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2095 Langpord, J. A. Religious Scepticism and Infidelity. 12°

Lond. 1850

2096 Langon, Baron. Evenings with Prince Cambaceres,

Second Consul. Two portraits. 2 vols, 8°, half calf, gilt
backs Lond. 1837

138 LAW.

2097 Lankester, E. R. On Comparative Longevity. 12°

Lond. 1870

2098 Laednee, Dr. D. Common Things Explained. Many

illustrations. 2 vols, 12° Lond. 1856

2099 Lardner, Nathaniel. The Works of : with a Life by

Dr. Kippis. 10 vols, 8°, mottled sheep Lond. 1838

2100 Larwood, Jacob. The Story of the London Parks.

Colored frontispieces and numerous illustrations. 2
vols, crown 8° Lond.

2101 Larwood (J.) and Hottex (J. C.) History of Signboards.

With 100 illustrations in facsimile. 4°, half morocco

Load. 1867
* # * Large paper copy, with 72 extra illustrations.

2102 Latham, R. G. Natural History of the Varieties of Man.

Illustrated. 8° Lond, 1850

2103 Handbook of the English Language. Crown 8°

Lond. 1851

2104 Man and His Migrations. 16° Lond. 1851

2105 Ethnology of Europe. 16° Lond. 1852

2106 Ethnology of the British Islands. 16° Lond. 1852

2107 Descriptive Ethnology. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1859

2108 Essays, chiefly Philological ai]d Ethnological. 8°

Lond. 1860

2109 ■ The Nationalities of Europe. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1863

2110 [Lathy, T. P.] Memoirs of the Court of Louis XIV., com-

prising Biography and Memoirs of the most celebrated
characters. Portraits. 3 vols, 8°, calf Lond. 1820

2111 Latimer, Bishop Hugh. Sermons and Life. Edited by

J. Watkins. 2 vols, 8°, calf Lond. 1858

2112 Latouche, John. Travels in Portugal. Photographic

illustrations. 8° Lond.

2113 Latrobe, B. H. Authentic Elucidation of the History of

Counts Struensee and Brandt and of the Revolution in
Denmark in 1772. 8°, boards, leather back. Lond. 1789

2114 Laurens. Correspondence of Henry Laurens of South

Carolina. Edited by Erank Moore. Portrait. 4°, paper

N. Y. 1861

2115 Law, Ed. Considerations on the Theory of Religion. New

Edition. 8° Lond. 1820


LEGGE. 139

2116 Lawrence, Ph. The Lawrence Speaker. 12°, hf. roan. Phil.

2117 Lawrence, William. Lectures on Comparative Anatomy

and the Natural History of Man. Twelve plates. Post 8°,
boards Lond. 1838

2118 Layard, A. IT. Discoveries in the Rums of Nineveh and

Babylon ; the Results of a Second Expedition. Illus-
trated. 8° Lond. 1853

2119 Nineveh and its Remains. Illustrated. Sixth

Edition. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1854

2120 Lays op the Minnesingers or German Troubadours of

the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries; with Historical and
Critical Notices. Plates. Crown 8°, half morocco, gilt
back and top Lond. 1825

2121 Lea, H. C. Historical Sketch of Sacerdotal Celibacy in

the Christian Church. 8° Phil. 1867

2122 Leared, A. On Imperfect Digestion. 16° Lond. 1870

2123 Lechford, Thomas. Plain Dealing, or News from New

England. Lond. 1642. With Introduction and Notes by
J. H. Trumbull. 4°, half green turkey Bost. 1867

2124 Lecky, W. E. H. History of the Rise and Influence of

Rationalism in Europe. 2d edition. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1865

2125 History of European Morals. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1869

2126 The Leaders of Public Opinion in Ireland. Crown

8° Lond. 1871

2127 History of England in the Eighteenth Century.

2 vols, 8° Lond. 1878

2128 Leech, John. Mr. Briggs and his Doings Fishing. 12

colored plates. Oblong 4°, paper Lond.

2129 Pictures of Life and Character. From the Col-
lection of Mr. Punch. 5 Series. 5 vols, oblong 4°

In poor condition — much used.

