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Aug. 2, 1905, by Rev. John Murphy (r.c), Emma
Katherine Ryan, of Bridgeport, b. at New York City,
Jan. 18, 1884, dau. of John Ryan and Ann Amanda
Doren. They reside at Bridgeport.

179 7. Helen Stanford, b. July 17, 1886, is unmarried and

resides at Bridgeport, with her mother.


George Washington Stanford' {Samuel Steams,'^ Ab-
ner,'' Caleb,^ David,' Thomas'^ Thomas^) m. at Vernon, Dec.
19. I '"^50, by Lorenzo Brown, J.P., Hannah Elizabeth Reed,



b. at Winchester, Je i8, 1833, dau. of Charles Reed and Eme-
line Blanchard ; he lived at Vernon and South Vernon ; July
25, 1.862, he enlisted, for three years, as musician in company
E eleventh Vt. volunteer infantry.

He left Braltleboro with his company, for Wasliington, Sep 7, where they
remained until the Summer of 1863 ; in June, Hannah had a letter from him
there, saying he was a nine montlis' man, ther<^by intimating his purpose to
desert. It is said tliere was no need for increased infantry, wlien his regiment
went to Wasliington, and it was kept there comfortably quartered until the
Summer of 1863 ; then the call was for artillery and the plan of turning his
regiment into that, is assigned as a possible motive for George's desertion ; shortly,
a second letter came from Maryland, saying he was in the woods at work for
Mr. Eaton, tliat he was to be known in future, as Charles Gordon, that she should
be ready wiih the children, as he intended to come for her; but she heard no
more for two or three years, when she learned he had married the daughter of
Thomas Nash, a planter at Marriot'sville, Md., and had a boy about two years
old. He m. Miss Nash at Marriottsville, Md., Mch — , 1864, arid the child was
born there Feb. 27, 1865. Charles Gordon left his home May 5, 1866, to visit
his relatives at Winchester, N.II., where he seems to have spent a considerable
time ; he is said to have told his wife that " he was going north to see his sick
fatlier who lived in New York." He did not return to Maryland until Jan. 29,
1867. While he was in southern New Hampsliire and Vermont, Hannah was
securing a divorce at Brattleboro, thru her attorney, Howe ; it was granted for
desertion, at the February term, 1867. Gordon's long absence from Maryland
was the occasion of correspondence failing into the hands of liis wife and her
father, which awakened their suspicions. Mr. Nash wrote several times to
Hannali; in Mch, 1867, Mr. Nash and his daughter, severed all relations witli
Charles Gordon and sent him away. It is said he was seen at a hotol in Chicago,
Nov. I, 1869, by his old friend, Payette Streeter, of South Vernon ; Gordon was
then employed by the hotel. Notliing further was ever known of him, altho a
rumor, of well-known species, has it that he has since called at the doors of
various old friends in New Hampshire, asking for a drink of water, without
making his identity known, and that notice of his death not many years ago,
was seen in a local paper.

She m. (2) at Vernon, Aug. 11, 1869, by Rev. N. C. Hodgdon, Edward
Sawtell, b. at Urattleboro, about 1821, son of Martin Sawteli and Sarah, by whom
she had a son, now residing at Keene, and a dau. now residing with her mother ;
he d. some years ago. She lives at South Vernon.

1. Eddy Vinton, b. at Vernon, Feb. 7, 1852, d. at Win-

chester, Dec. 13, i860, T.R. and was buried at Vernon,
in the Tyler cemetery, without stone. Eddy was the
surname of one of his mother's friends.

2. Ella Elizabeth, b. at Hinsdale, July 14, 1854.

3- Eva Gertrude, b. at Vernon, Je 3, 1856.

4- Ethel Hannah, b, at Winchester, Aug. 26, i860, t.k.


