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homesteads, heirlooms, etc.

'28 4. Stephen Edmund Helsby, b. at Elizabeth, Oct. 19,

i860, m. (i) at F>lizabeth, , Mary Benjamin, b. at

, dau. of John Benjamin and Abby Wilson ; they

were divorced ; they had no children ; he m. (2) at

Phila., ■ -, Imogene VVillet Walton, b. at Phila. ? ,

dau. of Thomas Walton and Sarah , of Phila. ;

they have had no children ; he is Mgr. of the Singer
Sewing Mach. Co., in Phila., Mch, 1906.




Francis Harris' {Elizabeth Stanford^ Lyman^ Abner^
Caleb,* David,' Thomas,^ Thomas^) m. at Brooklyn, May 21,
1846. Mrs. Caroline (Barnes) Grey, b. at Hyde Park, N.Y.,
Sep 20, 1822, dau. of Joseph Barnes and Helen Sleight; he
was a miller at Elizabeth, and d. there Jan. 22, 1894 ; she d. at
Brooklyn, Jan. 22, 1895 ; both were buried at Elizabeth, ni
Evergreen cemetery, with stones.

329 I. Malvina, b. at New Brunswick, Feb. , 1847, and d.

at Brookl)'n, , 1848.

330 2. Clinton Stanford, b, at Brooklyn, Sep 20, 1849.

331 3. Helen Elizabeth, b. at F:iizabeth, Je 28, 1853.


Elizabeth Stanford Harris' {Elizabeth Stanford^ Ly-
man^ Caleb;' Abner^ David'^ Thomas; Thomas^) m. at Brooklyn,
May 21, 1846, George Stanford, b. at Chiltsworth, Suffolk Co.,

Eng., May 30, 18 19, son of James Stanford and Sarah ;

he was the youngest or one of the younger sons ; his father
was a very austere man, and compelled his sons to learn a
trade ; because of the severity, George ran away and came to
America in 1842-3 ; for this he was cut off from his father's
will for a period of years, at least ; he was tall and heavy, with
dark eyes and dark brown hair, which he wore brushed
straight back from his forehead. He was a miller and d. at
Rliinebeck, N.Y., Dec. 25, 1857 — suddenly from the effects of
a carbuncle on the neck. Just a short time before his death he
had become reconciled with his father and they were corres-
ponding once more. The motto of their house was : ' Hope
on, hope ever.' She d. at Elizabeth, Jan. 3, 1889, and was
buried there in Evergreen cemetery, with stone.

332 I. Emma Elizabeth, b. at Brooklyn, Mch 5, 1847.

333 2. Georgianna, b. at South Orange, July 8, 1849.

334 3. Son, b. ; d. 1842?

335 4. Mary Frances, b. at Linwood, Sep 3, 1853.




Chauncey Harris*' {Elizabeth Stanford^ Lyman^ Abncr^
Caleb, ^ David^ Thoj/ias^^ Thomas^) m. (i) at Beverly, Mass.,
Feb. 14, 1856, Emma Ferris Elliot, b, at Beverly, Mch 5,
183 1 ; she d. at P^lizabeth, Je 30, 1862 ; he m. (2) at Frederick,
Md., May 22, 1865, Clementine America Baker, b. at Frede-
rick, Md., Nov. 28, 1842, dau. of Edward Baker and Maria
Eouisa Schultz.

He raised company C fourteenth New Jersey volunteer
infantry, and was commissioned captain of it Aug. 22, 1862
and mustered in Aug. 26, for three years.

He was engaged in the following battles : Mannasas Gap,
Wapping TTcights, Culpepper, Bristovv Station, Locust Grove,
Mine Run, Slaughter Pen, Spottsylvania, Spottsylvania Court
House, Po River, North Anna, Hanover Court House, before
Petersburg, Monocacy Jc, Kelly's Ford, Brandy Station,
Wilderness, Cold Harbor and Bermuda Plundred ; at Cold
Harbor he was wounded in the right arm ; on July 9, 1864, he
was severely wounded at Monocacy Junction, where he was
shot thru the left breast while in command of his regiment, and
also shot thru the right knee while in the ambulance ; on
Dec. 8, 1864, he was discharged for disability, on account of
wounds received in action there ; he became a Brevet Major
and Lieutenant Colonel, for distinguished gallantry at that
battle, and for gallant and meritorious services during the war.
These brevets dated from Mch 13, 1865. The facts are given
in the Record of Officers and Men of A^cxv Jersey in the Civil
War, I. pp. 66g, i'jii-2.