2130 Leeser, Isaac. Discourses on the Jewish Religion. 2
vols, in 1. 8° Phil. 1836

2131 Instruction in the Mosaic Religion. 8°, boards

Phil. 1830
2132 Legge, Dr. J. The Life and Teachings of Confucius. 8°

Lond. 1867

140 LIE 8 AGE.

2133 Leicester. Sacred Memoirs of Robert Dudley, Earl of

Leicester, Prime Minister and Favourite of Queen Eliza-
beth ; containing an Instructive Account of his Ambi-
tion, Designs, Intrigues, Excessive Power, &c. ; written
during his life, and now published from an old MS. never
printed. Preface by Dr. Drake. 8°, half red morocco,
gilt edges Lond. 1706

2134 Leigh, E. Ballads and Legends of Cheshire. Engraved

title. 8° Lond. 1S67

2135 Leigh, H. S. Jeux d'Esprit, by French and English Wits

and Humourists. 12° Lond. 1877

2136 Leighton, Alex'r. Curious Storied Traditions of Scottish

Life. Both Series. 16° Edin. 1860-'61

2137 Leighton, John. The Life of Man Symbolised by the

Months of the Year in a series of Illustrations ; with pas-
sages selected from Ancient and Modern Authors, by R.
Pigot. Many beautiful illustrations on wood. 4°, green
morocco extra, sides and back inlaid with brown and red,
and gilt, gilt edges Lond. 1866

2138 Paris under the Commune. Numerous illustra-
tions. Crown 8° Lond. 1871

2139 Leland, Charles G. The Poetry and Mystery of Dreams.

12° Phil. 1856

2140 Leland, John. View of the Deistical Writers. 2 vols,

8°, calf Lond. 1766

2141 The Christian Revelation. 2 vols, 8°, sheep

Phil. 1818

2142 Lemon, M. The Jest Book. 16° Lond. 1864

2143 Leonora Christina, Daughter of Christian IV. of Den-

mark. Memoirs, written during her Imprisonment, 1663-
1685. Translated by F. E. Bunnett. Portrait. Square 8°

Lond. 1872

2144 Lepsius, Dr. R. Letters from Egypt, Ethiopia and the

Peninsula of Sinai. Maps. 12° Lond.: Bohn, 1853

2145 Leroy, C. G. The Intelligence and Perfectibility of Ani-

mals. Post 8° Lond. 1870

2146 Lesage. Adventures of Gil Bias. Translated. A new

edition, with Engravings from Paintings by Robert

Smirke. 4 vols, post 8°, morocco, gilt Lond. 1822

*#* A handsome copy, illustrated with proofs of the Smirke Plates, and


LEWES. 141

2147 Leslie, C. R. Hand-Book for Young Painters. Illustra-

tions. ]2° Lond. 1855

2148 Lessing, G. E. Laocoon ; an Essay on the Limits of

Painting and Poetry. Translated by P^. C. Beasley. 16°

Lond. 1853

2149 The Education of the Human Race. 12°

Lond. 1858

2150 Lester, C. E. Life and Public Services of Charles Sumner.

Portrait. 8° N. Y. 1874

2151 L'Estrange, Rev. A. G. The Literary Life of the Rev.

William Harness. 8° Lond. 1871

2152 Lethebt, H. Lectures on Food. 12° Lond. 1870

2153 Leto, Pomponio. Eight Months at Rome during the

Vatican Council. Translated. 8° Lond. 1876

2154 Letter to a Friend in the Country, on the Late Expedition

to Canada: with an Account of former Enterprises, a
Defence of that Design, and the Share the late M — rs.
had in it. 8°, boards Lond. 1712

2155 Letters by Historicus on some questions of International

Law. Reprinted from " The Times." 8° Lond. 1863

2156 Letters and Papers illustrative of the Reigns of Richard

III. and Henry VII. Edited by James Gairdner. Vol. I.
Royal 8°, half roan Lond. 1861

2157 Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the Reign

of Henry VIII. ; arranged and catalogued by J. S. Bewer.
Vol. 4, containing Introduction and Appendix. Royal
8° Lond. 1875

2158 [Lever, Charles.] Charles O'Malley. Illustrations by

Phiz. 2 vols, 8° . Lond.

