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the Rev. Samuel C. Aiken ; in the Svnod
of Cincinnati, the Rev. Joshua L. Wilson;
and in the Synod of Mississippi snd South
Alabama, the Rev. George Potts and the
Rev. Theodore Clapp.

The Assembly, having finished th^
business, adjourned, after uniting in some
spedal exercises of praise and prayer, to
the third Thunday in May, 1830.

The foreeoing extracts from the
Minutes of the GcDeral Assembly
and notices of certain measares
adopted, are inserted for the infor-
mation of our readers, before the
publication of the Minutes at large.

1. Fiwt Presbyterian Church, Phila-
delphia, ra. /
3. Second do. do.

3. Third do. do.

4. Fourth do. do.
6. Sixth do. do.
6. Church in Kensington, Pa.
7 „ Frankfoid, do.

8. „ Cape May, New Jersey.

9. „ Nesharaony, Pa.

10. „ Reading, do.

11. „ Mifflintown, do.

12. „ EastTuscarora, do.

13. „ Lewislown, do.
14 „ Waynesburghydo.

15. „ Huntingdon, do.

16. „ Hart's Log, do.

17. „ Alexandria, do.

18. ' „ Bellefont, do.

19. „ Lick Ron, do.

20. „ East Kishaeoquillas, do.

21. „ Princeton, New Jersey.

22. „ Kingston) do^.

23. -First Chnrch in Albany, N. Y.

24. Second do. do.

25. Third do. do.

26. Church in Greenbosh, do.

27. First Church in Troy, do.

28. Second do. do.

29. Church in Lansinbnrg, do.

30. Church in Hudson, N.T. do.

31. Eighth Cbtirch in New Tork City.

32. Canal Street Church, do.

33. First Street Church, do.

34. Murray Street Church, dq.


35. Scotch Presbyterian Church, do.

36. Church in Christiana, Delaware
Newcastle, do.
Norristown, Pa.
Do^lestowB, do.
Abmgdon, do.
Germantown, do.

42. Eighth Presbyterian Chnrch, Phi-

ladelphia, do.

43. First Prediyterian Church, Balti-

more, Mo.

44. AUentownship Congregation, Pa.

45. First Presbyterian Church, PitU-

burgh, do.

46. Centre Church, N. Carolina

47. Ash Pole, do. '

48. Laurel Hill, do.

49. Red BiQff, do.

50. Bethel Church, ' do.

51. Little Pedee Church, do.

52. Seventh Presbyterian Church, Phi-

ladelphia, Pa.

53. WilmiiurUm, N. C.

54. East Liberty, Alleghany C^jonty,

Pa. '

55. Mans6eld Coogregatioo, Ohio.

56. Mount VemoD, do. do.

57. Buck Creek, do. do.
68. Urbanna do. do.

59. CincltMati, Dr. Wilson's.

60. Dayton, Ohio.

61. Franklia, do.
€2. Lebanon, do.

63. Dick's Creek, do.

64. Pisgah, do.

Digitized by



Mdigums Mdligence.


65. HagMBlmni, Ifd.

66. ■" ' "*

Wyahiainf, Pa.

Harmony UoDlpregatioiiy N. Jeraajr.



































Rocky Spring, Ohio.

Bloomingburgby do.









Seven Mile Charch, do.
Hamilton, Butler County, do.
Somerset, Ohio,
Montgomery, do.
Pleannt Ridge, do.
Riplev, Brown County, do.
Red Oak,


Strait Creek,


West Union,


Rocky Sprmg,

Bloomingburi^, do.

Greenwich, Warren Co. N. J.

Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co. do.

Alexandria, do. do.

Amwell United First Church, do.

Amwell First Church, do.

Mansfield, do.

Amwell Second Choreh, do.

MilWille, N. J.

. Bridgeton, do. v





FairfieU, N.J.

Greenwich, do.

Deerfield, do.

Pittsgrove, do.

Woodbury, * do.

Blackwoodstown, do.

Pencador, Del.

Newburyport, Mass.

Mount Carmel, Ohio.

Hopewell, do.

Bath, do.

Salisbury, Pa.

Lambertsville, N. J.

Popnington, do.

First Church, Trenton, do.

