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Betsey Ann Smith. He is a lawyer with office in the Am.
Tract So. building, 150 Nassau St., N.Y. City ; he is a member
of the law firm of Harris, Corwin, Gunnison and Meyers
(Scr 331), and resides at 167 Bainb ridge St., Brooklyn.

576 I. Francis Fay, b. at Brooklyn, May 21, 1S87 and d.

there Jan. 19, 1893.

577 2. Cyrus Lockwood, b. at Brooklyn, Aug. 30, 1889.

578 3. Bessie Smith, b. at Brooklyn, Dec. 10, 1891 and d.

there Jan. 2, 1893.

579 4. Clinton Stanford, Jr., b. a twin, Dec. 10, 1891 and d.

there Jan. 24, 1892.


Helen Elizabeth Harris'' {Franas,' Elizabeth Stanford •
Lyman!;' Abncr-' Caleb,"" David'^ TJiomas: Thomas^) m. at
Elizabeth, Je 2t, 1879, John Howard Corwin, b. at San Jose,
Calif, July 5, 1852, son of Rev. Eli Corwin, D.D. and
Henrietta Sophia Howell, once missionaries in the Sandwich
Islands; he is a graduate of Williams College, class of 1875,
and a lawyer of the firm of Harris, Corwin, Gunnison and
Meyers, at 150 Nassau St., N.Y. City {See 330). They reside
at Yonkers, N.Y. All the children except one, were born at

580 I. Howard Field, b. July 25, 1880 and d. at Canton,

N.Y., Jan. 21, 1903, while a student in St. Lawrence

581 2. Carolyn Estelle, b. Jan. 19, 1882; she was unmarried,

Feb., 1906.

582 3- Evelyn, b. Je 22, 1887.

583 4- Walter, b. (twin) Je 22, 1887.

584 5. Helen Cecil, b. Aug. 21, 1890.

585 6. Clinton Sherwood, b. at Yonkers, Sep 24, 1896.


Emma Elizabeth Stanford' {Elizabeth Stavfo7-d
Harris^ ElizabetJi Stanford^' Lyvian^ Abner^ Caleb,'^ David^



Thoj/ias,- Thomas^) ni. at Elizabeth, Sep 2, 1863, Arlington
Elisha Phelps, b. at Granville, O., Dec. 10, 1841, youngest
child of Ebenezer Williams Phelps and Annis Chapman (who
was b. at IMontgomery, Mass.). He was formerly in a sugar
manufacturing company, but he is now in the jewelry business,
with his son William Roberts, under the firm-name of Phelps
and Company, at 3 Maiden Eane, New York City ; the firm
also combines with their jewelry business, a part of that of a
florist — a department of cut flowers, with a branch store at
Cranford. They live at 505 Elizabeth Avenue Cranford, NJ.
Their children were all born at Elizabeth, N.J.

I- George, b. Jan. 22, 1&65 and d. there Dec. 4, 1867.
2. William Roberts, b. Dec. i, 1867, m. at Brooklyn,
Feb. 5, 1890, Josephine Eeighton Day, b. at Pem-
broke, Me., Oct. 19, 1868, dau. of George Day and
Sarah Thomson, of Me. They have no children,
Feb., 1906, They live at Englewood Cliffs, on the
Hudson. He is a jeweler at 3 Maiden Lane, of the
firm of Phelps and Co.

3- Frederick, b. Feb. 20, 1874 and d. there July 30, 1874.

4- Mary Emma Arline, b. Oct. 3, 1875.


Georgianna Stanford'' {Elisabeth Stanford Harris,^
Elizabeth Stajiford^' Lyniian^ Abner^ Caleb, "^ David;' Thomas ^^
Thomas^) m. at Lishas Kill, Mch 10, 1880, Charles Marian

Waterman, b. at . She d. at Schenectady, Nov. 26, 1900.

He lives at Albany, Mch, 1906.