Emily Maria Stanford" {.Samuel Stearns,^ Abncr^



Qxldf,' David^ Thoinasr Thomas^) m. at South Vernon, Vt.,
Sep 14. \'^X^, by Lorenzo Brown, J.P., Willard Wheeler, t.r.,
b. at Swan/.ey, N.H., t.r., Aug. 18, 1819, son of Barnard
Wheeler and Susanna Pierce, both of Svvanzey. He m. (i)
Sybil Doolittlc, by whom he had children. He was a farmer
and lived at Winchester, where he d. of hemiplegia, Jan. 14,
1S66, T.K., a few weeks after an accident from an unexpected
explosion, while examining a blast of rock which had not ex-
])lodcd in normal time. He was buried at South Winchester,
near Sybil, in the little cemetery not far from Doolittle's
station, without stone.

She m. (2) at Winchester, Jan. 11, 1883, by Rev. Elijah
Harmon (Cong'l), Nathan Whipple, of Winchester, c.r., b. at
Richmond, N.H , Mch 12, 1804, son of Otis Whipple and Lydia
]ioorn or J^ourne, both of Richmond, He m. (i) Julia Martin,
of Richmond, and lived much of his life at EitzvviUiam, where
he vvas known as Capt. Whipple ; he was captain of the infantry
company of the town, in 1832-3. Late in life he moved to
Winchester, where Julia d. in 188 1, and where he d,, Aug. 21,
188S. He was buried in his family lot, at Fitzwilliam, beside
Julia ; they have a stone in common. He was a farmer. There
were no children by the second marriage. Emily lives at
Winchester and her children were all born there.

184 I. John Edward, b. Nov. 22, 1849 [Peirce record].

185 2. George Osman, b. Apl 28, 185 1, t.r. and Peirce record.

186 3. Charles Oscar, b. Jan. 5, 1854, t.r. and Peirce record.

187 4. Abbie Rossella, b. Aug. 17, 1859, t.r., d. there Aug.

3, i860, T.K. and was buried there, without stone.

188 5. Andrew Jackson, b. Mch 23, 1862, d. there, Sep 27,

1887, unmarried and was buried there, without stone.

189 T). Otis Dwight, b. Oct. 26, 1864, m. at Providence, Dec.

16, 1901, Mrs. Harriet (Patterson) Mersereau, b. at St.
John, N.B., July 31, 1869 [no record], dau. of Samuel
Patterson and Annie Jane Eastwood. By her first hus-
band, she had Allan Scranton Mersereau, b. at Boston,
July 12, 1889 [no record] ; he lives with his mother.
Otis is a furniture packer, and lives at Brookline.


Mary Elizabeth Stanford^ {Samuel Steams^ Abner'^



Cakb,^ David^ Tliovias'^ Thomas^) m. at Winchester, Dec. 6,
1852, by Horace Chapin, J. P., Harrison Harvey White, t.r., b.

at Gill, Sep 17, 1823, son of and Ama White, of Gill. He

enlisted in company C twenty-seventh regiment Mass. volun-
teer infantry, was mustered in Aug. 2, 1862, discharged Jan. i,
1864, re-enlisted Jan. 2, 1864 and was discharged Je 26, 1365,
at expiration of service. He lived at Gill and was a farm
laborer and jobber. He was killed on the railroad, at a part
of Deerfield, since annexed to Greenfield, while on a visit to his
cousin, Mrs, Frary, at Cheapside, Aug. 17, 1885, and was
buried at Gill, in Riverside cemetery, with stone, in the family
lot, where there are stones of many Whites. She d. at Green-
field, Oct, 29, 1903, of uterine fibroid, and was buried at Gill,
in Riverside cemetery, beside her husband, without stone.
190 I. Franklin Pierce, b. at Gill, Mch 30, 1853.


