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eral Land Office, and other sources ; under direction of the com-
mittee, by W. L. Woods. C. Roeser, chief draughtsman. Revised
and corrected to 1878. New York, Julius Bien, lith., [1879]. f°.

Committee on Rules. Report [by A. H. Stephens] on the

general index of the journals of Congress ; [with reports and speci-
men by Albert Ordway]. (4Sth Cong. 3d sess. Rept., no. 52.)
Washington, 1879. 4°.

Committee on the Judiciary. [Report of Mr. Boutwell, pre-
pared by Thos. Williams, on the] impeachment of the President,
[A. Johnson]. (40th Cong. ist sess. Rept., no. 7.) n. t.-p.
[Washington, 1867.] 8°.

Committee on the State of the Treasury Department. Re-
port, 22d May, 1794. Philadelphia, 1794. 8°.

Committee to Examine the ^ Bank of the U. S. Report,

Jan. 16, 1 8 19. (15 th Cong. 2d sess. Doc, no. 92.) n. t.-p.
[Washington, 18 19.] 22 folded tables. 8°.

Table t bis, but r wanting ; pp. 169-493 also wanting, containing Statement
of names.

Select Committee of Five. Reports on Further provision

for the collection of duties on imports [etc.]. (36th Cong. 2d sess.
Repts., no. 59, 79, 87, 88, 91.) Washington, 1861. 8°.

Select Committee on Alleged Electoral Frauds in the

Presidential Election of 1876. Report: Investigation of al-
leged electoral frauds. (4Sth Cong. 3d sess. Rept, no. 140.)
n. t.-p. [Washington, 1879.] 8°.

Select Committee on Causes of Reduction of American

Tonnage. Causes of the reduction of American tonnage, and the
decline of navigation interests ; report [by John Lynch and others].,
(41st Cong. 2d sess. Rept, no. 28.) Washington, 1870. 8°.

Select Committee on Internal Revenue Frauds. Report

[by Wm. A. Darling], Feb. 25, 1867. (39th Cong. 2d sess. ■ Rept.,
no. 24.) Washington, 1867. 8°.

Select Committee on Memorial of Dr. W. T. G. Morton.

Report [by W. H. Bissell, chmn.], on memorial of Morton, asking
remuneration from Congress, for the discovery of the anaesthetic
properties of sulphuric ether. (32d Cong, ist sess.) n. t.-p. [Wash-
ington, 1852.] pi. 8°.

Select Committee on Naval Contracts and Expenditures.

Report [by Mr. Bocock]. (35th Cong. 2d sess. Rept, no. 184.)
n. t-p. [Washington, 1859.] 8°.

Select Committee on New Orleans Riots. Report [of ma-
jority, by Eliot and Shellabarger ; of minority by B. M. Boyer ;
with journal of the committee, and testimony]. (39th Cong. 2d
sess. Rept, no. 16.) Washington, 1867. 8°.


United States. House of Representatives. Select Committee on
New Orleans Riots. Report. (Same.) n. t.-p. fWashington,
1867.] 8°.

Select Committee on Recent Election in Louisiana. Re-
cent election in La. [1876]; testimony taken; J. C. S. Blackburn,
chmn. [sub-committee]. (44th Cong. 2d sess. Misc. doc, no. 34,
pt. 1-6.) Washington, 1877. 3 v. 8°.

Select Committee on Recent Election in South Carolina

[1876]. Report. (44th Cong. 2d sess. Rept. 175, pt. 1-2.) n. t.-p.
[Washington, 1877.] 3 v. in i. 8°.

Testimony taken. (44th Cong. 2d sess. Misc. doc, no. 31,

pt. 1-3.) n. t.-p. [Washington, 1877.] 8°.

Select Committee to Inquire into Facts in Relation to

Indian Bonds. Abstracted Indian trust bonds. (36th Cong. 2d
sess. Rept., no. 78.) n. t.-p. [Washington, 1861.] 8°.