2159 Lever, D. The Young Sea Officer's Sheet Anchor; with

Additions by Geo. W. Blunt. 4°, sheep N. Y. 1853

2160 Leverett, F. P. Lexicon of the Latin Language. Thick

imperial 8°, sheep Bost. 1840

2161 Levien, Ed. Memoirs of Socrates for English Readers.

16° N. Y. 1872

2162 Lewes, George H. Biographical History of Philoso-

phy, from its origin in Greece down to the present day.
Library Edition, enlarged. 8° Lond. 1857


2163 Lewes, Geo. H. History of Philosophy from Thales to

Comte. 3d Edition. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1867

2164 History of Philosophy, from Thales to Comte. 4th

edition, corrected. 2 vols, 8°, half crushed levant morocco,
gilt top Lond. 1871

2165 Sea-Side Studies. Illustrations. 8° Edin. 1858

2166 Studies in Animal Life. Colored Frontispiece and

Woodcuts. 12° Lond. 1862

2167 Life of Goethe. 2d edition. Portrait. 8°

Lond. 1864

2168 Aristotle: a Chapter from the History of Science.

8° Lond. 1864

2169 ■ Problems of Life and Mind. First Series, Vol. 1.

8° Lond. 1874

2170 Lewin, Thomas. The Life and Epistles of St. Paul. Maps.

2 vols, crown 8° Lond. 1851

2171 Jerusalem: a Sketch of the City and Temple from

the Earliest Times to the Siege by Titus. 8° Lond. 1861

2172 Lewis, Sir George Cornwall. Essay on the Influence of

Authority in Matters of Opinion. 8°, boards. Lond. 1849

2173 An Inquiry into the Credibility of the Early Roman

History. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1855

2174 A Dialogue on the Best Form of Government.

12° Lond. 1863

2175 Essays on the Administrations of Great Britain

from 1783 to 1830. Portrait. 8° Lond. 1864

2176 Lewis, R. B. [a colored man]. History of the Colored and

Indian Race. 12°, sheep
Boston: Published by a Committee of Colored Gentlemen, 1844

2177 Liberal Preacher: a Monthly Publication of Sermons,

edited by T. R. Sullivan. 5 vols, 8°, half sheep

Keene, K H, 1828-'33

2178 Liberty Bell (The), by Friends of Freedom. Portrait

of Wm. Lloyd Garrison. 12° Bost. 1846

2179 Liddell and Scott. Greek-English Lexicon. Thick 4°,

half russia, red edges Oxford, 1864

2180 Liddon. An Examination of Canon Liddon's Bampton

Lectures. 12° Lond. 1871


2181 Lieber, Francis. On Civil Liberty and Self-Government.

Enlarged edition. 8° Phil. 1859

2182 Liebig, J. von. Familiar Letters on Chemistry. Crown

8° Lond. 1859

2183 Liechtenstein, Princess Marie. Holland House. Many
fine portraits on steel (on india paper) and illustrations on

wood, with numerous photographic illustrations, published
only with the large paper copies. 2 vols, 4°, half morocco,
gilt backs, sides and tops Lond. 1874

Large Paper Copy.

2184 Lightfoot, J. Hebrew and Talmudical Exercitations

upon the Gospels, Acts and some Chapters of the Epistles
to Romans and Corinthians. New edition. 4 vols

Oxford, 1859

2185 Lightfoot, J. B. St. Paul's Epistle to the Galations.

Revised Text, with Introduction, Notes, &c. 2d edi-
tion. 8° Lond. 1S66

2186 St. Paul's Epistle to the Philippians. A Revised

Text, with Notes, &c. 8° Lond. 1868

2187 On a Fresh Revision of the English New Testa-
ment. 12° Lond. 1871

2188 Lincoln. Tribute of Respect by the Citizens of Troy to

the Memory of Abraham Lincoln. 8° 1865

2189 Obsequies in New York. Royal 8°, morocco, gilt

2190 Lindley, Augustus F. The Log of the Foi'tuna: a Cruise

on Chinese Waters. Many illustrations on wood.
Small 4° Lond.

