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5. Stanford, b. July 8, 1S28, d. at -, Dec. 14, 1832.

6. Margaret, b. Nov. 20, 1830.
7- Charles L., b. Apl 20, 1835.

^'. Mary Elizabeth, b. Nov. 20, 1838.




Elizabeth Stanford' {Lyman,^ Abner^ Caleb,'' David;'
Tliomas: Thomas^) m. near Albany, Oct. 21, 1820, Francis
Harris, bro of Betsey Harris {See 14), b. at Barnegat, Dutchess
Co., May 29, 1796, son of James Harris and Elizabeth Tur-
ner. He d. at Elizabeth, July 13, 1855, and was buried there
ill Evergreen cemetery, with stone. She d. there Oct. 18,
1872, and was buried there beside her husband, with stone.

107 I. Stephen, b. at Albany, July 19, 1821.

108 2. Francis, b. at Albany, Aug. i. 1823.

109 3- Elizabeth Stanford, b. at Albany, Nov. 24, 1825.

110 4. Chauncsy, b. at Bethlehem, N.Y., Aug. 26, 1829.

111 5. George Washington, b. at Cranesville, N.Y., Oct. 18,


112 6. Elvira, b. at Cranesville, N.Y., Dec. 17, 1834. m. at

Lishas Kill, Mch 27, 1878, David Johnson Crane, b.

at , Nov. 27, 1808. He lived at F3lizabeth and

d. there, Dec. 20, 1892. They had no children ;
she lives at 94 Heck Ave., Ocean Grove.

113 7. Julia Ann, b. at Cold Springs, N.Y., Apl 17, 1837.

114 8. Mary Amanda, b. at Hyde Park, Feb. 10, 1840, is un-

married and lives with her sister, Mrs. David J.
Crane, at Ocean Grove.

115 9. Malvina, b. at Hyde Park, F'eb. 10, 1842, d. there Mch

21, 1843, and was buried there, without stone.


Jemima Stanford' [Lyman^' Abner^ Caleb^ Davidf

Thotnas^' Thomas,^) m. at , , Simon Vedder, b. at ■.

They lived at Pratt.sburg, Steuben Co., N.Y. He d. at ,

She d. at , Dec. 13, 184 1.


I. Bartholomew.


2. Harriet.


3 Elvira.


4- •



120 5.

121 6. Son, b. 1838, was alive, 1841,


Lawyer Fay Stanford' {Lyvum^ Aduerj' Caleb* David^
TJioiiuu'^ Thomas'-) in. at Schenectady, NA"^. , Oct. 28, 1838,

Sabra Maria Truax, b. at •, Feb. 17, 1821 [1820, Pearson],

dau. of John Wingert Truax and Ann Nancy Dehnont VVilkie
{Sec Pearson s First Settlers of Schenectady, p. 20 j). He d.

at , May 4, 1843. She m. (2) at Elizabeth, N.j.. Oct. 14,

1849, Stephen Harris {Sec 107j, son of Francis Harris and
Elizabeth Stanford {See 19). She d. at , Feb. 18, 1895.

1. Nancy Elizabeth, b. at Hyde Park, N.Y., Oct. II,

1839, is unmarried and lives at 237 So. Broad St.,
Elizabeth, N.J. {Sec 327).

2. Juliet, b. at , Feb. -, 1842, d. at -, Je \,



George Washington Stanford^ {Lyman^' Abner;' Caleb, '^

David;' Thomas'^ Thomas'') ni. at -, Mch 14, 1832, Eunice

Maria Crofts, b. at Whateley, Aug. 18, 181 3, dau. of PLlijah
Crofts and Dolly Trescott. He lived at Lishas Kill, Albany

Co.,N.Y. Shed, at , Feb. 2;, 1886 ; he d. at- , Apl 5,

1886. The first six children were b. at Wheeler, Steuben Co.,

1. William Henry, b. Apl or July 26, 1834, d. at ,

May 3, 1 84 1.

2. Cornelia, b. Mch 2, 1836, d. at- •, Sep 20, 1836,

3. George Clinton, b. Apl 13, 1838.

4. Helen A., b. Apl 7, 1840.

5. Charles, b. Mch i r, 1841, d. at , Nov. 4, 1844.

128-A 6. Lyman.*

129 7. Newton, b. at Farmersville, N.Y., Feb. 25, 1846.

