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lys of his family, as mentioned under the account of the cloister roof on pp. 161, 162.
Pugin, in his 'Examples,' vol. iii., calls the charges in the first and fourth
quarters blackamoors' heads and omits the chevron. The chevron, it is true, is
very doubtful, being very indistinct, while the fess is quite clear ; but there is not
the slightest doubt about the leopards' heads. The family coat of Bishop Stilling-
ton leaves no doubt that it is his arms. He seems to have wanted to adopt a
personal coat without the hackneyed mitre being introduced ; he could not simply
leave out the fleur-de-lys, as it would then be the coat of the elder line of his family ;
so he may in the first place have taken the fess away, and subsequently added the
chevron. It may be that this shield was originally put up without the chevron,
an attempt being made to add it after, but the space between favours the idea that
it was originally there. This and the two examples in coloured glass in the
adjoining chapel are most interesting instances of indecision in altering a family
coat. There being few coats, slight variations were more admissible.

On the bell turret of the Chapel is a shield of Beckington imp. the See, the
saltire and staff with the keys and sword, and over the shield a bishop's mitre. On
the wall of the chapel facing the north Liberty is a shield with the arms of the
See as just described, and another with St. Andrew holding his cross.

On the outside of the old oak door of the Chapel are carved four shields, namely :

i. (Sa.) two bars and in chief three ro undies (plates), Hungerford.

II. A saltire surmounting a pastoral staff, betw. on the dexter two Tceys addorsed
and erect, the bows interlaced, and on the sinister a sword erect, the See of Bath
and Wells.

in. (Or.) A chev. (gu.) charged with a mitre, Bishop Stafford. It is singular
that here and in a contemporary window in the Almshouse Chapel in Chamberlain
Street, the engrailed bordure used as their proper difference by the Bishop's line of


the Staffords is omitted, although it appears with the mitre on the chevron on
his seal.

iv. A fess eng. betw. twelve holly leaves, 4, 4, 4, in quadrangles, Bishop

In the windows on the south side of the Chapel are six shields : —

i. Arg., on a fess sa. betw. twelve holly leaves vert, 4, 4, 4, in quadrangles, a mullet
of third, Bubwith. In the glass the leaves are yellowish.

ii. As the last, without the mullet.

in. Or, a bend betw. six martlets sa., Luttrell of Dunster Castle.

iv. Or, a fess az. surmounted by a bend gu., Elwes. This is modern.

v. Gu., a chev. erm. betw. three leopards' 1 faces arg., probably Stillington.

VI. Gu., a chev. arg. betw. three leopards' faces or., Bishop Stillington.

Over the door is a window with these two shields : Az., a saltire per saltire and
quarterly counterchanged or and arg., surmounting a pastoral staff betw. on the dexter
two keys addorsed the bows interlaced, all of the second, and on the sinister a sword
erect of the third, hilt and pomel gold. Intended for the See. The other shield
has St. Andrew holding his cross. These last two are modern.

In this Chapel are two memorial inscriptions on brass plates, one under the
East window reads :
John Hothershall Pinder, M.A., Principal of Theology in this College 1840-1865.

The other, on the South wall :

Arthur Nugent West, M.A., Student 1872, died at Zanzibar 1874.

Passing upstairs to the Library, we find in stone over the fire-place the mono-
gram, T. B., surmounted by a mitre, between two beacon fires, the basket being
formed of a barrel or tun, thus forming a rebus for Bishop Beckington — beacon-tun,
a mode of representation dear to the brains of ecclesiastics about the fourteenth and
fifteenth centuries. This is a replica in plaster from the roof of the west cloister.
At the tops of the jambs we have on one side the crest of Elwes, Five arrows,
four in saltire and one in pale, entwined by a serpent; on the other side the initials,
E. L. E., for the Eev. Edward Leighton Elwes, M.A., who took a great interest in
the restoration of this building.

The Rev. E. L. Elwes is the seventh son of John Meggot Elwes, Esq., of Bos-
sington, Hants, by Emily Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Causton, Canon of
Westminster, and of Turweston, Bucks ; which Mr. J. M. Eiwes was the second
son of the second son of the well-known miser John Meggot, grandson of Sir George
Meggot, who took the name of Elwes on inheriting the estates of his uncle Sir
Hervey Elwes, Bart. The arms in the window of the Chapel below are really those
of the head of the male line of the Elwes family, and should be duly differenced for
this branch. See Burke's ' Extinct Baronetage.'

