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and memorable happening in the Church, with an univer-
sall Historie of the same. Wherein is set forth at large
the whole Race and Course of the Church, from the
Primitive Age to these later times of ours, with the
bloody times, horrible troubles and great Persecutions
against the true Martyrs, &c. Whereunto are annexed
certaine Additions of like Persecutions which have hap-
pened in these latter times. Printed partly in ijLlCfc
ILttttXy and Illustrated with many Curious Engravings.
3 vols, folio, calf Lond. 1641

Several leaves have been repaired.

1286 Fox, W. J. Lectures on Genuine Christianity. 8°, sheep

Lond. 1819

1287 On the Religious Ideas. 8° Lond. 1849

-' 1288 Foxe, Capt. Luke. North- V Vest For, or, Fox from the

North-west passage. Beginning with King Arthvr, Malga
.... Following with brief e Abstracts of the Voyages of
Cabot, [etc.] Mr. lames Hall's three Voyages to Groyn-
land. . . .With the Author his owne Voyage. . . .Map and
plate on wood. Small 4°, crushed levant morocco, super-
extra, gilt back and edges, by Pratt Lond. 1635

* # * Beautiful copy of this very rare book ; with the map (with figure of a fox
running away with the goose) which is usually lacking.

1289 Foxton, F. J. Popular Christianity. Post 8°

Lond.: Chapman, 1849

1290 Framjee, Dosabhoy. The Parsees : their History, Man-

ners, Customs and Religion. Crown 8° Lond. 1858

1291 Francis, J. Annals, Anecdotes and Legends of Life As-

surance. 12°, half turkey Lond. 1853

1292 Francis, J. G. Beach Rambles in search of Sea-side Peb-

bles and Crystals. Illustrated. Post 8° Lond.

1293 Francis, Sir Philip. Memoirs, with Correspondence and

Journals, commenced by Jos. Parkes and completed by H.
. Merivale. 'Portrait. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1867

1294 Francis, S. W. Sketches of New York Physicians. 16°

N. Y. 1867


1295 Francklin, Lt.-Col. Wm. Researches on the Tenets and

Doctrines of the Jeynes and Boodhists; in which is intro-
duced a Discussion on the Worship of the Serpent in
various countries. Six plates. 4°, half calf Lond. 1827

1296 Frankfurt. Thirteen fine Photograph Views of Frank-

furt on the Maine, in cloth case. 4°

1297 Franklin. Memorial of the Inauguration of the Statue

of. Illustrated. 8° Bost. 1857

1298 Fraser's Magazine for Jan. and Sept. 1856 ; 1859 com-

plete ; 1867, lacking Jan., Feb., Mar., April and May ;
1868, lacking Mar., April, Nov. and Dec; 1869 complete;
1870 complete ; 1871, lacking Jan., Feb. and June ; 1872,
'73 and '74 complete; 1875, lacking Aug. 108 Nos. Lond.

1299 Freeman, Edward A. The History of the Norman Con-

quest of England : its Causes and its Results. With
Volume of Index. 6 vols, 8° . Oxford, 1867-79

Historical Essays. 8° Lond. 1871

Historical Essays. Second Series. Crown 8°

Lond. 1873
The Unity of History. Crown 8° Lond. 1872

Comparative Politics, and the Unity of History.

N. Y. 1874
History and Conquests of the Saracens. 2d Edition.

Lond. 1876
The Ottoman Power in Europe. 3 Colored Maps.
12° Lond. 1877

1306 Freke, H. On the Origin of Species. 8° Lond. 1861

1307 Fremont, Gen. J. C. Life. Illustrations. 12° Bost. 1856

1308 French, J. H. Gazetteer of the State of New York.

Illustrated. 8°, morocco, full gilt 1S60

1309 French Anas (The). 3 vols, 16°, half mor. Lond. 1805

1310 Freneau, Philip. Poems. 12°, half morocco

London: J. R. Smith, 1861

1311 Frere, John Hookham. Works in Verse and Prose, now

first collected, with Memoir by his Nephews. Portrait.
2 vols, 8°, half russia Lond. 1872

1312 Frere, M. Old Deccan Days; or Hindoo Fairy Legends

collected from oral tradition. Illustrated. 12° Lond. 1868





i sn*


1313 Freshfield, D. W. Travels in the Central Caucasus and

Bashan. Maps and Plates. 8° Lond. 1869

1314 Friendly Disputants (The), or Future Punishment Re-

considered. Crown 8° Lond. 185S

1315 Frith, F. Egypt and Palestine Photographed and Des-

cribed by F. Frith, Jun. (25 parts, lacking Part 17.) 24
parts, folio, paper N. Y.