Lawrence^ do.

Dutch Neck, do.

^Cranberry, do.

Upper Freehold, do.

First Church in Freehold, do.

Steubeoville, Indiana.

Crawfordsville, do.

Church in Trenton City, N. J.

Wooeter, Ohio.

Long's Run, New Salem Congre-
gation, Pa.

Great Valley and Charlestown
Church, Pa.

Congregation of Cfoaa Roads, Pa.

Congregation of the Flatta, Wash-
ington County, Pa.

Toungatown, do.

Slippery Rock, do.

Mount Pleasant CongragatioOi do.

Easton, do.

Lower Mount Bethel, do.

OCT The' collections and subacriptions obtained by the Rev. Mr. Barr, in Ohio, frx^m
the congregations named as having been organised by him, were for one year only ',
but little doubt is entertained that most of these congregations will be ready to renew
their efforts annually.

Indirect information has been received of the organisation of a number of auxi-
liaries, from which formal reports have not been received, and wbioh are not contained
in the foregoing liat.


The following resolutions were adopted
at the late meeting of the American Bible
Society in New York.

Ruohed^ That this Society, with a
humble reliance 6n Divine idd, will endea-
vour to supply all the destitute families of
the United States with the Holy Scrip-
tures, that may be willing to purchase or
receive them, within the space of two
years, provided means be furnished by its
anziliariea and benevolent individuals, iti
season to enable the Board of Managers
to carry this resolution into effect.

Meaolvedy That with the full purpose of
accomplishing, by « the blessing of Ctod*
this most necessary and important work,
it he earnestly recommended to ministera
of the gos{>eI, and laymen of every deno-
mination, in places where no auxiliary
' society has yet been formed, or where

they have relaxed their efforts, to take
immediate measures for carrying into ef-
fect the general distribution of the Scrip-
tures in their respective neighbourhoods.


A Good Beginmng.—The following let-
ter (says the New York Observer), will
ttkow where the Jirft contributions were
made, towards supplying the United
States with Biblea wUhin tmo year;
To the Rev. J. C, Brigham^ Secretary ef
the Am, Bible Society,

BsAa Sin— The females connected with
thtt binding department of the American
Bible Society's operations, have this day
enjoyed the privilege of attending your
thirteenth anniversary. They there heard

Digitized by



Bdigimu tnteUigence*


your i«9oIut]on to supply eTerv destitute
fiunily in the United Stttes with a copy of
the holy scriptures within the period of
two year; They were also told that this
could be efFected, pro^ided^ amon^ other
conditions, that erery professor of reli-
gion would g^ve 9eventy-five eerUs for this
object. They also heard that it was ne-
cessary to act, as well as retokoe, and that
immediaU measures must be taken to pre-
vent a total failure qf this important en-
terprise. Valuing as they do the Bible,
the richest of heaven's blessings, and
knowing that thousands in the Und are
without it, they are anxious to do what
tliey can towards carrying into effect the
resolution referred to. For this purpose
they ask you to accept, in behalr of the
Society, the enclosed donation, 9eventy'
Jive cenU from each, making an aggregate
o^ firiy-five doUar% and tetenty-five eentt,
Charlxs Stahr.
JVffv Tork^ May 14, 1839.

P.S.^- After witnessing the readiness
with which your call is responded to by
those whose almost every moment must
be redeemed, to enable them to earn
their duly bread, I cannot deny myself
the gratification of doubling the contri-
bution which they have so generously
made. I therefore send you ninety-one
dollars and fifty cento.

Yours, &c. C. S.


{CMtinuedfromp, 234.)