Select Committee to Investigate Charges for Murder

OF Union Soldiers in South Carolina. [Report of Mr. Pike.]
(39th Cong. 2d sess. Rept, no. 23.) n. t.-p. [Washington,
1867.] 8°.

Select Committee to Investigate the Management of

THE Smithsonian Institution. Report of W. H. Witte, from
the committee to which was referred the letter of Rufus Choate on
the Smithsonian Inst. (33d Cong. 2d sess. Rept, no. 141.) Wash-
ington, 1855. 8°.

Select Committee to Investigate whether the President

HAS Sought to Influence the Action of Congress, etc. The
Covode investigation ; — [Lecompton constitution, etc. ; — Philadel-
phia Navy Yard, etc. ; — Executive binding, etc. ; — Elections, etc. ;
— Post office department, etc.]. (36th Cong, ist sess. Rept, no.
648.) n. t-p. [Washington, i860.] 8°.

Special Committee on the Treatment of Prisoners of War

AND Union Citizens by the Confederate Authorities. Report
[J. P. C. Shanks, chmn.] on the treatment of prisoners of war by
the rebel authorities during the War of the Rebellion ; appended,
the testimony, and. official documents. . . . (40th Cong. 3d sess.
Rept, no. 45.) Washington, 1869. 8°.

Special Committee to Investigate the Election in Flor-
ida. Testimony taken before the committee [1876]. (44th Cong.
2d sess. Misc. doc, no. 35, pt i.) Washington, 1877. 8°.

Special Committee to Investigate Troubles in Kansas.

Report; with the views of the minority, [and testimony]. (34th
Cong. 1st sess. Rept, no. 200.) Washington, 1856. 8°.

Hydrographic Office. See Navy Department : Hydrographic

Office, below.

Indian Commissioners. Office of Indian Affairs. See Inte-
rior Department : Board of Indian Commissioners, below.

Indian Peace Commissioners. Message from the president trans-
mitting report of the commissioners [N. G. Taylor, prest.], Jan. 7,
1868. (40th Cong. 2d sess. House. Ex. doc, no. 97.) n. t.-p.
[Washington, 1869.] 8°.

Interior Department. Annual register of the department, con-
taining a list of persons employed on the first day of Jan., 1877 ;
corrected to Feb. 24, 1877. Washington, 1877. 8°.


United States. Interior Department. Annual report of the Secre-
tary, for 1873 ; [with Report of Postmaster-general, and Credit mo-
bilier investigation]. Washington, 1873. 8°.

Introduction to the study of Indian languages ; with words,

phrases, and sentences to be collected ; [and paper on the alphabet
by W. D. Whitney] ; by J. W. Powell. Washington, 1877. 4°.

Persons and capital employed in manufactures; letter from the

Secretary, n. t.-p. [Washington, 1866.] 8°.

Register of ofificers and agents, civil, military, and naval, in the

service of the U. S., on 30th Sept., 1819, 1857, 1859, 1861, 1863,
1865, 1867, 1869, 1871, 1873, 187s, 1877. Washington, 1820-78.
12 V. 12°, 8° and nar. 4.
Continued as :

Official register of the U. S., containing a list of officers and em-
ployes in the civil, military, and naval service on the 30th June,
1879 ! '^ith list of ships and vessels belonging to the U. S. Wash-
ington, 1879. 2 v. 4°.

Contents : Vol. i. Legislative, executive, judicial. 2. Post-office department and
postal service. — Previous to 1861 issued by the Dept. of State. See below.

Report of a visit to the Sioux and Ponka Indians on the Missouri

River, made by Wm. Welsh, July, 1872. Washington, 1872. 8°.

Report of the Secretary for [1863-67] ; 1874 ; [1876 ; 1878, v. i].

Washington, 1863-78. 7 v. in 8, and i pam. maps. 8°.

