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Hunter; glossary by James Gordon]. (Surtees Soc. Pub., v. 3.)
London, [Newcastle printed, 1836]. facsim. 8°.

Townend, William. The descendants of the Stuarts ; an unchronicled
page in England's history. 2d ed. London, 1858. ports. 8°.

TowNLEY, (Rev.) James. High life below stairs ; a farce. (In London
stage, V. I. 1825.)

TowNSEND, Aubrey (editor). Writings of John Bradford. . . . (Parker
Soc. Pub., SI.) Cambridge, 1853. 8°.

TowNSEND, (Mrs.) Charlotte Aurelia Winder (wife of James C). A memo-
rial of John, Henry, and Richard Townsend, and their descendants.
New York, 1865. 8°.

Townsend, Chauncy Hare. Jerusalem ; a poem which obtained the chan-
cellor's medal at the Cambridge commencement, July, 1817. [Cam-
bridge, Eng., 18 17.] 8°.

Townsend, George Alfred. The Mormon trials at Salt Lake City. New
York, 1 87 1, sq. 8°.

Poems. Washington, 1870. 12".

The real life of Abraham Lincoln ; a talk with Mr. Herndon ; with

Lincoln's favorite poem [Mortality, by Wm. Knox]. New York,
1867. port. 8°.

Townsend, George Herbert. The manual of dates. ... 3d ed., revised.
London, 1870. 12°.

Townsend, Howard (M. D.). The sunbeam and the spectroscope. Al-
bany, 1863. 8°.


TowNSEND, John Pomeroy. Les caisses d'6pargne aux ifitats-Unis ; me-
moire lu au Congr^s Scientifique International des Institutions de
Pr6voyance Paris, 1878. 8°.

Savings banks : a paper read before the American Social Science

Association. New York, 1877. 8°.

TowNSEND, Joseph. Some account of the British army under command
of Gen. Howe and of the battle of Brandywine ; accompanied by
a notice of the life of T. . . . Philadelphia, 1846. 8°.

TowNSEND, Meredith (joint author). Sanford, J. L., and T. The great
governing families of England. Edinburgh and London, 1865.
2 V. map. 8°.

TowNSEND, Peter S. (M. D., translator). New elements of operative sur-
gery, by Alf. A. L. M. Velpeau ; translated, with additions, by T.,
under the supervision of V. Mott ; — Atlas. New York, 1845-56.
text, 3 v. il. 8° ; atlas, 4°.

Vol. 1-2, 1st Amer. ed. ; v. 3, 3d Amer. ed. Atlas, 4th ed.

TowNSEND, Samuel P. Our national finances, no. 13 : a review of the late

report of the secretary of the treasury, [etc.] ; by A patriot. New

York, 1867. 8°.
TowNSEND, (Rev.) Stephen (M. D.). Sermon to the medical students of

Jefferson Medical College, Feb. 15, 1863. Philadelphia, 1863. 8°.
Valedictory sermon preached in St. Luke's, the beloved physician,

M. E. Ch., Phila. Philadelphia, 1862. 8°.
Tovi^NSEND, William Charles (compiler). Modern state trials ; revised and

illustrated with essays and notes. London, 1850. 2 v. 8°.
TowNSEND family.

TOWNSEND, (Mrs.) C. A. W. Memorial of John, Henry and Richard Townsend,
and their descendants. New York, 1865. 8°.

Townsend (Mass.).

Sawtelle, I. B. Townsend. (In Drake, S. A. Hist. Middlesex co., Mass.,
V. 2. 1880.)

TowNSHEND, Charles Hervey. The British invasion of New Haven, Conn.,
with account of their landing and burning the towns of Fairfield
and Norwalk, July, 1779. New Haven, 1879. il. pi. 8°.

TowNSHEND, Frederick Trench (capt.). A cruise in Greek waters, with a
hunting excursion in Tunis. London, 1870. pi. 8°.

TowNSHEND, John. Treatise on the wrongs called slander and libel, and
on the remedy by civil action. New York, 1868. 8°.

(editor). The code as it is : the code of procedure of New York, as

amended to 1867. New York, 1867. 12°.

The code of procedure of the state of New York, as amended to

1868 ; with notes and index. 9th ed. New York, 1868. 8°.