The Reverend Thomas Barr, Misuonary

Agent in Ohio, whose Journal of a three

months' tour has just been received, re-

• pons the following collections for the

Board of Missions within the bounds of

the Presbyteries of Miami, Gindnnati and


Mansfield, 7 12}

Mount Vernon, 9 18

Mrs. Reed, Elm Creek, 25
Buck Creek Congregation, 12 75
Urbanna, * 12 87J

Mrs. Ambler, 50

Dayton, 22 00

Mr. Maltby, 50

l^hinklin, 11 9ri

Lebanon, 11 50

pick's Creek, 5 25

Pisgah» 15 n

Ih*. Wilson's Church, Cin< 41 15
Mrs. Burnett, 1 00

X^adies of Cincinnati, by Mr^

Howel, 1 75

Beading, 1 00

tower Springfield, 9 50

5 3n

Seven Mile,



15 srj


2 75


1 sn

8 00


18 72i

Red Oak,

51 2|

Strait Creek,

3 45


17 374

West Union,

28 56


15 871

Rocky Spring,

3 75




Salem Congregation,

6 31i


Concord Congregation, 2 75
Two families m Chilicothe, 3 98
Two subscriptions for Phi-
lade Iphian, 2 00

In a letter addressed to the Corres-
ponding Secretary, the Rev. Mr. Barr l^ves
the following statement of the necessities
of the church, and the wide fields of use^
fulness in the State of Ohio.

"Let the Board think of the melancho-
ly Act, that there are within this Sute,
more than 100 organized chutfches, of our
order, vacant: and i speak after delibe-
ration, when i say, that one hundred more
might be now organized, were there mi«
nisters, fbr a suitable time, to pay atten-
tion to them ; and many of these, at the
start, would be of much promise. The
call is loud, andthe circumstances favour-
able, for the Board to act to much advan-
tage for its own influence, and the welfare
of the churches. Make a vigorous efforf
to assist this State now, and before seven
vears pass away, you will be richly repud
both in men and money, 1 trust. The va-
rious institutions of learning, now in suc-
cessful operation, will produce educated
men, and the revivals of religion, that
have already taken place, will send a con-
siderable number of young men of piety
to these institutions. In one congregation
I found four or five young men, subjects
of a revival, about to commence a course
of education preparator^r to the ministry.
Let us have tnen, five, sU, seven, or ten,
if you please, young men, this spring, if
possible ; one or two as Missionaries, and
the others to locate in some of our pro-
minent places of usefulness.'*

In respect to the chantcter and labours
requireu of Misnonaries to the West, the
same correspondent remarks:

** Itinerating must be pursued, if we
would preserve our present vacancies, or
increase much our borders. Men* wilKng
to labour publickly, ttid fhmi bouse tp
house; willing to endure hardships; con-
descending to such as are of *'low estate ;'^
taking pleasure, like their divine Master,
in seeking the * lost,**— 4ftete are the raeff ,
fbr M isi ionariea - mA I can amire you*

Digitized by



Bdigious Ihtdligence.


that men of some good degree of ener«
getick, active piety, are those alone that
Vill be any bow acceptable or useful ;•*
any such minister will be received for
his work's sake, and will receive the best
accommodations from the people that they
can give him."

Prompt Return^ and Liberal PropotaL
In reply to the circulars, recently issued
from the Office of the Board ^f Missions
of the General Assembly, the following
letter was received last week from a gen-
tleman of distinction, and well known
liberality, in Pennsylvania, We cannot
but indulge the hope, that an exampU, so
benevolent and persuasive, will find many
cheerful imitators.

•« Dear Sir,— I have received your cir-
cular, issued at the office of the Board of
Missions of the General Assembly of the
Presbvterian Church, of February 35th,
and aJso your private communication of
February 23d. 1 would just remark, that
to me it would be extremely injudicious,
under any circumstances whatever, to dis-
solve the Board \ and I cannot see what
objections any other society or sect of
Christians can make, to our own Church
exerting herself in that way which may

seem most conducive to promote real pi-
ety and enlarge her bounds. I mentioned

to Mr. , when in your city a few week?

past, to hand in my name as one of the
hundred^ollar subscribers % 1 find it has
nof been done. I now. Rev. Sir, desire
that you ma^ place my nsime on your list
as a subscriber (or one hundred dollar
per year for ten years. 1 also mentioned

to Mr. that it would not affect my

payment yearly, whether the whole num-
ber of subscribers should be obtained, or
not. There is another Society which I
feel it my duty to support, in my small
wa^ ; 1 mean your lUiucaiion Sodtty^ to
assist indigent pious young men in pre-
paring themselves for the ministry. If it
should be thought right by the fiithers of
our Church in your city to encourage as*
ststance to that Society, 1 would mely
engage to pay one hundred dollars per
year, for ten years, on condition that fifiy
persons shall agree to pay that sum on or
before the first day of November next, or
at any other time your Committee might
think best. 1 conclude with most heartily
wishing success, not only to the exertions
of the Presbyterian Churcl^ but to every
society which has in view the glory oiP
God, and the christianizing of the world."

