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for the Willimantic Thread Co. ; he became supt. of this mill
upon its completion. While at Willimantic he married and
they lived there about two years. Then he was called by
Agent Thos. S. Shaw, of the Tremont and Suffolk cotton mills,
Lowell, to be supt. of those mills ; later he succeeded to the
agency. After some years, he assumed charge of some cotton
mills at Columbia, S.C. He is now connected with the U.S.
Duck Co., with headquarters at Baltimore. He has been on the
directorate of various banks and companies, treas. of the Shaw
Stocking Co., pres. of the Am. Cotton Manufacturers' Assn.
and prominent in manufacturing circles.

1. Arthur Scott, b, at Lowell, Mch 12, 1884; he is a

student in civil engineering, class of 1906, Mass. Insti-
tute of Technology, Boston.

2. Helen Loraine, b. at Lowell, Dec. 12, 1887; she is

a student in the Lowell high school, class of 1907.


Corinna Stanford" [John Roberts^ Lymanl' Abncr^ Caleb, ^

David f Tliomas^- Thomas^) m. at , Jan. 19, 1837, Niram

B. Bigelow, b. at Reading, N.Y., Sep 16, 1814, son of Samuel
Liscomb Bigelow and Catherine Van Gorder. She d. at Milo,
N.Y., Dec. 25, 1880. He lives at Penn Yan or Mays Mills,
Yates Co., N. Y. All the children except the first, were b. in Milo.

1. Samuel, b. at Jerusalem, N.Y., Oct. 25, 1837, d. at

Milo, Je 2, 1856.

2. Mary, b. Oct. 22, 1839, d. at Milo, July 15, 1843.

3. Stanford, b. Dec. 23, 1841, was killed at Petersburg,

Va., Dec. 25, 1865.
4- Francis Harris, b. Apl 5, 1844.

5. Corinna, b. Je 11, 1846.

6. John Winfield, b. Apl 30, 1849, is unmarried and lives

at Mays Mills, N.Y.

7. Clinton Stanford, b. Apl 17, 1852.

8. Rose Stanford, b. July 13, 1855, and d. at Seneca

Mills, N.Y., Mch 2, 1899, unmarried.




DeWitt Clinton Stanford' ^JoJm Roberts^ Lyman^

Alnii)-;' Caleb, ^ Davidi' Tliomas'^ Thomas^) m. at , Nov. i,

1843, Rosamond Spellman, b. at ■, Feb. 16, 1822, dau. of

I-llijah Spellman and Temperance Bates. He was a commission
merchant, who lived at Elizabeth, N.J., where he d. Je 16,
1 88 1. She d. there Mch 28, 1902.

He was one of the oldest citizens of Elizabeth; he d, from the effects of a
fall the previous winter, while walking on Broad St. ; he was b on a farm in
All)any Co., N.Y., and in 1832, began farming at Penn Yan; in 1852 he was
elected to the I-egislalure from his district, and later served two sessions as
Deputy Clerk of the N.Y. Senate. In 1858 he removed to Elizabeth and engaged
in business; in jxilitics he began as an old time Whig, but joined the Republican
party in 1S54, and later the Liberal Republicans. He was the candidate for
SlicritV of Union County, on the Greenback ticket, in 1880. (^See notice in N. Y.
'/'liiudii-, Je — iRSi.)

238 I. Claramond Elizabeth, b. at Penn Yan?, Aug. 17,

1S44, and d.- , Aug. 10, 1 847.

239 2. Henry Clay, b. at Penn Yan, N.Y., Sep 20, 1848.

240 ;v Frank Harris, b. at Penn Yan, N.Y., Feb. 6. 1851.

241 4. William Harmon, b. at l^.lmira, N.Y., Je 29, 1853.

242 5. Rosemond Elizabeth, b. at Elizabeth, Mch 3, 1855.

243 «.. DeWitt Clinton, Jr., b. at Penn Yan.. July 16, 1858,

m. at Fllizabeth, Dec. 5, 1887, Mamie Allen, of Eliza-
beth, b. , Dec. 19, 1870, dau. of George Washing-
ton Allen and Margaret Whitney. He is a book-
keeper and lives at Elizabeth. They have no children.

244 7. Caroline Coreina, b. at Hoboken, Dec. 23, 1859; she

lives at Elizabeth, unmarried.