In the East window we have in the centre the Royal arms as used from James I.
to James II. inclusive, with supporters, helmet, crown, and crest, viz., 1 and 4,
France and England quarterly ; 2, Scotland ; 3, Ireland ; and this motto, Beati
Pacafici. To the north of this these arms : Az., a lion ramp, arg., over all on a bend
ermines three dexter gauntlets of the second. Crest : A demi-lion ramp, or, holding a
battle-axe arg. Motto : Fidelis ad urnam. For the Rev. Canon Church, M.A.,
Sub-Dean of Wells, formerly for a time Principal of this College. There should be
a crescent in the arms for difference.




Matthew Church of=pAnn Dearman, da. of John Dearman of Wakefield, co. York,

Cork, Merchant.

and Elizabeth, da. of William Thompson of Nottingham ;
born 2 Sept. 1745 ; died at Darlington 17 Nov. 1812.

William Church,
3rd son, born
1790 ; died at
Darlington 9
May 1819, aged

Mary Anne Church, born
1787 ; mar. at Darling-
ton 31 Oct. 1816 to John,
son of John Atkinson of
Kendal ; died at Darling-
ton 3 Aug. 1817, s.p.

died un-

Eliza Church, mar. 25 May 1809
to John Backhouse, Esq., of
Darlington. He died 17 Aug.
1847 ; she died 2 Sept. 1812.


Sir Richard Church, G.C.H., C.B., 2nd son, born 23 Feb. 1784 ; entered=Mary Anne, da. of

the Army as Ensign of 13th Foot in 1800; present at the Battle of Sir Robert Wil-

Aboukir and the taking of Alexandria ; successively Lieut. 37th Foot ; mot, 2nd Baronet,

Captain Royal Corsican Rangers ; Major 1st Regt. ; Lieut.-Col. 2nd Regt. of Osmaston Hall

(Duke of York's Greek Light Infantry) ; served in Italy, Germany, and and Catton Hall,

France, and as Quartermaster-General with the Expedition which took co. Derby, by his

most of the Ionian Islands ; sent on a mission to the allied armies in second wife Mari-

Austria and Prussia ; British Military Resident with Austrian Army ; anne, da. and heir

Major-General in the Neapolitan Service, and Commander of the Order of Charles Howard

of St. Ferdinand of Naples, and Grand Cross of the Order of St. George of Pipe Grange, co.

of the Two Sicilies. In 1826 Sir Richard was appointed Commander in Stafford.
Chief of the Greek; Army, Member of the Senate, and Senior Grand
Cross of the Order of the Saviour of Greece. Sir Richard was knighted
in 1837, and died s.p. 20 March 1873, and was buried at Athens with
a public funeral, and at the national expense.

John Dearman Church, Merchant, of Cork, after of Lisbon, then of Ashwick^=Bromley Caroline
Grove, Somerset. Resided many years at Florence ; died in 1828 ; eldest son. Metzner of Lis-

The Very Rev. Richard William Church,:
D.C.L., born at Lisbon 25 April 1815 ;
B.A. Wadham Coll., Oxon, 1 Dec. 1836 ;
M.A. of Oriel 18 April 1839 ; Fellow of
Oriel ; and in 1853 Rector of Whatley,
co. Somerset, and in 1871 made Dean
of St Paul's, London ; died 9 Dec. 1890;
bur. at Whatley, co. Somerset.

Helen Frances, da. of the Rev. Henry Bromley

Bennett, J.P., B.C.L., of Sparkford John

Hall, Rector of Sparkford, by Emily Church,

his wife, da. of Edward Moberley and born 28

Sarah Cayley ; mar. at Sparkford, co. April 1817 ;

Somerset, 5 July 1853. died un-

Frederic John Church,
born 24 May 1854;
died 16 Jan. 1888.

Helen=Rev. Francis Paget, Mary Caroline
Beatrice D.D., Canon of Christ Church.
Church. Church, Oxford.

