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hereditary Marshal of England that the Armorial Ensigns used by his Family not
having been duly registered in the College of Arms he therefore requested the favor
of his Grace's Warrent for our granting exemplifying and confirming the same with
such variation as may be proper to be borne by him and his Descendants according
to the Laws of Arms &ttfi foraftlttttci) as the said Earl Marshal did by Warrent
under his hand and Seal bearing date the twenty eighth day of May instant
authorize and direct Us to grant exemplify and confirm the same accordingly
Itnoto £0 tijewfOW that We the said Garter and Clarenceux in pursuance of his
Grace's Warrant and by Virtue of the Letters Patent of our several Offices to
each of Us respectively granted under the Great Seal of Great Britain do by these
Presents grant exemplify & confirm to the said John Thring the arms following
that is to say Erminois on a fess plain azure, another wavy or, charged with three
Escallops Sable, a Bordure Invected Gules ; and for the crest on a wreath of
the colours a Cock per pale or and Gules, charged with two Escallops Counter-
changed, in the beak an Ear of Barley, proper ; as the same are in the margin
hereof more plainly depicted to be borne and used for ever here after by him
the said John Thring Esquire, and his Descendants according to the Laws of Arms,
without the Let or Interruption of any Person or Persons what so ever
9ht ©BtttnCftft whereof We the said Garter and Clarenceux Kings of Arms have to
these presents subscribed our Names and affixed the Seals of our Several Offices this


thirtieth day of May in the thirty eighth year of the Reign of our Sovereign
Lord George the third by the grace of God King of Great Britain France and
Ireland Defender of the Faith etc. in the year of our Lord one thousand seven
hundred and ninety eight.

{Signed) Isaac Heard, Thomas Lock,

Garter Principal King of Arms. Clarenceux King of Arms.

[Seal] [Seal]

Here lieth the Body of
Margaret the wife of William
MALET. Malet Esq. and Daughter of John

BAILY. Baylie, L.L.D., who died August y e 31 st


Cathedral Register.

1718 Dec. 4 William Malet, gent., and Margaret Baily, spinster, both of Wells ;
mar. by licence.

BAILY. Johannes Baylie

L.L.Doctor, Dioeceseos

Bathon' et Wellen' Cancellarius

obiit 13° Calendas Februarius

a.d. 1688.

Truim plus minus mensium

mora quam traxerat in terris

post conjugis obitum longior

fortasse videri potuit ad

Elizabetham suam properanti

nobis certe qui aegre patimur

a nobis divulsum brevissima

tu viator si ilia tempestate

apud anglos quid gestum

sit memineris sseculum dixeris

nex enim edita fuisse tempore

tantillo tot prodigia facile

credent posteri. Hsec

Elizabeths, prserepta vidit

attonitus et exiit una

cum ilia hinc migrave

jamdudum paratus : sed


animas conjunctissimas quidam

quasi tubro reip.


Idem etiam saxum tegit

Wilhelum Caucellarii

Baylie filium nobiscum floruit

Annos 28 obiit Decimo tertio

Die Augusti 1711.


Cathedral Register.


1676 Jan. 7 John s. of John Bayly, Esq., Chancellor of the Diocese, and

Elizabeth his w.
1678 Feb. 4 Elizabeth dau. of Dr. Bayly and Elizabeth his w.

1681 Sep. 22 Mary dau. of John Baily, D r of Civil Law and Chancellor of the

Diocese, and Elizabeth his w.

1682 Dec. 20 William s. of John Bayly, D r of Laws and Chancellor of the

Diocese, and Elizabeth his w.
1686 Jan. 6 Margaret dau. of M r John Bayly, D r of Laws, and Elizabeth
his w.


1676 Mar. 14 John s. of John Bayly, Esq., Chancellor of this Diocese ; bur. in
S l Katherine's Chapel.
Elizabeth dau. of D r Bayly.
Elizabeth w. of John Bayly, D r of Civil Laws.
D r John Bayly, Chancellor.

Among the parish papers of S e Cuthbert's, Wells, are impressions of the seal
of George and John Bayly to documents dated 1687, with these arms, (Az.) three
doves rising (arg., legs gu.) crowned (or). Crest, A dove as in the arms.