The Report for 1874 is the pamphlet report of the Secretary alone. The
wanting v. 2. of 1878 is the Education report.

Auditor of Railroad Accounts. Annual report, for year end-
ing June 30, 1880. Washington, 1880. 8°.

Bureau of Education. Address on national aid to education,

by John Eaton. 1879. (From circular of inform., no. 2, 1879.)
Washington, 1879. 8°.

Address on the needs of the Bureau, by John Eaton. 1879.

(Same.) Washington, 1879. 8°.

Circular of information, July, 1871. Report on the systems of

public instruction in Sweden, [by C. C. Andrews] ; and Norway,
[by G. Gade]. Washington, 1 87 1. 8°..

[Same]; November, 1871. Methods of school discipline [by

H. Orcutt]. Washington, 1871. 8°.

[Same] ; December, 1871. Compulsory education [by L. Van

Bokkelen]. Washington, 1872. 8°.

[Same] ; January, 1872. German and other foreign universities,

[compiled by H. Jacobson ; including Address of H. von Sybel].
Washington, 1872. 8°.

[Same] ; February, 1872. Reports of the systems of public in-
struction in Greece, the Argentine Republic, Chili, and Ecuador ;
with statistics of Portugal and Japan ; and an official report on tech-
nical education in Italy. Washington, 1872. 8°.

[Same] ; March, 1872. i. Inquiry concerning the vital statistics

of college graduates. 2. Distribution of college students in 1870-
71 ; [by C. Warren]. 3. Facts of vital statistics in the U. S., with
tables and diagrams, [by J. M. Toner]. Washington, 1872. 8°.

[Same]; April, 1872. The relation of education to labor.

Wasbinoton, 1872. 8°.

Contains also : Replies from employers, laborers, and observers to questions
on value of elementary education to laborers; — Hinton, R.J. Present con-
dition of education among the working-classes in the U. S. ; — [Same] in the
anthracite coal district of Penn.


United States. Interior Department. Bureau of Education.

[Same] ; June, 1872. Education in the British West Indies, [by

T. H. Pearne]. Washington, 1872. 8°.

[Same] ; July, 1872. The kindergarten. Washington, 1872. 8°.

Contents : Peabody, E. P. Kindergarten in Italy. — Marenholtz-Buelow,

B. Philosophy and methods of the kindergarten. — Masson, O. Kindergarten

in Belgium.

[Same] ; November, 1872. American education at the Internat.

Exposition to be held at Vienna in 1873. Washington, 1872. 8°.

[Same] ; no. 1-5, 1873. Washington, 1874. 8°.

Contents: No. i. Historical summary and reports on the systems of public
instruction in Spain, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Portugal. — 2. Schools in British
India. — 3. Account of college commencements for the summer of 1873 in Me.,
N. H., yt, Mass., R. I., Conn., N. Y., N. J., and Penn. — 4. List of publications
by members of certain college-faculties and learned societies in the U. S., 1867-
72. — 5. Account of college-commencements during 1873 in the western and
southern states.

[Same]; no. 1-3, 1874. Washington, 1875. 8°.

Contents : No. i. Proceedings of the Dept. of Superintendence of the Nat.
Educ. Assoc, [Jan. 29-30, 1874]. — 2. Drawing in public schools: the present
relation of art to education in the U. S., [by I. E. Clarke]. — 3. History of
secondary instruction in Germany.

[Same]; no. 1-8, 1875. Washington, 1875. 8°.

Contents: No. i. Proceedings of the Dept. of Superintendence of the Nat.
Educ. Assoc, at Washington, Jan. 27-28, 1875. — 2. Education in Japan, [by
W. E. Griffis and others]. — 3. Account of the systems of public instruction
in Belgium, Russia, Turkey, Servia and Egypt. — 4. Waste of labor in the work
of education, by P. A. Chadbourne. — 5. Suggestions respecting the educa-
tional exhibit at the Internat. Centen. Exhib., 1876. — 6. Statements relating to
reformatory, charitable, and industrial schools for the young. — 7. Constitutional
provisions in regard to education in the several states. — 8. Schedule for the
preparation of students' work for the Centen. Exhib.

