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•"" The two T.R. of her marriage are discrepant; one .states that she was
born in France, in 1S60, but that her parents were born at Brunswick, Me.; the
other gives no birthplace lor her, but assigns Canada as that of her parents, and
has 1864 ^s tlie year of her birth. J^oth records stale that it is her second
niarriage. Mr. Titus gave 1-loia Ellen Kaymond as her maiden name— perhaps
K.iyniond was her first luLsband's name— but she is Flora Devoe and Flora Titus,
in the records, and her father's name is Devoe.

t This return gives the parents as Franklin 1'. Titus and Flora E. Titus, and
ni.ikcs Iheni resident there ; she was h. in France, 1S60.



She is supposed to be unmarried and to be an opera-
tive in the woolen mills at Lebanon.


Elizabeth May Titus^ {Adeline ]\Iaria Morse Stanford^
Jesse Duncan,^ Ahier,^ Caleb,'' David^ Thomas'^ Thomas^) m.
at Boston, Sep 19, 1874, by Rev. J. VV. Hamilton, George
Henry Crisp, of Brownsville, Tex., b. at Winooski Falls, Vt.,

Oct. 22, 1846, .son of George H. Crisp and Ellen M , t.r.

He lived in Texas for many years ; at Houston and Colorado,
IMitchell Co., he was agent for the Texas Express Co. ; he was
freight inspector at Omaha, Neb., when he died at his home,
Council Bluffs, la., of paralysis, Aug. i, 1896 and was buried
there in Walnut Hill cemetery, with stone.

He enlisted at Fort Carney, Neb., Nov. i, 1862, as a
bugler, but later was a private ; he served in coinpany D tenth
regiment U.S. infantry, and took part in the battles of
The Wilderness, Seven Pines, Gettysburg and others, being
wounded at Gettysburg ; he was honorably discharged at
Washington, Nov. 2, 1865. She lives at Council Bluffs and is
a milliner.

I- Ethel May, b. at Council Bluffs, Jan. 1, 1888, and lives
at home.


Evelyn Roxey Warren*^ {Nancy Clnd)h Stanford^' Jesse
Duncan^' Aimer,'' Caleb,'' Davidf Thomas',' Thomas^) m. at
Lebanon, July 5, 1904, by Rev. Joseph Simpson (M.E.), Charles
Henry Pellerin, t.r., b. at Lyme, Je 25, 1874, son of Jesse
Pellerin and Hattie Donaldson. They reside at Lebanon. He
is a skilled maker of watch-tools.
390-A I. Ashton Warren, b. at Lebanon, Apl 8, 1906.*

"^ See p. 36; the above information lias been received since that page was put
in type.




Ida Estelle FoUett' {iMcius,"' rhilinda Stanford^ Abner,^
Calcb;^ David,^ Thomas'^ Thovias^) m. at Hartford, Jan. 22,
1873, by Amasa P^oward, Edward Learned Rose, b. at Liberty
Hill (Lebanon), Dec. 31, 1851, t.r., son of Samuel S. Rose
and Lucy A. Whipple. He was in the laundry business in
Boston, but was a shipper for the Kennedy Biscuit Co.,
Cambridgcport, at the time of his illness ; he was sick a year
and a half with hemiplegia, and d. in the Carney Hospital,
South Boston, t.k., Dec. 13, 1892; he was buried in Mt.
Auburn cemetery, Cambridge, t.r., without stone. She is a
dressmaker and lives at 9 East Cottage St., Suite 2, Dorchester,
Feb., 1906.
391 I. Lucy Mary, b. at Hartford, Sep 2, 1873 and lives with
her mother, Feb., 1906.


Frank Vallentine*' {Adaline Follett^ Philinda Stanford^'
Abner;' Caleb,'' David;' Tliomasl^ Thomas') m. at Bridgeport,
Apl 23, 1889, b)- M. Walker, Flora Edith Higgins, b. at
Roxbury, Ct., Nov. i, 1859, dau. of Joseph Higgins and Eliza
Riggs. They have always lived at Bridgeport. She d. there
Mch 19, 1905, of lung disease and was buried there, in Lake
X'ievy cemeter}% without stone. Altho her death suddenly
deprived the children of a mother's care, their aunt. Miss
X'alentine {Sec 163), fortunateh' for them, immediately becanie
house-keeper for their father, and ever since has supplied for
them, very largely, the place of mother. He lives at Bridge-
port and is a machinist in the Howe Sewing Mach. Co. All
the children were b. at Bridgeport.