I. Ida, b. at Lishas Kill, Feb. 17, 1882.


Mary Frances Stanford" {Elizabeth Stanford Harris^
Elizabeth Stanford^ Lyvian^ Abner^ Caleb,'^ David'^ Thomas^
Thomas') \x\. at P31izabeth, Sep 3, 1870, Peter G. Stoothofif, b.

at • . He is a railroad ticket agent. They live at 765 Sa\-re

St., Cranford, N.J., Mch, 1906.



591 I. William, b. at Elizabeth, Aug., 1873 and d. there ,

1 874.

592 2. Nellie, b. at Elizabeth, Feb. 7, 1874 and d. there ■ ,


593 3. Ina, b. at Elizabeth, Oct, 12, 1876.

594 4. Henry, b. at F:iizabeth, Nov. I, 1880 and m. at New

Brunswick, N. J., , Miss Florence ; they

have no children, F""eb , 1906.


Elizabeth Harris" {CJiaiinccy^ Elizabeth Stanford'^
Lyman!' Abner^ Caleb ^ David ^ Thomas I" Thomas'') ni. at
Elizabeth, Sep 8, 1875, her first cousin once removed. (5tv


Ida May Harris" {Chamicey! Elizabeth Stanford,^ Ly-
inajiy' Abnerl'' Caleb,'^ David,^ Thomas,'^ Thomas^) ni. at Eliza-
beth, Nov. 12 or 22, 1894, Herbert Underwood Beebe, b. at

Elizabeth, , 1869, son of Emerson P. Beebe and

Underwood. He is a florist and landscape gardener and they
lived on Grand St., Elizabeth, but they now reside at Lake
City, Minn.
595 I. Merritt Harris, b. a^t Elizabeth, May 14, 1897.


Adelaide Wells Harris" {George Washington,^ Eliza-
beth Stanford,"' Lyman^' Abner^ Caleb,^ David; Thomas^-
Thomas^) m. at Elizabeth, Apl 8, 1890, Charles Perkins Russ,
b. at Fllizabeth, July 17, 1861, son of Charles Russ and Mary
Perkins, of Bath, F:ng. He is a confectioner and they live
at FJizabcth.



596 I. Ray Harris, b. at Elizabeth, Aug. 25, 1893.

597 2. Marguerite Perkins, b. at Elizabeth, Oct. 13, 1894.


Francis Elihu Crane^ {Julia Ann Harris^ Elizabeth
Stanford^' Lyvian!^' Abncr^' Caleb^ David^ Thomas'^ Thomas')
m. at Amsterdam, Oct. 20, 1892, Emma Wright Myers, b. at
Mohawk, July 8, 1867, dau. of Henry Myers and Harriet
Eliza Parker. He is city engineer and they live at 99 Division
St., Amsterdam.

I. Elizabeth, b. at Amsterdam, Jan. 28, 1905.


Cornelia Lansing Stanford'' {George Clinton^ George
Washington^' Lynian^ ^Ibner,^ Caleb,^ David^ Thouias^

Thomas^) m. at Lishas Kill, , 1895, Charles Wesley

Miller, b. at Niskayuna, Albany Co., -, 1871, son of

Charles Wesley Miller and Mary Scarf.

1. Stanford Wade, b. at Niskayuna, May 18. 1896.

2. William Wesley, b. at Niskayuna, Dec, 8, 1897.


Alida Groot Lansine'' {Helen Ann Stanford^ George
WasJiington^ Lynian^ Abner^ Caleb,^ David'^ Thonias^^

Tho7/ias^) m. at , about 1S92, William Henry Brown, b.

at ; they are said to reside at West Albany, N.Y.

1. Helen Stanford, b. at .

2. William Henry, b. at .

3- Kenneth, b. at West Albany, Nov. 19, 19O4.




George Chauncey Stanford" {Theodore FrelingJiyson,^
George Washing ton,"' Lyvian,^ Abner^ Calch,'^ David^ Tlionias^
TJiomas^) m. at Elizabeth, Je 25, 1902, May Faulks Wardell,
b. at Elizabeth, Je 28, 1875, dau. of James Burnett Wardell
and Mary Faulks ; he is a mechanical engineer and the}- reside
at 108 Sayre St., Elizabeth.
604 I. George Chauncey, Jr., b. at Elizabeth, Mch 27, 1905.