The Treamrer of the Tnateeo of the General Jhetmbly ^ the Preahyterian Church ac-
knowled^ the receipt ^f the fittowing' eumefir their Theelegical Skwdnanf ai Prince-
ISA, J^. J. during the month if May kM^ viz.

Of Henry Chester, Esq., per Andrew Bayard, Esq., for a Cheek on Grafton

Bank, N. H., on account of the Whelock esUte, ^471.38, disc. £3.36 £469 02

Of Bev. Robert M<Cartee, Canal Street Church, N. Y. • - - 10 00

Of Rev. John Smith, Otsego Presbytery - - - . * S 7S

Of Rev. Alonzo Welton, North River Presbytery - - - - 5 00

Of Dr. Ebenezer Dickey, Oxford, and U. W. Nottingham, New Caitle Pres-

byteiy ... . . . . . . • 4 00

OTRev. Thomas Barr, Richland Presbytery - • - 6 00

Of Rev. George Chandler, Kennngton • - - • 5 00

For rent ofa carpenter's shop - - - - - - 20 00

Arooont received for the contingent fond, g524 77
Of Rev. Joshua T. Russell, collected by him in New York for Uie New York

and New Jersey Professorship ...... 450 00

Of Rev. Eli F. Cooley, collected by him in New Brunswick Presbyteiy» for

ditto ir6 50

Of Bev. Jos. L. Shaffer, do. m Harmony glS, and in Oxford, ^20, do. - 35 00
Of Rev. Samuel L. Graham, from Orange Presbytery for Southern Profes-
sorship - - . . . . • • -55 00

Of Rev. Jesse Rankin, Concord Presbyteiy, for do. • -^ - 57 13
Of Rev. James L. Marshall, on account of his subscription for the Orient|d

and Biblical Literature Professorship - - • - 7t> 00
Of Rev. Abraham Williamson, per Rev. Dr. John M^owell, in part of his
wbscriptioD for the Eumenian Scholarsbip» £4^ and ||^6 from the Female
Benevolent Society of Cheflter» on bis aocount - - • -10 00

Of Rev. George S. Woodhull, for the Senior Ctess of 1820 Scholanhip - 50 00

Andforindigent students of the Seminary - - • - 18 00

Of Hugh Auchinclosa^ Esq^ Treasurer of New York Presbytery, for ditto 118 72

Of Nathamel Davis, Esq., Treasurer of Albany Presbytery, for ditto • 46 53
or Rev. Dr. Bbeneaer Dickey^foom Re?. Robert White^ Ftogg't Manor* New

PavOe Presbytery, for diUo 4 00

Amottnt receired for the Scmiiuury %l^^ TS


Edigious Intelligence.


Received also for the Board of Mimiods, viz.
Of Rer. Joshua T. Ruaaell, General Agent, the pardculais are published

by him . - - - gl05 92

Of ditto from Rev. James W. Alexander, for a mission to our Aborigtnea 60 00

Of ditto 58 70

Of ditto . . - -• 257 50

Of ditto -' . - 23 63

OfdittO' , * . - 353 6S

Of ditto 843 20

Of ditto . - - 170 85

Of Miss Olive Sproat, per M. L. Bevan, Esq^ her donation . . 5 00
Of Rev. Jacob Green, from Female Missionary Society of Bedlbfd, Auz to
Board of Missions, annual remittance - - - 2^2 36
Monthly Concert collection - - - - - 8 24

Bible Class do. ^3.40, and donation from Miss R. Peck gl - 4 40 75 00
Of^Rev. A. O. Patt^sDOyLon^run,. Redstone PEesbytciy. ^fi - . £35 <X)
Female Cent Society of Sewickly - - - - 13 50