I- Florence May, b. Dec. 21, 1890, t.r.
-'• Delia Lois, b. Mch 5, 1892, t.r., d. there Sep 19, 1893.
of diarrhea and meningitis and was buried there, with-
(Hit stone.
394 3. Edna Marion, b. F>b. 22, 1893, t.r.

4- Frederick Leslie, b. Jan. 16, 1894, t.r.






Frederick Harrison Grant Follett^ {Alonzo^ Philinda
Stanford,^ Abncr^ Calcb,^ David^ Thomas'^ TJionias^) ni. at
Cumberland, Md., Dec. i8, 1892, by Rev. J. C. Moffatt,
Florence May Shepard, of Pittsburg, Pa., b. at Oakdale (West
Boylston), Sep 9, 1875, dau. of Joshua G. Shepard and Flmma
Bradford, t.r. He was in the theatre business at N.Y. City,

I. Alonzo Quintard, b. at Pittsburg, Oct. 29, 1894.


Mabel Elizabeth Flather^ {Elizabeth Ann Follett;'
Philinda Stanford,^ Abner,^ Caleb, "^ David, ^ Thomas,'^ Thomas^)
ni. at Bridgeport, Dec. 29, 1892, by Re\'. E. G. Fullerton,
Henry Lincoln Porter, b. there Jan. 18, 1869, son of Samuel

G. Porter and Arabella E. . They have always resided

at Bridgeport. He is an engineer on the N.Y , N.H. & H. R. R.
I. Boy, b. at Bridgeport, Dec. 20, 1905.


Ella Elizabeth Stanford^ {George Washington,'' Samuel
Stearns,^ Abncr,^ Caleb,* David^ Thomas ^'^ Thomas,^) m. at Ca-
naan, Sep II, 1 87 1, by William A. Wallace, J. P., Franklin Mon-
roe Cross, b. at Johnson, Jan. 23, 1849, son of Leonard Dexter
Cross and Milly F. Fish. They went to Iowa shortly after
marriage, passing thru Chicago just after the great fire in Oct.,
1 87 1. They lived a few years there at Grove Creek and
Ho[)kinton ; they lived later in Worcester, wheie she left him
about 1886, and severed all relations with her own family
and with all her mother's family in 1887, so that her
address is unknown. He m. (2) at Putnam, Dec. i, 1897,



J)clia Frances Dinsmore, b. at Auburn, May 19, 1853, dau. of
John Dinsniore and Delia Brown. They Hve at 27 Fountain
St.. Worcester. They have no children.

398 I. Charles Franklin, b. at Mopkinton, la., I\Iay 22, 1872.

399 2. Leonard Monroe, h. at Royalton, Vt., Je 22, 1874.


Eva Gertrude Stanford*" {George Washington,'' San me I
Stearns!;' Abner^" Caleb,'' David? TJioniasi- Thomas^) ni, at Ver-
non, Sep 30, 1874, by Rev^ N. C. tlodgdon (Univ.), Fred W.
Moorcs, T.R., alias Clarence Joseph Day, of West Northfield,
b. at Northami^ton, Jan. 23, 1852, son of Joseph S. Day and
Fanny W. Hay den, t.k.

Liecause of some irregiilarily toward his father he left home, took another
name and married under it ; but he registered his first child as Day and gave that
as his own name. lie was a farm laborer, and left his wife in Sep, iS8o, soon
after the birth of their second child ; he took the boy with him and since then
nothing definite has been known about them by his wife.

She m. (2) at Northfield, Apl 26, 1882, by Charles
Fonieroy, J. P., Charles Oscar Wheeler, her cousin {See 186),
b. at Winchester, Jan. 5, 1854, son of Willard Wheeler and
Emily Maria Stanford. They lived in Northfield and in Win-
chester ; he is a farm laborer ; she was divorced at Keene, at
the Oct. term, 1898, securing custody of her children. He lives
at \\' inchester ; she lives there generally, as housekeeper or
domestic as occasion arises.

400 I. Clarence Eugene Moores, b. at Vernon, July 30,

1875, T.R.