* A son Lyman is given by some.



130 8. Theodore Frelinghyson, b. at Farmersville, Apl i6,


131 9. Morris Brown, b. at Hammondspoit, N.Y., Sep 8,

1852, 111. at ,Jan. 5, 1886, Eva Montgomery, b.

at ' - , dau. of Thomas Jefferson Montgomery and Al-

mira E. Gibbs. He lived at Wyoming, 111. They had
no children. He d. at .


Amy Taft' U^o/s Stanford^ Almer^ Caleb,'' David^
Jhomasr Thomas') m. at Upton, Mch 16, 1828, Levi Fisk,
T.R., b. at Upton, May i, 1804, son of Elisha Fisk and Betsey
Sherman, t.r. She d. at Upton, Aug. 16, 1863; he lived at
Upton and d. of old age, at Hopkinton, May 28, 1881 and was
buried there, t.r. The children were all born at Upton.

132 I. Martha Taft, b. July 15, 1828, t.r.

133 2. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Oct. 29, 1830, t.r.

134 3- Jane Almira, b. Sep 21, 1832, t.r.

135 4. Marietta Adelaide, b. Sep 23, 1835, t.r.


Daniel Davis' {Sallj WasJdngton Stanfotdl' Adncr,^
Caleb,'' David^ Thojiias,- TJwmas') m, at Upton, Nov. 29,
1835, Angeline Leland, t.r., b. at Southboro, Aug. 25, 1812,
dau. of Eliab Leland and Pearly Adams, t.r. ; they lived in
Upton and both d. there — he, ot consumption, Dec. 29, 1855
— she, of old age, Je 2, 1901, aged 88yrs. 9m. 8d., t.r. ; both
were buried there, in Pine Grove cemetery, with stones. He
was a bootmaker, like so many others in this and the surround-
ing towns. The children were all born at Upton.

136 I. John, b. May 25, 1837, t.r., d. there Sep 17, 1840, aged

3yrs. 3m. 22d. and was buried there in Pine Grove
cemetery, with stone.

137 2. Albert, b. Aug. 12, 1842, t.r.

138 3. Angeline Louisa, b. Apl 7, 1846, t.r.; she lives on

her father's old homestead, in Upton, unmarried, and
is a dressmaker.









4- Henry Leiand, b. Sep i. 1848, t.r., d. there Jan. 21,

1849, aged 4m. 2 id. and was buried there in Pine

Grove cemetery, with stone.
5. Emma Frances, b. Feb. 22, 1851, t.r., d. there Nov.

8, 185 1, and was buried there, in Pine Grove cemeter}',

with stone.


Diana Davis' {Sally WasJiington Stanford^ Abner^
Caleb,'' David';' Thoj/ias^- Tliouias^) ni. at Upton, Oct. 25, 1832,
Joshua Rawson, 2nd, t.r., b. there Aug. 8, 1810, son of Wil-
son Rawson, Jr. and Elizabeth \'iall ; she d. of scrofula, at Upton,
Nov. 25, 1869. aged6iyrs. isd., t.r. and was buried there in Lake
View cemetery, with stone. He m. (2) at Upton, Nov. 8, 1870, by
Rev. Geo. S. Ball (Unit), Mrs. IMary Ann (Stearns) Welch, of

Upton, b. there 1820, dau. of Amos Stearns and Mary Pease ;

they had no children ; he d. at Marlboro, Apl 29, 1884, and was
buried at Upton, in Lake View cemetery, with stone. He was
a colonel of militia ; in early life he was a bootmaker, but in
later life, kept a grocery with post office, at Upton center ; the
old building is still standing, with a new ground story, in the
rear of the present drug-store and on the border of the pic-
turesque old mill-pond, so characteristic of the old-time country
village. The old building presents a sorry appearance and a
stranger would never suspect that it was once deemed a worthy
repository for all the dignity and importance which generally
attached to that fortunate mortal who combined in his sole
person, the two great functions of country store-keeper and
postmaster. All the children were b. at L'pton.