[Same] ; no. 1-2. 1877. Washington, 1877. 8°.

Contents : No. i. Report on the system of public instruction in China, [by
W. A. P. Martin]. — 2. Reports on the systems of public instruction in Finland,
[1)y F. Heikel]; the Netherlands, [by C. H. Plugg^]; Denmark, Wurtemberg,
[by J. L. Corning] ; Portugal ; the University of Leipzig, [by J. H. Steuart].

[Same]; no. 1-2, 1878. Washington, 1878. 8°.

Contents: No. i. Training of teachers in Germany. — 2. Elementary educa-
tion in London. — [Address of Sir Charles Reed.]

[Same]; no. 1-5, 1879. Washington, 1879. 8°.

Contents : No. i. Training schools for nurses, [by J. Eaton, Jr.]. — 2. Pro-
ceedings of Dept. of Supt. Nat. Educ. Assoc, Feb. 4-6, 1879 ; [and] for 1877;
and proceedings of Conference of presidents and delegates of state universities
and colleges of Ohio for 1877. — 3. Value of common school education to com-
mon labor, [by E. Jarvis]; with ill. from answers to inquiries addressed to
employers, workmen, and observers. — 4. Training schools of cookery. — 5.
American education, as described by the French commission to the Internat.
Exhib. of 1876, [by F. Buisson].
[Same]; no. 1-7, 1880. Washington, 1880-81. 8°.

Contents : i. College libraries as aids to instruction : Winsor, J. The college
library ; — Robinson, O. H. Rochester University library ; administration and
use. — 2. Proceedings of the Dept. of Supt. of the Nat. Educ. Assoc, Feb. 18-
20, 1880. — 3. Legal rights of chiklren, [by S. M. Wilcox]. — 4. Rural school
architecture, [by T. M. Clark]. 11.-5. rural schools, [by H. W.
Hulbert]. — 6. Clarke, F. W. Report on the teaching of chemistry and
physics in the U. S. — 7. The spelling reform, [by F. A. March],

Contributions to the annals of medical progress and education

in U. S, before and during War of independence, by J. M. Toner,
M, D, Washington, 1874, 8°.


United States. Interior Department. Bureau of Education.
Contributions to the history of medical education and medical insti-
tutions in the U. S., 1776-1876; special report by N. S. Davis.
Washington, 1877. 8°.

Educational tours in France, [by J. Ferry]. Washington,

1880. 8°.

The Indian school at Carlisle barracks, [by C. Warren].

Washington, 1880. 8°.

Industrial education in Europe. Washington, 1880. 8°.

International Educational Congress to be held at Brussels,

Belgium, Aug. 22-29, ^^^O- Washington, 1880. 8°.

The National Bureau of Education ; its history, work, and lim-
itations, by Alex. Shiras. Washington, 1875. 8°.

Progress of western education in China and Siam. Washing-
ton, 1880. 8°.

Public libraries in the U. S. ; their history, condition, and

management ; special report [by John Eaton, commissioner ; S. R.
Warren and S. N. Clark, editors]. Washington, 1876. 2 pt. 8°.
Part 2 is Rules for a printed dictionary catalogue, by C. A. Cutter.

Report of the Commissioner, [Henry Barnard] ; with circulars

and documents ; June 2, 1868. Washington, 1868. il. pi. 8°.
No report published in 1869.

Report of the Commissioner, [John Eaton], for 1870-78. Wash-
ington, 1872-80. 9 V. 8°.

Special report of the commissioner [Henry Barnard] on the

condition and improvement of public schools in the District of
Columbia. Washington, 1871. il. 8°.