He was appointed postmaster at Elizabeth, Feb., 1865 and
held the position until Apl, 1885, when Cleaveland dropped
him. They live at 90 Westfield Ave., Elizabeth. All his
children were b. there.

1. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 21, 1856,

2. Ellsworth, b. May 24, i86r, d. there July 22, 1861.

3- Edward Lincoln, b. May 8, 1866, d. there Sep 23, 1866.

4- Luella Clementine, b. Apl 27, 1869. She is a school-

teacher at Elizabeth, uimiarried P^eb., 1906 and resides
at home, 90 Westfield Ave.

5- Ida May, b. Sep i, 1871.



341 6, Grace Edna, b. Jan. 2, 1874; she is a music teacher,
and lives, unmarried, at 90 VVestfield Ave., Elizabeth,
Feb., 1906.


George Washington Harris^ {Elkabeth Stanford^
Lyinaiil' yibiicrj' Calcb,^ David;' Thovias'^-' Thomas^) m. at
F"^lizabeth, Oct. 19, 1857, Sarah Alice Winans, b. at Elizabeth,
Sep 22, 1835, dau. of Jacob Crane Winans and Sarah Marsh
Hedden. He has been in the gas business at Tarrytovvn, as
manager, owner and president, for fifty years, since 1854; he
has now retired and resides at 153 Hamilton Place. All their
children were b. at Elizabeth, N.J.

342 I. Adelaide Wells, b. May 20, i860.

343 2. Florence, b. Mch 14, 1866, m. at Tarrytown, May

10, 1902, William F^dward Granger, b. at N.Y.

City, 1872, son of William Granger and Sophia

M. Crespin. He is a bookkeeper. They reside at

344 3. Fanny Bell, b. July 5, 1868, lives at Tarrytown and is

unmarried, Feb., 1906.


Julia Ann Karris'" {Elizabeth Stanford^ Lyman,''' Abner,^
Caleb,'' David'-' Thovias'^ Thomas^) m. at Elizabeth, Oct.
6, 1858, Nathaniel Martin Crane, b. at Elizabeth, Aug.
1 9' 1835, son of Elihu Jewel Crane and Eliza Miller ; he was a
bank teller and d. at Elizabeth, Je 26, 1870. She lives at 99
Division St., Amsterdam, Feb., 1906.

345 I. Sarah Elizabeth, b, at Elizabeth, Sep 5, 1859, is

unmarried and li\'es at Amsterdam, with her mother.

346 2. Francis Elihu, b. at Elizabeth, Apl 4, 1861.


George Clinton Stanford' {George Washington,'' Lyman ^



-Abncr^ Caleb,^ David,^ Thomas^' Thoinas^) m. at Lishas Kill,
Nov. 9, 1870, Catherine Lansing, b. at Lishas Kill, Je 4, 1832,
dau. of Abrani V.P. Lansing and Helene Groot, and a cousin
of Kittie Groot Lansing and Jacob Henry Lansing. {See 127,
259). He is a farmer and lives at Lishas Kill, N.Y.
347 I. Cornelia Lansing, b. Lishas Kill, July 12, 1872.


Helen Ann Stanford^ {George Washington^ Lyvian^

Aimer, ^ Caleb, "^ David; Thomas ^^ Thomas^) in. at , Mch i,

1 866, Jacob Henry Lansing, b. at , son of Cornelius Lansing

and Katherine Hardenburg Wands [Sec 126, 259). She d.


348 I. Alida Groot, b. at , Je 6, 1872 and d. at , Oct.

I5> 1873-


Newton Stanford^ {George Washington^ Lyman^ Almerf

Caleb, ^ David; Thomas^- Thomas^) m. at , Oct. 10, 1876,

Cora D. Keeney, b. at , dau. of Andrew Jackson Keeney

and Mary Casey. He was a grain dealer at Fargo, N. Dak.
He d. there • — — .

1. May Keeney, b. at Bridgeport, Ct, Aug. 18, 1878,

2. Earle Newton, b. at , July 26, 1880.

3- Ethel Eunice, b. at , Aug. 26, 1885.