1. Daniel Davis, b. Je 9, 1834, d. there Aug. 20 [or 22,

c.R. See V.S. 176], 1834 and was buried there in
Lake View cemetery, with inscription on the family

2. Levi, b. July 9, 1836, d, of consumption, at Upton, Jan.
27 [or 28, T.R.], 1 861, aged 24yrs. 6m. i8d. and was
buried there, t.r., in Lake View cemeter}-, with in-
scription ; he was a merchant.

Otis, b. Aug. 20, 1839, t.r.

Gilbert, b. Sep i, 1841.

Mary Ann, b. Sep 25, 1845, t.r.



146 ... Nancy Elizabeth, b. Sep 29, 1850, d. there, Aug. 18,
1851 and was buried there in Lake View cemetery,
with inscription on tlie family monument.


Sarah Davis' {Sally Washington Stanford^ Ahner^
Caleb,'' David,' Thomas;' Thomas^) m. at Upton, Oct. 5, 1834,
Samuel Curtis Flagg, t.r., b. at Hopkinton, Jan. 14, 181 1, son

of Jonathan Flagg and • ; they lived in the east part of Upton,

in the same house with Ezekiel Alexander. He d. of consump
tion, at Upton, Sep 11, 1855, t.r., and was buried there in
Pine Grove cemetery, with stone. He was a leather cutter.
She d. there and was buried there. The children were all born
at Upton.

147 I . Mary, b. Sep 30, 1 840.

148 2. Jones Davis, I). July 23. 1842, d. at Upton, Dec. 23,

1842, aged 5m., G.s. {See V.S. 164) ; he was buried
there with stone.

149 3. Edwin C, b. F'eb. 28, 1845, d. there Sep 12, 1845, aged

6m. 13d., T.R.

150 4. Clara J., b. July 6, 1847, t.r., d. there Feb. 24, 1848,

aged 7m. i8d., t.r.


Mary Davis^ {Sally WasJdngton Stanford^' Alvier,^
Caleb,^ Daznd';' Thomas^' Thomas^) m. at Upton, Apl i, 1851
(int. Mch 29), by Rev. Wm. Warren, Ezekiel Elliot Alexander,
b. cit Upton, Nov. 23, 181 1, son of Ezekiel Alexander and
Thirza VVheelock, t.r. She d. of heart disease, at Upton,
Dec. 5, 1867, and was buried there, t.r., without stone. She
had no children. He lived many years at Upton, where he
was a shoemaker, but his last years were passed in Pennsyl-
vania, where he d. at Beaver, Dec. 21, 1884 ; he was buried
at Upton, without stone.

By his lirsl wife, l.ydia R. Sanders, whom he m. at Upton, Apl 6, 1835, T.R.,
he had two sons; James C, the older, is a shoemaker at Upton, who still plies


the trade so many scores of others in his vicinit)-, once pursued ; he lives at the
second house from the corner-druggist (5^^ 34), on the bank above the pond,
Brainard Hves at Meadville, Pa.

Fifty years ago all these Mass. towns were busy liives for the boot and shoe
industry, and a large proportion of the inhabitants was engaged in it ; in the town
clerk's records for those years, a man"s occupation is more likely to be given
' boot- maker,' ' leather-cutter,' or the like, than anything else. A similar condition
may be found today at Washington and neighboring towns, in Maine, where
everybody has gone to making staves for lime casks. But the entire disappearance
of the boot and shoe luisiness in these Mass. towns, so that, at present,'a visitor
would receive no faint suggestion of this flourishing enterprise, is one of the strik-
ing phenomena of economic and social changes necessitated by the constantly
developing industrial life of the nation— phenomena of much interest to the
sociologist as well as to the economist.


Otis Davis' {Sally Washington Stanford,^ Abncr;' Calebs
David, ^ Thomas^' Thomas^) m. at Upton, Nov, 7, 1841, Mar-
cia Ann Wood, t.k., b. at Weathersfield, Dec. 11, 1820 {See
147). He d. at Upton, Oct. 5, 1852 ; she d. at Grafton, Apl
2, 1854 ; both were buried at Upton, in Lake View cemetery,
with monument.