Donation from Mrs. E. Taylor, g4, and Miss M. Taylor, g^ • ^00 53 50
Of Hugh Auchincloss, Esq., Treasurer of New York Presbytery, annual

collections - - - - - - . - 158 11

Of Rev. A. Condit, Newark Presbytery, ditto - - - - 18 17

Of Rev. Dr. Ezra Fisk, Hudson ditto, ditto . - - - 33 41

Of Rev. Geor^ Junkin, from Danville Miss. Soc. Aux. to Board of Missions 39 00
Of Rev. M. L. Fullerion, from Rev James Buchanan, Green Oasde £30 00

And from David Elliott, Mercerburg^ - - - 10 00 40 00
Of Rev. John Dorrance, from several oongregations in MissiMppi Presby-

teiy, beirig 50 cent subscriptions - - - - • ' 95 25

Of Rev. R. %^Belv]tle, Neshaminey, annual collections - - . 5 00

Of Rev. Peter Hosdnger, WateHbrd and Gravel Run, Erie Presbytery, ditto 3 15

Of Rev. A. K. Ruasel, New Castle Presbytery, ditto - . . 60 67

Of Mr. Samuel Morrow, Fourth Presbyterian Church, ditto . . 12 32

Of Rev. John Mitchetmore, I^wes Presbyteiy, ditto - - . 11 87"

Of Rev. Ithamar Pillsgrove, Long bland Presbyteiy, ditto - • 45 79

Of Rev. John Smith, Otsago Presbyteiy, ditto .... 1 00

Of Rev. Alonzo Welton, North River Presbytery, ditto - - - ^W 39
Of Rev. David Ma^pe, KHzabethtown Presbytery, ditto - - • 53 fS*
Of Rev. Alexander McClelland, Derry, Carlisle Presbytery, ditto - - 8 00
Of Nathaniel Davis, Esq., Treasurer of Albany Presbyteiy, ditto - . - 4133
Of Rev. James Latta, per Rev. W. Latu, Upper Octorara, Newcastle Pres-
bytery, ditto^ - - . - . - - -6 00
Of Dr. James Magraw, L. W. Nottingham, and Cbarleton, ditto, ditto . 6 00
Of Mr. Simeon Munday, Second.Church Woodbridge, Elizabetbtown Pres-
bytery, ditto - * - - - - - . - 4 00

Of Rev. Jos. Barr, per Rev^A. Babbit, Leacock, New Castle Presbyteiy,

ditto - - - - - - . - - 3 3r

Of Rev. John M<Knight, from Mrs. Mt. M*Knight, Treas. Fern. Miss. Soc.
Rocky Spring, £16^ and from Mrs. A. Chamben, Treas. Fern. Miss. Soc.

Chambersburg, £25.50 41 50

Of Rev. Dr. E. Dickey, Oxford, and U. W.N. gS, Fagg's Manor, Sl^»^.New

Castle Presbytery - - - - - ... 17 00

Of JcMB. Montgomery, Esq., Fif^h Presbyterian Church . . . 15 30

Of William Kirkpatrick, Esq., of Lancaster, Pa. his d(yiation - . 50 00

*' ' 22843 69

|C7* For the first time since we assumed the editorship of the Chris-
tian Advocate, we this month omit altogether a View of Publick Afiairs.
We regret this omission, although we have nothing of great importance
to report. But oar enfi;agements with the General Assembly, followed
by some indisposition, leave us no alternative but either to delay the
issuing of our monthly number very unduly^ or to omit the article in
question for a single month. We have chosen the latter part of the al-

Digitized by



(DOKBasvaiiR iia>T(D(OiiVffi«

JULY, 1829.

Iie{f0tou^ Communication^.



iCmdudedfrmnpa^ 343.)