Toy, Crawford Howell (D. D.), and Broadus, J. A. (translators and editors).
The Books of Samuel ; by C. F. D. Erdmann. (Lange, J. P. Com.
on Holy Script., O. T., v. 5.) New York, [1877]. 8°.

ToYNBEE, Joseph ,(F. R. S.). The diseases of the ear ; their nature, diag-
noses, and treatment. London, i860, il. 8°.

TozER, (Rev.) Henry Fanshawe. Researches in the highlands of Turkey ;
including visits to mounts Ida, Athos, Olympus, and Pelion ; to the
Mirdite Albanians, and other remote tribes ; with notes on the
ballads, tales, and classical superstitions of the modern Greeks.
London, 1869. 2 v. 8°.

TozzETTi, Adolfo Targioni. Crostacei brachiuri e anomouri. (In Florence.
R. 1st. d. Stud. Sup. Sez. d. sci. fis. e nat. Pub., v. i. 1877.) pi.


Tozzi, Luca.

Niceron, J. P. Luc Tozzi. (In his Mdm. d. hommes, v. 17. 1732.)

Tract for the day, A : how to conquer Texas, before Texas conquers us.
Boston, 1845. 8°.

Tracts against the Anti-Corn Law League. See National Anti-Corn-
Law League.

Tracts for the times ; by members of the University of Oxford ; vol. i-[6] ;
i833-[4i]- London, 1 834-[43i']. 6 v. in 5. 8°.

For contents see Catalogue of the Boston Athenaeum. — Vol. 3-4 are New
ed. — In V. I, dated 1834, tracts 4, 9, 22, 24, 29 have imprint 1835, and tract 11
has imprint 1836. In v. 4, dated 1840, tract 80 has imprint 1842.

[Same] ; no. go. Reprinted, with introduction and notes, by J. J.

Frew. London, 1855. 8°.

Tracts for the times, no. 90. [Letters from the vice-chancellor and heads of
houses, etc. ; with J. H. Newman's letter acknowledging authorship.] n. t.-p.
[London ? 1841.] 8°.

Tracts illustrative of the traditionary and historical antiquities of Scot-
land ; [vol. i]. Edinburgh, 1836. port. 8°.

Contents : i. Hay, R. Vindication of Elizabeth More. 2. Gordon, J.
Dissertation concerning the marriage of Robert, seneschal of Scotland, with
Elizabeth More. 3. Waddel, G. Remarks on [T.] Innes's Critical essay on
the ancient inhabitants of Scotland. 4. Cunningham, J. Essay upon the in-
scription of Macduff's crosse in Fyfe. 5. Memoirs relating to the restoration
of James I. 6. Taitt, A. The Roman account of Britain and Ireland.
7. RuTHVEN, P. (3d baron Ruthven and Dirleton). Relation of the death of
D. Rizzi. 8. Johnston, R. Historic of Scotland, during the minority of King
James. 9. True accompt of the baptism of Henry Frederick, prince of Wales.

Tracts on hydraulics; edited by T. Tredgold. 2d ed. London, 1862.

pi. nar. 4°.

For contents, see Tredgold, Thomas.
Tracts on law reform ; compiled by A member of the Ohio bar. Columbus,

1849. 8°.
Tracts on the exchange of prisoners, . . . [collected by Geo. H. Moore].

New- York, 1862. 8°.

For contents see Moore, G. H.
Tracy, Antoine Louis Claude Destutt (comte) de. Opinion sur les affaires

de Saint-Domingue, en sept. 1791. [Paris, 1791.] 8°.
Treatise on political economy ; prefixed, supplement to a work on the

understanding ; [translation revised by Thos. Jefferson]. George-
town, D. C, 1817. 8°.
Tracy, Charles. The true and the false ; oration before the Phi Beta

Kappa Soc, Yale College. New Haven, 1862. 8°.
Yale College ; sketches from memory ; read before the Yale Alumni

Assoc, of N. Y., Dec. 12, 1873. [New York, 1880.] sq. 16°.
Tracy, Edward H.