Each part contains three views.

JWfMtt, ffit !®lB, Chronicles of England, France,
Spain, Portugal, Scotland, Brittany, Flanders, and adjoin-
ing Countries. Translated by John Bourchier, Lord Ber-
ners. -Reprinted from Pynson's edition of 1523" and
1525; with names of places and persons carefully cor-
rected; to which are added a Memoir of the Translator
and an Index. 2 vols, 4°, cf. (cover broken.) Lond. 1812

1317 <JMiiS08yt Mi fpOtlgtrillt. Chronicles of England,

France, Spain, &c. Translated from the French by
Thomas Johnes. 4 vols, royal 8°

London: William Smith, 1839-'45

Illuminated Illustrations of Froissart, from the
MSS. in the British Museum, Bibliotheque Royale, &c.
By N. H. N. Humphreys. 72 Plates beautifully executed
in gold and colors. London: William Smith, 1844-' '45

Together 6 vols, royal 8°, crimson levant morocco super-
extra, gilt backs and edges.
Superb set.

1318 From Matter to Spirit. Ten Years' Experience in Spirit

Manifestations. By C. D., with a preface by A. B. 12°

Lond. 1863

1319 Frothingham, N. L. Sermons. 12° Bost. 1852
1320 Metrical Pieces, Translated and Original 12°

Bost. 1855

1321 Frothingham, O. B. The Religion of Humanity. 16°

N. Y. 1873

1322 Frothingham, R. History of the Siege of Boston, and of

the Battles of Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill.
Maps. 8° Bost. 1849

1322* Life and Times of Joseph Warren. Portrait. 8°

Bost. 1865


1323 Frothingham. Tribute to T. Starr King. 16° Bost. 1865.

1324 The Rise of the Republic of the United States. 8°

Bost. 1872

1325 — The Centennial: Battle of Bunker Hill. Maps

16° Bost. 1875

1326 History of Charlestown. Nos. 2, 3 and 4. Lewes'

Physiology, 13 Nos. Together, 17 Nos.

1327 FROUDE, James A. History of England ; from the Fall of

Wolsey to the Defeat of the Spanish Armada. 12° vols,
post 8°, polished calf super-extra, gilt backs, yellow edges,
by Bedford Lond. 1870

Beautiful set.

1328 The Nemesis of Faith. 2d edition. 12° Lond. 1849

1329 Short Studies on Great Subjects. First Series. 2

vols, crown 8° Lond. 1867

1330 Short Studies: Second Series. 8° Lond. 1871

1331 r Short Studies : Third Series. 8° Lond. 1877

1332 The Cat's Pilgrimage. 6 illustrations by J. B.

4°, boards Edin. 1870

1333 Calvanism. 8° Lond. 1871

1334 Cresar: a Sketch. Portrait. 8° Lond. 1879

1335 Full Answer to the Depositions, &c, concerning the

Birth of the Pretended Prince of Wales ; the Intrigue
thereof detected, &c. With Depositions in Councils.
Diagram. Post 8°, half calf Printed in the Year 1711
A full statement of the " Warming-Fan" story.

1336 Fuller, Margaret. Woman in the Nineteenth Century.

12° Bost. 1860

1337 Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli. 2 vols, 12°

Bost. 1852

1338 Fuller, Thomas. The Holy State and the Profane State.

Good Thoughts in Bad Times. 2 vols, post 8°

Lond : Wm. Pickering, 1840-'41

1339 Fuller, Willtam. Eleven very curious Tracts relating

to the Pretender. Bound in 1 vol. 12°, hf. cf. Lond. v. y.
Comprises : A Brief Discovery of the True Mother of the Pretended Prince of

Wales, known by the Name of Mary Grey. 1696. A Plain Proof of the

true Father and Mother of the pretended Prince of Wales. 1700. A Trip

to Hamshire and Flanders: discovering the Vile Intrigues of the Priests and

Jesuits. 1701. A Full Demonstration that the pretended Prince of Wales

was the Son of Mrs. Mary Grey. &c, &c.