401 2. Charlotte Elizabeth Moores, b. at Hinsdale, Aug. 30,

1880 ; she li\'es, uniuarried, at Westmoreland.

402 3. Ada Mabel Wheeler, b. at Northfield, Jan. 25, 1883,


403 4. Alice Emily Wheeler, b. at Winchester, July 24,

1885, m. at Hinsdale, Jan. 18, 1902, by Rev. William
F. White, Henry Albert Graves, b. at Readsboro, [no
record], 1879, son of William Darling Graves, and
Fallen Hill, both of Cliesterficld. He was an operative,
T.K. ; they separated in about three months; they had
no child. She was a domestic at Keene, in the sum-
mer of 1905, but in a logging camp at Stoddard,
along with her mother, in the autumn of 1905.




Ethel Hannah Stanford** {George WasJdngton^ Savmcl
Steams!^ Abner^ Caleb, '^ David, ^ Thomas,'^ Thomas^) ni. (i) at
Vernon, Jan. i6, 187S, b}- Rev. Salmon Cook (Advent.), Eugene

Barrett, b. at Winchester,- 1846, son of Nathaniel S.

Barrett and Mahitable Mullican. He lived at Winchester and
took his bride there, but after about one day's experience she
left him and returned to her mother at Hinsdale. He was a
mentally deranged believer in Spiritualism, and subsequently
was provided for by the authorities, and died a few years later.

She m. (2) at Northfield, Je 6, 1880, by Rev. Theodore
J. Clark (Cong'I), James Warren Arling, b. there Je 23, 185 1,
son of Israel Doctor Arling and Lucy Ann Webster. They
lived at Northfield and Hinsdale. He is a laborer. They
separated about Aug., 1S98. He lives at Hinsdale, and works
in the stone quarries near Brattleboro, Oct., 1905. She lives
at Northfield, as housekeeper and laundress, Je, 1905.

1. Frank "Warren, b. at Hinsdale, May 10, 1 88 1.

2. Lucy Ella, b. at Northfield, Feb. 25, 1883, t.r., m. at

Northfield, Apl 2, 1898, by Rev. George F. Piper,

Trac}- Arthur Cole, b. at Susquehanna, Pa., ■ 1875,

son of William A. Cole and Jennie . He was a

broommaker ; he also worked on the new iron bridge
over the Connecticut River, at Northfield, where he
had a foot badl}- crushed. He was in poor health
from consumption. They were divorced at Greenfield,
at the April term, 1 903, and the decree became
absolute May 28, 1904. She has resumed her maiden
name ; she is a laundress and resides at Greenfield.
He is said to live with his relatives at Nyack, NA'^.
There were no children.

3- Florence Elizabeth, b. at Hinsdale, May 30, 1885, T.R.

4- George Reed, b. at Hinsdale, Je 23, 1886, lives at West

Northfield, works at Ned Graves' luncli room and
" peddles the trains " with pop corn and candy.

5- Hazel Violet, b. at Hinsdale, May 23, 18S9, t.k.

Address : 7o 43 State House, Boston. She lives
(1905) at Cambridge, working her way with a famil>-.
6. Percey Ray, b. at Hinsdale, Nov 2, 1891, t.r.; he is



" bound out " until of age, to C.W. Raymo, a farmer,
at Stowe, Vt.
410 7. Ethel Maude, b. at Hinsdale, Aug. 22, 1894, t.r. ; she
lives with her mother, 1906.


John Edward Wheeler" {Emily Maria Stanford^'
Samuel Stearns^ Abnerl" Caleb, ^ David^ Thomas," Thomas^) m.
at Holyoke, Je 20, 1878, by Rev. J L. Trask (Cong'l), Carra
Ina Tuttle, b. at Cavendish, Vt., July 27, 1857, dau. of Augus-
tus Tuttle and Elsie Maria Robinson. They have lived at
Holyoke, New Haven, Naugatuck and Derby. He is an ex-
perienced shoe-man and has been in the business all his life,
either as clerk or proprietor; he is now, Mch, 1906, clerk at
a shoe store in Concord, N.H. His family resides at 376
Dwight St., Holyoke. He is a Mason. {Sec 158)

411 I. Henry Edward, b. at New Haven, May 30, 1880, is

uimiarried and is a bookkeeper at Waterbury, Feb.,

412 2. Stanley Cushman, b. at Naugatuck, Aug. 28, 1883, is

unmarried and is a bookkeeper at Holyoke, Feb.,

413 3. Waldo Stanford, b. at Naugatuck, Nov. 29, 1888, is

unmarried and lives at home, Feb., 1906.

