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of the deceased William Paine.

(Pages 5, 6, 7, and 192.)

There were two Canons, the Rev. John Paine, who died in 1774, and the Rev.
Thomas Payne, who died in 1797, of entirely different families. Inquiries have not
been very satisfactory in completing the pedigree to any extent, but the following
helps to distinguish between them : —

The Rev. Thomas Payne, Vicar of Holme Lacy, co. Hereford =f=
Arms : Sable, a /esse between three leopards' faces or.

Rev. Thomas Payne, M.A. ; " Pastor of St. Cadoc in Breconshire ;" Rector of^Judith, da.
Llangattock, near Orickhowell, and Canon of Wells ; died 9 Jan. 1797, aged 81. of ... .
See M.I.



Eev. Henry Thomas Payne, M.A. ; Rector of=Mary, da. of .... ; Sarah Judith Payne, diedat
Llanbedr, and Canon Residentiary of St. died 21 April 1828, Crickhowell 15 Feb. 1858,
David's ; died 22 April 1832, aged 73. aged 58. aged 97.

Catherine ^=The Very Rev. Right Hon. George Compton, 6th=Frances=Claudius Amyand,

Payne, I Lord Francis Earl of Northamptonshire ; ob. s.p. Payne. Commissioner of

died 21 Seymour, Dean Arms on family pedigree, Compton Customs; died 1

Dec. 1801. | of Wells. impaling Payne as above. April 1774, aged 54.
See M.I.

John H
See M.I

John Hyde, Esq.^Mary Seymour.=John Payne of Droxford. Francis Seymour,^Leonora.

See M.T. See M.I., p. 192. Lieut.-Col.


John Hyde. George Hyde.

The following, from an inscribed tablet on the wall of Llanbedr Church,
except the line referring to himself, is from the pen of Canon Payne : —

" Sacred to the memory of Mary the Beloved wife of Henry Thomas Payne,
M.A., Rector of this parish and Canon Residentiary of S* David's.

"In pious hope she departed from this world of trouble on the 21 st of April

1828 aged 58.

" Here sleeps my Mary in her narrow cell,
How soon we all must follow, who can tell I
Christian I Remember that by God's decree
All nature sinks into eternity.

Look round this Hallowed Fane ; the scene displayed ;
Like Life's short landscape, mixed with light and shade,
Like Life itself, uncertain in its day,
For time rolls on and none can bid it stay.
The Hill, the Vale, the Wood, the brawling stream,
All lost in time shall vanish like a dream,
Nay, time shall come when Heav'n and Earth, destroyed,
Shall sink in chaos, and become a void.
All things shall perish, and shall man presume
To think himself exempted from the Doom ?
Presumptuous Mortal ! Soon must come the day
When Thou Thyself, the last great debt shall pay.
How many lie within this Holy ground,
Entranced in Death till the last trump shall sound 1
How many daily pass to Death,
To-day they breathe, to-morrow lose their breath ;
The Rich, the Poor, the Great, the Gay, the Brave,
All, all are hastening to the silent grave.
Then Man, vain Man, prepare to kiss the rod,
To hear thy Judgment and to meet thy God.

H. T. P."

" Also the above Henry Thomas Payne, died April 22 nd 1832, Aged 73."

In the same churchyard is buried the sister of Canon Payne, with a tombstone
bearing the following inscription : —

»}• In memory of Sarah Judith Payne, who died at Crickhowel the 15 th Feb.
1858, Aged 97.

Lord, now letteat Thou Thy servant depart in peace, for mine eyes have seen Thy Salvation. ȣ.



(Pages 9 and 184.)

"We are indebted to the Rev. S. Baring-Grould, M.A., of Lew Trenchard, for the
following pedigree of Gould : —

Arms granted to Sir Henry Gould : Az., a lion ramp, or, betw. three scrolls arg.
Crest : A demi-lion or, in the dexter paw a scroll arg.