Edith Frances

The Rev. Charles Marcus Church, born at Florence 2 Feb. 1823 ; B.A. of=f=Elizabeth Mary, da. of

Oriel College, Oxon, 20 Nov. 1845 ; M.A. 1850 ; Prebendary of White-
lackington in Wells Cathedral 1855 ; Vicar of Dulverton, co. Somerset,
1870 ; Vice- Principal 1854—1866 ; Principal of Wells Theological College
1866—1880 ; Sub- Dean of Wells 1861 ; Canon Resident 1879.

the Rev. Henry Ben-
nett, J.P., B.C.L., of
Sparkford Hall, sister
of the wife of the Dean
of St. Paul's.

I i I
Arthur John Bromley Church, born
5 April 1869.

Maurice Richard Church, born 19
Jan. 1872.

Charles Francis Jo3celin, born 22
Jan. 1881.

Emily Ada Church, born 9 July 1862.

Gertrude Elizabeth Mary Church,
born 1 Aug. 1863.

Isabel Edith Church, born 30 July

Mary Margaret
Church, born
26 Aug. 1874.

Alice Emily
Church, born 4
May 1876.


On the South side of the Royal arms this coat : As., a stork's wings expanded
arg., beaJc and legs or, on the breast an annulet sa. Crest : From a coronet or, a lion's
paw holding a club ppr. Below the arms, Anno D'ni 1876 ; over them, B. G-. For
the Rev. Prebendary Gibson, M.A., Principal of the Theological College.

Prebendary Gibson being a fourth son, the mark on the heron is incorrect, it
should be a martlet. Furthermore, though this coat has been considered by the
family as their arms, yet there appears to be no such coat recorded for any family of
Gibson, and the crest is that of the ancient family of Gibson of Lancashire, etc.,
traditionally said to be descended out of Scotland. Prebendary Gibson's family has
also, in common with the Lancashire family, the tradition that one of the Popes
had granted to the family the Papal arms for some special service ; this would be
the coat : Gu., three keys or, fessways in pale, wards to the dexter ; used by the
Scotch families of Gibson generally, which is a variation of the arms of the See of
Rome : Gu., three keys or, two in saltire and one in pale. We may, therefore, fairly
conclude that an accidental error has occurred in stating the arms to be one instead
of three herons, as they correctly should be.


. Gibson of Liverpool. 1 ^. ... da. of ... . Tomlinson.


Rev. William Jxibson,=f=Louisanna, da. of the Right Rev, Charles Richard Sumner, D.D., Lord
Bishop of Winchester, by his wife Jane, da. of J. P. Maunoir, Esq.

Arms, from a hatchment of the Bishop's wife at Parnham : Ermine,
two chevrons gules, StJMNEE ; impaling Sable, on a cross or, five guatre-
foils vert, Matjnoir.

Rector of Fawley
Southampton, only son,
born 1814; died in 1863.

Edgar Charles Sumner Gibson, fourth=pMary Grace, da. of Rev. Richard Stamper Philpott, Pre-

son, born 23 Jan. 1848 ; M.A., Principal
of Wells Theological College. Living

bendary of Wells, and formerly Vicar of Chewton Mendip,
by the da. of Richard Tattersall, Esq. ; mar. at Chewton
Mendip 6 April 1875.

William Sumner Frank Sumner Gibson, Kenneth Sumner Ralf Sumner Theodore Sumner
Gibson, born 21 born 12 Dec. 1877 ; Gibson, born 6 Gibson, born Gibson, born 21
June 1876. died 13 Dec. 1877. July 1879. 20 Oct. 1882. Sept. 1885.

In the windows on the South side of the room are four shields, of which three
are modern, they are : —

i. Or, three eagles displ. the ivings depressed purp., Rodney of Rodney Stoke,
now represented in the male line by Lord Rodney. A shield identical in appearance
is in a window on the South side of Cheddar Church. This is old glass.