BAYLY. . Johannes Baylie, L.L.D.

hujus diceceseos cancellariis
conjux desideratissima
BERKELEY. Edwardi Berkeley de Pill

in com : Som : armigeri filia,

obiit 13 Callendas Novembres

a.d. 1688

mollius calca

viator cineres pios

jacet hie heroina e


gente Berkleiorum Prisca

fide moribns antiquis

natalibus clarissima

virtutibus clarior utrinq'

magna in dispari fortuna

sui similis rebus in

horas mutatis eadem

non comissura, et si

caeteri omnes a maiorum

dissiplina desciscerent

se constantiae suae

poeniteret semper iter

sentiebat talem se animum

et generis dignitate et

pietati suae et patriae

periturae et cui impensissime

favebat ecelesiae anglecanae



Note. She is named as " daughter Elizabeth " in the will of her father Edward
Berkeley of Pylle, dated 4 Deo. 1669 ; and as " Elizabeth wife of John Bailey, Esq.,
Chancellor of Bath and "Wells," in the will of her brother Maurice Berkeley of
Pylle, dated 22 Feb. 1677. Her mother was Philippa, daughter of ... . Holland of
Sussex, and relict of Thomas Kitson of Wells (a kinsman of Sir Thomas Kitson of
Hengrave), whose will she proved 12 Feb. 1616 as Margaret Berkeley alias
Kitson, having been married to Edward Berkeley of Pylle at S 4 Outhbert, Wells,
29 Jan. 1615-6.

DROKENSFORD. An altar-tomb with an alabaster effigy of a bishop in his
robes, recumbent, is inscribed " Gulielmus Bytton, p'mus Episc'
Bathon' et Wellens' mcclxix." This assignation of the tomb is proved to be wrong
by the following evidence. Round the tomb are painted twenty-six shields, viz.,
Quarterly or and az., four birds' heads addorsed and counterchanged, Drokensford ;
and, Erminois, on a chief gu. two stags' 1 heads caboshed or, Popham. The above coat
does not appear in Glover's ' Ordinary,' Burke's ' General Armory,' or in Papworth's
book, but it is proved conclusively to be arms of the Droknesford or Drokensford
family from a seal attached to a grant from Philip de Droknesford, son and heir of
Philip de Droknesford, to John de Godeley (Dean of Wells) and his brother
Hamelin, of messuages and land in Ockhampton, in the parish of Wivelscombe,
which he holds from his uncle John de Droknesford. Dated at Wells the
Friday after the translation of St. Thomas the Martyr 1332. To this the seal of
Philip de Droknesford is fortunately still attached, and nearly perfect. The arms
are quarterly (colours not shewn on seals of that date and long after), and
four swans' heads couped and addorsed, in chief a label of three points, the difference



of an eldest son. Round the arms part of the legend, Phil : de Drokne

Another grant from the same Philip calls him brother and heir of John de
Droknesford, deceased, late Bishop of Bath and Wells. The coat of Popham
appearing on the tomb equally with that of Drokensford is strong presumptive
evidence on which to assume that his mother was of that family, perhaps the
heiress of a younger son. These evidences add some points to Mr. Greenfield's
pedigree (« Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica,' vol. ii., second series, p. 314),
which, with these additions, as far as it immediately relates to Drokensford, we may
reproduce here.


Philip Drokensford=r= . . . 1 Popham


John de Drokensford, from whom his nephew Philip
de Droknesford held land in Wivelscombe.

Philip de Drokensford, did^. .
homage for the Bishop's
lands 29 June 1329. [Fines
Roll, 3 Edw. III., m. 9.]

John Drokensford, Bishop of
Bath and Wells, 1309-1329 ;
ob. 9 May 1329. [Esc. 3
Edw. III., No. 41.]

Joanna Drokens-=f=Philip
ford. | Crook.


Joan Crook = William Avenell.

Sir John de Clyvedon, Knight, Lord of^Mary Drokensford. In 12 Edw. II., 1388, Matthew

Clyvedon, Somerset ; will proved 1336
[Reg. Rad. Salopia, 144, at Wells.] See

de Clyvedon, Knight, grants to his son John de
Clyvedon, and to Maria de Droknesford, wife of the
said John, lands in Shipham.