Henry Gould of Winsham, co. Somerset ; named in the will of his son=pMary, da. of ... .
Stephen. Will proved 1646. (P.C.C. ; Turpin, 158.)

William Gould, named in will=Anne,
of his brother Stephen. Will da. of
dated 7 Nov. 1656 ; proved ....
1657. (P.C.C. ; Ruthen, 289.)


Stephen Gould of Wins-=pGrace, John Gould, named

ham. Will proved
1642. (P.C.C. ; Camp-
bell, 88.)

da. of

in will of his brother


Henry Gould, named in the will of his uncles Stephen^
and Henry, and his grandfather Henry.


Three sons, mentioned in the will of their
great-uncle Stephen.

Joan Gould, mentioned
in will of her uncle

Andrew Gould^=Maud, da.
of Winsham, of ....
son and heir ; Limbeare
named in will of Crew-
of his brother kerne; mar.
Stephen. Liv- 12 July
ing in 1676. 1642 at St.

Mary Ma-
jor, Exeter.

Henry Gould,
named in will
of his brother
Stephen, and
in that of his
father of Mar-
ston Biggot,
gent. Will
proved 1676.

Mary Gould, =. . . .
named in Buffett.
father's will,
and in bro-
ther Henry's

James Gould. =
tion 24 March
1639, P.C.C,
to widow.


Sir Henry Gould, Puisne Judge of King's Bench 14 Jan. 1699 ; knighted 22=j=. ... da. of

Feb. 1693-4; entered Middle Temple 24 May 1660; executor to will of his
uncle Henry. Died 26 March 1710. Will proved 1710. (P.C.C. ; Smith, 138.)

Davidge of

Davidge Gould,=pHonora, da. and coheir Sarah^Edmund Fielding, Lieut.-Gen., 3rd son of

Middle Temple.
June 1743.

of William Hockmore
of Buckland, Baron in
Combinteignhead, co.
Devon (grandson of
Gregory Hockmore and
Mary, da. of Sir Richard
Reynell) ; bapt. 14 July


Rev. John Fielding, D.D., Canon of Salis-
bury, 2nd son of George, Earl of Desmond.
See ' Peerage.'

=j=Henry Fielding, the=f=
Novelist. See Fos
ter's ' Peerage.'

Edmund Fielding,
died s.p.

Sir Henry Gould, Knt., Chief Justice=f=Elizabeth, da. of the Rev Wal-

Court of Common Pleas, of Sharpham
Park, near Glastonbury ; died 1 March
1794, aged 84 ; bur. at Stapleford

ker, Archdeacon of Wells ; mar. 6
Aug. 1750 ; died in 1797 at Egham
Hill ; bur. at Stapleford Abbas 11
March 1797.

Elizabeth Gould, da.=Hon. Temple S. Lut-
and coheir, mar. 26 terell, M.P., son of the
April 1778 ; died s.p. Earl of Carhampton.

Honora Margaretta Gould, 2nd :
da. and coheir ; mar. 8 July
1782 ; died 1 Oct. 1813.

Honora Gould,
died 11 July

: Richard Gould,
7th Earl of

See ' Peerage.'



William Gould,=. ... da. of Edward
D.D., Rector of Gordon ; mar. 25
Stapleford Ab- Aug. 1795, she aged
bas, co. Essex ; 28, and he 82. (See
died 16 March ' Gentleman's Maga-
1799, aged 86. zine,' 1799, p. 345.)

Thomas Gould, Barris-
ter, Bencher of the Mid-
dle Temple ; died 4
April 1808 ; bur. in the
Benchers' Vault, Temple

Richard Gould=f=Susan, da.

of Wells, co.
Somerset. See
M.I., p. 9.



Rev. Henry Gould,
M.A., Canon of
Wells: died unmar.
(See M.I., p. 194.)

Gould, da. of Henry
died s.p. Strangways
of Shap-
wick, Esq.