The burial of Henry Rodeney, son of Mr. "William Rodeney, on 4 Sept. 1666 is
recorded in the Cathedral Register ; and of Mrs. Sarah Rodney, widow, on 31 Jan.

ii. The incorrect or modern arms of the Diocese, that is the saltire of two metals
alone, imp. Gu., on a bend arg. three trefoils slipped vert, intended for the present
Bishop, Lord Arthur C. Hervey. It should have had, A martlet in chief arg., hisJ



proper difference as the fourth son of the first Marquis of Bristol ; or it might have
been made quarterly of his Lordship's four principal quarterings, thus : 1, Hervey,
as in the window; 2, Felton of Playford, Gu., two lions pass, erm., crowned or;
3, Howard, Earl of Suffolk, Gu., on a bend betw. six cross-crosslets arg. an inescutcheon
or, charged with a demi-lion wounded in the mouth by an arrow of the first, within a
double tressure fleury counter-fleury of the last, a crescent sa. for diff. ; 4, De Brother-
ton, Gu., three lions pass. gard. or, in pale, a label of three points arg.; on the centre of
the quarterings a martlet az., for difference of a fourth son.

in. The same modern arms for the See, imp. Erm., on a bend eng. betw. two
cocks gu. three mullets or, for Bishop Law ; see pp. 189, 190.

IV. Quarterly, 1 and 4, Az., a chev. arg. betw. three lions'' heads erased erm.,
crowned or, Pinder ; 2 and 3, Az., a leopard ramp, or, the last probably for Hother-
sall. Being the arms of the Rev. J. H. Pinder, a memorial brass for whom is in
the Chapel below.


Arms : Quarterly, 1 and 4, Az., a chev. arg. betw. three lions' heads erased erm.,
crowned or, Pinder ; 2 and 3, Az., a leopard ramp, ppr., Hothersall.

William Pinder of ... . mar. in=pAnn Isabella, da. of John Hothersall, Esq., of Hothersall
the Island of Barbados. I in the Island of Barbados.

Mary=R. S. Wick-
Jane ham, Esq.,
Pinder. of ... .

Skeete Yard, Esq.,
Pinder. of ... .

Annlsa-=W. M. Har-
bella vey, Esq.,
Pinder. of ... .

Mathew=Col. Fran-
Pinder. cis Skelly

John Hother-=Thomasine, da.
sail Pinder, of ... .
died at Bath. Haynes, Esq.

William Lake=Harriet, da. of
Pinder, in .... Wilson.

Holy Orders.

Amy North=G. W. Jordan,
Pinder. Esq., of ... .

Elizabeth Christian, da. of^pFrancis Ford Pinder, born 31 March=y=Elizabeth Senhouse, da. of

Jonas Maynard, by his
wife Christian Mercy, da.
of ... . Clarke, Esq., born
22 Not. 1769. 1st wife.

1767 ; mar. first 12 April 1790 by the
Rev. Tho. Allinson ; mar. secondly 2 1
Nov. 1802 ; died at Bath 1843.

William Senhouse,
R.N., Surveyor General of
the Leeward Islands. 2nd

Francis Ford Pinder, Rector of Gos-
forth, Cumberland, died unm. ; Trinity
College, Cambridge.

Humphrey Senhouse Pinder^Marianne, da. of

Rector of Bratton Fleming,
Fellow of Caius College.

James Gould, Esq.

Pinder, in

James Gould=
Pinder ; died
31 May 1890;
Chaplain to
H.M.'s Forces.

:Mabel, da.
of Col.


Marianne=. . . .
Pinder. Dibdin,

Elizabeth Pinder,
died 27 May 1890,

Fanny Pinder.

George Pinder, Colonel 15th Regiment,
died unmar.

Elizabeth Wood Pinder,
died unmar.

Ann Isabella Pinder,
died unmar.




William Maynard:
Pinder, bom 8
July 1792; died at
Brookfield, Bath,
17 July 1869 ; of

: Ann, da. of






Joan Hothersall Pinder, born 27 April^Ann Bratbwaite, da. of

1794, at 9 o'clock on Sunday morning ;
bapt. 8 May ; Principal of Corirington
College, Barbados ; Principal of Wells
Theological College 1840—1865 ; of
Caius, Cambridge ; died at West Mal-
vern 16 April 1868.

Scawen Kenrick Gib-
bons, Esq., of . . . ; mar.
at St. Andrew's Church,
Barbados, by the Rev.
W. Lake Pinder, 16
August 1819.

Francis Ford Pinder, born 28 July 1824 at Hothersall in the Island of Barbados ;
privately bapt. by his father ; and died 14 Aug. 1824.

Francis Ford Pinder,
born 2 April 1822 ;
died unmar. 7 Nov.

Edward Pinder, born
20 Aug. 1825; died
unmar. 2 Oct. 1859 ;
in Holy Orders.

