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Illustrated. 12° Lond. & N. Y. 1871

4144 Young, J. The Province of Reason. A criticism of

Mansel on "The Limits of Religious Thought/' 12°

Lond. 1860

ZELLER, DR. E. The Stoics, Epicureans and Sceptics.
Translated by O. J. Reichel. Crown 8° Lond. 1870

4146 Strauss and Renan. Crown 8° Lond. 1866

4147 David Friedrich Strauss ; his Life and Writings.

Portrait. Post 8° Lond. 1874

4148 The Contents and Origin of the Acts of the

Apostles, critically investigated. 2 vols, 8° Lond. 1875

4149 Zigzaging amonst the Dolomites. Travels, illustrated with

a great number of sketches. Oblong 4° Lond. 1877

4150 Zimmern, H. Arthur Schopenhauer : his Life and his

Philosophy. Portrait, Post 8° Lond. 1876

4151 Zincke, F. B. Duty and Discipline of Extemporary

Preaching. 12° N. Y. 1867

4152 [The same.] Lond. 1866

4153 Egypt of the Pharaohs and of the Kedive. 8°

Lond. 1871


4154 Zoological Society. The Gardens and Menagerie of:

Delineated. Numerous fine illustrations on tooocl, after
Harvey's designs. 2 vis, 8°, hf. raor., gt. tops. Lond. 1830
*** Handsomely printed by Whittingham, Chiswick. Original edition, with
the earliest impressions of the fine woodcuts.

4155 Zschokke, Heinrich. Autobiography. 8° Lond. 1845

4156 History of Switzerland. Majx 12° Lond. 1855

4157 Bundle of Papers, Magazines, &c.

BLACK WALNUT BOOK-CASE. Four closets below
about two feet deep; folding writing shelf; compartment
for book shelves, about 6 feet 6 inches high; four glass
doors. Total height about 10 feet 10 inches; width, 1
feet 8-J inches.

Pkess op


89 Nassau St., Cor. Fulton St., N. Y.








Dramatic, Legal, Journalistic and Local Literature; Travels;

Poetry; Fiction; Biography, etc., etc. Including Rare

and Illustrated Books, with Autographic Letters that

relate to Actors and Actresses; Shakesperian; Scarce

and Rare Criminal Trials, Pamphlets Out of

Print, Early Editions, and Scarce Volumes

of Municipal History.

On Monday, January 17th, 1881,




Sale -bo Begin a/b 3.30 IP. ZMI_

KW Buyers unable to attend the sale, may have their orders care-


This collection is believed to possess an almost exclu-
sive richness in dramatic boohs. Many of them are
positively not to be duplicated. For instance, "The Secret
Memoirs of Vestris" : " TJte Catalogue of Charles Mathews'
Library, Pictures and Effects marked at Sale" ; " Bunn's
Stage," filled ivith autograph Letters ; Malibran's and
Kelly's Memoirs ; all of Bunn's librettos, edited by his own
conceited hand; and a variety of Biographies, illustrated
by inserted Plates ; also a collection of books relating to
Shakespeare, which is not so extensive as it is odd. There
are two sets of Shakespeare especially illustrated— one by
the late owner— with inserted Plates. There is a 1 so the music
of Shakespeare' s acting plays. There is the Slvakespeare in
outline drawings. There are dramatic Treatises, and a
arge number of Plays difficult to procure.

This collection is known to be unusually rich in criminal
and sensational Trials, and in volumes scarce and quaint,
illustrative of the History of the Law and of legal occur-
rences within 200 years. What are in effect the original
Trials of Charles I. and Louis XYL. are here. The books
included under the one head of Legal Literature cost their
late owner over $5,000.