Arthur Holland Forbush" {Martha Taft Fis}4 Amy
Taft^' Lois Stanford,^ Abncr-' Caleb,^ David^ Tliovias'^ Thomas^)
m. at Boston, Dec. 8, 1884, by Charles R. Truney, F^sther
Worcester, t.r., b. at Charlestown, Feb. 2, 1862, dau. of

James A. D. Worcester and Esther S. ■ -, t.r. He was

then a bookkeeper. She d. at . He m. (2) at , and

they live at ito Fifth Ave., N.Y. City. He is connected with
an architectural magazine. He goes under the name of
605 I. Florence Leland, b. at Boston, Dec. 17, 1885, t.r., is
m. and lives in N.Y. City, Feb., 1906.



Wilbur Fiske Adams" {Sarah Elicabclh Fish,^ Amy
Taft;' Lois Stanford^' AbncrJ' Caleb,'' David'^ Thomas^
Thomas^) m. (t.r.) at Hopkinton, Oct. 31, 1888, by Rev.
Preston 11 Wing (Cong'l), Hattie Alberta Phipps, b. at
Hopkinton, Mch 8, 1866, t.r., dau. of Frederick Sanford
Phipps and Emma Augusta Crocker. He is a machinist and
is now a contractor for the Murtfeldt Granolithic Co. ; they
reside, at 31 Vinson St., Dorchester, F'^eb., 1906. All the
children were born at Dorchester.

1 10









606 I. Maude Augusta, b. Aug. 6, 1890 and d. there Apl
4, 1897; she was buried at Milford, in Pine Grove
cemetery, with stone.

Marion Louisa, b. July i, 1892.

Frederick Wilbui', b. Feb. 22, 1894.

Harold Bertram, b. Jan. 27, 1896,

John Quincy, b. Mch 26, 19C0.


Grace Louise Adams" {SaraJi EUzabctJi Fisk^ Amy
Taft^' Lois Stanford^' Abiicr^" Cahij* David,^ JJiovias'^
TJiovias^) m. at Hopkinton, Je 10, 189 1, by Rev\ Preston B.
Wing (Cong'l), George Owen Wood, t.r., b. at Hopkinton,
Je 18, ["July," T.R., is wrong], 1869, son of Owen Wood and
P2mily Maria (t.r.) Mansfield, of Hopkinton. He is a notary
public and real estate agent at 31 Milk St., Boston. They
reside at 333 Park St., Dorchester.

611 I. George Amos, b. at Putnam, Sep 27, 1892.

612 2. Carl Adams, b. at Dorchester, Aug. 10, 1895.

613 3. Katharine Louise, b. at Dorchester, Mch 22, 1899.


Josephine Adelaide Dennis,"' {Jane Aludra Fisk^
Amy Taft,'' Lois Stanford,^ Abncr^" Caleb,'' David'^ Thomas^
Thomas^) m. at Worcester, Dec. 30, 1882, by Rev. Moses
H. Harris (Univ.), Ferdinand Temple Lathe, b. at Millbury,

Aug. 1 1, 1847, son of Levi L. Lathe and Frances . After

about two years he left her ; he went west and, July 17, 1890,
m. at Cadiz, Ind., by Elder J. McCook (U. B.), Agnes O.
Laboyteaux, by whom he had a son. He d. there Je 16,
1897. He was a shuttlemaker at Woonsocket. at the time of
his first marriage, but later became a minister, settled at
W'ashington, Vt., Hopkinsville, Ky., and elsewhere. In Nov..
1894, Josephine applied for a divorce and a decree nisi was
entered Je 26, 1895, at Cambridge, on the ground of adultery
and desertion ; the decree became absolute, Dec. 27, 1897,

1 1 1


and she was given custody of the child during minority. She
lives at 42 West Central St., Natick, Mch, 1906.
614 I. Annie Gertrude, b. at Worcester, Apl 23, 1885, t.r. She
lives, unmarried, with her mother and Grandfather
Dennis, at Natick.