Charles Rufus Stanford^ {Smnnd Steams^ Abner^
Caleb,^ David,' Thoiiiasj- Thomas^) m. at Springfield, Nov. 26,
1862, by Rev. Geo. B. Ide, Mary Emma Whittemore, t.r., b. at
Worcester, Dec. 13, 1843, dau. of Kendall Whittemore and
Mary Ann , t.r. They separated about two years after mar-
riage. He d. of cancer of the rectum, at Mary Hitchcock
Hosp., Hanover, Jan. 24, 1904, t.r., and was buried at Chester-
field, in his bro John's lot, without stone. He was a hotel
waiter for some years, and finally a farmer. He spent his last
years at Eyme. He was a Mason.
191 I. Charles K. (so in Spr. records, but, probably, the initial

should be, R), b. at Springfield, Nov. 5, 1863, t.r., d.

there of cholera infantum, July — , 1864, t.r. and was

buried there, without stone.


Sarah Rebecca Stanford^ {Savmcl Steams,^' Abner^
Caleb,^ David^ Tliomas',' Thomas^) m. at Brattleboro, Jan. 11,
1854, by Rev. Geo. H. Deere, Albert Abraliam Blanchard, t.r.,



b. at Hinsdale, Dec. 7, 1831, son of i\braham Blanchard and
Eliza I'ushaw. The>- lived at Hinsdale, but from June, 1870,
the)' have lived at Brattleboro, where he has been a case maker
in the Estcy organ works, since July 4, 1870. He is an Odd

192 I. Arthur Edwin, b. at Hinsdale, Mch 6, 1856, d. at

Somerset, Vt., Nov. 28, 1864, and was buried there,
with stone.

193 2. Albert Leslie, b. at Somerset, Jan. 6, 1861.

194 3. Clara Lealian, b. at Somerset, July 13, 1864, is un-

married, a clcirk and lives at home.

195 Harley, b. at Somerset, Oct. 18, 1867, m. at Port Chester,

N.Y., Feb. 20, 1889, by Rev. W. F. Wakefield (Bap),
Mrs. Carrie Emma (Davis) Stone, t.r., b. at Waterbury,
July 4, 1864, dau. of John James Davis and Sophia
Ann Card, of Waterbury.

Tlie Blaiichards lived at Waterbury and at Boston. He was a salesman when
he married, then a wood turner, but, at Boston, a steam fitter and plumber ; later
he worked in Estey's organ sliop, Brattleboro and, at present, is a commercial
traveler for a New York City hosiery firm. She has long been a checker, and is
now such at the Thorndike Hotel, Boston. Sep. 25, 1902 she applied thru John
1. Kcddy, Escp, Chicopec Falls, to the Suflblk County Superior Court, for divorce,
un llie ground of desertion from Je 15, 1897, ^"'^^ ^ decree to that etilect, was
granted Jc 24, 1903. They had no children. She resides at home with her
mother, unmarried sister and son Fred, at 84 Appleton St., Boston.

She had by her first husband, two children, Frederick Walter and Hazel
Kirke .Stone ; I'Ved was in a wholesale grocery, at Boston, but is now a fancy sign
])ainlcr there and is unmarried. Hazel was b. at Waterbury, May, iSSi, m. at
15<)slon, May 22, 1901, by Charles A. F'eyhl, J. P., Harry H. I'age, T.R., b. at
Maiden or Chicopec Falls (both are given in (he Boston records), about 1870, son
of John F. Page and Sarah A. Bean. They had one child, Frederick Barrow, b.
at Boston, .May 30, 1901, t.r., and d. there of enteritis, Feb. 20, 1903, aged lyr.
8m. 22(1., and was buried at Maiden, in Glendale cemetery, T.R. Both are
members of a theatre troupe.

196 5. Edgar Elias, b. at Searsburg, Vt., Feb. 19, 1869, m. at

lirandon, Aut^. 18, 1896, Lester Maria Bush, b. at
Forrestdale (Brandon), Dec. 6, 1878, dau. of Rocky
Bush and Nellie Maria Hewett. They lived at For-
restdale (Brandon), but now they live at 7 Chestnut St.,
Brattleboro ; they have no children ; he is an employee
in I'^stcy's organ works.