Here are the original volumes of Greeley's first news-
paper, " The New Yorker"— germ of the " Tribune" ; the
first volume of the " Herald," an early volume of the
"Sun" and volumes of spasmodic journalism not readily
to be duplicated. The '" Arcturus" Magazine, Duyckinck's
" Literary World" in full,, " Vanity Fair," " Mrs. Grundy,"
" Yankee Doodle," the " Figaro" that preceded " Punch,"

and a set of "London Illustrated News," ' British An-
nual Register" from 1758, Ackerman's " La Belle Assem-
blee," etc., etc.

In local literature is a set of Central Bark Minutes
and Reports, a full set of Valentine Manuals {the two
absent volumes being substantial duplicates of a preced-
ing one, and 1867 being unknown), Laws and Ordinances
and Bamphlets, Sketches and Maps relating to .Yew York
City, and the volumes of Bolton's " History of Westchester
County," noiv very scarce.

There is practically a Library of British and Ameri-
can Poets, handsomely bound, uniformly— say to year 187 3.

There are original editions of Miss Edgeworth, James,
Dickens, Thackeray, Bulwer and Hawthorne ; soms of
them with autographs inserted. Also a full uncut copy
of the Edinburgh edition of Walter Scott; a full set of
Spark's American Biography, bound in calf ; a folio
Bible, in four volumes, with Dore and inserted Plates ,
Dunlap's "History of the Arts of Design" ; original edi-
tion, with Illustrations, of the Mysteries of Paris ; a full
set of W. G. Simms' Novels and Poems; a very full
Library of the Histories of all Nations and Countries ;
Volumes of Cruikshankiana ; the full collection of Pamph-
lets that came from the sale of H. T. Tuckerman's
Library ; Burton's Cyclopaedia of Wit ; Books relating to
the Civil War ; Chap-Books ; Dickens' Life of Grimaldi ;
Memoirs of Harriet Wilson, original edition; an unex-
purgated Tom Brown, and Reynolds' illustrated Mys-
t eries ; and a variety of odd Novels and Travels which are
out of print, and of odd volumes scattered through the
collection that are rare.



Iramatic %itzvixtnxt.

'BECKETT, G. A. The Quizziology of the British
Drama. Woodcuts. 16mo Lond. 1846

2 Adolphus, J. Memoirs of John Bannister, Comedian.
Portrait. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo, half calf Lond.

3 iEscHYLUS. Tragedies, literally translated by T. A. Buckley.

Portrait. Post 8vo, cloth Lond. 1849

4 American Dramatic Library. Athenia of Damascus, by

R. Dawes; Bianca Visconti, by N. P. Willis. 12mo. N. Y.
Tortesa the Usurer, has been torn out.

5 American Dramas. The Discarded Daughter, by J. P.

Pirsson ; The Clergyman's Daughter, by W. C. White ;
Camillus, by J. B. Phillips ; The Forest of Rosenwald,
by J. Stokes; The Knight of the Rum Bottle & Co.; Re-
jected Plays; The Mystery of the Castle, by J. B. White.
Together, 7 vols, 12mo & 18mo, stitched 1807-32

6 Angelo. Reminiscences of Henry Angelo, with Memoirs

of his late Father and Friends, including numerous Origi-
nal Anecdotes, &c. ; curious traits of the most celebrated
characters that have flourished during the last eighty
years. Portrait. 2 vols, 8vo, cloth Lond. 1830

7 Arcadian. A weekly paper of Dramatic, Musical and Art

Criticism, &c. Vol. 1, Sept. 1872 to Sept. 1873. 4to, half
roan JV. T.

8 Aristophanes. Comedies, literally translated by W. J.

Hickie. Portrait. 2 vols, post 8vo, cloth Lond. 1853


9 Astor Place Riot. Account of. 8vo, stitched. JV. Y. 1849

10 Newspaper Clippings, containing an account of. In

8vo scrap-book N. Y. 1849

11 Account of; and 2 other Pamphlets. (3)

12 Authentic Memoirs of the Green-Room; involving Sketches,

biographical, critical and characteristic, of the Performers
of the Theatres Royal Drury Lane, Covent Garden and
the Haymarket. With Portraits. 2 vols in 1. 16mo, half
morocco. Very scarce Lond.