The above is proof beyond question as to the arms of Bishop Drokensford, and
satisfactorily identifies his tomb. It may be well to state that in the abstract of the
Dean and Chapter Charters, by Mr. De Gray Birch, the arms are said to be a cross
between four chessrooks, but it is difficult to understand how he made the mistake,
as the seal is very clear. He also omits to say that the grantor is styled, son and
heir of Philip de Droknesford. It is, "Q d scien' p'centes omnia ego Ph'us de
Droknesford filius e heres Ph'i de Droknesford redi concess','' to John de Godele
and Hamelin his brother, certain messuages and lands at Okhampton in the parish
of Wyvelscombe, which he holds of John de Droknesford his uncle. The deed
is dated at Wells on the Friday after the Feast of the Translation of St. Thomas the
Martyr, 5 Edw. III. (1332), and it is witnessed by John de Clevedon and others.
In a later deed this Philip styles himself brother and heir to the Bishop.


Chapel of St. Catherine and All Virgins.

A very much obliterated floorslab has the following only that can be read : —

WHALLEY. Richardi Chaple Whalley Franciscii fillius

natus 16 die Julii 1790, mortuus 6 Martii 1793.

Martha Francisca Whalley nata 6 die Maii 1759

obiit 5 Februarii 1765.

On a floorslab partly covered by Bishop Dudoc's tomb can be traced

Sub hoc




.... edit

R . . . oave

Anno D



caromea in sp.

DUDOC. A recumbent effigy ascribed to Bishop Dudoc, who succeeded to
the See in 1033 and died 1061. It is inscribed "Dudico epc'

BURWOLD. Another recumbent effigy is supposed to represent Bishop
Burwold who was consecrated about a.d. 1000, and died soon after.
It is inscribed, " Burwaldus epc' Wellensis."

WALROND. Guilielmi Walrand nuper de Ilebrewers

in^hoc comitatu armigeri


ab antiquissima familia

e Devonia primitus oriundus

temporibus malis

Justitise cultor agerrimus

deputat ter locum tenent

genninus eccles afflicts filius

numerosse (ejnsdemq' regi

fidelis progeniei parens

decursis octogintae et supra annis

obiit die August 24°

Anno Salutis



Note. He was the second son of Henry Walrond, Esq., of Sea in Ilminster, who
was admitted to the Inner Temple 15 June 1562 (son & h. of Humphry Walrond
of Sea, by Elizabeth, dau. and h. of John Brokehampton of Sea), by his wife
Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of William Devenish, Esq., of Hellingleigh, co. Sussex, a
coh. to the barony of Welles. He proved his father's will 26 May ]617, and had to
compound for his estates during the Civil Wars in 1646 by the description of
William Walrond of Wells. He married and left several children. The youngest
son Amos is buried, with a monument, in this Cathedral, and one of the daughters
was the wife of Bishop Creyghton (see her monument).

St. Cuthbert Paeish Eegister.
1614 Feb. 24 Susan dau. of M r William Walrond, bapt.

1707 Feb. 16 Lawrence Walrond, gent., and Sarah Tilley, Bpinster, both of
Langridge, Somerset. Licence.

LAW. Jane Law

wife of

The Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells

Born Oct. 16 th 1764

Died Sep* 27th 132 6.

Also Ann Law Daughter of the above

Born Dec 1 29 th 1786

Died Feb 1 * 18 th 1832.

Also Margaret Law

Daughter of the Lord Bishop

of this Diocese

and Jane his wife

Born March 7 th 1803

Died May 17 th 1838.



A large white marble monument, with the figure of a man seated in a chair, by
Chantrey, dated 1837, bears the following inscription : —

Sacred to the memory of
PHELIPS. JohnPhelips

of Montacute in this county Esquire

Descended from a line of ancestors

whose names for two centuries and a half abound in the annals of this county ;

he succeeded at an early age to his paternal estates

and sustained the wonted hospitality of his house ;

he soon became a most active and intelligent magistrate.

In 1815 was High Sheriff and in 1819

was unanimously placed in one of the chairs of the Court of Quarter Sessions,

a station which he continued to fill,

until acute disease suddenly stopped his career of usefulness

on the 20 th of April 1834 at the premature age of 50 years.

In testimony of the admiration and respect excited throughout the county

by the able exercise of his judicial functions,

in which though not educated to the law

he was equalled by few, surpassed by none,

this monument was erected by his surviving friends.

