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eflforts in behalf of the poor. Paper read at a conference of -the State Chari-
ties Aid Association, New York, May 9 and 10, 1878. 8°. New York, 1878.

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words. ^

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ance to the poor, commonly called the farming parishes ; with suggestions .for
the establishment of parochial medicine chests or infirmaries in agricultural
districts. 8°. London, 1819.

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state of the poorer classes in the metropolis, the resources and eifects of charity,

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improved administration. Read before the Social- Science Association, Feb. 17,

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charitable, suivies de rhistoire des ^tablissements et des institutions qui exis-

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Marseille, 1886. In-8o.
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propre avantage et de les rendre utiles k Ffitat. Bruxelles, 1841. In-8°.
Ville de Paris, prefecture de police, secours publics, le service des ^pid^mies, maison

d^partementale de Nanterre, dep6t de mendicity de la Seine k Villers-Cotterets.

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Mit besonderer Beziehung auf das Grossherzogthum Baden. 8°. Karlsruhe,

Wages lowered by Canadian pauper labor. Illustrated. N. Y. Herald, Jan. 22. 3,200

Waifs' annual feast. Fifteen hundred boys and girls of the Chicago Mission have

Thanksgiving dinner. Chicago Herald^ Nov, 21, X892. 1^500 words,

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pitals. 8^. London, 1857.
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1,000 words.
Work of the charity organizations. Great meeting in Denver, Rocky Mountain

News, Nov. 21, 1892. 4,000 words.
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Zeitschr. des k. preuss. statist. Bureaus, 1886. Heft 1 u. 2. Armenstatistik in Preas-



A curious criminal case. Chicago Legal News, Aug. 6, 1892. 1,000 words.
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A trunkful of horror. Ghastly collection of crime-stained bric-^brac. lUus. Ex-
aminer, Oct. 23, 1892. 2,500 words.
Aaron, Eugene M. Recent researches in criminology. ^ Scientific Am. Supplement,

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5,000 words.
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Address of the Howard Association on the treatment and prevention of crime,

with special reference to reformatory and economic labor in prisons, the Iriah

test system, capital punishment, the double-license system, prostitution and

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consulaire Beige.
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of Liverpool, Eng. 8^. New York, 1827.
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Alqui^, J. A. J. £tude mddicalo et exp^rimentale de I'homicide r^el on slmul^ par

strangulation, relativement aux attentats dont Maurice Roux a 6t6 I'objet.

8°. Montpeilier, 1864.
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detenus lib^r^s. 1889.
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k nne circulaire minist^rielfe du 10 mars 1834 sur les effets du regime de ces

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3060 A M 23

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Digitized by VjOOQIC


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Digitized by VjOOQIC


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Digitized by VjOOQIC. '^


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