BADDELEY. Memoirs of Mrs. Sophia Baddeley, late of
Drury Lane Theatre. By Mrs. Elizabeth Steel. 6 vols,
bound in 3. 12mo, half calf Lond. 1787

' ' A rare biography ; very curious revelations of the ' Demi-
Monde' of the last century, by one of its most celebrated

14 Bannister. Memoirs of John Bannister, Comedian. By

John Adolphus, Esq. 2 vols, 8vo, tree calf, gilt tops

Lond. 1839
A beautifully illustrated copy, containing 83 inserted plates and
three playbills of the Drury Lane Theatre, 1807.

15 Beaumont and Fletcher. The Works of. With an

Introduction by George Darley. Portraits. 2 vols, 8vo,
cloth Loiid. : Edward Moxon, 1840

16 Beauties of the Opera and Ballet. Illustrated with 10

highly-finished Portraits, engraved on steel, and numerous
engravings on wood, under the superintendence of Mr.
Charles Heath. Royal 8vo, diamond calf Lond.

A handsome volume, printed with colored borders.

17 Bedford, Arthur. The Evil and Danger of Stage Plays:

showing their Natural Tendency to Destroy Religion
and Introduce a General Corruption of Manners. 8vo,
half calf Lond. 1706

18 Behn. Plays written by the late ingenious Mrs. Behn.

Third edition. Fine Portrait. 4 vols, post 8vo. Lond. 1724
Bound in sprinkled calf, red edges, by W. Pratt. Rare, good


19 Bellamy. An Apology for the Life of George Ann Bel-

lamy, late of Covent Garden Theatre; written by herself,
to which is annexed her original letter to John Calcraft,
Esq., which was violently suppressed. Frontispieces. 5
vols, 12mo, calf Lond. 1786

20 Bernard, B. Life of Samuel Lover : artistic, literary and

musical. Portrait. 12mo N. Y. 1874

21 Bernard, John. Retrospections of the Stage. 2 vols, 12mo,

green turkey morocco, full gilt Lond. 1830

A beautiful copy, illustrated with 61 inserted plates, including
many very fine and rare portraits. Bernard was manager of the
American Theatres and Secretary of the Beefsteak Club.

22 Betterton, Thomas. History of the English Stage, from

the Restoration to the Present Time, including the Lives,
Characters and Amours of the most Eminent Actors and
Actresses ; with Instructions for Public Speaking.
Adorned with Cuts. 8vo, calf Lond. 1741

Contains an account of Nell Gwyn, by Oldys ; her portrait and

that of Mr. Wilks, bound in the same volume; Memoirs of Mrs.

Anne Oldfield.

23 Biography of the British Stage ; being correct Narratives

of the Lives of all the principal Actors and Actresses
at Drury Lane, Covent Garden, the Haymarket, the
Lyceum, the Surrey, the Coburg and the Adelphi
Theatres, with Original Anecdotes, &c. 12mo, half
turkey, gilt tops Lond. 1824

Very scarce.

24 Biography of the British Stage. [The Same.] 12mo,

boards, uncut N. Y. 1824

25 Blasip, C. The Art of Dancing; its Theory, Practice and

History. 8vo, half calf Lond. 1830

26 Boaden, Jas. Life of Mrs. Jordan ; including Original

Private Correspondence and numerous Anecdotes of her
Contemporaries. 2 vols, in 1. 8vo, half calf Lond. 1831

27 Booth Memorials. By his Daughter. Portrait. 12mo

N. Y. 1866

28 British Theatrical Gallery. A Collection of whole length

Portraits, with Biographical Notices by D. Terry, Esq.
20 Plates. Folio, cloth Lond. 1825

Choice copy : portraits beautifully colored.