245 .s. Alice Jane, b. at l^lizabcth, Jan. 13, 186S and d. there

the same date.


Caroline Bird Stanford' {John Roberts;' Lyman^ Abncr^
Cali-b,' Dai'id,- Tlioinas': Tliomas^) m. at Belona, N.Y., Apl 14,
1 840 or 1 84 1, licnajah Eyman Ba.ssett, b. at Barrington, N.Y.,



May 23, 1821, son of I>yman Bassett and Sally . He was

a harness maker and lived at Penn Yan, N.Y,, where he d.
Jan. 2, 1 87 1. She lives there.

1. Jane Elizabeth, b. at Penn Yan, N^Y., Jan. 29, 1842.

2. DeWitt Clinton, b. in Steuben Co , N.Y., Mch

30, 1843.

3- Mary Caroline, b. at , Je 17, 1845.

4- Levi R., b. at Tyrone, N.Y., Oct. i, 1846.

5- Alice Grace, b. at , Feb. 26, 1848, drowned Je 3,

1863, in Lake Keuka, N.Y.

6. Rupert, b. at , Sep 23, 1849, and d. at- -, May

I, 1850.

7. Edgar Stanford, b. at , Mch 30, 1852.

8. Helen A., b. at , Je. I, 1853, and d. at , Aug.

29, 1853.

9- John Roberts, b. at , Sep 19, 1854.

10. George L., b. at , Feb. 3, 1856, and d. at ,

Apl 3, 1856.


Josiah Stanford'- {JosiaJi; Lyman,^' Adiicr;' Caleb*

David f Thomas'^ Thomas'') m. at , 1843, FJvira Griffin, of

Albany, b. at 1825, dau. of . She d. at , 1852.

He m. (2) at San Francisco, July 25, 1861, by Rev. Dr.
Anderson, Mrs. Helen Maria (Allyne) Barker, b. at Brewster,
Mass., Je 6, 1830, dau. of Samuel Hinckley Allyne and
Sophronia Winslow, and widow of James Willard Barker.
He lived (1875) at Mission San Jose, Alameda Co., Calif.
He d. in Oakland, Calif., May 14, 1890. She lived at 1218
Ash St., Oakland, but was not known there, Jan., 1906, when
our letter was returned. {See Wiiisloiv Aieviorial, I. 28 §)

1. Agnes, b. at Albany, Sep. 23, 1846.

2. Josiah "Winslow, b. at San Francisco, Aug. 24, 1864,

m. at , Je 11, 1 890, Alice Gertrude Gordon, b. at

Newton Corner, Nov. 27, i860, dau. of Noah Henry
Gordon and Jane Bertram Sparhawk, t.k. ; she d. at
Oakland, Sep 25, 1891. They had no children. It is
said that he has a wine ranch at Warm Springs, Cali-
fornia, but, altho we have written, we have failed to
get in communication with him there.




Charles Stanford' {Josiah^ Lyman^' Abner;' Caleb, ^

David: Tliomas': Thomas^) m. at -, Apl 25, 1847, Jane

Kliza rat,'e, b. at , Oct. 25, 1820, dau. of Capt. Nicholas

I'agc and Hiildah Seeley, of Albany. Pearson says that the
I Ion. Cliarlcs Stanford owned the " Hermitage " on the Middle
Road, at Schenectady, in 1873 {See Pearsons Genealogy of
the I'iist Settlers of Scheneetady, pp. 6j, 281). When a young
man, he became a railroad contractor, and for several years,
was engaged in the construction of railroads in Western Mas-
sachusetts, at Pittsficld and North Adams-, and in Eastern New
York, along the Hudson River. Gold was discovered in Cali-
fornia, in 1849, and the great wave of excitement which swept
thru the country, led Charles and his bro Eeland, to seek their
fortunes in the new Eldorado. The former went to California
in 1S50, and founded a commercial house that soon became
one of the largest and wealthiest on the Pacific slope, with
branches in Melbourne, S}'dney and New Zealand. {See 86)
In 1854 he moved to Schenectady, N.Y. He was delegate to
the convention which re-nominated Pres. Lincoln, and, in
1865, was elected New York state senator; he d. at Sche-
nectady. Aug. 14, 1S85. She , Apl 11, 1896.