414 4. Hazel Madeline, b. at Derby (Birmingham ?), Mch 22,


415 5. Howard Robinson, b. at Derby, Je 5, 1894.


George Osman Wheeler' {Emily Maria Stanford^'
Samuel Steams:' Aimer,' Caleb,' Bavid,' Thomas I' Thomas^) m.
at South Chittenden, Nov. 30, 1874, by Rev. Russell T. Hall
(Cong'l), jMis. Ida May ^Baird) Davis, b. there Dec. 15, 1853,
dau. of Joel I^aird and Hannah Melissa Rogers. They lived
at I'lttsford. She d. at her early liome, at Chittenden, Sep 30,



1881, of consumption, aged 27yrs. 9m. i5d. and was buried at
Pittsford, with stone.* He in. (2) at Sunderland, t.r., July 9,
1884, by Rev. W. F. Arms (Cong'i), Mattie Phoebe (birth record
has " Martha Mary," l^asthampton, t.r.) Clark, of Montague,
b. at Easthampton, May 19, 1857, dau. of William E!. Clark
and Lucinda W. Gould, t.k. They lived at New Braintree,
where he was a herdsman, and later at North Brookfield ; they
separated after a few years, and she d. of rheumatism and
quick consumption, at Worcester, t.r., Dec. 27, iSgr, aged
34yrs. 7m. 8d. and was buried at Amherst, where her mother
was born. He m. (3) at Pittsford, Mch 26, 1 891, Minnie
Frances Dickerman, b. at Leicester, Je 17, 1863, dau. of Austin
Arthur Dickerman and Adelaide Frances Sargent. f They
reside at Ware. He is a farmer.

1. John Hayes, b. at Pittsford, Dec. 9, 1876.

2. George Garfield, b. at Pittsford, May 13, 1881, T.R.,

d. at Chittenden, Aug. 19, 1881, t.r., buried at
Pittsford, with stone.

3- Francis Elsworth, b. at New Braintree, Aug. 27, 1886,

T.R.; since his mother's death in 1891, he has lived at
North Brookfield much of the time, with a kind farmer,
Lyman Parkman ; he is unmarried and works at
Bush's stable, on Main St., North Brookfield.

4- Harrison Hoyt, b. at Ware, July 6, 1892, T.R.

5- Mabel Ida, b. at Ware, Dec, 29, 1898, t.r., d. there of

indigestion, Sep 24, 1899, t.r. and was buried at
Pittsford, without stone.
6. Edward Austin, b. at Ware, Nov. 7, 1900, t.r.


Charles Oscar Wheeler^ {Emily Maria Stanford^
SanincL Stearns^ Abner^" Caleb,^ David'^ Thomas^" Thomas) m. at
Northfield, Apl 26, 1882, by Charles Pomeroy, J. P., Mrs. F:va
Gertrude (Stanford) Moores, his cousin {Sec 182). He lives at

* Ida m. (i) at East Pittsford, Jan. 2, 1871, Merritt C.Davis, son of Andrew
and Delia Davis, who d. at Rutland, Aug., 1871 ; they had no children.

t There is no certainty about the statements relating to this marriage. The
parties affirm they were m. at Pittsford, but there is no ofticial record of tlie
marriage, on the town cleric's books ; further, on different occa.sions, to different
individuals, they gave differing da^tes ranging over several years.



Wincliester, unmarried and engaged in farm labor. {Scr 182)

1. Ada Mabel, b. at Northfield, Jan. 25, 1883, t.k. {See

402 >

2. Alice Emily, b. at Winchester, July 24, 1885 {See ^03)


Franklin Pierce White^ {Alarj Elizabeth Stanford^
Saiiuiel Stearns!^ Abner^-' Caleb,^ Davidf Thomas'^ Thomas') m. at
Vernon, Mch 21, 1874, by Lorenzo Brown, J. P., Cora Victoria
Kimplin, b. at Leyden [no record], Apl 4, 1857, dau. of Chaun-

cey Kimplin and Minerva ^ . She d. at Deerfield, Mch 2,

1883 and was buried at Gill, in Riverside cemetery, without
stone ; he li\-es at Pittsburg, Pa. and is a slater.
422 I. Mabel Gertrude, b. at Turner's P'alls (Montague),
July 28, 1877, T.K. She is unmarried and resides at
596 Rixerdale, West Springfield. She graduated from
the Springfi.eld high school and is an assistant librarian
at the West Springfield library ; she is a member of
the Uni\-ersalist church, and a teacher in the Sunday