2191 Lingaro, J. History of England, Vols. IV. and V.

Reigns of Henry VIII,, Edward VI., Mary and Elizabeth.
2 vols, 4°, half russia Lond. 1820-23

2192 2UttSCf)0tUtt (Iohn Hvighen Van) his Discours of

Voyages into ye Easte & West Indies. [Translated by
William Philip.] Engraved title by William Rogers and
12 maps on copper. Small folio, calf. Printed in Black
£ettar. London: Iohn Wolfe, 1598

*#* Nice copy of this very rare work.

2193 Linton, E. Lynn. Witch Stories. Crown 8° Lond. 1861


2194 Literary Fly (The). From commencement, January 18,

to April 17, 1779. Folio, limp covers Lond. 1779

2195 Little Classics: Mystery; Intellect. 2 vols, 16°

Bost. 1874-76

2196 Livermore, A. A. Discourses. 12° Bost. 1854

2197 The Four Gospels, with Commentary. Matthew.

Interleaved copy. 12°, half roan Bost. 1841

2198 Commentary on the Gospels, Acts and Romans.

3 vols, 12°

2199 Livermore, S. T. History of Cooperstown; and Biograph-

ical Sketch of J. F. Cooper. 12° Albany, 1862

2200 Livingstone, David. Last Journals in Central Africa.

Edited by H. Waller. Portrait and illustrations. 2 vols,
8° . Lond. 1874

2201 Lloyd, S. H. Glimpses of the Spirit-Land. 1 6° N.Y. 1867

2202 Wayside Thoughts. 16° N. Y. 1869

2203 Lloyd, W. W. Christianity in the Cartoons referred to

Artistic Treatment and Historic Fact. Photographic
illustrations. 8° Lond. 1865

2204 The Age of Pericles, a History of the Politics

and Arts of Greece. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1875

2205 Loaring, H. J. Common Sayings, Words and Customs :

their Origin and History. 16° Lond.

2206 Locke, John. Paraphrase and Notes on Epistles of St.

Paul. 8°, boards Camb. 1832

2207 Conduct of the Understanding. 16° Lond. 1859

2208 Locker, Frederick. London Lyrics. 16° Lond. 1870

2209 Patchwork. 12° Lond. 1879

2210 Lockhart, J. G. Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott.

Portraits and engraved titles. 10 vols, post 8°. Edin. 1839

2211 Ancient Spanish Ballads, Historical and Romantic;

translated with Notes. Colored borders to every page,
and ornamental colored vignettes by < Oioen Jones, and
many illustrations by Allan, David Roberts, Harvey, and
others. 4°, morocco, gilt back, sides and edges

Lond. : Murray, 1841


2212 Lockhart Papers: containing Memoirs and Com-

mentaries upon the Affairs of Scotland from 1702 to 1715,
by George Lockhart, Esq., of Carnwath, His Secret Cor-
respondence with the Son of King James the Second from
1718 to 1728, and his other Political Writings. Also
Journals and Memoirs of the Young Pretender's Expedi-
tion in 1745, by Highland Officers in his Army. Pub-
lished from original MSS. in possession of Anthony
Aufrere, Esq. 2 vols, 1817. Also,

Culloden Papers, comprising an Extensive and Inter-
esting Correspondence from 1625 to 1748. Numerous
Letters from the unfortunate Lord Lovat and others, from
originals in possession of Duncan George Eorbes, of Cul-
loden Lond. 1815

Together 3 vols, 4°, half morocco
*^* These volumes are enriched wie.h 220 plates inserted, the greater part
portraits, many of them scarce.