Catalogue of a library constituting the collections of Peter Hastie and Tracy. . . .
[New York], 1877. nar. 4°-

Tracy, John. Periander ; a tragedy. . . . London, 1731. 8°.
Tracy, Joseph (D. D.). Natural equality ; a sermon before the Vermont
Colonization Soc, at Montpelier ; [and notes]. Windsor, 1833. 8°.

Lawrence, E. A. Address at the funeral of T.; delivered Mar. 27, 1874. n. p.,
[1874]. 8°.

Tracy, William. 2d annual address before the Soc, Jan. 13, 1880, [On
the early history of Oneida County]. (Utica, N. Y. Oneida Hist.
Soc. Pub., no. 5.) New York, [1880]. 8°.


Tracy, William. ^iXoo-o^ia ^lov Kv^epvrjrrjis ; anniversary address before the

N. Y. Alpha of the Phi Beta Kappa Society at Union College ; pub-
lished by the society. Schenectady, [N. Y.], 1862. 8°.
Trade circular annual for 1871 ; including the American catalogue of

books published in the U. S. during 1870; [edited by F. Leypoldt].

New York, 1871. ports. 8°.
Trade to India, The, considered, and prov'd to be destructive to the

general trade of Great Britain, as well as to the woollen and silk

manufactures in particular. London, 1720. 8°.
Trade, The, with France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, considered ; with

observations on the treaty of commerce between Great Britain and

France; [attributed to Daniel Defoe]. 4th ed. London, 1713. 12°.
Trades increase ; [address to the reader signed I. R.]. (Dixon, W. H.

Col. of pam., no. 16.) London, 1615. sq. 12°.
Traechsel, G. Der Katholicismus seit der Reformation. (Holtzendorff,

F. von, and Oncken, W. Deutsche Zeit- u. Streit-Frag., Jahrg. 4.

Heft 64.) Berlin, 1875. 8°.
Trafford, F. W. C. Amphiorama ; ou. La vue du monde des montagnes

de la Spezia. . . . Zurich, 1874. map. 8°.
[Same] ; 2" notice : La mar^e dans le bassin du Spitzberg ; et le flot

qui contourne la tete du Groenland ; aussi, I'arriv^e de la lumi^re

au p61e. Zurich, 1875. 8°.
Tragicorum Graecorum fragmenta; recensuit A. Nauck. Lipsiae, 1856. 8°.
Tragicorum Romanorum fragmenta ; secundis curis recensuit [J. K.] Otto

RiBBECK. Lipsiae, 1871. 8°.
Traill, (Mrs.) Catherine Parr Strickland. Backwoods of Canada ; being

letters from the wife of an emigrant officer, illustrative of the

domestic economy of British America. [Anon.] (Soc. Diff. Usef.

Kn. Lib. ent. kn., v. 4.) London, 1836. pi. 16°.
Traill, Thomas Stewart. The thermometer and pyrometer. (In same.

. Nat. phil., v. 2. 1832.)
Train, George Francis.

Bell, Clark. Speech to the jury, in the proceeding before chief justice C. P.

Daly, and a jury, upon the inquiry as to the sanity or insanity of T. New York,
1873. 8°.

Traite de la formation m6chanique des langues, et des principes physiques
de r^tymologie ; [par Charles de Brosses]. Paris, 1765. 2 v. pi. 12°.

Traite de la sphere ; avec I'exposition des diff6rens systemes astrono-
miques du monde. n. t.-p. [Paris.? 17 — .'] pi. 16°.

Traite de paix signd a Paris [entre La France et les puissances alli^es] le
30 mai 1 8 14; et trait^s et conventions signds dans la m^me ville
le 20 nov. 1815. Paris, 1815. 8°.

Traite des qvantitez incomensvrables ; oii sont d6ciddes plvsievrs ques-
tions des nombres I. N. T. Q. L., [i. e., J. A. Le Tanneur].

• Paris, 1640. pi. 8°.

Traite des tumeurs et des ulc^res . .. [par Jean Astruc]. Paris, 1759.
2 V. 16°.

Traits of the aborigines of America ; a poem, [by Mrs. L. H. H. Sigour-
ney]. Cambridge, [Mass.], 1822. 12°.

Trajano Augusto de Carvalho.

Saldanha, L. p. de. Memoir on the novel formation of the bottom of ships and
vessels proposed by Trajano A. de Carvalho. Philadelphia, 1876. pi. 12°.