But according to the answer of
our Catechism now onder consi-
deration, not onlj is the use of
eraTeii images and sensible sym-
bols of every kind prohibited in the
senrice of 6od, but we are forbid-
den to worship him <«in anj other
way not appointed in his word«"
I will shortly notice a few of these
•llier forbidden ways ; and I solicit
a particular attention to what I
shall offer on diis part of the an-
swer before us, because I believe
that you whom I address are in far
less clanger of traosgressine the di-
vine precept by the formal use of
images, or visible symbols, than of
violating it in some of the methods,
or instances, now to be specified*

1« We are forbidden by the ma-
nifest scope of the second com-
mandment to form, even in our
minds, any fanciful representation
of the great and invisible Jehovah*
The human fancy .is exceedingly
prone to create forms or phantasms
of its own; and it certainly re-
quires some care and effort, to >e-
strain it in religions worship, from
framing some image or picture of
the unseen Deity; to abstract the
mind from every sensible or imagi-

VoL. Vll—Ch. Mv,

nary object; to set God alone be-
fore it, and to fill it with deep awe
and solemn reverence for that pure,
glorious, spiritual, and infinite Be-
ing, to whom all our prayers and
praises, in order to be acceptable^
must be addressed. The duty here
stated is clearly implied, or rather
explicitly enjoined, by our SaviouTi
where he says f John iv. 24,} ** 6bd
is a Spirit, and they that worship
him must worship him in spirit and
in truth." Many, my dear youth,
very many, it is to be feared, trans-

Sess the second commandment, in
e way to which this particular
points your attention.

d. What is called in holy Scrip-
ture/^ will worship," is forbidden
by the spirit of the second com-
mandment By will worship, we
are to understand every thinff in
religion which, not being prescribed
In the reveaUd will of God, has no
hisher or better origin than the
wul, invention, or device of man.
The sinfulness of this will worship
consists in its carrying with it an
arroffant implication that the Cre*
Vitor's requisitions, made known in
his written word, are imperfect
and defective, and need to be
amended or supplied by the crea-
ture's wisdom, contrivance, or pre-
scription. Thus in some churches
called Christian, the sacraments
of the New Teatament^-^Baptismi
and the Lord's Supper— are not ad-
ministered agreesbly to the divine


Digitized by



Lectures on the Sliorter CateekUm.


instittttioDj by simply washing with
water in the name of the sacred
Three» and by giving and receiving
common bread and wine as the me-
morials of the death and sacrifice
of Christ, but with several vain ap-
pendages, which are entirely the
unauthorized devices and additions
of men. Under this head, also,
must be ranked a multitude of su-
perstitions, and profane rites and
practices; such as endeavouring to
unveil future events by applying to
fortune tellers, or prognosticators;
using unlawful means to prevent or
cure diseases, or to obtain an object
of any kind, though lawful and de-
sirable in itself; ''simony and sa-
crilege; all neglect, contempt, hin-
dering and opposins; the worship
and ordinances which God hath ap-

Certain false appearances of re-
ligion, likewise, belong to the class
of errors and evils that fall under
this particular. When the minds
of men become greatly excited by
religious considerations, without be-
ine suitably enlightened and guard-
ea, they are exceedingly prone to
prescribe, both for themselves and
others^ some extraordinary religious
services, or peculiar austerities, or
a devotion of their time and pro-
perty to what they consider sacred
uses, which are not required, nor
in the least degree countenanced,
in the Scriptures of truth. From
this root, the whole system of
Monkery and Celibacy, with all
their attendant follies, impositions,
and unnumbered mischiefs of vari-
ous kinds, have sprung up and been
nourished; and to the very same
oriein may be traced the unhappy
and reproachful extravagances^
which have been witnessed in some
revivals, or supposed revivals of re-
ligion, in our own country. A
bund, heated, rash, and misguided
seal, has, in various ways, done in-
calculable injury to the cause of ge-
Mine viul piety. We should see

* tsrgtr Cfttechim

to it therefore that we have a plain
scriptural warrant for everv reli-
gious act, duty, or service, tnatwe
either attempt ourselves, or enjoin
on others. Without this, whatever
show there may be of unusual sanc-
tity, or holy ardour, the issue will
always be unhappy. The sin of
will worship is committed, and the
consequences will, in the end, be
unfavourable to pure and undefiled

3. Those who altogether neglect
publick worship, 9r at any time
unnecessarily absent themselves
from it, or who disregard any of
the ordinances or duties which God
has appointed or commanded; and
those also who pretend that they
can serve him more advantageous-
ly in some other way devised and
adopted by themselves, must be
considered as grossly violating the
command before us. "This precept
is also transgressed by not attend-
ing on the ordinances of God with
that holy, humble, and becoming
franco of spirit, that the solemnity

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