2213 Lockhart Papers. 2 vols, 4°, boards, unCut. Lond. 1817

2214 LODGE, ED. Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great

Britain engraved from Authentic Pictures ; with Bio-
graphical and Historical Memoirs. Two hundred and
forty plates. 12 vols, imperial 8°, hf. mor. Lond. 1835

2215 Illustrations of British History, Biography, and

Manners-in the Reigns of Henry VIII., Edward VI., Mary,
Elizabeth, and James I. Exhibited in a series of original
papers. With notes and observations. 2d edition, revised.
3 vols, 8° Lond. 1838

2216 Logan, W. H. A Pedlar's Pack of Ballads and Songs ;

with illustrative Notes. Facsimile cuts. Crown 8°, half
russia, gilt top, uncut Edin. 1869

2217 London Art Journal, Jan. 1S65 to May 1868. 41

Nos., 4°, paper

2218 tpttMtt ©ftWlWli; or, Universal Evening Post. To
be continued every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
From Jan. 1, 1757, to Dec. 31, 1761. 10 vols, 4°, mottled
calf, red edges

Very rare and curious. Contains political and literary news, extracts
from new publications, &c.


2219 London Chronicle ; or, Universal Evening Post, from

March 19 to Nov. 12, 1765. 4°, half old sheep. A few-
numbers lacking, and a few pages torn Lond. 1765

2220 London Gazette (The) : from March 22, 1 680, to March 23,

1681, less 28 numbers. Folio, half morocco. One leaf

torn Lond. 1680-'81

Rare and curious.

2221 London Magazine, 1732-1747 (lacking Vol. for 1739).

15 vols, 8°, half roan

2222 London Pageants. I. Accounts of Sixty Royal Proces-

sions and Entertainments. II. A Bibliographical List of
Lord Mayor's Pageants. Roy. 8°, half roan. Lond. 1831

2223 London Society, a Magazine. 74 Nos., 1866-'78. Not


2224 LONGFELLOW, H. W. Ballads and other Poems.

1842. The Belfry of Bruges. 1846. Evangeline.

1847. The Seaside and the Fireside. 1850. The

Golden Legend. 1852. — The Song of Hiawatha, 1855.

The Courtship of Miles Standish. 1858. Tales of

a Wayside Inn. 1863. The New England Tragedies.

1868. Three Books of Song. 1872. The Masque of

Pandora. 1875. Together, 11 vols, 12°

Cambridge and Boston
The above are all First Editions, and are in their original binding; the 1st,
3d and 4th books in boards, the 2d stitched and the remainder in cloth.

2225 Hyperion. 2 vols, 12°, boards NY. 1839

2226 Hyperion. Illustrated with nearly .100 engravings

on wood from drawings by JBirket Foster. 12°, turkey,
gilt edge Bost. 1853

2227 : — The Golden Legend. Illustrated with fifty engrav-
ings on wood, after Birket Foster and Jane E. Hay
Crown 8°, morocco, gilt edges Bost. 1855

2228 Poetical Works. Portrait and over 100 fine illus-
trations by the Brothers Dalziel after Gilbert's designs.
Small 4°, morocco, gilt edges Bost. 1856

2229 The Divine Tragedy. Small 8° Bost. 1871

2230 Long Island Historical Society Memoirs. Vol. 1 :
Journal of a Voyage to New York in 1679-80. Royal 8°,
half russia Brooklyn, 1867

Only 100 copies printed in this style on heavy paper.


2231 Longman, William. History of the Life and Times of

Edward the Third. Portrait. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1869

2232 Lord, P. B. Popular Physiology. 16° Lond. 1839

2233 Lossing, Benson J. Pictorial Field-Book of the

Revolution. 1,100 illustrations on wood. 2 vols, imperial
8°, half morocco X. Y. 1855

2234 Pictorial Field-Book of the Revolution. Parts L-

XXVII. inclusive, lacking parts III. and XXVI. Illus-
trations. 25 parts, royal 8°, stitched N. Y.

2235 Pictorial History of the Civil War. Vol. 1. 8°

Phil. 1866

2236 Life of Phil. Schuyler. Portrait. Vol. 1. 12°

N. Y.

2237 Louandre, C. Les Arts Sumptuaires. Histoire du Cos-

tume et de PAmeublement et des Arts et Industries qui
s'y rattachent. Texte, 2 vols. Planches, 2 vols. Over
300 plates, most beautifully executed in colors, gold and
silver. 4 vols, 4°, half red morocco, gilt backs and tops