Trall, Russell Thacher (M. D.). Digestion and dyspepsia New-York,

1874. il. 12°.


Trall, Russell Thacher (M. D.). Hydropathic encyclopedia. . . . New
York, [1851], 2v.ini. il. pi. 12°.

Hygienic hand-book. . . . Revised ed. New York, 1872. il. 8°.

Tranchepain de St. Augustin, Marie. Relation du voyage des premieres
Ursulines i la Nouvelle Orleans et de leur 6tablissement en cette
ville. (Shea, J. G. Cramoisy ser., no. 8.) Nouvelle York, 1859.

1. p. sq. 12°.

Trang-ho'i-duc. Gia-dinh-Thung-chi : Histoire et description de la Basse
Cochinchine, pays de Gia-dinh, traduites . . . d'apr^s le texte chinois
original par [L. G.] G. Aubaret. Paris, 1863. nar. 4°.

Tranquille (le p^re). Veritable relation des justes procedures observ^e
au fait de la possession des Ursulines de Loudun, et au proces de
Grandier. Paris, 1634. (In Archives cur. hist. Fr., s6r. 2, v. 5.

Transactions. For Transactions of any society see the name of the so-
ciety, or under the place where located.

Transactions of the Albany Institute ; vol. 1-9. Albany, 1830-79. pi.
maps. 9 v. 8°.

The Library has also received the Proceedings, March, 1865 - Dec. 30, 1877 ;
vol. 1-2. Albany, 1873-78. 2 v. 8°.

Transactions of the Central Relief Committee of the Society of Friends

during the famine in Ireland, 1846-47. Dublin, 1852. 8°.
Transactions of the second session of the International Congress of

Orientalists, London, 1874 ; ed. by R. K. Douglas. London,

1876. 8°.
Transatlantic sketches ; or. Sixty days in America. London, 1865. pi.

obi. 4°.
Transcendent and multiplied rebellion and treason discovered by the

lawes of the land. (Dixon, W. H. Col. of pam., no. 164.) n. p.,

1645. 12°.
Transcript, The [New York daily], May -Dec, 1867; May, 1868 -June,

1869. New York, 1867-69. 6 v. f°.
Translation of a conference between an advocate and an opponent of the

practice of burning widows alive ; from the original Bungla. [Cal-
cutta.? 181 8.] 12°.
Translation of the documents in French upon the back of a map of

Canada, by Guillaume de LTsle. n. t.-p. [Edinburgh, printed,

18—.] 8°.
Translations of the Oxford Latin prize poems ; [by N. L. Torre] ; ist

ser. London, 1831. 12°.
Transvaal (republic, South Africa).

JOPPE, F. Die transvaal'sche oder siid-afrikanische Republik ; nebst einem
Anhang; Dr. Wangemann's Reise in Sud-Afrika, 1866-67. (Petermann,
A. H. Mitth. Erganzb. 5.) Gotha, 1868. map. 4°.

Transylvania (Austria).

Teutsch, G. D., and Firnhaber, F. (eds.). Urkundenbuch zur Geschichte Sie-
benbiirgens ; I. Theil. (ViENNAr K. Akad. d. Wiss. Hist. Com. Fontes,

2. Abth., V. 15.) Wien, 1857. 8°.

Trap, Jens Peter. Statistisk-topographisk Beskrivelse af Danmark. Kj0-

benhavn, 1858-60. 3 v. bd. in 5. pi. 8°.
Trapassi, Pietro Antonio Domenico Buonaventura (called Metastasio).

See Metastasio, P. A. D. B. Trapassi (called).
Trapp, Joseph. Most faults on one side ; or. The shallow politicks ....

and villanous designs of the author of Faults on both sides, expos'd.

[Anon.] London, 1710. 12°.


Trask, John Boardman. Report on the geology of the Coast Mountains ;
their agricultural resources and mineral productions ; also, portions
of the middle and northern mining districts. (California. Leg.
App. to Sen. jo., 1855. Doc, no. 14.) [Sacramento, 1855.] 8°.
Kellogg, A. Remarks on T., July 21, 1879. "• Pi [1879]. 8°.