Theodore Frelinghyson Stanford*^ {George IVashing-
ton^' Lyman; Aimer; Caleb,'' David; Thomas; Thojnas^) ni. at
Elizabeth, Sep 8, 1875, Elizabeth Harris, b. at Pllizabeth, Dec.
21, 1856, dau. of Chauncey Harris and Emma Ferris Elliot.
They reside at 311 Cherry St., Elizabeth. He is a wholesale
butter and egg dealer at 87 Warren St., N.Y. City. They are



first cousins once removed {See 336). The children were all b.
at Elizabeth.

352 I. Edith Helen, b. Dec. 2, 1876, and d. at Lishas Kill,

July 25, 1877.

353 2. George Chauncey, b. Oct. 13, 1878.

354 3. Leland DeWitt, b. Feb. 27, 1883.

355 4. Gladys Harris, b. Jan. 28, 1890.

356 5- Helen Elliot, b. Sep 23. 1897-

357 0. Theodore Willard, b. Sep 23, 1897, twin and d. at

F:iizabeth, May 13, 1898.


Martha Taft Fisk' {Awy Taft; Lois Stanford,' Aimer,''
Caleb,'' David'^ Thouun'^ Thomas') m. int. at Upton, Apl 10,
1847, with Erastus Holland F'orbush, b. at Upton, Nov. 9,
1824, son of Holland Forbush and Emeline Fisk, t.r. He
lived at Upton, Mil ford and Hopkinton, where he d. of con-
sumption, Feb. 6, 1865, T.R. ; he was buried there with stone.
He was an artist. She m. (2) at Upton, Mch 13, 1867, Charles
Harvey Leland, b. at Gill, Jan. 29, 1821, son of Aaron Leland
and Lucy, T.R., Smith. They had no children; she d. of
dysentery, at South Framingham, Dec. 28, 1902, and was
buried at IVlilford, t.r., in Pine Grove cemetery, with stone ; they
lived at Hopkinton, where he now resides, Feb., 1906. His
first wife was Calista Eatchelor, whom he m. at Upton, Apl 22,
1846, T.R., by whom he had three daughters.
358 1. Arthur Holland, b. at Hopkinton, Jan. 17, 1863.


Sarah Elizabeth Fisk^ [Amy Taft:; Lois Stanford^ Almer^
Calcb,^ David;' Thomas- 'J'hoi/ias^)n\., T.R., at Milford, Feb. 17,
1858, by Rev. J. 1\I. liailey (M.E.), Amos Rockwood Adams,*
b. at Hopkinton, Feb. 22, 1830, son of Aaron Adams and

*_ .Sir A. N. Adams' Geneal. Hist., p. 887 (Rutland, 1898}; also pp.745,
947. 94S.



Joanna, t.r., Rockwood and bro of Henry Adams {See 135).
He was a farmer at Hopkinton ; he d. there July 14, 1898, and
was buried at Milford, in Pine Grove cemeter}*, with monu-
ment. She resides at 333 Park St., Dorcliester.

1. Nellie Elizabeth,* b. at Hayden Row, Hopkinton, Mch

7, 1859, T.R., hved at Hayden Row, but is now at 333
Park St., Dorchester, and is unmarried, Mcii, 1906.
She is a clerk in the book dept. of R. H. White & Co.,

2. Emma Josephine, "^^ b. at Hopkinton, Aug. 18, 1862,

T.R , d. there, May 20, 1872, and was buried at Milford,
in Pine Grove cemetery, with stone.

3- Wilbur Fiske,* b. at Hopkinton, Mch 6, 1S65, t.r.

4- Grace Louise,* b. at Hopkinton, Mch 31, 1871, T.R.

5- Albert Henry,* b. at Hopkinton, Sep 26, 1872, and d.

of congestion of the lungs, at Hopkinton, Feb. 27, 1873,
aged 5m. id., and was buried at Milford, t.r., in Pine
Grove cemetery, with stone.


Jane Almira Fisk^ {A^uy Taft'' Lois Stanford^' Abner,^
Caleb,^ Dixvid'' Thomas'^ Thouias^) m., t.r., at Upton, Nov.
23, 1853, Henry Warren Dennis, b. in the village of Water-
ford, Mendon (now Blackstone), July 29, 1833, son of Erasmus
Dennis and Bethia Mayo. They lived sixteen years in Graf-
ton, then at Worcester for some years, then Milford, then
Pittsfield, and since 1891, at Natick. She d. there of epithe-
lioma, Je 9, 1901, aged 68yrs. 9m. and was buried at Milford,
T.R., in Pine Grove cemetery, with stone. He is a machinist,
but he is far more than that ; he is deeply interested in the
world of thought and is, therefore, an interesting conversation-
alist ; he also is a singer and has strong musical tastes. He
lives at 42 West Central St., Natick.