258 I. Wiiifield, !>. at Eishas Kill, N.Y., May 9, 1847, is

unmarried and lives at Asbury Park, N.J.

259 ..> Wclton, I), at -, July 1 1, 1849.
2W) ^ Nora. 1). at- , May 25, 1855.

2(31 ;. Charles. 1). at -.Feb. 15, 1857, graduated from
Inion College, 1879. He is a real estate agent, at
Schenectady, unmarried and lives in Albany.

262 =;. Josiah, b. at , Dec. 12. 1858, d. at , Dec.

'3. 1873.

263 6. Jennie, b. at Albany, Nov. 23, i860.
7- Maude, b. at Eishas Kill, Dec. 25, 1863, m. at ,

<'cl. 10, 1888, J high Sutherland Kinmouth, b. at
Cortlanil or in Cortlandt Co., Jan. 31, 1847, son of
Hugli Kinmouth and Elizabeth Lyle. They live at
Asbury They have no children ; he is a

8. Victor, b., a twin, Dec. 25, 1863, , Apl. 17, 1885.






Asa Phillips Stanford^ {Josiah^ Lyman^ Abner^ Caleb*

David^ TJionias,- Thojuas^) married at , Mary Whitney, b.

at . He d. at N.Y. City, May 6, 1903. A clipping had

the following : " Stanford Dies in Poverty^ — New York, May
7 (1903)- Penniless, altho his relatives are possessed of many
millions, and at one time himself wealthy, CoL Asa Stanford,
older bro of the late Leland Stanford, twice United States
senator and many times a millionaire, died yesterday at 409
W. 47th St. His sister-in-law, Mrs. Leland Stanford, has been
asked to pay the expenses of his funeral. A crushing blow
fell on him three weeks ago, when, in desperate straits for
money, he made a draft on a son living in California, for 5 100.,
and had it returned to him dishonored."
I- Jessie, b. at , d. one year old.

2. Mary Elizabeth, b. at Albany, Je — ■, 1845, lived in

Poughkeepsie and d. at Montclair, N.J., Apl 30, 1900,

3. Jerome Bonaparte, b. at , Oct. 8, 1846.

4- Philip Wilton, b. at , Apl , 1868, m. at ,

1898, Ellen Sullivan, b. at- ■, Ireland. He d. at

New York City, Je i, 1898. They had no children.
She lives in Montclair.


Leland Stanford** {/osiah^ Lyman^ Abncr,^ Caleb,*

David^ Thomas^- Tliomas^) m. at , Sep 30, 1850, Jane

Elizabeth Lathrop, b. at Albany, N.Y., Aug, 25, 1828, dau.
of Dyer Lathrop and Jane Ann Shields.

He became a lawyer in 1849, '^"t ^^ter three years practice at Port Washing-
ton, Wis., the gold fever was irresistable and he went into the diggings in Cali-
fornia. In a few years he secured gold eno to enable him to settle as a merchant
at San Francisco [Sec 84)- He rapidly became a popular and influential leader
in politics, business and public enterprises. He was a delegate at the convention
in Chicago, at which Abraham Lincoln was nominated for the presidency, and he
was elected Governor of California in 1S61. He was one of the great war-
governors on whom Lincoln leaned heavily for support and counsel. T'ar seeing




and shrewd, with a keen eye for the development of the Pacific Slope, he ad-
vocnted a transcontinental railway, and became president of a company formed
in lS6l, for its construction. Tiie stories about his personal supermtendence of
the construction and about the number of miles of track he laid in a day, are well
known. He also helped to construct other railroads, and he soon became known
as " the railway king."