Traslado de vna carta q de Portugal embiaron al marques d' Tarifa, en
que le hazen relacion del terremoto y temerosas senales que fue y
se vieron en la mar y en la tierra, jueues a veynte y seys de Enero
deste ano de treynta y vno. [1531 i*] (Coleccion reprod. foto-lit.)
[Madrid, 187-.] il. 8°.

Trass, Lars. Annales typographici seculi decimi sexti in Suecia, quorum
partem quintam, . . . prseside Erico M. Fant, ... p. p. L. Triss, . . . d.
18 Junii, 1794. Upsalise, [1794]. 12°.

Tratado firmado en Madrid, d 13 de Enero de 1750, para determinar los
li'mites de los estados pertenecientes a las coronas de Espana y Por-
tugal, en Asia y America. (Coleccion de obras y doc, v. 4, no.
23. 1836.) Buenos- Aires, 1836. f°.

Tratado preliminar sobre los li'mites ... en la America Meridional; ajus-
tado y concluido en San Lorenzo, i 11 de Oct. de 1777. (Same, v.
4, no. 24. 1836.) Buenos-Aires, 1836. f°.

Trattati sopra la paste. [Lucca, 1744.] 16°.

Namely: Mead, Richard. Breve ragionamento sopra il contagio pestilen-
ziale ; tradotto dall' inglese in toscano dal dott. Gio. Gentili. — Saggio filosofico
intorno all' origine della paste ; tradotto in toscano. ... — Gentili, Giovanni.
Lettera filosofica sopra il commercio degli olj navigati procedenti da luoghi ap-

Traulle, Frangois.

Prarond, Ernest. [Notice sur] T. (In Abbeville. Soc. d'£m. Mdm.,
Traun, Otto Ferdinand.

De Peyster, J. W. Practical strategy, as illustrated by the achievements of T.
Catskill, 1863. 8°.

Trauran, William (joint author). Scoffern, J. (and others). The useful

metals and their alloys. London, 1869. il. pi. 8°.
Trautenau (Bohemia).

Lippert, J. Geschichtes der Stadt T. (Prague. Verein f. Gesch. d.
Deutsch. in Boehmen. Beitr., Abth. 3. Bd. i.) Prag, 1863. 8°.

Trautmann, Friedrich Hermann Moritz. Lachmanns Betonungsgesetze
und Otf rids Vers. Halle a/ S., 1877. 8°.

Trautvetter, Ernst Rudolph von. Phanogame Pflanzen aus dem Hoch-
norden. (In Middendorff, A. Th. v. Reise in d. ausserst Nord.
u. Ost. Sibir., v. i. 1848.) pi.

and Meyer, C. A. Florula Ochotensis phaenogama. (In same.)

Trautwine, John Cresson. A new method of calculating the cubic con-
tents of excavations and embankments, by the aid of diagrams. . . .
6th ed. revised and enlarged. Philadelphia, 1875. diagr. 8°.

Remarks on the internal improvement system of the south. Phila-
delphia, 1839. niS'P- ^°'

Travancore (India).

Mateer, Samuel. " The land of charity " : an account of Travancore & its devil
worship. New York, [187-]. port. il. pi. 12°.

Travaux de la 3® sess. du Congres International des Orientalistes,
St. -Peters bourg, 1876 ; torn, i^'', sous la redaction de W. W. Grigo-
rieff, [Title also in Russian ; text in Russ.] St.-Pdtersbourg, 1879-
80. pi. map. nar. 4°.


Travaux de la 3* sess. du Congres International des Orientalistes,
St.-P^tersbourg, 1876; torn. 2% sous la redaction du baron V. de
Rosen. [Title also in Russ. ; articles in Eng., Fr., Ger. and Ara-
bic] St. P6tersbourg et Leyde, 1879. pi. par. 4°.

Traveler, A. C. The teachings of the ages ; in two parts. San Fran-
cisco, 1874. 8°.

Traveller's guide, containing the roads and stations through France and
Germany, [etc.]. Amsterdam, [181-]. map. 16°.

Traveller's steamboat and railroad guide to the Hudson River. . . . New
York, 1866. il. map. 8°.

Travelling bachelor, A, pseudonym of Cooper, James Fenimore.