197 6. Myrtie, b. at Brattleboro, Oct. 2, 1870, d. there of con-

sumi)tion, Oct. 17, 1870, and was buried at Hinsdale,
in Pine Grove cemetery, in the Abraham Blanchard
lot, without stone,

198 7. Charles Rufus, b. at l^rattleboro, Je 23, 1872, d. there

of cancer of the stomach, July 26, 1872, and was



burled at Hinsdale, in Pine Grove cemetery, without

199 8. Nellie Agnes, b. at Brattleboro, Feb. 20, 1874, lives at

home, unmarried and is an upholsterer.

200 9. William, b. at Brattleboro, Apl 24, 1878, is unmarried,

lives at home, employed at the Estey organ works. He
is an Odd Fellow.

201 10. Sadie, b. at Brattleboro, Aug. 27, 1879, d. there of
cholera infantum, Sep 2, 1879, and was buried at
Hinsdale, in Pine Grove cemetery, without stone.


John Stanford^ {Sai/mcl Steams,^ Abncr,^ Caleb, '^ David^
Thomas'^ Thomas') m. at Winchester, Jan. 2, 1855, by Rev.
Oren Perkins, Mary Fllizabeth Barney, t.r., b. at Newton Upper
Falls, May 3, 1844, dau. of James Madison Barney and Margaret
Dudley, t.r. At the age of twelve she went with her parents,
to live at Chesterfield, where she resided until 1893. She d.
at Keene, Oct. 26, 1905, of cancer of the liver. At her re-
quest, her cousin, the Rev. Arthur W. Stanford, had the sad
privilege of performing the last rites for her ; the funeral was at
the close of the autumnal splendor on tiie New P^ngland hills,
and her life passed, like the foliage, in tiie beauty of full matu-
rity. Of the hymns, ' Gathering Home ' was her own selection ;
' Saved by Grace ' followed the minister's remarks, ending
with ' Crossing the Bar,' in which the sight of the pilot, face to
face, coincided with the theme of the chorus of the hymn.
She was buried in the family lot at Chesterfield, with inscrip-
tion on the monument. He lived at Chesterfield until 1893, when
he moved to Keene, where he resides. He was a farmer, —
now a carpenter. All the children were b. at Chesterfield,
and those now dead, d. there and were buried there in the
family lot, with inscription on the monument.

202 I. Fred James, b. Feb. 4, i«66, d. Apl 15, 1881, of

typhoid fever.

203 2. Charles Herbert, b. Sep 26, 1867, d. Sep 13, 1887.

204 3. Ernest Lynwood, b. Dec. 24, 1871, m. at Brattleboro,
Je 22, 1892, by Rev. Charles O. Day (Cong'l), Clara
Effie Smith, b. at Wardsboro, Oct. 18, 1868, dau. of



William Wallace Smith* and Cynthia Maria Freeman,
both of Chesterfield, where bride and groom also lived.
She was a teacher. They reside at Keene ; he is in
1 lolhrook's grocery. Tiiey have no children.

205 .1- Leon Leslie, b. Aug. 2^, 1877, unmarried, and resides

at Keene. He is studying law.

206 5. Edith Gertrude, b. F^eb. 17, 1880, d. of membranous

croup, March 26, 1881.

207 <'. Bertha Florence, b. Aug. 13, 1882, d. of diphtheria,

Nov. 25, 1889.

208 7. Ralph Barney, b. Nov. 18, 1888, d. of diphtheria,

J'tjb. 6 [7, T.K.J, 1 89 1.


Jane Elizabeth Stanford^ {Willis!' Abner^ Caleb, ^
David;' Thomas^'' Thomas^) m. at Keene, Je 17, 1851, by
W. II. Marble, George Lovell, of Worcester, b. there July
II, 18(4, T.R. [1813, F.8. and G.s.l, son of Joseph Lov-
cU and Persis Bigelow, t.r. ; she d. there of consumption,
I^ec. 12, 1856, and was buried there, in Rural cemetery, in
the family lot, with stone in common with her husband. She
was his second wife.