29 Brome, Richaro. Dramatic Works of; containing Fifteen

Comedies, now first collected. Portrait. 3 vols, 12mo,
boards, uncut Lond. 1873

30 Brother-in-Law (The). A Comedy. 12mo, tree calf

Kent: Printed at the private Press of Lee Priory^ 1817
Scarce, not above forty copies printed. The woodcut illus-
trations by Bewick.

31 Bunn, Alfred. The Stage; both Before and Behind the

Curtain, from " Observations taken on the spot." 3 vols,
8vo, uncut, half red turkey Lond. 1840

A profusely illustrated copy, containing 68 plates and 128 auto-
graphs. Portraits of Kean, Macready, Sheridan, Matthews, Jer-
rold, Sir Ed. Landseer, Planche, Kemble, &c. Autographs of
Dickens, Sheridan Knowles, George the Fourth, Tom Moore, Wil-
liam the Fourth, &c.

32 Operatic Librettos : Songs, Duets, Choruses, &c.

15 vols, 8vo, half calf Lond.

An unique collection, interleaved and enriched with autograph
letters, newspaper reviews and criticisms, Lord Chamberlain's
approvals, c%c.

33 The Stage : both Before and Behind the Curtain. 2

vols, 12mo, half sheep Phil. 1840

34 Burlesques. A Collection of Extravaganzas, &c. 10 vols,

12mo, half roan Lond.

35 Butler, A. G. Charles I. ; a Tragedy. Portrait. Crown

8vo, cloth Lond. 1874

36 Butler, Frances Anne. Journal. 2 vols, 12mo, half sheep

Phil. 1835

37 Burlesque Drama. The Beggar's Opera; Tom Thumb;

The Tailors; Midas; Bombastes Furioso; The Mayor of
Garratt. Illustrated by R. Cruikshank. 16mo, cloth,
gilt Lond. 1837

38 Burton. Catalogue of the Theatrical and Miscellaneous

Library of the late William E. Burton. Portrait. L. P.
8vo, half calf JST.Y. 1860

Autograph letter inserted.

39 Byron. Conversations noted during a Residence with his

Lordship at Pisa in 1821 and '22, by Thomas Medwin.
2 vols, post 8vo, half blue morocco Lond. 1825

First and very rare edition; antique copy, illustrated with curious
cuttings, portraits and rare prints.


CALCRAFT, J. W. A Defence of the Stage, or an
Inquiry into the Real Qualities of Theatrical Entertain-
ments, their Scope and Tendency. 8vo, cloth. Pare

Dublin, 1839

41 Campbell, Thos. Life of Mrs. Siddons. Portrait. 12mo

N. Y. 1834

42 Centlivre, Mrs. The Busie Body : a Comedy. The

Second Edition. Small 4to, half calf Lond. : Lintott

43 Chapman, J. K. Complete History of Theatrical Entertain-

ments at the English Court, from the Time of King
Henry the Eighth to the jDresent day. Embellished with
beautiful engravings on steel, by Finden. Folio, cloth,
gilt Lond.

44 Chefs-d'GEuvre du Repertoire des Melodrames joues a

differens theatres. 20 vols, 16mo, hf. shp. Paris, 1825

45 Dramatiques du XVIIIe Siecle ; edition orn'ee de

Portraits en jned colories, et precedee d'une introduction,
&c, par Jules Janin. Royal 8vo, half morocco, gilt
edges Paris, 1872

46 Chorley, H. F. Thirty Years' Musical Recollections. 2

vols, 12mo, half roan Lond. 1862

47 Gibber, Mr. Colley. An Apology for the Life of; written

by himself. 2d edition. 8vo, calf Lond. 1740

48 An Apology for the Life of Mr. The' Cibber: a

Proper Sequel to the above. 12°, cf. Pare. Lublin, 1741

49 Narrative of Life of Mrs. Charlotte Charke, youngest

daughter of Colley Cibber. 16mo, boards Lond. 1827

50 Cibber. Theophilus Cibber to David Garrick, Esq., with

Dissertations on Theatrical Subjects. Adorned with a
Frontispiece and curious Copperplates. 8vo, calf

Lond. 1759

Very rare; a good copy, with all the plates.