Sir Davidge=Harriett, da. of the Ven. Sarah

Gould, Admiral, William Willis, Arch- Gould,

K.C.B. ; died 23 deacon of Wells ; died died

April 1847, aged at Hawkhurst, Herts, 15 unmar.
89, s.p. Nov. 1855, aged 87.

Jane=pLucas Puls-

died 24

ford of
Wells, Esq. ;
died 5 July

Susan^Right Rev. Christopher Butson,
Gould. Bishop of Clonsert.

Roberte=Mary, da. of Rev.

Rev. J. S. Butson, Archdeacon of Clonsert.


John Paine, Canon
of Wells. (See that
family, p. 283.)

Charles^=Laetitia Sarah, Frances-r-John Paine Tud-

Canon of
Wells, ^k

da. of Edward
Berkeley Na-
pier, Esq., of
East Pennard.

mar. in

way of Wells,
Esq., born 21 Aug.
1775; M.P. for
Wells 1815-30 ;
died — July 1835.

Mary=Rev. Edward
Tudway. Foster, Pre-
bendary of


Robert Charles Tudway, Esq., of=pMaria Catherine,
The Cedars, Wells ; J.P. ; M.P. ; eldest da. of Sir
High Sheriff of Somerset 1842-3 ; William Miles,
born 6 July 1808; died 20 Oct. Bart.

Jane Tudway.=Rev. Thomas Boucher
Coney, Rector of
Chedzoy, and Vicar
of Pucklechurch, co.

Lady Edith Nelson, da. of Horatio, :
3rd Earl Nelson ; mar. 5 July 1870 ;
died 24 Aug. 1877. 1st wife.

: Charles Clement Tudway :
of Milton Lodge, and The
Cedars, Wells; born 23
Nov. 1846.

: Alice Constance, da. of Sir
Frederick H. Hervey-
Bathurst, Bart. 2nd wife.

Madeline Constance Tudway.

Frances=p Arthur Constan- Henry Gould :


tinePhipps,Esq., Tudway, died
of Shepton Mai- in 1826.

: Mary, da. of EmmaLaeti-=George Filling-
John Phipps tia Tudway, ham, Esq., of
of Leighton mar. in 1837. Syerscotte House,
House, Wells. co. Notts.


Mary Tudway. Henrietta Tudway. Augusta Tudway=Rev. Frederick Fleming Beadon, M.A.,

Vicar of Pilton.


(Page 11.)
Will op Rev. Robert Kingston.

Robert Kingston of Wells, clerk, will dated 12 March. 1745. Debts and funeral
expenses to be paid out of rents of estates at Burcot and Wooky Hole, after which
the said estates to his wife. Son Robert Kingston, after his mother's death to have
estates at "West Pennard, and the house in Chamberlain Street, settled as the
jointure of his said mother, but he not to have it until twenty-five. Daughter
Barbara Kingston £200 at twenty-five. Daughter Mary Kingston. Mill and
20 acres at Wookey rented by Mr. Band. If children die without heirs, estates
after wife's death to go to cousin Elizabeth Gale, of Minehead, for life, then to
the Archdeacons of Bath, Wells, and Taunton, and the Treasurer of the Cathedral
as Trustees, to augment poor livings. Seal. Arms, A cross letw. four lions' faces.
Crest, A lion's face.

Will op Elizabeth St. Albon.

Elizabeth S l Albon, wife of John S* Albon, gent. Nephews William and
John Hill, sons of Sir Ralph Hill, deceased. Sister Grace Foweracre (?). Sister
Ann Lock, her children, and husband Robert Lock. Kinswoman Mary Kingston,
dau. of John Kingston of Kilve. Godson John S' Albon, son of Lancelot
S* Albon, gent. Godson Thomas Sweeting, son of Hugh Sweeting. M 1 ' Abiah
Evens of Bristol. Cousin Kingston, younger, executor. Dated 2 Sept. 1736.
Witnesses, Robert Kingston, senior, John Poole, Margaret Sellicke. Seal, Kingston,
as on the will of Robert Kingston above. Proved 11 Sept. 1738.