Statement of the theory of education in the U. S., as approved

by many leading educators ; [byDuaneDoTY]. Washington, 1874. 8°.

Vacation colonies for sickly school children. Washington,

1880. 8°.

Census Office. See Census, above.

Entomological Commission. See Interior Dept. Geol. and

Geog. Survey of the Territories : Entomol. Com., below.

General Land Office. Report of the Commissioner, communi-
cating, in compliance with act of Mar. 3, 185 1, for the settlement of
certain classes of private land claims within the Bastrop grant, a
report of the land office at Monroe, La. (32d Cong. 2d sess. Sen.
Doc, no. 4.) n. t.-p. [Washington, 1852.] 8°.

Report of the Commissioner for i860, 1862-63, 1865-74, 1876-

79. Washington, 1860-79. I7 v. facsim. maps. 8°.

' — Report of the Commissioner for 1866. Washington, 1866. 8°.

Maps accompanying report for 1866, part 2. [Washington],

New York, lith., n. d. 23 folded maps. f°.

Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Moun-
tain Region. (J. W. Powell, director.) Contributions to North
American ethnology;. vol. I, 3. Washington, 1877. 2 v. pi. maps.
3 p. music. 4°.

Contents: Vol. i, pt. I. Dall,'W. H. Tribes of the extreme northwest:
[Alaska and adjacent territory; with comparative vocabularies]. — Pt. 2. Gibbs,
Geo. Tribes of western Washington and northwestern Oregon ; [with com-
parative vocabularies, and Niskwalli-Eng. and Eng.-Niskwalli dictionary]. 3.
Powers, Stephen. Tribes of California : — Appendix : Linguistics, edited by
J. W. Powell.


United States. Interior Department. Geographical and Geolog-
ical Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region. Report on the
geology and resources of the Black Hills of Dakota, by Henry New-
ton and W. P. Jenney. Washington and New York, 1879-80. text,
il. pi. 4° ; atlas, i\

Contents: Newton. Geology of the Black Hills.— Jenney. Mineral re-
sources of the B. H. — Whitfield, R. P. Paleontology of the B. H. — Cas-
well, J. H. Microscopic petrography. — Gray, A. Botany. — Tuttle, H. P.
Astronomy and barometric hypsometry.

See also, Interior Dept. Office Indian Affairs : Geol. Surv. Black
Hills, below.

Report on the geology of the high plateaus of Utah, by C. E.

DuTTON. New York and Washington, 1879-80. text, pi. 4°;
atlas, f°.
[Reports.] Washington, 1877-79. 2 v. pi. maps. 4°.

Namely : Gilbert, G. K. Report on the geology of the Henry Mountains.
1877. Powell, J. W. Report on the lands of the arid region of the U. S. ;
with a more detailed account of the lands of Utah. 2d ed. 1879.

Geological and Geographical Survey of the Black Hills.

See Interior Dept. : Office of Indian Affairs, below.

Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories.

(F. V. Hayden, U. S. geologist.) ist-iith annual report, 1867-77.
Washington, 1868-79. 10 v. il. pi. maps. 8°.

Contents: ist-2d [under General Land Office] and 3d annual [under Sec. of
Int.] reports of the U. S. Geol. Surv. of the Ter., for 1867-69 : [ist . . . Ne-
braska ; 2d . . . Wyoming ; 3d Colorado and New Mexico. 2d ed.]. 1873.

Final report [under Gen. Land Office] ... of Nebraska, and portions of adja-
cent territories. (42d Cong, ist sess. House. Ex. doc, no. 19.) 1872.

Preliminary report [2d annual ; really 4th annual] ... of Wyoming, and portions
of contiguous territories [for 1870]. 1872.

Preliminary report [5th annual] ... of Montana, and portions of adjacent terri-
tories [for 1871]. 1872.

6th annual report . . . embracing portions of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and
Utah ; being a report of progress of explorations for 1872. 1873.