1340 Furness, W. H. Discourses. 12° Phil. 1855

1341 Thoughts on Jesus of Nazareth. 12° Bost. 1859

1342 The Veil Partly Lifted. 16° Bost. 1864

1343 Furnivall, F. J. Le Morte Arthur. Edited from the

Harleian MS. in the British Museum. 16° Lond. 1864

1344 Education in Early England. 8°, stitched

Lond. 1867

GAINE'S New York Pocket Almanack for the Year 1776.
By Thomas Moore. 24°, morocco

Printed by H. Gaine, Hanover Square
Very Scarce.

1346 Gairdner, James. Life and Reign of Richard the Third,

to which is added the Story of Perkin Warbeck. Portrait.
12° Lond. 1878

1347 Gairdner, Wm. Gout, its history, its causes and its cure.

4th edition. 12° Lond. 1860

1348 Galileo. Life. 12°, calf Bost. 1832
1349 The Private Life of Galileo. Cr. 8° Lond. 1870

1350 Gallenga, A. History of Piedmont. 3 vis, 12° Lond. 1855

135 1 Gallerie der CostStme von L. Schreider. 144 Colored Plates

(lacking No. 24). 4°, unbound Berlin

1352 Gallick Reports: or, an Historical Collection of Criminal

Cases adjudged in the Supreme Court of Judicature in

France. A work equally Instructive and Entertaining.

In which is comprized an Account of Arnold du Tilh, an

Impostor, who deceived a Man's Wife and Relations and

puzzled for a long time the Parliament of France, &c.

12°, calf Lond. 1737

A curious collection.

1353 Galloway. Examination of James Galloway, by a Com-

mittee of the House of Commons. 8°, stitched

Phil.: Seventy-Six Society, 1855
250 copies printed.

1354 [Another copy.] Cloth

1355 Galt, John. The Life and Administration of Cardinal

Wolsey. Portrait. Crown 8°, half roan Edin. 1824

1356 Galton, Fr. Hereditary Genius: an Inquiry into its

Laws and Consequences. 8° N. Y. 1870


1357 Ganganelli (Pope Clement XIY). Interesting Letters of,

with anecdotes of his Life. 4 vols, 12°, half calf, uncut

Lond. 1777
Formerly Wordsworth's copy — see flyleaf: " W. Wordsworth. Bt. at Ambleside,
Apl. 1825."

1358 Garden, Alx'r. Anecdotes of the American Revolution.

Second series. 12°, half roan Charleston, 1828


1359 Gardiner, S. R. Prince Charles and the Spanish Mar-

riage, 1617-1623. A Chapter of English History, founded

principally upon unpublished documents. 2 vols, 8°

Lond. 1869

1360 A History of England under the Duke of Buck-
ingham and Charles I. Maps. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1875

1361 Personal Government of Charles I., 1628-1637.

2 vols, 8° Lond. 1877

1362 Garland. A North Countrie Garland. Cut. 12°, half

roan Edin. 1824

Only 30 copies printed.

1363 A Lennox Garland; gleaned from Divers Fields

of Scottish Poesy. 12°, boards Dumbarton, 1851

Only 50 copies printed, in JiBIatk HLftttr.