1. Josephine Adelaide, b. at Unton, Feb. 22, 1855, t.r.

2. George Henry, b. at Hopkinton, Dec. 7, i860, t.r.,

and d. there of diphtheria. Oct. 8, 1863, aged 2yrs.
lOm., T.R., and was buried at Milford, in Pine Grove
cemetery, with stone.
3- Myra Gertrude, b. at Hopkinton. Feb. 12, 1866, t.r.

* Sea A. N. Adams' Geneal. Hist., p. S87 (Rutlaiid, 1S98); also p. 947.











Marietta Adelaide Fisk*" {Amj> Taft"' Lois Stanford,^
Adner,'' Caleb, '^ David'^ Thomas'^ Thomas^) m. t.r. at Hopkiii-
ton, Oct. 25, 1864, by Rev. J. C. Webster, Henry Adams,* b.
at Ho[)kiiiton, Oct. icS, 1S41, son of Aaron Adams and Joanna,
T.R., Rockwood and bro of Amos R. Adams. [See 133) He
was a farmer at Hayden Row. They live at Hopkinton, Mch,
1906. He served as private in company B twenty-fifth regi-
ment Mass. volunteer infantry, from Hopkinton, from Sep 17,
1 861 to Oct. 20, 1864. All the children were b. at Hayden

Edward Aaron,* b. Nov. 20, 1867, t.r.
Myra Lillian," b. Mch 20, 1869, t.r.
Josie May,* b. May 28, 1871, t.r.

Ernest Henry,* b. Nov. 18, 1876, t.r., m. at Hopkinton,
Sep 10, 1902, by Rev. James B. King, Carrie Augusta
Smith, T.R., b. at Hayden Row, Sep 7, 1871, t.r.,
dau. of Henry Dearth Smith and Lizzie Ann Raymore.
They have no children ; they live at 19^^ Prospect Hill
Ave., Somerville ; he is a bookkeeper for Fred F.
Squire & Co., meat and poultry, 100 Blackstone St.,


Albert Davis' {Daniel^' Sally Washington Stanford,^
Al'iicr: Calch^ David;- Thomas^- Tliovias^) m. (i) at Upton,
Nov. 23. 1868, by Rev. George S. Ball (Unit.), Almira Fiske
Adan-, t.r., b. at Upton, Dec. 23, 1849, dau. of William Adair
and Mary Britton, t.r. ; she d. of consumption, at Upton, Oct.
10, 1 87 1 and was buried there, in Lake V^iew cemetery, with
stone; he m. (2) at Upton, Apl 18, 1874, by Rev. George S.
Ball (Unit.), Laura Augusta Crooker, b. at Upton, Aug. 4,

* Seeh.^. Adams' Gene;]. Hist., p. SS7 (Rutland, 1S98); also pp. 745,



1856, T.R., clau. of Benjamin Franklin Crooker and Jemima
Sadler Viall ; she d. there of valvular heart disease and con-
gestion of the lungs, July 16, 1891 and was buried there, t.r.,
in Lake View cemetery, with stone. He was formerly a boot-
maker ; later, a straw-worker at West Upton, but has retired
and resides at Upton. All the children were b. at Upton.

371 I. Myra Louisa, b. Sep 22, 1875, t.r., m. at Milford,

Sep 22, 1903, by Rev. Carl G. tlorst (Unit., of West
Upton), Frank Owen Wadman, b. at Bear River, N.S.,
Apl 5, 1875, son of Thomas William Wadman and
Annie Maria Crouss. They have no children and
live at Hopedale, where he is a grocer in Patrick's

372 2. Unnamed Son, b. May 16, 1877, d. the same day, and

was buried there, t.r., without stone.

373 3. Olive Munroe, b. Dec. 27, 1878, t.r., d. there Dec. 18,

1904 and was buried there in Lake View cemetery,
with stone.

374 4. Mary Austin, b. Aug. 21, 1886, t.r., d. there of

typhoid fever, Sep 24, 1897 and was buried there in
I^ke View cemetery, with stone.