Shortly after the death of their only child in 1884, tliey determined to
found a university as a memorial of that son. It is related that when consider-
ing this matter, they visited Harvard University. After having been shown all
about, Mr. Stanford suddenly inquired what such a university plant was worth ;
when he was told, it is said that Mrs. Stanford, eagerly grasping his arm, ex-
claimed with that intensity and ardor so characteristic of her : " we can do it,
Inland, we can do it ! " He was twice elected to the United States Senate, from
California, 1885 to 1S97, but died during the latter term, at Palo Alto, and was
buried there. After his death a question arose as to whether he had not defrauded
the United States in some of his railroad transactions. The question was carried
to the courts and Mrs. Stanford was cut off, temporarily, from the use of most
of lier income. It is said that she was allowed only one thousand dollars a
month. She had been contributing largely from her current income, to the
resources of the University, and it would cripple the institution seriously to have
that contribution cease; she resolved to give the bulk of what was allowed her,
to the University, saying, " I have seen the time when I had to live on $100. a
month, and I can do it again." Her interest in orphanages and hospitals is well
known. But the founding and endowment of the Leland Stanford, Jr., Univer-
sity, at Palo Alto, where their fine estate was located, will be the lasting memo-
rial above all others, to perpetuate 'their names and ensure enduring gratitude
from the public. After his death, her interest and generosity towards tlie
University was unflagging, and on her death, the bulk of her fortune went to it;
this institution has become one of the most richly endowed seats of learning in
the world.

Beside their large country estate at Palo Alto, they had a magnificent resi-
dence on Nob Hill, at San Franscisco, popularly referred to as the Stanford
Palace. This was destroyed in the great earthquake and conflagration of Apl 18,

He d, at his home, Palo Alto, near San Francisco, Je 21,
1893. She d. at Honolulu, while en route for Japan, Feb. 28,
1905, under mysterious circumstances ; she was poisoned, but
whether accidentally by herself, in taking medicine, or inten-
tionally by the act of another, was not determined. Sec various
biographical articles in the encyclopaedias, as Applctons Cycl.
of Am. Piiog. {ipoo), vol. 5, /. 64^.
270 I. Eeland DeWitt, b. at Sacramento, May 14, 1868 and d.

at Florence, Italy, Mch 14, 1884; he was buried at

Palo Alto.


Charles Powell Stanford' {Charles:! Lyman^ Abncr,^
Caleb,' David-' Thomas; Ihovias') m. at Antioch, 111., Apl













15, 1847, Helen Cornelia Emmons, of Antioch, b. at , dau.

of Myron Emmons and Artemesia Stevens. He lived in
Antioch and d. at 3424 Clay St., San Francisco, in 1897-8.
In Feb., 1906, she was said to be living in San Francisco, at
a very advanced age.

Jane Ellen, b. at Antioch, Feb. 15, 1848.

Callie Fernice, b. at , Sep 17, 1850.

Kate, b. at Orm City, Calif., Apl 2[, 1854.

Myron Emmons, b. at Sacramento, Nov. 28, 1856.

Bella Mary, b. at Eldorado, Calif., Jan. 4, 1858. She
is a teacher, unmarried and lived at 2401 Buchanan
St., San Francisco, before the earthquake.

276 6. Hubsrt Howe, b. at- — -, Mch 19, 1864, is a litho-

grapher and lives at — — , unmarried.

277 7. George Grant, b. at , Oct. 27, 1868, is a dentist

and lives at , unmarried.


Elijah Stanford^ {Charles'^ Lyman^ Abner^ Caleb, '^
David;' Thomas,'^ Thomas^) m. at Antioch, Lake Co., 111., Jan.
I, 1849, Louisa Christine Harwood, b. in Herkimer Co., N.Y.,
May 18, 1830, dau. of Francis Harwood and Sophronia Patter-
son. He d. at Waukegan, 111., Mch 30, 1888. She lived at
1 188 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, 111., but d. July 7, 1905.

Frank Harwood, b. at San Francisco, Mch 21, 1854,
is a farmer at Round Lake, 111,, and is unmarried.

Charlotte Maude, b. at , Apl 5, i8s6, d. at

Michigan Bluffs, CaUf., July 28, 1858.
Charles Newton, b. at , Sep 8, 1858, d. at ,

Jan. 21, 1873.
Anna Jerusha, b. at Sacramento, Sep 15, i860.
Arthm' Lucius, b. at San Francisco, Aug. 15, 1862,

lived at Evanston but now at 4464 Lake Ave., Chicago,

and is unmarried.
J83 6. George Elijah, b. at Austin, Nev., Sep 5, 1867, lived

at Evanston, but, Feb., 1906, at Round Lake ; he is a

farmer and unmarried.
'84: 7. Carrie Louise, b. at , July 8, 1869, d. at ■, Dec.

3, 1869.
!85 8. Mary Elizabeth, b. at Fort Hill, 111., Nov. 3, 1871 ;











she lived at Evanston, but now, Feb., 1906, at 4464
Lake Ave, Chicago and is unmarried.