1364 Garratt, G. Marvels and Mysteries of Instinct. 12°

Lond. 1856

1365 [The same.] 3d edition. 16° Lond. 1862

1366 Gaskell, E. C. Life of Charlotte Bronte. Portrait.

2 vols, 12° Lond. 1857

1367 [The same.] Portrait. 2 vols, 12°, hf. cf. N. Y. 1857

1368 [Gasparin.] Science vs. Modern Spiritualism. 2 vols, 12°

N. Y. 1857

1369 Gastaldi, B. Pre-Historic Remains in North and Central

Italy. Illustrated. 8° Lond. 1865

1370 Gautier, Theophile. Le Capitaine Fracasse. 60 fine

Engrnvinys on wood after Gustave Pore's designs. Thick
imperial 8°, half red morocco, gilt back, gilt top, uncut
edges Paris, 1866

1371 Gat, John. Fables, with a Life of the Author, and em-

bellished with Seventy Plates. 2 vols, roy. 8°, half morocco
London: Printed for John Stoekdale, 1793

1372 Geikie, A. The Story of a Boulder. Woodcuts. 12°

Edin. 1858


1373 Genesis of the Earth and of Man ; edited by R. S. Poole.
Post 8° Lond. 1860

13 74 Genin, Thomas Hedges. Selections from Writings. Por-
trait. 8° N. Y. 1869

1375 Gentle-Craft. The Delightful, Princely and Entertain-

ing History of the Gentle-Craft. Containing many
Matters of Delight very pleasant to read. Showing what
famous men have been Shoemakers, &c. Woodcuts. 16°,
calf Lond. 1758

1376 Gentleman's Magazine. From its commencement

in 1731 to June 1855, including the volume of Miscel-
laneous Correspondence. 198 vols, neatly bound in half
calf, gilt backs, with 5 vols of Index to Text and Illus-
trations, in paper covers. Together, 203 vols
A fine set of tliis valuable Magazine.

1377 Geoffrey the Knight. A Tale of the Days of King

Arthur. 20 Illustrations by Dork 12°, gilt. Lond. 1869

1378 Geographical Science; a Manual Mathematical, Physical,

Historical and Descriptive. 8° Lond. 1859

1379 Geologist (The). Edited by Chas. Moxon. 15 Nos.,

1842-3 Lond.

1380 George IV. The Royal Eclipse ; or Delicate Facts ex-

hibiting the Secret Memoirs of Squire George and his
Wife. Royal Investigation ; or Authentic Docu-
ments, containing the Acquittal of the P ss of W s.

In i vol, 12°, half calf Lond. 180,7

1381 The Royal or Delicate Investigation into the Con-
duct of the Princess of Wales; containing the Deposi-
tions, &c. Superintended by Spencer Perceval in 1806,
and then suppressed. With the Defence of the Princess
of Wales. 8°, half calf Lond. 1813

1382 Correspondence between the Earl and Countess of

Jersey upon Letters belonging to the Princess of Wales,

1796. Diamond Cut Diamond, 1806. Letter to the

Prince of Wales on a Second Application to Parliament

for Money. N. Jeffrey's Letter to the Prince of Wales.

Vindication of the Prince Regent, 1813. In 1 vol,

8°, half calf Lond.


1383 George IV. Review of the Conduct of the Prince of Wales

in his Transactions with Mr. Jefferys ; by N. Jefferys.

Letter to the Prince of Wales ; by N. Jefferys.

Letter to Charles Grey. In 1 vol, 8°, half calf. Lond.

1384 Diary Illustrative of the Times of George the

Fourth. 2 vols, 8°, half calf, gilt backs Lond. 1838

1385 German Popular Stories; with Illustrations after the

Original Designs of George Cruikslumk. Edited by

Edgar- Taylor, with Introduction by John Ruskin. 4°, half

morocco Lond.

Large Paper ; Proof Impressions.

1386 Gervinus, Dr. G. G. Introduction to the History of the

19th Century. 12°, half calf Lond. 1853

138V Shakespeai-e Commentaries. New edition, revised

by the translator. 8° N. Y. 1875

1388 $l0t8 |(amHtl0VUttt ; or, Entertaining Moral Stories in-

vented by the Monks. Translated from the Latin by C.

Swan. 2 vols, 12°, uncut Lond. 1824

Original Edition ; rare.