(Page 25.)

1728. May 4 William Westley of Shepton Mallet, clothier, and Elizabeth
Cheeseman of Exeter, spinster. (Vide Mar. Lie, Bishop of
Exeter's Act Book.)

(Pages 38, 85.)

The following pedigree, compiled from the Cathedral MSS., adds some points to
Mr. Ellacombe's pedigree in the ' Herald and Genealogist,' vol. iv., p. 195, esta-
blishing the place in the pedigree of the two Bishops of Bath and Wells of this

Arms of this family of Bytton or Button : Erm., afess gu.



Robert de Button, son of Kobert de Button.
Vide Ped. Fin., 1237.

John de Button, Senior Prebendary of Comb, 1268. Had a Grant, as brother of the Bishop, of
two parts of the Prebend of St. Decuman in 1249. By his will leaves money for the good of
his soul, and the soul of his brother William, Bishop of Bath and Wells. Died before the
Vigil of St. Nicholas, 1273.


Sir Adam de^ William de Richard de Button, Vicar of St. Cuthbert, Wells ; witness to a

Button. Wit- Button, first Confirmation by the Dean and Chapter of a Grant by Bishop

ness to a of the name William, dated Stephen's Day, 1248. On Tuesday after the

Grant of Wil- Bishop of Feast of St. Thomas, 1242, he was one of a deputation to the

liam. Bishop Bath and monks of Bath to act with the Chapter of Wells to elect a

of Bath and Wells; con- Bishop. William, Prior of the Hospital of St. John, Wells,

Wells 1273. secrated promised Richard de Button, Precentor, in return for certain

1248 ; died benefits, a full service yearly for the souls of the said Richard

1264. de Button, of Bishop William de Button, and their ancestors.

Sir John de=^ Philip de Button. Inspeximus by the Dean and Chapter of a Grant by
Button. Bishop William de Button to Philip de Button of a burgage in Wells, etc.,

in 1251. Tn Jan. 1260 leave was granted by the Dean and Chapter for the
celebration of divine service in his Chapel at Melsbury ; John, Vicar of St.
Cuthbert, consents provided all offerings of the said Philip and his family
at the four great feasts, and those he is bound to pay as a parishioner to
the mother Church, saving a penny a day for a chaplain, be paid to said
John. For this he pays two shillings a year.

William de Button, elected Bishop of Bath and Wells 10 Feb.
1267. By deed dated St. Matthew's Day, 1273, grants all the
service due to him from his brother Thomas de Button, Arch-
deacon of Wells, to which Sir Adam de Button and Philip de
Button are witnesses.

Thomas de Button, Archdeacon
of Wells ; elected Dean of
Wells 1284 ; became Bishop of
Exeter, and died in 1307.

(Page 39.)

The exact connection of Bishop John Harewell with the Worcestershire family
is not shewn by the Wells MSS.; he was probably brother of Eoger, who is
mentioned as father of Canon Eoger Harewell, who in 1380 obtained from the
Chapter a confirmation of a lease he had made of part of his canonical buildings.
This Eoger became Archdeacon of Bath, and was admitted to residence by the
Chapter in 1392. Canon Eoger Harewell presented to Compton Dundon in 1409,
and to Mudford 1424. Eichard Harewell was installed a Canon and Prebendary of
Litton 1 Oct. 1361. He makes formal declaration that he desires to become a
Eesidentiary 24 Sept. 1388. Canon Thomas Harewell in 1380 was acting for the
Dean. Another Eichard Harewell was instituted to the living of Trent in 1410,
and to that of St. Cuthbert, Wells, in 1424. John Harewell, Eector of Berkeley,
died in 1459.