Lyman Stanford,^ {Charles^ Lyman ^ Abner-' Caleb, ^

David ■'• Thomas ;■ Thomas^) m. at . about 1853. He hved

in Calif., in ICS52, but in Oregon and Idaho mainly since 1849.
She d. at . He d. about 1896.

286 I. Leland, b. at . He lived at or near Reno, Nev.,

in 1896.

287 2. Daughter.


Jairus Stanford,"* {Charles,'' Lyman,^' Abner^ Caleb, ^

David^ Thomas,' Thomas^) m. at ■, in Lake Co., 111., Feb.

2, 1852, Mary Allen, b. at , dau. of John Allen and

Asenath , and sister of Martha {See 97). He was a

farmer ; later he retired and lived in Chicago. He d. at ,

July 26, 1866. She d. shortly after.

238 I. Charles Allen, b. at , Apl 14, 1853, and d. at ,

Nov. 14, i860, aged 7 yrs. 7 mos

289 2. Seward Lyman, b. at , and d. at , Dec 4,

i860, aged 3 yrs. 3 mos.

290 3. Mary Charlotte, b. at , and d. at , Apl 5,

i860, aged 26 days.

291 4. Unnamed infant, b. at , and d. 2 days old.

292 5. Unnamed infant, b. at , and d. 8 days old.


Charlotte Elizabeth Stanford' {Charles;' Lyman^
Abiicr; Caleb,' David;" Thomas,' Thomas') m. at—. 111.,
Mch 4, 1852, Augustus Mitchell Greenleaf, b. at Nunda, N.Y.,



Aug. 8, 1825, son of William Greenleaf and Almira Sanford.
He went while young, from Avon, Fulton Co., 111., to Oregon,
in 1848, and from there to California in 1849, when gold was
discovered ; he crossed the plains three times ; they lived in
California from 1859 to Apl, 1868. He was a mining engineer
and d. on his return home from Brazil, Mch 16, 1890. She
d. of organic heart disease, at Oak Park, 111., Feb. 23, 1895,
aged 63 yrs. lOmos. 19 days and was buried there in Rose Hill
cemetery, t.r.

1. Mary Louise, b. at Whitewater, Wis., Dec. 10, 1852,

is unmarried and lives at 139 South Euclid Ave.,
Oak Park, 111. She is Assistant Principal of the
Sumner School, Chicago.

2. Carrie Frances, b. at Cold Spring, Wis., Feb. 9, 1854.

3. Charles Hermon, b. at Cold Spring, May 6, 1857.

4. Charlotte Lillian, b. at , Shasta Co., Calif., Sep

17, 1863, is unmarried and lives at 139 South Euclid
Ave., Oak Park ; she is a teacher in the Hayes
School, Chicago.
5- Edith Stanford, b. at Chicago, Nov. 27, 1868.


George Wilson Stanford** {Charles^ Lyman!' Abncr^
Celled,^ David;' Tlioinas,^ Thomas^) m. (i) at Antioch, 111.,
Oct. 12. 1857, Martha Permelia Allen, b. at —~, N.Y., Apl

7, 1833, dau. of John Allen and Asenath -and sister of

Mary {Sce^b). Shed, at Chicago, Mch ii, 1869. He m.
(2) at Chicago, Oct. 14, 1870, Lydia Cordelia Avery, b.

at- ■, Canada, about Jan., 1839, dau. of Ebenezor Avery

and . She d. of nephritis, at Chicago, Mch 24, 1888,

aged 49 yrs. 2 m., and was buried at Oak Park, in Rose Hill
cemetery. They had no children. He m. (3) at Tiskihva,

111., -, Mrs. Ella Margaret Sawyer, b. at , dau. of

James Sherman and Margaret Mitchell. She d. of pulmonary
tuberculosis, at Las Vegas, N.M., July 14, 1899 and was
buried at Oak Park, in Rose Hill cemetery, t.r. He d. of
angina pectoris, cardiac scherosis and chronic nephritis, at
Chicago, Oct. 13, 1904, aged Ji yrs. and was buried in Rose
Hill cemetery, t.r.

I- George, b. at Waukegan, 111., and d. there .