1389 Ghost Stories. Ten Illustrations by Darley. 12°

. N. Y. 1865

1390 Gibbon, Edward. History of the Decline and Fall of the

Roman Empire; with Notes by Rev. H. H. Milman. Maps.
12 vols, 8°, calf, gilt backs Lond.: Murray, 1828

1391 Gieseler, J. C. L. Compendium of Ecclesiastical History.

Vols. 1, 2, 4 and 5. 8° Edin. 1854

1392 Gilchrist, Alex'r. Life of William Blake, " Pictor

Ignotus." Illustrated from Blake's Own Works in fac-
simile by W. J. Linton. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1863

1393 Gilchrist, J. Collection of Scottish Ballads, Tales and

Songs. Vol. 2. 16° Leith, 1814

1394 Gilder, R. W. The New Day, a Poem in Songs and

Sonnets. 16° N. Y. 1876

1395 Giles, Henry. Christian Thought on Life. 12°

Bost. 1850

1396 Illustrations of Genius. 12° Bost. 1854

1397 Giles, J. A. Historical Enquiry concerning the Age,
Authorship and Authenticity of the Old Testament. 8°

Lond. 1850


1398 Giles, W. B. Political Miscellanies. 8°, sheep. No title-


1399 Gilttllan, George. Sketches of Modern Literature and

Men. 12° N. Y. 1846

1400 Gill, W. W. Myths and Songs from the South Pacific.

Post 8° Lond. 1876

1401 Gillray. The Works of James Gillray, the Caricaturist,

with the History of his Life and Times. Edited by
Thomas Wright. Over 400 Illustrations on Stone and
Wood. 4°, cloth, full gilt Lond.

1402 Gilmore, J. Storm Warriors: Lifeboat Work on the

Goodwin Sands. 12° Lond. 1874

1403 Ginsburg, C. D. The Moabite Stone: a facsimile of the

Inscription, with English Translation and Commentary.
Royal 4°, stitched Lond. 1870

1404 Girard College and its Founder. Portrait. 12°

Phil. 1854

1405 Gladstone, Rt. Hon. W. E. Studies on Homer and the

Homeric Age. ' 3 vols, 8° Oxford, 1858

1406 "EcceHomo." 16° Lond. 1868

1407 Juventus Mundi: The Gods and Men of the Heroic

Age. Crown 8° Lond. 1869

1408 The Vatican Decrees. 8°, stitched Lond. 1874

1409 Glauvil, Joseph. Sadducismus Triumphatus : or, A full

and plain Evidence concerning Witches and Apparitions.
Two curious Plates. Small 8°, tree calf extra, gilt back

Lond. 1726
Fine copy of the best edition

1410 Gleason's Pictorial, Vol. 4. Spiritual Telegraph, Vol. 5.

2 vols, 4°

1411 Glover, Richard. The Poems of. 16°, red morocco,

o-ilt Chiswick, n. d.

1412 Gobineau, A. de. Moral and Intellectual Diversity of

Races. Notes by II. Hotz and an Appendix by J. C.
Nott,M.D. 12° Phil. 1856

1413 Goddard, Julia. Wonderful Stories from Northern

Lands. 6 Illustrations. 12° Lond. 1871


1414 Godwin, William. Life of Geoffrey Chaucer, including

Memoirs of his near friend and kinsman, John of Gaunt,
Duke of Lancaster, with Sketches of the Manners,
Opinions, Arts and Literature of England in the Fourteenth
Century. Portrait. 2 vols, 4°, boards, uncut. Lond. 1803

1415 History of the Commonwealth from its Commence-
ment to the Restoration of Charles the Second. 4 vols,
8°, half morocco Lond. 1824

1416 Caleb Williams. Frontispiece and Vignette. 16°

Lond. 1831

1417 Lives of the Necromancers. 12°, cloth. KY. 1835

1418 Goethe. Faust, translated into English Prose, with

Notes, &c, by Hayward. 16° Lond.: Moxon, 1838

1419 Faust, translated into English Verse by J. Birch;

embellished with 29 Engravings on Steel after Moritz
Eetszch, Royal 8°, calf Lond. 1839

1420 Faust, translated with Notes by C. T. Brooks. 12°

Bost. 1856

1421 Faust, translated into English Verse by Theo-
dore Martin. Post 8° Edm. 1865

1422 Faust, translated by Bayard Taylor. Second Part.

Royal 8° Bost. 18V 1

1423 Faust, translated into English Verse by C. H.

Bowen. 12 u Lond. 18*78

1424 Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship. New edition.