Paris, 1857-58

2238 Louis XIV. Secret Memoirs of the Court of: and of the

Regency; extracted from the German Correspondence of
the Duchess of Orleans, Mother of the Regent. Portrait.
8°, half calf, gilt back Lond. 1824

2239 Louis XV. The Private Life of Louis XV. Translated

from the French by J. 0. Justamard. 4 vols, 8°, halT
calf, gilt backs Lond. 1781

2240 Louis XVII. of France; a History. 16° X. Y. 1853

2241 Lounger's Common-Place Book; or Miscellaneous Collec-

tions in History, Criticism, Biography, Poetry and Ro-
mance. 3 vols, 8°, half calf, gilt backs Lond. 1805

2242 fjpOttttfttt, ffktolL Lucasta: Epodes, Odes, Sonnets,

Songs, &c. To which is added Aramantha, a Pastorall.
Frontispiece by Faithorne. 12°, sprinkled calf, extra, gilt
back and edges, by Bedford Lond. 1649

Choice copy.

2243 Lucasta: Posthume Poems. Portrait by Hollar

and plate by Faithorne. 12°, morocco super-extra, gilt
back and edges, by Pratt Lond. 1659

Choice copy.


2244 Lovelace. Lucasta. The Poems of Richard Lovelace, Esq.,

now first edited and the text carefully revised by W. C.
Hazlitt. Portrait. 12° Lond. 1864

Large Paper.

2245 Lowell, James Russell. Poems. 2 vols, 12° Bost. 1854

2246 The Biglow Papers, with notes and glossary and

an illustration by Geo. Gruikshank. 16° Lond. 1859

224*7 Do. with coloured illustrations by Geo.

Gruikhank. 16° Lond. 1861

2248 Fireside Travels. 12° Bost. 1864

2249 Lower, M. A. English Surnames: an Essay on Family

Nomenclature. 2 vols, crown 8° Lond. 1849

2250 Lowndes, R. Introduction to the Philosophy of Primary

Beliefs. 12° Lond. 1865

2251 Lowndes, W. T. The Bibliographer's Manual of English

Literature. 6 vols, 8°, half morocco. Interleaved

Lond.: Pickering, 1884

2252 Bibliographer's Manual. 3 vols, in 6. 12°

Lond. 1857

2253 Lowth, Robert. Isaiah: a New Translation. 10th

edition. 8 °, boards Lond. 1833

2254 Lectures on Sacred Poetry of the Hebrews. 3d

edition. 8°, calf Lond. 1835

2255 Loyal Songs : a collection written against the Rump
• Parliament, between the Years 1639 and 1661. Containing

a great Variety of Merry and Diverting Characters of the

Chief Sectaries, &c. 2 vols, in 1, 16°, calf Lond. 1731

2256 Loyal Verses of Joseph Stransbury and Dr. Jonathan

Odell; relating to the American Revolution. Now first
edited by W. Sargent. 4°, paper Alb. 1860

Munsell's Hist. Series, No. 6.

2257 Lubbock, Sir John. Pre-Historic Times; as illustrated by

Ancient Remains and the Manners and Customs of
Modern Savages. 2d edition. Illustrated. 8° Lond. 1869

2258 The Origin of Civilisation and the Primitive Con-
dition of Man. Mental and Social Condition of Savages.
Illustrated. 8° Lond. 1870

2259 On the Origin and Metamorphoses of Insects.

illustrations. 12° Lond. 1874

LYELL. 149

2260 Lubbock. The Origin of Civilisation and the Present Con-

dition of Man. Illustrations. 8° Lond. 1875

2261 Lubke, D.' W. History of Art. Profusely illustrated . 2

vols, royal 8° Lond. 1868

2262 Ecclesiastical Art in Germany during the Middle

Ages. Translated by L. A. Wheatley. ISA illustrations.
Royal 8°, half crushed levant morocco extra, gilt back
and top, by B. W. Smith Edin. 1870

2263 Lucretius. De Rerum Natura; with Notes and a Transla-

tion by H. A. T. Munro. 2 vols, 8° Camb. 1873

2264 Of the Nature of Things; translated into English

Verse by Thomas Creech. Frontispiece. 2 vols, 8°,
sprinkled calf extra, gilt back, by Riviere Lond. 1722

Fine and very large copy.