He first 111. at Worcester, May 4, 1843 Mary Grout Ward, T.R., b. there

Feb. 29, 1824, dau. of Col. Artemas Ward and Sarah , by whom he liad Sarah

Klizabclh, b. there Oct. 5 [6, t.k.], 1844, "i- at Waterbury, Ct., Dec. 29,
1S62, Samuel M. S]jerry, son of Edwin Sperry. They reside at Waterbury ;
Ccorye All)ert, b. there Apl 10, 1846, T.R., lives at Ilion, N.Y. ; Charles
Arlcinxs, b. there Sep 26, 1847, d. there Dec. 7, 1849. Mary G. d. at Worcester,

()ct. 8, 1849. lie m. (3) at , Mch 17, 185S, Mrs. Delia Edwards, dau. of

iTaiicisOcamc and Sally nine. They had no children. He was a painter. He
d. at Greeley, Colo., Dec. 5, 1896, and was buried at Worcester, in Rural cemetery,
111 ilie family lot, with stone. He was a Mason. She lives at Greeley.

209 I. Charles ArthiU', b. at Worcester, Feb. 13, 1855, t.k.


Sarah Sophia Stanford' ilVillis^ Abnerf Caleb,'

i;i 1905, d. at Chesterfield, from a fall from a load of hay.



David^ Thomas," Thomas^) m. at Keene, Mch 29, 1854,
Morgan Jay Sherman, b. at VVorthington, Jan. 27, 1828, son
of Asa Sherman and Margaret Van Etten. Me was named
for a man named Morgan Jay. They Hved at Westminster,
Walpole, Keene, Washington and Hartford.

In early life be was a butcher, but about 1863, lie started the Wentworth
House, at Walpole ; in Nov., 1866, he became proprietor of the Cheshire House,
Keene, which he ran until 1888. During part of this time he also carried on
the American House, at Fitchburg. " He took a prominent part in the affairs of
the town and city of Keene, favoring progress and improvement, and was always
ready to do his full share in aiding business development, public enierprises,
meetings and celebrations. He made many warm friends, with whom he kept
in touch after leaving the city, and the memory of " ]\Iorg." Sherman, as the
citizens call him, will long survive in the little city where he spent the best of
his life." Subsequently he conducted a hotel at Wasliington ; in 189 1 he was in
charge of The Grand, at Mt. \'ernon, N.H., and for eight years, he was
proprietor of the Brewer House, Hartford. His last days were spent at Walpole,
where he d. of cerebral apoplexy, Mch 13, 1901 ; he was buried there, in the
family lot, beautifully situated on the brow of the hill-slope, under the border of
the oak grove, at the very rear of the old part of the cemetery, with an artificial,
boulder-like block of fine-grained granite. She lives at \Valpole.

1. Elizabeth Van Etten, b. at Westminster, Jan. 10, 1856.

2. Grace Fassett, b. there Nov. 19, 1857, T.R., is unmar-

ried and Hves with her mother.
3- George Edward, b. at Walpole, Nov. 14, 1863.
4. Kate Spalding, b. at Walpole, Aug. 13, 1866.


Mary Ann May Stanford' {Willis :' Aimer, "• Caleb,'
DavidJ" Thomas'^- Thomas'') in. at Keene, Oct. 18,1853, Darius

Edward Sinith, b. at Worcester, Je 19, 1828, son of •.

They lived at Worcester, but mostly at Washington, where he
d. Sep 9, 1884, and was buried there, in Rock Creek cemetery,
with stone ; he was a painter. She d. there Apl 7, 1904, and
was buried in Rock Creek cemetery, with stone.

1. Minetta Georgine, b. at Worcester, Sep i, 1855, d. at

Washington, Jan. 16, 1863, and was buried there in
Rock Creek cemetery, with stone.

2. Edward Daniel, b. at Washington, Mch 31, 1865, d.

there Apl 12, 1891, and was buried in Rock Creek
cemetery, with stone ; he was unmarried.

3. Benjamin Willis, b. at Washington, Sep 18, 1867, d.



the same day, and was buried in tlie family lot, with


Charles Henry Stanford' ( IVillis," Abncr,' Caleb,' David?