51 Clapp, W. W. A Record of the Boston Stage. Autograph

of W. E. Burton. 12mo Post. 1853

52 Clayton, Ellen" Creathorne. Queens of Song ; being

Memoirs of some of the most celebrated Female Vocalists,
to which is added a Chronological List of all the Operas
that have been performed in Europe. 6 Portraits. 2
vols, 8vo, cloth Lond. 1863


53 Collier, Jeremy. A Short View of the Immorality and

Profaneness of the English Stage ; together with the
Sense of Antiquity upon this Argument. 8vo, calf, red
edges Lond. 1699

From library of Ruf us Choate, with his autograph on title-page.

54 A Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of

the English Stage. Fourth edition. 8vo, calf Lond. 1699

These parts complete; a fine old copy, in original binding.

55 A Defence of the Short View of the Profaneness

and Immorality of the English Stage. 8°, cf. Lond. 1699

56 A Second Defence of the Short View, &c. 8vo, calf

Lond. 1700

57 Cornish Comedy (The): as it is acted at the Theatre Royal,

Dorset Garden. Small 4to, half calf Lond. 1696

58 Covent Garden Journal : an Account of the Destruction of

the old Theatre; the Riots in Consequence of the Raising
of the Prices for Admission into the New Theati-e; Cor-
respondence ; Satirical Ballads; Trial of the Rioters, &c.
Four Plates of Views. Large paper, thick 8vo, half
morocco Lond. 1810

59 Cowell, Joe. Thirty Years passed among the Players in

England and America, with Anecdotes and Reminiscences.
8vo, half roan JV. T. 1845

60 Coxe, Rev. M. Musical Recollections of the last half

century. 2 vols, 8vo, cloth Lond. 1872

" The author began life as a cathedral chorister."

61 Cross, J. C. Parnassian Bagatelles ; being a Miscellane-

ous Collection of Poetical Attempts, to which are added a
Comic Sketch in one act, called the Way to Get Un-
married, &c. 8vo, half calf Lond. 1796

A rare dramatic a olume.

62 Crown, J. City Politiques: a Comedy. Small 4to, half

calf Lond. 1683

63 Cruikshank. The Life of Sir John Falstaff, Illustrated by

George Cruikshank. With a Biography of the Knight,
from authentic sources, by Robert B. Brough. Small
folio, cloth Lond. 1858

Scarce. Twenty plates.


64 Cumberland's Plays. Davidson's Shilling Volume of

Cumberland's Plays ; with Remarks, Biographical and
Critical. With Portraits. 11 vols, 16mo, half calf;
neioly bound Lond.

65 Cumberland, Richard. Memoirs, written by himself; with

Anecdotes and Characters of several distinguished char-
acters. 12mo, sheep N. Y. 1806

66 Cunningham, P. The Story of Nell Gwyn and the Sayings

of Charles the Second. Frontispiece, &c. 12° Lond. J 852

67 Withdrawn during cataloguing.

DAVIDGE, WM. Footlight Flashes. 12mo, cloth
N. Y 1866
Presentation copy, with autograph of author.

69 Decastro. The Memoirs of J. Decastro, Comedian. In

the course of them will be given Anecdotes of various
eminently distinguished characters with whom he has been
intimate in his Peregrinations : Dr. Johnson, Garrick,
Foote, Wilson, Charles Bannister, J. Palmer, C. Dibdin,
&c, &c. A History of the Royal Circus; Scarce Theat-
rical Advertisements, &c. Edited by R. Humphreys.
12mo, bound in crimson crushed levant morocco, gilt

Lond. 1824

A handsome copy, illustrated with 66 inserted plates; portraits

of the distinguished persons mentioned, in character and otherwise.