Albert Leslie Blanchard^ {Sarah Rebecca Stanford^''
Savnicl S/ear/is,'' /Umer,'' Caleb^ David^ Thomas? Thomas^) m.

at Chicago, Spring of 1885 ? Annie ? , of German stock.

He d. at Brattleboro, Je 4, 1900 and was buried in Pine Grove
cemetery, at Hinsdale, without stone. She is said to live in

423 I . Raymond Leslie, b. at Chicago, 1886 ? and is sup-
posed to have d. there when about six months old.*

^" The Chicago, T.r. and the Cook County records were searched in vain for
any niformalion about the marriage, or the birth and death of the child. Chicago
city and Cook County records up to very recently, have left very much to be




Charles Arthui' LovelF {Jam Elizabeth Stanford^
Willis^ Abiier^" Caleb ^ David;'' Thomas^ Thojiias^) m. at
Stratford, Sep ii, 1878, by D.L. Lounsbury, Rosella Maria
Todd, b. at Plymouth, Ct., Apl 8, i860, dau. of Lewis Harri-
son Todd and Sarali Adelaide Fellows. They always lived at
Stratford, where he was in a grocery business with his father-
in-law ; he d. there of heart (valvular) disease and oduma of
the lungs, Apl 16, 1895 and was buried there in Union ceme-
tery, with inscription on the fine, granite monument on the
Todd-Lovell lot. He vras a Mason. She lives in the eastern
part of Stratford, directly on the trolley line from New Ha\'ea
to Bridgeport. The children were b. there, and live at home.

424 I. Ethelyn, b. Sep i, 1882; she is a teacher, and has

been engaged at one of Connecticut's interesting in-
stitutions — a county school.

425 2. Alice Wiiinifred, b. July 18, 1884.

426 3. Harold Charles, b. Jan. 3. 1886.


Elizabeth Van Etten Sherman^ {Sarah Sophia Stan-
fordi" Willis^ Abncr^ Ct.ub,'^ David, ^ Thomas;' Thomas^) m. at
Keene, Sep 27, 1875, by Kev. G. VV. Btown (Epis.), Lemuel
Alexander Brandebury, of Washington, b. at Kenton, Sep 12,
1843, son of Charles Britton Brandcburv and Martha Jane Ha-
milton. They alwa)'s lived at Washingtc-n, where he has been a
clerk in the Pension Ofifice for many years. She d. at
Washington, Sep 21, 1903, and was buried there, in Rock
Creek cemetery, without stone (1904^, but one will be erected
in due time. His address is, 1406 Columbia St., N. W.
127 I. Carl Sherman, b. at Keene, Dec. 10, 1876. He has
been for some }^ears, w ith the New York Bureau of
the Publishers' Press, Park Row Bdg., Park Row,
N.Y. City. He is unmarried. .




George Edward Sherman^ {Sarah Sophia Stanford^
Willis!' Abiur;- Caleb,'' David^ ThoDias: Thomas') in. at Wal-
pole, Apl 30, i.Sgo, by Rev, George I. Bard. Minnie Orilla
Gates, b. there Aug. 4, 1864, dau. of Charles Gates and Mary
H. Pierce. They have always resided at Walpole, where he is
proprietor of The Wentworth, a name under which his father
started in the hotel business, years ago, at Walpole. He has
been Democratic Representative to the Legislature sev^eral
terms. The children were b. at Walpole.

428 I. Morgan Jay, b. Mch 31, 1891.

429 2. Laurence Gates, b. Jan. 16, 1895.

430 3. Kathryn, b. Aug. 26, 1897.

431 4. Roger Van Etten, b. Aug. 26, 1900.


Kate Spalding Sherman^ {Sarah Sophia Stanford^;
Willis l' Abncr^ Caleb, ^ David'^ Thomas ^^ Thomas^) m. at
Walpole, Sep 10, 1890, by Rev. Leonidas B. Baldwin, of
Keene, John Flavell Jenkins, b. at White Plains, Jan. 15, 1866,
son of John P. Jenkins and Mary E. . He was then post-
master at Sing Sing. They reside at 10 State St., Ossining.
432 I. Margaret, b. there Je 22, 1891.