Thomas,' Thomas') ni. at Keene, Feb. 13, 1861, by Rev.

George G. IngersoU, F'rances Augusta Cutler, b. at Rindge, Je

30, 1.S41, dau, of Charles Cutler and Belinda Wright, They

lived at Rindge, but mostly at Keene, until divorced, May 29,

i<S75, at Keene. F'or many years, she was housekeeper for

her cousin, ]£. K. Johnson, a farmer, at Ashby, Mass. {See

435) She was taken ill there and removed to Worcester

where she d. at her son Charles' liouse, Nov. 29, 1904, of

ataxia locomotor, hemorrhage of the spine and paralysis, and

was buried at F^itchburg, in F^orest Hill cemetery, with stone.

He m. (2) at Greenfield, Sep 27, 1876, Mrs. Josephine Clarinda

(Barnard) Hale, b. at Marlow, Sep -^,0, 1847. They have

lived at Vernon, where he kept a hotel, at Nelson, where he

was a farmer, and now, for many years, at Troy, N.H., where

he is overseer in a blanket mill. All the children by Frances

were b. at Keene.

217 I. Spencer Morgan, b. Sep 13, 1862, d. there Sep 22,

1863 and was buried there in Woodland (FSeaver
Brook) cemetery, without stone.

218 2. Charles Harrison, b. Sep 26, 1864, d. there Dec. 12,

1864, and was buried in Woodland cemetery, without
stone. The town record gives, "Jan. 13, 1865, 4mos,"
but the date above, given by the mother, is more likely

219 3- Eva Melinda, b. Nov. 9, 1865.

220 4. Charles Edward, b. Dec. 13, 1866.

^^1 5. John Arthur, b. Feb. 22, 1868, m. at Trov, N.H. Dec
19. i«94; by Rev. D. R. Herrick (Bap), FZlizabeth
Ellen Smith, b. at Kidderminster, t.r., Eng., Jan. 2.
1877, dau. of Thomas Smith and Nellie Rouse, both
borii ni Eng. He is an engineer on the Boston and
Maine railroad. They Hve at Fitchburg. They have
no children. ^ y <^ ^

222 6. Mabel Anna, b. Feb. 27, 1870.

^^■^ 7- George Malcolm, b. at Vernon, Oct. 19, 1877, t.r.



224 8. Willis Calvin, b. at Nelson, May lo, 1881, t.r.

225 9. Mary Adelaide, b. at Troy, Sep 16, 1883, t.r.


Loren Gould Stanford^ {Wrantslow^ Abncr^ Caleb, ^
David^ Thoinasr Thomas') m. (i) at West Fai dee Center, Feb.
4. 1857, by Rev. Solon Martin, Nancy Chubb Stanford, his
cousin, b. at West F'airlee (King Hill), Nov. 18, 1835, dau.
of Jesse Duncan Stanford and Eunice Whitcomb. They
lived at West Fairlee and at Lowell ; they separated about
Feb., i860 {See 43) and he m. (2) at Northport, Aug. 30, i860,
by James Lancaster, J. P., Maria Louise Pendleton, b. at
Northport, Aug. 20, 1827, dau. of Capt, Amos Pendleton
and Jennie Farnsworth, of Northport, t.r.