Travels, by sea and land, of Alethitheras, [i. e., Laughton Osborn]. New
York, 1868. 12°.

Travels in Louisiana and the Floridas, in 1802 ; [by Berquin-Du-

VALLON ; translated from the French by J. Davis. New York,
1806. 12°.

Travels, observations, and experience of a Yankee stonecutter ; by Hor-
ace Bender [pseud. ; pt. i]. New York, 1852. pi. 12°.

Traver, Albert D. (D. D.). Address at the burial services of G. S. Wil-
son. [Poughkeepsie], 1863. 8°.

Travers, John Ingram. A few words on the tea duties. 3d ed. revised.
London, 1853. 8°.

Traversari (of Camaldoli), Ambrogio (Lat. Ambrosius Camaldulensis).
Niceron, J. P. Ambroise Camaldule. (In his Mdm. d. hommes, v. 19. 1732.)

Travesty. See Treasure-trove series.

Travideani (or Aveiro). Letters from Africa, to Canova, 1818-19. (In
New voy. and trav., v. 5.)

Travis, (Rev.) Robert, Jr. Funeral sermons on the death of David Moore,
by G. T. Bedell, and Travis. New York, 1856. 8°.

Treadwell, Daniel. On the construction of hooped cannon ; a sequel to
a memoir " On the practicability of constructing cannon of great
caliber, etc." Boston, 1864. 8°.

On the construction of improved ordnance. Cambridge, 1862. 8°.

Treadwell, Thomas J. (lieut.-col.). Metallic cartridges, regulation and
experimental, as manufactured and tested at the Frankford Arsenal,
Philadelphia, Pa. (U. S. War Deft. Ordn. Deft. Ordn. mem.,
no. 14.) Washington, 1873. pi. 4°.

Treason and rebellion against their native country justly rewarded upon
severall traitors and rebels lately executed in Scotland. . . . (Dixon,
W. H. Col. of pam., no. 173.) London, 1646. 12°.

Treason arraigned, in answer to Plain English ; [with the text] ; being
a trayterous pamphlet, directed to Lord General Monck and the
officers of his army, &c. (Same, no. 481.) London, 1660. sq. 16°.

Treasure-trove series ; [vol. 2]: Travesty. Boston, 1875. 16°.

Contents : Bumand, F. C. A treble temptation. — Thackeray, W. M. George
de Barnwell ; by Sir E. L. B. L. — Macaulay, T. B. (baron). Prophetic account
of a grand national epic poem, to be entitled " The Wellingtoniad." — Paul, J.
St. Twel'mo. — Beresford, J. Lessons in biography; from the life of Dr. Pozz,
by J. Bozz. — Harte, F. Bret. John Jenkins ; or, The smoker reformed ; by
T. S. A-th-r. — T., T. T. Ho-Fi of the yellow girdle ; adapted from the Chinese
of Hou-de-Kaw-Lim [by Thos. Henry Sealy]. — Hood, T. Walton redivivus.

Treasury of English sonnets, A ; edited . . . with notes and illustrations
by D. M. Main. Edinburgh and London, 1880. 12°.

Treat, Edmund B. (compiler). The national poUtical manual. . . . New
York, 1872. port. 12°.


Treaties made between Great Britain and the United States, 1783-
18 14; with Mr. Monroe's letter to the secretary of state, recom-
mending the ratification of the treaty signed 31st Dec, 1806. Troy,
1815. 8°.

Treatise concerning the broken succession of the crown of England,

. inculcated about the later end of the reign of Queen Elisabeth . . .

[containing the substance of what was written by Robert Parsons,

the Jesuit]. (Dixon, W. H. Col. of pam., no. 426.) London,

1655. sq. 12°.

Treatise of the revenue and false money of the Romans ; annexed, a
dissertation upon the manner of distinguishing antique medals from
counterfeit ones; translated from the original printed at Paris, 1740.
London, 1741. 8°.

The treatise was written for M. Colbert.

Treatise on experience in physic; [by Johann Georg, Ritter von Zimmer-
mann]. London, 1782. 2 v. 8°.

Treatise on files and rasps ; [by Wm. T. Nicholson]. Providence, R. I.,
1878. il. pi. 4°.