Levi Rawson^ [Diana Davis ^ Sally Washingion
Stanford,^ Abner^ Caleb ^ David^ Thomas'^ Thomas^) m. at
Chicago, about 1 860-1, Miss Miller, who had a bro who was a
physician. Her father owned several farms on the Hudson.
Levi was in consumption when he went to Chicago, but became
much better and remained three or more years, as clerk in the
shoe store of his uncle, Stephen Rawson, who was even
younger than he. But he grew worse again and returned to
Upton where he d. a few months later. His wife came east
for his funeral ; she subsequently kept a boarding house at
Chicago. He d. of consumption, at Upton, Jan. 27 [28, t.r.,
but 25 at State House], 1861, aged 24>'rs. 6m. i8d. ; and was
buried there in Lake View cemetery, with inscri[)tion on
monument. He was a merchant, t.r.

I. Hattie, b. at Chicago, before 1862, and d. there aged
one year and twenty three days ; she was probably



buried at Upton, in Lake View cemeter>', where there
is an inscription on the Joshua Rawson monument.


Otis Rawson' {Diana Davis;' Sally WasJiington
Stanford; Abncr; Caleb; David^ riiovias; TJiovias^T m. at
Upton, Nov. 26, 1863, by Rev. George S. Ball (Unit.), Emma
Jane Sanger, b. at Hopkinton, Oct. 8, 1843, dau. of Gilbert
Dench Sanger and Mary A. INIarsh ; he d, at Upton, Sep 14.
1899, of Bright's disease and was buried there in Lake View
cemetery, t.k., without stone ; he was a merchant in early life ;
she resides at Hopkinton, Mch, 1906.

376 I. Franklin Joshua, b. at Hopkinton, Aug. 26 [27,

Rawson Memorial], 1864; he d. there of whooping
cough. Nov. 26, 1864, aged 2m. 27da., and was
buried at Upton, t.r., in Lake View cemetery, with
stone ; the inscription is merely : " Little Frankie, ae,
2ms. 27ds." [3nis,]

377 2. Mary Emma, b. at Hopkinton, T.K., Aug. 20, 1870.


Gilbert Rawson"" {Diana Davis; Sally Washington
Stanford; yldner;' Caleb; David, ^ Thomas;'^ Tho7nas^)-\ m. (i)
at Upton. Aug. 17, 1861, by Rev. George S. Ball t (Unit.).
Eldora Maria Taft, b. at Upton, Dec. 16, 1842, dau. of Alanson
Walker ? Taft and Fiorina L. Lackey ; she was an invalid for
many years and d. at Charlestown, N.H., Apl 3, 1892 and
was buried there with stone ; there is also a cenotaph inscrip-
tion on the family mon. at Upton. He m. (2) at Grafton, Oct.
9» J<^95i Margaret Bray, b. at Milford, May 14, 1859, dau. of
Patrick I'ray and Ann Welch, by whom he has no children.
He was a farmer at Farnumsville, Grafton, then foreman on a

* See Crane's Rawson Fam. Mem., pp. 224, 246.
t See Crane's Raw-son lam. Mem. p. 246.
X 1 Ic went as chaplain to the Civil War.



farm at Worcester ; next he lived at West Upton ; at ]\Tan-
cliaug about nine years ; at West Upton again, where they now
reside ; he was formerly a bootmaker and, for many years, he
kept a meat market at West Upton, but has now retired. He
has a collection of interesting papers handed down from his
grandparents, Phinehas Davis and Sally Washington Stanford.
{Sa^ 5)

1. Levi Edward, b. at Farnumsville (Grafton), Jan 29 [30,

T.R.], 1863 and d. at Worcester, July 24, 1868, aged
5yrs. 5m. 25d., g.s., t.r., from a fractured skull due
to a fall in a barn; he was buried at Upton, in Lake
View cemetery, with inscription on the monument.

2. Frank Alanson, b. at Worcester, Oct. 6, 1865, t.r., d.

unmarried and insane, at Sutton, IMch 19, 1903, aged
38}'rs., G..*^., and was buried at Upton, in Lake View
cemetery, with inscription.

3- Myra Eldora, b. at Worcester, Oct. 15, iS/i. She is

a straw-worker in the hat shop at West Upton, lives
at home and is unmarried, Mch, 1906.