Myra Gertrude Dennis'' {fane Almira Fisk^ Amy
Taft^' Lois Stanford^' Abncr,^ Calcb,^ David^ Thomas,^
Thomas') m. (t.r.) at Milford, Apl 12, 1887, by Rev. S. A.
Gardner (Univ.), William Franklin Worcester, b. (t.r.) at Graf-
ton, Apl 10, 1865, son of Franklin Worcester, of Thornton,
N. H., and Abbie R. Capron, of Uxbiidge. They reside at
Old Orchard, Me. He was a farmer when he married.

1. Mabel Adelaide, b. at Grafton, May 29, 1888, T.R.

2. Henry Franklin, b. at Swanzey, Oct. 22, 1892, t.r.
3- Gertrude, b. at Old Orchard, July 14, 1901.





Edward Aaron Adams''' {Marietta Adelaide Fisk,^ Amy
Tafti' Lois Stanford,'^ Abner^" Caleb,^ David,^ Thomas,^
Thomas^) m. at Hudson, Sep 14, 1889, Alice Louella Sher-
man, b. at Springfield, O., Mch i, 1868, dau. of Frank Gardner
Sherman and Anna Augusta Winch. These Shermans belong
to the family of Senator John and Gen. W. T. Sherman. He
is a conductor on an electric line ; they reside on Spring St.,
Medfield, Mass., P. O. Box 226, Feb., 1906.

1. Henry Edward, b. at Hopkinton, Jan. 27, 1 891 and d.

there the same day ; he was buried in the family lot,
in Pine Grove cemetery, Milford, with mon. and stone.

2. William Ernest, b. at South Framingham, Apl 9, 1893.

3- Lillian Augusta, b. (t.r.) at Natick, Oct., 15, 1894, d.

(t.r.) there of internal hemorrhage, Oct. 17, 1894,
and was buried in Pine Grove cemetery, Milford.

4- Ray Sherman, b. at Natick, Jan. 6, 1897 [no record].

1 12



Myra Lillian Adams'' {Marietta Adelaide risk^ Amy
Taft^ Lois Stanford^ Abncr,^ Caleb, ^ David? TJioinasl" Thomas^)
m. (t.r.) at Hopkinton, Oct. 28, 1889, by Rev. Preston B. Wing
(Cong'l), Arthur Russell Crooks, b. (t.k.) at Hopkinton, Sep
19, 1869, son of Abraham Crooks and Ann Maria Guy. He
was a boot-maker but now is supt. of the Mass. Wharf Coal
Co., 229 Marginal St., East Boston. They lived in Hopkinton,
but now reside at 28 Thornton Park, Winthrop. The children
were b. at Hopkinton.

1. Florence, b. Sep 28, 1894, t.r.

2. Isabel, b. May 23, 1897, T.R.


Josie May Adams'' {Marietta Adelaide Fisk? Amy
Taft? Lois Stanford,^ Adner,^ Caleb,^ David? Thomas?
Thomas^) m. at Hopkinton, Sep 15, 1896, by Rev. Theodore
J. Holmes, Ralph Dickinson Colburn, of Hyde Park, b. (t.k.)
at Holliston, Feb. 12, 1869, son of Edwin Wilkinson Colburn
and Sarah Frances Dickinson. He is an electrical engineer.
They have lived at Hyde Park and P^ast Templeton ; they
now reside at West Milton, O,, Feb., 1906.

1. Robert Talbot, b. at East Templeton, Mch 25, 1901.

2. Adelaide, b. at West Milton, Feb. 18, 1905.


Ina Spencer^ {Mary Ami Razvson? Diana Davis? Sally
Washington Stanford? Abner? Caleb? David? Thomas?.