William Harewell, who in the Worcestershire Visitation is recorded as having
married Agnes, daughter of Sir Henry Owgan, presented to the living of
Beercrocombe in 1454, 1457, and again in 1489, and to Capland in 1467, but died
in 1504, when Agnes, the relict of William Harewell, presented to Beercrocombe
and to Capland. Nor did this long connection of the family end then, for John,


son and heir of the above William and Agnes Harewell, left five daughters his co-
heirs, one of whom, Elizabeth, married Anthony Rowley of Devonshire, and she
with her husband presented to Oapland in 1519 and again in 1531.

(Page 43.)

Richard Symonds in his ' Diary ' mentions the following coat as being in coloured
glass at the church of Hinton St. George when he visited the place in 1644 : Arg.,
on a/ess az., betw. in chief three stags' heads caboshed or, and in base as many fleurs-
de-lis sa., a bishop's mitre. The fleurs-de-lis are no doubt a mistake of Symonds
for pheons.

(Page 46.)

1689 Richard Bull of Midsomer Norton and Joane Tooker of the same

place. (Mar. Lie. Allegations, Bishop's Registry, Wells.)

1703 Oct. 26 Robert Bull of S l Outhbert parish, yeoman, and Mary Burge of
Chewton, spinster, aged 24, her father consenting. To marry
at Chewton Mendip, Midsomer Norton, or S* Cuthbert.
(Mar. Lie. Allegations, Bishop's Registry, Wells.)

(Page 47.)

1701 Mar. 22 Henry Bull of Frome Selwood, gent., and Margaret Whitchurch
of the same place, spinster. To marry at Frome Selwood or
Orchard. (Mar. Lie. Allegations, Bishop's Registry, Wells.)

(Page 49.)

We are indebted to James Parker, Esq., M.A., of Oxford, for the following
additions : —

Samuel Parker, Bishop of Oxford, President of=f=Rebecca, da. of ... . Phesant

Magdalen College ; ob. 1687.

of London.

Gilbert Parker, ob. July 1731. Samuel Parker, the Author ; ob.^. ... da. of Henry A da.

1730; set. 49. Clements.

Gilbert Parker ; matric. Sackville Parker,=. . . . Samuel Parker, born 1703 ; Clerk of
at Trinity College 5 June bookseller; ob. Dunn. Magdalen College 1730 — 1767; Yeo-
1739, set. 17. s.p. 10 Dec. 1796, man Bedell ; bur. at St. Peter's 9

set. 89, s.p. Sept. 1767. A




John :

Catherine, da. and coheir of Richard Parker, Scholar of Lincoln Thomas Parker.
Charles Perrott, Esq., of College ; bur. at St. Peter's 28 =j=

Northleigh. March 1742.

Kichard Parker, died 1778. Descended from=pSarah Chapman, Catherine=James Arnold of

Samuel, son of Samuel Parker, Bishop of Oxford,
who died 1687.

died Jan. 1821. Parker.


Samuel Perrott Charles Lewis=f=Anne. da. of Arch (?) Anna Maria=Dr Richards of

Parker. Parker. I Lawrence. Parker. St. Martin's in the
I Fields, London.

Edward^ Anne=T. Joley, Caroline Par- Jane Par- Sophia Par-=Charles Parker,


Parker. Esq., of ker, died un- ker, died ker, died
Windsor, mar. unmar. s.p.

her cousin.

Charles Lewis Parker, living in America in 1886. Sophia Parker.

Joseph Parker, died in 1851.=FSarah, da. of Thomas Hayes, Precentor of Durham.

I | I I

Edward=f=Susannah, da. of Charles=f=Jane Sarah = J .... Gol- Eliza-=Frederick

Rector of

Charles Barnwell, Lewis

Esq., of London ; Parker,

Fellow Caius Col- Surgeon
lege, Cambridge.

Lowry. Par- den of Tain- beth Monck,

ker. by Hall, co. Maria Esq., of
Lincoln. Parker. Oxford.

Edward Barnwell Parker. Joseph Perrott Parker. Lewis Barnwell Parker.

John Parker=pCaroline Ryder.


Charles Parker, died at Bin-=Sophia Parker, cousin
field 7 May 1862, aged 59, s.p. to her husband.