Eva Melinda Stanford' {Charles Hemy,' Willis,^
AbiterJ' Caleb,-" David;' Thomas^' Thomas^) m. at Fitchburg,
Oct. 24, 1885, by Rev. G. R. W. Scott, Russell Gray Lewis,
b. at Utica, Je 29, 1 867, son of Russell Ray Lewis and Helen
Anna Spear. They lived at Peterboro and New York City.
He was book-keeper, an operative and a porter for the Pullman



Co., at difterent times. He cl. at Jersey City, Sep 27, 1892
and was buried at Utica, with stone. She Hves at Jersey City,
with her mother, Mrs. H. A. Lewis, and is in the employ of
the Norwalk Lock Co., 23 Warren St., N.Y. City,

1. Unnamed Child, b. at Peterboro, Mch 26, 1886, s.B.

and buried there the same day, t.k.

2. Hazel Rand, b. at Peterboro, Dec. 24, 1890.


Charles Edward Stanford"" {CharUs Hcmy^ Willis,^
Abner^" Caleb,^ David^ Thomasi^ TJiomas^) m. at South
Stoddard, May 24, 1886, by Plbenezer T. Wheeler, J.P.,
Jennie t^lizabeth Kiblin, b. at Stoddard, July 14, 1867, dau. of
Hobert Kiblin and Sarah Stevens. He was then a farm
laborer at South Stoddard. She secured a divorce with
custody of her child, at Keene, at the Oct. term, 1897. She
m. (2) at Stoddard, Apl 12, 1898, by Rev. C. M. Palmer
(Cong'l), Michael Carroll, b. at Atlow, Irel., 1873, son of
Thomas Carroll, b. at Cork, and lillen Conroy. He m. (2) at
New York City, Mch 5, 1902, Mrs. Lulu Ardell (Dee)
Washburn, b. at Charlton, Mch 5, 1875, dau. of William
Dee and Flora M. Holden. They lived at Gardner, where he
was a stone mason ; at Worcester, and, Aug., 1906, at West
Quincy, where he is employed at some granite works. They
have no children.

I. Sarah Augusta, b. at South Stoddard, Mch 19,

1887, T.R.


Mabel Anna Stanford"^ {Charles Hemy,'^ Willis!^ Abncr^
Caleb,'' David-' Thonias^^ Thomas^) m. at Ashburnham, Dec.
15, 1887, by Rev. A. H. Herrick, Arthur Waldo Gushing, b.
at New Ipswich, F^eb. 20, 1865, son of George Wilkinson
Gushing and Julia Adelaide Whitney ; they both lived at
Fitchburg at the time of marriage, and they have lived there
since — now at 72 F"ox St. ; he is a hackdriver.



436 I. Mildred Louisa, b. at Fitchburg, Feb. 17, 1895. t.r
d. there Jc 27, 1904, of heart failure and was buried
there, in Forrest Hill cemetery, t.r., with monument.


Georo-e Malcolm Stanford' {Charles Henry,'' Willis,''
Abncri' Caleb^ David'^ Thomasr Thomas^) m. at Troy, Nov.
24, 1897, by Rev. F".. W. Dow, Emma Valena Dean, b. (t.r.)
at Troy, Aug. 8, 1875, dau. of John R. Dean and F^mma Eliza
Putnam. She d. of apoplexy, at Clarke's Sanitarium, Bur-
lington, Sep 10, 1901, and was buried at Troy, in Mountain
View cemetery, with stone. He was an operative in the
blanket mill, at Troy, but is now in the Abbott Grocery
Company, at Keene and unmarried, Mch, 1906.
437 I. Margaret Pearl, b. at Troy, May 7, 1900, d. there
from premature birth, May 8, 1900, and was buried
there in the Dean family lot. Mountain View cemetery,
without stone.


Francis Harris Bigelow^ {Coriwia Stanford^ /olm
Roberts,'' Lyvian^' Abiier;' Caleb, '^ David ^^ Thomas ^^ Thomas^)

m. at , Je 12, 1870, Mary Duane, b. at Tipperary, Irel.,

Aug. 15, 1846, dau. of William Duane and Hannah- -. He

d. at San Francisco, July 23, 1887; he was a printer. She
lives at San Rafael.