Thomas^) m. at North Easton, ■ , Harry Robeson, b.

at . He is a shoe maker ; they reside at North Easton,

Mch, 1906.


626 I. Judson, b. at .

627 2. Maud Evelyn, b. at



Charles Franklin Cross' {.Ella Elizabeth Stanford,^
George Washington^' Samuel Stearns!!' Abner," Caleb,'' David;
Thomas? Thomas') m. at Danielsonville, Apl 5, 1894, Esther
Genevene Williams, b. at Dayville (Killingly), Ct., Apl 25, 1874,
flau. of Willis Williams and Alphrona Batchelder. He is a freight
conductor on the Boston and Maine railroad ; they live at 2
Fales St., Greendale (Worcester). All their children except
one, were b. at Worcester.

628 1. Myrtle Millie, b. Jan. 31, 1895.

629 2. Lyman Williams, b. Oct. 4, 1896.

630 3. Iver Evelyn, b. Aug. 11, 1899, d. of bronchopneumonia,

at Greendale (Worcester), Nov. 13, 1899 and was
buried there in Hope cemetery, lot 4868, without

631 4. Edwin Willis, b. Feb. 19 [20, t.r.], 1902, d. at Worces-

ter, Je 4 [3, T.R.], 1902, of pneumonia and whooping
cough, and Avas buried there in Hope cemetery, lot
4868, without stone.

632 5. Walter Franklin, b. at Nashua, July 16, 1903, d. of

gastro-enteritis, at the Memorial Hospital, Worcester,
Oct. 30, 1903 and was buried there in Hope cemetery,
lot 4868, without stone.

633 6. Edna May,b.July 19, 1904, d. of inanition, at Worcester,

Sep 9, 1904 and was buried there in Hope cemetery,
lot 4868, without stone.


Leonard Monroe Cross" {Ella Elizabeth Stanford,^
George Washington? Samuel Steams? Abner? Caleb? David?
Thomas? Thomas^) m. at Danvers, Feb. 3, 1893, Eliza Jane Car-
roll, b. at Salem, July 2, 1864, dau. of James Carroll and Ellen



Smith. He is a brakeman on the Boston and Maine raihoad ;
they reside at lo Sackville St., Worcester.
634 Harry Monroe, b. at Worcester, May 22, 1897.


Ada Mabel Wheeler' {Eva Gertrude Stanford^ George
WasJdngton] Samuel Stearns^ Abnerl" Caleb, ^ David^ Thomas^
Thomas'-) m. at Fitchburg, Feb. 18, 1901, by Rev. Robert C.
Brown, Ernest Constant Munsell, b. at Shutesbury [no record],
■ — 1880, son of George H. Munsell and Eliza A. Jenks. He
was a shoemaker, at Belchertown ; she was a domestic at
Fitchburg ; they lived at Belchertown, then at Fitchburg,
Lynn, Winchester, N. H., Orange, Athol and Lynn, where he
left her, May 15, 1903. She is a domestic at 298 Main St.,
Keene, Nov. 1905.

1. George Truman, b. at Fitchburg, Jan. 8, 1902 and

lives at Westmoreland.

2. Mildred Olive, b. at Winchester, Je 27, 1903 and lives

with Mrs, Eva Stanford Wheeler, at Winchester, July,
1905. {See 182)


Frank Warren Arling" {Ethel Hannah Stanford^ George
Washington'^ Sanniel Stearns^' Abner^ Caleb, ^ David'!' Thomasi^
Thomas^) m. at Gardner [no record], — -1904, by Mr. Brown,
J. P., Selma Matilda Munson, b. at Maiden, Sep 14, 1888, dau.
of Charles Munson and Mary Nillson, both b. in Sweden, he,
in Oland, she, in Gotland, islands in the Baltic Sea. Her
mother died early and after 1894, she was reared by her
mother's sister, Mrs. Frank Steel and took the name Steel,
under which she was married. She d. of blood poisoning
(puerperal), at Northfield, Feb. 21 [22, tk.], 1905 and was
buried there, without stone, at the rear of the cemetery, op-
posite the depot ; the grave is across the avenue from a white
marble slab for Mrs. Mary Field, who d. in 1 871. They
resided in Keene, where he was a teamster. He was cn'i[)!()ycd



in a stable at Brattleboro, and, later, at a stone quarry in Hins-
dale. He lives at Hinsdale, Oct., 1905.
637 I. Leslie Reed, b. at Northfield, Feb. 12, 1905 ; he has
been practically adopted by his grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Steel, of West Keene, who have re-named
him Karl Alfred.