They became acquainted at Lowell, where she had gone to work in the
Merrimack mills, soon after the breaking up of her home, by the death of her
father, in 18157. From Northport, they drove far up into the wilds of Maine, to
a hamlet called Patten, where he settled, Sep. 6, 1862, and began the practice of
medicine; he soon became a very successful and popular homeopathic physician
at Patten and for miles around. Patten is, today, a smart little village, but it
is still " a jumping off place " — into the woods. What must it have been in
1862, only Iwenty-two years after Lorenzo ^^'adlin and others, petitioned the
court for incorporation as a plantation — No. 4 of range 6, assigning as a reason
that they were " upwards of forty miles from any town or organized plantation
by any possible road," and they found it rather inconvenient, and expensive
going to vote. Dr. Stanford began housekeeping in a couple of rooms over a
store, in a shack of a building, which was at once his home and his office. They
had desperately hard work to keep warm some of the time in winter, and their
stock of furniture was limited ; yet his wife has said that she was never so happy
in the home of comfort where she was reared, nor in any home of her own
since, as she was during those first early days of getting a start. A man's life
consists not in the abundance of his possessions. He first appears on the tax
list in 1863, when they had settled cosily in their own home ; for he was assessed
for a house, stable, office and lot, at % 650, as well as for a horse and a cow.
With this modest little home on Parsonage street, they lived happily and
prosperously with his enlarging practice, for but little over five years, when he
was thrown from his carriage to the frozen ground, while on a professional visit
into the country, in the autumn of 1867 5 he sustained internal injuries to the
liver and had frequent hemorrhages until his death, Mch 29, 1868; he was
buried with masonic orders, at Patten and has a stone. Citizens there today
who knew him well, speak, with emphasis, of the marked impression he made
on the community and of the high esteem in which he was held. Doubtless for
a large per cent of his success, his wife was responsible. They had no children.
She has lived at Patten ever since. She m. (2) there, Dec. 16, 1869 (int.

Dec. 10), by D.E. Benjamin, J. P., Daniel Lord, Jr. b. at Brownville, 1828,

son of Daniel Lord and Hathorn, t.r. He was a horseman, stage driver,

etc. He d. there Apl i, 1897, of dilation of the heart, and was Ixiried there
with stone. There were no children.

I. Georgianna Eunice (^<v 160).




Elizabeth Stanford' {]VrantslotJ\ Abnei^, Cakb\ Da-
vid ■■ 'llioinas,- Thomas') ni. at Lowell, Dec. 26, 1865, by
Rev. John G. Adams (Univ.), Charles H. Stearns, b. at Dracut,

1S37-8, son of Erastus Stearns, and Judith R. .

He was a seaman at the time when, at Lowell, July 12,
i.S6r, he enlisted for the war. He was mustered in the same
day, to comi)any G sixteenth Mass. volunteer infantry. He
was discharged Mch 20, 1 863, for disability and returned to
Lowell, where his parents lived, in Belvidere. He was a
mechanic there; they lived at Lowell until 1867, when leaving
his wife there, he went to California to "better himself"; he
was seen there once by Albert Stanford, his bro-in law, but
bcj'ond this, he was never heard from again ; they had no
children. See Adjt. Gen'l's Report, 1864 p. 510. She m.
(2) at Lowell, Aug. 25, 1875, by Frank O. Butterfield, J.R,
Frank Louis Richardson, b. at Lowell, Oct. 17, 1849, son
of Lewis B. Richardson and Emily J. Burtt. They lived in
Lowell. She d. there of pneumonia, at St. John's Hosp.,
Nov. 6, 1904, and was buried there in Edson cemetery, range
55 lot II, without stone. He lives at Lowell and m. there
[•"cb. 15. 1905, Mrs. Mary A. (Currier) Hapgood, dau. of
Nathan Currier and Lucinda Elkins. He is a trader.
226 I. Elizabeth, b. at Lowell, Nov. 9, 1878, d. there Nov.

II, 1878, and was buried there in F!dson cemetery,

without stone.
2. Frank Louis, Jr. b. there Aug. 26, 1880, d. there Nov.

20, 1883, and was burried in Edson cemetery, range

55 lot II, with stone.


Anna Florence Stanford' {Wrantsloiv^' Abncr^ Caleb,''
David,' Tliouiasyrhomas^)m. at Lowell, Feb. 22, 1882 by
Kcv. Smith Baker (Cong'l), lulward Willis Thomas, b. at
I.owcll, 1-cb. 22, 1852, son ofVVilliam Thomas and Martha Ann




Mitchell, He was early with the Lowell Machine Shop, where
he finally had charge of setting up their machinery shipped in
fulfillment of orders. From there he went at the call of the
enterprising Col. Barrows, to VVillimantic, to erect a new mill

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