I. Charles Augustine, b. at Upton, Sep 9, 1847, t.r., m.
at Upton, Oct. 8, 1876, by Rev. Geo. S. Ball (Unit.),
Anna Eliza Clark, of Upton, t.r.. b. there JNIch 20,
1854, dau. of Henr\- Malcom Clark and Caroline
Melora Hunt. He served as private from Upton, Mch
3 to July 13, 1865, in company A twenty fifth Mass.
volunteer infantry. He died of ascending paral\-sis, at
Upton, July 23, 1903, and was buried there in Lake
View cemetery, t.r., with monument. He was a straw
worker in a hat shop. The\- had no children. She
resides at Upton.


Joel Lawver Stanford' i/oel,^ Abner^ Caleb,"" Davidr
Thomas: Thomas^) m. at Rlilford, Je 28 (int. ]e'6), by Rev. D.
Long, Hannah Maria Kilbon or Kilburn, t.r., b. a't Milford,
Je 28, 1 8 18, dau. of Otis Kilbon and Catherine Albee, t.r.



He lived in Milford, where he died of heart disease, Aug. 19,
1885, T.K., and was buried there in Vernon Grove cemetery,
in the VViswall lot, without stone.

He was named Lawyer by his parents and his birth is so
recorded at Milford ; tradition says that his father, Joel, upon
the birth of this son, wrote to his bro, Lyman, and that the lat-
ter requested him to name the boy ' Lawyer.' Lyman himself
had alread}' given this name to two of his own sons {See 3). When
Joel's son reached the age of maturity, tiring of the embarass-
ment under which such a name repeatedly placed him, in 1835,
by sanction of the legislature, he added his father's name, and
thru life used onh' the name of Joel. He was a shoemaker,
and later a general jobber. It was our privilege to meet his
widow a very short time before her decease ; she was a well-
preserved, well-informed, cheerful, sunny old lady, whose ex-
cellent memory served me well. She d. at the age of S/yrs. /m.
i8d. They were members of the Methodist Church.

The following notices appeared in the Milford papers :

Mrs. Hannah Maria Stanford, for eighty-seven years a resident of Milford, died
this afternoon at x.50 o'clock, at her home at 112 East Main street, from old age.

Mrs. Stanford was born eighty-seven years ago in the house on East Main
street, now occupied by E. Gilardi, as a market. This house is almost within a
stone's throw of the house in which she died. During her entire life Mrs. Stan-
ford lived there.

She was the daughter of Otis Kilbon and Catherine Albee (Sanborn) Kilbon,
and has, for many years, lived in her old home, with her daughter, Mrs. Jennie
M. Stanford, as a companion. (Jne sister also survives.

The funeral will be held Saturday afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from the late resi-
dence, with burial in VernOn Grove cemetery. — Daily News, Feb. 15, 1906.

Mrs. Hannah Maria Stanford, a life-long resident of Milford, died about noon
to-day, at her home, 1 1 2 East Main street, of diseases incident to old age.

She was born in Milford, June 28, 181S, very near the residence where she
died, and left one daughter, Mrs. Minnie M. Stanford, and one sister.

Deceased was the daughter of Otis and Catherine [Albee] Kilbon, and widow
of Joel L. Stanford.

The funeral will take place next Saturday, at 2 p.m., at her late home, Rev.
Dr. Watkins ol'liciating.

The remains will be placed in Vernon Grove tomb, to be luiried in thai
cemcterj- in the spring - Daily Journal, Feb. 15, 1906.

Mrs. Hannah Maria, widow of Joel L. Stanford, died suddenly at her home
on East Main street, yesterday afternoon about 12.30 o'clock. She had been
ailing for a few days, with the grippe, which, with her advanced age of eighty-
seven years, proved fatal. She was born, June 28, 1818, and married Joel L.
.Stanford just nineteen years later. She was born in a house near the one in which
she died. A daughter, Mrs. Minnie Stanford, and one sister, Mrs. Mary E.
1 haver, survive her. Funeral services will be held tomorrow afternoon, at 2
o clock. Rev. Dr. T. C. Watkins officiating The body will be placed in the tomb
at \(rn<)n (hove cemetery.— The Milford Gazette, Feb. 16, 1906.