Florence Elizabeth Arlinf»"'' {Ethel HannaJi Stanford^
George WasJiington^' Saiiniel Stearns,^ Abner,'' Calcb,^ David^
Tlwvias^ TJioinas^) m. at Brattleboro, Dec. 28, 1901, by William
S. Newton, J. P., Edward Hubert Pike, t.r., b. at Colrain, Oct.
29. 1873. son of Hartwell M. Pike and Maryette Bixby, t.h.
He has been a mechanic, a merchant, a laborer, etc. They
separated about 1904. He was at Brattleboro, 1905. She
liv'es with her mother, at Northfield.

638 I. Lawrence Aldrich, b. at Brattleboro, Apl u, 1902.

639 2. Bernice Elenor, b. at Northfield, Dec. 24, 1904.


John Hayes Wheeler' {George Osman^ Emily Maria
Stanford:^ Samuel Stearns^' Aimer,'' Caleb,'' David; Thovias^
Ihomas^) m. at Chatham, July 14, 1897, by Rev. S. F. Johnson
(Meth), Mary Howes Abbott Gould, b. there Oct. 7, 1871, dau.
of Josiah Albert Gould and Mary Reed Basselt. He is a tele-
grapher at 195 Broadway, N. Y. City, detailed to the service
of one of the great daily papers.

I. Ray Barton, b. at Brooklyn, Mch 31, 1898.



641 2. Reed Gould, a twin.


Sarah Auo"usta Stanford' {Charles Edzvard^ Charles
Henry: Jl'dlisrAlmer,' Caleb,' Davids' Thomas f Thomas') m.



(t.k.) at South Ashbuinham, July 2, 1903, by Rev. James E.
Meehan (Roman Cath), Tomas Adam Gooley, b. at Plattsburg,
Oct. 5, 1 88 1 [no record], son of Adam Gooley and Emma
Disco. He is a farmer. They reside at Ashby, where they
carry on the farm of Mr. E. K. Johnson, and make a home for
him, as her grandmother, Mrs, Frances Augusta Stanford, had
done for about thirty years. {See 69)

642 1. Rov Adams, b. at Boston, Aug. 16, 1902, t.r.

643 2. Eva Augusta, b. at Ashb}-, Apl 11, 1904.


Frank Alpha Dunning'" {.Corinna Bigcbivf Corinna
Stanford^ John Roberts^' Lynian^ AdncrJ' Caleb, '^ David^

Thomasi" TJioiuas^) m. at , Feb. 2, 1885, Lizzie T. Dains,

b. at- ■. They were divorced Feb. 15, 1897. He is station

agent and telegraph operator at Dresden.

644 ^ I. Evelvn Catherine, b. at , Nov. 16, 1885 and d.

at- , Mch 2, 1890.

645 2. Kathleen Marguerite, b. at , Feb. 2, 1890.


Rose Mary Dunning'" {Corinna Bigclozvl^ Comma
Stanford,^ John Roberts,"' I^yvian^ Abner;' Calebs David, ^

Thomas i^ Thomas^) m. at , Nov. 16, 1887, Edward ¥.

Travis, b. at . He is a railroad trainman ; they live at ii

Wallace St., Corning, N.Y.

646 I. Corrine, b. at ■, Dec. 27, 1889.

647 2. Clarence, b. at , Dec. 18, 1893.

648 3. Lillian, b. at , Jan. 11, 1896.

649 4. Francis, b. at , Nov. 20, 1897.