2265 The Nature of things; translated, with Commen-
taries and the Life of Epicurus. By Thomas Busby.
Portrait of Epicurus. 2 vols, 4°, boards Lond. 1813

2266 Ludlow, J. M. British India, its Races and its History.

2 vols, 16° Camb. 1858

2267 Luttrell, Narcissus. A Brief Historical Relation of State

Affairs from September, 1678, to April, 1714. 6 vols, 8°

Oxford, 1857

2268 Lux Orientalis, or An Enquiry into the Opinion of the

Eastern Sages concerning the Praeexistence of Souls (by
Jos. Glanville). Also, A Discourse of Truth, by the late
Reverend Dr. Rust, with Annotations on them both. 8°,
calf Lond. 1682

2269 Lyell, Sir Charles. Elements of Geology. Woodcuts.

2 vols, post 8°, boards Lond. 1841

2270 — Travels in North America. 2 vols, 12° N. Y. 1845

2271 Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man.

Illustrated. 8°, half calf Lond. 1863

2272 Principles of Geology. Tenth and entirely new

edition. Illustrated. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1867

2273 The Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man.

Fourth edition. Illustrated. 8° Lond. : Murray, 1873


2274 Lylie, John. Euphues, the Anatomic of Wit, "Very-

pleasant for all Gentlemen to read, and most necessary to
remember. Wherein are contained the delights that wit
folio weth in his youth, by the pleasantnesse of loue: and
the happinesse he reapeth in age, by the perfectnesse of wis-
dome." Corrected and augmented. Also, Euphues and
his England. Containing his Voyages and Aventures:
Mixed with sundry pretty Discourses of honest loue, the
Description of the Country, the Court and the manners of

the He. Square 8°, calf Lond. 1636


2275 Lyra Germanica. Second Series. 16° Lond. 1858

2276 Lytton, Lord. Walpole, or Every Man has his Price: a

Comedy. Square crown 8° Edin. 1869

MACAULEY, LORD. Lays of Ancient Rome. Fine
illustrations by George Scharf. Small 4°, smooth
morocco extra, gilt sides and edges, by Hat/day

Lond. 1852

2278 Critical and Historical Essays. 3 vols, 16°

Lond. 1853

2279 Speeches, collected by Himself. 8° Lond. 1854

2280 History of England. Portrait. 8 vols, post 8°,

bound by Riviere in tree-calf extra, gilt backs. Lond. 1871

Fine copy.

2281 Selections from Writings, edited by G. O. Trevelyan.

8° N. Y. 1877

2282 Anecdotes of his Life and Literary Labours.

Photo. Portrait. 16° Lond. 1860

2283 ■ Life and Letters, by G. O. Trevelyan. Portrait.

2 vols, 8° Lond. 1876

2284 Macbrair, R. M. Africa and the Africans. Illustrated.

12° • Lond. 1861

2285 Maccall, William. The Elements of Individualism. 12°

Lond. 1847

2286 McCarthy, Justin. A History of our own' Times, from

the Accession! of Queen Victoria. 4 vols, 8° Lond. 1879

2287 McClintock, Capt. Discovery of the Fate of Sir John

Franklin and His Companions. Illustrated. 8° Lond. 1859

MACK AY. 151

2288 McClintock and Strong. Cyclopaedia of Biblical, Theo-

logical and Ecclesiastical Literature. Vol. 1 — A.B. Royal

8° N. Y.

2289 McClure, A. W. The Translators Revived. 12°

N. Y. 1853

2290 Maccoll, 1ST. The Greek Sceptics, from Pyrrho to Sextus.

Post 8° Lond. 1869

2291 McCosh, J. Examination of Mr. J. S. Mill's Philosophy.

12° Lond. 1866

2292 McCllllocll, J. R. Dictionary of Commerce and Com-

mercial Navigation. Map. Very thick. 8°, half russia

Lond. 1856

2293 Dictionary of Commerce and Commei'cial Naviga-
tion. Maps. 1 vol. in 2. 8°, half russia Lond. 1859

2294 Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical and Historical,

of the various Countries, Places and Principal Natural

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