299 2. Carrie, 1). there and d. there .

300 3. Birdie, b. there and d. there

301 4. Monnie Clara, b. at Chicago, Feb. 22, 1869.

302 5. Ruth Sherman, b. at Chicago, Dec. 11, 1890, d. there

iVoni abscess after operation for appendicitis, July
26, 1899, and was buried in Rose Mill cemetery, t.k.


Lemuel Hastings Stanford'^ {Charles,^ Lyman^' Abncr;'
Caleb, ^ David ^ Thomas,^ Thomas') m. at Avon, 111., Nov.
8, 1859. Mary Wilson, b. in Ireland, Jan, 23, 1839, dau. of
William Wilson and Abigail Paine, both b. in Ireland. He is a
farmer ; he succeeded to the homestead at Antioch, in Lake
Co., III., where his father settled in 1845 ; he now lives on a
farm at New Lenox, 111. She d. at Avon, Apl 26, 1882.
The children were all b. at Avon.

303 1. Wilson George, b. Sep 27, i860.

304 2. Charlotte Eliza, b. Sep 17, 1862, and d. at Liberty ville,

III., i\\A 21, 1887, unmarried.

305 3. Mary Louisa, b. May 8, 1865.

306 4. Jennie Hart, b. Sep 19, 1867, is unmarried and is a

clerk with The Williams Co. (ladies suits), New York ;
her residence is 455 West 23d St., New York City.

307 5. Isabelle Maud, b. Apl s, 1871.


Lyman Stanford Wilson- {Hannah Stanford^ Lyman,^
Ahneri' Caliii,^ David^ Thomas: Thomas^) m. at Wheeler,
Steuben Co., N.Y., July 15, 1841, Catherine Maria Merritt, b.
in Albany Co., N.Y., Mch 8, 1819, dau. of Martin Merritt and
Phoebe Brownell. Me was a farmer and d. at Urbana, Jan.
H. 1854, and was buried at Hammondsport, in Elmwood
cemetery, with stone. She d. at Pulteney, May 13, 1899 and
was buried there in Hyatt cemetery, with stone.

I- Charles Stanley, b. at Urbana, Jan. 30, 1844.

2. Chauncey Lyman, b. at Urbana, Dec. 19, 1845.




3. Amy Fidelia, b. at Urbana, July 10, 1848, d. atPulteney,
May 6, 1854, and was buried at Hamniondsport, in
Elmwood cemetery, without stone.


Jane Ann Wilson^ {Hannah Stanford,^ Lyvian^ Abner^
Caleb,* David^ Tliovias'^- Thoviai) in. at Clifton Park, Nov.
17, 1847, Holdridge Adsit, b. at Sandlake, Rensselaer Co.,
N,Y., Je2r, 1823, son of John Adsit and Olive Holdridge.
She d. at Manchester, Wis., Jan. 28, 1868. He m. (2) at
Marquette, Wis., Je 14, 1868, Deborah Marilla Tickner, b. at
Amboy, N.Y,, Sep 24, 1847, dau. of David Tickner and
Diantha Pierce, by whom he had two boys and three girls.
He was a farmer at Redwood, Minn., but he d. at Belview,
Nov. 19, 1904, of heart disease and old age.

1. Stanford Winfield, b. at Crescent, Jan. i, 1849.

2. Rosalia Ann, b. at Vishers Ferry, N.Y., July 10,


3. Martha Jane, b. at Vishers Ferry, N.Y., Oct. 11, 1853.

4. Jacob Wilson, b. at Manchester, Wis., Sep 19, 1858.

5. Mary Edith, b. at Manchester, Wis., Aug. 2, i860.

6. Emmons Grant, b. at Manchester, Green Lake Co.,

Wis., May 11, 1864.


John Jay Wilson^ {Hannah Stanford^ Lyuian^ Abncr^
Caleb,* David,^ Thomas i" Tliovias^) m. at Clifton Park, Apl i,
1852, Sarah Ann Wylie, b. at Providence, Apl 15, 1826, dau.
of James Wylie and Phebez Daggett. He was a stove mould-
er ; he d. at Crescent, Sep 14, 1856 and was buried at Clifton
Park. She m. (2) at JonesviHe, Dec. 28, 1890, Elias Beers, b.

at Clifton Park, , son of Abraham Beers and Catherine

Brewster. He d. at Clifton Park, P"eb. 18, 1891, of pneu-
monia. He was a farmer. They had no children. She lives
at Barkersville, N.Y.
'17 I. Son unnamed, b. at Crescent, Je 7, 1856, d. there in
infancy and was buried at Clifton Park.