4- Cora Diana, b. at Grafton, Je 5, 1880, t.r., d. there

of deficient vitality, Aug. 20, 1881, aged lyr. 2m.
I4d., T.R. and was buried at Upton in Lake View
cemetery, with inscription.

5- Levi Joshua, b. a twin to Cora, t.r. ; he d. of infantile

weakness, at Grafton, Aug. 28, 1880, aged 2m. 23d.,
T.R. and was buried at Upton, in Lake View cemetery,
with inscription.


Mary Ann Rawson*^ {Diana Davis^' Sally Washington
Stanford^' Ahner;' Calcb^ David'^ Thomas^- TJiomas^) m. at Up-
ton, May 28, 1868, by Rev. George S. Ball (Unit.), John Albert

Spencer, of Milford, b. at Boston, , son of William Spencer

and Catharine A. White. They lived at Milford, Rockland,
Brocton and North Easton ; he is a shoemaker. She d., of
pneumonia, at North Easton, Feb. 27, 1892, aged 46yrs. 5m.
2d., T.R. and was buried at Upton in Lake View cenietery,
without stone. He lives at Webster, Feb., 1906.

1. Irving Albert, b. at Milford, Dec. 5, 1871, t.r., m.

about 1903, has no children, lives at 212 Howard St.,

Brocton and is a shoemaker.



384 2. Ina, b. at North Easton or Brocton, about 1874.

385 3. Clarence E-awson, b. at North Easton, Dec. 26, 1887,

is a straw-worker at West Upton, and lives, unmarried,
with his uncle, Gilbert Rawson, who has made a home
for him since his mother's death.


Mary Flagg'' {Samh Davis^' Sally Washington Stan-
ford!;' Abner!" Calcl>,^ David,^ TJioinasi^ Thomas^) m. at Grafton,
Feb. I, 1872, b\- Rev. George S. Ball (Unit, of Upton),
William Simon Bruce, b. at Grafton, May 20, 181 7, son of

Joseph Bruce and Harriet .* He was a farmer at Grafton,

and came of an old and most influential family there. See
Pierce's Hist. Grafton. His descent was from George Bruce,
of Woburn : William Simon,'' Joseph,^ Simon,"* Joseph,^ George,'-^
George.' He was the second of six children (two boys), and
he m. (i) at Grafton, Sep g, 1840, by Rev. Cazneau Palfrey,
F'riendly Wood, (sister to Marcia Ann Wood ; See 37), b. at
Weathersfield, Vt., Dec. 13, 1817 (1819?), who d. at Grafton,
July 17, 1867; by her he had two children, George Ellis
Bruce, b. at Grafton, Mch 19, 1842, and Harriet Fay Bruce, b.
at Grafton, Mch 15, 1844. There were no children by his
second marriage. He d. at Grafton, F"eb. 6, 1877, of heart
disease, and was buried there. She m. (2) at Pittsburg, Pa.,
Aug. I, 1893, by Rev. Dr. Eweing (U.P.), Martin Snider
Jamison, of Cadiz, O., b. there May 14, 1838, son of Walter
Jamison and Mary Snider. She d. at Cadiz, Oct. 15, 1899,
and was buried there in the famil)- lot with monument. They
had no children. He was a coal merchant, now retired. He m.
(2) at Richmond, O., Jan. 19, 1902, Nancy F:. Crawford, b.
there. They reside at Richmond.


Aurelia Theresa Wright' {Joanna Stanford,"' Joel, '^ Ab-
iier,' Caleb,'' David;' Thomas^- Thomas^) m. at Keene, Oct. 16,

* She was b. at Southboro. See Southboro V.S. for her maiden name.



1855, by Rev. Gilbert Robbins, Luther Webb Felt, b. at
Rockingham, May 24, 1833, son of Warren Felt and Almira
Everett Webb. He was a machinist at Keene, where he d.
Aug. 18, T.R. 1 23, G.s.l, 1876, aged 43 yrs. 3 m. ; she d. there
Je 10, 1886 and both were buried there in Woodland ceme-
ter}-, with stones. {Sve Kccne V.S.^ ^77-)

I. Jennie Florence, b. at Keene, May 28, 1859, m. there
Nov. 29, 1883, by Rev. W. PL Eaton, D.D. (Bapt),
Milan Henry Johnson, b. at Templeton, Sep 25, 1857.
They have no children. He was foreman of the Che-
shire Chair Co., but, now, of Sprague and Carleton's
Chair Co. They live at 198 Church St., Keene.