North Pinder, born 16=Frances Jane, da. of
Dec. 1828 ; Fellow of the Rev. William
Trinity College,Oxford; Hopkins, Rector of
Rector of Rotherfield Nuffield, co. Oxford.


Elizabeth=Rev. Edward Fran- Catherine=Rev. George Ann Mary Isabella Pinder,

Maynard cis Witts of Upper Pinder. Thompson. Pinder. Hothersall died unmar. 29
Pinder. Slaughter, co. Pinder. June 1863.



The old Archdeaconry, lying on the North side of the Cathedral, once the
residence of Polydore Virgil, and which has long been in the hands of laymen,
having been purchased by the trustees of the Theological College of Wells, has
been restored and altered for the purposes of the College very judiciously under
the direction of Mr. Edmund Buckle of London, as architect. Over the entrance
have been carved the ancient arms of the See, restoring to the proper place the
ensigns of Bath, the keys and sword on each side of the saltire, with the pastoral
staff, a shield already so often blazoned it need not be formally repeated.

On the eight shields, held by angels forming the corbels of the ancient roof of
the old hall, now the library, have been painted the following arms, representing
persons mainly instrumental in the original founding of the College, the three
Principals, with the Bishop and Dean at the time of the restoration.

Commencing at the north-west corner they are :

i. Erm., on a bend engrailed betw. two cocks gu. three mullets or pierced of the
second, in chief on the bend an annulet arg., for the difference of a fifth son. For
James Thomas Law, Esq., Chancellor of Lichfield and Coventry, and Master of St.
John's Hospital, Lichfield, eldest son of Bishop Law. He was born 8 Dec. 1790,
and died 22 Feb. 1876, having married 16 Dec. 1820 Lady Henrietta Charlotte
Grey, eldest daughter of the sixth Earl of Stamford and Warrington, by whom,
who died 25 Feb. 1866, he had, with others who died young, three sons and two
daughters. See ' Peerage ' for pedigree.

ii. Per bend gu. and erm., in chief a demi-Catherine-tvheel arg., Brymer. No
pedigree has been supplied ; the name will be found in the Cathedral.

HI. Quarterly : 1 and 4, Or, a bend eng. betw. two lions ramp, gu., Dickinson ;


2 and 3, Arg., three bars and a canton gu., Fuller ; on an escutcheon of pretence,
Arg., on a bend sa. three roses of the first, Cary. For Francis Henry Dickinson, Esq.,
of Kingweston, co. Somerset. For pedigree see Burke's ' Landed Gentry.'

iv. Pinder. As in a window in the library over the Vicar's Close Chapel, ap-
pended to the description of which a pedigree is added, except that the leopards are
altered to lions ramp. arg. No authority was supplied by the family for either coat.

v. The ancient arms of the See ; imp. Gu., on a bend arg. three trefoils vert, in
chief a martlet for difference, Hervey. For the Right Hon. and Right Rev. Lord
Arthur C. Hervey, now Bishop of Bath and Wells.

vi. Az., a saltire or betw. on the dexter two keys addorsed, one arg., the other of
the second, and on the sinister a sword erect arg., hilt and pomel gold, the Deanery ;
imp. Arg., a chev. sa. betw. in chief two mullets and in base an annulet, all sa., on the
chev. a Jleur-de-lis arg. charged ivith a crescent gu., and a mullet gu. in chief, all for
diff., Dean Plumptre. See the Deanery.

vn. Church. As in the library over the chapel in the Vicar's Close, adding, A
crescent in chief arg., the difference of a second son. For Canon Church, Sub-Dean
of Wells. A pedigree is given with the description of the shield.

viii. Az., three herons arg., in chief a martlet for difference. For Prebendary
Gibson, now President of the College. A further notice of the arms, with a pedigree,
is given in the account of the shields in the library just referred to, where a pedi-
gree appears.

Over the entrance of an ancient house, close to the East end of the Lady Chapel,
known as the Precincts, are three shields of the tilting form, the centre is blank ; on
one of the others are two keys in saltire, the remaining bearing two swords in saltire ;
if really heraldic, the former are the arms of the See of Gloucester, and the latter those
of the Bishopric of London, but they very probably are only fanciful.

On the gateway connecting the Vicar's Close and the Cathedral we have the
arms of Beckyngton twice, once supported by angels.