Note. He was the eldest son of the Rev. William Phelips, by Anna Aletheia
Elizabetha, daughter of the Rev. John Paget, Vicar of Doulting, co. Somerset, and
married in 1816 his first-cousin Mary Ann, daughter of the Rev. Charles Phelips,
and left an only daughter Mary, married to James Farquharson, Esq. Mr. Phelips
dying without heirs male, the estates reverted to his nephew William, son of his
brother the Rev. William Phelips. The arms used by this family are, Arg., a chev.
betw. three roses gu., barbed and seeded ppr. Crest, A square beacon or chest on two
wheels or, filled with fire ppr. But in the Herald's ' Visitation of Somerset in 1623 '
the arms entered with the pedigree are, Arg., a lion ramp, sa., collared and
chained or.

MARCEL. Near the last is a canopied tomb ascribed to Bishop Drokensford,
but as it has been already shewn that beyond doubt his tomb is in
another place, and there is nothing to shew to whose memory it was built, it might
be, and very probably is, for John Marcel, who died in 1841, having founded
a chauntry in this Chapel of St. Catherine. The legend on the edge of the tomb is,
" Johannes Drokensford Episc' Bathon' et Wellen's mccoxxix. There is no effigy
or arms ; a shield is outlined on the screen at the east end of it charged with
a Holy Lamb.

In the space at the back of the High Altar, between it and the Lady Chapel on
the east and the chapels on the north and south, are the following floorslabs : —



H. S. E.

Jana uxor Willi.
SHERSTON. Sherston gen' qui obiit

13 die Sept. 1711.

William Sherston

gent, died 12 March 1725 aged 5 [? 55]


Marg. I. Sherston

ob. 6 Apr. 1779 set 29

P. D. Sherston

ob. 14 May 1834 at 51.

(Floorslab. See also monuments in the Cloisters.)

. Maii 17. (The rest gone.)

Maii 1 .... 1° at 1 ... . (The rest gone.)

Hie Jacet ....

.... nnes .... Elizabetha uxo ....

10 Martii 1676 atatis sua l m0

(Floorslab. Portions of this inscription are quite gone.)

Hie Jacet
BAYLIE. filia Joh' Baylie

hui' dioceseos


Elizabetha uxoris eiq'

obiit 15 Martii

A.D. 1678 atatis sua l m0


Here are three floorslabs on which nothing but a few lines shew that they have
borne inscriptions.

Richard son of
DAVIS. Peter Davis

Esq. dyed the

. . th of December


in the 2 nd year

of his age.

(Floorslab. Mr. Fielder's MS. says 18 th Dec.)


SHERSTON. Dodington Shersfcon, gent.

son of William Sheraton,

Died Not 1 23 rd aged 46


Here also lieth the Body of

William Sherston son of

the above Dodington Sherston

who died March 28 th 1770

aged 19 years.

Bridget Sherston wife of the above

Dodington Sherston died 25 th of May

1792 aged 72 years.

Margaret Sherston

Second wife of Peter Sherston Esq.

died 19 th of January 1795 aged 39.


DAVIS. Margaret Davis

widow of John

Davis gent, who

dyed the sevinteen*

day of February

1719 in the eightieth

year of her age.


PAINE. Depositum Johannis Paine

Not : Pub : qui annum setatis
75 agens obiit 9° Feb.


M. I. B.

In hoc reconditur infra tumulo
Quod reliquium est
WALROND. Amori Walrond Guilielmi natu

minoris filii armigeri in

concessu parliamentario pro

Tamworth Burgo in comitatu

Staffordiensi senatoris, sive

consiliarii meretisimi

pietate erga deum

fidelitate in principem et ecclesiam


suavitate morum erga singulos

et candore

multifaria eruditione et (quod

instar omnium est) charitse


Hujusce veritati inter caetera

suffragatur capella in vicariorum

clauso sita propriis ipsius sumptibus

restaurata organisq' quae

divino inserviunt cultui


post decursum 45 (plus minus) annorum

spacium uxorem duxit Elizabeth am

LAMBERT. Edmundi Lambert armigeri de Eeevell

in "Wiltoniensi agro filiam unicam

fceminani dignissimam

quam statim anuptiis prethensus mort

reliquit viduam moestissimam

animamq' deo conditori reddidit

Novembris xi Anno

Salutis Christian®


Mors mini lucrum resurgam


quales vos estis in vivis fui

qualis sum eritis mortuorum


Ha3C deflevit R B D D sub

cuius tutela pridem floruit

praetatus amosus in collegio

S.S. Trinitatis Cantabrigiaa

cum magno nominis



Cathedral Register.
1668 Nov. 15 M r Amos Waldron, buried.
1680 Dec. 11 M r George "Waldron of the Liberty, buried.