[7th] annual report of the Geol. and Geog. Surv. of the Ter Colorado ; a

report of progress for 1873. 1874.

[8th] annual report . . . Colorado and parts of adjacent territory for 1874. 1876.

9th annual report. . . . Colorado and parts of adjacent territory for 1875. 1877.

loth annual report . . . Colorado and parts of adjacent territory for 1876. 1878.

I ith annual report. . . . Idaho and Wyoming, for 1877. 1879.

Bulletin; vol. 1-5; 1874-80. Washington, 1875-80. 5 v.

pi. folded maps. 8°.
Catalogue of publications of the United States Geological Sur-
vey of the Territories. Washington, 1874. 8°.
Geological and geographical atlas of Colorado and portions of

adjacent territory, by F. V. Hayden. [New York], Julius Bien,

lith., 1877. f°.
History of the American bison, bison Americanus, by J. A.

Allen ; extracted from 9th annual report of the survey for 1875.

Washington, 1877. 8°.
Miscellaneous publications; no. i, 3-12. Washington, 1873-

80. 10 V. in 7 and 2 pam. 8°.

Contents : No. i. Gannett, Henry. Lists of elevations in the U. S. west of

the Mississippi River. 1873 ;— [Same.] 3d ed. 1875.

3. Coues, Elliott. Birds of the northwest : a hand-book of the ornithology
of the region drained by the Missouri River and its tributaries. 1874.

4. Porter, T. C, and Coulter, J. M. Synopsis of the flora of Colorado.

5. Jackson, W. H. Descriptive catalogue of the photographs of the Survey,
for 1869-75, inclusive. 2d ed. 1875. pi.


United States. Interior Department. Geological and Geograph-
ical Survey of the Territories. Miscellaneous publications.

6. Chittenden, G. B. Meteorological observations during 1873 and the
early part of 1874 in Colorado and Montana territories. 1874.

7. Matthews, Washington. Ethnography and philology of the Hidatsa In-
dians. 1877.

8. CouES, Elliott. Fur-bearing animals : a monograph of North American
mustelidas. 1877. 20 pi.

9. Jackson, W. H. Descriptive catalogue of photographs of North Ameri-
can Indians. 1877.

10. White, C. A., and Nicholson, H. A. Bibliography 6f North American
invertebrate paleontology. 1878.

11. CouES, Elliott. Birds of the Colorado Valley ; pt. i : Passeres to laniidae ;
— Biblios;. appendix. 1878. 70 il.

12. Allen, J. A. History of North American pinnipeds ; a monograph of the
walruses, sea-lions, sea-bears and seals of North America. 1880. il.

[Reports]; vol. 1-2, 5^-7, 9-12. Washington, 1873-79. 8 v.

in 9. il. pi. col. pi. f°.

Namely: Vol. i. Leidy, Joseph. Contributions to the extinct vertebrate
fauna of the western territories. 1873.

2. Cope, E. D. Vertebrata of the cretaceous formations of the west. 1875.

5. Thomas, Cyrus. Synopsis of the acrididae of North America ; pt. i. [All
published.] 1873.

6. Lesquereux, Leo. Contributions to the fossil flora of the western terri-
tories ; pt. I. The cretaceous flora. 1874.

7. [Same]; pt. 2. The tertiary flora. 1878.

9. Meek, F. B. Report on the invertebrate, cretaceous, and tertiary fossils
of the upper Missouri country. 1876.

10. Packard, A. S., Jr. Monograph of the geometrid moths, or phalaenidae,
of the U. S. 1876.

11. Cooes, Elliott, and Allen, J. A. Monographs of North American ro-
dentia. 1877.

12. Leidy, Jos. Fresh- water rhizopods of North America. 1879.

2d division. (J. W. Powell, geologist in charge.) Report on

the geology of the eastern portion of the Uinta Mountains, and a re-
gion of country adjacent thereto ; with atlas ; by J. W. Powell.
Washington, 1876. 2 v. pi. 4° and f°.