152 I. Amanda Maria, b. at iMilford, Sep 3, 1840, m. at Mil-
ford, Jill)- 5, 1873, by Rev. L. H. Howard, Charles
Rogers Smith, b. at Jkltast, Me. ■ 1834, son of David



Rogers and C}'nthia . He was a carpenter, and

left her Jan., 1875. They had no children. She lives
at 112 East Main St., INIilford ; she is a laundress,
known under the name, Mrs. Minnie M. Stanford.*


Joanna Stanford' Kjoel^ Abner^ Caleb, ^ David^ Thomas'^
Thomas^) m. at West Swansey, Nov. 2, 1835, Noah Pratt
Wright, b. at Tiietford, Je 4, 181 1, son of Erastus Wright and
Susannah Pratt. In early life the}' lived at Winchester, where
he worked in the mills ; for about twenty-five years he was an
oiler at the railroad shops, Keene, where he d. Sep 12, i8gi ;
she d. there Apl 27, 1891 ; both were buried there in Washing-
ton St. cemeter}', with .stones.

153 I. Aurelia Theresa, b at Winchester, Oct. 24, 1836.

154 2. Alonzo Erastus, b. at Winchester, Nov. 2, 1840, d. at

Keene, Jan. 18, 1855, aged 143^-5. 2m., of St. Vitus'
dance, and was buried there in Washington St. ceme-
tery, with stone. {See Keene V.S. p. 2^g.)

155 3. Diana Estella, b. at Winchester, May 25, 1843, m. at

Nashua, Jan. 5, 1892, by Rev. Dr. VV. H. Eaton
(Bapt.), George Francis Nichols, b. at Cambridge,
Sep I, 1837, son of Benjamin Nichols and Mary Smith.
They have no children. He is a sewing machine agent
and lives at 21 Page St., Keene.

156 4. GeorP^e Ames, b. at Keene, Jan. 10, 185 1 ; d. there Oct.
3, 1863, aged I2yrs. 9m. and was buried in Washing-
ton St. cemetery, with atone. {See Keene V.S. p. 279.)


Adaline Maria Morse Stanford' {Jesse Duncan,^ Ab-
ner," Caleb,^ David'^ Thomas^ Thomas^) m. at West Fairlee,
Je 18, 1848, by William S. Churchill, J. P., Sleeman Titus,

* She has a most interesting silhouette likeness of her grandfather, Joel, the
son of Abner. In tlie above press notices we have put Mrs. for Miss.



T.K.. Corinth. July 28, 1823, son of Nathan Titus and
SalK- Marshall. They lived at West Fairlee on King Hil, in
the premises neighboring to her father's farm {Sec 9), and which
were occupied for a brief time, by VVrantslow Stanford brother
of Jesse (Sec 13t. The cellar hole of this place is still found,
with a clump of lilacs growing beside it. Here two of their
children were born, and here she d. Oct. 24, 1 861 and was
buried at South Fairlee (Ely), with stone. He was a farmer
He lives with his son, Charles B. Titus, at Cornish Center, N.
1 1. All the children were b. at West Fairlee.

157 I . Charles Bixby, b. Jan. 22, 1850.

158 2. Franklin Pierce, b. Feb. 27, 1853.

159 3. Elizabeth May, b. July 22, 1855.


Nancy Chubb Stanford' [/esse Duncan:' Aimer r Caleb,'
David? Tlioinasr Thomas^) m. at West Fairlee, Feb. 4, 1857,
b}' Rev. Solon Martin, Loren Gould Stanford, t.r., her cousin, b.
at Thetford, Jan. 2, 1835, son of Wrantslow Stanford and
Christiana Gould, f.b., then of Eowell, Mass. He left her about
Feb.. i860, and remarried {Sec 71). She lived with her
father, at Eyme, from i860 to 1868, until Loren's death,
when she m. (2) at Lyme, in the Spring of 1868, David
Alden Warren, b. at Ljme. Aug. i, 1823, son of Ruel War-
ren and Martha Alden. Shortly after marriage they bought a
small farm not far from Duncan's home, on which they lived
until he d., Dec. 20, 1891, t.r. ; he was buried at Lyme, with-
out stone. She resided, later, at Orcutt's Mills, Vt. and at
Lebanon. She d. at Lebanon, Aug. 16. 1902, t.r , aged 66yrs.
8m. 28d., and was buried at Lyme, with stone.

160 1 . Georgianna Eunice Stanford, b. at West Fairlee, Aug.