70 Defence of the Drama, containing Hansel's Free Thoughts,

Extracts from the Most Celebrated Writers and a Dis-
course on the Lawfulness and Unlawfulness of Plays, by
the celebrated Father Caffaro, Divinity Professor at Paris.
16 mo, half calf. Stained JST.Y. 1826

71 Defence of the Character of a Noble Lord (Earl of Scar-

borough) from the Scandelous Aspersions contained in
(Constantia Phillips') Malicious Apology. 8vo, half calf

Lond. 1748

72 Dekker, Thos. Dramatic Works, now first collected, with

Illustrative Notes and a Memoir of the Author. 4 vols,
12mo, boards, uncut Lond. 1873


73 Devil (The). Containing a Review and Investigation of all
Public Subjects Whatever. By a Society of Literary
Gentlemen. 12 Nos. in 1 vol. 8vo, half sheep. Lond.
Scarce; contains Dramatic Reviews, &c.

14 Dibdin, C. A Complete History of the English Stage. In-
troduced by a comparative and comprehensive review of
the Asiatic, the Grecian, the Roman, the Spanish, the
Italian, the Portuguese, the German, the French and other
Theatres, with Biographical Tracts and Anecdotes, &c. 5
vols, 8vo, calf. Printed for the Author Lond.

75 Another copy. 5 vols, 8vo, sheep Lond.

76 Professional Life, written by himself; together with

the words of Six Hundred Songs selected from his works,
interspersed with many humorous and entertaining Anec-
dotes incidental to the public character. 4 vols, 8vo, calf

Lond. 1803

77 Dibdin. Reminiscences of Thomas Dibdin, of the Theatres

Royal. Portrait. 2 vols, 8vo, half turkey Lond. 1837

78 The London Theatre; a collection of the Most Cele-
brated Dramatic Pieces. Correctly given from copies
used in the Theatres, by Thomas Dibdin. 12 vols, 24mo,

half calf Lond. 1815

Printed at the Chiswick Press .

79 Dicks' British Drama. Illustrated. 4 vols, 12mo, bds. N. Y.

80 Dickens. Memoirs of Joseph Grimaldi, edited by " Boz,"

with illustrations by George Cruikshank. 2 vols, 12mo,

half green turkey Lond. 1838

Fine original copy, with brilliant impressions of Cruikshank's

81 Dodsley. Old Plays. A Select Collection of Old Plays.

12 vols, 12mo, old calf, red edges

London: Printed for R. Dodsley, 1744
First Edition.

82 Donaldson, J. W. The Theatre of the Greeks. Seventh

edition, revised. Plates. 8vo, cloth Lond. 1860

83 Drama (The) ; or, Theatrical Pocket Magazine. Wholly

dedicated to the Stage, and containing biography, essays,
criticisms, poetry, reviews, anecdotes, bon-mots, chit-chat,
&c. Embellished with elegant Portraits. 7 vols, 16mo,
half calf Lond. 1821-'25

Good copy, with all the plates.


84 Doxne, Wm. B. Essays on the Drama. 12mo Lond. 1858

85 Dramas by Tom Taylor and Charles Reade. Post 8vo, cloth

Lond. 1854

86 Dramatic Historiographer; or, The British Theatre Deline-

ated. 12mo, calf Lond. 1735

87 Dramatic Censor ; or, Critical Companion. 2 vols, 8vo,

calf. Frontispieces Lond. 1770

A work "which contains criticisms upon some of the principal
acting plays of that time ; the remarks are both critical and
moral and many of them very excellent. " — Plumptre.

88 Dramatic Table Talk; or, Scenes, Situations and Adven-

tures. 3 vols, 16mo, half calf Lond. 1825

Lacks plates.