Entomological Commission. Bulletin. Washington, 1877-

80. 5 nos. pi. map. 8°.

Contents: i. Destruction of the young or unfledged locusts. 1877. 2. Nat-
ural history of the Rocky Mt. locust . . . , habits, where they will hatch the
present year. 1877. 3. Riley, C. V. The cotton worm. 1880. 4. Pack-
ard, A. S., Jr. The Hessian fly. 1880. 5. Thomas, Cyrus. The chinch-bug.

ist-[2d] report of the commission for 1877, [1878-79], re-
lating to the Rocky Mountain locust, [and the western cricket], and
the best methods of preventing its injuries. . . . Washington, 1878-80.
2 V. il. pi. maps. 8°.

Commission : C. V. Riley, A. S. Packard, Jr., Cyrus Thomas.

Geological Survey. First annual report of the U. S. Geol.

Survey, by Clarence King, director. Washington, 1880. map.
nar. 4°.

Government Hospital for the Insane. Operations, being

I9th-20th annual report, 1874-75. Washington, 1875. 8°.

• Report and correspondence relating to the release of certain

persons. Washington, 1875. 8°.

Library. Alphabetical catalogue, including additions from Dec,

1874, to May, 1877. Washington, 1877. 8°.

[Same] ; Supplement, Nov. 8, 1878. [Washington, 1878.] 8°.


United States. Interior Department. National Museum. Bulle-
tin ; vol. I, no. i-io. 1877. (Smithsonian Inst. Misc. col., v.
13.) Washington, 1878. 8°.

Namely : i. Cope, E. D. Check-list of North American batrachia and rep-
tilia. 1875.

2-3. Kidder, J. H. Contributions to the natural history of Kerguelen Isl-
and. 1875-76.

4. Lawrence, G. N. Birds of southwestern Mexico, collected by F. E.
Sumichrast. 1875.

5. GooDE, G. B. Catalogue of the fishes of the Bermudas. 1876.

6. Classification of the collection to illustrate the animal resources of

the U. S. 1876.

7. Streets, T. H. Contributions to the natural history of the Hawaiian and
Fanning islands and Lower California. 1877.

8. Dall, W. H. Index to names applied to subdivisions of the class brachio-
poda, excluding the rudistes previous to 1877. 1877.

9-10. Jordan, D. S. Contributions to North American ichthyology : I. Re-
view of Rafinesque's memoirs on North American fishes; — 2: A. Notes on
cottidae, etheostomatidae, percidae, [etc.]; — B. Synopsis of the siluridae of the
fresh waters of North America. 1877. pi.

Proceedings ; vol. 1-2 ; 1878-79. Washington, 1879-80. 2 v.

pi. 8°.

For contents see Smithsonian Inst. JMisc. col., vol. 19, which contains these
two volumes.

Office of Indian Affairs. Board of Indian Commission-
ers. [ist]-iith annual report; 1869-79. Washington, 1870-80.
1 1 V. 8°.

Journal of the second conference with representatives of the

religious societies cooperating with the government ; and reports
of their work among the Indians. Washington, 1873. 8°.

Report of the commission appointed to negotiate with the

Crow Indians in Montana Territory. Washington, 1873. 8°.

Report of the commission appointed to negotiate with the

Shoshone Indians in Wyoming Territory, [by Felix R. Brunot].
Washington, 1873. 8°.

Report of the commission appointed to negotiate with the

Ute Indians in Colorado Territory. Washington, 1873. 8°.

What the government and the churches are doing for the

Indians. Washington, 1874. 8°.

Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Annual report, 1855-72,

1874-80. Washington, 1856-80. 25 v. maps. 8°.

Annual report of the acting superintendent of Indian affairs

for Michigan, [H. R. Schoolcraft, for i839]-40. Detroit, 1840. 8°.

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