Charles Bixby Titus^ {Adeline Maria Morse Stanford,^
Jesse Duncan,^' ^{bner;' Caleb, ^ David;" Thomas'^ Thaiiias^) m.
at Hav^erhill, N.H., Mch 19, 1871, Emma Jane Wood, b. at
Littleton,, about 1854, dau. of Lewis Wood and Mary

, T.R. ; Charles and Emma were botli resident at Bradford,

V^t., where they lived for a time after marriage ; " she went to
school with Frank Titus there ; she was a short woman, of
French descent ; her mother couldn't speak a word of English."
The}' lived at Lisbon, N.H , where their child died ; sometime
later they separated and " she m. Hamp. Belford and lives at
Lyme." He m. (2) at Post Mills, Feb. 7, 1891, by Rev.
Thomas McBriar (Cong'l), Mrs. Hattie Susan (Eastman) Geer, of
Norwich, b. at Hartland, Mch 20, 1859 ("Susan Harriet"),
dau. of Leonard Eastman and Caroline Gardner?

By her first husband she had George Sylvester Geer, b.
Mch 31, 1876, and Edward M. Geer. b. Sep 21, 1878, who
lives, unmarried, at home ; by the last marriage there was a
stillborn. He has lived, at various times, in Hanover, where
his name is on the invoices for 1881 and 1892* ; they reside at
Cornish, N.H.

1. Franklin Pierce, b. at Bradford, Feb. 14, 1873, d. at

Lisbon, Aug. 13, 1878 and was buried there, without

2. Ida May, b. at Franklin Falls, Feb. 8 or Dec. 23, 1890,

* His father's name appears on these from 1880 to 1884 inclusive.



d. there aged 2 m. 3 d. and was buried there without


Franklin Pierce Titus^ {Adeline Maria Morse Stan-
ford^ Diiiicaii!' ^l/:ner;' Caleb,'' David;' TJioinas',' Thomas')
m. (l) at Claremont, Apl 5, 1889, by Marshall S. Rossiter, J. P.,
Flora liUen Raymond Dev^oe, * dau. of Peter Devoe and
Lizette or Lizzie Theriault. The court record states that Flora E.
Titus secured a divorce at the May term, 1896, at Newport.
Slie m (2) at Claremont, May 30, 1896, by Rev. James Cairns,
Harry Reed, of Claremont, b. at Ludlow, Vt., 1871, son of
Joseph Reed and Helen Hazelton, a blacksmith, from whom
it is said she soon separated, and she is supposed to be an
operative at Lebanon, Feb., 1906. F^rank m. (2) at Windsor,
Nov. 18, 1899, by Rev. Charles F^ Partridge (Meth.), Mrs.
Margaret y\nn (Harrison) Proctor, b. at I^^nfield, Clayton-le-
Moors, Lancashire, Eng., Nov. ii, 1856, dau. of Henry
Harrison and Mary Pickup. Margaret m. (i) at Hartland, Perley
Proctor, b. at Cambridge, Vt., where he now, Oct., 1905,
resides; he left lier Nov., 1885 ; they had George Edward, b.
at Hartland, Aug. 18, 1876, who ni. Sophia Rivers; Minnie
Ella, b. at Grosvenor Dale, Ct , Je 7, 1883, m. J. W. Green-
wood ; F^rances May, b at Windsor, Mch 26, 1886 and lives,
unmarried, with her mother F" rank's name is on the Hanover
invoice for 1881. They live at Windsor. He is a teamster.

Mr. Titus, ill personal appearance, reminds one of Chas. R. Stanford {See 59)
and John E. Wheeler {See 184) eno to make it credible that they could be
brothers. Frank is a fine looking man, of florid complexion, with bright, spark-
ling eyes, a long, sandy mustache, hair not heavy and a cross between white
and .sandy; he remarked that he got his sandy hair and beard from his grand-
mother, Eunice (Whitconib) Stanford {See 9), who was a little woman with a\iburn
hair. He is short of stature, of quick movement, having in the middle face
features .-omewhat rescmliling his father's; full of fun and good nature, completes
tlic ])cn-porlrait.

389 1 Ad aline Maria, b. at Flanover, F'eb. 22, 1884, T.R.f

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