HARKNESS. Robert Harkness, M.A.

Vicar of East Brent
Died April 28 th 1839,

aged 41 years.

Jane Waugh Harkness

wife of the Rev* 1 Robert Harkness

Died Jan 1 ? 17 th 1843.



.... comfort and Joy to ... . parents

12 1742.

For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.
(Floorslab, almost obliterated.)


Another floorslab, with only enough to shew it had been inscribed.

A large floorslab — of the inscription all that can be traced is, " Archand Parson
of Y "


The Right Reverend

Richard Beadon, D.D.

Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells

Died April 21 st 1824

aged 87.



Underneath this stone

are deposited the Remains

of the Rev d John Gooch, D.D.

Rector of Ditton and of Willingham

in the county of Cambridge

and Prebendary

of the Cathedral Church of Ely.

He was born August the 8 th 1729

and died January the 7 th 1804

in the 75 th year of his age.

Beloved and lamented

By all who knew him.


A large ledger-stone has the lower half of the figure of an ecclesiastic incised on
it. The inscription round the edge is obliterated.


Caroline Moss

Reverendi in Christo Patris

Bathon' & Wellen. Episcopi

Filia, natu minima ;

obiit 15° die Aprilis 1785

Anno aetatis 17°.


Cathedeal Register.
1785 April 21 Miss Caroline Moss, dau. of the Lord Bishop, bur.


ADAMS. A large floorslab much defaced has (round the edge) .... huich (?)

GODWYN. next wife of Thomas Godwyn, Doctor of Divinity . . . . ; (in the
middle) Here lyeth the Body of Mistris .... Adams, mother of the
said Doctor Richard Adams, Anno 1626.

Note. The will of Phillipe Godwyn of Wells, dated 26 Jan. 1655 ; proved
9 April 1657 : Desires to be buried at Brightwell in Berkshire, in the chancel " near
my husband D r Godwyn, but if not convenient, then by my former husband
D r Adams in S* Andrew's Church at Wells." Names her brother John Bourne
and his wife ; my sister Jane Wykes ; cousin and nephew William Wykes ;
cousin Jane Wykes and her two sons William and Thomas ; cousin Carliel ;
cousin & nephew Roger Bourne ; cousin Philip Bourne. This lady was a
daughter of Gilbert Bourne of Wells, by Eleanor, daughter of Thomas Smith of
Mitcham, Surrey, and just enough of the inscription remains to shew that the
second alternative in her will regarding her burial took place. The will of her first
husband Richard Adams, D.D., Canon Residentiary of Wells, dated 28 Jan.
9 K. Charles, and proved 24 April 1 634, appoints her his executrix, and names his
brother Robert Adams, D.D., and his son Robert Adams, and is witnessed by John
Bourne and Edward Wykes. This Dr. Godwyn must not be confounded with the
family of the Bishop of Bath and Wells of the same name, but of a distinct family.
The above Dr. Godwyn was a son of Thomas Godwyn of Abingdon, Berks, and
grandson of Anthony Godwyn of Wells.

BOURNE. Here lyeth the body of John Bourne of

Durleigh Esquire, the son of John Bourne

late Doctor of Divinity, and Canon of this

Church, who deceased the 8 th Day of August

Anno Dni 1652

Servire deo est servadea Deo

John Bourne.

(Floorslab, inscription round the edge.)

Will of J. Bourne.
John Bourne of the Liberty of St. Andrew, Wells. Will dated 30 Dec.
2 James II., 1686 ; proved 28 April 1687 at Wells. Gives his lands of inheritance
in the parish of Hambleton, co. Hants, to his brother Philip Bourne and his heirs for
ever, but to sell it if need be speedily and pay Mr. Darbyshire of Droxford the money
owed him by testator. Philip Bourne of Farley, Hants, yeoman, executor.