89 Dramatic Recorder and Humorist. 12mo, stitched

N.Y. 1826

90 Drawing-Room Plays and Parlor Pantomimes. Collected

by Clement Scott. Frontispiece. 12mo Lond. 1870

91 Drtdejst, John. Tyrannick Luve; or, The Royal Martyr.

A Tragedy. Small 4to, half calf Lond. 1702

92 Dltnlap, Wm. Memoirs of George Fred. Cooke, Esq., late

of The Theatre Royal, Covent Garden. Composed prin-
cipally from the personal knowledge of the author; com-
prising original anecdotes of his theatrical contemporaries,
&c. 2 vols, 8vo, half crimson levant morocco, gilt tops

Lond. 1813
A handsome, unique copy, specially illustrated with ninety-three
choice and rare theatrical portraits and plates.

93 Life of George Fred. Cooke, comprising second

edition. Portrait. 2 vols, 8vo, calf Lond. 1815

94 Memoirs of a Water Drinker. 2 vols in 1. 12mo

N. Y. 1837
Memorials of Geo. Fred. Cooke.

95 The Plays of. Translated and original, i. e. : The

Wild-Goose Chase; The Virgin of the Sun; Pizarro in
Peru; The Archers, or Mountaineers of Switzerland; Tell
Truth and Shame the Devil. One vol, 8vo, sheep, broken.

Very scarce JV. Y. 1796-1800

96 History of the American Theatre. 8vo, half calf

Title-page lost and a small piece torn from the front leaf.



97 Dutton, Thos. Dramatic Censor ; or, Weekly Theatrical

Report ; comprising a Complete Chronicle of the British
Stage and a Regular Series of Theatrical Criticism. 4 vols,
8vo, calf Lond, 1800-1801

98 Dyer, Robt. Nine 5Tears of an Actor's Life. 12mo, cloth

Lond. 1833

EBERS, JOHN. Seven Years of the King's Theatre. 8vo,
half roan, gilt tops Lond. 1828

Five lithographed portraits of prima donnas inserted.

100 Another copy. 8vo, half green morocco

101 Edwards, H. S. The Life of Rossini. Portrait. 8vo, half

blue calf Lond. 1869

102 Edwards, S. History of the Opera, from Monteverde to

Donizetti. Second edition. 2 vols, 12°, cloth. Lond. 1862

103 Edwin. The Eccentricities of John Edwin, Comedian.

Collected from his Manuscripts and enriched with several
hundred original Anecdotes, arranged and digested by
Anthony Pasquin, Esq. 2 vols in 1. 12mo, half calf

Dublin, 1791

104 English Drama. A Pleasant Conceited Comedy ; The

Second Maiden's Tragedy; Love's Mistress; Dido; The
Lady's Privilege. 12mo Lond. 1824

105 English Prologues and Epilogues. A Collection and

Selection commencing with Shakespeare and concluding

with Garrick. 4 vols, in 2. 12°, half vellum. Lond. 1779

A scarce collection, with a number of fine old character and
costume portraits.

106 English Stage. Some Account of the English Stage, from

the Restoration in 1660 to 1830. 10 vols, 8vo, half calf,
gilt backs Bath, 1832

" The most elaborate work on the Drama and the Acting Stage
ever written, containing an analysis of the Plot of every English
printed Play, and the Bills of each night's performance at Drury
Lane, Covent Garden, &c.,&c, for the last two hundred years;
also, memoirs of actors, &c." — T. H. M.

107 (4) Era Almanacks. Librettos. 8vo, stitched

108 Euripides. Tragedies, literally translated by T. A. Buckley.

2 vols, post 8vo, cloth Lond. 1850



ARCES. A Collection of the most esteemed Farces and
Entertainments performed on the British Stage. 4 vols,
12mo, half calf . Edin. 1782

110 Faequhae, Geo. The Works of, containing all his Letters,

Poems, Essa} r s and Comedies. The Comedies are illus-
trated with Cuts representing the principal Scenes in each
Play. Third edition. 8vo, handsomely bound in sprinkled
calf, yellow edges, by Cecil & Larkins Lond.

111 Faequhae. Works, with "Cast of Characters " of each

Play, including names of Wilks, Cibber, Mills, Mrs. Old-
field, &c. The Comedies illustrated with Cuts. 8vo, calf

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