John Lewis Dunning^" {Corinna Bigeloiv^ Corinna




Stanford^ John Roberts; Lyvian^ Adncr;' Caleb,'' David,
Thomas': Thomas'') m. at , Mch 26, 1892, Hattie I.. Suther-
land, b. at , dau. of Jolin Sutherland and Adella .

He is a machinist ; they live at Whippeny, N.J.*

650 r. Eva May, b. at , Sep 3, 1893, and d. at , Sep

25, 1893. ■

651 2. Evelyn Stanley, b. at — -, Aug. 10, 1897.

652 3. Marguerite Rose, b. at^ -, Sep 17, 1898.


WiUiam DeWitt Stanford'" {Frank Harris,' DeWltt
Clinton^ John Roberts:^ Lyman^ Abner^ Caleb,'' Davld^

Thomas^ Thomas') m. at -. They live at 646 Jefferson

Ave., Elizabeth.*
653 I. Daughter.


Rosamond Elizabeth Stanford'" {Frank Flarrls?
DcWltt Clinton;' John Roberts^ Lyman; Aimer; Caleb, ^ David^

Thomas;' Thomas^) m. at -, William Brooks, b. at ,

son of- . He was killed in a railroad accident at ,

about 1902.*
654 I. Daughter.


Phillips Shaw Taylor'" {Agnes Stanford,' Josiah;

Josiali^ Lyman^ Aimer; Caleb; David; Thomas,^ Thomas^)

m. at , Sep 19, 1894, Lelia Augusta Brandon, b. at ,

* In these and several other cases, fuller information has been sought, but
owing to the cause mentioned in the Foreword, sufficient time for securing the
facts lias not elapsed.



Jan. 2, 1875, dau. of William Edward Brandon and Lelia Odd
Adams. He was a machine manufacturer at San Francisco.
655 r. Agnes Stanford, b. at , July 3, 1895.


Elmer Stanford Wilson^'^ {Chan nay Lyman l^ Lyman
Stanford^ Hannah Stanford^ L.ynian^ Abncrl" Calcb^ David^
Thoinas,- Ihojiias^) m. at Penn Yan, N.Y., Feb. 23, 1895,
Irene P^va Coryell, b. at Urbana, Sep 17, 1875, dau. of Clark
Harvey Coryell and Alma Bliven. He is a flagman in the
employ of the Northern Central Railroad Co., Elmira, where
they reside at 508 Franklin St., Feb., 19c 6.

I. Rudolph Chauncey, b. at Elmira, Je 28. 1900.


Ina May Childs^" {Rosalia Ann Adsit^ Jane Ann
Wilson^ Hannah Stanford,'' Lyman^ Abner,^ Caleb ^ David^

Thomas'^ Ihomas") m. at , Marquette Co., Wis., Lewis

Street, b. at ^ , son of . They lived at Montello, Wis.,

but they now reside at Packwaukee, Wis.

1. Inez Pearl, b. at Montello, Sep 4, 1896.

2. Son.


Frank Winfield Childs'" {Rosalia Ann Adsit^ Jane
A?m Wilson,^ Hannah Stanford,'' L.yinanl' Abner,'' Caleb,"*
David^ Thoj/iasi' Jhonias^) m. at Pardeeville, Wis., Nov. 23,
1898, Nellie Bradley, b. at Scott, Apl 16, 1880, dau. of John
Henry Bradley and Maggie Steiner. They lived at Pardee-
ville, but they now live at VVyocena, Wis., R. Y . D. No. i.
He is a farmer.

I. Roy Charcas, b. at Scott, Apl 24, 1900.



660 2. Florence, b. at Scott, Aug. 26, 1902.

661 3. MagP'ie May, b. at Marcellon, Columbia Co., Jan. 10,



Jessie Edith Childs^ {Rosalia Ann Adsit^ Jane Ann
Wilson^ Hannah Stanford^' Lynian^ Abncrl' Caleb, ^ David ^
Thomasl' Thomas^) ni. at Eelview, Minn., Oct. 25, 1899,

Robert Rickell, b. at Greenlake, Wis., , 1873, son of

Robert Rickell and Louisa Kitchen ; he is a teamster.

