments is added — at least so it professes to be. It is useful as
giving the position of the more prominent monuments before their removal to
their present positions, but it is very imperfect. From the descriptions it is plain,
as their present appearance indicates, that most of the accessory ornaments in the
way of pillars, etc., have been destroyed in the removal to the cloisters. The
following four memorials are given which are not now to be found : —

In the Lady Chapel an ancient stone to the memory of Sir John Newton,
Bart., who died 4 Feb. 1661, with this couplet :

Hoc non jacet corpus loco
Sed hie jacet pars pro toto.

Near the altar was the following on a brass plate in Old English characters :
Hie jacet Mayr Johes Spekington, hujus ecclesise

canonicus et subdecanus, qui obiit penultimo

die Mensis Decembris Ano 1462. Cujus animee

propitietur Deus. Amen.

Under a seat near St. Mary's Chapel is a brass plate to the memory of Sir
John Bernard, Treasurer and Residentiary of this Church, who died 30 April 1459.

Not far from thence lies Wm. Witham, Sub-dean, who died July 16, 1472.

In the South Aisle :

Of the Soule of John Braham, Canon,
Good Lord have mercy.




This is the old burial-ground, and is enclosed by the cloisters.


memory of
BARNARD. John Barnard

who died October 3 rd 1853

aged 48.

Take ye heed, watch and pray : for ye know not when the time is. Mabk xiii. 33.





to the memory of

Margaret the wife of

Thomas Chittenden

(and daughter of the late

Rev. Thomas Knapp

Rector of Englefield Berks)

who died 12 th May 1834

aged 48 years.

Also of Jane, Daughter of

the above named

Thomas & Margaret Chittenden

who died on the 11 th day of July 1839

aged 18 years.

Also of Sarah Charlotte, Daughter of

the above named

Thomas & Margaret Chittenden

who died on the 21 st day of December 1842

aged 23 years.



to the memory of

Thomas Chittenden Esq re

of Hawkhurst

in the county of Kent,

who died April 20 th 1853

aged 75 years.



memory of

John Davie

who died Oct. 27, 1840

aged 82 years.


of Mary his wife

who died the 24 th of March 1850

aged 83 years.



To the memory
JERRAD. John Jerrad

who died February 9 th 1878
aged 70.

Comfort the soul of thy servant, for great is thy mercy. Psalm lxxxvi.

In memory of
Caroline Margaret wife of
FOSTER. Francis Drake Foster

Rector of Dodington Glou'estershire

she died July 4 th 1870

in the 68 th year of her age.

If we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also
which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.

Also of the above

Francis Drake Foster,

he was born December 17 th 1794,

died September 23 rd 1882.

And I heard a voice from Heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in
the Lord from henceforth : Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours ; and
their works do follow them. Rev. chap. xiv. ver. 13.

to the memory
FOSTER. Ann Drake Foster

who died November 3 rd 1859

aged 66 years.

Mary Foster who died

Dec. 22 nd 1861 aged 64 years.

Also of

Elizabeth Foster

who died November 24 th 1869

aged 81 years.

Daughters of the Rev d Edward Foster

Prebendary and Priest Vicar

of this Cathedral and Vicar

of Winscombe and Compton Bishop.

I will ransom them from the power of the grave ; I will redeem them from death.

Hos. xiii. 14.




William Burye

died the 15 th of September


aged 21 years.



to the memory of

George Goodfellow

who departed this life November 27 th 1864

aged 20 years.

I have trusted in thy mercy ; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation. Psalm xiii. 5.


Also in memory of his father

George Goodfellow

who departed this life April 19 th 1871

aged 69 years.

Thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and afterward receive me to glory.

Psalm lxxiii. 24.

Also of Fanny wife of the above

George Goodfellow sen r

who departed this life March 25 th 1875

aged 71 years.

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

Pleasant in life, and in death lamented.




affectionate remembrance


Mary Richards

wife of Thomas Richards

of Street

who died at 16 Vicar's Close

in this city

on Tuesday the 27 th July 1875.

Also of

Robert Porter

who died March 22 nd 1876

aged 36 years.


In memory of

Frances widow of the late

George Lax

died April 12 th 1868

aged 77 years.


In memory of
PARFITT. Edward Parfitt,

died 4 th November 1857
aged 48 years.

In memory of
PARFITT. Elizabeth Gravill Parfitt

who departed this life 1 st March 1860
aged 77 years.


In memory of

Catherine Parfitt

who departed this life 3 May 1862

aged 75 years.

Sarah, wife of John
STANESBY. Stanesby died

29 th day of May 1777
aged 34 years.
(This stone is nearly obliterated.)













Cathedral Register.
William Robert s. of John and Ann Stanesby, priv. bap.
John s. of John and Ann Stanesby, received into the Church.
Richard s. of John and Sarah Stainesby, bap., being born May 21.
M rs Sarah Stainesby, buried.

affectionate remembrance
MILTON. George Baron Milton

who died August 26 th 1877

aged 66.