438 I. Rosa, b. at- , Oct. 20, 1871, and is said to have m.

^\'illiam Seymour, and to have d. Aug. 14, 1894.

439 2. Stanford H., b. at , Feb. 21, 1873 and d. at ,

Sep 5, 1876.

440 3. Clinton J., b. at , May 5, 1875 and d. at , Je

18, 1895.

441 4. Corinne M., b. at ■, May 29, 1877 and d. at ,

Oct. 29, 1880.

442 5. Francis C, b. at , Dec. 12, 1879.

443 6. Martha, b. at , July 18, 1883.





Corinna Bigelow^ {Corhma Stanford,'' John Roberts'!

Lyman,'' Abncr;' Calcb,^ David'! Thomas! Thomas^) m. at ,

Je 19, 1866, Alpha Omega Dunning, b. at , Nov. 28,

1844, son of Lewis B. Dunning and Catherine E, Rodman.
He is a carpenter and has lived at Milo, Torrey and Dresden.

1. Frank Alpha, b. at , Sep 15, 1865.

2. Lillian Viola, b. at , Aug. 31, 1867.

3- Rose Mary, b. at , Nov. 3, 1870.

4- John Lewis, b. at , May 4, 1873.

5. William Niram, b. at , Apl 18, 1876.

6. Maude C, b. at , Mch 28, 1 881, and d. at ,

]\Ich 31, 1881.

7- Leon Stanford, b. at , Jan. 24, 1885 and d. at ,

Jan. 27, 1885.


Clinton Stanford Bigelow" (.Corinna Stanford,^ foJin
Roberts! Lyman! Abner! Caleb! David! Thomas! Thomas'")

m. at , Dec, 5, 1871, Flora E. May, b. at , dau. of

Jabez May and Mary Jane Thomas. She d. at . He m.

(2) . He is said to be a carpenter at Penn Yati, but to

live at Glen Falls, N.Y.

I. Mildred May, b. at , May 13, 1894, by his second



Henry Clay Stanford' {DelVitt Clinton, \/ohn Rob-
erts! Lyman! Abner! Caleb! David! Thomas! Thomas^) m.

at , Apl 29, 1876, Amelia Delpt, of Panama, C. A. He

d. at Elizabeth, Jan. 13, 1884. She resides in New Jersey.



452 I. Peter Henry, b. at -, Mch 13, 1871 and d. at ,

May 29, 1897.

453 2. Samuel Colon, b. at Sep 20, 1878 and d. at ,

Jan. 18. 1883.

454 3- Henry Clay, b. at , Dec. 7, 1880.

455 4. Boy, d. when six months old.

456 5. Laura Louisa, b. at , Feb. 3, 1881 and d. at^ -,

July 7, 1884.

457 6. Samuel Leland, b. at^ , Nov. 14, 1884 and d.

at .July 5. 1^87.

458 7. John Duchy, b. at , May 29, 1885 and d. at six

months of age.


Frank Harris Stanford' {DcWitt Clinton^ John
Roberts^ Lyman,^' Abncr,^ Calcb,^ David,^ Thomas,^ Thomas^)

m. at , Feb. 7, 1874, Hattie Amelia Ellis, b. at , Jan.

16, 1856, dau. of William Albert Ellis and Lucy Clark
Barrows. He was a conductor ; he is now a printer with Cook
and Co., at Elizabeth. — resides on East Grand St. Their
children were all b. at Elizabeth.

459 I. William DeWitt, b. May 21, 1875.

460 2. Lucy Barrows, b. Nov. 27, 1876 and d. at' , Aug.

20, 1880.

461 3. Frank Harris, b. at -— , Nov. 21, 1878, is unmarried,

Apl. 1905 and lives at Elizabeth.

462 4, Rosamond Elizabeth, b. at^ — -, Sep 21, 1880.

463 5. Charles Randall, b. at , Dec. 2, 1882, and d.

at , July 10, 1883.

464 6. Hattie Amelia, b. at , Dec. 14, 1883, and rn.

at , William Meyers, of Elizabeth, N.J.

465 7. Caroline Corinna, b. at , July 18, 1885 and d.

at , July 3, 1886.

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