2 vols, 12° Bost. 1851

1425 Opinions on the World, Mankind, Literature, &c.

16° Lond. 1853

1426 Poems and Ballads; translated by Aytoun and

Martin. 16° Edin. 1859

142*7 ■ Conversations with Eckermann and Soret. Trans-
lated by J. Oxenford. 2 vols, 12° Lond. 1850

1428 [Another copy.]

1429 Golden Legend (The). A Reproduction from a Copy in
the Manchester Free Library. With an Introduction by
Alfred Aspland. Folio. Printed for the Holbein Society

Lond. 1878

Facsimile of Caxton's edition printed in 1483.



14-30 Goldsmith, Oliver. Works; edited by Peter Cunning-
ham. Vignette titles. 4 vols, 8°, calf extra, gilt backs

Lond. : Murray, 1854
Fine copy.

1431 The Vicar of Wakefield. 32 fine Illustrations by

William Mxdready. Square 8°, morocco, gilt back, sides

and edges Lond. 1843

1432 Goldsmith and Parnell. Poems by: Illustrated with

full-page Plates and Vignettes by T. Bewick. 8°, half
calf Lond.: Printed by W. Buhner, 1804

1433 Good Things for Railway Readers. 12° Lond. 1863

1434 Goodrich, C. A. Select British Eloquence. 8°, half calf

N. Y. J852

1435 Goodrich, S. G. Recollections of a Lifetime, or Men and

Things I have Seen. Illustrated. 2 vols, 12° N. Y. 1857

1436 Gordon, Lady Duff. Last Letters from Egypt. Por-

trait. Crown 8° Lond. 1875

1437 Gordon, John. Christian Developments. 12° Lond. 1853

1438 Gordon, T. E. The Roof of the World: being a Narra-

tive of a Journey over the High Plateau of Tibet to the
Russian Frontier, with 66 Drawings done on the spot.
Royal 8° Edin. 1876

1439 Gordon, Mrs. "Christopher North": a Memoir of John

Wilson. Portrait. 2 vols, crown 8° Edin. 1862

1440 Gosse, P. H. The Romance of Natural History. Illus-

trated. Crown 8° Lond. 1860

1441 Gothic Architecture. Introduction to Study of : Many

Woodcuts. 16° Oxford: Parker, 1849

1442 Gould, Ed. S. Good English; or, Popular Errors in Lan-

guage. 12° N. Y. 1867

1443 -Gowans' Bibliotheca Americana : i. e. Denton's Descrip-

tion of New York, 1670. Wooley's Journal of a Resi-
dence in New York, 1679. Miller's Description of the
City and Province, 1695. 3 vols, 4°, cloth 1862

Large Paper.

1444 Gower, John, Confessio Amantis; edited and collated

with the best Manuscripts, by Dr. Reinhold Pauli. 3 vols,
8°, half morocco, gilt top Lond. 1857

Very handsomely printed at the Chiswick Press.



1445 Go wing, T. S. The Philosophy of Beards. 8°, stitched


1446 Graham, G. F. English Synonyms; edited by H. Reed.
12°, half roan N. Y. 1848

1447 Graham, Lieut.-Col. J. A. Descriptive Sketch of the

Present State of Vermont. Portrait, and tail-pieces on
wood. 8°, half morocco, gilt top Lond. 179*7

1448 Graham, J. M. Annals and Correspondence of the Viscount

and the First and Second Earls of Stair. Two Portraits.
2 vols, 8° Edin. 1875

1449 Grammont. Memoirs of Count Grammont, by Count A.

Hamilton. Translated from the French, with Notes and
Illustrations. 2d edition, revised. 40 Portraits. 3 vols,
8°, red morocco, gilt edges Lond. 1809

1450 Memoirs of Count Grammont, by Count A. Hamil-
ton. A New Translation, with Notes and Illustrations.
Embellished with 76 Portraits of the principal characters

mentioned in the work. 4°, morocco, gilt

Lond. : Printed for S. & E. Harding

1451 Granger, James. Biographical History of England, from

Egbert the Great to the Revolution : adapted lo a
Methodical Arrangement of Engraved British Heads.
Fifth {and Pest] Edition, with over 400 Additional Lives
[by J. Caulfield]. 3 vols, enlarged to 4 vols, by the IN-
SERTION of 631 Portraits (with Extra title-pages).
Folio, half red morocco extra, gilt backs and tops, uncut
edges Lond. 1824

V Very interesting EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED COPY, the profusely
inserted Illustrations forming a very full Gallery of British Portraits. A
large number of them are Proofs and very many are scarce and curious
prints. Only a few copies of this edition were printed in Folio, for the
purpose of illustration.