John Henry Parker,:
born 1806; died Jan.

^Frances Mary, da. of the Rev.
J. Hockyns, D.D., Rector of

James Parker, born 1833;=pSarah Caroline, da. of

living 1892, of Oxford,
Publisher ; M.A., Oxon.

J. G-. Beyman, Esq., of
Formosa, afterwards of


Charles Frances James

John Mary Henry

Parker. Parker. Parker.


Frank Irene

Sackville Parker.












(Page 52.)

1708 Nov. 24 Robert Strangways of Shepton Mallet, and Mary Creech of

Charlton Mackerell, spinster, aged 27. Father consents. To
marry at Kingweston or Burton David. (Mar. Lie. Allega-
tions, Bishop's Registry, Wells.)

1709 Nov. 29 Thomas Strangways of Charlton Adam, gent., and Mary Sampson

of Charlton Mackerell, spinster, aged 18, whose father con-
sents. To marry at Charlton Mackerell. (Mar. Lie. Allega-
tions, Bishop's Registry, Wells.)

(Pages 55, 58.)

Will of Charles Baron.

Charles Baron the elder, of Wells. Dated 20 May 1722. Real and personal

estate to son Charles Baron, and to his heirs, and he to be executor. Daughter

Mary Baron £20 annually out of land at Burnham for life and that of her son

James. Witnesses : Thomas Westley, P. Davis, Mary Lambert.

Seal, Three mullets within a lord, eng., imp. An eagle displ. ivith two heads.
Proved 29 June 1730.

Will of Dorothy Barron.
Dorothy Barron of Wells, widow. To poor 30s. Her four sons, William, John,
Charles, and Matthew Barron, 20s. each for rings. Residue to daughter Ann
Barron, who is to be executor. Dated 19 July 1683. Proved at Wells 23 Sept.
1692 by Ann Barron, spinster. Seal, A fess betw. in chief three lions' 1 gambs erect
and erased, and in base an eagle displ., imp. Three mullets within a bord. eng. ; crest,
A lion's gamb erect and erased.

Will of James Baron.
James Baron of Wells, innholder. Lands of inheritance in the parish of St.
Cuthbert to son James Baron and his heirs, and half an acre at Torr Hill. To
son Joseph Baron a messuage in East Wells and lands held of the Dean and
Chapter. To son John Baron a messuage, tenements, malthouse, and garden in
Torr lane. To daughter Sarah Baron house in East Wells and £200. Wife
Susanna, walled garden, etc., in Torr lane. To Elizabeth and Sarah daughters of
son James Baron, £5. To Henrietta daughter of Joseph Baron, £5. Dated 17
April 1735. Proved at Wells June 1735.

(Page 55.)

1690 July 11 Thomas Baron of Wells, mercer, and Jane Davidge of Wraxall,
spinster, aged 49, and having no parents. To marry at
Wraxall. (Mar. Lie. Allegations, Bishop's Registry, Wells.)


(Pages 65, 66.)

Administration of the effects of Ann Palmer, deceased, granted to Frances
Palmer of Wells, spinster, sister and administratrix of deceased ; bondsmen, Peter
Davis, Esq., of Wells, and John Beckham, gent., of Wells, 21 Dec. 1750.

Administration of the effects of Elizabeth Palmer of Wells, granted to Frances
Palmer of Fairfield, spinster, sister of the deceased, left unadministered by
M rs Catherine Palmer, also deceased ; bondsmen, Peregrine Palmer of Fairfield, and
Sarah Knight of Bridgewater, spinster, on 28 Nov. 1752.

Cathedral Register.
1717 May 29 Ann dau. of Francis Franklyn and Joan his w. ; born 8 May.

171| Mary da. of Francis Franklyn and Joan his w. ; born on Xmas

day, and bapt. on New Year's day by M r William Hill.
1720 Aug. 30 John s. of Francis Franklyn and Joan his w. ; born the same day.
173£ Jan. 9 Samuel s. of Francis Franklyn and Joan his w. ; born Monday
4 Jan., privately bapt. and publicly admitted to the Church
Thursday 23 Feb.