Will of G-. Bourne.
Gilbert Bourne of Rode in North Petherton. Will dated 23 April 1686 ; proved
at Wells 15 June 1686. Names £1400 due out of £3000 by the will of Roger
Bourne, Esq., dec, brother of testator ; eldest s. Edmund Bourne ; 8. John ; wife
Susanna ; education of five younger children. Seal, (Arg.), a chev. {gu.) betw. three
lions ramp, (sa.), a chief ermines. Crest, A demi heraldic tiger {arg., tufted, maned,
and armed sa., collared erms.).


"Will of S. Bourne.

Susanna Bourne of Roade, widow. Will dated 15 June 1715 ; proved 1715 at
Wells. Names daughters Sarah Bourne, Elizabeth Walker, Susannah Bourne, Ann
Bourne ; son-in-law John Walker ; picture of " my Father and Mother Bourne." If
dau. Ann married one William Gatcombe of North Petherton, her share to go to
dau. Susannah. Seal, a fine scroll bordured shield charged with a lion ramp,
crowned (Arg., a lion ramp, sa., crowned or, Morley). John Morley a witness. The
same seal is appended to the will of John Morley of North Petherton, gent., proved
29 July 1729 ; but as the will contains no reference to the Bournes, he was probably
not related to them.

Will of J. Bourne.
Jonas Bourne the elder of Wells, woollen-draper. Will dated 1 Sept. 1724 ;
proved 6 May 1726 at Wells. Names s. William Bourne, house in the High Street
called " The Ship "; s. Thomas Bourne, the Inn called the " Queen's Arms " ; two
cottages in New Street; a close called Braindiron in New Street, occupied by
George Baker ; sons Jonas Bourne and Francis Dennis Bourne.

Will of G. Bourne.
George Bourne of Clevedon, yeoman. Will dated 12 Nov. 1668 ; proved at
Wells 2 Dec. 1668. Names dau. Jane w. of John Maskell ("as I suppose ") ; dau.
Elizabeth Maskell ; sister Lucy Beakes ; wife Joane Bourne ; grandson Richard
Maskell, son of Richard Maskell. Inv. £220 5s. 8d.

Richard Bourne of Poulton. Nuncupative will dated 8 May 1676. Names a
wife and dau.

The Registers of Durleigh are lost until too late a period to be of any service,
and these wills are of no help for the immediate purpose of identifying the John
Bourne of the floorslab.

Will of Dr. Bourne.

The will of John Bourne, D.D., Canon Residentiary of Wells, dated 23 March
162| ; proved 4 June 1622 (53 Savile). To be bur. in the Cathedral, near his wife,
and his son Gilbert Bourne, and other friends. Names daughters Baynham,
Elizabeth Bishop, Eleanor Carliel, and Susan Bourne; brothers William, Roger,
and Jasper Bourne ; and the wife of his brother Roger Bourne. Testator's son
John Bourne.

Will of J. Bourne.

This son is the John Bourne of the floorslab. His will is dated 21 Aug. 1651 ;
proved 19 Aug. 1652. To be bur. in Wells Cathedral near his father and mother.
Names his cousin John Bourne of Gothelney, whose posterity are most concerned
in testator's moiety of Bishop's Teignton which he has sold ; wife's son M r Henry
Still (see Pedigree of Still), and her dau. M rs Cottesham ; sister, wife of Adam
Baynham ; sister Anne's children ; cousins Thomas Bishop, Francis Bishop,
Francis Carliel, Christopher John Carliel, Francis Cross, Richard Cross and
Philippa Cross, Stevens, Wykes, and Godwyn ; sister Carliel ; Uncle Jasper
Bourne's dau. ; cousins Elizabeth and Jane Benett. House at Wells, chambers at
Lincoln's Inn.


Will of G. Bourne.
Gilbert Bourne, D.G.L. Will dated 10 Dec. 1595 ; proved 3 Feb. 1595-6.
To be buried in Wells Cathedral near bis wife. Son John Bourne ; daus. Mary,
Jane, Philipe; brothers John Bourne (Treasurer of Wells Cathedral) and
Roger Bourne.

Will of R. Bourne.
Roger Bourne of Wells, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 2 Feb. 1623 ; proved

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