662 I. Walter Angus, b. at Vesta, Minn., Jan. 24, 190 1.

663 ?.. Rosa N., b. at Winnebago, Wis., Apl 21, 1903.

664 3. Charles Henry, b. at Duluth, Minn., Je 4, 1905, d. at

Superior, Wis., Nov. 7, 1905.



Nellie Margaret Graver^" {^Jcssic JSIarian LasJwr,
JSIargairi Wilson^ Hannah Stanford'^ Lyman^ Aimer ^ Caleb,"
David ^ Thomas^- Thonms^) m. at Clifton Park, Sep 14, 1904,
Henry Ray, b. at Grooms Corners, Aug. 16, 1884, son of
Frederick Ray and Dora Hal!. He is a farmer. They reside
at Clifton Park Center.
665 I. Frederick Albert, b. at Mechanicsville, July 9, 1905.


Mary Emma Aiiine Phelps'- {Enmm Blimbeth Stan-
ford;' Rlizabeih Stanjurd Hains,^^ElicabethyStanford^' Lyman ^'
Abncr:". Caleb,'' David ;\ Thomas,'' Thomas') m. -at F:iizabeth,
Sep 22, 1896, Clarence Albert Cree, her cousin, b. at Scranton,
Pa,, May :- 3, 1871, son of Albert F:d ward Cree and Ellen
Sophia IMielps. He is a pa) ing teller ;at the Astof' Place Bank,
a branch of the Coin FLxcliange, at N.Y. City ; they resided at
Elizabeth, but they now reside at 5O5 F:hzabcth Ave/, Graiiford.



666 I. Clarence Arlington, b. at Elizabeth, Oct. 3. 1899.

667 2. Kenneth Phelps, b. at Cranford, Aug. 31, 1902.


Ida Wateinian^^ {Georgiamm Stanford^ Elizabetli Stan-
ford Harris^ Elizabetli Stanford^ Lyuian,^' Abner^ Caleb*

David'^ Thomas'- Thovias^) m. at Lisbas Kill, Mch , 1902,

Robert McLea, b. at .

668 I, Roy Turale, b. at Schenectady, July 11, 1904.


Ina Stoothoflf '" {Mary Frances Stanford!^ Elizabeth Stan-
ford Harris,^ Elizabeth Stanford^' Lyvian^ Abner^ Caleb*
Dazndf TJiomas^ Thomas^) m. at Elizabeth, Je 28, 1898,
Charles Baldwin, b. at . He is a clerk in a paper ware-
house, N. Y. City ; they live at Elizabeth.

669 I. Marguerite, b. at Elizabeth.

670 2. Agatha Josephine, b. at Elizabeth.


Index of Stanfords.


Adaline Maria Morse



Alice Jane

Amanda Maria .„


Anna Florence
Anna Jerusha
Arthur Lucius
Arthur Willis
Asa Phillips

5. 9. lo,



..6, 13, 24,


Belle Mary ...
Bertha Florence
Bessie Cole ...
Bessie G.


Blanche Barrows


Callie Fernicc
Caroline Bird
Caroline Coreina ...
C'aroline Corinna ...


Carrie Louise
Charles of Charles
Charles of Geo. W.
Charles of Josiah ...
Charles of Lyman
Charles Allen
Charles Edward ...
Charles Harrison ..
Charles Henry
Charles Herbert ..
Charles K. ...

11-14, 35
... iS, 35

..• 24, 5«





26, 55



... 10, 13

...57. 96






... 26, 54

... 14, 26


... 48, 87

... 48

21, 22, 48


Charles Newton

Charles Powell

Charles R

Charles Randall

Gharles Rufus

Charlotte Eli^a

Charlotte Elizabeth

Charlotte Maude

Claramond Elizal)elli ...


Clark ...




Cornelia Lansing

Coroline Bird

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