His end was peace.

the memory of
LANSLEY. Robert Lansley

Sacrist of this Cathedral
who departed this Life
May 23 rd 1838 aged 44.

1 1


Also of Sarah

Widow of the above

Died at Richmond

Dec r 15 th 1872.

Buried at Havant, Hants.

In memory of
JONES. Ann the beloved wife of Thomas Jones

who died January 13 tb 1876 aged 58 years.
Died in Christ.

MUTTLEBURY. Ann wife of George Muttlebury

died 8 th Nov. 1823.
Also close on the south side,
Thomas Barclay Muttlebury

second son of the above

(who died an infant) 1801 ;

and Margaret

their third daughter

who died the 25 tL of July

1825 aged 15 years.


St. Cuthbert Parish Register.
1702 Mar. 12 Thomas Muttlebury, of this city, gent., buried at Wookey.
1715 Nov. 8 M rs Mary Muttlebury, widow of M r Thomas Muttlebury, late of
Wokey, High Street, bur.

Cathedral Register.
1801 Mar. . . Thomas Barclay Muttlebury, bur.



the memory of

Mary wife of Capt.

MUTTLEBURY. James Eyre Muttlebury

and daughter of the late
RAMSEY. Alex 1 Ramsey Esq. of West

Grange near Edinburgh

who died Sept. 4 th 1836

aged 36.





Caroline, wife of Thomas Dehany Bernard
died Sept. 9, 1888, aged 75.

With Christ, which is far better.

(Long flat stone with a cross.)

The above Rev. T. D. Bernard, M.A., survives, and is Canon Residentiary and
Chancellor of the Cathedral, and has surviving issue. He is second son of Charles
Bernard, Esq., of Old Castle, Carmarthenshire, and of Eden Estate, Jamaica, by his
wife Margaret Anne, daughter and coheir of John Baker, Esq., of Waresley House,
co. "Worcester. He descends from Daniel Bernard and his wife {nee Violet) of a
Huguenot family, believed to have been of Dijon and Montbehard, who quitted France
after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, and settled in Jamaica as merchants
and planters. Archer's ' Monumental Inscriptions in the West Indies ' gives some
monuments of this family. In the Cathedral Church of St. Catherine, Jamaica, are
three : one to Samuel Bernard, Esq., for ten years Chief Justice of the country, who
died 29 March 1695, aged 59. Arms : On a bend three escallops, in chief a mullet
for diff. The second is for John, son of Thomas Bernard, who died 24 July 1720 ;
also Samuel, eldest son of the said Thomas Bernard, Esq., who died 17 November 1720,
aged 2 years. Arms: Arg., on a bend az. three escallop-shells of the first ; imp.
Chequy arg. and gu., a saltire erm., Peake. Crest : A demi-lion arg. holding a
serpent sa. The third monument is for Mary, wife of Thomas Bernard, Esq., who
died 13 August 1724, aged 25. For a notice of Baker of "Warseley, see ' Heraldry
of Worcestershire,' by H. Sydney Grazebrook.




Charles Stuart Foster

ob* 3 rd January 1853

aged 7 months.


Sarah Blandy
died Feby 24 th


aged 51 years.


John Yicary

died 23 October 1864

in the 89 th year of his age.

Martha wife of the above

died 10 tb August 1817 aged 41.

Maria Say (widow)

daughter of the above

died 12 th May 1859 aged 49.





Ellen Frances Drayton

daughter of the above

died 3 rd August 1873.

I know that my Redeemer liveth.



In memory of

Tho s Muttlebury


who died Sept.

the 13 th 1749 aged 55


Here also lyeth the body of

Frances Wilkins, daug 1 '

of the above said Tho s Muttlebury

died 30 th April, n.s.

1753 aged 66.


Here lieth

the Body of Thomas

Davis of this Liberty

who departed this life

Jany y e 20 th day 1689

and also the body of

Ruth his wife, who departed

this life Aprill y e 25 tk day

Anno Dom. 1686.


















. .

Cathedral Register.

M r Daniel Davis, Vicar Choral, bur.

Ann dau. of Thomas Davis, bap.

Jane dau. of Thomas and Ruth Davis, bap.

M r Thomas Davis, bur.

Thomas s. of M 1-s Mary Davis, bap.

Thomas Davis, bur.


In memory of

Susannah the beloved wife


John Taylor

who died November 25 th 1861

aged 24 years.


In loving remembrance of
APPLEBY. James Austin Appleby of Wells

who died March 10 th 1882
aged 64 years.




memory of

James Lovell

who died March 27 th 1833

aged 84 years.

Also Hester Lovell

wife of the above

who died Aug* 22 nd 1804.

Also Thomas Francis Lovell

son of the above

died 16 th February 1850

aged 64 years.
(Now nearly obliterated.)

Cathedral Register.

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