Treatise on the origin, progressive improvement, and present state of
the manufacture of porcelain and glass. Philadelphia, 1846. il. 12°.

Treaty of Ghent, and the fisheries ; or. The diplomatic talents of J. Q.
Adams candidly examined, [by Massachusetts]. Boston, 1824. 8°.

Treaty of navigation and commerce between Princess Anne, queen of
Great Britain, and Philip V., king of Spain, concluded at Utrecht
28 Nov. (9 Dec), 1 71 3. London, 1738. 12°.

Trebellius Pollio. Valerianus pater et filius; — Valerianus junior; —
Gallieni duo ; — Triginta tyranni ; — Divus Claudius. (In Historiae
aug. script, sex. 1603 ; in same, v. 2. 1671 ; and in same, v. 2.

Trebizonde, George de. See Georgius (of Trapezus or Trebizond).

Trechsel, (Prof.) Friedrich (.') Nachricht von der im Jahr 181 1 angefange-
nen trigonometrischen Aufnahme des Cantons Bern. Bern, 18 12.
pi. 12°.

Tredgold, Thomas. Practical essay on the strength of cast iron Lon-
don, 1822. pi. 8°.

Practical treatise on rail-roads and carriages. ... 2d ed. London, 1835.

pi. 8°.

(editor). Tracts on hydraulics ; with notes by the editor. 2d ed.

London, 1862. pi. nar. 4°.

Contents : Smeaton, J. Experimental inquiry concerning the natural powers
of water and wind to turn mills . . . ; — Experimental examination of the quantity
and proportion of mechanic power necessary in giving different degrees of
velocity to heavy bodies; — New fundamental experiments upon the collision
of bodies. — Venturi, G. B. Experimental inquiries concerning the principle of
the lateral communication of motion in fluids. — Young, T. Summary of the
most useful parts of hydraulics

Tregelles, Samuel Prideaux (LL. D., editor). Canon Muratorianus ; the
earliest catalogue of the books of the New Testament ; edited with
notes. Oxford, 1867. facsim. 4°.

Treille, a. (docteur). L'expedition de Kabylie orientale et du Hodua,
mars-nov. 1871 ; notes et souvenirs d'Un m6decin militaire. Con-
stantine, 1876. maps. 8°.

Treitschke, Heinrich Gotthard von. Der Socialismus und seine Gonner ;
nebst einem Sendschreiben an Gustav Schmoller. Berlin, 1875. 8°.

Zehn Jahre deutscher Kampfe : Schriften zur Tagespolitik. 2. Aufl.

Berlin, 1879. 8°.


Trelawney papers ; edited by W. D. Cooper. (In Camden Soc. Pub.,

V. 55 ; Misc., v. 2. [London], 1853. sq. 8°.
Trelawny, Edward John (capt.). Adventures of a younger son. [Anon.]

(Standard nov.) London, 1835. 16°.
Recollections of the last days of Shelley and Byron. Boston,

1858. 12°.
Records of Shelley, Byron, and the author. London, 1878. 2 v.

ports. 8°.
Trelierius, Stephanus. De jurejurando. (In Thes. antiq. Rom., v. 5.

Tremain, Henry Edwin. Argument before the Assembly Committee on

Canals, March 25, 1879, favoring an improved system of towage by

a railway, n. t.-p. 8°.
Tremaux, Pierre. Notice sur un voyage au Soudan oriental, sur le cours

du Nil et dans des contr^es inconnues habitues par les n^gres

Bertha du Dar-F6q et du Dar-Gouroum. Paris, 1850. 8°.
Tremblay, Francois Leclerc du. See Joseph (Frangois Leclerc du

Tremblay, called le p^re).
Tremellio, Emanuello (translator). Sepher chinnuk bechire J^h . . .

L'nd'n . . . : [Consecration-book of the chosen of Jehovah. London,

1821]. 12°.

Calvin's Catechismus ecclesiae Genevensis, translated into Hebrew.
Niceron, J. P. Emanuel Fremellius \sic\. (In his M^m. d. hommes, v. 40. 1739.)
Tremenheere, Hugh Seymour. Notes on public subjects, made during a

tour in the United States and in Canada. London, 1852. maps. 8°.
Tremoille, Louis de la. See La Tremoille, Louis II de.

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