Over the archway, leading from the market-place to the Cathedral Green, were
the Royal arms, the arms of Bishop Beckyngton, and his badge or rebus, which last
is also on a panelled projection on the inner side. The arms are almost obliterated.

In the roof of the gateway, leading from the market-place to the gatehouse of
the Bishop's Palace, the arms of Beckyngton are cut in front of his rebus as if hung
on the post. The shields on the front facing the market-place are quite obliterated.

From the wall just inside this gateway a stag springs supporting, or being sup-
ported by, a shield charged with the arms of Beckyngton, which projects almost
horizontally below it. In the same wall is also a panel with the rebus of Bishop

This exhausts the heraldry within the Cathedral Precincts, and brings our task
to a close ; not without some good result we trust, by having brought to light some
things that had been overlooked by previous writers, bringing evidence to bear for
the elucidation of obscure or debated points ; while some facts have been preserved
which, if not quite lost, would become increasingly difficult to obtain.


The following extracts from the Parish Register of St. Cuthbert, Wells, though
not connected with any existing monument, as they are examples of the way in
which the Cathedral Register and that of St. Cuthbert have been mixed up, may
deserve a place here, though they do not profess to be exhaustive, and other
instances will be found among extracts of particular families : —

St. Cuthbert Parish Register.

1657 June 18 Elizabeth dau. of William Gough and Mary his w., of the Liberty

of S. Andrew.
1705 Easter (sic) dau. of M r James Nickolls, Yicar of the Cathedral,

from Close Hall.

1706 Sep. 12 Mary dau. of M r JameB Nicholls, of High Street, bap. at the


1707 Nov. 11 Dorothy dau. of M r James Nichols, of Chamberlain Street ; born

Nov. 3, bap. at the Cathedral.
1723 June 11 James s. of John Little ; born 31 May, and bap. at y e Cathedral.
This was omitted, supposing it to be registered at the Cathe-


1644 June 11 M r Thomas Liides s. of Sir John Liides, of County Sussex, slayne

at Evercreech, and buried in S. Andrew's Church, near Bishop

Lake's grave in the South aisle of the Quire, upon Whit-


1649 Sep. 15 Dorothy dau. of M r Arthur Alderley and Dorothy his w., bur. at

S. Andrew's Church.
1700 Mar. 20 David Trim, gent., of the Liberty of S. Andrew.
1703 June 12 John Green, of this parish, bur. in the Cathedral Church of

S. Andrew, Wells ; from High Street.
1703 June 21 Martha w. of M r Philip Hodges, of this parish, gent., bur. in y e
Cathedral Church of S. Andrew, Wells.
Joan dau. of M r Thomas Fisher, of Close Hall.
M 18 Catherine Rock, of East Wells, bur. at the Cathedral.
Jacob Selway, of the Liberty.
M r Thomas Fisher, bur. from y e Fountain in y e Liberty.


Oct. 6


Mar. 3


June 14


June 27


( 283 )


John Paine of Wells=f=(?) Elizabeth Clinton.
See p. 141.

John Paine, gent.,=T=Frances, da. of the Rev. Richard Healy, LL.D. ;
died 1741. died Aug. 1729, aged 47.

Mary Paine, born Phillis Paine, born 1719. Francis Paine, born 1720. Frances Paine,
1715. born 1723.

Richard Paine, Elizabeth Frances, da. of William=pRev. John Paine, Sub-=Hester, da. of
born 1705 ; died Paine, born Goldfinch of Wells, gent.; Dean of Wells; born ....; died
1708. 1707. died 1763. 1st wife. 1717 ; died 1774. 1806. 2nd wife.


Frances Paine, born Mary Paine,=pRobert Tudway. Frances Paine, Elizabeth Paine,
and died 1743. born 1745. | See p. 286. born 1749. born 1751.

Administration granted to John Paine of Wells, clerk, of the goods of John
Paine the elder, late of Wells, his grandfather, left unadministered by John Paine,
also deceased, son and administrator of the said John Paine the elder. Bondsmen,
Thomas Hughes of Wells, gent., and Winchcombe Nooth, notary public of Wells.
Bond sworn 27 March 1742.

Administration of the effects of William Paine of Wells, deceased, granted 5 Oct.
1736 to Edith Tucker, wife of Samuel Tucker of Evercreech, yeoman, and daughter

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