1745 Sept. 24 Alexander Barker, Esq., of Bristol, bachelor, and Sarah Franklyn
of Bath, spinster. By licence.

Francis s. of the Rev. Francis Franklyn and Joan his w.
John s. of Francis Franklyn and Joan his w.
Mary Ann da. of the Rev. Francis Franklyn and Joan his w.
Samuel s. of Francis Franklyn and Joan his w.
Francis Franklyn, clerk.


Mar. 27


Sept. 15


Feb. 23


April 21


April 24

(Page 79.)

Mrs. Sarah Thring died 26 Sept. 1891 ; her son, Theodore Thring, Esq., died
28 Sept. 1891. They were both buried at the same time in plain graves, side by
side, to the east of the chancel of Alford Church.

(Page 86.)

The following pedigree does little more than suggest additions to Mr. Greenfield's,
already quoted, and is wholly compiled from the Cathedral MSS. ; at the same time
it corrects the errors in the Harl. MS., which was partly Mr. Greenfield's authority.

The Cathedral MSS. shew no evidence that Mary de Drokensford brought the
Manor of Shipham to the Clyvedon family, but rather that Clyvedon had it from
Malherb, which is supported by the Hastings quarterings at North Cadbury, among
which are, Or, a lion ramp. az. crowned yu., Clyvedon, and Arg., three nettle-leaves
gu. f Malherb. But no coat of Drokensford.




Philip de=f=. . . . (?), da. and heiress
Drokens- of de Harptre or Pop-
ford, ham.

John de Drokensford, from whom his
nephew, Philip de Drokensford, held
lands in Wivelscombe.

Henry de

whose son

Bichard de Drokens-
ford, brother of the
Bishop, made Chan-
cellor 8 Jan. 1310.
In 1316 the Bishop
collates his brother
Bichard de Drokens-
ford to a Prebeudal

I .
Philip de Drokensford,:
brother of the late Bis-
hop John de Drokens-
ford ; confirmed the
Grant by Johanna
Perceval, relict of Sir
Boger Perceval, of land
in, and the church of,
Exford ; dated at Dro-
kensford 6 Edw. III.

John de
of Bath
1329 ; ob.
9 May

Michael :
of Bishop

Bobert Malherb
quit-claims to
Peter the Dean
half a virgate of
land in Wed-
more. He ap-
pears as a wit-
ness to deeds in
1246 and 1256.


Michael de Drokensford. Instituted
to the Bectory of Chedzoy in 1317.
Nephew of Bishop Drokensford. Col-
lated to the Stall of Dulcote in 1316,
and to a house held by Bichard his
brother in 1328.

Bichard de Drokensford. On 14 Nov. 1326 the
Bishop collates his nephew Bichard de Drokens-
ford to the Stall of Vatton. In 1327 he is made a
Canon and Precentor. He grants power of attorney
to Philip de Drokensford to seek arrears due from
the Priory of Hexham.

William Malherb, to whom Edw. I., by deed dated 5 June An. Beg. 2 (1274), grants a weekly
market in his manor of Shipham, and a fair for three days at the Feast of St. Leonard.

i I

Adam Malherb. Exchanged with Bobert Malherb lands in Hugh Malherb. Witness

Loxton, which he had as a grant from Hawice de Sperkford, for to a Charter of Robert

lands in Shipham. Malherb.

John de Clyvedon, miles. Will 1
dated the Vigil of St. Lawrence
1336 ; names his wife and two
sons ; proved 4 Sept. 1336,
before John de Myddleton, Vicar
of Shepton Beauchamp, Com-
missary of Ralph, Bishop of
Bath and Wells. (Beg. Bad. de
Salopia, fol. 144.)

: Lady Em-
with her
two sons
proved the
will of her
late hus-

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