1452 A Biographical History of England, from Egbert

the Great to the Rebellion. 5th Edition. 6 vols, 8°, half
russia Lond. 1824

A copy ill ustrated with about 670 Portraits, many of them rare.

1453 Grant, James. The Newspaper Press: its Origin, Pro-

gress and Present Position. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1871

1454 GRAPHIC (The London). Illustrated Newspaper. From

commencement 1869 to 1880 inclusive. 21 vols, folio, half
morocco (the last vol. in numbers) Lond. 1869-1880


1455 Grave, George Ann. Memoirs of Joan D'Arc, or De

Lys, commonly called the Maid of Orleans, chiefly from
the French of the Abbe Lenglet da Fresnoy, with Ap-
pendix and Notes. 8°, half calf Lond. 1812

1456 Gray, David. Poems. 16° Bost. 1864

1457 Gray, Mrs. Hamilton. Tour to the Sepulchres of Etruria.

Numerous Plates, some of which are colored. Crown 8°,
half calf, gilt back Lond. 1841

1458 Gray, J. H. China: a History of the Laws, Manners and

Customs of the People. 140 Illustrations. 2 vols, 8°

Lond. 1878

1459 Gray, Thomas. Works. Portrait. 5 vols, 12°, cloth;

uncut Lond.: Pickering, 1847

1460 Elegy written in a Country Church-Yard. 33 Il-
lustrations on wood by P. S. Gilbert. 8° Phil. 1845

1461 Photographic Facsimile of the Original Autograph

Manuscript of Gray's Elegy. 4°, stitched Lond. 1862

1462 Greatest (The) of our Social Evils: Prostitution. 12°

Lond. 1857

1463 Greeley, Horace. Hints toward Reform. 12° N. Y. 1850
Author's autogi'aph.

1464 Glances at Europe. 12° N. Y. 1851

Autograph of author.

1465 Overland Journey. 12° N. Y. 1860

Author's autograph.

1466 The American Conflict, 1776-1865.' Illustrated.

2 vols, 8° Hartford, 1864-66

1467 Essays on Political Economy. 12° Bost. 1870

1468 Green, J. H. Vital Dynamics. 8°

Lond.: Wm. Pickering, 1840

1469 Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling.

Gambling Unmasked ! A Personal Experience. The
Secret Band of Brothers; or, the American Outlaws. 3
vols, 16°, morocco, full gilt Phil. 1847

1470 Twelve Days in the Tombs. 16° N. Y. 1850

1471 Green, John Richard. Stray Studies of England and

Italy. Square crown 8° Lond. 1876

1472 History of the English People. 4 vols, 8°

Lond. 1877-80


1473 Greene, Geo. W. Historical View of the American Revo-

lution. 12° Bost. 1865

1474 Greenwood, James. Wild Sports of the World. Wood-

cuts, Colored Illustrations, Portraits and Maps. 8°,
calf Lond. 1862

1475 The Curses of London. Post 8° Lond.

1476 Greg, W. R. The Creed of Christendom; its Foundations

and Superstructure. 8° Lond. 1851

1477 The Creed of Christendom. Third Edition. 2 vols,

post 8° Lond. 1874

1478 Literary and Social Judgments. Crown 8°

Lond. 1868

1479 Enigmas of Life. 12° Lond. 1872

1480 Grenville Papers (The). Being the Correspondence of

Richard Grenville and the Right Hon. Geo. Grenville,
their Friends and Contemporaries. Now first published.
Edited by W. J. Smith. 4 vols, 8° Lond. 1852

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