JO, i858,T.R., and d. at Lyme, Je 2, 1883, unmarried and
was buried at Lyme, in the family lot, without stone.

161 2. Evelyn Roxey Warren, b. at Lyme, Feb. 10, 1869,

m. at Lebanon. July 5, 1904, by Rev. Joseph .Simpson
(M.E.), Charles Henry Pellerin, t.r., b. at Lyme, Je 25,
1874, son of Jesse Pellerin and Hattie Donaldson.
Tliev have no children.*

lie lias one child, Alice, by his first wife, from whom he was divorced.




Lucius Follett^ {Philimia Stanford^ Abncr^" Caleb;^
David;'' Thomas^" Thomas^) m. at Chicopee, Sep 20, 1853, by
Rev. William Rice (M.E.), Mary Ann Clough, t.k., or Mary
Minerva Clough, f.b., b. at Bangor, N.Y., Aug. 19, 1834, dau. of
Peter Clough and Hannah Perhani. She secured a divorce at
Hartford, Dec. 20, i860, ct.R. ; she is said to have d. at

Washington. He m. (2) at Hartford, i860, Mrs. Sarah

Emily (Vibberts) Giiley or Gurley, b. at Southington, Ct.,

1825, dau. of David ? and Rebecca, t.r. They resided in
Hartford ; she d. there of heart disease, Nov. 22, 18/1, t.r.,
and was buried in the North cemetery, without stone ; he d,
there of softening of the brain, Oct. 4, 1879, t.r., and was
buried at Chicopee Falls, without stone ; he was a blacksmith.
162 I. Ida Estelle, b. at Chicopee Falls, Nov. 16, 1855.


Adaline Follett^ {Philinda Stanford^ Abncry" Caleb,''
David,^ Thoinasi" Thomas^) m. at Keene, Nov. 13 (30, Chico-
pee, t.r.), 185 1, by Rev. William O. White [Chicopee, t.r.,
Keene, t.r.] (Unit.), Frederick Valentine {See 46). He was a
machinist ; they lived at Chicopee Falls, where she d. of canker
of the stomach. May i, 1864, t.r., and was buried there with

163 I. Isabelle, b. at Hartford, Nov. 8, 1853, t.r., is unmarried

and lives with her brother at Bridgeport.

164 2. Frank, b. at Chicopee Falls, Oct. i, 1861.


Angeline Follett^ {Philinda Stanford^' Abiicr,^ Caleb,^



David^ Thomas:- Thomas^) m. at Chicopee Falls, Mch 2,
1854, by Rev. William Wright (Cong'l), William Henry Car-
ver, b. at l?arnard, Vt., Nov. 19, 1834, son of Seth Carver and
Sabrina Seekins ; he was formerly a machinist, latterly, a farm
laborer ; they separated, Dec., 1870 ; he lives at Bristol, Ct. ;
she resides with her daughter at Westboro.

165 I. George Henry, b. at Chicopee Falls, July 22, 1854,

T.K., d. of small pox, at Boston, Feb. 11, 1873 and
was buried at Mt. Hope cemetery, without stone, . He
was a clerk.

166 2. Adeline, b. at Philadelphia, Sep 4, 1857, Stoning-

ton, Ct., Feb. 4, 1858 and was buried at Chicopee Falls,
without stone.

167 3. Elvira, b. at Binghampton, Feb. 22, 1861, m. at West-

boro, Dec. 24, 1885, by Rev. E. C. Abbott (Unit.),
Henry Wood Kimball, t.r., b. there July 11, 1861,
son of Frederick William Kimball and Susan Frances
AIcGuinniss, t.k. They have no children. They live
at Westboro, where he is a coal and feed merchant.
They attend the Unitarian Church, with the prosperity
and activity of which they are closely identified. {See


Alonzo Follett' {Philinda Stanford^ Abncr^ Caleb, ^
David^ Tliouias,^ Thovias^) m, at Hartford, Je 28, i860, by
Rev. Charles R. Fisher (Epis.), Julia Maria Quintard, b. at
Sharon, Ct, Sep 20, 1841, dau of Henry Harrison Quintard
and Clarissa Grant. They lived at Hartford and New York
City ; he was a mechanic. She d. of consumption, at Hart-
ford, July 8, 1873, and was buried there in Spring Grove
cemetery section 4 lot 80, without stone. He d. at New York
City, Mch 16, 1882, and was buried beside his wife, at Hart-
ford, without stone. The graves occupy a portion of the Quin-
tard famil)' lot, at the rear of the cemetery.