Margaret Wilson'' {Hannah Stanford,^ Lyman^ Abnerj"
Calcb,^ David';' Thomas'^ TJionms') m, at Clifton Park, Sep
29, 185 1, Frederick Lasher, b. at Schodack Landing, N.Y.,
I\Ich 22, 1827, son of John Lasher and Catherine Cium. She
d. at Ushers, Dec. 8, 1895 ; he d. there May 19, 1903. He
was a farmer, at CHfton Park, N.Y.

318 I. Frank Lyman, b. at Crescent, Oct 22, 1853 ; he is a

farmer, unmarried and Hved at CHfton Park, but, Feb.,
1906, at South Schenectady.

319 2. Jessie Marian, b. at Troy, Aug. 17, 1856.

320 3. John Wilson, b. at Troy, Oct. 10, 1858; he is a rail-

road section master, unmarried and Hved at CHfton
Park, but now at South Schenectady.

321 4. Hannah Maria, b. at Troy, N.Y., IDec. 6, 1864, un-

married and h'ved at Ushers, N.Y., but now at South
Schenectady, where she is housekeeper for her


Charles Lawyer Wilson*^ {Hannah Stanford^ Lyman,^
Aimer;' Caleb,' David;' Thomas^ Thomas') m. at CHfton Park,
Sep 19, i860, Elmira Merrill, b. at Buskirk Bridge, N.Y.,
Aug. 23, 1836, dau. of David Merrill and Sabrina Tanner.
They live at Ushers, P'eb., 1906, where he is a farmer. Ad-
dress : Mechanicsville, R.P\D., No. 2.
322 I. Ida May, b. at Clifton Park, Je 4, 1862, is unmarried and
lives at home.


Mary Elizabeth Wilson,' {Hannah Stanford^ Lyman^



Adncr,^ Calcb,^ David^ Thoniasi-^ TJionias^) m. at Gloversville,
Nov. 26, 1874, Robert Cheetham Fielder, b. at Watervliet,
Albany Co., N.Y., Mch 12, 1823, son of John Fielder, of
England, and Prudence Hill, of N.Y. He was land agent at
Central Point, Jackson Co., Oregon, and d. there Je i, 1888 ;
she lived at Central Point, but Feb., 1906, at Medford, Or.

323 I. Julia Cheetham, b. at Coldwater, Mich., P^eb. II,

1876; she graduated from the Oregon State Normal
School, and is a teacher. She lives with her mother,
Feb., 1906.

324 2. Rosalthea Marion, b. at Orangeville, Mich., Sep 24,

1877 ; she lives at home, Feb., 1906.


Stephen Harris^ {ElbabctJi Stanford^ Lymau^ Aimer ^^
Calcb^ David'^ Thoinas," Thomas^) m. at Elizabeth, N.J., Oct.

14, 1849, Mrs. Sabra Maria (Truax) Stanford, b. at ^ ■, Feb.

17, 1820 [182 1, Pearson], dau. of John Weingert Truax and
Mrs. Ann Nancy (Delmont) Wilkie, and widow of Lawyer P'ay
Stanford {See 21 ; also Pearson's First Scttlas of ScJicnectady,
p. 20'$). He d. at Elizabeth, Feb. 3, 1891 ; he was a miller.
She d. at Elizabeth, Feb. 18, 1895, aged J-^ y. ? Both were
buried there, in Evergreen cemetery, with stones.
J25 I. Charies Lyman, b. at Rhinebcck, N.Y. July 29, 1850,
d. at Santiago, Chile, Oct. 6, 1853,

126 2. Charles Linden, b. at Santiago, Chile, Nov. 16, 1852.

127 3. Emma Frances, b. at Elizabeth, May 17, 1857; she is
a typewriter, unmarried and lives at 237 South Broad
St., Elizabeth, N.J., with her sister {See 122). She has
furnished some relatives with type-written volumes of
their genealogy, enriched by descriptions of appear-
ance and characteristics and by her drawings of old

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