168 I. Minnie Ethel, b. at Hartford, July 10, 1863, is unmar-

ried and lives at Hartford ; she is a dressmaker.

169 2. Frederick Harrison Grant, b. at Hartford, Nov. 19,





Lorenzo FoUett^ [PhiUnda Stanford^' Abncr^ Caleb,^
Daz'id'' Thouias',^ Thomas') m. at Springfield, Nov. 9, 1864,
by Rev. Pliny Wood, Louisa Maria Harlow, b. at Cornish,
N.H., Dec. 5, 1846, dau. of Sylvanus Harlow and Elvira M.

■ . They were both of Chicopee Falls, where they lived for

some years ; later they lived at Bridgeport ; he was a machinist
and then a merchant. He d. of double pleuropneumonia, at
Bridgeport, Mch 11, 1891, t.k., and was buried at Chicopee,
in Fairview cemetery, in the family lot, without stone. She d. at
Trumbull, Ct., July 28, 1892, and was buried at Chicopee,
beside her husband, without stone. All the children were b.
at Bridgeport.

1. Herbert Valentine, b. Nov. 9, 1871, t.r., d. there

Nov. 14, 1 87 1, T.R. and was buried at Chicopee, in
Fairview cemetery, in the family lot, with stone.

2. Harry Edward, b. Mch 8, 1877, t.r., d. there Mch 12,

1877, T.R. and was buried at Chicopee, Fairview ceme-
tery, without stone.

3. Walter Ren, b. Nov. i, 1883, t.r., is unmarried and

resides at Worcester.

Upon the death of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kuiihall, his cousins, at West-
boro, made a home for him until his maturity. {^See 167)


Loel Marshall Folletf {PhiUnda Stanford^ Abncr^
Calcb,^ David^ TJiomas^ Thomas^) m. at Bridgeport, Je 2,
1869, T.R., by Rev. James M. Carroll, Mrs. Josephine (Chat-
field) Davis, b. at Derby, Ct., Je 15, 1845, dau. of Devine
Chatfield and Jane Stevens.

She was the widow of John Bester Davis, b. at Derby, Je 28, 1829, son of
John B. and Sarah O. Davis, of Derby, to whom she was m. at Bridgeport, Dec.
14, 1S59. lie was a farmer and d. at Derby, Mch 12, 1886. She had one son by

Loel has no children. He is a mechanic in the Howe
Sewing Mach. Co. They reside at Bridgeport.




Elizabeth Ann FoUetf {Philinda Stanford^ Abner,''
Cald),^ David;' Thomas;' Thomas^) m. at Chicopee Falls, Je
28, 1864, T.R., by Rev. R. K. Bellamy (Bapt and father of the
author of " Looking Backward "), Edward Flather, b. at

Bradford, Eng., July 31, 1839, son of Mark Flather and .

They lived at Bridgeport. He was a machinist and, later,
Supt. of the Howe Sewing Machine Co. He d. of angina
pectoris, at Bridgeport, Apl 7, 1902, and was burled there in
Lakeview cemetery, with stone. She lives at Bridgeport, All
the children except one, were b. at Bridgeport.

173 I. Walter Lorin, b. at Jacksonville, Vt, May 30, 1865,

is unmarried and lives at Bridgeport, with his mother.
He is a machinist.

174 2. Mabel Elizabeth, b. May 29, 1869.

175 3. Florence Louise, b. July 15, 1872, d. at Bridgeport,

July 31, 1872, and was buried at Chicopee Falls, with
stone, but there is a mistake of one year in the death
date, 1873, of the inscription.

176 4. Maud Smith, b. Je 30, 1878, is unmarried and lives at

Bridgeport, with her mother.

177 5. Ethel Follett, b. Aug. 16, 1879, is unmarried and lives

at Bridgei)ort, with her mother.

178 6. Edward Garfield, b. July 4, 1881, m. at Bridgeport,

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